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Tabner, Clarence Readus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1447.jpg
Tabner, General Buel Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-270.jpg
Tabner, John Mathanel Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-186.jpg
Tabner, Lillie Veatrice Stokes, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-122.jpg
Tackel, Albert Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-059.jpg
Tackel, Albert Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-308.jpg
Tackel, Albert Lewis "Dick" Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-247.jpg
Tackel, Aubrey D. "Dee", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-141.jpg
Tackel, Baby (William), Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-221.jpg
Tackel, Bertha Mae Holt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1449.jpg
Tackel, Bertie Anderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-118.jpg
Tackel, Bertie Anderson, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-037.jpg
Tackel, Bonnie B., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF90/HF90-118.jpg
Tackel, Bonnie B., Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-272.jpg
Tackel, Charles Henry Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-171.jpg
Tackel, Charles Henry, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-211.jpg
Tackel, Charlie Lewis Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-059.jpg
Tackel, Donna Jane Goodson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF87/HF87-058.jpg
Tackel, Donna Jane Goodson, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-368.jpg
Tackel, Edward Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-051.jpg
Tackel, Effie L. Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-280.jpg
Tackel, Etha Margrett Close, Hawkins Funeral Home         H60/H60-078.jpg
Tackel, Fred, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1448.jpg
Tackel, Frieda Rosa Wolff, Hawkins Funeral Home  H66/H66-002.jpg
Tackel, Glen Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1450.jpg
Tackel, Glen Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home  H80/H80-109.jpg
Tackel, Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-201.jpg
Tackel, Jennie Sophia Harder Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-277.jpg
Tackel, Jesse Adolph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1451.jpg
Tackel, John Vincent, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-121.jpg
Tackel, John Vinvent, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-001.jpg
Tackel, John, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-068.jpg
Tackel, Joseph Leo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-121.jpg
Tackel, Joseph Leo, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-041.jpg
Tackel, Lena Mae McEntire, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-119.jpg
Tackel, Lena Mae McEntire, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-050.jpg
Tackel, Lillie Alice DeFrance, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-119.jpg
Tackel, Lillie Alice DeFrance, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-239.jpg
Tackel, M. E., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-038.jpg
Tackel, Pauline, Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-081.jpg
Tackel, Stephanie Marie Wolfe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1452.jpg
Tackel, Veinetta R. Robinson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1456.jpg
Tackel, Walter Otto, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1453.jpg
Tackel, William A., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1454.jpg
Tackett, Albert Britton, Hawkins Funeral Home       H64/H64-063.jpg
Tackett, Albert Jefferson Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-101.jpg
Tackett, Alice Jo Loper, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF98/BF98-109.jpg
Tackett, Beulah Inez Dill, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-126.jpg
Tackett, Beulah Inez Dill, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-013.jpg
Tackett, Clifford Joseph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1455.jpg
Tackett, Clifford Joseph, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-075.jpg
Tackett, James Richard "Jimmy" Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-268.jpg
Tackett, James Robert, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-124.jpg
Tackett, James Robert, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-032.jpg
Tackett, John Henry Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-205.jpg
Tackett, Madge Slimp Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-003.jpg
Tackett, Rickey Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home      H60/H60-006.jpg
Tackett, Silas Marion, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF95/BF95-123.jpg
Tackett, Troy Junior Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-351.jpg
Tackle, Charlie, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-093.jpg
Taggart, Freeman Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-063.jpg
Taggart, Lydia Poynor June 9, 1982 Melissa Hancock Perryman      CL80/CL80-152
Taggert, Mary Freeman Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-125.jpg
Taggert, Samuel Henry Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-289.jpg
Talavera, Emillo Corona, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-142.jpg
Talbott, Vera Etta Miller, Hawkins Funeral Home     H63/H63-040.jpg
Taliaferro, Robert Harold, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-161.jpg
Taliaferro, Robert, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-096.jpg
Tallant, Joseph Samuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-143.jpg
Tallant, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-129.jpg
Tallant, William Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-19.jpg
Talley, Helen Maxine Patterson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1457.jpg
Tallmon, Rollie Jefferson Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-294.jpg
Tally, Cora Lucille Moon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1458.jpg
Tally, Florance Jannie Wilson Alford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1459.jpg
Tally, Olan U., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF87/HF87-056.jpg
Tally, Olan U., Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-360.jpg
Tally, Reed Hoyt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1460.jpg
Tally, Roy Hershel, Hawkins Funeral Home   H66/H66-079.jpg
Tanner, Chalmer Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF99/HF99-129.jpg
Tannery, William Odis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-130.jpg
Tapp, Edna Lecena Pierce (Ballinger) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-432.jpg
Tarris, Ollie Louise Elmure, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1499.jpg
Tasker, Bobbie Jo Stepp, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-106.jpg
Tasker, Bobbie Jo Stepp, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-160.jpg
Tasker, Effie Fay Weaver Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-149.jpg
Tasker, George Russell Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-230.jpg
Tate , Enos Azzbury, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-017.jpg
Tate, ?, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-005.jpg
Tate, Azzie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home      H53/H53-006.jpg
Tate, Estil Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1461.jpg
Tate, J.M.C. (Joseph) Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-055.jpg
Tate, John B. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-058.jpg
Tate, Sarah Ella Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-102.jpg
Tate, Sarah Wells Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-268.jpg
Tatum, Donald Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF95/HF95-120.jpg
Tatum, Effie Pearl Ratliff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1462.jpg
Tatum, Effie Pearl Ratliff, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-074.jpg
Tatum, Mary Frances Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-445.jpg
Tavares, Evelyn Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-120.jpg
Tavares, Evelyn Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-045.jpg
Taylor, A.J. Nov 26, 1984 Mrs. Taylor Bethel CL82/CL82-160
Taylor, Ada Wilmuth Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-272.jpg
Taylor, Agnes May Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-038.jpg
Taylor, Agnes Tranquilla Holliday, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-051.jpg
Taylor, Benny George, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1463.jpg
Taylor, Bertha Bastian Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-076.jpg
Taylor, Bessir Lee (Rogers Purdy) Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-314.jpg
Taylor, Beulah Agnes (Smith) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-488.jpg
Taylor, Beverly Joyce Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF89/HF89-119.jpg
Taylor, Beverly Joyce Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-161.jpg
Taylor, Bezzie Lee Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-079.jpg
Taylor, Bill, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-217.jpg
Taylor, Billie Jean White, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-108.jpg
Taylor, Billie Jean White, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-009.jpg
Taylor, Carrol Edward Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-074.jpg
Taylor, Cassie Mae Roberts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1464.jpg
Taylor, Cecil U., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1465.jpg
Taylor, Charles Clarence Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-397.jpg
Taylor, Charles Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-044.jpg
Taylor, Charles Ray Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-140.jpg
Taylor, Clifford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1466.jpg
Taylor, Cora Elizabeth Duncan Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-047.jpg
Taylor, Curtis Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-022.jpg
Taylor, Dale Wilson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF95/BF95-104.jpg
Taylor, Daniel R., Jr. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-123.jpg
Taylor, Darren Ray Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-098.jpg
Taylor, David Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-103.jpg
Taylor, Dayle Dean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1467.jpg
Taylor, Dennis Ray Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-055.jpg
Taylor, E.J. Thomas Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-271.jpg
Taylor, Edward Franklin Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-305.jpg
Taylor, Elbert Larry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-144.jpg
Taylor, Elbert Richard Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-293.jpg
Taylor, Eliza Irene Oden Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-135.jpg
Taylor, Ettie May Holliday Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-120.jpg
Taylor, Eugene Belton Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-111.jpg
Taylor, Eugene Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-236.jpg
Taylor, Faye Dean Haynes Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-159.jpg
Taylor, Frank Pergan Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-439.jpg
Taylor, Freddy T. Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-168.jpg
Taylor, George Israel Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-045.jpg
Taylor, George Kelcy Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-362.jpg
Taylor, George Wiley Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-024.jpg
Taylor, Glenna Mae Thomas Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-272.jpg
Taylor, Grover Edd Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-213.jpg
Taylor, Harold Dean Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-003.jpg
Taylor, Henry Lee Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-015.jpg
Taylor, Henry Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-073.jpg
Taylor, Herman Petway Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-294.jpg
Taylor, Herman Petway, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-213.jpg
Taylor, Hubert Edward Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-282.jpg
Taylor, Ida Mae Jones Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-044.jpg
Taylor, Ina Irene Utley, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-122.jpg
Taylor, Isabell Jane Vanmeter Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-038.jpg
Taylor, James Elwood Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-281.jpg
Taylor, James R. Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-024.jpg
Taylor, James William Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-371.jpg
Taylor, James William Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-052.jpg
Taylor, Jeff Pruitt, Hawkins Funeral Home    H66/H66-191.jpg
Taylor, Jeffery Van, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF81/BF81-041.jpg
Taylor, Jesse Merle, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-090.jpg
Taylor, Jesse Richard Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-221.jpg
Taylor, Jimmie Oscar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF99/HF99-131.jpg
Taylor, Jimmie Sue Earp Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-184.jpg
Taylor, John Calvin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-107.jpg
Taylor, John Daniel Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-120.jpg
Taylor, Johnnie Franklin Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-024.jpg
Taylor, Joseph Raymond "Joe R." Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-146.jpg
Taylor, Laura V. Reynolds Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-266.jpg
Taylor, Leota Christian Blagg Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-088.jpg
Taylor, Lillian Bernice Walling Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-045.jpg
Taylor, Lucy Fisher Harris Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-404.jpg
Taylor, Lyona Bill Reeves Huffman Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-033.jpg
Taylor, Maggie Lois Conner Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-087.jpg
Taylor, Margaret Lynn Starbuck, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF96/HF96-122.jpg
Taylor, Margaret Lynn Taylor, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-098.jpg
Taylor, Martelia Josephine Strand Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-025.jpg
Taylor, Mary Cornelia Tate Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-241.jpg
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Shankle Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-289.jpg
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF88/HF88-128.jpg
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-039.jpg
Taylor, Mary Lee Brown Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-041.jpg
Taylor, Mary Ruth Collins Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-169.jpg
Taylor, Mary Ruth Collins, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-200.jpg
Taylor, Melissia Ann Tudor Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-253.jpg
Taylor, Melva Jean Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-163.jpg
Taylor, Melvin Duncan, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-124.jpg
Taylor, Melvin Lee Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-106.jpg
Taylor, Melvin Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-062.jpg
Taylor, Melvin, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-253.jpg
Taylor, Milton Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-357.jpg
Taylor, Monroe Pete Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-147.jpg
Taylor, Myrtle Faye Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-304.jpg
Taylor, Nellie White, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-051.jpg
Taylor, Newton Pendleton Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-290.jpg
Taylor, Newton Price Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-046.jpg
Taylor, Opal Onita Morrow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-140.jpg
Taylor, Oscar Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-217.jpg
Taylor, Raymond Clifton Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-106.jpg
Taylor, Rickey Glen Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-338.jpg
Taylor, Robert Elbert Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-437.jpg
Taylor, Robert Fuller Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-030.jpg
Taylor, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-015.jpg
Taylor, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-043.jpg
Taylor, Robert Leon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-121.jpg
Taylor, Robert Leon, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-056.jpg
Taylor, Robert Leroy, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-037.jpg
Taylor, Rollins Barnham Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-071.jpg
Taylor, Royce Arnold Sept 18, 1978 Mrs. Gene Layfield Oaklawn    CL76/CL76-62
Taylor, Ruby Jean Duncan Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-141.jpg
Taylor, Samantha Bellzona Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-142.jpg
Taylor, Sara Ella Wallace Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-191.jpg
Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth Wicker Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-056.jpg
Taylor, Sarah Emily Roan Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-252.jpg
Taylor, Sarah Jane Roberts Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-108.jpg
Taylor, Son of S.P. & Corine Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-020.jpg
Taylor, Sophrona Barker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1468.jpg
Taylor, Speed Parker Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-049.jpg
Taylor, Stella Midgett Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-313.jpg
Taylor, Thomas L. Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-049.jpg
Taylor, Vada Velma Raven, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-054.jpg
Taylor, Velma Charlotte Mooney Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-281.jpg
Taylor, Velma T. Manning Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-177.jpg
Taylor, Vernon B. "Monk" Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-148.jpg
Taylor, Wiley, Jr. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-062.jpg
Taylor, William Abraham Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-264.jpg
Taylor, William Edward Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-090.jpg
Taylor, William Elmer Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-245.jpg
Taylor, William Louis "Bill", Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-105.jpg
Taylor, Willie B. Coker Funeral Home         C56/C56-218.jpg
Taylor, Willie B., Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-065.jpg
Taylor, Willie B., Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-193.jpg
Teague, Candy Lynn Fitzgerald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-120.jpg
Teague, Candy Lynn Fitzgerald, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-057.jpg
Teague, Daniel William Oct 14, 1982 Mrs. Teague Thomas   CL82/CL82-4
Teague, Earla Choate Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-023.jpg
Teague, George Harris Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-121.jpg
Teague, Hattie Jones, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-212.jpg
Teague, Ila Gertrud Kammerdiener Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-041.jpg
Teague, Joseph Walter Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-138.jpg
Teague, Lillian M. Kaker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF93/HF93-122.jpg
Teague, Lillie Mae O'Neal Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-272.jpg
Teague, M. Frank Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-234.jpg
Teague, Oscar F. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-134.jpg
Teague, Sarah Ann Howard Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-274.jpg
Teague, Tevis Edward "Ted" Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-148.jpg
Teague, Walter Alvin Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-063.jpg
Teague, William Arthur, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-255.jpg
Teakell, Emma Pearl Grizzle, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-165.jpg
Teddlie, Maurice Allen, Jr. "Teddie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-143.jpg
Tedrow, Charity Ellen Roper, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF81/BF81-113.jpg
Tedrow, Charity Ellen Roper, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-035.jpg
Tedrow, Lillie May Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-417.jpg
Tedrow, Sarah Alma Logan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1469.jpg
Tedrow, Vestle Morton, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-112.jpg
Tedrow, Vestle Morton, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-034.jpg
Tedrow, Warren Vaughder, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-131.jpg
Tedrow, Warren, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-261.jpg
Tedrow, William Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1470.jpg
Tekell, Emma Pearl Grizzle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1472.jpg
Tekell, Ira D, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-098.jpg
Tekell, Ira D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1471.jpg
Temple, Minnie Ola Lambert Oct 8, 1983 Florence Hardee & Mrs. Underwood Sweetwater         CL82/CL82-72
Templeton, Robert Lewis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1473.jpg
Templeton, Wesley Aubin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-129.jpg
Templeton, Wesley Aubin, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-386.jpg
Tennison, Carl Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-043.jpg
Tennison, James Alvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1474.jpg
Tennison, Martin Edward Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-192.jpg
Tennison, Martin Edward, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-198.jpg
Tennison, Mary A. Benton Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-160.jpg
Tepfer, George Alern, Hawkins Funeral Home        H64/H64-070.jpg
Teran, Alvaro Delgado Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-176.jpg
Terral, Ronnie Gayle Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-100.jpg
Terrell, Aura Frances Adams, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-094.jpg
Terrell, Benjamin Harrison Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-109.jpg
Terrell, Dora Malone Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-285.jpg
Terrell, Dorothy Dean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF88/HF88-130.jpg
Terrell, Dorothy Dean, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-029.jpg
Terrell, Emily C. Kellom Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-260.jpg
Terrell, Francis Rebecca Ogle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1475.jpg
Terrell, J. Preston Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-118.jpg
Terrell, Lisa Lynn Apr 21, 1984 Mr. Terrell   CL82/CL82-119
Terrell, Luther Jerry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1476.jpg
Terrell, Luther Jerry, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-146.jpg
Terrell, Mae Lillard Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-446.jpg
Terrell, Mildred Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-094.jpg
Terrell, Opal Hull Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-059.jpg
Terrell, Richard Edward "Ed" Christian Funeral Home         C97/C97-131.jpg
Terrell, Robert Jackson "R.J." Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-096.jpg
Terrell, Royce Odom, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF91/HF91-122.jpg
Terrell, Royce Odom, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-080.jpg
Terrell, Tom L., Jr. Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-118.jpg
Terrell, Tom Lillard Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-276.jpg
Terrell, William Eugene Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-150.jpg
Terrell, Wilma Rae Feb 4, 1984 Oaklawn      CL82/CL82-93
Terry, Alwilda P. Depp Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-236.jpg
Terry, Beverly Edwin, Mr. Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-183.jpg
Terry, Clayton R. Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-181.jpg
Terry, Floyd Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-110.jpg
Terry, Mamie Jane Cook Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-103.jpg
Terry, Mary Elizabeth Groves Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-114.jpg
Testa, Patricia Ann Eudaly Harris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF91/HF91-123.jpg
Testa, Patricia Eudaly Harris, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-138.jpg
Teurman, Roy L. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-284.jpg
Thacker, Geneva Ruth Price Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-279.jpg
Thacker, Oran Charles Feb 9, 1979 Mrs. Oran Thacker Oaklawn    CL76/CL76-80
Thames, Adele Agnes Meyer Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-026.jpg
Thames, Charlene Marie Wilde Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-226.jpg
Thames, Steele D. Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-208.jpg
