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Raborn, Gladys Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-011.jpg
Raburn, Justin Arron Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-295.jpg
Raby, Thomas Louis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF01/HF01-118.jpg
Radican, Robert Edward Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-405.jpg
Ragsdale, Jessie Pearl Adams Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-096.jpg
Raines, Ella Johnson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF89/HF89-099.jpg
Raines, Ella, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-124.jpg
Raines, Leslie Alton Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-126.jpg
Rainey, Bertha Pauline Beaver, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-088.jpg
Rainey, Issac M. Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-080.jpg
Rainey, J.C. (Husband of Bertha), Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-010.jpg
Rainey, Josie Davis Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-247.jpg
Rainey, Nannie (Nancy P.) Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-206.jpg
Rainey, W.A. (William A.) Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-149.jpg
Rains, Charles Spurgeon, Hawkins Funeral Home     H61/H61-207.jpg
Rainwater, Walter Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-026.jpg
Raley, Donald Burch, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1198.jpg
Raley, Emma Jade McDonald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-112.jpg
Raley, Emmett Robert Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-434.jpg
Raley, George Ernest Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-250.jpg
Raley, Henry Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-170.jpg
Raley, James Pierce Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-070.jpg
Raley, Liza Ozella Collins Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-106.jpg
Raley, Luciaus Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home       H69/H69-075.jpg
Raley, Thomas Vernon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1200.jpg
Raley, Thomas Vernon, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-078.jpg
Raley, Thomas Vernon, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-099.jpg
Ralston, Roy Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-038.jpg
Ramage, Billy Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-100.jpg
Ramage, Billy Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-074.jpg
Rameriz, Toni Wiley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-113.jpg
Ramey, Johnnie Elliott Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-065.jpg
Ramey, Maurine Esther McIntosh Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-091.jpg
Ramirez, Mary Bel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1199.jpg
Ramsdale, Bemjamin Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1201.jpg
Ramsdale, Lena Mae Coffee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF85/HF85-141.jpg
Ramsdale, Lena Mae Coffee, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-213.jpg
Ramsey, Carl (Rook), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF94/HF94-098.jpg
Ramsey, Charley, Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-182.jpg
Ramsey, Deanna Morehead, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-037.jpg
Ramsey, Edith Lucille Locke, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-114.jpg
Ramsey, George Washington, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-19.jpg
Ramsey, Henley Hill Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-183.jpg
Ramsey, Herman Franklin "Jack", Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF91/BF91-062.jpg
Ramsey, J. E., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-023.jpg
Ramsey, Jack, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-192.jpg
Ramsey, James Carl "Rook", Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-180.jpg
Ramsey, James Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-173.jpg
Ramsey, James Thomas Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-227.jpg
Ramsey, Jim, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-011.jpg
Ramsey, John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1202.jpg
Ramsey, Leonard Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home       H66/H66-177.jpg
Ramsey, Lillian Walker Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-194.jpg
Ramsey, Lillie May Nov 23, 1979 Mrs. Lonnie Sherman Jackson, Krum, TX CL76/CL76-117
Ramsey, Mable Bernice Sparks, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-098.jpg
Ramsey, Mary Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-117.jpg
Ramsey, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-209.jpg
Ramsey, Robert Edward Feb 2, 1980 Mrs. Ramsey Transportation to Amite, LA     CL76/CL76-130
Ramsey, Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-282.jpg
Ramsey, Vera Mae Franks, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF95/BF95-031.jpg
Ramsey, William Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home    H61/H61-162.jpg
Randell, Rosemond Lucille Adams Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-023.jpg
Randle, Elizabeth Ann Christian Funeral Home        C49/C49-046.jpg
Randle, James R. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-074.jpg
Randle, Willie, III Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-100.jpg
Randolph, Annie Bell (Brown) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-017.jpg
Randolph, Bertha Mae Layton, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-042.jpg
Randolph, Bertha, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-166.jpg
Randolph, Bobby Gene Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-155.jpg
Randolph, George C. Rev. Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-221.jpg
Randolph, Glova Marie Davis Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-192.jpg
Randolph, Loree Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-297.jpg
Randolph, Lou Richard Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-042.jpg
Randolph, Nancy Brown Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-184.jpg
Randolph, William Blake Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-309.jpg
Randolph, William Martin "Willie", Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-061.jpg
Raney, Ada L. Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-162.jpg
Raney, Cyentha Eula Glance Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-086.jpg
Raney, H. Clay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1203.jpg
Raney, Jack Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-242.jpg
Raney, Jack, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-149.jpg
Raney, John Wesley Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-401.jpg
Raney, Lola Ozell Smith Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-014.jpg
Raney, William E. Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-271.jpg
Range, Faith Ann Moore Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-141.jpg
Range, Floyd Steve Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-156.jpg
Range, James Nelson Christian Funeral Home         C97/C97-163.jpg
Range, Jennie Dean North Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-276.jpg
Ranjel, Enrique Rodriquez Christian Funeral Home    C89/C89-113.jpg
Rankin, Brad Kyle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1204.jpg
Rankin, Daughter of B. Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-211.jpg
Rankin, Elizabeth Lucy (Williamson) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-359.jpg
Rankin, Hazel Walton Mitchum, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1205.jpg
Rankin, Jessie Alvis Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-160.jpg
Rankin, Jimmie Alvro, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-001.jpg
Rankin, Jimmie Alvro, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-100.jpg
Rankin, Jimmy Clyde, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-026.jpg
Rankin, Jimmy, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-145.jpg
Rankin, John Homer Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-153.jpg
Rankin, Lena Louise Brown Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-029.jpg
Rankin, Lonnie Ray Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-183.jpg
Rankin, Louise Verona Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-332.jpg
Rankin, Mamie V. Feb 7, 1985 C.C. Andrews Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-196
Rann, Bertha Estelle Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-061.jpg
Rann, Charlie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1206.jpg
Rann, Cleo Reed Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-205.jpg
Rann, George C. Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-257.jpg
Rann, George C. Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-299.jpg
Rann, Paul Barton Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-228.jpg
Rann, Sadie Lee Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1207.jpg
Ranne, Hank Sept 22, 1982 Mrs. Valliant Aurora      CL80/CL80-166
Ransom, Dora E. Dill Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-068.jpg
Ransom, Iva M. Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-043.jpg
Ransom, Richard Earl Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-207.jpg
Raper, Tommy Dewayne, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-138.jpg
Rapkoch, Christine Katheryne Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-268.jpg
Rasberry, Baby of (J.O. & Roxanna), Hawkins Funeral Home        H61/H61-094.jpg
Rasberry, C.E. (Rasbury, Cass E.) Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-022.jpg
Rasberry, James Newton Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-282.jpg
Rasburry, Lester Jackson Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-136.jpg
Rasburry, Raymond Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-053.jpg
Rasbury, Henrietta Hankins Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-128.jpg
Rasbury, Lester June Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-180.jpg
Rasbury, Mamie Lee Madewell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-100.jpg
Rasebury, Mamie, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-221.jpg
Raspberry, Ike Christian Funeral Home C15-079A    C15/C15-079.jpg
Ratcliff, Henry C. Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-026.jpg
Rather, Robert Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-103.jpg
Rathlis, Brandie Mae, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF98/BF98-074.jpg
Ratliff, Alonzo Eli Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-204.jpg
Ratliff, Beunah Myrle Adam, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF81/BF81-056.jpg
Ratliff, Derrick William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1208.jpg
Ratliff, Jim T. Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-172.jpg
Ratliff, Lawrence Warren Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-369.jpg
Ratliff, Margie Marie Stone Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-078.jpg
Ratliff, Marion Thomas "Junior", Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-118.jpg
Ratliff, Marion Thomas (Junior), Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-023.jpg
Ratliff, Mickey Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-242.jpg
Ratliff, Mickey Ray, Jr. Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-082.jpg
Ratliff, Mickey Ray, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-099.jpg
Ratliff, Mollie Warren Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-006.jpg
Ratliff, Para Lee Frances Stanford Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-055.jpg
Ratliff, Thomas Ellison Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-053.jpg
Rattan, Laura Frances Oates Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-291.jpg
Rattan, Thomas Oates Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-075.jpg
Rattliff, Calvin Taylor Christian Funeral Home         C42/C42-259.jpg
Rauft, H.C. Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-245.jpg
Raven, George John, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-40.jpg
Raven, Rilla, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-163.jpg
Raven, Roy Blanton "Bud", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-100.jpg
Raven, Roy Blanton, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-033.jpg
Raven, Roy Ellis, Hawkins Funeral Home     H65/H65-084.jpg
Raven, Ruby Melvenia Tackel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF89/HF89-098.jpg
Raven, Ruby Melvenia Tackel, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-138.jpg
Ravin, Mabel Anita Brooks Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-284.jpg
Rawle, Charles Carter Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-255.jpg
Rawle, Clyde Wallace, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1209.jpg
Rawle, Clyde Wallace, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-005.jpg
Rawle, Dora E. (Butler), Hawkins Funeral Home     H53/H53-129.jpg
Rawle, Doris Inez Lowery Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-027.jpg
Rawle, Edith Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-066.jpg
Rawle, Emma Katherine Heron Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-231.jpg
Rawle, George Richard, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-257.jpg
Rawle, John Thomas Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-204.jpg
Rawle, John Thomas, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-156.jpg
Rawle, Lottie Smith Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-110.jpg
Rawle, Mae Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-093.jpg
Rawle, Mae Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-169.jpg
Rawle, Oma Jewell Nikirk Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-051.jpg
Rawle, Ronald Dennis "Ronny" Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-172.jpg
Rawle, W.D. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-010.jpg
Rawle, William Jehu Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-185.jpg
Rawles, Sherrie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-123.jpg
Rawlings, Udell Ruben Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-248.jpg
Rawls, J.B. Jan 23, 1985 Pauline       CL82/CL82-187
Rawls, Richard Paul's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-112.jpg
Ray, Agee Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-008.jpg
Ray, Alice Renshaw Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-185.jpg
Ray, Broe Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-434.jpg
Ray, Della May "Mae" Claborn Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-100.jpg
Ray, Eliza E. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-186.jpg
Ray, Emma M. Braxton Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-123.jpg
Ray, Francis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF97/HF97-114.jpg
Ray, Francis, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-233.jpg
Ray, Fred Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-203.jpg
Ray, George Dewey Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-212.jpg
Ray, Georgia Anne Miller Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-084.jpg
Ray, James Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-008.jpg
Ray, James Clarence Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-228.jpg
Ray, James David Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-208.jpg
Ray, Joe Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-088.jpg
Ray, John R. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-088.jpg
Ray, Johnnie Gladys Rickels, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-098.jpg
Ray, Julia B. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-104.jpg
Ray, Martha B. Blair Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-030.jpg
Ray, Mary E. McMakin Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-229.jpg
Ray, Mary Henrietta Crawford, Hawkins Funeral Home      H69/H69-111.jpg
Ray, Mayna Jane May 3, 1985 Joy Caraway Oaklawn        CL82/CL82-232
Ray, Mose Younger Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-190.jpg
Ray, Oliver L., Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-045.jpg
Ray, Quincy, Miss Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-172.jpg
Ray, R.W. Twins Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-283.jpg
Ray, Rachael Hannah Katie Asbury, Hawkins Funeral Home         H57/H57-262.jpg
Ray, Ruben Walter Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-190.jpg
Ray, Sarah Francis Devers Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-142.jpg
Ray, Shawn Andrew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF96/HF96-101.jpg
Ray, Shawn Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-114.jpg
Ray, Sol Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-204.jpg
Ray, Tran Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-074.jpg
Ray, W. Edd Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-299.jpg
Ray, Walter Loammer, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-083.jpg
Ray, Woodrow Wilson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-116.jpg
Rayford, Duane, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-099.jpg
Rayford, Duane, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-111.jpg
Rayford, Estelle Emma Albritton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF87/HF87-013.jpg
Rayford, Estelle Emma Albritton, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-358.jpg
Rayford, Johnie Gladys Rickels, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-134.jpg
Rea, Fred H., Jr. Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-044.jpg
Rea, Janie Frances (Ladd), Hawkins Funeral Home  H53/H53-043.jpg
Read, Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-165.jpg
Read, David Earl "Doughbelly", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-115.jpg
Read, David Earl, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-174.jpg
Read, Earl Gilbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1210.jpg
Read, Earnest Elemer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1211.jpg
Read, Effie Jane Lindsey, Hawkins Funeral Home    H64/H64-090.jpg
Read, Ernest Eugene "Pat", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF01/HF01-119.jpg
Read, Foy Haskell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF95/BF95-139.jpg
Read, Gary Vance, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF00/HF00-115.jpg
Read, George Edward, Jr, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1212.jpg
Read, Harold DeWitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1213.jpg
Read, Henry Clyde, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1214.jpg
Read, Homer Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1215.jpg
Read, Irene Pike, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-047.jpg
Read, J. D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-103.jpg
Read, J. D., Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-095.jpg
Read, J. W., Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-038.jpg
Read, James Benjamin, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-026.jpg
Read, James Dillard, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-015.jpg
Read, James Perry Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-015.jpg
Read, John Dickson Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-084.jpg
Read, John H. Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-134.jpg
Read, Kate E. (Catherine) Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-084.jpg
Read, Katherine Fae Easley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-116.jpg
Read, Lilla Mae Falkner, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-065.jpg
Read, Lilla Mae Felkner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-100.jpg
Read, Lindsey Diane, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1216.jpg
Read, Lois Catherine Hudson Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-300.jpg
Read, Lou Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-168.jpg
Read, Mary Ethel Clark, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-018.jpg
Read, Mildred Frances Pedigo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-094.jpg
Read, Mildred Frances Pedigo, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-006.jpg
Read, Mrs. of Paradise, Hawkins Funeral Home      H23/H23-116.jpg
Read, Pearl Idonice Linsey, Hawkins Funeral Home  H61/H61-191.jpg
Read, Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF89/HF89-094.jpg
Read, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-184.jpg
Read, Ronald Glenn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF97/HF97-116.jpg
Read, Ronald Glenn, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-165.jpg
Read, Ruth Pearson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1217.jpg
Read, Theresa "Sis" Ashlock Guthrie Christian Funeral Home         C88/C88-087.jpg
Read, Thomas Peek, Jr. Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-051.jpg
Read, Vivian Christine Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-092.jpg
Read, Vivian Christine Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-282.jpg
Read, William Oliver, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-159.jpg
Read, William Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-08.jpg
Ready, Verda may Lane, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-012.jpg
Reagan, Mecia Corda Johnson Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-004.jpg
Reagan, Norene Gold Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-156.jpg
Reagan, Samuel Henry Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-226.jpg
Reasoner, Clyde Emmanuel, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-018.jpg
Reasoner, Gertie May, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-157.jpg
Reasoner, Homer Angelo, Hawkins Funeral Home    H61/H61-164.jpg
Reasoner, Lena Mae Collins (?), Hawkins Funeral Home     H68/H68-012.jpg
Reasoner, Leonard Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-125.jpg
Reasoner, Rachel Kay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF92/HF92-093.jpg
Reasoner, Rachel Kay, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-193.jpg
Reasoner, Willard Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1218.jpg
Reaves , Peggy Ruth, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-102.jpg
Reaves, Eva Wilheimenna Plentl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1219.jpg
Reaves, Jewell Denson (Buddy), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1226.jpg
Reaves, Peggy Ruth, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1220.jpg
Rebstock, Ronald Lee, Sr. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-279.jpg
Recina, Bertha Alvarado, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-264.jpg
Reconnu, Clara June Barratt Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-149.jpg
Reddel, Mattie Edna, Miss, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-084.jpg
Reddell, Bill, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-193.jpg
Reddell, Edgar Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-222.jpg
Reddell, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-09.jpg
Reddell, Laura, Hawkins Funeral Home       H65/H65-107.jpg
Reddell, Mary Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-021.jpg
Reddell, Una Mae Hudson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF91/HF91-101.jpg
Reddell, Una Mae Hudson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-072.jpg
Redding, C. Christian Funeral Home C15-051A       C15/C15-051.jpg
Redding, Dennis Samuel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-138.jpg
Redding, Dennis, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-268.jpg
Redell, Vernon, Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-132.jpg
Reding, Jossie Ringold Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-245.jpg
Redwine, Blanche Leslie Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-139.jpg
Redwine, Claude C. Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-211.jpg
Redwine, Claude C., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-159.jpg
Redwine, Daniel Pope Redwine, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1221.jpg
Redwine, Dona Merle Pickens Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-105.jpg
Redwine, Dortha Malinda Hodges, Hawkins Funeral Home   H66/H66-150.jpg
Redwine, George H. Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-283.jpg
Redwine, Hugh Jennings Aug 19, 1978 Dora & Welton Redwine Pleasant Grove #3 CL76/CL76-58
Redwine, James Coy Nov 30, 1985 Dona Redwine Pleasant Grove #3        CL82/CL82-305
Redwine, Jimmy Don Christian Funeral Home         C86/C86-273.jpg
Redwine, Josie Lou Lumsden Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-182.jpg
Redwine, Josie Lou Lumsden, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-155.jpg
Redwine, Ora Fae Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-028.jpg
Redwine, Sybil Allie Feb 21, 1978 Hugh Redwine Pleasant Grove #3 CL76/CL76-47
Reed, Alice May Taylor Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-200.jpg
Reed, Annie, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-136.jpg
Reed, Beatrice Emmaline Parish Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-070.jpg
Reed, Bertie Lee, Mr. Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-368.jpg
Reed, Billy Joe Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-058.jpg
Reed, Carrie Edd Swenny Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-296.jpg
Reed, Clarice Opal Madoozie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF97/HF97-117.jpg
Reed, Clifford Eugene Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-185.jpg
Reed, Dora Winnell Yeats, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF01/HF01-120.jpg
Reed, E. Louise Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-080.jpg
Reed, E.V. Goston Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-180.jpg
Reed, Elizabeth Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-278.jpg
Reed, Elsie Mae Tow Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-229.jpg
Reed, Ernest Lee Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-154.jpg
Reed, Geraldine Toumble, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-011.jpg
Reed, Geraldine Trumble, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF88/HF88-110.jpg
Reed, Helen Inez Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-219.jpg
Reed, Howard Lawrence Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-443.jpg
Reed, Iris Alberta Pierce "Peaches", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF93/HF93-093.jpg
Reed, Iris Alberta Pierce, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-065.jpg
Reed, Irvin Birtis Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-145.jpg
Reed, Jack Allen, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-054.jpg
Reed, Jack William, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF98/BF98-180.jpg
Reed, James Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-234.jpg
Reed, James Luther Coker Funeral Home     C56/C56-120.jpg
Reed, James Newton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1222.jpg
Reed, Jesse Parish Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-029.jpg
Reed, John M. Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-158.jpg
Reed, John Wesley Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-248.jpg
Reed, John, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-151.jpg
Reed, Julia Frances Roberts Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-022.jpg
Reed, Kate Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-216.jpg
Reed, Larena Poe (Lola), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF89/HF89-102.jpg
Reed, Lillie Jane Bay, Hawkins Funeral Home         H-48/H-48-14.jpg
Reed, Lola Poe, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-137.jpg
Reed, Margaret Ellan Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-446.jpg
Reed, Martha Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-370.jpg
Reed, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pinkerton Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-233.jpg
Reed, Nelda Ann Mitchell Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-290.jpg
Reed, Orland L. Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-148.jpg
Reed, Rebecca Wright Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-251.jpg
Reed, Robert Layfate Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-243.jpg
Reed, Robert Lerner Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-211.jpg
Reed, Shirley Jean Gibson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF95/BF95-146.jpg
Reed, Sinclair Timothy, IV Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-066.jpg
Reed, Son of J.V. Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-159.jpg
Reed, Travis Leon "T.L." Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-127.jpg
Reed, Tricie Ann McClain, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1223.jpg
Reed, Willard James Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-155.jpg
Reed, William Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-143.jpg
Reed, William Cullen Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-080.jpg
Reed, William Henry Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-018.jpg
Reed, Zella Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-221.jpg
Reedy, Capitola Hanks, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-100.jpg
Reedy, Capitola Hanks, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-195.jpg
Reedy, Frances Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-217.jpg
Reedy, Lynn Cecil, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1224.jpg
Reedy, Mildred Loretta Richards, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF97/HF97-118.jpg
Reedy, Mildred Loretta Richards, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-260.jpg
Reedy, Opal Madozie, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-295.jpg
Reedy, Slade E., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1225.jpg
Reese, Carol Stockard Burk Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-020.jpg
Reese, Mitchell Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF98/HF98-115.jpg
Reese, Waymon Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-197.jpg
Reeves, A.D., Jr. (Ammond D.) Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-214.jpg
Reeves, Alma Christopher Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-189.jpg
Reeves, Amon Damascus Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-088.jpg
Reeves, Andrew Harrison, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1227.jpg
Reeves, Anna Lee Malcolm Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-190.jpg
Reeves, Beulah Fletcher Holt Jan 10, 1978 Joe B. Reeves Oaklawn  CL76/CL76-36
Reeves, Birdie Crow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1228.jpg