Thames, Thomas Patrick Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-302.jpg
Thatcher, Johnny Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-155.jpg
Thaxton, Ruth Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-285.jpg
Theriot, Lillie Catherine Hudson Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-156.jpg
Thetford, Charlie Mack, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-086.jpg
Thetford, Joe Gordon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1477.jpg
Thetford, Joe Mack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF90/HF90-120.jpg
Thetford, Joe Mack, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-007.jpg
Thetford, Joseph P., Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-012.jpg
Thetford, Mary Castleberry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1478.jpg
Thetford, Mary Iasbell Brinkley, Hawkins Funeral Home      H69/H69-078.jpg
Thetford, Nettie Miller, Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-009.jpg
Thetford, Regina Louise, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF98/BF98-186.jpg
Thetford, Sue Ann, Hawkins Funeral Home   H64/H64-055.jpg
Thiemer, Cecil Melvin, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-060.jpg
Thomas, Albert Raymond, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-123.jpg
Thomas, Albert Raymond, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-288.jpg
Thomas, Amanda Kreon, Hawkins Funeral Home     H23/H23-007.jpg
Thomas, Ann Cottrell Kerr Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-057.jpg
Thomas, Annie Laura Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-077.jpg
Thomas, Arra Bilbrey, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-145.jpg
Thomas, Asberry Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-221.jpg
Thomas, Asbury Seth Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-249.jpg
Thomas, Baby of Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-296.jpg
Thomas, Baxter Kavanaugh, Jr. Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-215.jpg
Thomas, Clifford Sidney Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-043.jpg
Thomas, Cora Belle Feb 22, 1984 Tommie Hodges Burkburnett       CL82/CL82-101
Thomas, Earl Melvin Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-219.jpg
Thomas, Edna Florence Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-176.jpg
Thomas, Elizabeth Mar 16, 1983 H.J. Thomas Slidell  CL82/CL82-34
Thomas, Elma Ramsdale, Hawkins Funeral Home    H63/H63-094.jpg
Thomas, Fred Vanroy, Rev., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF99/HF99-132.jpg
Thomas, George Andrew Nov 2, 1979 Hancel Thomas Oaklawn     CL76/CL76-112
Thomas, George Morris Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-183.jpg
Thomas, Geraldine Brown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-150.jpg
Thomas, Geraldine Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-207.jpg
Thomas, Hancel C. May 14, 1983 Oaklawn   CL82/CL82-47
Thomas, Hazel Raney Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-215.jpg
Thomas, Henry Clayton Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-166.jpg
Thomas, Herman Vulpher Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-220.jpg
Thomas, Hiram Joe Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-065.jpg
Thomas, Homer Eskel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1479.jpg
Thomas, Jimmy Dean Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-507.jpg
Thomas, Joe's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-116.jpg
Thomas, John Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-262.jpg
Thomas, John Marks Marcus Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-023.jpg
Thomas, Joseph William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1480.jpg
Thomas, Joseph William, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-061.jpg
Thomas, Lee Ocie May Prince, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-108.jpg
Thomas, Lewis Gray, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-063.jpg
Thomas, Lizzie V. Flowers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF98/HF98-136.jpg
Thomas, Louis Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-156.jpg
Thomas, Luther F. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-264.jpg
Thomas, Marcus Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-069.jpg
Thomas, Margie Joyce Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-024.jpg
Thomas, Mary A. McEntire Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-130.jpg
Thomas, Mary Ann Quinn Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-262.jpg
Thomas, Mary E. Dewees Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-014.jpg
Thomas, Mary Elenor Bumpass Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-280.jpg
Thomas, Melba Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-029.jpg
Thomas, Melba Rose Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF91/HF91-124.jpg
Thomas, Myrtle Lena Newton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1481.jpg
Thomas, Myrtle Lena Newton, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-036.jpg
Thomas, O.L., Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-106.jpg
Thomas, Oma Marie Lucas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF89/HF89-118.jpg
Thomas, Oma Marie Lucas, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-168.jpg
Thomas, Oscar L. Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-260.jpg
Thomas, Oster Ama, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-068.jpg
Thomas, Pearl Annie Reeves Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-065.jpg
Thomas, Robert Hugh Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-202.jpg
Thomas, Roxie May Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-084.jpg
Thomas, Roxie, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-235.jpg
Thomas, Ruth Maude Nall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1482.jpg
Thomas, Sallie Kathrine Madden, Hawkins Funeral Home    H57/H57-079.jpg
Thomas, Sam J., Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-267.jpg
Thomas, Sherbert Marie Tidwell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-042.jpg
Thomas, W.L. (Willie Ledbetter) Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-031.jpg
Thomas, Wesley A., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-022.jpg
Thomas, Wesley Arthur, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-121.jpg
Thomason, Alice Raye Huddleston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF89/HF89-121.jpg
Thomason, Alice Raye Huddleston, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-142.jpg
Thomason, John Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-121.jpg
Thomason, John Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-008.jpg
Thomason, Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-141.jpg
Thomason, Terry Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1483.jpg
Thomason, Wayne Frederick "Fred" Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-448.jpg
Thomasson, Edna Williams Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-202.jpg
Thompkins, Arthur Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF95/HF95-122.jpg
Thompkins, Arthur Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-004.jpg
Thompkins, Nanette Joan Boaz, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF93/HF93-125.jpg
Thompkins, Nanette Joan Boaz, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-042.jpg
Thompson, Ada Dara Campbell, Hawkins Funeral Home     H68/H68-005.jpg
Thompson, Aleta Dale Simpson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-057.jpg
Thompson, Alice Beason Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-121.jpg
Thompson, Alta Dale Simpson, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-292.jpg
Thompson, Alvie Baty Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-199.jpg
Thompson, Alvie Printice, Hawkins Funeral Home    H64/H64-040.jpg
Thompson, Arthur Logan, Hawkins Funeral Home    H57/H57-112.jpg
Thompson, Asbury C. Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-168.jpg
Thompson, Audra Pate, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-084.jpg
Thompson, Beadie Bell Cherry, Hawkins Funeral Home      H68/H68-084.jpg
Thompson, Beatrice Phea Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-143.jpg
Thompson, Bennie Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-269.jpg
Thompson, Betty Bell Baker Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-159.jpg
Thompson, Billy Jim, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1484.jpg
Thompson, Celestine Johnson Moore, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-025.jpg
Thompson, Charles H. Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-372.jpg
Thompson, Clara Isma Lanier, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-042.jpg
Thompson, Claude Leslie Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-117.jpg
Thompson, Curtis Oliver, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1485.jpg
Thompson, Dave Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-155.jpg
Thompson, David Baty Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-408.jpg
Thompson, Denna Mae cockrill, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-111.jpg
Thompson, Dessie Pearl Nivens Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-179.jpg
Thompson, Dessie Pearl Nivens, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-199.jpg
Thompson, Donna Mae Cockrill, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-109.jpg
Thompson, Dora Helen Morse Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-068.jpg
Thompson, Elmer Montgomery, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1486.jpg
Thompson, Elmer Montgomery, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-211.jpg
Thompson, Eva Hayes Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-166.jpg
Thompson, Evelyn Leona June 4, 1981 Mrs. Emory D. Hinton Sand Hill      CL80/CL80-74
Thompson, Garland Rudolph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1487.jpg
Thompson, Geo. B. Christian Funeral Home C15-288A       C15/C15-288.jpg
Thompson, Hazel Mae Hamm Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-111.jpg
Thompson, Hershell, Pvt. Christian Funeral Home     C49/C49-019.jpg
Thompson, Imogene "Emma" Wallis Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-037.jpg
Thompson, Ira Clifford Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-206.jpg
Thompson, J.W. Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-007.jpg
Thompson, J.W. Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-128.jpg
Thompson, James Ervin Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-286.jpg
Thompson, James Jarrell "J.J." Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-059.jpg
Thompson, James W. Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-241.jpg
Thompson, James Warner Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-292.jpg
Thompson, Jason Rolf Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-203.jpg
Thompson, John Clark, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1488.jpg
Thompson, John Ernest, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1489.jpg
Thompson, John F., Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-25.jpg
Thompson, John Guinn Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-368.jpg
Thompson, John Henry Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-147.jpg
Thompson, Juanita (May) Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-105.jpg
Thompson, Julia, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-151.jpg
Thompson, Kinser Andrew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF90/HF90-122.jpg
Thompson, Kinser Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-279.jpg
Thompson, Lester Lee Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-080.jpg
Thompson, Lora Lively Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-381.jpg
Thompson, Lula Avie Wallace, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1490.jpg
Thompson, Mable Clara, Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-174.jpg
Thompson, Margaret M. Guinn Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-184.jpg
Thompson, Marion Eugene "Pete" Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-214.jpg
Thompson, Martha Elizabeth Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-199.jpg
Thompson, Marvin A. Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-227.jpg
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Renshaw Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-316.jpg
Thompson, Mary Gaston Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-208.jpg
Thompson, Mattie Clarance Golliday, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1491.jpg
Thompson, Melvin Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-360.jpg
Thompson, Melvin Leon Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-120.jpg
Thompson, Mintie R. (Youten), Hawkins Funeral Home       H53/H53-159.jpg
Thompson, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-197.jpg
Thompson, Myrtle Lorene Mar 21, 1980 J.J. Thompson Oaklawn     CL76/CL76-135
Thompson, Ocie Lorena Snow Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-089.jpg
Thompson, Ova Lee Bertha Gulley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1492.jpg
Thompson, R.G. (Robert) Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-104.jpg
Thompson, R.G., Mrs. (Mattie P.) Christian Funeral Home C15-104A        C15/C15-104.jpg
Thompson, Richard Lee, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-128.jpg
Thompson, Richard Lee, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-027.jpg
Thompson, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-085.jpg
Thompson, Robert Mack, Hawkins Funeral Home    H60/H60-060.jpg
Thompson, Robert Tinney, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-135.jpg
Thompson, Robert Tinney, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-005.jpg
Thompson, Ruth Joyce Tams Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-132.jpg
Thompson, Ted William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-123.jpg
Thompson, Ted Williams, Hawkins Funeral Home     H95/H95-156.jpg
Thompson, Thomas Warren Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-293.jpg
Thompson, Thuron "Tom", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF96/HF96-124.jpg
Thompson, Thuron Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-087.jpg
Thompson, Vedon Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-101.jpg
Thompson, Verlon Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1493.jpg
Thompson, W.M. (William M.) Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-013.jpg
Thompson, Wilda Jean Stafford Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-054.jpg
Thompson, William Franklin "Bill" Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-032.jpg
Thompson, William Ramon "Bill" Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-146.jpg
Thompson, Willie Ada (Cash) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-126.jpg
Thompson, Winona Fairy Day, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-137.jpg
Thompson, Zena Leveta Maples Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-081.jpg
Thorell, O.Z., Mr. Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-190.jpg
Thorn, Marshall A., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1494.jpg
Thorn, Roy Elbert, Jr. (Rusty), Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-133.jpg
Thorn, Roy Elbert, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-110.jpg
Thorn, Virginia Joyce Brown Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-089.jpg
Thorn, Virginia Joyce Brown, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-202.jpg
Thorne, Lottie Loraine Brewer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF88/HF88-131.jpg
Thorne, Lottie Loraine Brewer, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-044.jpg
Thornton , Trula, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-185.jpg
Thornton, Brandi Nicole, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1495.jpg
Thornton, Curtis Fred, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1496.jpg
Thornton, Duane Tommy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1497.jpg
Thornton, Grace Amethyst Finch, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF94/HF94-112.jpg
Thornton, Hilary Mar 11, 1985 Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-215
Thornton, James Lee Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-416.jpg
Thornton, Randy Duane Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-054.jpg
Thornton, Trula Elizabeth Richardson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF91/BF91-060.jpg
Thresher, Edgar Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-123.jpg
Thresher, Edgar Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-013.jpg
Throneberry, Frances Faye McCright Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-146.jpg
Thurman, Charles Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF95/HF95-126.jpg
Thurman, John Pat, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-247.jpg
Thurmond, Amelia M. (Young) Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-177.jpg
Thurmond, John Favor Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-271.jpg
Thurmond, John Forest Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-255.jpg
Thurmond, Mary Alice Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-037.jpg
Thurmond, W.P, Mrs. (Laura E. Lillard) Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-130.jpg
Thurmond, William Holmes Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-023.jpg
Thurmond, William Paschall Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-154.jpg
Thweatt, Archie Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-133.jpg
Tibbels, Charles Jaxon Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-042.jpg
Tibbets, Audie Beaty Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-305.jpg
Tibbets, Loyd, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-163.jpg
Tibbets, Rachel Virginia Mosley Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-213.jpg
Tibbets, William Sylvester Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-088.jpg
Tibbits, Jack Raymond Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-141.jpg
Tibbs, Nellie Grace Law Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-132.jpg
Tichenor, Mary Ione Crunp Allen Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-248.jpg
Tidmore, Clifford Marion "Cliff", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-124.jpg
Tidmore, Clifford Marion, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-035.jpg
Tidmore, Evelyn Idella Kerbow, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-275.jpg
Tidmore, Evelyn Kerbow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF92/HF92-108.jpg
Tidrow, Lola Mae Alexander, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-120.jpg
Tidrow, Lola Mae Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-148.jpg
Tidwell, Thomas Martin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF98/BF98-011.jpg
Tigert, Cleo Jean McGar Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-102.jpg
Tigert, Lloyd Travis Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-082.jpg
Tilghman, Eliza Miller Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-294.jpg
Tilghman, Mae (Mrs. R.C.) Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-347.jpg
Tilghman, Robert Calvin Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-206.jpg
Timmer, Janice Delores Jan 15, 1985 Martin Timmer East Bridgeport Transportation from Airport  CL82/CL82-184
Timmons, Angela Charlene Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-172.jpg
Timmons, Angela Charlene, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-201.jpg
Timmons, Thomas Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-062.jpg
Timmons, Thomas Jefferson, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-212.jpg
Timms, Burl, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-136.jpg
Tindel, Zeb Truman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1498.jpg
Tindle, Charlie S. Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-121.jpg
Tiner, Olta Winston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF95/HF95-124.jpg
Tiner, Otha Wirsten, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-005.jpg
Ting, Yung Ching Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-059.jpg
Tinker, Albert Simpson Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-286.jpg
Tinker, Rosa Jane Hogue Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-085.jpg
Tinker, Sarah Jane Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-084.jpg
Tinney, Arthur Lee Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-498.jpg
Tinney, G. B., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-140.jpg
Tinney, G.G., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-289.jpg
Tinney, Larry Don, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-021.jpg
Tinney, Lillie A. Denham, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-151.jpg
Tinney, Lillie Addieville Denham, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF91/BF91-029.jpg
Tinney, Mary Ola, Hawkins Funeral Home    H60/H60-070.jpg
Tinsley, Arthuia Willie Bertha Sprabary Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-147.jpg
Tippie, John Sherman Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-040.jpg
Tippie, Ora Mayhew Reese, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF81/BF81-125.jpg
Tippie, Ora Mayhew Reese, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-010.jpg
Tipps, Andrew Clinton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF97/HF97-135.jpg
Tipps, Andrew Clinton, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-185.jpg
Tipps, Andrew Jackson, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-194.jpg
Tipps, Emma Della Doyle, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-085.jpg
Tipps, Ruby, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-064.jpg
Titch, Roscoe Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-198.jpg
Titch, Roscoe Leon Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-181.jpg
Titus, Clarence Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-152.jpg
Titus, Clarence Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-153.jpg
Titus, Lattie Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-069.jpg
Todd, James Eddy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1500.jpg
Toland, Gladys Petty Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-144.jpg
Toland, L. Clifford Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-180.jpg
Toland, Louis Paul Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-219.jpg
Toland, Mary Elizabeth Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-038.jpg
Toland, Mary Jane Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-211.jpg
Tolbert, James Almos Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-073.jpg
Tolle, Ben eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-145.jpg
Tolliver, Sharon Ann Johnson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-076.jpg
Tom, A.J., Mr. Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-460.jpg
Tomasz, Peter Barrett Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-275.jpg
Tomlinson, Mary Lula Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-172.jpg
Tompkies, Charles D. Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-146.jpg
Tonn, James Charlie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF94/HF94-113.jpg
Tonn, James Charlie, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-141.jpg
Tooney, G.E., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-108.jpg
Torantino, Doris Evlyn Rasmussen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF97/HF97-134.jpg
Torbet, Patrick Shawn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-125.jpg
Torbet, Patrick, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-091.jpg
Torris, Joe Juner, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-128.jpg
Toten, Arthur Lee Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-059.jpg
Toten, Dexter Nolan Oct 31, 1979 Mrs. Toten Oaklawn       CL76/CL76-110
Toten, Izetta Rucker Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-207.jpg
Totsch, Audrey Morton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-123.jpg
Totsch, Audrey Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-216.jpg
Totsch, Earl Oscar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-124.jpg
Totsch, Earl Oscar, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-023.jpg
Touchstone, Jimmie Dickson Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-031.jpg
Tow, Alfred Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-283.jpg
Tow, Cora Francis Wood Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-259.jpg
Tow, Virgil Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-084.jpg
Townsend, Billy L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1501.jpg
Townsend, Oma Lee Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-248.jpg
Trail, Clara Bell McGar Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-274.jpg
Trail, Jackie Wayne Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-135.jpg
Trainor, James Anthony Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-265.jpg
Traister, Alonzo Morrison, Hawkins Funeral Home   H69/H69-136.jpg
Traister, Cecil S., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-107.jpg
Traister, Cecil S., Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-272.jpg
Traister, Charles A., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-132.jpg
Traister, Charles Alva, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF85/HF85-005.jpg
Traister, Letha Warner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1502.jpg
Traister, Letha Warner, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-168.jpg
Traister, Willard Weldon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1503.jpg
Traister, Willard Weldon, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-169.jpg
Traister, Willie Florence Neathery, Hawkins Funeral Home   H55/H55-014.jpg
Trammel, William Sammuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF90/HF90-125.jpg
Trammell, Ben W., Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-242.jpg
Trammell, Benjamin Weaver, Jr. "Bennie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF95/HF95-125.jpg
Trammell, Benjamin Weaver, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-284.jpg
Trammell, E.D., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-296.jpg
Trammell, Jim A. Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-115.jpg
Trammell, Richard Leroy (Muggs), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-152.jpg
Trammell, Richard Leroy, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-244.jpg
Trammell, Theodore Roosevelt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1504.jpg
Treadway, Mary Pauline Tucker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1505.jpg
Treadway, Mary Pauline Tucker, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-194.jpg
Trenchard, Frances Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-226.jpg
Trevino, Lesley Ann Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-097.jpg
Tribble, Clarence Finely, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-043.jpg
Tribble, Cloretha Sneed Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-161.jpg
Tribble, Finley Russell Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-280.jpg
Tribble, Georgia Anna Gorman Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-240.jpg
Tribble, Johnnie Haywood Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-257.jpg
Tribble, Lillie Vess Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-020.jpg
Tribble, Raymond E. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-255.jpg
Tribble, Robert Marian Jones Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-267.jpg
Trimble, Minnie Pearl Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-028.jpg
Trimm, Myrtle Savoy McKinney, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF90/HF90-126.jpg
Trimm, Myrtle Savoy McKinney, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-199.jpg
Trimuar, Neta Diane Green Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-044.jpg
Trindle (Tindle), S.R. (Samuel A.) Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-153.jpg
Triplett, Deanna S. Mize Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-183.jpg
Trotter, Barbara Lou Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-076.jpg
Troutman, Dorris Lee Kemp Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-033.jpg
Troutwine, Steven Dwane Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-045.jpg
Troxall, John Henry Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-081.jpg
Troxell, Clarence William Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-019.jpg
Troxell, Ellis Clyde Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-333.jpg
Troxell, H. Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-229.jpg
Troxell, Jacob Henry Bill Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-185.jpg
Troxell, James R. "Jim" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-234.jpg
Troxell, Mary Mosshart Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-149.jpg
Troxell, Rena Frances Morris Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-080.jpg
Troxell, William Morris Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-420.jpg
True-, George Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-189.jpg
True-, Nancy Melinda (Choppell) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-278.jpg
True-, Oma Viola Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-064.jpg
True-, Thomas L. Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-287.jpg
Truiett, J.F., Jr. Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-211.jpg
Truitt, Bryant Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-116.jpg
Truitt, C. Bryant Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-180.jpg
Truitt, Dorothy Scriven Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-094.jpg
Truitt, James Howard "Jim" Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-288.jpg
Truitt, Joe Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-418.jpg
Truitt, Letha Bell Bentley Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-233.jpg
Truitt, Mary Anna (Vaughn) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-097.jpg
Truitt, Mattie E. Lilley Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-126.jpg
Truitt, Paul Waller Oct 9, 1981 Dorothy M. Truitt Alvord     CL80/CL80-100
Truitt, Weingate H. Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-088.jpg
Truitt, Winnie Josephine Miller Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-188.jpg
Trumble, Emma Euala Ogburn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1506.jpg
Trussell, Alice Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-200.jpg
Trussell, Annie Laura Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-162.jpg
Trussell, Catherine Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-126.jpg
Trussell, Elsie Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-049.jpg
Trussell, H.H., Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-031.jpg
Trussell, John Marion Christian Funeral Home         C39/C39-140.jpg
Trussell, Marcie Castles Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-026.jpg
Trussell, Margaret Arrington Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-017.jpg
Trussell, Mary Ann Keenum Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-018.jpg
Tucker , C.C. Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-192.jpg
Tucker , Twin Sons of Claude Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-184.jpg
Tucker, Claude Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-036.jpg
Tucker, Donald Raymond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-132.jpg
Tucker, Donald Raymond, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-387.jpg
Tucker, Douglas J. Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-101.jpg
Tucker, Francis Marion Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-097.jpg
Tucker, Hazel Virginia Hunt Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-424.jpg
Tucker, Ida Jane Young, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1507.jpg
Tucker, Jim Beth Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-120.jpg
Tucker, Joe Beasley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF88/HF88-133.jpg
Tucker, Joe Beasley, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-068.jpg
Tucker, Lewis Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-016.jpg
Tucker, Lillie Eleanor Turner, Hawkins Funeral Home         H69/H69-113.jpg
Tucker, Ralph Clifford Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-097.jpg
Tucker, Robert Cornelus (Bob), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF94/HF94-114.jpg
Tucker, Robert Cornelus, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-079.jpg
Tucker, Sam, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-053.jpg
Tucker, Sinia Loretta Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-069.jpg
Tucker, Theodosia Sanders Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-176.jpg
Tucker, Thomas Luther Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-232.jpg
Tuckness, Danny Gene Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-155.jpg
Tudle, Robert Roark Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-088.jpg
Tudman, Sallie Hill Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-255.jpg
Tufaner, Gavie Rosetta Watson, Hawkins Funeral Home     H55/H55-128.jpg
Tugman, Milton Lee Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-427.jpg
Tugman, Nannie Lee Kelly Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-468.jpg
Tugmon, Charles Milton Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-225.jpg
Tugwell, Bettie Saxton Moore Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-001.jpg
Tugwell, Harve Pritchard Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-063.jpg
Tugwell, John Earnest Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-264.jpg
Tugwell, John W. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-099.jpg
Tugwell, Laura Richardson Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-294.jpg
Tulley, Marshal Dee, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home     H-48/H-48-25.jpg
Tullis, J.C. Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-174.jpg
Tully, Marshal Dee, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-21.jpg
Tully, Sallie E. Skaggs, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-164.jpg
Tulmelty, Margaret Moore "Maggie" Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-236.jpg
Tumelty, Beulah Lee Cook Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-130.jpg
Tumelty, Ila Mae Edwards Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-261.jpg
Tumelty, Owen Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-045.jpg
Tumelty, Phillip J. July 2, 1983 Thomas Tumelty Oaklawn     CL82/CL82-51
Tumelty, Thomas W. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-094.jpg
Tumuelty, Tommie Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-137.jpg
Tumulty, John W. Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-146.jpg
Tumulty, John William, Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-098.jpg
Tumulty, Margarget Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-075.jpg
Tumulty, Mildred Margaret Taylor Christian Funeral Home   C49/C49-098.jpg
Tune, Margaret Nancy Cole Swain, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF95/BF95-064.jpg
Tune, Thomas Alvin, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-050.jpg
Tupper, Bertha Agnes Bearden, Hawkins Funeral Home      H64/H64-079.jpg
Turk, Viola Delle Karnes, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF88/HF88-134.jpg
Turker, Charlie Joseph, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-062.jpg
Turlington, Wilbur David Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-171.jpg
Turnbow, Clifford Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home       H69/H69-011.jpg
Turnbow, Dave, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-271.jpg
Turnbow, David L., Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-179.jpg
Turnbow, Flossie Perl Chilcutt, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-202.jpg
Turnbow, Flossie Pirl Chilcutt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF94/HF94-115.jpg
Turnbow, Paul Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-220.jpg
Turner, Bell Hines Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-113.jpg
Turner, Betty Lou Williams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF95/HF95-127.jpg
Turner, Betty Williams, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-260.jpg
Turner, Bill, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-190.jpg
Turner, Charles Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-084.jpg
Turner, Delia Bobo Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-067.jpg
Turner, Donnie Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-151.jpg
Turner, Donnie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-153.jpg
Turner, Elmer Theadore, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-208.jpg
Turner, Ernest James, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H55/H55-050.jpg
Turner, Florence Ellen Girtrue Boyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1508.jpg
Turner, Frank Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-096.jpg
Turner, George Edward Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-299.jpg
Turner, George Edward, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-203.jpg
Turner, George Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-261.jpg
Turner, infant son Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-081a.jpg
Turner, Janice Ann Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-291.jpg
Turner, Jennie Ruth Peden, Hawkins Funeral Home  H55/H55-053.jpg
Turner, Kathleen Wilmouth Jackson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-126.jpg
Turner, Kathleen, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-117.jpg
Turner, Mae Mobley Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-233.jpg
Turner, Marian Virginia Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF01/HF01-146.jpg
Turner, Mary Ellen Slimp Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-277.jpg
Turner, Sally Blanche Warren, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-073.jpg
Turner, Scott Anderson Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-009.jpg
Turner, William Hines "Bud", Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-117.jpg
Turner, William Hines (Bud), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF94/HF94-116.jpg
Turner, William Slimp "Bill", Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-063.jpg
Turney, Michael Paul Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-230.jpg
Turney, Samantha Jane Goff Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-017.jpg
Turpin, Lillie Caroline, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-064.jpg
Turvaville, Becky Lynn Herring Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-018.jpg
Tutt, Arthur Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-026.jpg
Twiner, Jessie Saul Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-158.jpg
Tyford, A.E., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-055.jpg
Tyler, Eda (Williams) Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-052.jpg
Tyler, LaMott Watson Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-251.jpg
Tyrone, Adaus Willie (Whirley)Havens Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-030.jpg
Udaley, Oliver Martin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-29.jpg
Underwood, Beulah Mae Alderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF90/HF90-127.jpg
Underwood, Beulah Mae Alderson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-258.jpg
Underwood, Brian Michael, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF89/HF89-122.jpg
Underwood, Brian Michael, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-093.jpg
Underwood, Chester Arvil, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-060.jpg
Underwood, Chester Arvil, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-366.jpg
Underwood, J. R., Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-060.jpg
Underwood, James Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-125.jpg
Underwood, James Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-107.jpg
Unknown       C27/C27-025.jpg
Unknown, "Big boy" killed by train Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-024.jpg
Unknown, 30 yr old Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-266.jpg
Unknown, Baby (American), Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-165.jpg
Unknown, Person Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-166.jpg
Upchurch, Melvin Douglas Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-180.jpg
Upchurch, Vergie Jones Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-213.jpg
Upersgrove, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-169.jpg
Upperman, Sedalia R., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1509.jpg
Uprdas, Pete, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-211.jpg
Urquarhart, Eva Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-059.jpg
Urquhart, C. Oliver Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-162.jpg
Usry, Donald Webster Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-012.jpg
Usry, Horace Spurgeon Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-442.jpg
Usry, Mozelle Hudson Brashear, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-154.jpg
Usry, Ruth Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-103.jpg
Usry, Viola Douglass, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF88/HF88-136.jpg
Usry, Viola Douglass, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-047.jpg
Utley, Bertie Lynn Harris Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-282.jpg
Utley, Dewey H. Sept 19, 1979 Jewel Burk Pleasant Grove #2       CL76/CL76-105
Utley, Elizabeth A. Morrow Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-205.jpg
Utley, James William May 13, 1981 Audrey & James L. Utley Aurora        CL80/CL80-70
Utley, John Clifton Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-275.jpg
Valcik, John Has, Dr. (M.D.) Christian Funeral Home         C86/C86-082.jpg
Valdez, Jose I. Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-288.jpg
Valdez, Petra Fraga Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-183.jpg
Valenzuela, Francisco Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-014.jpg
Valero, Jose Santos, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-145.jpg
Valero, Laura Victoria, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-137.jpg
Vallajo, Pedro, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-176.jpg
Vallaningham, Raymond Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-282.jpg
Vallejo, Simon Vellanuma, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-076.jpg
Valliant, Ronald Edward Nov 19, 1979 Inez Valliant Aurora  CL76/CL76-116
Van Acker, Tilghman Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-256.jpg
Van Hoose, Marvin Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1511.jpg
Van Hoose, Vernon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1512.jpg
Van Meter, Alice Beatrice Chambers Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-028.jpg
Van Meter, Archibald Belmont Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-045.jpg
Van Meter, C.J., (Sr.) Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-085.jpg
Van Meter, Chester Arthur Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-117.jpg
Van Meter, Daisy Alene Russell Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-243.jpg
Van Meter, Hetty May Beauchamp Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-125.jpg
Van Meter, Hetty May Beauchamp, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-215.jpg
Van Meter, Olin James Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-479.jpg
Van Meter, Ruth Bryan Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-220.jpg
Van Meter, Ruth Bryan, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-214.jpg
Van Meter, Ruth Stokes Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-007.jpg
Van Schaick, Mary A. Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-015.jpg
Van Schuyver, Danny Gene Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-263.jpg
Vanarsdall, Amanda Viola Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-088.jpg
Vanbar?, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C22-077A    C22/C22-077.jpg
Vance, Caroline Hardcastle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1510.jpg
Vance, Martha Gunn Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-218.jpg
Vanderveer, Thomas, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-287.jpg
Vanderver, Thomas Vedder, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-156.jpg
Vandiver, Alma Apr 22, 1985 J. Vandiver Greenwood         CL82/CL82-226
Vandiver, Belle Crow Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-106.jpg
Vandiver, Catherine Hamilton Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-043.jpg
Vandiver, John A. Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-181.jpg
Vandiver, John Thurman Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-150.jpg
Vandiver, Otho L. Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-048.jpg
Vandiver, Rufus M. Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-267.jpg
Vandiver, T.A., Mrs. (Martha A.) Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-067.jpg
Vandiver, Tom A. Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-292.jpg
Vandiver, William Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-238.jpg
Vanhoose, Edgar Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-266.jpg
VanHoose, James McDonnel, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-027.jpg
VanHoose, James William, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-040.jpg
VanHoose, Jessie Marybelle Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-006.jpg
VanHoose, Jessie Maybelle Morton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-128.jpg
VanHoose, Jimmie Ray, II, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-126.jpg
VanHoose, Jimmie Ray, II, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-126.jpg
Vanhoose, Joe's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-181.jpg
VanHoose, Mary Alice Nabors, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-133.jpg
VanHoose, Mary Alice White, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF96/HF96-127.jpg
VanHoose, Mary Alice White, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-136.jpg
Vanhoose, Minnie, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home     H23/H23-274.jpg
Vanhorn, Edna Owens Riser Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-188.jpg
Vanlandingham, S. Beulah McEntire, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-124.jpg
Vanmeter, Laura Ellen Auvenshine Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-118.jpg
Vann, Preston Brown Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-394.jpg
Vanndy, James Ponton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-147.jpg
Vannoy, Edweauna Whorton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-129.jpg
Vannoy, Edweauna Whorton, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-297.jpg
VanZandt, Lowell Morris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-144.jpg
Vardas, Alex, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF98/BF98-008.jpg
Vardas, Helen Pauline Cox, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF95/BF95-043.jpg
Vardas, Pete, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-082.jpg
Varelman, Eric Van Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-174.jpg
Vargas, Carlos Alberto Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-061.jpg
Varnado, Jan Gose Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-293.jpg
Vasques, Raymon, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-246.jpg
Vasquez, Severo, Hawkins Funeral Home     H23/H23-246.jpg
Vastine, J.L., Mrs. (Jennie Lee) Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-292.jpg
Vastine, Walter Clifton Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-024.jpg
Vaughan, Albert Hawkins Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-130.jpg
Vaughan, Mary Ann Jameson Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-248.jpg
Vaughan, Norman Dean, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-005.jpg
Vaughn, Charles Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF94/HF94-117.jpg
Vaughn, Charles Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home        H93/H93-196.jpg
Vaughn, Dona Catherine Moore Christian Funeral Home     C49/C49-083.jpg
Vaughn, Effie Moy Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-246.jpg
Vaughn, John William Christian Funeral Home         C86/C86-159.jpg
Vaughn, Joseph Brent, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-134.jpg
Vaughn, Sallie Cook Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-160.jpg
Vaughn, William Jarrett Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-011.jpg
Vaught, Basil Phillips, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF85/HF85-154.jpg
Vaught, Basil Phillips, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-177.jpg
Vaught, Edward Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home         H69/H69-119.jpg
Vaught, James Lyndon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-128.jpg
Vaught, James Lyndon, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-232.jpg
Vaught, Mark Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1513.jpg
Vaught, Naoma Dela Knight, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-100.jpg
Vaught, Naomi Delia Knight, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-127.jpg
Vaught, Phillip Dewayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-155.jpg
Vaught, Phillip Dewayne, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-191.jpg
Vaught, Rhea Jane "Peggy" Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-086.jpg
Vaught, Rhea Jane Thomas "Peggy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-126.jpg
Veach, Edna Mae Vaught Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-126.jpg
Veach, Frank Leroy Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-115.jpg
Veach, Lewis Grover June 29, 1979 James Lewis Veach Alvord     CL76/CL76-96
Veach, Louisa Scoggins, Hawkins Funeral Home     H65/H65-049.jpg
Veach, Lula Sims June 29, 1979 James Alvord        CL76/CL76-95
Veal, Carl Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-383.jpg
Veal, James T. (I.) Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-293.jpg
Veal, Mary Josephine Abernathy Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-335.jpg
Vega, Leopoldo Ayala Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-130.jpg
Veiga, Joseph Anthony Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-158.jpg
Verley, Mabel Nall, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-078.jpg
Verner, Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-029.jpg
Verner, Cecil Francis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1515.jpg
Verner, Danny Nolan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-146.jpg
Verner, Janie Ozelle Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1514.jpg
Verner, Jodie Valerie Davlin Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-003.jpg
Vess, Adaline Smith Messinar, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-011.jpg
Vess, Carrie Jane Peel Christian Funeral Home       C80/C80-237.jpg