Reeves, Bonner Thompson Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-172.jpg
Reeves, Clarence Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-241.jpg
Reeves, Claude William Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-085.jpg
Reeves, Ella Belle Bradford Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-209.jpg
Reeves, Ethel Jane Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-314.jpg
Reeves, Eva, Little Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-128.jpg
Reeves, Flora Theodosia Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-033.jpg
Reeves, G.W., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-220.jpg
Reeves, George W. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-033.jpg
Reeves, J. D. (Tince), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-095.jpg
Reeves, J. D., Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-298.jpg
Reeves, J.B. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-285.jpg
Reeves, J.B., Mrs (Frances) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-034.jpg
Reeves, Joe Dec 26, 1984 Mrs. Reeves Oaklawn     CL82/CL82-175
Reeves, Johnnie Mae Gilbreath Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-221.jpg
Reeves, Lee, Sr. Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-271.jpg
Reeves, Lillian Ray Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-162.jpg
Reeves, Mildred Faye Potts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF99/HF99-099.jpg
Reeves, Noel Elzer    C50/C50-396a.jpg
Reeves, Noel Elzer Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-396.jpg
Reeves, Obie Lee Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-054.jpg
Reeves, Richard Cleveland Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-169.jpg
Reeves, Viola Parolee Moses Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-274.jpg
Regan, Cecil Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-202.jpg
Reger, Dorris Elvira Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-253.jpg
Reger, Margarite Atchley Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-431.jpg
Reger, Roscoe Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-107.jpg
Reid, Alice Crittenden, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF96/HF96-102.jpg
Reid, Alice Crittenden, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-137.jpg
Reid, Ben E., Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1229.jpg
Reid, Benjamin Eli, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-044.jpg
Reid, Delia (Wilson) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-308.jpg
Reid, Dustin Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-117.jpg
Reid, Earl M. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-097.jpg
Reid, Etta Lorene Harms, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF01/HF01-121.jpg
Reid, Etta Mae Harwell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF95/BF95-032.jpg
Reid, Frances Elenore Brown Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-220.jpg
Reid, Geneva Henderson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-130.jpg
Reid, Geneva Henderson, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-037.jpg
Reid, James Elvis Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-252.jpg
Reid, James Henry Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-151.jpg
Reid, James Michael, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1230.jpg
Reid, James Michael, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-083.jpg
Reid, John Kenneth Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-083.jpg
Reid, Little Hal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1231.jpg
Reid, Mary Ann, Hawkins Funeral Home      H64/H64-095.jpg
Reid, Mildred Riley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-010.jpg
Reid, Mildred Riley, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-302.jpg
Reid, Ovid Burch Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-145.jpg
Reid, Weaver Newton Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-028.jpg
Reiger, R.A. Dick Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-194.jpg
Reilly, Roxie Stone, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-101.jpg
Remmele, Fannie Ethel Bridges, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1232.jpg
Remmele, Jacob Benjamin, Hawkins Funeral Home  H66/H66-226.jpg
Remmele, Jesse Lewis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1233.jpg
Rendleman, Jasper Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1234.jpg
Renfro, James Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-293.jpg
Renfrow, Charles Lee Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-235.jpg
Renfrow, Sarah Ethel Paul Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-347.jpg
Rennels, Eunice W., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-374.jpg
Rennels, Oscar O. Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-142.jpg
Renner, Iola Barnett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1235.jpg
Renner, Iola Barnett, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-241.jpg
Renner, Kathryn Mae Gray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF88/HF88-111.jpg
Renner, Kathryn Mae Gray, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-023.jpg
Reno, John Tom Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-231.jpg
Reno, Velda Marie Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-099.jpg
Renshaw, Ada Pauline Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-042.jpg
Renshaw, Belle Terrell Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-026.jpg
Renshaw, Billy Bob, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1236.jpg
Renshaw, Carol J. Roberts Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-277.jpg
Renshaw, Dorothy Mae Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-148.jpg
Renshaw, Edgar Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-104.jpg
Renshaw, Elsie Drew Feb 2, 1985 Mr. Mitchell Oaklawn     CL82/CL82-192
Renshaw, Emma Larue Sandusky Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-069.jpg
Renshaw, Ethel Estelle Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-049.jpg
Renshaw, Etta Mozelle Cartwright Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-069.jpg
Renshaw, Frank Allen Dec 28, 1981 Oaklawn         CL80/CL80-113
Renshaw, Gordon Aug 7, 1985 Mrs. Renshaw Bethel CL82/CL82-265
Renshaw, Gordon Martin Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-109.jpg
Renshaw, Hannah Elizabeth Perrin Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-153.jpg
Renshaw, J.A. (James A.) Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-187.jpg
Renshaw, James Addison Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-175.jpg
Renshaw, Jessie Pearl Elder Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-130.jpg
Renshaw, John James "Tige" Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-392.jpg
Renshaw, John Robert Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-084.jpg
Renshaw, Kenny Wilks Dec 21, 1978 Mrs. Renshaw Oaklawn Moved infant grave & marker       CL76/CL76-72
Renshaw, Lafayette William "Fate" Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-052.jpg
Renshaw, Lawrence Eugene Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-002.jpg
Renshaw, Luna Mae Coker Funeral Home    C56/C56-150.jpg
Renshaw, Lute Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-232.jpg
Renshaw, Mary Rodgers Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-062.jpg
Renshaw, Merle Marguerite Van Meter, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-151.jpg
Renshaw, Merle Marquerite Van Meter Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-087.jpg
Renshaw, Samuel Worthington Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-065.jpg
Renshaw, Son of Jno. Christian Funeral Home C15-215A     C15/C15-215.jpg
Renshaw, Thelma Stringer May 20, 1982 Oaklawn    CL80/CL80-148
Renshaw, Virginia Bobo Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-021.jpg
Renshaw, Will Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-078.jpg
Reppeto, Marion B. Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-041.jpg
Rexroat, Benjaman Lawson Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-470.jpg
Rexroat, Herman Wells Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-426.jpg
Rexroat, Jesse Everett, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-067.jpg
Rexroat, Mallie Brown "Lucille", Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-112.jpg
Rexroat, Mallie Lucille Brown, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-176.jpg
Reyes, Indalecio Hernandes Feb 2, 1978 Oaklawn    CL76/CL76-44
Reynolds , Jenetti B. Elsom Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-007.jpg
Reynolds, Beula C. Clark Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-090.jpg
Reynolds, Charley Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-122.jpg
Reynolds, Charlie Eugene Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-123.jpg
Reynolds, Claude Dee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1237.jpg
Reynolds, Clayton J. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-112.jpg
Reynolds, Edna Georgia Marie Moss Richey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF97/HF97-119.jpg
Reynolds, Edna Georgia Marie Moss, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-217.jpg
Reynolds, Elmer Lee Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-264.jpg
Reynolds, Eugene Baker Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-434.jpg
Reynolds, Euna Lee Mercer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF90/HF90-101.jpg
Reynolds, Euna Lee Mercer, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-282.jpg
Reynolds, Faye Lucille Conner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-102.jpg
Reynolds, Faye Lucille Conner, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-213.jpg
Reynolds, Floyd Ivan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF89/HF89-101.jpg
Reynolds, Floyd Ivan, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-136.jpg
Reynolds, George Duwayne Sept 4, 1980 Ginger Reynolds Oaklawn CL80/CL80-20
Reynolds, Gipp Americus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1238.jpg
Reynolds, Gipp Americus, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-193.jpg
Reynolds, Hollis Millard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-103.jpg
Reynolds, Hollis Millard, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-102.jpg
Reynolds, James Michael, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF94/HF94-100.jpg
Reynolds, James Michael, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-162.jpg
Reynolds, Jefferson Baker Dec 17, 1984 Greenwood CL82/CL82-169
Reynolds, Jeremy Bond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-113.jpg
Reynolds, Jeremy Bond, Hawkins Funeral Home      H88/H88-038.jpg
Reynolds, John Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1239.jpg
Reynolds, Justin Duwayne Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-096.jpg
Reynolds, Maggie Pauline Youman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-104.jpg
Reynolds, Maggie Pauline Youman, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-039.jpg
Reynolds, Mary Helen Fox Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-097.jpg
Reynolds, Ruby Rose Blaylock, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF94/HF94-101.jpg
Reynolds, Ruby Rose Blaylock, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-096.jpg
Reynolds, Shirley Ann Greene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF01/HF01-123.jpg
Reynolds, Virginia Mae "Ginger" Collins Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-160.jpg
Reynolds, Vivian B. Brown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF97/HF97-120.jpg
Reynolds, Vivian Beatrice Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-278.jpg
Reynolds, William Mark Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-223.jpg
Reynolds, Winnie Jewel Clay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1240.jpg
Reynolds, Winnie Jewel Clay, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-092.jpg
Rgnonti, Frank Eugene Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-169.jpg
Rgnonti, Frank William Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-048.jpg
Rhine, A.M., Mrs. Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-147.jpg
Rhine, Albert July 5, 1985 Pauline Oaklawn   CL82/CL82-253
Rhine, Arthur Claude Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-247.jpg
Rhine, Arville M. Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-092.jpg
Rhine, Authur Claude Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-175.jpg
Rhine, Charles A. Sept 29, 1982 Greenwood  CL80/CL80-167
Rhine, Clara Moore Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-257.jpg
Rhine, Eva Mauda Crines Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-046.jpg
Rhine, Fay Lewis Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-273.jpg
Rhine, Fred Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-425.jpg
Rhine, Gene Albert Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-087.jpg
Rhine, Gladys Mae May 17, 1984 Billie Faye Garrison Transportation from Chandler, TX    CL82/CL82-120
Rhine, Grace Marie Parish Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-244.jpg
Rhine, Grace T. (Gentry) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-156.jpg
Rhine, Guinn NMN Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-229.jpg
Rhine, Harless, Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-036.jpg
Rhine, Harless, Sr. Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-116.jpg
Rhine, Helen V. Marsh Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-061.jpg
Rhine, Helen Zeneda Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-117.jpg
Rhine, Jewel Clark, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-100.jpg
Rhine, Jewel Clark, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-088.jpg
Rhine, Juanita Mozelle LaGrone Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-240.jpg
Rhine, Laddie Gill Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-016.jpg
Rhine, Lottie Elizabeth Phillips Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-032.jpg
Rhine, Lottie Elizabeth Phillips, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-161.jpg
Rhine, Marvin Marshall Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-183.jpg
Rhine, Maud Opal Walker Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-104.jpg
Rhine, Minnie Sue Lowder Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-269.jpg
Rhine, Molly Frances Hornback Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-079.jpg
Rhine, Paul Glen Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-156.jpg
Rhine, Ralph Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-311.jpg
Rhine, Ray Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-038.jpg
Rhine, Stella Ethel Meyers Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-292.jpg
Rhine, T. Drew Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-090.jpg
Rhine, Theodore Henry "T.H." Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-044.jpg
Rhine, Thurman Charles Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-122.jpg
Rhine, Walter Glen Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-196.jpg
Rhine, Walter Marshall Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-021.jpg
Rhine, Wayne Marshall Mar 30, 1985 Mrs. Rhine Oaklawn   CL82/CL82-221
Rhoades, A. Everett Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-183.jpg
Rhoads, Ada Elmer (Neely) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-209.jpg
Rhoads, Betty Louise Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-302.jpg
Rhoads, Bobby Eldridge "Bob E." Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-211.jpg
Rhoads, C. Walter Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-490.jpg
Rhoads, Clyde Monroe Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-140.jpg
Rhoads, Doyal Benjamin Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-040.jpg
Rhoads, Elva M. Bradford Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-001.jpg
Rhoads, Henry Slaton Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-191.jpg
Rhoads, Homer Eldridge Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-205.jpg
Rhoads, Jane (Cynthia J.) Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-191.jpg
Rhoads, Joe CLifford Nov 18, 1980 Tressie Rhoads Alvord   CL80/CL80-32
Rhoads, Lillie Elbie (Crenshaw) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-240.jpg
Rhoads, Louis Mar 11, 1985 Louis Rhoads, Jr. Oaklawn      CL82/CL82-216
Rhoads, Nattie Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-178.jpg
Rhoads, Olney Peterson Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-268.jpg
Rhoads, Thelma Mae Beville Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-192.jpg
Rhoads, Tressie New Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-294.jpg
Rhoads, W.M. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-195.jpg
Rhodes, Avo Floy Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-146.jpg
Rhodes, Benjamin Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-232.jpg
Rhodes, Billy Kent Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-095.jpg
Rhodes, Gladys Sophie Getty Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-153.jpg
Rhodes, Ivy Ray Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-125.jpg
Rhodes, Leon Loren, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1241.jpg
Rhodes, Willard Cecil Christian Funeral Home         C97/C97-144.jpg
Rias, Pablo's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-080.jpg
Ribble, Charles S. Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-231.jpg
Rice, Agnes Elaine Lee Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-094.jpg
Rice, Amelia Burks Baumgartner Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-283.jpg
Rice, Annie Belle Skaggs Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-192.jpg
Rice, Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1242.jpg
Rice, Doloris Bellah Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-139.jpg
Rice, J.T. Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-287.jpg
Rice, John Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home    H61/H61-084.jpg
Rice, Margaret Hull Hampton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF95/HF95-104.jpg
Rice, Marguerette Hampton, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-245.jpg
Rice, Melvin Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-166.jpg
Rice, Rosa V. Cauble Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-002.jpg
Rice, W.H. (William H.) Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-209.jpg
Rice, Winford Freeland Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-041.jpg
Rich , Robert Hale     C59/C59-391a.jpg
Rich , Robert Hale Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-391.jpg
Rich, Annie Mae Tipps, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1243.jpg
Rich, Annie Mae Tipps, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-049.jpg
Rich, Byrd Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-270.jpg
Rich, Carrie Bell Mashburn, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-34.jpg
Rich, Charles Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF87/HF87-015.jpg
Rich, Charles Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-319.jpg
Rich, Cletus Douglas Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-043.jpg
Rich, Cora Lee Bloomer, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-088.jpg
Rich, Dalton Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home         H55/H55-066.jpg
Rich, George Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-034.jpg
Rich, Gertie Mae Foster Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-395.jpg
Rich, Martha Jane Taylor Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-121.jpg
Rich, Martha Lois Rich Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-250.jpg
Rich, Mary Ethel Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-112.jpg
Rich, Robert A. Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-271.jpg
Rich, Robert Lee, Pfc. Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-229.jpg
Rich, Ronnie Lynn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-097.jpg
Rich, Ronnie Lynn, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-103.jpg
Richards, Bernard Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1244.jpg
Richards, Clarence Otha, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1245.jpg
Richards, Duette Brown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-009.jpg
Richards, Duette Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-122.jpg
Richards, Infant Boy Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-197.jpg
Richards, Melvin Reginal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF98/HF98-118.jpg
Richardson , L.A. 's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-080.jpg
Richardson, Ada Mae Sheppard, Hawkins Funeral Home     H65/H65-059.jpg
Richardson, Angela Sue, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-121.jpg
Richardson, Annie Myrtle      C56/C56-224a.jpg
Richardson, Annie Myrtle Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-224.jpg
Richardson, Aurora Flossy Hammack Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-337.jpg
Richardson, B.F. Privitt Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-060.jpg
Richardson, Benjermon Franklin Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-026.jpg
Richardson, Betty Joe Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-198.jpg
Richardson, Charley W. Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-286.jpg
Richardson, Earl B. Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-040.jpg
Richardson, Edward Earl Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-461.jpg
Richardson, Eliza Davis Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-057.jpg
Richardson, Floy Bell, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-183.jpg
Richardson, Frances Mozelle Mercer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-119.jpg
Richardson, George Elton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1246.jpg
Richardson, J. D., Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-060.jpg
Richardson, Jacob Ingram, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-077.jpg
Richardson, James Travis Feb 19, 1982 Mrs. Richardson Aurora     CL80/CL80-127
Richardson, James William Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-230.jpg
Richardson, John Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1247.jpg
Richardson, John Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-161.jpg
Richardson, John H. Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-049.jpg
Richardson, Joseph Franklin, Sr. Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-003.jpg
Richardson, Lawrence Durk, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-105.jpg
Richardson, Lawrence Durk, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-028.jpg
Richardson, Margie Nell, Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-002.jpg
Richardson, Mary Jo Gatewood (Jodie), Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF98/BF98-150.jpg
Richardson, Nannie Geneva Powell Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-098.jpg
Richardson, Raymond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1248.jpg
Richardson, Roy Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1249.jpg
Richardson, Sarah Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-038.jpg
Richardson, Sarah Lee Anderson Harvey Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-478.jpg
Richardson, Wallace June 3, 1984 Mrs. Richardson Lone Star         CL82/CL82-128
Richardson, Warren Eugene Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-096.jpg
Richardson, William W. (Bud), Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-150.jpg
Richardson, William Wade (Bud), Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF91/BF91-030.jpg
Richburg, H. C., Hawkins Funeral Home      H23/H23-205.jpg
Richburg, H.C. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-147.jpg
Richburg, Mary Leah Youngblood, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-168.jpg
Richeter, Lillie Bell Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-228.jpg
Richey, Gus Matthew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-117.jpg
Richey, Howard Vernon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1250.jpg
Richey, Leota Wanda Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-120.jpg
Richey, Reba Marie Griffis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-118.jpg
Richey, Stacey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1251.jpg
Richmond, Eunice Mitchum, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-124.jpg
Richmond, Jim Sercey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1252.jpg
Richmond, Tom C., Hawkins Funeral Home  H55/H55-072.jpg
Richner, Grace Lucille Counsellor, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-050.jpg
Richter, Ernest Weldon Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-038.jpg
Richter, Marvin Lee Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-300.jpg
Richter, Nannie E. Wilkinson Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-060.jpg
Richter, Otto (Bud) Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-202.jpg
Rickman, James Edward, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-033.jpg
Rickman, James W., Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-285.jpg
Rickman, James West, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-152.jpg
Rickman, Lillian Nannie, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-009.jpg
Rickman, Maude Alice Buck, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF91/BF91-116.jpg
Rickman, Maude Buck, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-246.jpg
Rickman, Navine Wilkerson Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-090.jpg
Rickman, Rosetta Mae Young Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-140.jpg
Rickmon, William Edward Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-208.jpg
Riddle, Billie R.C., Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-112.jpg
Riddle, William Lilburn Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-310.jpg
Riddles, Debbie Jean, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-104.jpg
Riddles, Maria Del Rosario Quirarte Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-276.jpg
Ridgway, Corby Nov 22, 1985 Sweetwater    CL82/CL82-302
Rieger, Alva Ray Matheson Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-089.jpg
Rieger, Clayton B. Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-166.jpg
Rieger, Elizabeth Donehoo Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-032.jpg
Rieger, George Richard Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-051.jpg
Rieger, Jerry Jack Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-300.jpg
Rieger, Laura Bell Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-097.jpg
Rieger, Richard Glenn Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-032.jpg
Rieger, Richard T. June 16, 1985 Elizabeth Rieger Oaklawn  CL82/CL82-249
Riggs, Wayne (Shorty), Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-087.jpg
Rike, J.R., Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-081.jpg
Riley, B. Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-201.jpg
Riley, Beauford Belle Stowe Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-367.jpg
Riley, Charles Andrew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1253.jpg
Riley, Charles Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-110.jpg
Riley, Charles Henry Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-061.jpg
Riley, Claud, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-041.jpg
Riley, David Crockett, M.D. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-196.jpg
Riley, Gertrude Augusta Littlefield, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-092a.jpg
Riley, Hugh Don Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-027.jpg
Riley, Hugh Don, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-163.jpg
Riley, James Charles Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-059.jpg
Riley, James Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-026.jpg
Riley, Mack Bert Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-294.jpg
Riley, Marcus Roland Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-433.jpg
Riley, Mary Crunk Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-235.jpg
Riley, Michael Lee, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF81/BF81-105.jpg
Riley, Michael Lee, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-006.jpg
Riley, Robert Morgan, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF98/BF98-095.jpg
Riley, Roxie Ethel Stone, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-099.jpg
Riley, Stella P. Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-028.jpg
Riley, W. R., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-242.jpg
Riley, W.R., Mrs.(Florence), Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-020.jpg
Rimare, Buster Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-100.jpg
Rimer, John, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-171.jpg
Riney, Cecil George Edward Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-473.jpg
Riney, Johnnie Mar 4, 1982 Mike & Jim Riney Bethel         CL80/CL80-132
Ringe, Jessie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1254.jpg
Ringgold, Novis Bryant, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-055.jpg
Rippy, Alfreda S. Shoemaker Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-019.jpg
Rish, Dallas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1255.jpg
Rish, John, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-165.jpg
Rish, W. W., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-096.jpg
Ritchie , Glenn Ivan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1257.jpg
Ritchie, Clarence Darrell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1256.jpg
Ritchie, Glen Ivan, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-130.jpg
Ritter, Iva Holt, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-133.jpg
Ritter, Iva Laura Holt Fisher, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF85/HF85-008.jpg
Ritz, Patsy Jean Shelton Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-186.jpg
Rivas, Humberto Galvan Sept 1, 1983 Parkey Eagles Pass Mexican Consolate       CL82/CL82-69
Rivas, Pablo Zuniga Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-277.jpg
Roach , James H. Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-058.jpg
Roach, Brock Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-244.jpg
Roach, Daughter of Theodore & Lula Mae Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-060.jpg
Roach, George Turner Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-158.jpg
Roach, Hettie Cleo Hayter Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-324.jpg
Roach, Mildred Beatrice Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-197.jpg