Vess, Charles King, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-045.jpg
Vess, Charles Ramon (Doc), Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-044.jpg
Vess, Clarence Daniel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-118.jpg
Vess, Clarence, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-247.jpg
Vess, Collin Daniel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF81/BF81-138.jpg
Vess, Collin Daniel, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-078.jpg
Vess, Della Emaline Gaston Wolfe, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-136.jpg
Vess, Donnie Floyd, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-052.jpg
Vess, Donnie Floyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF89/HF89-123.jpg
Vess, Floyd Carroll, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1517.jpg
Vess, Floyd Redford, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF81/BF81-023.jpg
Vess, Gracie Mae Gaston, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-025.jpg
Vess, Ima J., Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-227.jpg
Vess, Ima Jean Gaston, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-094.jpg
Vess, James Auldon (Whitey), Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-128.jpg
Vess, James Lester Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-061.jpg
Vess, Mildred Hatley, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-164.jpg
Vess, Mildred Ophelia Hatley, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF91/BF91-041.jpg
Vest, Lester, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1516.jpg
Vest, Lester, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-025.jpg
Vest, Wade, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-093.jpg
Vestal, Danny Dale Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-157.jpg
Vester, Altheah Elizabeth Day Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-080.jpg
Vick, Sarah Elizabeth McDaniel Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-222.jpg
Vick, Thomas E. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-047.jpg
Vickers, Bertie Lee Moren Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-004.jpg
Vickers, Bertie Lee Moren, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-072.jpg
Vickers, Grady Roy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF91/HF91-128.jpg
Vickers, Grady Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-058.jpg
Vickers, Roy Grady, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-153.jpg
Vickers, Roy Grady, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-237.jpg
Vidal, Emanuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1519.jpg
Vidal, Infant of Manuel, Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-002.jpg
Vidal, Isidra, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-052.jpg
Vidal, Kelsey Raquel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF97/HF97-136.jpg
Vidal, Kelsey Raquel, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-283.jpg
Vidal, Lenora, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1518.jpg
Vigil, Burnell Treasha Sharpe, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF95/BF95-046.jpg
Villalobos, Joe "Jose" Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-161.jpg
Villane, Vivian Neil, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1520.jpg
Vincent, Kevin Dowell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-061.jpg
Vincent, Kevin Dowell, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-273.jpg
Vincent, Ruby Faye Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-024.jpg
Vincent, Samuel Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1521.jpg
Vincent, Walter C. Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-012.jpg
Vindway, Glen Christian Funeral Home C15-111A    C15/C15-111.jpg
Vine, H. B., Hawkins Funeral Home  H23/H23-060.jpg
Vinyard, Taning, Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-181.jpg
Vise, James Terry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF97/HF97-137.jpg
Vise, James Terry, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-292.jpg
Vitali, Velma Guess Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-015.jpg
Void, Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-282.jpg
Void, Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-378.jpg
Void,, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-163.jpg
Void,, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-005.jpg
Void,, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-051.jpg
Von Heuvel, Herman Henrick, Hawkins Funeral Home       H65/H65-044.jpg
Von Heuvel, Herman Henry Pedro, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF98/HF98-138.jpg
Von Heuvel, Jennie Beatrice, Hawkins Funeral Home         H57/H57-102.jpg
Von Reitnauer, Triestina Magdelena Chefalo Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-008.jpg
Voss, William Eugene "Gene" Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-203.jpg
Waddell, Eliot Carter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF87/HF87-066.jpg
Waddell, J.P., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-155.jpg
Waddill, Sirphronia Donalson, Hawkins Funeral Home         H53/H53-131.jpg
Wade, Emmett Glenn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-068.jpg
Wade, Mary Jessie Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-393.jpg
Wade, Peyton L. Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-080.jpg
Wadsworth, J. B., Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-246.jpg
Wadsworth, J. B., Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF95/HF95-129.jpg
Wages, Rush, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1578.jpg
Wages, Sarah Annie Greer, Hawkins Funeral Home  H69/H69-100.jpg
Waggoner, Annie Lena Rickman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-039.jpg
Waggoner, Dan Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-190.jpg
Waggoner, John L. Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-254.jpg
Wagner, Jessica Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-089.jpg
Wagner, Maybelle Lenora Ferguson Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-263.jpg
Wagoner, Corinne Reid Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-131.jpg
Waide, David Harding Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-141.jpg
Waide, E.W., Mr. Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-069.jpg
Waide, James M. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-100.jpg
Wainscott, Alta Laverne Crunk Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-026.jpg
Wainscott, Bonnie Lee White McGaha Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-154.jpg
Wainscott, Deloma Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-002.jpg
Wakefield, Oneta Jean Bobbitt Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-190.jpg
Wakeman, W.S. (Scott) Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-051.jpg
Wakemon, Bertha D. Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-079.jpg
Wakemon, Chas. W. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-128.jpg
Wakemon, John W. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-244.jpg
Wakman, Martha Jane Harlan Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-069.jpg
Walcott, D.E. (Dexter Elliott) Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-125.jpg
Walden, Alec W. (Alex) Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-221.jpg
Walden, Alice Kerr Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-093.jpg
Waldon, John Barkley, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-36.jpg
Waldon, John Brady, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF90/HF90-132.jpg
Waldon, John Brady, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-257.jpg
Waldon, Margaret Mae Oliver, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1579.jpg
Waldon, William Andrew (Waldo), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-124.jpg
Waldon, William Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-133.jpg
Waldrip, Dee J. Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-257.jpg
Waldrip, Ernest Guy, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF81/BF81-004.jpg
Waldrip, Samuel May 30, 1985         CL82/CL82-243
Waldrip, Son of Lee & Mary Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-149.jpg
Waldrop, Fidilia Washington Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-116.jpg
Waldrop, Hubert Lee Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-244.jpg
Waldrop, Hubert Lee, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-223.jpg
Waldrop, Isabell Dempsey Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-107.jpg
Waldrop, J.E., Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-049.jpg
Waldrop, Jewell Mae Hutcheson, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-160.jpg
Waldrop, Stella Mae Simpson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-107.jpg
Walk, William Arnold Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-181.jpg
Walker, Ada Louise Robertson Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-143.jpg
Walker, Alpha Arthur Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-074.jpg
Walker, Ann Hinkle Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-193.jpg
Walker, Annie Elizabeth Anderson Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-083.jpg
Walker, Annie V. Van Ness Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-248.jpg
Walker, Baby Girl July 10, 1985 Billy Walker Oaklawn        CL82/CL82-257
Walker, Beatrice Hale Stickler, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF88/HF88-137.jpg
Walker, Beatrice Stickler Hale, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-437.jpg
Walker, Beckie J. North Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-027.jpg
Walker, Bert Franklin Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-223.jpg
Walker, Bessie Maud Hollingsworth Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-188.jpg
Walker, Betty Jean Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-067.jpg
Walker, Bobbie Jo Garrett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF94/HF94-118.jpg
Walker, Bobbie Jo Garrett, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-113.jpg
Walker, Carl Edwin Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-020.jpg
Walker, Carl H. Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-104.jpg
Walker, Cecil Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-092.jpg
Walker, Cecillia Lee Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-223.jpg
Walker, Claude E., Jr. Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-385.jpg
Walker, Claude Edward Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-122.jpg
Walker, CLyde May 11, 1980 Nina Walker Aurora   CL80/CL80-8
Walker, Connie Gene Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-111.jpg
Walker, Connie, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-240.jpg
Walker, Cornelia Ann Moses Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-286.jpg
Walker, Dewey Otis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1580.jpg
Walker, Dollie Emma Gean Coker Funeral Home     C56/C56-029.jpg
Walker, Don Franklin Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-090.jpg
Walker, Don Gerould, Sr. Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-019.jpg
Walker, Doris Marguerite Conner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF97/HF97-138.jpg
Walker, Edward Eugene Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-128.jpg
Walker, Emma May Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-028.jpg
Walker, Etta Mae Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-068.jpg
Walker, Euna Mae Singleton, Hawkins Funeral Home         H60/H60-062.jpg
Walker, Eva Lois Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-118.jpg
Walker, Faye Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-169.jpg
Walker, Frances Aron Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-192.jpg
Walker, Fred Friday, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-015.jpg
Walker, Garland Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-384.jpg
Walker, George Washington, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-013.jpg
Walker, Georgia Pearl Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-270.jpg
Walker, Gus Henry Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-220.jpg
Walker, Harold E. Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-298.jpg
Walker, Helen Elizabeth Arrington Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-132.jpg
Walker, Henry Louis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1587.jpg
Walker, Homer Thomas Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-494.jpg
Walker, Ida Bell Young Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-447.jpg
Walker, J. W., Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-246.jpg
Walker, J.A. "Ace" Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-247.jpg
Walker, J.B. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-137.jpg
Walker, J.S., Mrs (Sarah F.) McDonald Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-067.jpg
Walker, J.W., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1583.jpg
Walker, J.W., Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-217.jpg
Walker, James Osborne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-148.jpg
Walker, James William Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-188.jpg
Walker, Jessie M. McCracken Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-144.jpg
Walker, John Martin, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-207.jpg
Walker, John S. Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-063.jpg
Walker, Josephine Maggie Gilcrease, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-086.jpg
Walker, Junior Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-023.jpg
Walker, Junior Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-030.jpg
Walker, Kathryn Virginia Pierce, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-090.jpg
Walker, Kathryn Virginia Pince Cundiff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-131.jpg
Walker, Keifer Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-109.jpg
Walker, Keifer Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-179.jpg
Walker, L. W., Hawkins Funeral Home        H64/H64-085.jpg
Walker, Leatha Bell "Bea" Shead Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-197.jpg
Walker, Leatha Bell "Bea" Shead, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-217.jpg
Walker, Leona Margarette Stokes Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-087.jpg
Walker, Leonard Andrew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF91/HF91-129.jpg
Walker, Leonard Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home   H90/H90-059.jpg
Walker, Lillie Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-069.jpg
Walker, Lois Leona Rohus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1588.jpg
Walker, Maggie Louise Castles Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-047.jpg
Walker, Mary Elizabeth Hesteuds Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-243.jpg
Walker, Mary Emeline Fitzgerald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF87/HF87-067.jpg
Walker, Mary Emeline Fitzgerald, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-337.jpg
Walker, Morgan Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-378.jpg
Walker, Morgan Roy, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF87/HF87-064.jpg
Walker, Ned, Sr. Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-025.jpg
Walker, Nellie May, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF91/HF91-130.jpg
Walker, Nellie May, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-108.jpg
Walker, Nina Ruth Mar 15, 1983 Fred Walker Aurora         CL82/CL82-33
Walker, Odas Lee Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-265.jpg
Walker, Paqtsy Pharine Cox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF93/HF93-127.jpg
Walker, Patsy Pharine Cox, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-093.jpg
Walker, Pearl May Young Christian Funeral Home   C49/C49-013.jpg
Walker, Rhoda Stroud Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-246.jpg
Walker, Robert A. "Bob" Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-190.jpg
Walker, Robert David, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-100.jpg
Walker, Robert Lee Coker Funeral Home     C56/C56-060.jpg
Walker, Robert Samuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1582.jpg
Walker, Robert Vernon Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-287.jpg
Walker, Roberta Ellen Shaw, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1589.jpg
Walker, Ronnie Eugene Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-144.jpg
Walker, Royal Kenneth "R.K", Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-270.jpg
Walker, Royal Kenneth, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF92/HF92-110.jpg
Walker, Ruth Mauldin Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-129.jpg
Walker, Samuel Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-200.jpg
Walker, Shirley Darrell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1581.jpg
Walker, Sophie Ellen (Renfro) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-161.jpg
Walker, Taylor May Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-241.jpg
Walker, Troy Scott Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-285.jpg
Walker, Vera Lois Rhine Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-259.jpg
Walker, Victor G., Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-088.jpg
Walker, Warner Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-469.jpg
Walker, Wendal Orval Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-206.jpg
Walker, William Gregory "W.G." Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-092.jpg
Walker, William Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home       H66/H66-064.jpg
Walker, William Lee Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-270.jpg
Walker, Willie Ada Rose, Hawkins Funeral Home    H65/H65-106.jpg
Walker, Yevon Roberts Martindale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF95/HF95-130.jpg
Walker, Yevon Roberts Martindale, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-243.jpg
Wall, Chas. Estelle Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-266.jpg
Wall, Henry Richard, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-16.jpg
Wall, John Wilbur Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-194.jpg
Wall, John Wilbur, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-220.jpg
Wall, Lavonia Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-079.jpg
Wall, Nancy Leona Gossett Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-289.jpg
Wall, Robert Jenkins Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-121.jpg
Wall, Rosa Lee Obeshire Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-170.jpg
Wall, Ruby Irma Crain Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-074.jpg
Wall, Woody Sterman, Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-127.jpg
Wall, Woody Stermon, Sr. Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-083.jpg
Wallace, Andrew Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF97/HF97-139.jpg
Wallace, Angela Diane Alcorn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-135.jpg
Wallace, Bessie Beatrice Huckabee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1614.jpg
Wallace, Charles Vernon Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-121.jpg
Wallace, Clara Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-296.jpg
Wallace, Clifford Hogan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1522.jpg
Wallace, Elmer Hamilton Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-436.jpg
Wallace, Ester Morrison Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-229.jpg
Wallace, Eunice Nora Madden Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-285.jpg
Wallace, Geo. Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-165.jpg
Wallace, Infant Son of Elmer H. & Catherine Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-109.jpg
Wallace, John Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1584.jpg
Wallace, John Kellough Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-001.jpg
Wallace, John Thomas Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-265.jpg
Wallace, Lavenia Ore Gattis, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-075.jpg
Wallace, Lelah, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-046.jpg
Wallace, Lloyd Eldon Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-059.jpg
Wallace, Luther Kierschel Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-157.jpg
Wallace, Margaret Catherine Dodge Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-145.jpg
Wallace, Marie Akins Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-296.jpg
Wallace, Mary Esther, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF92/HF92-111.jpg
Wallace, Matilda Mary Winekoff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF96/HF96-128.jpg
Wallace, Matilda Mary Winekoff, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-141.jpg
Wallace, Mattie Elizabeth Killongh Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-138.jpg
Wallace, Nora Lee Tucker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF95/HF95-131.jpg
Wallace, Quilla Ford Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-212.jpg
Wallace, Sylvia Dean Hall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF98/HF98-139.jpg
Wallace, Tobe B., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-205.jpg
Wallace, Tobe Benjamin, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF92/HF92-112.jpg
Wallace, Velma Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-040.jpg
Wallace, Velma Pearl "Polly" Leonard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF91/HF91-132.jpg
Wallace, William Franklin Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-008.jpg
Wallace, Zona Lee Tucker, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-015.jpg
Wallas, Geotge, Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-048.jpg
Walling, Jerome Vance, Jr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-077.jpg
Wallis, Lura Alice Bond Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-013.jpg
Wallis, Nina Fox (Goodger) Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-323.jpg
Wallis, Theron Vencin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1615.jpg
Wallis, Theron Vencin, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-240.jpg
Walls, Beulah Estelle Ward, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-156.jpg
Walls, James Glenn Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-157.jpg
Walls, Mistie Deann Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-065.jpg
Walls, Mistie Deann, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-230.jpg
Walston, Marion Polson Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-194.jpg
Walters, Claude Presley, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-087.jpg
Walters, J. M., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-152.jpg
Walters, Richard Hecker, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF97/HF97-140.jpg
Walters, Richard Hecker, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-289.jpg
Walton, James David Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-139.jpg
Walton, Matthew Lee & Andrew James, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1585.jpg
Walton, Rickie Shane, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1523.jpg
Walton, W.W., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-196.jpg
Wambaugh, Margie May Langley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF98/HF98-140.jpg
Wang, Mary Elizabeth House, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-131.jpg
Wang, Mary Elizabeth House, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-268.jpg
Wang, Merle Mahlon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1590.jpg
Wanner, Raymond Walter Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-118.jpg
Warburton, Peter L. Raasina Feb 10, 1985 Ann Heldrick, Fort Worth Transportation to airport       CL82/CL82-199
Ward, Allie Alberta July 19, 1982 Aurora      CL80/CL80-158
Ward, Allie Summars Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-153.jpg
Ward, Alta Mae Munn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-045.jpg
Ward, Carl Jan 2, 1982 Jim Herrman Aurora  CL80/CL80-115
Ward, Earl Victor, Hawkins Funeral Home    H64/H64-059.jpg
Ward, Eda Mae Carpenter Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-056.jpg
Ward, Edna Mae Lutenbaker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1591.jpg
Ward, Edna Mae Lutenbaker, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-167.jpg
Ward, Edna Viola Ramsdale, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-065.jpg
Ward, Elizabeth Jane Penn Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-092.jpg
Ward, Franklin Madison Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-240.jpg
Ward, George Herschel, Jr. Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-274.jpg
Ward, George Hershell Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-345.jpg
Ward, Harding Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1524.jpg
Ward, Harold Darwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1586.jpg
Ward, Henry Grady Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-238.jpg
Ward, Henry Laurens Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-257.jpg
Ward, Isaac Reedy Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-208.jpg
Ward, James Dwayne Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-145.jpg
Ward, James Escar, Hawkins Funeral Home  H68/H68-014.jpg
Ward, James Monroe Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-042.jpg
Ward, James Webster, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-073.jpg
Ward, Jessy Lawrence, Dr. Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-136.jpg
Ward, Jimmy Dow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF00/HF00-147.jpg
Ward, John, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-156.jpg
Ward, Jonas L. Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-018.jpg
Ward, Lela Warner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF94/HF94-119.jpg
Ward, Lela Warner, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-129.jpg
Ward, Loma L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1592.jpg
Ward, Lou Belle Brown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-128.jpg
Ward, Lou Belle Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-094.jpg
Ward, Louretta Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF99/HF99-136.jpg
Ward, Martha Hester Cansler Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-013.jpg
Ward, May     C56/C56-234a.jpg
Ward, May Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-234.jpg
Ward, Millard Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF88/HF88-141.jpg
Ward, Millard Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-037.jpg
Ward, Quanah Darwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1595.jpg
Ward, Quanah Darwin, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-171.jpg
Ward, Roy Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-030.jpg
Ward, Ruth Elizabeth Findley Counts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1593.jpg
Ward, Samuel Martin Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-194.jpg
Ward, Stella B. Taylor Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-127.jpg
Ward, Stephen Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1594.jpg
Ward, Thelma Randolph Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-272.jpg
Ward, Thomas Bryon Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-012.jpg
Warden, Eithel Elizabeth Jones, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF89/HF89-126.jpg
Warden, Eithel Elizabeth Jones, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-132.jpg
Warden, John S., Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-219.jpg
Warden, John Samuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF92/HF92-113.jpg
Wardlaw, Virgil T. "Tillie" Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-071.jpg
Ware, Flora Viola Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-094.jpg
Ware, Leah Luella Thomoson Christian Funeral Home        C49/C49-077.jpg
Waren, Fannie Leona Hudson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF89/HF89-127.jpg
Waren, Fannie Leona Hudson, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-090.jpg
Waren, Rubert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF89/HF89-125.jpg
Waren, Rubert, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-181.jpg
Warford, Ella V. Coker Funeral Home         C56/C56-170.jpg
Warford, Eula Edith Click Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-116.jpg
Warford, Garmon W. Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-051.jpg
Warford, S. T., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF92/HF92-114.jpg
Warford, S. T., Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-269.jpg
Warlick, James Arch Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-203.jpg
Warlick, William Owen Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-220.jpg
Warnell, Paul Eugene "Gene", Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF81/BF81-140.jpg
Warnell, Paul Eugene, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-072.jpg
Warner, Aliza Bee McDaniel, Hawkins Funeral Home        H68/H68-071.jpg
Warner, George David Wayne Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-144.jpg
Warner, Gilbert Erwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1596.jpg
Warner, Gilbert Erwin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-234.jpg
Warner, Leo Bradley, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-058.jpg
Warner, Morris, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-176.jpg
Warner, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-263.jpg
Warner, Pearl Eunice Fitzgerald Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-009.jpg
Warner, Richard Erwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1597.jpg
Warner, Richard Morris, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-050.jpg
Warner, Tony Lynn, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-070.jpg
Warnock, Rita Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-129.jpg
Warren, Beatrice Inez Rogers, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-031.jpg
Warren, Bob Curtis Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-291.jpg
Warren, Janie Truitt Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-150.jpg
Warren, Marvin Alvin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-047.jpg
Warren, Mary Laura Vermillion Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-205.jpg
Warren, Noble Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-209.jpg
Warren, Raymond Leon, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF95/BF95-125.jpg
Warren, Robert Dennis "Dan" Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-384.jpg
Warren, Vergil Bell Largent, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1598.jpg
Warren, W. J., Hawkins Funeral Home        H61/H61-138.jpg
Warren, Wesley Ryan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF90/HF90-134.jpg
Warren, Wesley Ryan, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-208.jpg
Warren, William V. Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-447.jpg
Washburn, Amer E. Ross Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-290.jpg
Washburn, Audie Almas Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-288.jpg
Washburn, Claude Braxton Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-056.jpg
Washburn, James Richard, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF91/BF91-033.jpg
Washburn, James Thomas Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-294.jpg
Washburn, James, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-154.jpg
Washburn, Mary Kate Gilmore, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-090.jpg
Washburn, Son of Audie & Stella Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-033.jpg
Washburn, Stella Inez Foster Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-200.jpg
Washburn, Virginia Clay Dye Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-233.jpg
Washburn, William Thomas Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-273.jpg
Washnesky, Lee Mae Dodd Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-106.jpg
Wasnburn, Cecil Gilbert Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-292.jpg
Wasserman, Joseph O. Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-096.jpg
Wasson, John A. Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-241.jpg
Waters, Bobby Joe Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-496.jpg
Waters, Cone Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-040.jpg
Waters, Emma Viola Miller Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-203.jpg
Waters, Emma Viola Miller, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-216.jpg
Waters, Guy Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-193.jpg
Waters, Margaret Florene Hudson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-182.jpg
Waters, Margaret Florine Hudson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF94/HF94-120.jpg
Waters, Mary Cornelia Lutrick, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-141.jpg
Waters, Mary Cornelia Lutrick, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-270.jpg
Waters, Nelson H., Cpl. Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-235.jpg
Waters, Oscar V. Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-116.jpg
Watkins, Adam Jason, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-148.jpg
Watkins, Baby of Clarence Christian Funeral Home C15-154A       C15/C15-154.jpg
Watkins, Chloe Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-071.jpg
Watkins, Claude Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1600.jpg
Watkins, Claude Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-153.jpg
Watkins, Ella Louise Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-117a.jpg
Watkins, Eva Joy Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-117a.jpg
Watkins, Fred Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-010.jpg
Watkins, Gloria Jean Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-117.jpg
Watkins, Helen Marie Hamm Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-164.jpg
Watkins, Holmer Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-032.jpg
Watkins, Howard, Hawkins Funeral Home    H66/H66-087.jpg
Watkins, Ida Mae Dewbre, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1525.jpg
Watkins, Ida Mae Dubree, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-025.jpg
Watkins, John H. Apr 10, 1985 Katheryn Watkins Aurora Cremation - Lewisville Funeral Home    CL82/CL82-222
Watkins, Joyce Pittman Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-268.jpg
Watkins, Kathryn Ree Day Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-030.jpg
Watkins, Lillian O. Orcutt Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-224.jpg
Watkins, Minnie May Apr 16, 1983 Jewell Miller Sweetwater         CL82/CL82-41
Watkins, Mose, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1526.jpg
Watkins, Mose, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-212.jpg
Watkins, Sadie Finley Gillespie Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-216.jpg
Watkins, Thomas Hilton Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-282.jpg
Watkins, Zora Lee Bowen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1601.jpg
Watson, Ammle Roy Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-130.jpg
Watson, Bennie Alzina Pleasant, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-138.jpg
Watson, Bennie Alzina, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-002.jpg
Watson, Bettie F. Elem Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-145.jpg
Watson, Carl Hershell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1603.jpg
Watson, Charley Marvin, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-003.jpg
Watson, Clara May, Miss, Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-209.jpg
Watson, Columbus Ernest Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-288.jpg
Watson, Edna Adele Dickenson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-139.jpg
Watson, Edna Adele Dickenson, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-411.jpg
Watson, Eula N. Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-412.jpg
Watson, Garfield F. Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-382.jpg
Watson, J.A., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-022.jpg
Watson, James Loring Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-052.jpg
Watson, Joe Curtis, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-256.jpg
Watson, John Tully Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-046.jpg
Watson, Katherine, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-276.jpg
Watson, Leslie Witt Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-029.jpg
Watson, Lillian Dorothy Parker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-132.jpg
Watson, Lourenda Katherine, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF87/HF87-062.jpg
Watson, Martha annMartin, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-002.jpg
Watson, Mary Jane Richardson Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-172.jpg
Watson, Mary Loyce Lynn Hotz Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-298.jpg
Watson, Mary Nona Adams Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-047.jpg
Watson, Miss Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-148.jpg
Watson, Nora Quisenberry Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-016.jpg
Watson, Oscar Raymond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF93/HF93-129.jpg
Watson, Paul Porter Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-155.jpg
Watson, Rowena Faye Tagman Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-010.jpg
Watson, Roxie Gladys McGuire, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1602.jpg
Watson, Roy Weldon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1604.jpg
Watson, Ryan K. Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-140.jpg
Watson, Sarah A., Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-166.jpg
Watson, Sylvia Rieger Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-081.jpg
Watson, Thomas Terrell, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-180.jpg
Watson, Velma Lee Autrey Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-192.jpg
Watson, Vesta Inez, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF93/HF93-130.jpg
Watson, Vesta Inez, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-012.jpg
Watson, William Hardy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1599.jpg
Watts, Carlos Houston, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-038.jpg
Watts, CLifford Marvin Dec 24, 1977 Mrs. C.M. Watts Jonestown  CL76/CL76-33
Watts, CLyde Lewis Mar 18, 1977    CL76/CL76-13
Watts, Electa G. Thompson Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-112.jpg
Watts, Eula Mae Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-039.jpg
Watts, George Washington Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-189.jpg
Watts, Ila Cecil Nikirk, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF88/HF88-140.jpg
Watts, Ila Cecil Nikirk, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-422.jpg
Watts, Ila Lorene Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-250.jpg
Watts, James Allan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-149.jpg
Watts, James Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-18.jpg
Watts, John Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-107.jpg
Watts, Lizzie Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-206.jpg
Watts, Lucinda Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-009.jpg
Watts, Maggie May (Dodd) Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-504.jpg
Watts, Marion L. Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-167.jpg
Watts, Mary Callie Jones Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-066.jpg
Watts, Mary Clark Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-076.jpg
Watts, Nell A. Jay, Hawkins Funeral Home   H69/H69-027.jpg
Watts, Oscar Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-113.jpg
Watts, Virgil Odell Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-030.jpg
Watts, Will Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-160.jpg
Watts, William Henry Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-261.jpg
Watts, Winnie Mae Lee Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-086.jpg
Way, Joseph Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home    H69/H69-083.jpg
Way, Vada Mae Woodard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1605.jpg
Weatherford, Alice Harwick, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1606.jpg
Weatherford, Marvin Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-069.jpg
Weatherly, Aaron Dale Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-298.jpg
Weatherly, Arty Mae McDaniel, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-222.jpg
Weatherly, Debra Kay, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-248.jpg
Weatherly, George Washington, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-019.jpg
Weatherly, Harvey Leslie, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-137.jpg
Weatherly, Helen Jane, Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-01.jpg
Weatherly, Herman Q., Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-064.jpg
Weatherly, Robert Leonard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF94/HF94-121.jpg
Weatherly, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-102.jpg
Weaver obituary.       C15/C15-237a.jpg
Weaver, Barlow Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home       H55/H55-123.jpg
Weaver, Daisy Mae Irvin Christian Funeral Home    C86/C86-162.jpg
Weaver, Donald LaRue Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-205.jpg
Weaver, Eugene Liston Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-192.jpg
Weaver, Hugh, Miss Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-005.jpg
Weaver, Mame Elizabeth Anderly, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1607.jpg
Weaver, Mary (Gilder) Christian Funeral Home       C15/C15-014.jpg
Weaver, Max Irvin Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-243.jpg
Weaver, Maxwell Leok Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-191.jpg
Weaver, Percy G. Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-022.jpg
Weaver, Rosser Wilbur Christian Funeral Home       C15/C15-237.jpg
Weaver, Rufus Ernest, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-243.jpg
Webb, Charley O. "Shorty" Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-410.jpg
Webb, David York     C56/C56-262a.jpg
Webb, David York Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-262.jpg
Webb, Dee Earley Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-120.jpg
Webb, Dee Martin Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-043.jpg
Webb, Dorothy Ann Freeman Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-073.jpg
Webb, Jackie Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-276.jpg
Webb, Joseph Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1608.jpg
Webb, Kitt Fletcher Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-035.jpg
Webb, Kyle Dean Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-101.jpg
Webb, Mellie Lavenia Thomas Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-063.jpg
Webb, Milton Ernest Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-180.jpg
Webb, Nannie Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-280.jpg
Webb, Noal Lee Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-204.jpg
Webb, Oscar Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1609.jpg
Webb, Pheribas Charlton Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-102.jpg
Webb, Poletfa Arevilla Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-021.jpg
Webb, Ruby Jewel Hale Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-170.jpg
Webb, William Herman Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-111.jpg
Webber, Susie Clemy Vick Christian Funeral Home  C49/C49-055.jpg
Weber, Charlie Rudolph Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-031.jpg
Weber, Rudolph Feb 19, 1984 Rush Creek    CL82/CL82-98
Webster, J.W. Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-265.jpg
Weed, Herlois Ion, Hawkins Funeral Home   H66/H66-202.jpg
Weekly, Monroe Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-066.jpg
Weems, Emma S. Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-211.jpg
Weger, Lois Juanita Knox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF91/HF91-133.jpg
Weger, Lois Juanita Knox, Hawkins Funeral Home   H90/H90-113.jpg
Wehba, Mildred Marie Conn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1610.jpg
Weideman, Nellie Clyde Reece Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-282.jpg
Weiss, Brian Merllin, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-049.jpg
Welch, A.P. Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-177.jpg
Welch, Albert Bergen Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-170.jpg
Welch, Arch, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-227.jpg
Welch, Ashley, Mr. Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-258.jpg
Welch, David Patric, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1611.jpg
Welch, James Monroe Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-265.jpg
Welch, Maggie Jane Hayse Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-269.jpg
Welch, Malcom Lawrence Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-210.jpg
Welch, Myrtle Ball Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-091.jpg
Welch, Nancy Lee Williams, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-004.jpg
Welch, Reba Fay, Miss, Hawkins Funeral Home      H23/H23-262.jpg
Welch, Virgil Lee Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-179.jpg
Weldon, Freida Mignon Tintsman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF95/HF95-133.jpg
Weldon, Frieda Mignon Tintsman, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-303.jpg
Weldon, Shelton Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-158.jpg
Weldon, Shelton Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-263.jpg
Weliman, E. L., Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-144.jpg
Wells, Alvis Jerome Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-449.jpg
Wells, Bonnie Jackson Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-047.jpg
Wells, Ethel Mae Patterson Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-037.jpg
Wells, Katherine Juanita Coffee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-128.jpg
Wells, Katherine Juanita, Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-113.jpg
Wells, Larry Lee Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-164.jpg
Wells, Marion Lewis Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-083.jpg
Wells, Matt Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-107.jpg
Wells, Ottie Viola Jameson Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-129.jpg
Wells, Pete Dec 21, 1977      CL76/CL76-32
Wells, Robert Bert & Ethel May Patterson Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-062.jpg
Wells, Telitha Ann Williamson Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-075.jpg
Wells, William Jerome Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-108.jpg
Wells, Willie Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-090.jpg
Welter, Billy Gene Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-037.jpg
Welty, Wynonah Marie Capps Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-034.jpg
Wemberley, Tisha M., Hawkins Funeral Home        H63/H63-050.jpg
Wendler, Marie Jacobs, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF98/BF98-063.jpg
Wertz, Marie Elizabeth "Betty"Rambo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-141.jpg
Wertz, Silas Grant, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF94/HF94-122.jpg
Wesson, Lalla Folfier Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-249.jpg
Wesson, Melvin Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-200.jpg
West, Andrew Pink, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1527.jpg
West, Andrew Pink, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-163.jpg
West, Cheyanne Laramie Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-192.jpg
West, Clarence Lawrence Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-236.jpg
West, Darlene LaFaye Ince, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1528.jpg
West, Dorothy Catherine Leonard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF91/HF91-134.jpg
West, Dorothy Catherine Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home   H90/H90-092.jpg
West, Esther Ruth, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-149.jpg
West, Herman Luther "Curley" Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-171.jpg
West, James Alfred, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-075.jpg
West, Jasper Newton Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-159.jpg
West, John H. Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-265.jpg
West, John Tenoff Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-191.jpg
West, Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-130.jpg
West, Letha Jean Davis Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-095.jpg
West, Lula Mae Snowden Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-300.jpg
West, Mary S. Robinson Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-051.jpg
West, Pearl Lee Bradford, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-140.jpg
West, Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-135.jpg
West, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-133.jpg
West, Sam, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-263.jpg
West, Thomas Silas Apr 19, 1984      CL82/CL82-118
West, Tiny Mae Puchiville, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1529.jpg
West, Voda M. Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-037.jpg
West, William Marvin Feb 18, 1982 Oaklawn CL80/CL80-126
Westbrook, Danielle Marie Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-225.jpg
Wester, Arlin Byron, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF97/HF97-142.jpg
Wester, Arlin Byron, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-232.jpg
Wester, Bertha Mae Patterson Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-255.jpg
Wester, Charlie Lee Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-112.jpg
Wester, Lillie May Owen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1530.jpg
Western, Ida Agusta, Hawkins Funeral Home         H-48/H-48-03.jpg
Western, Jose Artie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1531.jpg
Western, Lewis Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1532.jpg
Western, Martha Lee Lumsden Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-001.jpg
Western, Thomas J., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1533.jpg
Westmoreland, Margie P. Payne Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-192.jpg
Wetzel Grave. C15/C15-255a.jpg
Wetzel, Lena Eggers Baker Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-255.jpg
Wetzel, Sammye Alice (Dobson) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-411.jpg
Wharton, Howard Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF00/HF00-150.jpg
Wharton, Osie Mae Cunningham, Hawkins Funeral Home    H68/H68-047.jpg
Wharton, Robert Cecil, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-071.jpg