Robb, Alice, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-177.jpg
Roberds, I'Della Floyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1258.jpg
Roberds, William Tom, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-103.jpg
Roberson, Bertha Ardella Whetsell Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-188.jpg
Roberson, Charles Edward, Jr. Dec 28, 1978 Mattie Sermons Oaklawn       CL76/CL76-74
Roberson, Grandma, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-250.jpg
Roberson, James A. Apr 17, 1985 Jackie Roberson, Bill & Kathryn Roberson, Marcine Kincaid, Roark Arrington, and Bill Mann Boyd     CL82/CL82-225
Roberson, Roy Zacariah, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-244.jpg
Roberson, Sammy J. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-046.jpg
Roberson, William Lon Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-326.jpg
Roberts , Ruby Mae Whatley, Hawkins Funeral Home        H93/H93-291.jpg
Roberts, A.J. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-409.jpg
Roberts, Alice Bailey, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-155.jpg
Roberts, Alice Modene Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-102.jpg
Roberts, Allen Webb, Hawkins Funeral Home         H63/H63-089.jpg
Roberts, Allie Louise Stanfield (Dickie Lou), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF93/HF93-096.jpg
Roberts, Allie Louise Stanfield, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-007.jpg
Roberts, Arlie Edgar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF92/HF92-094.jpg
Roberts, Arlis Edgar, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-225.jpg
Roberts, Benjamin Frank Nov 4, 1985 Bimbo roberts Oaklawn Accident report       CL82/CL82-292
Roberts, Bert Christian Funeral Home C15-038B      C15/C15-038.jpg
Roberts, Bert Wayne Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-001.jpg
Roberts, Beverly Donna, Hawkins Funeral Home     H55/H55-105.jpg
Roberts, Birt Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-059.jpg
Roberts, Carl Edgar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-143.jpg
Roberts, Carl Edgar, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-222.jpg
Roberts, Carl Overton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1259.jpg
Roberts, Charles L., Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-043.jpg
Roberts, Charlie Hyson, Hawkins Funeral Home      H63/H63-039.jpg
Roberts, Charlotte E. Bradley Bond, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-107.jpg
Roberts, Christine Patterson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-098.jpg
Roberts, Claude Donald, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF95/BF95-119.jpg
Roberts, Clifton Clifford, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-069.jpg
Roberts, Dois Phil, Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-247.jpg
Roberts, Donald Gene Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-032.jpg
Roberts, Doris Phil, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1260.jpg
Roberts, Dorothea Jimmydene Murner Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-104.jpg
Roberts, Ed L. Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-162.jpg
Roberts, Edith Marie Woods McLean Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-014.jpg
Roberts, Ella Earl Wells, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-018.jpg
Roberts, Ella, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-218.jpg
Roberts, Ellen Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home      H68/H68-110.jpg
Roberts, Elmer Lloyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-121.jpg
Roberts, Francis B. Hickerson, Hawkins Funeral Home       H55/H55-101.jpg
Roberts, Frank S. Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-038.jpg
Roberts, Gerald Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-218.jpg
Roberts, Gordon D. Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-252.jpg
Roberts, Grace Cathryn Shaddox Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-084.jpg
Roberts, Gwinn Rufus Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-167.jpg
Roberts, Gwinn Rufus, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-157.jpg
Roberts, Haggie Harrison, Hawkins Funeral Home    H66/H66-161.jpg
Roberts, Harold Dean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF85/HF85-140.jpg
Roberts, harold Dean, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-184.jpg
Roberts, Harris H. Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-208.jpg
Roberts, Hugh "Uncle Bud" Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-377.jpg
Roberts, Ida, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-144.jpg
Roberts, J.T. "Bud" Oct 27, 1984 West Bridgeport    CL82/CL82-149
Roberts, James Orion Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-221.jpg
Roberts, James Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-022.jpg
Roberts, Janice Leigh Smith Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-245.jpg
Roberts, Jennibelle Renshaw Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-216.jpg
Roberts, Jerry Don Christian Funeral Home   C49/C49-063.jpg
Roberts, Joe Jackson, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-170.jpg
Roberts, John, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-228.jpg
Roberts, Katie Lee Oct 8, 1982 Mrs. Mote Oaklawn Transportation from Shiner, TX         CL82/CL82-2
Roberts, Lewis Murrell Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-151.jpg
Roberts, Lily Magnolia May (Nola), Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-054.jpg
Roberts, Linda Ann Goodwin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-154.jpg
Roberts, Lizzie Bernetta Kennedy, Hawkins Funeral Home   H-48/H-48-41.jpg
Roberts, Loren Jade Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-212.jpg
Roberts, Lowell L., Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-057.jpg
Roberts, Lowell Lauvaughn (Ben), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-105.jpg
Roberts, Lucy Ann Shults Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-109.jpg
Roberts, Mae S. (Smith) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-267.jpg
Roberts, Margaret Etta Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-063.jpg
Roberts, Martha Elenor Powell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1261.jpg
Roberts, Mary Elsie Burroughs Christian Funeral Home       C80/C80-161.jpg
Roberts, Mary Elsie Burroughs, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home    HCD80/HCD80-158.jpg
Roberts, Mary Frances Perry, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF95/BF95-034.jpg
Roberts, Mildred Lorraine Singleton, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-072.jpg
Roberts, Mili Jo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-100.jpg
Roberts, Modena Lovejoy Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-239.jpg
Roberts, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-160.jpg
Roberts, N.B., Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-019.jpg
Roberts, Nannie Irene Boydston Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-206.jpg
Roberts, Nim Rod Oct 5, 1980 Jewel Mote, executrix Oaklawn       CL80/CL80-25
Roberts, Nola May (Lily Magnolia), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF93/HF93-097.jpg
Roberts, Ray Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-083.jpg
Roberts, Reba Jo Holt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF90/HF90-103.jpg
Roberts, Reba Jo Holt, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-278.jpg
Roberts, Rhoda Elizabeth Applin, Hawkins Funeral Home     H-48/H-48-32.jpg
Roberts, Rosalie Brawley Craig, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1262.jpg
Roberts, Roy Arnold, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1263.jpg
Roberts, Roy Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-096.jpg
Roberts, Ruby Mae Whatley Spikes, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-106.jpg
Roberts, Sammie Dale Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-187.jpg
Roberts, Sue N. Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-299.jpg
Roberts, Sunie Daniel Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-252.jpg
Roberts, Virginia Coker Funeral Home         C56/C56-254.jpg
Roberts, W.A. (William Alston) Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-076.jpg
Roberts, Welton C. Dec 26, 1984 Bernice Roberts Oaklawn  CL82/CL82-178
Roberts, William Joe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-122.jpg
Roberts, William Tom, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-103.jpg
Robertson, Allie Mae Leonard Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-201.jpg
Robertson, Bernie Dale Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-287.jpg
Robertson, Bettie Joe (Infant) Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-081.jpg
Robertson, Christopher Henry Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-202.jpg
Robertson, Dorsana J. Bean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF99/HF99-101.jpg
Robertson, Effie Spain Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-139.jpg
Robertson, Georgeanna Elizabeth (Hide), Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-024.jpg
Robertson, James Orville, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-009.jpg
Robertson, James Orville, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-187.jpg
Robertson, James Pinknas Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-153.jpg
Robertson, James Stanley Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-216.jpg
Robertson, James Stanley, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-131.jpg
Robertson, John Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-231.jpg
Robertson, Joseph Gordon Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-292.jpg
Robertson, Lottie Mae Oct 15, 1978 Mabeth Raley Oaklawn Ship in CL76/CL76-64
Robertson, Louie Murel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-119.jpg
Robertson, Mildred Dale Bryan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-121.jpg
Robertson, Mildred Dale Bryan, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-297.jpg
Robertson, Olen Oscar Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-288.jpg
Robertson, Osby Howard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1264.jpg
Robertson, Paula Jean Fitzgerald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF00/HF00-120.jpg
Robertson, Ray Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-104.jpg
Robertson, Velma Inez Hurdt Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-021.jpg
Robertson, William Stuart Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-255.jpg
Robertson, Zuma Meyer Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-022.jpg
Robeson, Hugh Garrnett Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-266.jpg
Robeson, Katie V. Cauble Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-133.jpg
Robinson, Alice Owen Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-291.jpg
Robinson, Alton Royce, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF96/HF96-106.jpg
Robinson, Alton Royce, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-140.jpg
Robinson, Alvie Elmer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF85/HF85-142.jpg
Robinson, Alvie Elmer, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-170.jpg
Robinson, Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-206.jpg
Robinson, Bulah Williams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1265.jpg
Robinson, Cecil Claude Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-220.jpg
Robinson, Charles David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1266.jpg
Robinson, Charles L., Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-086.jpg
Robinson, Charles Leon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-108.jpg
Robinson, Dan Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-122.jpg
Robinson, Dan Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-221.jpg
Robinson, Earl Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-159.jpg
Robinson, Ella, Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-247.jpg
Robinson, Frances Maye Lemons Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-007.jpg
Robinson, Gladys Pearl Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-245.jpg
Robinson, Henry Horace, Hawkins Funeral Home    H-48/H-48-06.jpg
Robinson, Jasper Elmer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1267.jpg
Robinson, Joe Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-279.jpg
Robinson, John Willard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1268.jpg
Robinson, John Willard, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-052.jpg
Robinson, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-054.jpg
Robinson, Johnnie B., Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF95/BF95-117.jpg
Robinson, Jones June 7, 1985 Bella Robinson Pleasant Grove #1      CL82/CL82-247
Robinson, Lessie Mary Raley Christian Funeral Home         C86/C86-148.jpg
Robinson, Lillian Killough, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1269.jpg
Robinson, Maggie Hall, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-162.jpg
Robinson, Maggie Laura Hall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-104.jpg
Robinson, Martha Elizabeth Cox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1273.jpg
Robinson, Mary Alice Kensey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1270.jpg
Robinson, Melissa Gayle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-014.jpg
Robinson, Melissa Gayle, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-348.jpg
Robinson, Melvin, Family of   H66/H66-112a.jpg
Robinson, Melvin, Hawkins Funeral Home    H66/H66-112.jpg
Robinson, Mildred Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-189.jpg
Robinson, Muriel Elizabeth McKown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1271.jpg
Robinson, Raymond Henderson Apr 16, 1982 Mrs. Robinson Oaklawn        CL80/CL80-140
Robinson, Raymond Rich, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF94/HF94-102.jpg
Robinson, Raymond Rich, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-127.jpg
Robinson, Reuben R., Hawkins Funeral Home         H55/H55-011.jpg
Robinson, Richard Millard, Hawkins Funeral Home   H66/H66-111.jpg
Robinson, Roy Zacariah, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1272.jpg
Robinson, Sandra Buggar, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF91/BF91-024.jpg
Robinson, Sandra Buggar, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-144.jpg
Robinson, Sarah Ellen Rich, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-137.jpg
Robinson, Sarah Ellen Rich, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-162.jpg
Robinson, Sylvesta Dunton, Hawkins Funeral Home  H60/H60-039.jpg
Robinson, Willie Weldon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-125.jpg
Robison, Clois Q. Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-156.jpg
Robison, Eva Lou Alexander, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF85/HF85-010.jpg
Robison, Eva Lou Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-026.jpg
Robison, Ruby H. Hixson Richards Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-051.jpg
Robles, Felipe Flores Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-240.jpg
Robles, Felipe Florez, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-167.jpg
Rochelle, Emma Lee Ballard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1275.jpg
Rochelle, Emma Lee Ballard, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-087.jpg
Rochelle, James Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-102.jpg
Rodarte, Lluvia Angelica Banderas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF99/HF99-103.jpg
Rodarte, Melecio, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF99/HF99-104.jpg
Rodden, Albert Newton Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-185.jpg
Rodden, Annie Laurevine McClung Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-012.jpg
Rodden, Floyd Duane Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-226.jpg
Rodden, Hugh Clyde Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-344.jpg
Rodden, Jesse Lee Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-114.jpg
Rodden, Ora Faye Fennell Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-251.jpg
Rodden, William Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-050.jpg
Rodgers, G.W. "Buck" Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-084.jpg
Rodgers, John Wesley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF89/HF89-095.jpg
Rodgers, John Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-131.jpg
Rodgers, Peyton R. Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-261.jpg
Rodgers, Wilma A. Phillips Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-246.jpg
Rodreges (Bargas), Castulo Jan 14, 1978 Bert Pipes Oaklawn Pickup from White Funeral Home, Weatherford, TX         CL76/CL76-39
Rodriguez, Andres Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-024.jpg
Rodriguez, Infant of Johnny R. Christian Funeral Home       C80/C80-014.jpg
Rodriguez, Samuel Escajeda, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF97/HF97-124.jpg
Rodriguez, Samuel Escajedo, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-243.jpg
Rodriguez, Sergio Alberto Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-230.jpg
Rodriguez, Tyler James Christian Funeral Home       C95/C95-099.jpg
Rodriquez, Son of Johnny & Jayne Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-165.jpg
Roe, Bill, Hawkins Funeral Home      H23/H23-193.jpg
Roe, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Hawkins Funeral Home   H-48/H-48-17.jpg
Roe, Raymond Jan 20, 1983 Mrs. Roe Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-25
Roe, S. C., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home     H23/H23-238.jpg
Roe, W.S. Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-212.jpg
Roeber, Margaret Louise Chisholm Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-146.jpg
Roettger, Grace Bell Rhoads Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-233.jpg
Rogers or Levy, Mark or Mr. Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-222.jpg
Rogers, Bessie Madden Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-109.jpg
Rogers, Bessie Madden, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-160.jpg
Rogers, Bessie Tennessee Cleveland, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1274.jpg
Rogers, Betty Ann Counts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-105.jpg
Rogers, Betty Ann Counts, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-080.jpg
Rogers, Carrie Skinner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1276.jpg
Rogers, Charity McCright Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-264.jpg
Rogers, Clemmie Geneva Simpson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1277.jpg
Rogers, Clemmie Geneva Simpson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H80/H80-118.jpg
Rogers, Clifton Charles, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-099.jpg
Rogers, Clinton Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1278.jpg
Rogers, Cynthia Ann Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-231.jpg
Rogers, Eldred Leroy, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF81/BF81-020.jpg
Rogers, Ella Pauline, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF98/HF98-123.jpg
Rogers, Elwyn Lawrence Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-092.jpg
Rogers, Eunice Beatrice Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-098.jpg
Rogers, Eunice Beatrice Dale, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-292.jpg
Rogers, Fannie Moore Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-297.jpg
Rogers, Gideon M., Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-22.jpg
Rogers, Hattie Azalyne McAlister, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-084.jpg
Rogers, James M. Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-161.jpg
Rogers, James Paul, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF88/HF88-115.jpg
Rogers, James Paul, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-383.jpg
Rogers, Joe Homer Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-186.jpg
Rogers, Kenneth Jimmy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-121.jpg
Rogers, Lee A. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-233.jpg
Rogers, Mable Ruth Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-158.jpg
Rogers, Margaret Jennings Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-058.jpg
Rogers, Mary Martha Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF93/HF93-099.jpg
Rogers, Mary Martha Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-284.jpg
Rogers, Myrtle D. Hudson Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-187.jpg
Rogers, Myrtle Huddleston Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-178.jpg
Rogers, Obeda Alyene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-105.jpg
Rogers, Paul Sloan, Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-42.jpg
Rogers, R.E. (Rebecca Eveline Roper) Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-174.jpg
Rogers, Raymond Byran, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-138.jpg
Rogers, Raymond Byron, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-179.jpg
Rogers, Richard D. Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-235.jpg
Rogers, Richard Henry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-297.jpg
Rogers, Robert Allison Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-288.jpg
Rogers, Robert Thomas Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-164.jpg
Rogers, Rosa Ann Lemme, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1279.jpg
Rogers, Scott Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-266.jpg
Rogers, Telmon Sparks, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-102.jpg
Rogers, Thomas Gordon, Dr. Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-163.jpg
Rogers, Tilmon Ordel "T.O.", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF97/HF97-123.jpg
Rogers, Tilmon Ordel, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-266.jpg
Rogers, Truett Otho Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-123.jpg
Rogers, W.N., Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-293.jpg
Rogers, Wendell Jerome Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-163.jpg
Rogers, Willie Virginia Ross Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-163.jpg
Rohrer, Gertrude Stanley Patkowski, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF88/HF88-114.jpg
Rohrer, Gertrude Stanley Patowski, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-006.jpg
Rohus, Ben Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-122.jpg
Rohus, Gracie Cordell Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-137.jpg
Rohus, Gracie Cordell Wise, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-154.jpg
Rohus, James Marvin Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-329.jpg
Rohus, Ollie Mae, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF94/HF94-103.jpg
Rohus, Ollie Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-171.jpg
Rohus, Thurman, Hawkins Funeral Home     H53/H53-149.jpg
Rohus, William Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1280.jpg
Rohus, Willie Dalton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1281.jpg
Rohus, Willie Dalton, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-227.jpg
Roland, James R. Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-124.jpg
Rolander, LaNita Kay, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-176.jpg
Rolison, Vera Lavaine Stewart, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1282.jpg
Rollins, Audrey Jefferson "A.J." Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-049.jpg
Romine, Hugh Virgil Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-138.jpg
Romine, Larry James Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-246.jpg
Romine, W. E., Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-064.jpg
Romo, Domingo Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-044.jpg
Romo, Feliz Juarez Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-126.jpg
Rone, Lawrence Christian Funeral Home      C89/C89-012.jpg
Rone, Marvin, Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-010.jpg
Rone, Willie B. Steddum Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-268.jpg
Rooney, Stanley James, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-107.jpg
Rooney, Stanley James, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-273.jpg
Roop, M.C., Mrs. (Della) Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-096.jpg
Roop, Moran Carl, Sr. Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-400.jpg
Roop, Ora Lee Griffeth Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-065.jpg
Roop, William Reed Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-106.jpg
Rope, James Rufus Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-483.jpg
Roper, Billie Kay Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-179.jpg
Roper, Elvis Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-184.jpg
Roper, Jess, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-255.jpg
Roper, John Henry Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-023.jpg
Roper, Minnie Mae Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-273.jpg
Roper, Myrtle Lee Foxall Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-010.jpg
Roper, Susan E., Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-167.jpg
Roper, William Everett Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-186.jpg
Rorie, Eldredge Fulton Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-209.jpg
Rorie, Ira Madge Robinson "Dot" Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-122.jpg
Rose , John William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1284.jpg
Rose, Ben Frank Coker Funeral Home         C56/C56-256.jpg
Rose, Donley Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF98/HF98-124.jpg
Rose, Donley Lee, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1283.jpg
Rose, Eva Jo Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-164.jpg
Rose, Eva Patricia Paschall Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-165.jpg
Rose, Gladys Ola Gray Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-046.jpg
Rose, infant son Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-354a.jpg
Rose, Iva Etheline Barnett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF96/HF96-107.jpg
Rose, Iva Etheline Barnett, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-161.jpg
Rose, John William (Bill), Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-104.jpg
Rose, Katherine Nell James, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-108.jpg
Rose, Kathryn Nell Jomes, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-234.jpg
Rose, Leonard Audie Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-324.jpg
Rose, Minta Liddie, Hawkins Funeral Home  H55/H55-051.jpg
Rose, Samuel Paul Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-127.jpg
Roselle, Nettie Mae Price Christian Funeral Home    C01/C01-108.jpg
Roselle, William Bell Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-173.jpg
Rosenberg, Eliza Jane Wheelis Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-050.jpg
Rosenberg, Fred LeRoy Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-119.jpg
Rosenberg, Sadie Ruth Rowe Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-209.jpg
Rosenburg, Bertie Albert Christian Funeral Home     C49/C49-109.jpg
Rosenburg, Birdie Mae Hall Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-162.jpg
Rosenburg, Burt Albert, Jr. Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-241.jpg
Rosenburg, Carl Elbert Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-022.jpg
Rosenburg, Charlie J. Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-176.jpg
Rosenburg, Clara Bernice Boydston Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-239.jpg
Rosenburg, Emiley Ann Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-068.jpg
Rosenburg, Franklin William Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-293.jpg
Rosenburg, Henrietta Hermina Mary Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-268.jpg
Rosenburg, Mary Katherine Cook Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-073.jpg
Rosenburg, Ruby Dorris Porter Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-131.jpg
Rosenburg, Sarah Leola Hudson Dawson Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-146.jpg
Rosenburg, Thomas Walter Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-082.jpg
Rosenburg, Thomas Walter, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-162.jpg
Rosenburg, Trula Collins Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-029.jpg
Rosenburg, Walter Evans Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-282.jpg
Rosenburg, William W. "Bill" "Grandad" Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-134.jpg
Rosenburg, Zelma Cook Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-027.jpg
Ross, Abba Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-094.jpg
Ross, Alta Eveline Booth       H68/H68-120a.jpg
Ross, Alta Eveline Booth, Hawkins Funeral Home    H68/H68-120.jpg
Ross, Andrew Jackson Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-257.jpg
Ross, Beulah, Hawkins Funeral Home         H65/H65-037.jpg
Ross, Charles B. Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-125.jpg
Ross, David Lloyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1285.jpg
Ross, Edwin Loyd, Hawkins Funeral Home   H64/H64-039.jpg
Ross, Francis O. Ward Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-249.jpg
Ross, Harold Allen Christian Funeral Home   C98/C98-247.jpg
Ross, Henry McCormick Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-123.jpg
Ross, Jess Lee Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-058.jpg
Ross, Lloyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1286.jpg
Ross, Mamie Teague, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF94/HF94-104.jpg
Ross, Mamie Teague, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-198.jpg
Ross, Martha Eliza, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-030.jpg
Ross, Minnie Edna Thomas Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-105.jpg
Ross, Randall Duard, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-155.jpg
Ross, Roy Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-107.jpg
Ross, Stell Crawford "Gaggy" Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-202.jpg
Ross, Tishie Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-045.jpg
Ross, Travis Eugene Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-066.jpg
Ross, V.A., Mrs. (Kitty) Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-061.jpg
Ross, William Erskine, Hawkins Funeral Home        H63/H63-112.jpg
Rossen, Charles O. Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-468.jpg
Rosser, Ester Mariah Williams Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-298.jpg
Rosson, Launa Murtus Bilyeu Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-199.jpg
Rosson, Leon Felty Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-056.jpg
Rothlis, Jimmy William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-106.jpg
Rotton, Emma Lee Whitsell Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-365.jpg
Rotton, James Earnest, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-106.jpg
Routh, Wilmina Apr 24, 1981 Sarah Suchowerskij Restlawn, Altus, OK       CL80/CL80-66
Rowan, Allen Thurmond Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-179.jpg
Rowan, Catherine Greenwood(Thurmond) Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-096.jpg
Rowan, Edward Floyd Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-144.jpg
Rowan, Elizabeth Ann Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-251.jpg
Rowan, James Hamilton Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-386.jpg
Rowan, John Derwood Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-275.jpg
Rowan, John H. Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-266.jpg
Rowden, Arline Kuykendall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-126.jpg
Rowden, Sarah Cecil Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-123.jpg
Rowden, William Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home        H65/H65-080.jpg
Rowe, Carolyn McLarty Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-261.jpg
Rowe, Charles E. Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-105.jpg
Rowe, Dixie Lee Boner Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-175.jpg
Rowe, Horace Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-099.jpg
Rowe, James David Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-165.jpg
Rowe, Jeri Lynn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1287.jpg
Rowe, Jessie Irene (Long) Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-236.jpg
Rowe, Joseph Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-006.jpg
Rowe, Virginia Jane Whitten Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-089.jpg
Rowland, Gladys Myrtle Wright, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-003.jpg
Rowland, Keefe Hutchinson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-125.jpg
Rowland, Lance K. Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-062.jpg
Rowland, Lois Helene Salter Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-494.jpg
Rowland, Norma Grace "Gracie" Bridges Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-084.jpg
Rowlett, William Albert Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-063.jpg
Roy, Ardin Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-030.jpg
Royal, John Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-032.jpg
Royse, Afton Geneva Hughes Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-271.jpg
Royster, Mary Frances Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-122.jpg
Royston, Clevy Matelda West, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1288.jpg
Royston, Eunice Pauline Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1289.jpg
Royston, Mary Lou (Louise) Jackson Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-244.jpg
Royston, Olen Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF91/HF91-104.jpg
Royston, Olen Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-122.jpg
Royston, R. (Richard) Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-115.jpg
Rubio, Jose Cruz Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-090.jpg
Rubio, Juan Carlos, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-107.jpg
Rucker, Ara Virginia Peters Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-125.jpg
Rucker, John Martin Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-270.jpg
Rucker, Julia Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-185.jpg
Rucker, Lorena Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-430.jpg
Rucker, Marshall D., Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-020.jpg
Rucker, R. D., Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-139.jpg
Rudd, Columbus Brown Lee Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-238.jpg
Rudd, Emery E., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1290.jpg
Rudd, Eula Ann Lewis Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-071.jpg
Rudd, Imogene, Hawkins Funeral Home       H64/H64-012.jpg
Rudd, John Pleasant Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-169.jpg
Rudd, Lavenia A. Thomas Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-111.jpg
Rudd, Lynn Loftus Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-126.jpg
Rudd, Mary E. Knox Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-152.jpg
Rudd, Novia Abbie Pyeatt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF88/HF88-112.jpg
Rudd, Novia Abbie Pyeatt, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-418.jpg
Rudd, William O., Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-032.jpg
Rudd, William Omer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-109.jpg
Ruddick, Dorothy B. Mar 14, 1982 Johne Ruddick Alvord     CL80/CL80-133
Ruddick, Virgil Ewen Dec 23, 1984 Alvord Ship in    CL82/CL82-173
Rudisill, John Emery Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-115.jpg
Rudisill, Roberta Pridgen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1291.jpg
Ruffin, Linda Kay Jones Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-303.jpg
Ruffin, Linda Kay Jones, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-152.jpg
Rush, Laura Watkins Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-066.jpg
Rush, Nell Dewitt Snead Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-151.jpg
Rush, Tom Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-043.jpg
Rush, Tom Yarbrough, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-164.jpg
Rush, William L. Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-024.jpg
Rushing, Charles Weldon Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-092.jpg
Rushing, Effie Hopson Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-416a.jpg
Rushing, Sarah Hopson Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-189.jpg
Rushing, Thomas Jefferson Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-293.jpg
Russell, Alline Ashbrook, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-012.jpg
Russell, Alline Ashbrook, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-331.jpg
Russell, Burrell Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home      H64/H64-110.jpg
Russell, Caleb J. Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-299.jpg
Russell, CLarence A. Mar 19, 1978 H.C. Russell Oaklawn   CL76/CL76-49
Russell, Clifford Henderson, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-175.jpg
Russell, Clifford, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home    HCD80/HCD80-150.jpg
Russell, Cora Lee Hale Christian Funeral Home       C80/C80-223.jpg
Russell, Cora Lee Hale, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home    HCD80/HCD80-166.jpg
Russell, Daisey Blanche Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home    H63/H63-108.jpg
Russell, Ellen Elizabeth Thornton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1292.jpg
Russell, Flora Louise Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-355.jpg
Russell, Freeman Price, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1293.jpg
Russell, Glenn A. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-082.jpg
Russell, Grace Mae Sullivan Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-123.jpg
Russell, Huey Clifton "H.C." Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-219.jpg
Russell, Ida Lillian Hudson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H66/H66-055.jpg
Russell, Ingia Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-083.jpg
Russell, Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-007.jpg
Russell, John Joe, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-071.jpg
Russell, Julius Wood Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-092.jpg
Russell, Lorena F. Mar 21, 1983 Mrs. Glover Alvord CL82/CL82-36
Russell, M., Miss, Hawkins Funeral Home    H23/H23-292.jpg
Russell, Mary Elizabeth Evans Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-025.jpg
Russell, Mary Howell Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-003.jpg
Russell, Mary Molly Elizabeth Sparks Christian Funeral Home        C49/C49-105.jpg
Russell, O. H., Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-206.jpg
Russell, Orville Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF92/HF92-095.jpg
Russell, Rebecca Diann Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-169.jpg
Russell, Ross Christian Funeral Home C15-121A      C15/C15-121.jpg
Russell, Ruby Delma Lancaster, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1294.jpg
Russell, Susie Blanche Smith Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-285.jpg
Russell, Virgil Ross Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-512.jpg
Russell, Whitfield Leggett, M.D. Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-405.jpg
Rutherford, Billy M. Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-154.jpg
Rutherford, Christine Taylor, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-096.jpg
Rutherford, Earl Hardy Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-118.jpg
Rutherford, Ethel Frances (Richardson) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-463.jpg
Rutherford, George Hobson Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-227.jpg
Rutherford, Harley Zeling Jan 11, 1978 Mrs. Dorothy Rutherford Greenwood         CL76/CL76-38
Rutherford, Helen Lou Hale Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-200.jpg
Rutherford, Mollie Vergie Christian Funeral Home    C50/C50-363.jpg
Rutherford, Pauline Elizabeth Ford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1295.jpg
Rutherford, Pauline Elizabeth Ford, Hawkins Funeral Home  H80/H80-185.jpg
Rutherford, Susan Fleenar Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-132.jpg
Rutherford, Velpeau, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-128.jpg
Rutherford, Wilbur Sheridon Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-266.jpg
Rutherford, Willis Aubrey Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-223.jpg
Ruthledge, Audeen, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-044.jpg
Rutledge, Audeen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-101.jpg
Rutledge, Jack Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-143.jpg
Rutledge, Velma Works Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-063.jpg
Ryan, Ethel Lonia White, Hawkins Funeral Home     H69/H69-029.jpg
Ryan, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home  H69/H69-042.jpg
Ryan, John William, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H69/H69-142.jpg
Ryan, Lawrence Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF89/HF89-107.jpg
Ryan, Margaret Anne Matherson, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-425.jpg
Ryan, Margaret Anne Matheson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF88/HF88-116.jpg
Ryan, Willie Fannie Jones, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF87/HF87-011.jpg
Ryan, Willie Fannie Jones, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-353.jpg
Saarinen, Billie Joy Tackel, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-043.jpg
Saarinen, O. N., Hawkins Funeral Home      H84/H84-304.jpg
Saarinew, Oscar Nickelos (Nick), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF87/HF87-054.jpg
Sabourin, Deborah Faye Johns, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-125.jpg
Sabourin, Dorothy Faye Johns, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-191.jpg
Sakellaridis, Ruth Ann Roper Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-143.jpg
Salas, Johnny Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-094.jpg
Salas, Kresha Ann Fulcher Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-095.jpg
Salas, Richard Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-096.jpg
Salazar, Guadalupe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1296.jpg
Salazar, Jessie, Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-235.jpg
Sales, Joseph Rayburn Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-020.jpg
Salinas, Alejandro Vazquez Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-275.jpg
Salinas, Emma Sepulueda, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF91/HF91-105.jpg
Salinas, Emma Sepuluedo, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-140.jpg
Salinas, Olivia Herrera Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-191.jpg
Saling, America Ann Lynch, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1297.jpg
Saling, Emit Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-050.jpg
Saling, Harve NMN Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-187.jpg
Saling, Jay Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-443.jpg
Salmon, David Douglas Christian Funeral Home       C89/C89-055.jpg
Saltkill, Arthur Lee Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-026.jpg
Sammons, Maudie Mable Camper, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1298.jpg
Sammons, William David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF99/HF99-109.jpg
Sampler, Ernest Durwood Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-008.jpg
Sampler, Ernest Durwood, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-187.jpg
Sampler, Ernest Guy Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-165.jpg
Sampler, Florence Effie Dockrey, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-191.jpg
Sampler, Florence Ettie Dockrey Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-297.jpg
Sampler, Hermis Damon Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-124.jpg
Sampler, Hugh Coleman Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-120.jpg
Sampler, John Coleman Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-102.jpg
Sampler, Linda Jean Pullen Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-216.jpg
Sampler, Mable V. McNutt Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-099.jpg
Sampler, Mettie Pinkney Christian Funeral Home     C42/C42-062.jpg
Sampler, Ralph Augusta Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-366.jpg
Samples, Jessie Fugate, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1299.jpg
Samples, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-060.jpg
Samples, Johnnie (Florence) Austin Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-226.jpg
Samples, Ralph Augusta, Hawkins Funeral Home     H63/H63-113.jpg
Sampson, Carrie Mae Yett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1300.jpg
Sampson, Cloeta Fern Franklin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF98/BF98-077.jpg
Sampson, Daniel Thomas, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-142.jpg
Sampson, Henry Hogg, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1301.jpg
Sampson, John Dewitt, Hawkins Funeral Home       H61/H61-054.jpg
Sampson, Louis Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home      H60/H60-048.jpg
Sampson, Thomas Judson Christian Funeral Home    C39/C39-008.jpg
Sanches, Manuel Ortiz Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-187.jpg
Sanchez, Marcella Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-290.jpg
Sanchez, Mary Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home  H64/H64-106.jpg
Sanderlin, Mattie Arrie Lassiter Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-147.jpg
Sanders, Allie Maddux, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-028.jpg
Sanders, Barbara Ann Sparks, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-012.jpg
Sanders, Debra Yvonne Gordon "Sonni", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-109.jpg
Sanders, Debra Yvonne Gordon, Hawkins Funeral Home     H95/H95-067.jpg
Sanders, Dicy Happer Christian Funeral Home        C49/C49-132.jpg
Sanders, Dolly Ann Finch, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-002.jpg
Sanders, Dolly Ann Thornton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-103.jpg
Sanders, Esther Mae Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-054.jpg
Sanders, Gladney Edwards Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-063.jpg
Sanders, Homer David, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1303.jpg
Sanders, Ida Lavora Goodwin Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-098.jpg
Sanders, James Kenneth Vaidaman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1302.jpg
Sanders, James Kenneth, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-223.jpg
Sanders, Jeffie Julia "Judy" Stevens, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-203.jpg
Sanders, Jeffie Julia Stevans, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF94/HF94-105.jpg
Sanders, Jessie William Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-043.jpg
Sanders, Jewel Jess, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF85/HF85-149.jpg
Sanders, Jewel Jess, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-149.jpg
Sanders, John Richard Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-148.jpg
Sanders, John's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-100.jpg
Sanders, Mamie Elizabeth Marshall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1304.jpg
Sanders, Mary Alice Hanner Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-070.jpg
Sanders, Renza Dall "Bud", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-108.jpg
Sanders, Richard Allen, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-112.jpg
Sanders, Robert Ernest, Jr. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-035.jpg
Sanders, Stacie Ann, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF81/BF81-026.jpg
Sanders, Tommie Stover Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-272.jpg
Sanders, W.M. Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-147.jpg
Sanderson, Beatrice E. McDaniel, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-012.jpg
Sanderson, Billy Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1305.jpg
Sanderson, Eugene Columbus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-104.jpg
Sanderson, Eugene Columbus, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-291.jpg
Sanderson, Grandmother, Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-289.jpg
Sanderson, Joseph Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-007.jpg
Sanderson, Mattie Cauley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1306.jpg
Sanderson, Wesley Freeman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1307.jpg
Sandlin, Clifford Dwain, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1308.jpg
Sandlin, Willie Mae Stinson or Cage Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-153.jpg
Sandoval, Alicia Reyna, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1309.jpg
Sandoval, Enrique, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1310.jpg
Sandoval, Luis Hector, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1311.jpg
Sandoval, Luis Hector, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-051.jpg
Sands, Henryetta Elizabeth Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-211.jpg
Sands, James E. Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-166.jpg
Sands, Lloyd David June 1982 Margaret Sands Cremated     CL80/CL80-153
Sands, Nell Oct 6, 1981 Margaret Sands Alvord       CL80/CL80-98
Sanduskey, R.T. Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-187.jpg
Sanford, Eula Mae Venus Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-294.jpg
Sanford, Gwane Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-228.jpg
Sanford, Theodosia Moses Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-183.jpg
Sanford, William I. Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-018.jpg
Santiago, Daniel Ray Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-210.jpg
Sartain, Archie Vernon, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-139.jpg
Sartain, Olivia Lavada Comer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF88/HF88-118.jpg
Sartain, Olivia Lavada Comer, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-424.jpg
Sartain, William Homer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1312.jpg
Saulter, William William, Hawkins Funeral Home      H65/H65-035.jpg
Saulter, Willie Elizabeth Power, Hawkins Funeral Home      H65/H65-094.jpg
Saunders, Clarice Clark, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-110.jpg
Saunders, Clarice Clark, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-076.jpg
Saunders, Eula Maude Newton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-053.jpg
Saunders, Eula Maude Newton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H84/H84-346.jpg
Saunders, Mildred Lou Haney, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-364.jpg
Saunders, Mildred Low Haney, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-047.jpg
Saunders, Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home        H33/H33-239.jpg
Saunders, Noel Clay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1313.jpg
Saunders, Olive Marlon, Mr. Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-301.jpg
Saunders, Olive Marlowe Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-289.jpg
Saunders, T. J., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-185.jpg
Saunders, Venezuela, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1314.jpg
Saunier, Trevor Keith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-123.jpg
Saunier, Tristen Christopher, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-124.jpg
Savage, Kattie Florence Barber, Hawkins Funeral Home     H65/H65-085.jpg
Savage, Melinda Jane Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-151.jpg
Sawyer, Rena Mae Sparkman Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-161.jpg
Sawyer, Tom L. Nov 4, 1984 Mrs. Sawyer Pleasant Grove   CL82/CL82-153
Sayles, A. D., Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-016.jpg
Sayles, Alvie Delmer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-105.jpg
Scaff, Albert Henry Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-297.jpg
Scaff, Albert Leroy Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-032.jpg
Scaff, Bertha Mae (Raymond) Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-394.jpg
Scaff, Deliah America Smith Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-042.jpg
Scaff, Henry W. (Wooten) Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-066.jpg
Scaff, J.F., Mr. Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-222.jpg
Scaff, James Kenneth Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-027.jpg
Scaff, Loyd Franklin Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-202.jpg
Scaff, Tommie Jo Driskell Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-058.jpg
Scaggs, James C. Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-267.jpg
Scales, Beulah Vivian Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-083.jpg
Scales, Clarence Erving, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-004.jpg
Scales, Clay Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1315.jpg
Scales, Iva May Evans, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1316.jpg
Scales, James Earl, Hawkins Funeral Home   H63/H63-019.jpg
Scales, Jeanette Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-052.jpg
Scales, Maude Underwood, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-067.jpg
Scales, Tommie B., Hawkins Funeral Home  H65/H65-021.jpg
Schababerle, Jack William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1317.jpg
Schaefer, William Alvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-126.jpg
Schaffer, C.C. Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-287.jpg
Scheller, Gary Dwayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-130.jpg
Schifflett, Hasten Tussy Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-414.jpg
Schkade, Bernhard Herman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF87/HF87-049.jpg
Schlueter, Janet Pratt Spring Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-110.jpg
Schlumbohn, J.H. Aug 29, 1982 Mrs. Schlumbohn Sweetwater        CL80/CL80-163
Schluter, Amy Valene, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-070.jpg
Schluter, Carl E. Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-246.jpg
Schluter, Jimmie Carol Mason Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-164.jpg
Schluter, Virginia Ann Merrill Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-185.jpg
Schmidt, Harold Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-058.jpg
Schmidt, Lou Ellen Sherman Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-487.jpg
Schneider, Mamie Opal Perkins Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-023.jpg
Schnick, Daniel Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-275.jpg
Schoenrock, James Lynn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1318.jpg
Schoof, Elmer Wilford Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-189.jpg
Schoof, Margaret May 31, 1984 Ship out to Will & Schwarzkoff Funeral Home      CL82/CL82-129
Schooling, Emmett L. Nov 16, 1985 Mrs. Schooling Oaklawn CL82/CL82-299
Schooling, Margaret Ann McDonald Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-185.jpg
Schooling, Opal May Parish Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-191.jpg
Schoonover, Joseph L., Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-10.jpg
Schroeder, Christine Louise Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-092.jpg
Schroeder, Clifford L. Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-237.jpg
Schroeder, Everton Thoodre Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-413.jpg
Schroeder, Melba Rae (Loyd) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-065.jpg
Schroeder, Wilding "Butch" May 8, 1984       CL82/CL82-121
Schuler, Helen Marie Brashear, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1319.jpg
Schuler, Lorena Grimmett, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-074.jpg
Schulkey, Alma Ruth Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-060.jpg
Schulkey, Lewis Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-196.jpg
Schults, John C. Christian Funeral Home      C15/C15-266.jpg
Schunter, William Gerald "Bill", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-127.jpg
Schunter, William Gerald, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-193.jpg
Schwark, Christian John Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-038.jpg
Schwark, Ethel Stokes Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-008.jpg
Scoff, John, Hawkins Funeral Home  H23/H23-160.jpg
Scott, Alonzo Lee, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1320.jpg
Scott, Alonzo Lee, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-108.jpg
Scott, Attie Bethena Lowrey Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-099.jpg
Scott, Audie David Apr 16, 1980 Jonestown   CL80/CL80-4
Scott, Charles Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1321.jpg
Scott, Dorothy Lou Mosley Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-003.jpg
Scott, Elizabeth New Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-216.jpg
Scott, Harold Eudell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF98/HF98-126.jpg
Scott, Jack Archie Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-075.jpg
Scott, Jack M., Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-236.jpg
Scott, John Michael Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-235.jpg
Scott, Juanita Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-016.jpg
Scott, Mary Ann Van Meter Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-204.jpg
Scott, Mary Frances McLennan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-110.jpg
Scott, Owswald Virgil "O.V." Christian Funeral Home         C97/C97-217.jpg
Scott, Pearla Tucker Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-030.jpg
Scott, Robert Riley Nov 5, 1982 Jonestown    CL82/CL82-9
Scott, Samuel Thornton, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-027.jpg
Scott, Sarah Octavia Cobb, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-109.jpg
Scott, Sarah Octovia Cobb, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF81/BF81-173.jpg
Scott, Wash E. "Silo" Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-081.jpg
Scott, William Dennis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-107.jpg
Scott, William Dennis, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-294.jpg
Scotts, Charles Junior Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-198.jpg
Scribner, Beverly Ann Briscoe Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-142.jpg
Scroggins, Alma Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-378.jpg
Scroggins, Charlie William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1322.jpg
Scroggins, Eugene NMN, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF81/BF81-089.jpg
Scroggins, James Lee Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-266.jpg
Scroggins, Melissia Shores Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-043.jpg
Scroggins, Mildred Edith Lynch, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-130.jpg
Scroggins, Ora Bell Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-435.jpg
Scroggins, Randall Eugene, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-086.jpg
Scroggins, Randy, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-234.jpg
Scroggins, Zula Janet Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF90/HF90-104.jpg
Scroggins, Zula Janet Bailey, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-241.jpg
Seabolt, Beatrice Golden Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-068.jpg
Seabolt, Eunice Rutherford Dec 5, 1984 Oaklawn     CL82/CL82-163
Seabolt, Ottoway Aor 29, 1983 Lahoma ? Cartwright Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-46
Seagraves, Ancil Leslie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1323.jpg
Seagraves, Burgess M., Hawkins Funeral Home      H53/H53-161.jpg
Seagraves, Earnest, Hawkins Funeral Home  H57/H57-008.jpg
Seagraves, Girl, Hawkins Funeral Home       H23/H23-262.jpg
Seagraves, M.B., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-294.jpg
Seagraves, Raleigh Judd, Hawkins Funeral Home     H53/H53-162.jpg
Seahoult, John Ballard, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-125.jpg
Seals, Dorothy Louise Short Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-013.jpg
Seals, Leona Bell, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home      H23/H23-060.jpg
Seargems, B. M., Hawkins Funeral Home     H-48/H-48-37.jpg
Sears, Kenneth Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home      H68/H68-078.jpg
Seaton, Connie S. Ferrell, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-044.jpg
Seaton, Connie Sue Fennell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-111.jpg
Seaton, G.W., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home   H60/H60-074.jpg