Wharton, Walter Edgar, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-121.jpg
Whatley, ?, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-259.jpg
Whatley, Agnes Walker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-116.jpg
Whatley, Agnes Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-161.jpg
Whatley, Billie Jack Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-269.jpg
Whatley, Charles Joe "C.J.", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1534.jpg
Whatley, Eliza Jane Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-195.jpg
Whatley, Flossie Mae Byers, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-082.jpg
Whatley, Gertrude Melvina "Bibe" Roach, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-151.jpg
Whatley, J. B., Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-090.jpg
Whatley, Jim Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1535.jpg
Whatley, Jim Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-236.jpg
Whatley, Larry Wayne Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-187.jpg
Whatley, Marie Hanna Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-112.jpg
Whatley, Mary Etta Garder, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-043.jpg
Whatley, Riley, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-058.jpg
Whatley, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-045.jpg
Whatley, Thomas Russell, Hawkins Funeral Home    H65/H65-096.jpg
Whatley, Walker Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-135.jpg
Whatley, Walker Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-231.jpg
Wheat, Clyde Newton Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-046.jpg
Wheat, Lavenia Mae Nov 10, 1985 CLyde Wheat & Marshall Rose Valley View    CL82/CL82-296
Wheeler, Amelia E. Aug 17, 1980 Grace Wheeler Oaklawn  CL80/CL80-19
Wheeler, James H. Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-018.jpg
Wheeler, James H., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-231.jpg
Wheeler, Mark Hanner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-136.jpg
Wheeler, Mark Hanner, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-203.jpg
Wheeler, William E. Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-237.jpg
Wheelock, Callie Sarah Cox Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-129.jpg
Wheelock, Edith Marie Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-206.jpg
Wheelock, Robert Napoleon Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-091.jpg
Wherry, John William Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-095.jpg
Wherry, Myra Eloise Warren, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF99/HF99-138.jpg
Wherry, William Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1536.jpg
Whetsell, Ferrell Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-152.jpg
Whetsell, Georgia Loveless Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-300.jpg
Whetsell, Myrtle Esther Erwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1537.jpg
Whisenant, Buddy Howard Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-140.jpg
Whisenant, Washington Ernest, Hawkins Funeral Home       H61/H61-049.jpg
Whistler, Bessie Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-034.jpg
Whitaker, Arthur James Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-006.jpg
Whitaker, Jamer Richard Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-241.jpg
Whitaker, Jane Virginia Raney Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-089.jpg
Whitaker, Joe Feb 22, 1985 Jim Thomason Oaklawn  CL82/CL82-205
Whitaker, Josh N. Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-248.jpg
Whitaker, Lalla Bertha Holmes Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-130.jpg
Whitaker, Lillie Mae Champion Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-295.jpg
White , Glenn, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-238.jpg
White , Mary Chambers, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-173.jpg
White , Sarah Emiline Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-095.jpg
White, Albert E. "Bert" Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-304.jpg
White, Alvin D. Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-203.jpg
White, Annie Mae Brandon Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-005.jpg
White, Ava G. Oct 13, 1985 Earnest White    CL82/CL82-288
White, Bernie Odas "B.O." Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-216.jpg
White, Blandea Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-017.jpg
White, Dan, Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-26.jpg
White, Debra Fae, Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-073.jpg
White, Edd Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-313.jpg
White, Elasha Dee, Mr. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-217.jpg
White, Elbert Mae Brooks, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-157.jpg
White, Elbert Mae Brooks, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-171.jpg
White, Eula V. Hollomon Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-203.jpg
White, Exma Kathleen Kirby Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-215.jpg
White, Francis L. Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-199.jpg
White, Glen Bruce, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF91/BF91-109.jpg
White, Goff Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-286.jpg
White, Harrell Leon Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-037.jpg
White, Ivy Pearl Baker Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-202.jpg
White, J. A., Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-131.jpg
White, J.M., Mr. Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-034.jpg
White, James D. Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-201.jpg
White, Jno. A., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-195.jpg
White, John Charles, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1538.jpg
White, John I. Christian Funeral Home         C39/C39-160.jpg
White, John Pressley, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-209.jpg
White, John Riley Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-069.jpg
White, Kate Mary Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-141.jpg
White, Katy, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-043.jpg
White, Laura Lavenia Walker, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-225.jpg
White, Laura Lee May 15, 1983 Herbert Oaklawn    CL82/CL82-49
White, Letitia A. Le-Fors Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-141.jpg
White, Lory D. Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-179.jpg
White, Lory D., Jr. Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-014.jpg
White, Louie Charles Nov 11, 1978 Virginia Mills Oaklawn Transport from airport   CL76/CL76-68
White, Marvin Don, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-137.jpg
White, Marvin Don, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-266.jpg
White, Marvin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-186.jpg
White, Mary Chambers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF92/HF92-115.jpg
White, Mary Louise Brandt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1539.jpg
White, Mary Louise Brandt, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-071.jpg
White, Mary Perrin Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-280.jpg
White, Maymie H. Hollingsworth Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-195.jpg
White, Minnie Bell Mitchel Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-033.jpg
White, Minnie Elizabeth Martin Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-011.jpg
White, Minnie Mae Crain Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-072.jpg
White, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-282.jpg
White, Opal Emaline Price, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-139.jpg
White, Paul H. Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-173.jpg
White, Pauline V. Wilson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-173.jpg
White, Peggy Lois Dickenson, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-124.jpg
White, Rebecca Ann, Hawkins Funeral Home         H53/H53-073.jpg
White, Robert Warren, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF00/HF00-153.jpg
White, Sandra Kay, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-062.jpg
White, Sarah Elizabeth Jones Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-272.jpg
White, Tom Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home  H66/H66-100.jpg
White, Tursia Taylor Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-283.jpg
White, Virgil Delmer Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-301.jpg
White, William Jessie Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-033.jpg
White, William Marion, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1545.jpg
White, Wylie Glenn May 27, 1979 Corene White - W.G. White Jewelry Pleasant Grove #1  CL76/CL76-90
Whitehead, Arizona S. Thompson Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-135.jpg
Whitehead, Bobby Gene Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-252.jpg
Whitehead, Gus Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-027.jpg
Whitehead, James Street, Dr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1541.jpg
Whitehead, Joe L. Aug 24, 1983 Mrs. Whitehead Bolivar     CL82/CL82-68
Whitehead, John Russell Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-032.jpg
Whitis, Coalby B., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF87/HF87-070.jpg
Whitis, Coalby B., Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-301.jpg
Whitis, Sophia Mable, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF87/HF87-069.jpg
Whitis, Sophia, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-294.jpg
Whitley, Benjamin Oize, Hawkins Funeral Home      H65/H65-093.jpg
Whitman, Lillian Rose Heubner, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-078.jpg
Whitney, Bold Raymond, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-114.jpg
Whitney, Clara Videll Murray, Hawkins Funeral Home        H64/H64-096.jpg
Whitney, Hazel Lucille Murray Coker Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-031.jpg
Whitney, Loretta Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-277.jpg
Whitten, Auston Lee Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-236.jpg
Whitten, Vivian Adele Earp Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-230.jpg
Whittenberg, Harvey Clarence, Hawkins Funeral Home       H53/H53-040.jpg
Whittenburg, Katie Lee (Hankins), Hawkins Funeral Home   H53/H53-101.jpg
Whorton, Burl Herome, Hawkins Funeral Home       H64/H64-005.jpg
Whorton, Delora Diane, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-173.jpg
Whorton, L.W., Mrs. (Margaret S.) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-170.jpg
Wice, Ezra Alan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-063.jpg
Wice, Ezra Alan, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-315.jpg
Wideman, George Ludwig, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1540.jpg
Wiesendanger, Eugene Ulrich Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-187.jpg
Wigley, Dorothy Kuykendall, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-091.jpg
Wigley, Ted Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-088.jpg
Wilbanks, Dora B. Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-310.jpg
Wilborn, Larry Wayne Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-398.jpg
Wilborn, Minnie Bell (Roevelett) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-317.jpg
Wilborn, Nora Savannah Feb 21, 1981 E.D., Sam & W.T. Wilborn Alvord   CL80/CL80-55
Wilcox, William H.E. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-096.jpg
Wilde, Bernard Joseph "B.J." Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-295.jpg
Wilde, Charles Joseph Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-030.jpg
Wilde, Evelyn Locklear Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-287.jpg
Wilde, Marvin Louis Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-044.jpg
Wilde, Mary Belle Fisher Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-233.jpg
Wilde, Paul Jacob Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-072.jpg
Wilde, Paul Jacob, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-222.jpg
Wildgrube, Erwin Oliver Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-046.jpg
Wileman, D. H., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-108.jpg
Wiley, Alta Elizabeth Hodge, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF96/HF96-130.jpg
Wiley, Alta Elizabeth Hodge, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-143.jpg
Wiley, Audie Lee Sanders Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-217.jpg
Wiley, Bessie Lynn Terry Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-227.jpg
Wiley, Clyde Wendell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-133.jpg
Wiley, Clyde Wendell, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-269.jpg
Wiley, Elvis Lee "Buddy" Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-302.jpg
Wiley, Forrest Samuel Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-029.jpg
Wiley, Frances Jane Roberts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1542.jpg
Wiley, Frances Jane Roberts, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-012.jpg
Wiley, James Loyd "Jim" Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-356.jpg
Wiley, Jay N., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF95/HF95-134.jpg
Wiley, Jay N., Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-023.jpg
Wiley, Jefferson Claude Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-231.jpg
Wiley, John Leonard Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-199.jpg
Wiley, Lela Mae Stevens Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-235.jpg
Wiley, Margaret Helen Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-016.jpg
Wiley, Marvin Finley Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-250.jpg
Wiley, Toni Mae Oct 24, 1984 Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-147
Wiley, William Jackson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF89/HF89-129.jpg
Wiley, William Jackson, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-101.jpg
Wilhelm, David Rogers, Hawkins Funeral Home      H68/H68-009.jpg
Wilhelm, Willie Mae Stone "Billie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-131.jpg
Wilhelm, Willie Mae Stone, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-155.jpg
Wilhelm, Wilma Marie Forbis Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-302.jpg
Wilhite, Clayton Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-178.jpg
Wilhite, Darlinda Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-001.jpg
Wilhite, James Houston Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-085.jpg
Wilhite, Jon Charles Nov 8, 1985 Sandra Lobsinger Oaklawn CL82/CL82-295
Wilhite, Joseph Earl Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-424.jpg
Wilhite, Lula Melvina Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-184.jpg
Wilhite, Mary Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-013.jpg
Wilhite, Ora Mae Apr 5, 1984 Charles Wilhite         CL82/CL82-117
Wilkerson , Fred Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-098.jpg
Wilkerson, Brandy Lile, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-073.jpg
Wilkerson, Curtis Kellough Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-072.jpg
Wilkerson, James Albert Christian Funeral Home     C49/C49-082.jpg
Wilkerson, Mary Alice, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-022.jpg
Wilkerson, Stanley Blackburn Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-116.jpg
Wilkerson, W. M., Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-035.jpg
Wilkes, Mary Lessie Stephens, Hawkins Funeral Home       H69/H69-057.jpg
Wilkes, Sam M., Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-148.jpg
Wilkins, Juanita Christian Funeral Home       C15/C15-271.jpg
Wilkins, Thomas Edward Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-150.jpg
Wilkins, Thomas R., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-132.jpg
Wilkins, Thomas Ralph, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-117.jpg
Wilkinson, Edgar Delona, Hawkins Funeral Home     H-48/H-48-19.jpg
Wilkinson, J. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-023.jpg
Wilkinson, John Westley Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-119.jpg
Wilkinson, Joy Myra McInroe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-142.jpg
Wilkinson, Willie Mae Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-283.jpg
Wilkinson, Willie Mae, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-226.jpg
Willbanks, Charles Martin "Pete", Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-110.jpg
Willbanks, Charles Martin "Pete", Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-016.jpg
Willbanks, Minnie Estell Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-350.jpg
Willbanks, William Z. "Doc" Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-196.jpg
Willburn, Leartus (Junnie), Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-011.jpg
Willburn, Leartus, Jr. "Junnie", Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF81/BF81-114.jpg
Willett, Ernest Benson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-143.jpg
Williams , Isaac Reedy Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-364.jpg
Williams, A. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-173.jpg
Williams, Addie B. Scroggins, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-262.jpg
Williams, Addie Bell Scroggins, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-132.jpg
Williams, Addie Joe Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-226.jpg
Williams, Alfred C. "Al" Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-410.jpg
Williams, Amanda Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-061.jpg
Williams, Auther Cleo, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-053.jpg
Williams, B.W., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-010.jpg
Williams, Beckie Lee Hill, Hawkins Funeral Home    H55/H55-165.jpg
Williams, Benjiman Franklin Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-299.jpg
Williams, Bert Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-302.jpg
Williams, Betty Ann Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-182.jpg
Williams, Bill "Little Willie", Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF81/BF81-127.jpg
Williams, Brinkley, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-108.jpg
Williams, Cameron D. Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-263.jpg
Williams, Camfort Adeline Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-278.jpg
Williams, Carl Brinkley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF89/HF89-010.jpg
Williams, Carl Enoch, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-004.jpg
Williams, Charles Joseph Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-493.jpg
Williams, Clent Cecil, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-094.jpg
Williams, Dee Dean Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-193.jpg
Williams, Don James Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-040.jpg
Williams, Donna Elaine Lambert, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-033.jpg
Williams, Dora Sue Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-268.jpg
Williams, E.W. Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-056.jpg
Williams, Edna Earl Thornton Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-008.jpg
Williams, Edward Pearson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1543.jpg
Williams, Ella Theresa (Ryan) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-269.jpg
Williams, Elmer E. "Chief" Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-023.jpg
Williams, Elsie Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-183.jpg
Williams, Emma Ayleen Goode, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF96/HF96-133.jpg
Williams, Emma Ayleen Goode, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-085.jpg
Williams, Emma May Stotts Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-250.jpg
Williams, Eugene Virgil Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-037.jpg
Williams, Hilda Hutcheson Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-115.jpg
Williams, Holiday Burch Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-417.jpg
Williams, Inda May (Iles) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-011.jpg
Williams, J.D., Mrs. Gattis Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-266.jpg
Williams, James Adrian Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-103.jpg
Williams, James Henry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-067.jpg
Williams, James P. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-146.jpg
Williams, James Robert Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-037.jpg
Williams, Jerry Don Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-274.jpg
Williams, Jesse Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-070.jpg
Williams, Jessie Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-142.jpg
Williams, John Sherrell Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-053.jpg
Williams, Joseph David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF91/HF91-136.jpg
Williams, Joseph David, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-095.jpg
Williams, June Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-246.jpg
Williams, Keneth Denver, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-221.jpg
Williams, Kenneth Denver Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-132.jpg
Williams, Kenneth Don Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-235.jpg
Williams, Kenneth Scott "Scotty", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-002.jpg
Williams, Kenneth Scott, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-116.jpg
Williams, Leroy "Shorty", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1544.jpg
Williams, Lillian Eva Ladd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1546.jpg
Williams, Little Willie (Bill), Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-020.jpg
Williams, Loreta Fay Nov 13, 1985 Oaklawn Ship in  CL82/CL82-300
Williams, Lottie Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-193.jpg
Williams, Lucile Evelyn Gathright Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-120.jpg
Williams, Luther Alexander Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-435.jpg
Williams, Luther Eli Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-207.jpg
Williams, Margarett Irene Burris Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-113.jpg
Williams, Martha Belle Essary Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-252.jpg
Williams, Mary Elva (Bartdorff) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-206.jpg
Williams, Mary Frances Talley Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-129.jpg
Williams, Millie Maxine Poyner Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-295.jpg
Williams, Minerva Jane Thompson Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-196.jpg
Williams, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-227.jpg
Williams, Noel Lee "Red" Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-307.jpg
Williams, Paul Jarrett Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-118.jpg
Williams, Percy James, III, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-140.jpg
Williams, Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1547.jpg
Williams, Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-230.jpg
Williams, Ronald Joe, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF98/BF98-094.jpg
Williams, Roy Clyde, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF95/BF95-052.jpg
Williams, Roy Gilbert, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF81/BF81-139.jpg
Williams, Roy Gilbert, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-077.jpg
Williams, Ruth Estelle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1548.jpg
Williams, Sammy Len Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-016.jpg
Williams, Sammy Mayo Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-247.jpg
Williams, Stanley Bruce, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-104.jpg
Williams, Stanley, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-210.jpg
Williams, Stella Edna Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-142.jpg
Williams, Terrell Guinn Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-190.jpg
Williams, Terry Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-293.jpg
Williams, Thadden Spencer Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-152.jpg
Williams, Theodore Roger Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-075.jpg
Williams, Thomas P., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-338.jpg
Williams, Thomas Preston Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-289.jpg
Williams, Trearry Ward Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-182.jpg
Williams, Verna Lee Bradford Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-127.jpg
Williams, W. Taylor Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-233.jpg
Williams, W.W. Christian Funeral Home       C15/C15-051.jpg
Williams, Wallace F., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF87/HF87-065.jpg
Williams, William Henry (Bill), Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-138.jpg
Williams, William Marion Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-030.jpg
Williams, William Scott Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-160.jpg
Williams, Willie Lawrence Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-125.jpg
Williamson, Abigie Badger Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-029.jpg