Seaton, Gwendolynn Armstrong, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF98/BF98-166.jpg
Seaton, Linda Faye Hatley, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-146.jpg
Seaton, Linda Hatley, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-277.jpg
Seaton, Thomas Otto, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-123.jpg
Seaton, Thomas, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-254.jpg
Seay, Emma Susie Woodard, Hawkins Funeral Home         H55/H55-162.jpg
Seay, Vivian Rhyne May 27, 1984 Alvord     CL82/CL82-122
Sechrist, Queva Mae Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-255.jpg
Secrest, Rossie Cooper Williams Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-178.jpg
Seely, Laura Eva Barnes, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF91/HF91-106.jpg
Seely, Laura Eva Barnes, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-084.jpg
Seelye, Jennifer Nichole, Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-107.jpg
Seelye, Jennifer Nicole, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF89/HF89-106.jpg
Seelye, Le Roy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-111.jpg
Seets, Euna Jozell Stamey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1324.jpg
Seets, Euna Jozell, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-120.jpg
Segraves, Georgia Adell Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-168.jpg
Segura, Jose Alfredo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF99/HF99-112.jpg
Segura, Margarita Roderiquez, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-087.jpg
Segura, Martha & Sheri, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-199.jpg
Segura, Ramon, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-198.jpg
Seibold, Walter anthony, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF98/BF98-021.jpg
Seigler, Dessie Smallwood, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-251.jpg
Selby, Emily Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-176.jpg
Selby, William Cassie Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-373.jpg
Sellars, Cora Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-009.jpg
Sellars, James Livingston "Lev" Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-242.jpg
Sellars, Johnnie Mae Blankenship Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-007.jpg
Sellars, Johnnie Mae Blankenship, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-190.jpg
Sellars, Marcus DeLafayette Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-039.jpg
Sellers, Carol Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-130.jpg
Sellers, Cora Lee Boyd Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-415.jpg
Sellers, Frances Emma Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1325.jpg
Sellers, Irma Frances Kaker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF01/HF01-128.jpg
Sellers, Jerry Dale Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-131.jpg
Sellers, Lillie Hepter Brumfield Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-274.jpg
Sellers, Robert T. Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-231.jpg
Sellers, Ronny Jean Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-220.jpg
Sellers, William B., Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-045.jpg
Sellers, William Boon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF93/HF93-108.jpg
Sellman, Callis Michael, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-104.jpg
Sells, Baby Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-202.jpg
Selz, Bess Hulme, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1326.jpg
Selz, Leo Valentine, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-183.jpg
Sensibaugh, Ferd Houston, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-202.jpg
Sensibaugh, Jim H. Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-125.jpg
Sensibaugh, Minnie Lee Hembree, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-051.jpg
Sensibaugh, Minnie Lee Hembree, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-314.jpg
Sensibaugh, Mittie Cartright Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-204.jpg
Sensibaugh, Nancy Hewet Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-152.jpg
Sensibaugh, Nancy Jane Power, Hawkins Funeral Home     H55/H55-158.jpg
Sensibaugh, R.R. "Bob" Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-158.jpg
Sensibaugh, Robert Orville Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-292.jpg
Sensibaugh, Robert Orville, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-180.jpg
Sensibaugh, William Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home         H55/H55-069.jpg
Sensibaugh, Zack Sam Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-149.jpg
Sermons, Arnold Lee Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-117.jpg
Sermons, Ruben Charles Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-506.jpg
Serrano, Leonor Huerta Lopez, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-129.jpg
Serrett, Bessie Whitlow Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-217.jpg
Setser, Amelia Ella Paul, Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-116.jpg
Setser, Ernest Dan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1327.jpg
Setser, Nettie Sylvester Hancock, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1328.jpg
Sewalt, Myra Cordella Dixon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF90/HF90-105.jpg
Sewalt, Myra Dixon, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-235.jpg
Sewalt, Royce Lafayette, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1329.jpg
Seward, Annie Laurie Malon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1330.jpg
Seward, Chester C., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1331.jpg
Seward, Chester C., Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-158.jpg
Seward, Clarence Roscoe, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-014.jpg
Seward, Maggie Isbell Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home   H61/H61-188.jpg
Sewell, E.J. (Elizabeth J.) Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-031.jpg
Sewell, Eugenia Ruth Cobb Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-012.jpg
Sewell, Eva Ruth Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-047.jpg
Sewell, Nolan Leonard Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-100.jpg
Sexon, Billy Leroy, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF91/BF91-015.jpg
Sexson, Billy Leroy, Boyd Funeral Home      B88/B88-134.jpg
Sexton, Dovie Lorene Conn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-125.jpg
Sexton, Veda Laurel Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-186.jpg
Seymore, Herman Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-148.jpg
Seymour, Herman Leonard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF94/HF94-106.jpg
Shadle, Melissa Eunice Tackett, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-170.jpg
Shadle, William S., Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-287.jpg
Shadwick, Donnie Lee, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-049.jpg
Shafer, Daniel A. Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-331.jpg
Shafer, Delight Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-227.jpg
Shanks, Elbert Eugene "Gene", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-114.jpg
Shanks, Elbert Joel, Hawkins Funeral Home  H68/H68-020.jpg
Shanks, Lodema Viola Saunders, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1332.jpg
Shanley, Don Cameron Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-209.jpg
Shannon, C.B., Mr. Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-202.jpg
Shannon, H.S., Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-104.jpg
Shannon, Margrett, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-173.jpg
Shannon, Raymond Wilburn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF97/HF97-127.jpg
Shannon, Raymond Wilburn, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-293.jpg
Shannon, Robert Green, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-163.jpg
Shannon, Wylie Arman, Hawkins Funeral Home      H64/H64-061.jpg
Sharp, Alma Stanley Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-294.jpg
Sharp, Amma Katheryn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-106.jpg
Sharp, Archie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home   H53/H53-084.jpg
Sharp, Charles Frances Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-233.jpg
Sharp, Delia Rosenberg Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-228.jpg
Sharp, Joseph Sanders, Hawkins Funeral Home       H64/H64-022.jpg
Sharp, Mary Catherine Hinde, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-199.jpg
Sharp, Mary Elizabeth "Babe" Boyd Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-160.jpg
Sharp, Ora Mae Denney, Hawkins Funeral Home     H68/H68-108.jpg
Sharp, Paul W. Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-013.jpg
Sharpless, Bertha Mae Adams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF96/HF96-112.jpg
Sharpless, Bertha Mae Adams, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-089.jpg
Sharpless, Clyde Willard, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF98/BF98-103.jpg
Sharpless, Jack Norris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1334.jpg
Shartle, Neil Lynn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1335.jpg
Shaunty, Clela Mae Leslie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1336.jpg
Shaver, William Hugh Christian Funeral Home         C76/C76-081.jpg
Shaw, Annie (Tumulty) Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-327.jpg
Shaw, Auzie Matthews Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-258.jpg
Shaw, Bess, Miss Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-191.jpg
Shaw, Claude E. Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-140.jpg
Shaw, Curtis Onan Christian Funeral Home   C59/C59-117.jpg
Shaw, Curtis Onan, Jr. "Jiggs" Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-083.jpg
Shaw, Ella Massie, Hawkins Funeral Home   H55/H55-146.jpg
Shaw, Forrest Clyde Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-065.jpg
Shaw, Hugh Jasper Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-031.jpg
Shaw, James Clifton Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-229.jpg
Shaw, James Curtis Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-055.jpg
Shaw, Joe Earl Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-447.jpg
Shaw, John R. Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-024.jpg
Shaw, Kenneth Matthew "Butch" Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-192.jpg
Shaw, Lonnie Ray Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-117.jpg
Shaw, Lonnie Ray, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-174.jpg
Shaw, M.T. "Pete" Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-318.jpg
Shaw, Marion M. Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-095.jpg
Shaw, Owen Thomas Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-079.jpg
Shaw, Reba Mae Gentry Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-199.jpg
Shaw, Sammie Frank Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-070.jpg
Shaw, Sarah E. Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-280.jpg
Shaw, Steve J. Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-253.jpg
Shaw, Verna Empra Brown Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-157.jpg
Shaw, Willie Oma Aug 12, 1981 Juanita Enoch Jackson       CL80/CL80-87
Shawn, Charles Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-205.jpg
Shawn, D. A., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H53/H53-032.jpg
Shawn, D. A., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-197.jpg
Shawn, Della Gray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF92/HF92-097.jpg
Shawn, Della Gray, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-184.jpg
Shawn, Doc Andrew, Hawkins Funeral Home         H-48/H-48-03.jpg
Shawn, Dock, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-132.jpg
Shawn, Donald Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-056.jpg
Shawn, Freida Susan Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF96/HF96-113.jpg
Shawn, Freida Susan Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-129.jpg
Shawn, G.E., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-035.jpg
Shawn, James (Bud), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-107.jpg
Shawn, James, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-096.jpg
Shawn, Jessie A., Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-247.jpg
Shawn, Jimmie Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home       H33/H33-095.jpg
Shawn, Joseph Weldon, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-258.jpg
Shawn, Katheryn Elizabeth Nall, Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-018.jpg
Shawn, Korless Correne Browning, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF97/HF97-128.jpg
Shawn, Korless Corrine Browning, Hawkins Funeral Home  H95/H95-208.jpg
Shawn, Lydia Carroll Nall, Hawkins Funeral Home   H65/H65-088.jpg
Shawn, Mary Frances Minor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1337.jpg
Shawn, Norma Jean Pitts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-131.jpg
Shawn, Thomas Elmer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1395.jpg
Shawn, Thomas Elmer, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-007.jpg
Shawn, Velma Ruth Quillin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-132.jpg
Shawn, William Lenard, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-083.jpg
Shawn, Zora Roselene Minor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1338.jpg
Shawn, zora Roselene Minor, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-213.jpg
Shebay, Pete George, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-211.jpg
Shelby, Delia Click, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1339.jpg
Shelly, Loretta McQuinn Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-117.jpg
Shelman, Infant Girl Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-178.jpg
Shelton Story about a Bull killing Minnie and Ethel Shelton.   C50/C50-038-39n.jpg
Shelton, Andrew Jackson Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-015.jpg
Shelton, Arthur Lunoy "Doc" Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-283.jpg
Shelton, Aubrey Jackson Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-243.jpg
Shelton, Carson Perry Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-107.jpg
Shelton, Darrell "Cornbread", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF96/HF96-114.jpg
Shelton, Darrell Forrest, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-048.jpg
Shelton, Ethel Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-039.jpg
Shelton, Ethel Lois Kinnaird Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-124.jpg
Shelton, Florence D. Wilson Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-440.jpg
Shelton, Frank Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-113.jpg
Shelton, Gwendolyn Hembree, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF97/HF97-129.jpg
Shelton, Gwendolyn Hembree, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-234.jpg
Shelton, Jack Cole, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF94/HF94-067.jpg
Shelton, Jack Cole, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-192.jpg
Shelton, Looney Carson Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-193.jpg
Shelton, Mabel Elisabeth Calvert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1340.jpg
Shelton, Mannie Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-136.jpg
Shelton, Martha Marion Cearley Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-070.jpg
Shelton, Martha Marion Cearley, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-186.jpg
Shelton, Mary Elizabeth Winn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1341.jpg
Shelton, Minnie Lee Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-038.jpg
Shelton, Mollie E. Taylor Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-143.jpg
Shelton, Nina Pearl Mason Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-140.jpg
Shelton, Perry Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-449.jpg
Shelton, Robert G. Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-208.jpg
Shelton, Thomas Martin Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-081.jpg
Shelton, William Homer Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-084.jpg
Shelton, William Woodman Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-017.jpg
Shepard, Bertha Fay Gabriel Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-182.jpg
Shepard, George Herbert Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-068.jpg
Sheperd, N. E., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-120.jpg
Shephard, Andrew Melvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-003.jpg
Shephard, Andrew Melvin, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-343.jpg
Shephard, Dora Zepara Kaker, Hawkins Funeral Home       H55/H55-006.jpg
Shepherd, Jack Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-260.jpg
Sheppard, Bessie Lillian Sims, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-127.jpg
Sheppard, Curtis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-108.jpg
Sheppard, Curtis, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-051.jpg
Sheppard, Doyle, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-078.jpg
Sheppard, Infant of Doyle, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-291.jpg
Sheppard, Lawrence Doyle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF91/HF91-109.jpg
Sheppard, Ona Mae Freeman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1333.jpg
Sheppard, William Presley Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-103.jpg
Shepperd, Ella Snow Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-030.jpg
Sherbourne, Nora Vaughn Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-165.jpg
Sherman, Alice L. Jobe Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-047.jpg
Sherman, Alton Earl Oct 26, 1982 Gwen Sherman Pleasant Grove #1         CL82/CL82-6
Sherman, Armon Crawford, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-086.jpg
Sherman, Floyd "Bud" Apr 28, 1983 Mrs. Sherman Pleasant Grove #1        CL82/CL82-45
Sherman, Floyd "Bud" Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-167.jpg
Sherman, Floyd Lee Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-256.jpg
Sherman, James Marion Christian Funeral Home      C39/C39-203.jpg
Sherman, Jefrie Lee "Smokey" Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-185.jpg
Sherman, Leona (L.E.) Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-067.jpg
Sherman, Lewis Edward Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-140.jpg
Sherman, Lewis Edwin Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-157.jpg
Sherman, Lonnie Doil Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-082.jpg
Sherman, Lorena Diola Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-395.jpg
Sherman, Mary K. (Reese) Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-143.jpg
Sherman, Pearl Elizabeth Legg Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-277.jpg
Sherman, Robert Jefferson Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-098.jpg
Sherman, Roy Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-092.jpg
Sherrod, Greg Lee Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-124.jpg
Sherwood, Martha Clementine Wilson Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-152.jpg
Sherwood, Ruby J. Norris, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-159.jpg
Shettlesworth, LaSondra Kay Stevens, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-039.jpg
Shields, Jasper Leon "Casper", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF89/HF89-108.jpg
Shields, Jasper Leon, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-177.jpg
Shifflett, Anna M. Gage Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-116.jpg
Shiflet, Orlanda Daniel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-036.jpg
Shinkle, Viola Crone, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-027.jpg
Shipley, Albert William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1342.jpg
Shipley, Bessie Julia Bell Boner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1344.jpg
Shipley, Bessie Julia Bell Boner, Hawkins Funeral Home      H84/H84-040.jpg
Shipley, Claude Houston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1343.jpg
Shipley, Claude Houston, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-063.jpg
Shipley, Daughter of R.K. Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-267.jpg
Shipley, Elmer Alton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF89/HF89-111.jpg
Shipley, Elmer Alton, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-091.jpg
Shipley, Jerry Mack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF95/HF95-110.jpg
Shipley, Jerry, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-280.jpg
Shipley, Martha A., Hawkins Funeral Home  H33/H33-228.jpg
Shipley, Melvin Claude, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF96/HF96-115.jpg
Shipley, Melvin Claude, Hawkins Funeral Home       H95/H95-119.jpg
Shipley, Osta B. "Slim", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF92/HF92-098.jpg
Shipley, Ostie B., Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-233.jpg
Shipley, Pearl A. Davidson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1345.jpg
Shipman, Baby Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-200.jpg
Shoemaker, Barney M. Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-277.jpg
Shoemaker, Eva Lena White Roe Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-309.jpg
Shoemaker, Hardie Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-060.jpg
Shoemaker, Jerome E. Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-286.jpg
Shoemaker, Lila Oates Van Meter Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-282.jpg
Short, Adrienne M. "Dixie" Mayfield Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-301.jpg
Short, Charley Young Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-027.jpg
Short, Fay Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-222.jpg
Short, Geo. W., Mrs. (Martha Rebecca) Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-102.jpg
Short, George W. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-167.jpg
Short, James B. Christian Funeral Home       C45/C45-192.jpg
Short, James Crawford "Jimmy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-115.jpg
Short, Linda Elane Bosley Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-031.jpg
Short, Robert "Bob" Dickson Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-180.jpg
Shortess, Mary E. Roberson Simpson Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-219.jpg
Shounty, Grover C. Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-022.jpg
Shown, Mary Stewart Carpenter Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-295.jpg
Shown, Raymond Terrell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1346.jpg
Shreeves, Thomas Griffin Christian Funeral Home    C49/C49-054.jpg
Shreve, M.C., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-283.jpg
Shropshire, Lillie Caddell Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-361.jpg
Shrum, A.V. "Pete" Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-215.jpg
Shrum, Arthur V. Nov 3, 1985 A.V. Shrum, Jr. Transportation - St. Jo        CL82/CL82-290
Shrum, Lou Nettie Crunk Burchard Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-182.jpg
Shubet, Gracie Mae Smirl Christian Funeral Home    C73/C73-101.jpg
Shuler, Audrey Hiram, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-110.jpg
Shuler, Sarah Ruth Ogal, Hawkins Funeral Home     H-48/H-48-02.jpg
Shulkey, Louise Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-170.jpg
Shull, Cordilla R. Weatherly, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-185.jpg
Shults, Connie Flowers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1347.jpg
Shults, Connie Flowers, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-062.jpg
Shults, Dannie Spencer Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-133.jpg
Shults, Elsie M. Smithey Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-378.jpg
Shults, Harold Loyd Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-298.jpg
Shults, Jennie L. Hudspath Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-036.jpg
Shults, Lessie Viola McDaniel Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-160.jpg
Shults, Lessie Viola McDaniel, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-173.jpg
Shults, Mary E. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-038.jpg
Shults, Mattie Golden Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-107.jpg
Shults, Sarah E. Ferguson Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-179.jpg
Shults, Tom J. Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-220.jpg
Shults, William Carroll "Bill" Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-298.jpg
Shurbet, Austin C. Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-056.jpg
Shurbet, Bernard Osman "Kicker" Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-077.jpg
Shurbet, Jessie Brice, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF99/HF99-118.jpg
Shurtleff, Louise Powers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1348.jpg
Shurtleff, Louise Powers, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-032.jpg
Shurtleff, Warren James, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-101.jpg
Shuter , Audrey Hiram, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-047.jpg
Siddons, Birdie Beatrice Jay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1349.jpg
Siddons, J. L., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home  H23/H23-148.jpg
Siddons, James Louis, Hawkins Funeral Home         H53/H53-142.jpg
Siddons, John Gilbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1350.jpg
Siddons, Melvina Elizabeth Stovall, Hawkins Funeral Home   H33/H33-032.jpg
Sifuntez, Fernando, Jr. Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-120.jpg
Sigsbee, Gloria Inez Tillery, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-107.jpg
Sigsbee, Gloria Inez Tillery, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-229.jpg
Sigsbee, Jimmie Winford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF85/HF85-148.jpg
Sigsbee, Jimmie Winford, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-204.jpg
Sillette, Leonard Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home     H80/H80-226.jpg
Silletti, Debra Lyanne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1351.jpg
Silletti, Leonard Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1352.jpg
Silvers, Hazel Atwood Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-267.jpg
Silvey, Sudie Alexander Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-291.jpg
Silvola, Kindall Marie Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-011.jpg
Simmons, Addie Griffin Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-165.jpg
Simmons, Bette Jo Walker, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF98/BF98-015.jpg
Simmons, Carroll Gene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1353.jpg
Simmons, Cecil Max Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-084.jpg
Simmons, Comilla Mearle Beaver Christian Funeral Home    C01/C01-140.jpg
Simmons, Elzie Bascom Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-104.jpg
Simmons, Ethel Minerva Byrom Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-058.jpg
Simmons, Ezra Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-093.jpg
Simmons, Gertrude Douglas (Thompkies) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-247.jpg
Simmons, Gordon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1354.jpg
Simmons, Hazel Ardella Thomas Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-260.jpg
Simmons, James E.G., Dr. Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-233.jpg
Simmons, James Harold, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1361.jpg
Simmons, James Wyatt, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-040.jpg
Simmons, Jasper Erbie Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-205.jpg
Simmons, Jerry Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-111.jpg
Simmons, Jerry Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-224.jpg
Simmons, Jimmy Dale Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-033.jpg
Simmons, Joe Prairie, Sr. Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-071.jpg
Simmons, John Alexander, Sr., Judge Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-034.jpg
Simmons, John P., Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-296.jpg
Simmons, John Ragsdale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF87/HF87-002.jpg
Simmons, Katie Burton Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-004.jpg
Simmons, Linda AKobel Hansen, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-056.jpg
Simmons, Linda Skobel Hansen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-116.jpg
Simmons, Marion Wesley Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-220.jpg
Simmons, Martin Elihue Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-057.jpg
Simmons, Matthew Shawn Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-240.jpg
Simmons, Millie Ann McCord Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-336.jpg
Simmons, Pete Wetsel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-074.jpg
Simmons, Rose Marguerite Green, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF95/BF95-037.jpg
Simmons, Ruth Shelby Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-145.jpg
Simmons, Stanley Harold, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF00/HF00-128.jpg
Simmons, Timothy Craig Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-050.jpg
Simmons, Wanda Lee Jones Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-167.jpg
Simmons, Zoe Evelyn Walker Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-008.jpg
Simms, Mary C. Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-088.jpg
Simms, May Scott Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-066.jpg
Simon, Leon James Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-088.jpg
Simons, Thomas Weldon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF01/HF01-133.jpg
Simpson, Barbara Darleen Pittman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-134.jpg
Simpson, Billie Bob Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-265.jpg
Simpson, Charles Franklin Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-288.jpg
Simpson, Connie Ella Long, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1355.jpg
Simpson, Earl Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-178.jpg
Simpson, Ethel Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-352.jpg
Simpson, Finis Archie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1356.jpg
Simpson, Frances Geneva Goode Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-267.jpg