Williamson, Arthur Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home  H69/H69-115.jpg
Williamson, Calvin Weaver, Jr. Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-022.jpg
Williamson, Calvin Weaver, Sr. Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-068.jpg
Williamson, Edith Lillian McDaniel Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-300.jpg
Williamson, Ellen Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-236.jpg
Williamson, Frances Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-005.jpg
Williamson, Guy no middle name, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-062.jpg
Williamson, Guy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-137.jpg
Williamson, Henry Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-281.jpg
Williamson, Iva Mae Walker Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-235.jpg
Williamson, James Homer Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-374.jpg
Williamson, John Fred Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-132.jpg
Williamson, John Fulton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-136.jpg
Williamson, Josephine (Mauldin) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-113.jpg
Williamson, Nora B. Houston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-140.jpg
Williamson, Nora B. Houston, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-212.jpg
Williamson, R. Fred Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-185.jpg
Williamson, Sarah Ruth Taylor Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-205.jpg
Williamson, Wayne Thomas Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-244.jpg
Williamson, William Otho Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-291.jpg
Williamson, Zila "Sis", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-131.jpg
Williamson, Zula "Sis", Hawkins Funeral Home        H93/H93-059.jpg
Willingham, Christine Rebecca Tinney, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-081.jpg
Willingham, Lon C. Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-088.jpg
Willingham, Lone C., Jr. (L.C.), Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-096.jpg
Willingham, Lula Bell Wilson Wright, Hawkins Funeral Home         H65/H65-099.jpg
Willingham, Minnie Lou C. Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-237.jpg
Willis, Clarence Garvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1549.jpg
Willis, Clarence Garvin, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-204.jpg
Willis, Elizabeth Stevenson Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-218.jpg
Willis, Harold Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1550.jpg
Willis, Hiram Joel Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-147.jpg
Willis, Infant of W.A. Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-158.jpg
Willis, Jess W., Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-154.jpg
Willis, Jessie Ruth Green, Hawkins Funeral Home    H57/H57-104.jpg
Willis, Maggie D. Fortenberry Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-223.jpg
Willis, Neeley Ben Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-299.jpg
Willis, Richard Robert Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-376.jpg
Willis, Richard Wayne Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-074.jpg
Willis, Roy Edwin, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-105.jpg
Willis, Unice "Unis" Lee Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-264.jpg
Willis, William Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-215.jpg
Willitt, Thomas Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-155.jpg
Willmon, Arvie Levi, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-008.jpg
Willmon, Arvie Levi, Jr. "Bud", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF01/HF01-150.jpg
Willoughby, Edward Prince, Hawkins Funeral Home  H61/H61-106.jpg
Wills, Jennie Lee Knight, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-075.jpg
Wills, Jessie Walter Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-200.jpg
Wills, Mary Francis Stephens Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-040.jpg
Wills, Suzanne Comanche Foerster Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-264.jpg
Wills, Thomas Burch Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-023.jpg
Wilmott, Sarah Elizabeth Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-118.jpg
Wilson , Ella Nora Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-174.jpg
Wilson, Alexander G., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-154.jpg
Wilson, Alma L. Dodson Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-053.jpg
Wilson, B.F. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-221.jpg
Wilson, Bennie L. Murray Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-052.jpg
Wilson, Bertha Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-198.jpg
Wilson, Beulah Pauline Sampler "Polly" Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-054.jpg
Wilson, Billie Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-292.jpg
Wilson, Charles Edwin Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-107.jpg
Wilson, Charles Frederick, Hawkins Funeral Home   H69/H69-106.jpg
Wilson, Charles Hazel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-142.jpg
Wilson, Charles Morris Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-149.jpg
Wilson, Charles Orville Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-280.jpg
Wilson, Charlie Morgan Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-444.jpg
Wilson, Clara Daisy Miles Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-042.jpg
Wilson, Clarence Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF85/HF85-156.jpg
Wilson, Clarence Dale, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-181.jpg
Wilson, Clarence Loua, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-106.jpg
Wilson, Clarence, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-216.jpg
Wilson, Claude Luther, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-229.jpg
Wilson, Dan Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-041.jpg
Wilson, Darrel Dwain Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-233.jpg
Wilson, Dorothy Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-290.jpg
Wilson, Earl Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-303.jpg
Wilson, Edward B., Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-046.jpg
Wilson, Edward Bennett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1551.jpg
Wilson, Elsie Marie Hayes Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-238.jpg
Wilson, Emily Grace Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-033.jpg
Wilson, Emma Othell Stamen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1552.jpg
Wilson, Esther Evelyn Walker, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-147.jpg
Wilson, Esther Evelyn Walker, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-278.jpg
Wilson, Eual Robert Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-242.jpg
Wilson, Eugene Russell Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-206.jpg
Wilson, Fannie B. Crowder Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-161.jpg
Wilson, Freddie Goldyn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-117.jpg
Wilson, Freddie Paul Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-200.jpg
Wilson, Freddie, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-248.jpg
Wilson, George Ann Weatherley Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-108.jpg
Wilson, George Edward "Babe" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-099.jpg
Wilson, George Ervin Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-180.jpg
Wilson, Goldie Warlick Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-289.jpg
Wilson, H.W. Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-054.jpg
Wilson, Henry B. Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-089.jpg
Wilson, Icie Hollis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1553.jpg
Wilson, Ida Mae Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-153.jpg
Wilson, Ina Joan Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-189.jpg
Wilson, James Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-095.jpg
Wilson, James May 11, 1985 Elsie Wilson Sycamore  CL82/CL82-234
Wilson, Jess A. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-066.jpg
Wilson, Joe B. Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-030.jpg
Wilson, Laura Diane Pepper, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-047.jpg
Wilson, Lori Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-145.jpg
Wilson, Louellen Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-141.jpg
Wilson, Lydia Pearl Rich, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-003.jpg
Wilson, Lydia Pearl Rich, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-144.jpg
Wilson, Malinda Lee Anderson Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-044.jpg
Wilson, Mallie Elmarie Bernard Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-113.jpg
Wilson, Mary Bridges, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-131.jpg
Wilson, Mary Frances Bridges, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF85/HF85-001.jpg
Wilson, Mary Jane Knowles Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-279.jpg
Wilson, Michael James, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-150.jpg
Wilson, Michael, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-282.jpg
Wilson, Mollie McGowan Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-194.jpg
Wilson, Nell Saliba, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1554.jpg
Wilson, Nell Saliba, Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-107.jpg
Wilson, Neta Gray Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-219.jpg
Wilson, Noah Warren, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-195.jpg
Wilson, Olivette F. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-228.jpg
Wilson, Orvaul, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-205.jpg
Wilson, R. Marion Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-142.jpg
Wilson, Randy Brent, Hawkins Funeral Home         H64/H64-066.jpg
Wilson, Rhoda W. Lefors Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-489.jpg
Wilson, Richard Maxwell Sept 27, 1980 Mrs. Gaylan Wilson Sycamore       CL80/CL80-23
Wilson, Robert Abner Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-202.jpg
Wilson, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-047.jpg
Wilson, Samuel Tilden Christian Funeral Home        C49/C49-093.jpg
Wilson, Sandra Kay Gordon Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-288.jpg
Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth (Willett) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-165.jpg
Wilson, Tallie James Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-242.jpg
Wilson, Thomas Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home    H61/H61-115.jpg
Wilson, Thomas Joseph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1555.jpg
Wilson, Thomas Joseph, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-010.jpg
Wilson, Truett Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-045.jpg
Wilson, Vel Alexander Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-405.jpg
Wilson, Vela Viola Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-159.jpg
Wilson, Vela Viola Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-185.jpg
Wilson, Velma Ora Gage Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-476.jpg
Wilson, Vernon W. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-104.jpg
Wilson, William Elvy Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-142.jpg
Wilson, William Samuel Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-036.jpg
Wilton, Pearl Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-078.jpg
Wilton, Sarah Francis Gather Van Hoose, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1556.jpg
Wimberley, M. H., Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-279.jpg
Wimberley, Reba Jane, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-133.jpg
Wimberly, Linnie Alexzine Jeter, Hawkins Funeral Home     H68/H68-006.jpg
Wimberly, Viola Beatrice, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-132.jpg
Wimberly, Viola, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-046.jpg
Wimberly, W. E., Hawkins Funeral Home     H53/H53-036.jpg
Wimmer, CLytie Sampler Oct 9, 1980 Eddie Sampler Oaklawn       CL80/CL80-27
Win, C. W., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-088.jpg
Winans, Arville Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-099.jpg
Winder, Aaron Riley Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-426.jpg
Winder, Betty Jean Walker Quiram Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-158.jpg
Winder, George Lewis Nov 23, 1978 James Winder Oaklawn Hood Mortuary, Durango, CO         CL76/CL76-69
Winder, Helna Seibold Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-320.jpg
Winder, John Alvin Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-187.jpg
Winder, John Alvin, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-218.jpg
Winder, Mary Della Segler Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-212.jpg
Winder, Rueben Aaron Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-009.jpg
Windle, Raymond Randall, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF95/BF95-100.jpg
Windle, Raymond Randall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-151.jpg
Windon, Larry Kent, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1557.jpg
Winebrimmer, George Edward Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-381.jpg
Wingate, Marion Frances Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-176.jpg
Wingate, Melton Dean, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-025.jpg
Wingate, Melton, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-146.jpg
Winkle, Hubert A., Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-086.jpg
Winkle, Merissa Sarah Crownover, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-022.jpg
Winkles, Ella Stephens, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF95/HF95-135.jpg
Winkles, Ella Stephens, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-016.jpg
Winn, Charlie Washington, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-033.jpg
Winn, Clyde Claude, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1558.jpg
Winn, Clyde Claude, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-001.jpg
Winn, Jimmy Lee, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-090.jpg
Winn, Jimmy Ray, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF91/BF91-066.jpg
Winn, Jimmy, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-195.jpg
Winn, Mary Louise Whitecotton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-141.jpg
Winn, Maudie Bell Wilson, Hawkins Funeral Home   H66/H66-110.jpg
Winn, Nannie Ola Collins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF90/HF90-138.jpg
Winn, Nannie Ola Collins, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-019.jpg
Winn, Quintie Ethel Needham, Hawkins Funeral Home        H61/H61-041.jpg
Winston, R.M. Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-177.jpg
Winstone, Raymond Thomas Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-075.jpg
Winters, Roper Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF00/HF00-155.jpg
Winton, Charles K., Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-150.jpg
Winton, Robert C., Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-248.jpg
Winton, Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1559.jpg
Wisdom, Mary Viola Read Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-304.jpg
Wisdom, Mary Viola Read, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-228.jpg
Wise, Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-255.jpg
Wise, Barney S., Jr. Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-053.jpg
Wise, Barney Sherwood Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-191.jpg
Wise, George Maurice Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-149.jpg
Wise, Glenice Ruth Reid Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-129.jpg
Wise, James Elmore Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-509.jpg
Wise, Mollie Bell Atkinson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H69/H69-025.jpg
Witherspoon, Claud Hester, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF91/HF91-138.jpg
Witherspoon, Claud Hester, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-099.jpg
Witherspoon, J.E. Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-173.jpg
Witherspoon, Lera Dell Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF81/BF81-178.jpg
Witherspoon, Viola Rape Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-279.jpg
Witt, Cecil Graves, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-249.jpg
Witt, Cecil Lorane Groves, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF95/HF95-136.jpg
Wittenberg, Katie Lee (Hankins), Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-104.jpg
Wolcott, John Oliver Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-122.jpg
Wolfe, Carol Sue Grelachowski, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-139.jpg
Wolfe, Carol Sue Grelachowski, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-107.jpg
Wolfe, Homer A. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-044.jpg
Wolfe, James Emery, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF98/BF98-079.jpg
Wolfe, James Lelon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-156.jpg
Wolfe, Katherine E. Williams Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-209.jpg
Wolfe, William E. Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-054.jpg
Wolff, Allie Ramsey, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-223.jpg
Wolff, James Robert "Jimmy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF01/HF01-152.jpg
Wolff, Paul John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-139.jpg
Wolff, Paul John, Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-230.jpg
Wolff, Stephen, Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-112.jpg
Womack, Della Leta Miller, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-017.jpg
Womack, Dewey Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-086.jpg
Womack, Dianna Gail Sept 7, 1985    CL82/CL82-279
Womack, Freddie Lee Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-207.jpg
Womack, Gary Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-137.jpg
Womack, Gary Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-229.jpg
Womack, Gilbert Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-188.jpg
Womack, James Gary, Hawkins Funeral Home        H69/H69-137.jpg
Womack, Jessie Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1560.jpg
Womack, Jessie Lafayette Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-103.jpg
Womack, Jewell Walker Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-077.jpg
Womack, Jim Laverne, Hawkins Funeral Home       H69/H69-134.jpg
Womack, John Earnest Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-488.jpg
Womack, John F. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-087.jpg
Womack, Lela Viola May 20, 1979 James P. Womack Paradise      CL76/CL76-88
Womack, Lewis Clayton Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-333.jpg
Womack, Mary Movelda Rushing, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-028.jpg
Womack, Maude H. Conley Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-264.jpg
Womack, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-158.jpg
Womack, Orman M. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-269.jpg
Womack, Otha Roy Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-492.jpg
Womack, Preston H. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-137.jpg
Womack, Rector LaVerne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1563.jpg
Womack, Sallie Anderson Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-131.jpg
Womack, Sheila Ann, Dr. Christian Funeral Home    C89/C89-174.jpg
Womack, Weldon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1561.jpg
Womic, Doris, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-136.jpg
Womic, Son of Dewie, Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-152.jpg
Wommack, Lois Leta, Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-216.jpg
Wood, Bennie Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1564.jpg
Wood, Bennie Ray, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H60/H60-049.jpg
Wood, Bertie Aylene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1562.jpg
Wood, Brandon Ray (twins), Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-006.jpg
Wood, Calvin Eugene Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-294.jpg
Wood, Cary Ronald Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-082.jpg
Wood, Charles F., Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-024.jpg
Wood, Charles Finis "Chuck", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF95/HF95-138.jpg
Wood, Charles Scott, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1565.jpg
Wood, Christopher Douglas Brandon Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1566.jpg
Wood, Christopher Douglas, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-006.jpg
Wood, David Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home     H63/H63-104.jpg
Wood, Della Jane Stevens, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF91/BF91-064.jpg
Wood, Della Jane, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-191.jpg
Wood, Flora Irene McElhaney, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1567.jpg
Wood, Frederick Bruce Mar 25, 1981 Cecil Wood Bradshaw, TX Winters Funeral Home, Bradshaw, TX   CL80/CL80-59
Wood, Grace Ferguson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1568.jpg
Wood, Guy Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-075.jpg
Wood, Issac Newton Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-119.jpg
Wood, James Clyde, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-019.jpg
Wood, James Franklin Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-477.jpg
Wood, James Walter Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-268.jpg
Wood, Jimmie Douglas Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-072.jpg
Wood, Laura A., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-243.jpg
Wood, Lois Lee Seebert, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-145.jpg
Wood, Lucile Laverne Pope, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-144.jpg
Wood, Mary-Ann McDaniel, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-109.jpg
Wood, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-227.jpg
Wood, Myra Sue Allen, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-147.jpg
Wood, Myrtle Brooks Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-056.jpg
Wood, Myrtle Caro Gordon Stevens Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-190.jpg
Wood, Neal Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-296.jpg
Wood, Nora Lee Feb 24, 1982 Cecil Wood Trip to Bradshaw, TX    CL80/CL80-129
Wood, Ollie Myrtle Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-119.jpg
Wood, Ruth Beaman, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-023.jpg
Wood, William Hoyt, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-144.jpg
Wood, Willie Gayle, Hawkins Funeral Home  H66/H66-199.jpg
Woodall, Jessie Ray July 13, 1984 Mrs. Woodall Oaklawn    CL82/CL82-136
Woodall, Marie Drygould Gage Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-100.jpg
Woodard, C.S., Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-221.jpg
Woodard, Minnie Virginia Lawrence, Hawkins Funeral Home         H-48/H-48-43.jpg
Woodfin, Nellie Stokes Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-111.jpg
Woodford, Estella Haynes Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-186.jpg
Woodley, Oscar Wavley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-145.jpg
Woodruff, Ethelyne Morgan Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-291.jpg
Woodruff, Fannie L. Lewis Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-287.jpg
Woodruff, George T. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-147.jpg
Woodruff, Henry Grady Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-352.jpg
Woodruff, Jack L. Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-043.jpg
Woodruff, Janice Christine Crone, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-153.jpg
Woodruff, Jeanne Howard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1569.jpg
Woodruff, Jeanne Howard, Hawkins Funeral Home  H80/H80-070.jpg
Woodruff, John Warren Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-042.jpg
Woodruff, Mary Francis Harriet Anderson Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-209.jpg
Woodruff, Willard Bennett, Sr. Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-214.jpg
Woods, Beatrice Mote July 27, 1979 Kenneth Woods Greenwood    CL76/CL76-99
Woods, Bettie Lou Dec 7, 1983 J.M. Woods Era      CL82/CL82-83
Woods, Dalton Gayle, Hawkins Funeral Home         H57/H57-189.jpg
Woods, Eddie Carol Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-278.jpg
Woods, Frances Ann Gault Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-258.jpg
Woods, Fuby (Ruby?) Lois Moore, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF98/BF98-078.jpg
Woods, James Millard Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-164.jpg
Woods, Lorena Stewart Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-236.jpg
Woods, Neva Jewell "CLay" Sept 12, 1979 Robert L. CLay Oaklawn         CL76/CL76-104
Woodson, Ross Erwin Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-187.jpg
Woodward, Homer Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-101.jpg
Woodward, June Christian Funeral Home C15-069A C15/C15-069.jpg
Woodward, Loyce Vernon Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-191.jpg
Woodward, Minnie Arthur Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-210.jpg
Woody, Anna Willie Lillard Christian Funeral Home  C49/C49-042.jpg
Woody, George Quinton Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-430.jpg
Woody, Hattie Boyd Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-018.jpg
Woody, John James Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-103.jpg
Woody, Myrle E., Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-143.jpg
Woody, Sam, Uncle Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-199.jpg
Woolaver, E., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-100.jpg
Woolaver, Frances L. Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-046.jpg
Woolaver, Ida Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home  H53/H53-021.jpg
Woolaver, Inez Ellene Hudson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF00/HF00-157.jpg
Woolaver, Joseph Randal Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-181.jpg
Woolaver, Nonnie Pauline Gill Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-065.jpg
Wooldridge, Dickie Frank, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-134.jpg
Wooldridge, Dickie Frank, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-038.jpg
Wooley, George Mack Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-070.jpg
Woolf, Ernest E. Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-236.jpg
Wooliver, Joe Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-015.jpg
Wooten, Lucille Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-144.jpg
Wooten, Lucille Martin, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-247.jpg
Wooten, Ola Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-274.jpg
Wooten, W. W., Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-200.jpg
Word, Mary Ann (Martin) Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-060.jpg
Workman, Alice L. Davis Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-099.jpg
Workman, C.N., Dr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-041.jpg
Workman, Calvin Newton Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-169.jpg
Workman, Charles Calvin, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-106.jpg
Workman, Charlie May Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-276.jpg
Workman, Claudie Mae Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-002.jpg
Workman, Cora, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-196.jpg
Workman, Corene Mae Chauncy Christian Funeral Home    C86/C86-110.jpg
Workman, Elizabeth Alice (McCormack) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-050.jpg
Workman, Esther L. Pewitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF92/HF92-117.jpg
Workman, Esther L. Pewitt, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-202.jpg
Workman, Gerald Wayne "Jerry" Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-085.jpg
Workman, Opal Pyeatt, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-043.jpg
Workman, Rey Gerald Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-335.jpg
Workman, Ruth Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-131.jpg
Workman, Viola Ruth Reeves Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-164.jpg
Workman, Viola Ruth Reeves, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-219.jpg
Workman, William M. Wells Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-174.jpg
Works, Charlel Braggs Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-163.jpg
Works, Leola Sanders Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-245.jpg
Works, Llacie Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1570.jpg
Works, Lucian Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1571.jpg
Works, Mary Frances Sullins Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-143.jpg
Worley, Ormond Leon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF87/HF87-068.jpg
Worley, Ormond Leon, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-267.jpg
Worley, Thomas James Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-079.jpg
Worlington, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-104.jpg
Worlow, Hubert Glenn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF87/HF87-008.jpg
Worlow, Hubert Glenn, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-279.jpg
Wortham, Summer Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-250.jpg
Worthington, Arthur Weldon Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-248.jpg
Worthington, John H., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-285.jpg
Worthington, Mary Agnes Barfield, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1572.jpg
Worthington, Samuel Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home        H63/H63-056.jpg
Worthy, Nancy Mae Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-179.jpg
Wortman, Avery Jackson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF92/HF92-118.jpg
Wortman, Avery Jackson, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-256.jpg
Wortman, Wesley Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home    H66/H66-012.jpg
Wortman, Willie Lizzie Huckabee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF98/HF98-146.jpg
Wrangle, Virginia Agnes Vensel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF01/HF01-154.jpg
Wren, Buford Cecil, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-038.jpg
Wren, Buford Cecil, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-159.jpg
Wren, Edna Wincia Strain Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-282.jpg
Wren, Ernest Julian Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-139.jpg
Wren, Ida Gibson Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-181.jpg
Wren, Isom Julian Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-479.jpg
Wren, Joseph Gibson "Joe" Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-242.jpg
Wren, Marian Mar 2, 1985 Bobby Everheart Corsicana       CL82/CL82-210
Wren, Mr. Christian Funeral Home C22-074A         C22/C22-074.jpg
Wren, Opal Trussell Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-004.jpg
Wren, Ralph G. Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-106.jpg
Wren, Veda Coker Funeral Home     C56/C56-194.jpg
Wright, Annie Taylor Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-285.jpg
Wright, Baby of Terrell & Marie Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-113.jpg
Wright, Barbara Ophelia McCasland McDaniel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1573.jpg
Wright, Bennie Frank Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-013.jpg
Wright, Bessie Meyers, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-066.jpg
Wright, Clyde Alvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1574.jpg
Wright, Clyde Alvin, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-155.jpg
Wright, David, Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-077.jpg
Wright, Doc Emmett Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-005.jpg
Wright, Doc Emmett, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-227.jpg
Wright, Edgar Amos, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-163.jpg
Wright, Edgar Eugene Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-247.jpg
Wright, Edith S. Scroggins Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-079.jpg
Wright, Effie Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-067.jpg
Wright, Elva Jewell Buckingham, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF93/HF93-135.jpg
Wright, Elva Jewell Buckingham, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-024.jpg
Wright, Ethel Laura Vanmeter Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-080.jpg
Wright, Ethile Estelle Warford Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-218.jpg
Wright, Ethile Estelle Warford, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-224.jpg
Wright, Eula Coursey, Hawkins Funeral Home        H65/H65-078.jpg
Wright, Eva Vitella Blasˇ Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-292.jpg
Wright, Fred Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-288.jpg
Wright, Freddie Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-075.jpg
Wright, G.A. "Buddie" Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-261.jpg
Wright, Gloria Laverne Erwin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF97/HF97-143.jpg
Wright, Gloria Laverne Erwin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-177.jpg
Wright, Henry George, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-140.jpg
Wright, Henry George, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-119.jpg
Wright, Henry Lonzo, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-097.jpg
Wright, Hollis Homer Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-222.jpg
Wright, J. M. , Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-016.jpg
Wright, Jackie Sue Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-341.jpg
Wright, Jefferson Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-295.jpg
Wright, Jessie Howell, Hawkins Funeral Home        H61/H61-156.jpg
Wright, John Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-118.jpg
Wright, John Oscar, Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-21.jpg
Wright, Johnnie Marion, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1575.jpg
Wright, Kaitlyn Amber, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-101.jpg
Wright, Laura Loney Welch, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF96/HF96-134.jpg
Wright, Laura Welch, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-106.jpg
Wright, Lela Mae Redding Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-001.jpg
Wright, Lura Ione Kennedy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1576.jpg
Wright, Lura Jone Kennedy, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-018.jpg
Wright, M. J., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-004.jpg
Wright, Margaret Nancy Roberts Miller Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-195.jpg
Wright, Martha E. Kendall Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-108.jpg
Wright, Mary Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF98/HF98-147.jpg
Wright, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-209.jpg
Wright, Nancy Maryfield Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-195.jpg
Wright, Nellie Earnest Blaze Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-129.jpg
Wright, Otis Cleveland, Hawkins Funeral Home       H65/H65-002.jpg
Wright, Ozell, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-022.jpg
Wright, Paul Eugene Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-076.jpg
Wright, Paul McKinley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1577.jpg
Wright, R. M. Bob, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-025.jpg
Wright, Richard Glen Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-073.jpg
Wright, Richard Harold "Jack" Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-270.jpg
Wright, Ronald Leon Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-326.jpg
Wright, Roy T., Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-277.jpg
Wright, Roy Truett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-130.jpg
Wright, Sarah L. Bumpass Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-099.jpg
Wright, Steele Augustus Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-261.jpg
Wright, Tellie Eugene Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home   H65/H65-086.jpg
Wright, Thomas Harrison Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-293.jpg
Wright, Vera Frances Hansen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1613.jpg
Wright, Vinson Cortez "Cart" Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-267.jpg
Wright, William Edd Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-263.jpg
Wyatt, Pauline Ruth Odle Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-242.jpg
Wylie, James Richard Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-243.jpg
Wynn, Ola Mae Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-260.jpg
Wyres, Alma N. Dec 4, 1984 Lou Young East Lawn Memorial Park, Brownwood   CL82/CL82-164
Yaeger, Minnie Mae Ketts Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-088.jpg
Yager, Royal Milton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-141.jpg
Yager, Royal, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-129.jpg
Yale, Bennie Author (Buss) Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-220.jpg
Yale, Dollie Ethel Slawart Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-332.jpg
Yale, G. D., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-258.jpg
Yale, James Kelcy "Slick" Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-499.jpg
Yale, Laura Lucille July 15, 1985 Jonestown  CL82/CL82-260
Yale, Marie Maggie Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-124.jpg
Yale, Marjorie Ellen Smith Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-271.jpg
Yale, Richard Allen Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-272.jpg
Yale, Thelma Alzera Mathews, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF94/HF94-123.jpg
Yale, Thelma Alzera, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-110.jpg
Yale, Wallace Glenn Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-185.jpg
Yale, Wallace Steve Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-415.jpg
Yale, William Odell Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-097.jpg
Yale, William Odell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-232.jpg
Yale, William Richard Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-168.jpg
Yancey, Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-220.jpg
Yancy, Mr. Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-171.jpg
Yant, Byron Eugene Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-262.jpg
Yant, Clara Mabel Crowder, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-148.jpg
Yant, William Napolean Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-083.jpg
Yarbougher, Varest, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-279.jpg
Yarbro, Paul Ross, Sr. "Cherokee", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-141.jpg
Yarbro, Paul Ross, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-284.jpg
Yarbrough, Bobby Glenn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-068.jpg
Yarbrough, Bobby Glenn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-076.jpg
Yarbrough, Bobby Joe (Red), Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-041.jpg
Yarbrough, Bobby Lynn, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-081.jpg
Yarbrough, Iva Jane Huff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-136.jpg
Yarbrough, Iva Jane Huff, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-015.jpg
Yarbrough, John Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home    H69/H69-064.jpg
Yarbrough, Judy Jean Garland Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-295.jpg
Yard, Bradley Don Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-196.jpg
Yates, Lela Blanch Hill, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1620.jpg
Yeager, Ethel Edith Neal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1621.jpg
Yeager, Ethel Edith Neal, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-007.jpg
Yeager, Ralph Edward Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-074.jpg
Yeary, Cherokee Burton Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-269.jpg
Yeats, Alva Judson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-160.jpg
Yeats, Homer Carl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1622.jpg
Yeats, Lucy Edna (repeated), Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-004.jpg
Yeats, Lucy Edna, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-003.jpg
Yeats, Samuel J., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-130.jpg
Yeats, Samuel J., Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-180.jpg
Yeatts, Alva Judson, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-242.jpg
Yoakum, Lovie Madrant Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-440.jpg
Yoder, Ida Joann Rickman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-080.jpg
Yokely, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-036.jpg
Yokley, Joseph Day Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-136.jpg
Yokley, Ruth Louise (Daniel) Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-471.jpg
York, Dee Ola McQuinn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1616.jpg
York, Dorotha Marie Deffenbaugh, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-001.jpg
York, Dorotha Marie Deffendaugh, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-118.jpg
York, Karen Elaine Billington, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1617.jpg
York, Opal Lee Ridgill, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-142.jpg
York, Otis Valentine, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-022.jpg
York, Otis, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-142.jpg
York, Rosco Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-126.jpg
Young, Ada Rushing, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF87/HF87-071.jpg
Young, Ada Rushing, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-281.jpg
Young, Alice Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-342.jpg
Young, Alice Mae Feb 28, 1985 Andy Caraway Sweetwater CL82/CL82-209
Young, Alton Theorore Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-217.jpg
Young, Amma Marie Davis Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-141.jpg
Young, Barbara Cheryl Aug 14, 1985 Rae Lynn Young Ship out to airport    CL82/CL82-271
Young, Beatrice Lee Heath, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1618.jpg
Young, Betty Irene Cogburn Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-200.jpg
Young, Billy Joe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1624.jpg
Young, Bobby Clark Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-398.jpg
Young, Carl Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-245.jpg
Young, Cecil Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF95/HF95-139.jpg
Young, Cecil Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-030.jpg
Young, Charlie Etter Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-318.jpg
Young, Clarence Edgar Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-200.jpg
Young, Clarence Wilburn, Hawkins Funeral Home    H65/H65-006.jpg
Young, Daughter of Clarence & Leona Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-074.jpg
Young, Dixie Landes Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-281.jpg
Young, Dora Jane McConnell Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-214.jpg
Young, Drew Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-180.jpg
Young, Edgar Howell Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-111.jpg
Young, Effie Mar 20, 1985 Pleasant Grove #1         CL82/CL82-218
Young, Eliza Jane Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1625.jpg
Young, Elma Clahorn Young, Hawkins Funeral Home         H65/H65-001.jpg
Young, Emma Lona Walker Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-227.jpg
Young, Erick Charles Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-079.jpg
Young, Gene Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-115.jpg
Young, George Collin Apr 20, 1981 Mrs. Young Sycamore   CL80/CL80-65
Young, George Elliott Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-177.jpg
Young, Grady Loren, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-063.jpg
Young, Henry Burton Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-418.jpg
Young, Herman Paul, Jr. Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-136.jpg
Young, James Gabbert Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-128.jpg
Young, James Lawrence Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-077.jpg
Young, Jessie Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-022.jpg
Young, Jessie James Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-211.jpg
Young, Jim Tom Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-103.jpg
Young, Joe Barton Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-259.jpg
Young, John Ballard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1626.jpg
Young, John Benton "Ben" Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-101.jpg
Young, John Earnest Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-182.jpg
Young, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-145.jpg
Young, Johnnie Finley Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-347.jpg
Young, Johnny Floyd, Jr. Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-117.jpg
Young, Kathryn Chambers Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-019.jpg
Young, Leona Blair Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-074.jpg
Young, Mamie Celia (Perkins) Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-271.jpg
Young, Margie Faye Lowrance Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-401.jpg
Young, Marjorie Louise McInroe, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-152.jpg
Young, Mary Catherine Manard Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-096.jpg
Young, Mary E. Reed Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-288.jpg
Young, Mary Katherine Malone"Cathy", Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-100.jpg
Young, Mary Kathleen Malone, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-179.jpg
Young, Mary Lou Gilmore Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-090.jpg
Young, May Gobbert Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-164.jpg
Young, Michael Eugene, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-043.jpg
Young, Minnie Elizabeth Trussell Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-204.jpg
Young, Minnie Josephine McDaniel Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-007.jpg
Young, N.F., Mr. Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-131.jpg
Young, Neilson Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-073.jpg
Young, Nelle Friels Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-175.jpg
Young, Nellie Ruth May 14, 1985 Eddie Griffeth Sycamore   CL82/CL82-237
Young, Omer Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-238.jpg
Young, Oney Floyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1627.jpg
Young, Paul Raymond Christian Funeral Home        C76/C76-104.jpg
Young, R. J. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-045.jpg
Young, Richard Aug 12, 1985 Rae Lynn Cremation   CL82/CL82-269
Young, Robert H. Fathington May 7, 1982 Mrs. Young Sycamore    CL80/CL80-146
Young, Robert Owen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1619.jpg
Young, Robert W. Christian Funeral Home    C01/C01-125.jpg
Young, Ruth Mobley Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-057.jpg
Young, Savilla King Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-266.jpg
Young, Stella Lee Finch Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-399.jpg
Young, Tom E. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-261.jpg
Young, Travis Wade Sept 27, 1985 Pat Young Oaklawn      CL82/CL82-285
Young, V.T., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1623.jpg
Young, W.A. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-024.jpg
Young, William Carlton "Bill" Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-050.jpg
Young, William Edward Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-020.jpg
Young, Wilson W. Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-049a.jpg
Young, Yerl Eugene Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-238.jpg
Youngblood, Archie Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-049.jpg
Youngblood, Derrell Gene Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-077.jpg
Youngblood, Ethel Lee Smith Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-251.jpg
Youngblood, Joy Summers Randale Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-253.jpg
Youngblood, Shellie Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1612.jpg
Yurcich, Robert Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-078.jpg
Zachry, Essie Ogle, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-014.jpg
Zamarron, Maria Guadalupe Sepulvede Aug 3, 1979 Oaklawn         CL76/CL76-101
Zamzow, Paul F. Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-258.jpg
Zanes, George A. Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-392a.jpg
Zarns, Edna Laverne Ramsey, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-158.jpg
Zartman, William Stanley Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-325.jpg
Zaskoda, Joseph Julian, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1628.jpg
Zaskoda, Joseph Julian, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-115.jpg
Zemmin, Suzanne Rann Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-213.jpg
Zenhender, Gerald Nicholas Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-162.jpg
Zerwer, Edd C., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1629.jpg
Ziemann, Frank Neal Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-020.jpg
Zinn, Edward Vance Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-016.jpg
Zinzuma, G. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-113.jpg
Ziomek, Jozefa Farion, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF00/HF00-158.jpg
Zorns, Benton Ardyce, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-091.jpg
Zorns, Esma Laverne Ramsey, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-037.jpg
Zorns, Mr. (T.D.) Christian Funeral Home C22-080A         C22/C22-080.jpg
Zorns, R.A., Mr. Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-129.jpg
Zorus, Mary L. Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-263.jpg
Zuniga, Jose Maria Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-175.jpg
Zwald, Benjamin Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-302.jpg