Simpson, Gordon Jack Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-280.jpg
Simpson, Harry Lee Dec 19, 1984 Dorothy Simpson  CL82/CL82-171
Simpson, Henry Daniel Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-076.jpg
Simpson, Ida Estelle Tunnell, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-003.jpg
Simpson, James Edward Christian Funeral Home      C42/C42-239.jpg
Simpson, James Wesley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-114.jpg
Simpson, James Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-265.jpg
Simpson, Jane Delois Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-404a.jpg
Simpson, John Ancel Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-028.jpg
Simpson, Jonathan Tyler Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-204.jpg
Simpson, Leila Jane Parker, Hawkins Funeral Home  H69/H69-001.jpg
Simpson, M.E., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-075.jpg
Simpson, Mae Dell Byford Christian Funeral Home   C91/C91-161.jpg
Simpson, Marvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-111.jpg
Simpson, Marvin, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-144.jpg
Simpson, Mildred Katherine Hefley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF87/HF87-004.jpg
Simpson, Mildred Katherine Hefley, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-278.jpg
Simpson, Minnie Lee Roberts Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-145.jpg
Simpson, Parrie Lee Coker Funeral Home     C56/C56-268.jpg
Simpson, Robert Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home    H57/H57-075.jpg
Simpson, Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-117.jpg
Simpson, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home     H95/H95-145.jpg
Simpson, Royce Wilson Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-167.jpg
Simpson, Ruby Jane Bentley Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-039.jpg
Simpson, Vernon Joe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1357.jpg
Simpson, Vernon Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-151.jpg
Simpson, William Edward Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-243.jpg
Simpson, William Wallace Coker Funeral Home       C56/C56-096.jpg
Simpson, Woodrow Wilson Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-114.jpg
Simpson, Yorke Auchester Christian Funeral Home   C89/C89-277.jpg
Sims, Charles Wesley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1358.jpg
Sims, Dannie Jack Christian Funeral Home    C98/C98-119.jpg
Sims, Elizabeth Monny, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1359.jpg
Sims, Tommy Glenn, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-057.jpg
Sims, William Hubert Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-277.jpg
Sinclair, Michael Christopher Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-267.jpg
Sinclair, Vestal Marie Peirson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF00/HF00-129.jpg
Singleton, Booth Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-384.jpg
Singleton, Charley, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-275.jpg
Singleton, Ernest Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-260.jpg
Singleton, Gertrude Leona Fisher, Hawkins Funeral Home    H69/H69-028.jpg
Singleton, Henry Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-042.jpg
Singleton, Leslie Keith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF90/HF90-108.jpg
Singleton, Leslie Keith, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-289.jpg
Singleton, Mary Minor Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-398.jpg
Singleton, Mary Virginia Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-185.jpg
Singleton, Paul Colman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1360.jpg
Singleton, Ray Olen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1362.jpg
Singleton, T. F., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-009.jpg
Singleton, T. F., Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-342.jpg
Singley, Josephine Thelma Johns Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-042.jpg
Singley, Rankin K. Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-266.jpg
Sinor, Curtis Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-117.jpg
Sinor, Curtis Leslie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-116.jpg
Sinor, Ora Grace Burrell, Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-271.jpg
Sinor, Ora Grace Bussell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF90/HF90-109.jpg
Sipe, Clem, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1363.jpg
Sipe, Rilla Holt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1364.jpg
Sipe, Rufus Berry, Hawkins Funeral Home    H55/H55-031.jpg
Sipes, D. C. , Dr., Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-286.jpg
Sipes, Dossie Courtney, Dr of Chirop., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF95/HF95-112.jpg
Sipes, John Richard, Hawkins Funeral Home  H53/H53-062.jpg
Sipes, Leon Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-003.jpg
Sipes, Mary Caroline (Parsons) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-285.jpg
Sirckle, Mary Martha Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-072.jpg
Sisk, Retha J. Howery, Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-07.jpg
Sisk, Retha J. Howry, Hawkins Funeral Home         H-48/H-48-44.jpg
Sitz, Alvin J. Christian Funeral Home  C91/C91-198.jpg
Sitz, Jewel Malone Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-128.jpg
Sizemore, Esther B. Taylor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1365.jpg
Sizemore, George Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1366.jpg
Sizemore, George Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-021.jpg
Sizemore, George Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-245.jpg
Sizemore, Terry Yvonne Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-173.jpg
Skaggs, Isabelle Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-087.jpg
Skaggs, Kitty L. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-038.jpg
Skinner, Beth Tomlinson Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-296.jpg
Skinner, Clint Dillon Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-049.jpg
Skinner, Cornelia Hudson Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-087.jpg
Skinner, David Lee Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-061.jpg
Skinner, Emily Naomi Dec 22, 1981 Joe Skinner       CL80/CL80-111
Skinner, Frank B. Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-149.jpg
Skinner, James Wesley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-119.jpg
Skinner, Jean, Hawkins Funeral Home         H63/H63-063.jpg
Skinner, Jerry Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-110.jpg
Skinner, Johnnie Earl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-126.jpg
Skinner, Lee D. Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-217.jpg
Skinner, Lee Douglas Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-025.jpg
Skinner, Leona Beatrice Cogburn Christian Funeral Home    C01/C01-081.jpg
Skinner, Novilla Fayreen Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-106.jpg
Skinner, Novilla Fayreen Bailey, Hawkins Funeral Home      H93/H93-070.jpg
Skinner, Richard Mayfield, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1367.jpg
Skinner, Terry Dale, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-260.jpg
Skinner, William Alton Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-200.jpg
Skinner, William Grant Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-246.jpg
Slagle, Clem Claude, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF94/HF94-107.jpg
Slagle, Clem Claude, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-163.jpg
Slagle, Marshall Clem, Hawkins Funeral Home        H55/H55-133.jpg
Slagle, Mary Katherine Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1368.jpg
Slagle, Mary Nell Montgomery, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF91/HF91-112.jpg
Slagle, Mary Nell Montgomery, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-104.jpg
Slagle, Rachel Magnolia E. Bradley, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-15.jpg
Slagle, Virgil Paul, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1369.jpg
Slagle, William Boyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-127.jpg
Slagle, William Marshall, Jr. (Bill), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-111.jpg
Slagle, William Marshall, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-020.jpg
Slate, Garth Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-158.jpg
Slate, William L., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-019.jpg
Slater, Herbert Lagrande Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-033.jpg
Slawson, Lee A. Coker Funeral Home         C56/C56-240.jpg
Slay, Carl Weir Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-225.jpg
Slay, Carl Weir Mar 19, 1983 Mary Lou Livengood Aurora   CL82/CL82-35
Slay, Esther Lee "Peggy" Bickard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF87/HF87-001.jpg
Slay, Esther Lee Rickard, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-362.jpg
Slay, Ruth I. Bennett Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-153.jpg
Slay, Theodore Frederick "Fred", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-119.jpg
Slay, Theodore Frederick, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-394.jpg
Slayton, Charlie Winget Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-328.jpg
Slayton, Henry Clifton Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-204.jpg
Slayton, Henry Walter Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-163.jpg
Slayton, Mary Ruth (Fortenberry) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-421.jpg
Slayton, Randall Owens Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-109.jpg
Slayton, Susie Elizabeth Ann Truitt Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-159.jpg
Slayton, Theodore Benjamin Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-232.jpg
Sledge, Amy Little Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-278.jpg
Sledge, Claude Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-212.jpg
Sledge, George Washington Christian Funeral Home  C39/C39-296.jpg
Slimp, Belle Morris Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-082.jpg
Slimp, Clyde Landon Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-134.jpg
Slimp, Dovie Lee Lambert Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-221.jpg
Slimp, Florence Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-032.jpg
Slimp, Jacob Lafayett Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-030.jpg
Slimp, James Howard Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-064.jpg
Slimp, Kemp Lowe Coker Funeral Home      C64/C64-149.jpg
Slimp, Ruth Amanda Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-247.jpg
Slimp, Ruth Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-178.jpg
Slimp, Shade Shelton Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-169.jpg
Slimp, T. L. , Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-128.jpg
Slimp, Taft Layafette, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1370.jpg
Slinkerd, Euretha Belle Steen, Hawkins Funeral Home        H63/H63-055.jpg
Sloan, Angeline Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-202.jpg
Sloan, Cordelia Alice (Londsey) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-395.jpg
Sloan, Everett McKnight Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-026.jpg
Sloan, George Clarence Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-231.jpg
Sloan, Gertrude Tenney Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-162.jpg
Sloan, Hester Olvena Tilley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1371.jpg
Sloan, Ida Mae King Loomis Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-014.jpg
Sloan, Lillie Mae Jones Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-144.jpg
Sloan, Ruby Lee Singleton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1372.jpg
Sloan, Ruby Lee Singleton, Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-179.jpg
Sloan, Tenney Forman Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-036.jpg
Slonaker, Roy Douglas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-135.jpg
Slover, John W., Hawkins Funeral Home      H60/H60-043.jpg
Slover, John, Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-184.jpg
Slover, Mary Eunice Wimberly, Hawkins Funeral Home      H69/H69-138.jpg
Slover, William Saunders, Hawkins Funeral Home    H33/H33-151.jpg
Slover, Zena, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-225.jpg
Small, Albert Henry Christian Funeral Home  C00/C00-301.jpg
Smallwood, Cornelia Alice Presteridge Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-248.jpg
Smallwood, Eddie Jan 13, 1985 Oaklawn      CL82/CL82-181
Smallwood, Ida Burns Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-380.jpg
Smallwood, Joseph Earl Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-126.jpg
Smallwood, Joseph Earl, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home    HCD80/HCD80-181.jpg
Smart, Herman Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF92/HF92-099.jpg
Smart, Herman, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-236.jpg
Smartt, William Terrell, Sr. Jan 6, 1980 Joy Smartt Sunsett    CL76/CL76-126
Smiley, A. R., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home  H23/H23-027.jpg
Smith , George Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-23.jpg
Smith , Norman Guy, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-13.jpg
Smith , Zora A. Erwin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H-48/H-48-34.jpg
Smith, A.H. Mrs. (Caroline) Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-192.jpg
Smith, Aaron Neil, Hawkins Funeral Home    H63/H63-009.jpg
Smith, Agnes Almire Willock Christian Funeral Home         C42/C42-207.jpg
Smith, Alex H. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-238.jpg
Smith, Alice Hancock Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-034.jpg
Smith, Alice Hancock, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-183.jpg
Smith, Alice Imo Combs Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-177.jpg
Smith, Alice M. Taylor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF92/HF92-100.jpg
Smith, Alice M. Taylor, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-214.jpg
Smith, Anette McBride Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-013.jpg
Smith, Annie Lee Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-142.jpg
Smith, Artie Idabell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-006.jpg
Smith, Artie Idabell, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-380.jpg
Smith, Artie Lou Oxford, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-136.jpg
Smith, Artie Lou, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-007.jpg
Smith, Arvel Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-159.jpg
Smith, Arvel, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-204.jpg
Smith, Baby Lenard, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-108.jpg
Smith, Beatrice Davis Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-103.jpg
Smith, Ben McComas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-112.jpg
Smith, Ben McComas, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-285.jpg
Smith, Bennie Loys Nov 21, 1980 Glenn E. Smith Oaklawn   CL80/CL80-33
Smith, Bertha Rant Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-019.jpg
Smith, Betty Jo Bourne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF01/HF01-136.jpg
Smith, Billie Dean Feb 11, 1977 H.E. Smith   CL76/CL76-6
Smith, Billy Gearld Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-214.jpg
Smith, Billy Lee, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-133.jpg
Smith, Billy Lee, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-263.jpg
Smith, Boyd W. Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-286.jpg
Smith, Burton J., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1373.jpg
Smith, Burtrand D. Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-246.jpg
Smith, Caddie Mae Coffman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1374.jpg
Smith, Caleb Joshua Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-163.jpg
Smith, Carcie D. Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-160.jpg
Smith, Carl D. Dec 25, 1984 Martha Hall Fairview    CL82/CL82-174
Smith, Carl F. Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-424.jpg
Smith, Carl Wayne Christian Funeral Home   C88/C88-163.jpg
Smith, Carolyn Gay Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-188.jpg
Smith, Carrie Ruth Stonecipher, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1375.jpg
Smith, Carroll Duglass, Hawkins Funeral Home       H60/H60-054.jpg
Smith, Cecil, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1376.jpg
Smith, Charles Donald Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-160.jpg
Smith, Charles Marvin Christian Funeral Home        C86/C86-157.jpg
Smith, Charles Philip, Sr. Oct 2, 1981 Mrs. Smith Alvord      CL80/CL80-96
Smith, Charles Ray, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-143.jpg
Smith, Charles William, Hawkins Funeral Home       H53/H53-120.jpg
Smith, Charlie Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF88/HF88-120.jpg
Smith, Charlie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-399.jpg
Smith, Cheryl Lynn Lewis Christian Funeral Home    C01/C01-052.jpg
Smith, Clarence Otto Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-137.jpg
Smith, Clark Dud, Hawkins Funeral Home    H57/H57-051.jpg
Smith, Cora Marie Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-254.jpg
Smith, Dalton Floyd, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF81/BF81-071.jpg
Smith, Daughter of J.A. Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-110.jpg
Smith, David Milford, Hawkins Funeral Home         H55/H55-043.jpg
Smith, David Webber Sept 20, 1981 Sweetwater      CL80/CL80-95
Smith, Donald D. Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-273.jpg
Smith, Dorothy Dickey, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-224.jpg
Smith, Dorothy Emaline Dickey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-111.jpg
Smith, Earl, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-069.jpg
Smith, Edith Marrie Dec 1985 Sweetwater    CL82/CL82-313
Smith, Elgen Lee Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-069.jpg
Smith, Ella Tyson (Ford) Christian Funeral Home      C59/C59-222.jpg
Smith, Ellar Isabell Davenport Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-240.jpg
Smith, Elton Kenneth "Red", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF98/HF98-129.jpg
Smith, Emmitt William, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-101.jpg
Smith, Erma Viola Locke Wallace Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-025.jpg
Smith, Ester Jane Huff Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-128.jpg
Smith, Ethel Dora King, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1378.jpg
Smith, Ethel Dora King, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-044.jpg
Smith, Ethel Mae Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-150.jpg
Smith, Eva Gettys Christian Funeral Home    C68/C68-049.jpg
Smith, Floyd Herbert Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-085.jpg
Smith, Frederick Archer Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-053.jpg
Smith, Garland Thomas Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-188.jpg
Smith, George C. Christian Funeral Home     C97/C97-093.jpg
Smith, George T. Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-049.jpg
Smith, George Whitlow Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-428.jpg
Smith, George William Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-059.jpg
Smith, Georgia Beulah, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-106.jpg
Smith, Glenda Sue Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-295.jpg
Smith, Glenn Ernest, Sr. June 20, 1980 Glenn E. Smith Oaklawn      CL80/CL80-13
Smith, H.W. Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-239.jpg
Smith, Harley Lile, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-002.jpg
Smith, Harry Edwin "Hap" Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-162.jpg
Smith, Harvey Levirn, Hawkins Funeral Home        H68/H68-133.jpg
Smith, Helen Nadine, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-083.jpg
Smith, Henry Earl, Hawkins Funeral Home    H69/H69-052.jpg
Smith, Hermon Wylie, Hawkins Funeral Home        H68/H68-114.jpg
Smith, Hettie Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-147.jpg
Smith, Huel Preston Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-197.jpg
Smith, Infant of W.B. Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-126.jpg
Smith, Iona Bell Allison Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-047.jpg
Smith, Irene Rogers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF93/HF93-102.jpg
Smith, Irene Rogers, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-058.jpg
Smith, Irvin W. Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-011.jpg
Smith, J.A., Mr. Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-150.jpg
Smith, Jackie Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home        H53/H53-014.jpg
Smith, James (Frank) Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1380.jpg
Smith, James Anthony, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF88/HF88-121.jpg
Smith, James Anthony, Hawkins Funeral Home       H88/H88-041.jpg
Smith, James Ezia, Rev., Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-154.jpg
Smith, James Franklin Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-042.jpg
Smith, James Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1379.jpg
Smith, James Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-212.jpg
Smith, James Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-107.jpg
Smith, James Franklin, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-130.jpg
Smith, James Walter "Short" Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-196.jpg
Smith, James William Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-169.jpg
Smith, James William Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-091.jpg
Smith, Jana Kay Elder Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-207.jpg
Smith, Janie Pierce Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-065.jpg
Smith, Jasper Key, Lt. Col., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1377.jpg
Smith, Jean Deanna Currie, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-122.jpg
Smith, Jerry M. Christian Funeral Home       C00/C00-193.jpg
Smith, Joe Allen Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-084.jpg
Smith, Joe Allen, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-179.jpg
Smith, Joe Brown, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1381.jpg
Smith, Joe Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-024.jpg
Smith, Joe Perry Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-064.jpg
Smith, John Ann Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-089.jpg
Smith, John Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1382.jpg
Smith, John Michael Dec 12, 1983 Ed & Sue Harris, Jack Smith & John Williamson CL82/CL82-86
Smith, John W. Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-062.jpg
Smith, Johnie E., Sr. Mar 10, 1984 Mrs. Smith Alvord CL82/CL82-110
Smith, Josie (Wasson) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-281.jpg
Smith, Joyce Yvonne Thomas Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-195.jpg
Smith, Juanita Lucille Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-096.jpg
Smith, Julia L. Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-227.jpg
Smith, Kazar A. McDaniel Christian Funeral Home   C42/C42-094.jpg
Smith, Kirby Christian Funeral Home  C49/C49-135.jpg
Smith, L.D., Mr. Christian Funeral Home      C93/C93-303.jpg
Smith, Laura Frances Brady Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-234.jpg
Smith, Lee Anderson Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-268.jpg
Smith, Lela Mann Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-221.jpg
Smith, Lena Nevada Champion Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-181.jpg
Smith, Leonard Edwin Christian Funeral Home        C15/C15-276.jpg
Smith, Letha Margarett Read, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1383.jpg
Smith, Lewis Lareuza Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-012.jpg
Smith, Lila Caristine Burk Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-210.jpg
Smith, Lillie Mae Hunter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1387.jpg
Smith, Lloyd (W.), Corp. Christian Funeral Home C15-243A C15/C15-243.jpg
Smith, Loyd Archie Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-074.jpg
Smith, M. L., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-080.jpg
Smith, Maggie Obedia McGee Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-079.jpg
Smith, Maggie Obedia McGee, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-193.jpg
Smith, Mallie P. Christian Funeral Home       C91/C91-134.jpg
Smith, Manila (H.W.) Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-066.jpg
Smith, Margaret Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-130.jpg
Smith, Marion Sanders "Dock" Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-129.jpg
Smith, Marjorie Janelle Cooper, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-143.jpg
Smith, Marjorie Janelle Cooper, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-079.jpg
Smith, Martha A. Copeland Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-275.jpg
Smith, Martha Annie Lewis Christian Funeral Home  C45/C45-122.jpg
Smith, Martha Jeane Caruthers Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-292.jpg
Smith, Marvel Lee "Bubba" Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-075.jpg
Smith, Marvel Leonard "Ham" Christian Funeral Home        C93/C93-061.jpg
Smith, Mary Louise Brake, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF81/BF81-038.jpg
Smith, Mary, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-201.jpg
Smith, Mattie Mae Pennington, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1388.jpg
Smith, Mattie, Miss Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-073.jpg
Smith, Maude Ophelia Odell Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-189.jpg
Smith, McClain G., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1384.jpg
Smith, Melissia Patterson Christian Funeral Home     C31/C31-177.jpg
Smith, Melvin Wayne Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-021.jpg
Smith, Michelle Andrea Medlin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF97/HF97-130.jpg
Smith, Michelle Andrea Medlin, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-244.jpg
Smith, Myrle Tippie, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-093.jpg
Smith, Myrtle Ozelle Culwell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-131.jpg
Smith, N.M. Christian Funeral Home  C35/C35-105.jpg
Smith, Natasha Mae "Tasha", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF99/HF99-120.jpg
Smith, Nellie B. Gregg Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-246.jpg
Smith, Nettie Ida Finger Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-394.jpg
Smith, Nona D. Gentry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-119.jpg
Smith, Ophelia Kate Leonard Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-381.jpg
Smith, Ora Richard, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-035.jpg
Smith, Oscar T. Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-180.jpg
Smith, Pearlie Mae, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF90/HF90-112.jpg
Smith, Pearlie Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-209.jpg
Smith, Peggy Ann Shiflet, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-135.jpg
Smith, Posie Everett, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF81/BF81-022.jpg
Smith, R.H., Mrs. Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-167.jpg
Smith, Ravanna Ruth Raven, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1389.jpg
Smith, Robert Amasa "Bob" Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-446.jpg
Smith, Robert E., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1385.jpg
Smith, Robert L. "Bob" Nov 16, 1985 Bob Smith, Jr. Oaklawn         CL82/CL82-301
Smith, Robert Lafayette Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-114.jpg
Smith, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-033.jpg
Smith, Robert Stanley Christian Funeral Home         C95/C95-172.jpg
Smith, Rosa Alpha King, Hawkins Funeral Home     H68/H68-126.jpg
Smith, Rosa Lee Corvin Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-124.jpg
Smith, Rosa Lee McDonald Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-167.jpg
Smith, Rosa Valentine Taylor Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-338.jpg
Smith, Ross Amacker (Rev.) Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-275.jpg
Smith, Rube Will, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1390.jpg
Smith, Ruby Estelle Plymell, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-025.jpg
Smith, Rufus Jr. Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-027.jpg
Smith, Ruthie Mae Swinney Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-226.jpg
Smith, Ruthie Mae Swinney, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-153.jpg
Smith, Sallie Belle Johnston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1391.jpg
Smith, Sallie Reed Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-129.jpg
Smith, Sam Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-309.jpg
Smith, Samuel Johnson         H57/H57-120a.jpg
Smith, Samuel Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-120.jpg
Smith, Samuel O. Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-003.jpg
Smith, Sara Jane (Raney) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-053.jpg
Smith, Sarah Jane Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-056.jpg
Smith, Shane Anthony, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-126.jpg
Smith, Shirley Ann Inman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-111.jpg
Smith, Shirley Inman, Boyd Funeral Home     B88/B88-028.jpg
Smith, Stella Gertrude Weaver, Hawkins Funeral Home       H61/H61-086.jpg
Smith, Stella Mae Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-007.jpg
Smith, Steven Louis Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-028.jpg
Smith, Steven Louis, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-168.jpg
Smith, Synthia Ann Sheflett, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-078.jpg
Smith, Telitha Elvira Loftin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-070.jpg
Smith, Telitha, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-196.jpg
Smith, Tennie Bell Walker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF97/HF97-131.jpg
Smith, Tennie Bell Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-216.jpg
Smith, Thelma C. Freeman Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-111.jpg
Smith, Theodore Rieger Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-138.jpg
Smith, Thomas W. Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-165.jpg
Smith, Troy B.J. Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-133.jpg
Smith, Vaumira Ray Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-125.jpg
Smith, Velma Roxanna Morris Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-007.jpg
Smith, Verna Pauline Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-138.jpg
Smith, Vernon C. Cox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1392.jpg
Smith, Virgle Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1393.jpg
Smith, W.C., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-169.jpg
Smith, W.M., Mrs. (Martha Caroline) Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-129.jpg
Smith, W.W. Buck Christian Funeral Home   C15/C15-289.jpg
Smith, Walter F. Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-167.jpg
Smith, Walter J.T., Pvt. Christian Funeral Home       C49/C49-022.jpg
Smith, Walter Thomas Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-077.jpg
Smith, William Alton Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-084.jpg
Smith, William Edward Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-171.jpg
Smith, William Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home       H63/H63-023.jpg
Smith, William G. Christian Funeral Home     C22/C22-104.jpg
Smith, William Homer, Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-116.jpg
Smith, William N. Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-126.jpg
Smith, William Thomas Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-182.jpg
Smith, William Travis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-113.jpg
Smith, William Travis, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-146.jpg
Smith, Willie Mae Hickman Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-481.jpg
Smith, Winnie Mae Bulkliew Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-171.jpg
Smith, Winnie Pearl Powers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1386.jpg
Smith, Wynema Faye Armstrong Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-106.jpg
Smith, Zelma Koeninger, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-113.jpg
Smith, Zelma Koeninger, Hawkins Funeral Home     H93/H93-267.jpg
Smith, Zetta Kaker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF91/HF91-113.jpg
Smith, Zetta Kaker, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-126.jpg
Smitherman, Edward LeRoy Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-222.jpg
Smitherman, Frankie Myrtle (Hutchison) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-341.jpg
Smotherman, Clemetta Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-250.jpg
Smyth, Wavia Dell McMullin Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-217.jpg
Smyth, Wavia Dell McMullin, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-170.jpg
Smyth, William Alvin Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-298.jpg
Sneed, Edna Pearl Thompson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-115.jpg
Sneed, Edna Pearl Thompson, Hawkins Funeral Home        H88/H88-119.jpg
Sneed, George Vernon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1394.jpg
Sneed, Lela Ann Cook Christian Funeral Home        C73/C73-211.jpg
Sneed, Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-178.jpg
Sneed, Z. F., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-056.jpg
Snell, Mary M. June 25, 1983 Grant Skinner Sweetwater      CL82/CL82-50
Snider, John Francis Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-034.jpg
Snider, John W., Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-215.jpg
Snider, Sarah Powell Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-176.jpg
Snipes, Atlas Baxter Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-154.jpg
Snipes, Edith Neal Sept 3, 1985 A.B. Snipes Oaklawn         CL82/CL82-280
Snipes, Newton R. Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-283.jpg
Snodgrass, James Cash, Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF95/BF95-073.jpg
Snodgrass, Mary Aline Saling, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF95/BF95-076.jpg
Snow, Alton Marion Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-210.jpg
Snow, Corene Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-259.jpg
Snow, Etta Jane Hicks Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-213.jpg
Snow, Harve Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-072.jpg
Snow, Joethel Jameson Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-231.jpg
Snow, Porchie D. Christian Funeral Home    C89/C89-120.jpg
Snow, Porshea D'Vaje Brockell, Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-274.jpg
Snow, Porshea O'vaje Brockwell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF90/HF90-113.jpg
Snow, Ruby Mar 3, 1985 Pleasant Grove #1  CL82/CL82-212
Snow, Spud Wilson Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-170.jpg
Snow, Spud Wilson, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-171.jpg
Snow, Vera Mae Young Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-060.jpg
Snow, William Byron Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-388.jpg
Snow, William Taylor Christian Funeral Home         C42/C42-048.jpg
Snowden, Lucy Pearl Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF88/HF88-122.jpg
Snowden, Lucy Pearl Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-019.jpg
Snyder, Mable Kathryn, Hawkins Funeral Home      H61/H61-111.jpg
Snyder, Susie B., Hawkins Funeral Home     H57/H57-237.jpg
Sollee, Carrell Edward Christian Funeral Home        C00/C00-065.jpg
Sollee, Zelma Sue Brammer Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-127.jpg
Solomon, Felix Vernon, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-011.jpg
Solomon, Felix Vernon, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-126.jpg
Solomon, Norman O. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-062.jpg
Somers, Ruth Amelia Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF00/HF00-131.jpg
Sommers, Austin Cleon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1396.jpg
Sonnevelt, Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-123.jpg
Sonnevelt, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-408.jpg
SorRell, J.E. Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-035.jpg
Sorrell, William Robert Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-166.jpg
SorRells, Edna Giula Sellars Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-397.jpg
Sosa, Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF92/HF92-096.jpg
Sosa, Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-221.jpg
South, Betty Jean Dunning, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF88/HF88-124.jpg
South, Betty Jean Dunning, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-050.jpg
South, Ethel Baten Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-235.jpg
Southall, Frank M., Mrs. (Emma Jameson) Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-113.jpg
Souther, Council Deloys "C.D." Christian Funeral Home      C00/C00-119.jpg
Souther, Dora Myrtle Kiney Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-296.jpg
Souther, Jack E., Hawkins Funeral Home     H88/H88-079.jpg
Souther, Jack E., Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF89/HF89-114.jpg
Southerland, Jane Tollett, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF95/BF95-110.jpg
Sowell, Vanda Jo Duff, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-219.jpg
Sowell, Vanda Jo McDuff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF95/HF95-115.jpg
Spain, Betty Jean Ball Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-079.jpg
Spain, Charlene Faye Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-071.jpg
Spain, Charlie Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-014.jpg
Spain, Clyde Warren Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-024.jpg
Spain, Clyde Warren, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home       HCD80/HCD80-178.jpg
Spain, Eddielea Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-121.jpg
Spain, Fred Henry Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-255.jpg
Spain, Grady Ray Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-199.jpg
Spain, Grady W. Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-172.jpg
Spain, Ida Johnson Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-192.jpg
Spain, J.Z., Mr. Christian Funeral Home       C98/C98-032.jpg
Spain, Jerry LaVerne Thompson Christian Funeral Home     C93/C93-188.jpg
Spain, Jessie Lee Parish Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-124.jpg
Spain, Jossie Philips Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-229.jpg
Spain, Linda Lea Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-450.jpg
Spain, Lowrey Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-001.jpg
Spain, M.F., Mrs. (Ida C. Lowery) Coker Funeral Home      C27/C27-029.jpg
Spain, Mary Lucille Clark Christian Funeral Home    C89/C89-236.jpg
Spain, Naomi Ruth Gage Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-109.jpg
Spain, Nellie Christine Rawle Christian Funeral Home         C80/C80-158.jpg
Spain, Nellie Christine Rawle, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home      HCD80/HCD80-177.jpg
Spain, Ralph Douglas Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-467.jpg
Spain, Van Dewey Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-207.jpg
Spain, Van, Jr. Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-082.jpg
Spain, Wayne Christian Funeral Home         C73/C73-287.jpg
Spain, Wilbur Fredrick Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-148.jpg
Spann, Baby Boy Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-128.jpg
Spann, Donald Glenn Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-107.jpg
Spann, Joseph Odell Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-079.jpg
Spann, Joseph Paul Christian Funeral Home   C86/C86-234.jpg
Spann, Oma J. Tipps Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-141.jpg
Sparkman, Christopher Shawn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1397.jpg
Sparkman, Judy Lynn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF98/HF98-132.jpg
Sparkman, Luther Leon Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-152.jpg
Sparks, Burge W. Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-001.jpg
Sparks, Charles Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-063.jpg
Sparks, Charles Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1398.jpg
Sparks, Delma Charlene Hadaway, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-137.jpg
Sparks, Edith Vera Taylor Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-120.jpg
Sparks, Edith Vera Taylor, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-172.jpg
Sparks, Jake L. Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-418.jpg
Sparks, James Wiley Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-420.jpg
Sparks, Jesse Lee, Jr. Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-180.jpg
Sparks, John Austin Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-298.jpg
Sparks, John Blanton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF85/HF85-144.jpg
Sparks, John Blanton, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-157.jpg
Sparks, Mary Sue Murray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-132.jpg
Sparks, Oma Lee Lewis Coker Funeral Home         C64/C64-257.jpg
Sparks, Ronnie E., Jr. Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-230.jpg
Sparks, Una Marie McNeal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF88/HF88-125.jpg
Sparks, Una Marie, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-419.jpg
Sparrimen, Billie Joy Tackel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF88/HF88-117.jpg
Spears, George Thomas Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-076.jpg
Spears, Maude Lucile Dawson Christian Funeral Home       C73/C73-278.jpg
Speer, Oran, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-044.jpg
Speights, James R., Jr. "Junior", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF93/HF93-113.jpg
Speights, James R., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-050.jpg
Spencer, Agnes Owsley Christian Funeral Home      C49/C49-125.jpg
Spencer, Albert Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-200.jpg
Spencer, Albert Walter Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-189.jpg
Spencer, Annie Bernice Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-271.jpg
Spencer, Baby of Albert Christian Funeral Home C15-259A  C15/C15-259.jpg
Spencer, Carolyn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF92/HF92-103.jpg
Spencer, Carolyn, Hawkins Funeral Home    H90/H90-162.jpg
Spencer, Clema Arthur Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-208.jpg
Spencer, E., Mrs. (Sarah P.) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-251.jpg
Spencer, Earl C. "Rusty" Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-273.jpg
Spencer, Francis Cowling Coker Funeral Home       C27/C27-132.jpg
Spencer, Horace Edward Christian Funeral Home    C45/C45-231.jpg
Spencer, Hugh D. Christian Funeral Home    C15/C15-124.jpg
Spencer, John Christian Funeral Home         C15/C15-001.jpg
Spencer, Lillian Florene Hartsell Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-303.jpg
Spencer, Lovell Norris, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF95/BF95-038.jpg
Spencer, Ora Bell Hance Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-492.jpg
Spencer, R.F., Judge Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-081.jpg
Spencer, Samuel Riley Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-220.jpg
Spencer, Thelma Matney Christian Funeral Home     C89/C89-159.jpg
Spencer, Thomas Davis Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-052.jpg
Spicer, Opal Lizzie Stone, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF94/HF94-108.jpg
Spicer, Opal Lizzie Stone, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-132.jpg
Spielman, Hunter Robert Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-294.jpg
Spiller, Ida M. Sutton, Hawkins Funeral Home         H95/H95-105.jpg
Spiller, Ida Mae Sutton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF96/HF96-118.jpg
Spilman, Fred Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-226.jpg
Splawn, Bertha Jane Stevens, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-117.jpg
Splawn, Bertha Stevens, Boyd Funeral Home B88/B88-053.jpg
Splawn, Betty Ruth Kirkland, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-076.jpg
Splawn, Betty, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-204.jpg
Splawn, Dora Anderson Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-102.jpg
Splawn, Elmer, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-039.jpg
Splawn, Elmer, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-161.jpg
Splawn, Esther F., Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-057.jpg
Splawn, G.C., Jr. Coker Funeral Home        C27/C27-177.jpg
Splawn, George W. Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-107.jpg
Splawn, Goshie E., Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF81/BF81-160.jpg
Splawn, Goshie, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-111.jpg
Splawn, Hattie Beatrice Flowers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1399.jpg
Splawn, John Homer Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-089.jpg
Splawn, Lewis Henry "Bill" Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-349.jpg
Splawn, Lila Jean Wright Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-160.jpg
Splawn, Ludie Warren, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-033.jpg
Splawn, Mary Ruth Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-015.jpg
Splawn, Mary Ruth, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-189.jpg
Splawn, Millie (Della) Warren, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-119.jpg
Splawn, Mollie Della Warren, Boyd Funeral File Sheet        BF91/BF91-002.jpg
Splawn, Nellie Faye Wood Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-114.jpg
Splawn, S. C., Hawkins Funeral Home         H23/H23-100.jpg
Splawn, S.C. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-276.jpg
Splawn, W.B., Mr. Christian Funeral Home   C22/C22-002.jpg
Spradlin, Kenneth Lamar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF90/HF90-114.jpg
Spradlin, Kenneth, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-259.jpg
Spradlin, Martha June Whittington, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-046.jpg
Spraggins, Margaret E. Raven Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-032.jpg
Sprague, Treecie Annie Dawson Christian Funeral Home     C98/C98-226.jpg
Sprague, Vera Ruth Dawson, Hawkins Funeral Home         H66/H66-076.jpg
Sprague, Walter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-114.jpg
Sprague, Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-153.jpg
Sprague, William Herbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF89/HF89-112.jpg
Sprague, William Herbert, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-111.jpg
Spraybury, Gladys Lorene Bastain Christian Funeral Home   C97/C97-175.jpg
Springs, Yale P., Mrs. Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-231.jpg
Sprinkle, Doris Marie Thornton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1400.jpg
Sprinkle, Doris Marie Thornton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H84/H84-080.jpg
Sprowls, Robert Hill Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-235.jpg
Spry, David Christian Funeral Home  C01/C01-040.jpg
Spunaugle, Daniel Mars Christian Funeral Home      C80/C80-114.jpg
Spunaugle, Daniel Mars, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-182.jpg
Spurlock, Annie Jewel Garland Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-149.jpg
Squire, Eva Bell Gray Christian Funeral Home         C31/C31-197.jpg
Squire, Madison Matt Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-075.jpg
St Clair, Emma Lee Gaston Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-165.jpg
St Clair, Florence Bell Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-110.jpg
St Clair, James Madison Christian Funeral Home      C31/C31-034.jpg
St John, Ethel Cordie Wood, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-120.jpg
St John, Virginia S. Smith Christian Funeral Home    C88/C88-101.jpg
St. Clair, Doris June Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-285.jpg
St. Clair, T.T., Rev. (Timothy) Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-150.jpg
St. Clair, Thomas L. Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-098.jpg
St. Clair, Thomas Leon Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-008.jpg
St. Germin, Leo Paul, III Christian Funeral Home     C01/C01-067.jpg
St.Clair, Euretha Lowrence Meadows Coker Funeral Home  C27/C27-210.jpg
Staats, Earl Otho, Hawkins Funeral Home     H66/H66-053.jpg
Stack, Eloise Swinn, Hawkins Funeral Home  H84/H84-140.jpg
Stack, Estella Joe Greeson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF89/HF89-109.jpg
Stack, Estella Joe Greeson, Hawkins Funeral Home  H88/H88-175.jpg
Stack, Herbert J., Hawkins Funeral Home     H53/H53-083.jpg
Stack, Herbert Robert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1401.jpg
Stack, Herbert Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-216.jpg
Stack, Robert Leslie, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-004.jpg
Stagg, Eugene Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-255.jpg
Stagg, Mary Ruth Hines Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-169.jpg
Stagner, Dora Flavilla Stephens, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-259.jpg
Stagner, Dora Flavilla Stephens, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-260.jpg
Staley, Andrew John "A.J." Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-295.jpg
Staley, Troy Leon Christian Funeral Home    C31/C31-158.jpg
Stalkup, Thelma Lee Brown Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-283.jpg
Stallins, Jamie Roper, Hawkins Funeral Home         H69/H69-010.jpg
Stamper, Carolyn Sue Keller Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-268.jpg
Stamps, Charlie Drew Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-114.jpg
Stamps, Randolph C. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-122.jpg
Standard, Margarette Dunn Christian Funeral Home  C89/C89-240.jpg
Standefer, Pearl Mae Pinkerton Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-214.jpg
Standefer, Wilbert Earl Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-095.jpg
Standfield, Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home       H-48/H-48-40.jpg
Standifer, (Eliza) Louise Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-019.jpg
Standlee, Carla Janis Winn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-121.jpg
Standley, Billie Rone Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-065.jpg
Standley, Cade Betha, Dr. Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-244.jpg
Standley, Willie Hulett Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-058.jpg
Standridge, Jerrel Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-091.jpg
Stanfield, Eddie Malceny Ladd, Hawkins Funeral Home       H55/H55-057.jpg
Stanfield, J. P., Hawkins Funeral Home        H23/H23-231.jpg
Stanfield, James Quinas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-001.jpg
Stanfield, James Quincy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-116.jpg
Stanfield, John Dexter, Hawkins Funeral Home        H60/H60-069.jpg
Stanfield, Katie Ann Ramsey, Hawkins Funeral Home        H65/H65-011.jpg
Stanfield, Lizzie Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home         H33/H33-259.jpg
Stanfield, Marvin Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1402.jpg
Stanfield, Ralph Ardell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1404.jpg
Stanfield, Ralph Ardell, Hawkins Funeral Home       H80/H80-188.jpg
Stanfield, Vera Gertrude, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-101.jpg
Stanfield, Vera Gertrude, Hawkins Funeral Home     H90/H90-262.jpg
Stanford, George Christian Funeral Home     C35/C35-220.jpg
Stanford, Minnie M. Johnson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1403.jpg
Stanford, Robert Ed, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-015.jpg
Stankewitz, Ethel Leona Smith Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-082.jpg
Stankewitz, John Ulysses Christian Funeral Home     C73/C73-187.jpg
Stanley, Benny Paul Christian Funeral Home  C93/C93-126.jpg
Stanley, Douglas Clyde, Jr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF95/BF95-070.jpg
Stanley, Ebbie Bell (Ingle) Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-264.jpg
Stanley, Emma Katherine Kilgore, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-044.jpg
Stanley, Grace Bridges, Hawkins Funeral Home       H60/H60-063.jpg
Stanley, Henry Paul Christian Funeral Home  C86/C86-020.jpg
Stanley, Lela Mae Hix Christian Funeral Home        C01/C01-026.jpg
Stanley, William M. Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-218.jpg
Stansel, Ozrow Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-195.jpg
Stansell, Adelia Cross, Hawkins Funeral Home        H65/H65-019.jpg
Staples, Lucy C., Hawkins Funeral Home     H33/H33-231.jpg
Stapp, Dovie Fay Wilson Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-113.jpg
Stapp, Dovie Fay Wilson, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-169.jpg
Stapp, Harold Wayne Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-087.jpg
Stapp, Michael Christian, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-114.jpg
Stapp, William Franklin Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-105.jpg
Starek, Elouise Rebecca Guinn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF85/HF85-006.jpg
Starek, Henry George, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1405.jpg
Stark, Allie B. "Potter" Apr 22, 1982 James Hix Fairview     CL80/CL80-141
Stark, Della Marie Moore Christian Funeral Home    C76/C76-261.jpg
Stark, Esther (Garrett) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-063.jpg
Stark, Jack Benny "Sammy" Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-200.jpg
Stark, Joe Bailey Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-280.jpg
Stark, Lewis Kelsey Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-203.jpg
Stark, Marguerite Vondracek Christian Funeral Home         C01/C01-047.jpg
Stark, Mary Garrett Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-037.jpg
Stark, Mehetiable "Hettie" Hix Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-185.jpg
Stark, Nannie Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-142.jpg
Stark, Randy Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-203.jpg
Stark, Susan Elizabeth Whitsett, Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-029.jpg
Stark, Walter B. Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-214.jpg
Starnes, Annie Embry Boughier Christian Funeral Home      C97/C97-048.jpg
Starnes, Bennie Paul, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF91/HF91-115.jpg
Starnes, Bennie Paul, Hawkins Funeral Home         H90/H90-158.jpg
Starnes, Bobby Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-041.jpg
Starnes, Cecil Guy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1406.jpg
Starnes, Clovis Jay Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-172.jpg
Starnes, Edgar William Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-206.jpg
Starnes, Edward Christian Funeral Home      C86/C86-214.jpg
Starnes, Edward Lee Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-198.jpg
Starnes, John Brown Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-002.jpg
Starnes, Leon Feb 12, 1982 Mrs. Howard Fairview   CL80/CL80-125
Starnes, Mallie Lou (Christian) Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-350.jpg
Starnes, Mary Etta Christian Funeral Home   C45/C45-170.jpg
Starnes, Mary Veda Pugh, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1407.jpg
Starnes, Millie Belle Stanley Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-379.jpg
Starnes, Pearlie Mae Dec 13, 1980 Leon Starnes Fairview    CL80/CL80-41
Starnes, Terry Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1408.jpg
Starnes, Wilburn Cecil Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-029.jpg
Starnes, Wilford Christian Funeral Home      C50/C50-145.jpg
Starnes, Woodrow L. "Woody" Christian Funeral Home       C01/C01-255.jpg
Starns, George Washington Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-127.jpg
Starns, George Washington, Jr., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home    HCD80/HCD80-194.jpg
Starr, Ernest Edward "Ernie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF95/HF95-116.jpg
Starr, Ernest Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-293.jpg
Starr, Lula Belle Watson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF98/HF98-133.jpg
Stastny, Georgia Lee Franklin Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-046.jpg
Staton, Juanita T. Taylor Christian Funeral Home     C00/C00-141.jpg
StClair, Robert Arden Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-404.jpg
StClair, Roddie Lee Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-182.jpg
Stebbins, Gary Lynn Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-216.jpg
Steddum, Lydia Ann Stuart Christian Funeral Home  C76/C76-135.jpg
Stedham, Jack Hue Christian Funeral Home  C80/C80-058.jpg
Stedham, Jack Hue, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-196.jpg
Steel, Alma Faye Vess Christian Funeral Home       C39/C39-240.jpg
Steel, Jimmie Charles Coker Funeral Home   C56/C56-223.jpg
Steel, John Lilburn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1409.jpg
Steel, John Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home   H57/H57-178.jpg
Steel, Robert Summerfield, Hawkins Funeral Home   H53/H53-110.jpg
Steel, Ruth Yeates, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1411.jpg
Steel, Wayne Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home        H65/H65-074.jpg
Steele, Arthur Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-041.jpg
Steele, Buford C., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1410.jpg
Steele, Clida Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-048.jpg
Steele, Elizabeth Wade, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-122.jpg
Steele, Martha Dell Edwards Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-262.jpg
Steele, Mattie Prindle Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-039.jpg
Steele, Perry F. Christian Funeral Home       C15/C15-274.jpg
Steele, Tom Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-040.jpg
Steele, William Carlton, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-192.jpg
Steele, William Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-254.jpg
Steelmon, David Lee Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-026.jpg
Steen, Alexs Webb Christian Funeral Home   C35/C35-133.jpg
Steen, Maggie Lee (Ballinger) Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-008.jpg
Steenbergen, Blanch Norman Christian Funeral Home         C91/C91-278.jpg
Steffen, James Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-028.jpg
Stegall, Kathleen Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF85/HF85-145.jpg
Stegall, Kathleen Ann, Hawkins Funeral Home        H84/H84-232.jpg
Stegall, Norris Kelly, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1412.jpg
Stein, Charles Edward, Jr. Christian Funeral Home    C93/C93-151.jpg
Steiner, Ila Whitaker "Pearl" Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-055.jpg
Steiner, Keith Herman Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-225.jpg
Steins, J.V., Rev. Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-131.jpg
Stem, Bessie Mae Harris Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-149.jpg
Stem, D.Y., Dr. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-001.jpg
Stem, Jane Fortenberry Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-270.jpg
Stem, R.L., Mr. Christian Funeral Home       C22/C22-296.jpg
Stem, Richard S. May 14, 1983 Mrs. Stem & Billy Garrison Oaklawn         CL82/CL82-48
Steph, Birda B. Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-028.jpg
Steph, Charles Delbert Aug 23, 1981 Alvord Ship in   CL80/CL80-90
Stephens, Altha Lou Rhoads, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF81/BF81-119.jpg
Stephens, Altha Lou Rhoads, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-018.jpg
Stephens, Bernice Hawkins, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-138.jpg
Stephens, Bertie Lee (McCracken) Christian Funeral Home  C59/C59-371.jpg
Stephens, Charles Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home   H55/H55-087.jpg
Stephens, Charlie Clinton Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-057.jpg
Stephens, Charlie Clinton, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-195.jpg
Stephens, Coy Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-081.jpg
Stephens, Florence Boyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF99/HF99-123.jpg
Stephens, George Barnett Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-008.jpg
Stephens, George P. Coker Funeral Home    C27/C27-282.jpg
Stephens, Gerald Gilbert Mar 15, 1980 Mary Stephens Greenwood   CL76/CL76-134
Stephens, Jackie Orvid Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-053.jpg
Stephens, Jno. Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-012.jpg
Stephens, Joseph Piner Aug 20, 1983 Oaklawn        CL82/CL82-66
Stephens, Loa Lee Young, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-036.jpg
Stephens, Lola Lee Young, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF93/HF93-117.jpg
Stephens, Lula Glasco Christian Funeral Home        C31/C31-037.jpg
Stephens, Michael Craig Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-142.jpg
Stephens, Mildred Ruth Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF98/HF98-134.jpg
Stephens, Odie Clinton Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-105.jpg
Stephens, Otis Velton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF01/HF01-138.jpg
Stephens, Roy L., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-175.jpg
Stephens, Roy Lo Christian Funeral Home    C80/C80-111.jpg
Stephens, Ruth L. Hornback Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-264.jpg
Stephens, Son of R.W. Christian Funeral Home       C31/C31-059.jpg
Stephens, Tinnie Bernice Hawkins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF94/HF94-109.jpg
Stephens, Virginia Katherine "Kay" Chipman Christian Funeral Home         C93/C93-010.jpg
Stephens, Wilbur Wesley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF87/HF87-048.jpg
Stephens, Wilbur Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-356.jpg
Stephens, Willie Anna Stephens, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1136.jpg
Stephenson, E.G. Mar 26, 1977 Transport Houston to Fort Worth     CL76/CL76-15
Stephenson, Linda Gayle, Hawkins Funeral Home     H64/H64-076.jpg
Stephenson, Myra Jane Heed Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-285.jpg
Stepp, Ira Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-041.jpg
Stern, J. Leroy Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-233.jpg
Stevens, Addie Banner Feb 28, 1984 Raymond Stevens Jacksboro    CL82/CL82-103
Stevens, Albert Bailey Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-177.jpg
Stevens, Annie Mae Ashton Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-057.jpg
Stevens, Arthur NMN, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-040.jpg
Stevens, Carson Duff Christian Funeral Home         C39/C39-138.jpg
Stevens, Coy Wayne Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-144.jpg
Stevens, Era Cash, Hawkins Funeral Home   H88/H88-245.jpg
Stevens, Etta Dement Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-023.jpg
Stevens, Eva Estell Cash, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF90/HF90-115.jpg
Stevens, Floy R. Bedford, Hawkins Funeral Home    H93/H93-030.jpg
Stevens, Floy Rachel Bedford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF93/HF93-115.jpg
Stevens, Floyd Wilson "Blackie" Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-276.jpg
Stevens, Frank Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-484.jpg
Stevens, Gale Monte, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF85/HF85-147.jpg
Stevens, Gale Monte, Hawkins Funeral Home         H84/H84-202.jpg
Stevens, Harold Roger Christian Funeral Home        C80/C80-012.jpg
Stevens, Harold Roger, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home     HCD80/HCD80-176.jpg
Stevens, Infant of Frank Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-228.jpg
Stevens, Jim Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-363.jpg
Stevens, Jimmy Lee Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-272.jpg
Stevens, Joe Bailey Christian Funeral Home  C15/C15-024.jpg
Stevens, John "Galley", III, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-133.jpg
Stevens, Johnson Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1413.jpg
Stevens, Lena Roberta Rickman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF98/BF98-184.jpg
Stevens, Litha Elizabeth Stinnitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1414.jpg
Stevens, Lucille Phillips Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-055.jpg
Stevens, Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-087.jpg
Stevens, Mary Faye Sampler Christian Funeral Home         C68/C68-065.jpg
Stevens, Mary Thelma Potter Christian Funeral Home         C00/C00-070.jpg
Stevens, Mary, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-232.jpg
Stevens, Mattie Lee Barker Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-152.jpg
Stevens, Mrs. (Sallie E.) Coker Funeral Home         C27/C27-062.jpg
Stevens, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home        H61/H61-027.jpg
Stevens, Newt Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-252.jpg
Stevens, Raymond Christian Funeral Home   C95/C95-138.jpg
Stevens, Thomas Cunningham Christian Funeral Home        C50/C50-327.jpg
Stevens, Twins of Sid & ? Christian Funeral Home   C39/C39-095.jpg
Stevens, William Oliver, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-091.jpg
Stevenson, Dale Carley Christian Funeral Home       C76/C76-129.jpg
Stevenson, Eutha Mae Dillehay Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-243.jpg
Stevenson, Gladys Modena June 10, 1981 Oaklawn   CL80/CL80-76
Stevenson, Jesse Christian Funeral Home     C76/C76-176.jpg
Stevenson, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-146.jpg
Stevenson, W.M., Mr. Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-261.jpg
Steverson, Ernest Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-090.jpg
Steverson, Mary Elizabeth Harvey Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-330.jpg
Steverson, Mary, repeated of page 330        C68/C68-333.jpg
Stew, Eddie Crowder Christian Funeral Home         C49/C49-002.jpg
Stewardson , Kathleen Buck, Hawkins Funeral Home         H93/H93-212.jpg
Stewardson, Kathleen Buck, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF95/HF95-117.jpg
Stewart, Arnold Ray (Slim), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF01/HF01-139.jpg
Stewart, Audrey Ruth Brammer Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-205.jpg
Stewart, Betty Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-016.jpg
Stewart, Boyce Byron Christian Funeral Home        C59/C59-142.jpg
Stewart, Christopher Alan Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-098.jpg
Stewart, Craig Michael, Hawkins Funeral Home      H95/H95-026.jpg
Stewart, Elizabeth Ardelta Perry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF89/HF89-116.jpg
Stewart, Elizabeth Ardetta Perry, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-068.jpg
Stewart, Infant of Bill Christian Funeral Home         C22/C22-163.jpg
Stewart, Joe W. Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-114.jpg
Stewart, Lee Wilwy, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-042.jpg
Stewart, Leonard Alton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H90/H90-200.jpg
Stewart, Leonard Alton, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF92/HF92-102.jpg
Stewart, Michael Craig, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-118.jpg
Stewart, Roy Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-126.jpg
Stewart, Roy Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home    H88/H88-033.jpg
Stewart, Tommy Allen, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF81/BF81-177.jpg
Stewart, Tommy, Boyd Funeral Home         B88/B88-087.jpg
Stewart, William Arlington, Hawkins Funeral Home   H-48/H-48-16.jpg
Stice, Bertie Gober Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-036.jpg
Stice, George W. Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-434.jpg
Stice, Thurman Roger, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-140.jpg
Stickler, Velmar Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home     H61/H61-166.jpg
Stiles, William M. Christian Funeral Home     C15/C15-148.jpg
Still, Franklin T., Hawkins Funeral Home      H64/H64-082.jpg
Still, James Asberry Christian Funeral Home  C68/C68-279.jpg
Still, Leburn William Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-083.jpg
Still, Maggie Nov 26, 1981 Greenwood         CL80/CL80-108
Still, Myrtle Vera Coker Funeral Home        C56/C56-166.jpg
Still, Ruby Truitt Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-262.jpg
Still, Talbert Christian Funeral Home  C50/C50-356.jpg
Still, Tommie Grace Wileman, Hawkins Funeral Home        H63/H63-035.jpg
Stinnett, Carolyn Sue Walker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-134.jpg
Stinnett, Daughter of Hershell & Martha, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1415.jpg
Stinnett, Wallace Junior, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF87/HF87-005.jpg
Stinnett, Wallace Junior, Hawkins Funeral Home      H84/H84-373.jpg
Stockard, Carl Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1416.jpg
Stockard, Claude Ison, Hawkins Funeral Home        H68/H68-068.jpg
Stockard, Hugh O'Neal, Hawkins Funeral Home      H66/H66-186.jpg
Stockard, Laura Pauline Read, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF92/HF92-104.jpg
Stockard, Laura Pauline Read, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-222.jpg
Stockard, Mabel Jones, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-116.jpg
Stockard, Mabel Jones, Hawkins Funeral Home       H90/H90-115.jpg
Stockard, Nathan Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1417.jpg
Stockard, Nelson Carl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF96/HF96-119.jpg
Stockard, Nelson Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home        H95/H95-043.jpg
Stockard, Ophelia Mabel Gordon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1418.jpg
Stockard, Ophelia Mabel Gordon, Hawkins Funeral Home    H80/H80-150.jpg
Stockard, Raymond Claude "Pete", Hawkins Funeral Home  H93/H93-087.jpg
Stockard, Raymond Claude (Pete), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF93/HF93-110.jpg
Stockton, Cecero Patterson Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-273.jpg
Stockton, Ernest Edward Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-002.jpg
Stockton, Ernest Edward Hokey, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home   HCD80/HCD80-192.jpg
Stockton, Glenn Edward Christian Funeral Home      C98/C98-137.jpg
Stockton, John Clarence Christian Funeral Home      C01/C01-247.jpg
Stockton, Katie Viola Young Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-035.jpg
Stockton, Mammie Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-299.jpg
Stockton, Mary Gertrude Christian Funeral Home     C80/C80-011.jpg
Stockton, Mary Gertrude, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home  HCD80/HCD80-188.jpg
Stockton, Odus F. Christian Funeral Home    C42/C42-042.jpg
Stockton, Richard Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home  H60/H60-083.jpg
Stockton, Richard Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home  H63/H63-081.jpg
Stockton, Robert Luther Christian Funeral Home      C68/C68-311.jpg
Stockton, William Eawest Christian Funeral Home    C49/C49-003.jpg
Stockwell, Gerald Earl, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF98/BF98-115.jpg
Stokes, Augie Victoria Gober, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF94/HF94-110.jpg
Stokes, Augie Victoria Gober, Hawkins Funeral Home        H93/H93-153.jpg
Stokes, Burton Bruce Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-232.jpg
Stokes, Carolyn Joyce Amos Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-236.jpg
Stokes, Charlie Burch Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-250.jpg
Stokes, Charlie Christian Funeral Home        C68/C68-160.jpg
Stokes, Corrine Pavillard Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-297.jpg
Stokes, Eder Maxine Jennings Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-165.jpg
Stokes, Elizabeth Condray Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-076.jpg
Stokes, Eugene Christian Funeral Home       C50/C50-339.jpg
Stokes, Floyd Marshall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF87/HF87-007.jpg
Stokes, Floyd Marshall, Hawkins Funeral Home       H84/H84-349.jpg
Stokes, George Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-144.jpg
Stokes, James Roark "Bo" Christian Funeral Home   C73/C73-078.jpg
Stokes, Jim Dickerson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-107.jpg
Stokes, Jim, Boyd Funeral Home       B88/B88-215.jpg
Stokes, Judith Ann Graham Christian Funeral Home  C98/C98-048.jpg
Stokes, Kenneth Inez Christian Funeral Home         C50/C50-252.jpg
Stokes, Luna Mae Mitchell Christian Funeral Home   C76/C76-301.jpg
Stokes, Luna Mae Mitchell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home         HCD80/HCD80-185.jpg
Stokes, Marion L. July 8, 1985 Betty Aurora  CL82/CL82-256
Stokes, Mary Jane (Slowson) Christian Funeral Home         C59/C59-252.jpg
Stokes, Mickey Dale, Hawkins Funeral Home         H68/H68-054.jpg
Stokes, Morris Bradley, Hawkins Funeral Home       H68/H68-127.jpg
Stokes, Morris Thomas "Jr.", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF99/HF99-124.jpg
Stokes, Oscar Alexander "Ott" Christian Funeral Home       C93/C93-143.jpg
Stokes, Ruth Bernice McKee Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-260.jpg
Stokes, Taylor Christian Funeral Home        C22/C22-258.jpg
Stokes, Walter A. Christian Funeral Home    C35/C35-024.jpg
Stokes, William J. Christian Funeral Home    C22/C22-063.jpg
Stoltz, Donna Adelade Curtis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1419.jpg
Stone , Leonard Christian Funeral Home       C59/C59-480.jpg
Stone, Annie Beulah Wiley Christian Funeral Home   C93/C93-130.jpg
Stone, Charles William Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-087.jpg
Stone, Chloe Vinita Johnson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF93/HF93-109.jpg
Stone, Chloe Vinita Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-084.jpg
Stone, Daisy Maude Quisenberry Christian Funeral Home    C86/C86-069.jpg
Stone, Geneva Mae Murrell Tolbert Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-070.jpg
Stone, Gilbert David Christian Funeral Home  C95/C95-241.jpg
Stone, Hattie Mae Payne Christian Funeral Home     C91/C91-040.jpg
Stone, Herman Levi Apr 24, 1980 Ruby Stone Pleasant Grove #1    CL80/CL80-6
Stone, Homer Eustace Coker Funeral Home  C56/C56-290.jpg
Stone, Ida May Warrell Christian Funeral Home       C68/C68-195.jpg
Stone, Infant son of H.F. Christian Funeral Home     C39/C39-171.jpg
Stone, J.C. Christian Funeral Home   C01/C01-237.jpg
Stone, Jack Milton Coker Funeral Home       C64/C64-265.jpg
Stone, James Columbus Christian Funeral Home      C45/C45-239.jpg
Stone, Jesse Hines Christian Funeral Home   C80/C80-103.jpg
Stone, Jesse Hines, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-197.jpg
Stone, Jessie Leon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF85/HF85-146.jpg
Stone, Jessie Leon, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-217.jpg
Stone, Jimmie Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF00/HF00-135.jpg
Stone, Judge Culver Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-043.jpg
Stone, Lou Velma Taggart Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-067.jpg
Stone, Lydia Barbara Thueatt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1420.jpg
Stone, Marvin Aug 14, 1983 Mrs. Marvin Stone Pleasant Grove #1   CL82/CL82-65
Stone, Mary Beaty Christian Funeral Home   C31/C31-102.jpg
Stone, Mary Jane Christian Funeral Home     C68/C68-375.jpg
Stone, Octa D. Leonard Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-236.jpg
Stone, Otha Diane Christian Funeral Home    C95/C95-098.jpg
Stone, Pink Holt, Maj., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF73/HF73-1421.jpg
Stone, Raymond Otis Jan 19, 1978 Mrs. R.O. Stone Oaklawn         CL76/CL76-41
Stone, Roy Blanton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF93/HF93-116.jpg
Stone, Roy Blanton, Hawkins Funeral Home  H90/H90-289.jpg
Stone, Roy Blanton, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home       H57/H57-083.jpg
Stone, Ruby M. Aug 6, 1983 Syble Burris Pleasant Grove #1 CL82/CL82-62
Stone, Ruth Beatrice Foster Gotcher Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-055.jpg
Stone, Sandra Jane Saling Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-091.jpg
Stone, Virgil Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1422.jpg
Stone, Virginia Elizabeth Scaff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF95/HF95-119.jpg
Stone, Virginia Elizabeth Scoff, Hawkins Funeral Home       H93/H93-222.jpg
Stone, William Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1423.jpg
Stone, Willie Mae Pugh Christian Funeral Home       C97/C97-247.jpg
Stone, Wilton Culver Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-105.jpg
Stonecepher, Cleo Parker, Hawkins Funeral Home   H90/H90-281.jpg
Stonecipher, Cleo Parker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF93/HF93-118.jpg
Stoneking, Paul C., Hawkins Funeral Home   H90/H90-025.jpg
Stoneking, Paul Conner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF90/HF90-117.jpg
Stork, Will A. Coker Funeral Home   C27/C27-019.jpg
Story, Beatrice June Knepp, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF91/BF91-054.jpg
Story, Bernice, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-180.jpg
Story, Dawn Leann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1424.jpg
Story, John, Hawkins Funeral Home   H23/H23-280.jpg
Story, Madge Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral Home      H63/H63-012.jpg
Story, Mary Martha Crowson Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-127.jpg
Story, Millena Beatrice Johnston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1425.jpg
Story, Millena Beatrice Johnston, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-017.jpg
Story, Rayford Clois, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1426.jpg
Stout, Allan Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home      H57/H57-095.jpg
Stout, Brian Garrett, Boyd Funeral File Sheet BF98/BF98-062.jpg
Stout, Ida Della Creech, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1427.jpg
Stout, Ida Della Creech, Hawkins Funeral Home      H80/H80-141.jpg
Stout, Luna Coker Funeral Home      C56/C56-225.jpg
Stout, Maxine Perdue Christian Funeral Home         C98/C98-216.jpg
Stout, Rebekah Breanne, Boyd Funeral File Sheet     BF91/BF91-075.jpg
Stout, Rebekah, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-203.jpg
Stracener, Murry, Boyd Funeral File Sheet    BF95/BF95-041.jpg
Strachan, James Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-073.jpg
Strachan, James Carl, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF88/HF88-127.jpg
Strain, Ada Pearl Russell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1428.jpg
Strain, Joe Taylor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet         HF73/HF73-1429.jpg
Strait, Essie JoAnn Hettinger, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-136.jpg
Strange, Barnetta Pickett Christian Funeral Home     C86/C86-132.jpg
Strange, Fearrel Christian Funeral Home      C88/C88-009.jpg
Strange, Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Christian Funeral Home    C89/C89-301.jpg
Strauss, Blake Christian Funeral Home        C97/C97-076.jpg
Street, Edna Bingham, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1430.jpg
Street, Elmer Neeley, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-142.jpg
Street, Elmer Neely, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1431.jpg
Street, Lara Bell (Bradford), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-028.jpg
Stribling, J.C. (Jesse C.) Christian Funeral Home      C22/C22-039.jpg
Strickland, Carline Ruby, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-120.jpg
Strickland, Carline Ruby, Hawkins Funeral Home     H95/H95-158.jpg
Strickland, Charles Lee (Mato), Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF91/BF91-014.jpg
Strickland, Evelyn Koeninger, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1432.jpg
Strickland, Hazel Oleta Tackett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1433.jpg
Strickland, J. B., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF99/HF99-125.jpg
Strickland, John Cecil, Hawkins Funeral Home        H66/H66-029.jpg
Strickland, Raymond C. "Ray" Christian Funeral Home        C91/C91-265.jpg
Strickland, Raymond Neal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF01/HF01-141.jpg
Stricklin, Jerrell Jewett Christian Funeral Home        C95/C95-180.jpg
Strine, Gerals Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF99/HF99-127.jpg
Stringer, Maggie L. Cogdell, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-221.jpg
Strong, Betty Jean Knight, Boyd Funeral File Sheet   BF98/BF98-194.jpg
Strong, Charles Nolan Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-243.jpg
Stroud, Clarence Clay "Cecil" Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-117.jpg
Stroud, James Garland Coker Funeral Home  C64/C64-221.jpg
Stroud, Mary Elizabeth Johnson Christian Funeral Home      C35/C35-004.jpg
Stroud, Mary Louella "Lula" Jan 22, 1980 Bob Stroud Oaklawn       CL76/CL76-129
Stroud, Mary Sonora Oates Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-109.jpg
Stroud, Robert CLayton Sept 26, 1983 Oaklawn       CL82/CL82-70
Stroud, Sarah Elizabeth Oct 13, 1982 Bob Stroud Oaklawn    CL82/CL82-3
Stroud, Vera Mae Christian Funeral Home    C00/C00-266.jpg
Stroud, William Dayton Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-066.jpg
Stroud, William Henry Christian Funeral Home        C45/C45-074.jpg
Stroup, Benjamin Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF73/HF73-1434.jpg
Stroup, Benjamin Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home   H80/H80-192.jpg
Stuart, Lynwood Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF87/HF87-052.jpg
Stuart, Lynwood Clarence, Hawkins Funeral Home   H84/H84-351.jpg
Stubblefield, Beatrice Holder, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-093.jpg
Stubblefield, Henry Franklin "Frank" Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-033.jpg
Stubblefield, Katherine Louisa Dunaway, Hawkins Funeral Home    H55/H55-023.jpg
Stubblefield, Lillie Belle McKay Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-298.jpg
Stubblefield, Reba Christian Funeral Home    C97/C97-007.jpg
Stubblefield, Robert Charles Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-088.jpg
Stubblefield, Robert Charles, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home        HCD80/HCD80-184.jpg
Stubblefield, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home      C73/C73-289.jpg
Studdard, Break, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-113.jpg
Stuever, Myrtice Dean Poore, Hawkins Funeral Home        H64/H64-057.jpg
Stuever, Theodore Joseph Anthony, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-033.jpg
Stutt, Bernice Raymer Christian Funeral Home        C35/C35-246.jpg
Stutt, Beulah Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-026.jpg
Stutt, Billy C. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-064.jpg
Stutt, D.F., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-124.jpg
Stutt, David, Hawkins Funeral Home  H-48/H-48-07.jpg
Stutt, Elizabeth Ellen Ramsdale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1435.jpg
Stutt, Ellen Louise Riggs Christian Funeral Home      C91/C91-165.jpg
Stutt, Jack Vernon Christian Funeral Home   C68/C68-291.jpg
Stutt, James Augus Christian Funeral Home   C50/C50-177.jpg
Stutt, James Dewitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1436.jpg
Stutt, James Dill Christian Funeral Home      C95/C95-013.jpg
Stutt, Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home     H23/H23-224.jpg
Stutt, Joseph Elvin "PeeWee" Christian Funeral Home         C89/C89-056.jpg
Stutt, Kit Jay "Mike", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF98/HF98-135.jpg
Stutt, La Vada Mae Bridges, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF87/HF87-050.jpg
Stutt, LaVada Mae Bridges, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-335.jpg
Stutt, Margaret Vera Mann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF92/HF92-105.jpg
Stutt, Margaret Vera Mann, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-159.jpg
Stutt, Rit Jay, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-299.jpg
Stutt, Robert Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-400.jpg
Stutt, Robert Donald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1437.jpg
Stutt, Robert Riley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF93/HF93-119.jpg
Stutt, Robert Riley, Hawkins Funeral Home   H93/H93-027.jpg
Stutt, Robert Thomas Christian Funeral Home         C35/C35-221.jpg
Stutt, Ruby Francis, Hawkins Funeral Home  H53/H53-069.jpg
Stutt, Terrell Howard, Hawkins Funeral Home         H80/H80-078.jpg
Stutt, Timothy Raymond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1438.jpg
Stutt, William James, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF00/HF00-137.jpg
Styers, Arthur Richard Christian Funeral Home        C88/C88-239.jpg
Sublett, John William, Hawkins Funeral Home         H63/H63-061.jpg
Sublett, Ruby Pearl Hawkins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1439.jpg
Sudduth, Ewing Leon "Red" Christian Funeral Home  C97/C97-291.jpg
Sugart (Shugart), L.O., Mr. Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-038.jpg
Sugg, Hershel Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF00/HF00-138.jpg
Sullins, John W., Hawkins Funeral Home      H33/H33-034.jpg
Sullins, Vera Essica Walker, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-169.jpg
Sullivan, Jerry Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF00/HF00-139.jpg
Sullivan, John Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home         H61/H61-007.jpg
Sullivan, Ladorthy Ann Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-264.jpg
Sullivan, Laura Dean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet     HF73/HF73-1440.jpg
Sullivan, Lura Mae Terrell, Hawkins Funeral Home   H69/H69-035.jpg
Summers, Elizabeth Ferguson Christian Funeral Home         C45/C45-073.jpg
Summers, Etta Mae Terry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1441.jpg
Summers, J.L., Mr. Christian Funeral Home  C22/C22-032.jpg
Summerville, Ronald Glenn, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet      BF81/BF81-047.jpg
Supina, Frank William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF73/HF73-1442.jpg
Supina, Frank William, Hawkins Funeral Home        H80/H80-132.jpg
Supina, Joseph Steven, Hawkins Funeral Home        H57/H57-167.jpg
Suson, Eula Mae Arlanka, Hawkins Funeral Home    H84/H84-039.jpg
Suson, Eula Mae Urlacher, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF73/HF73-1443.jpg
Suson, Walter Oliver, Boyd Funeral File Sheet         BF91/BF91-095.jpg
Suson, Walter, Boyd Funeral Home   B88/B88-224.jpg
Suson, William Weldon "Bill" Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-281.jpg
Sutherland, Curtis Milford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF89/HF89-078.jpg
Sutherline, Ona Mae Conner Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-045.jpg
Svensson, Adella Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-331.jpg
Swafford, Aurelia E. Batson Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-231.jpg
Swafford, Lois Barnes Christian Funeral Home        C98/C98-036.jpg
Swaim, Maggie Bell McDowell Christian Funeral Home      C76/C76-284.jpg
Swaim, Myra Josephene Gossett Christian Funeral Home     C88/C88-178.jpg
Swaim, Sue Carol Young Christian Funeral Home     C95/C95-066.jpg
Swaim, William Elma, Hawkins Funeral Home         H69/H69-143.jpg
Swain, Buford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF91/HF91-117.jpg
Swain, Buford, Hawkins Funeral Home        H90/H90-146.jpg
Swain, Florence Arizona Giles, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet   HF99/HF99-128.jpg
Swain, Walter Joe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet        HF97/HF97-132.jpg
Swain, Walter Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home   H95/H95-271.jpg
Swallow, Betty Jane Gates Christian Funeral Home   C00/C00-088.jpg
Swan, Peat, Hawkins Funeral Home  H23/H23-033.jpg
Swanner, Madge Doalin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-1444.jpg
Swanson, George Robert Christian Funeral Home     C45/C45-135.jpg
Swaringen, Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Christian Funeral Home       C88/C88-246.jpg
Swart, John Talmage Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-127.jpg
Sweat, Ray Ernest, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF98/BF98-005.jpg
Sweeney, Beulah, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-236.jpg
Sweeney, Corbit L., Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-018.jpg
Sweeny, Corbit, Boyd Funeral Home  B88/B88-143.jpg
Sweetland, Richard Christian Funeral Home  C88/C88-027.jpg
Swemney, John Ruben Christian Funeral Home       C35/C35-250.jpg
Swenney, Johnnie Lou Christian Funeral Home        C39/C39-142.jpg
Swenson, Evelyn Morton Howe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-133.jpg
Swenson, Evelyn Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home    H95/H95-218.jpg
Swenson, Hallie Florence Shipley, Hawkins Funeral Home    H69/H69-022.jpg
Swetnam, Carl Padgett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet  HF73/HF73-1445.jpg
Swift, James Samuel Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-112.jpg
Swindle, Hazle Marie Reece Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-010.jpg
Swiney, Cody Lewis, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-111.jpg
Swinney, Clara Mae Vandiver Munn Coker Funeral Home   C64/C64-048.jpg
Swinney, Gladys Gertrude Johnson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet  BF91/BF91-122.jpg
Swinney, Gladys Johnson, Boyd Funeral Home        B88/B88-252.jpg
Swinney, Henery D. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-044.jpg
Swinney, Katie Bell Christian Funeral Home  C31/C31-275.jpg
Swinney, Martha A. Coker Funeral Home     C27/C27-015.jpg
Swinney, Mary Gladys Minor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF01/HF01-142.jpg
Swinney, Theoderic Vinson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet      HF73/HF73-1446.jpg
Swinney, Theoderic Vinson, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-100.jpg
Swinney, Walter Dew Christian Funeral Home        C42/C42-039.jpg
Swinney, Weldon Wingate, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet       HF99/HF99-126.jpg
Swinson, James W. Coker Funeral Home     C64/C64-025.jpg
Switzer, Forrest Glen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF89/HF89-110.jpg
Switzer, Forrest Glen, Hawkins Funeral Home         H88/H88-185.jpg
Switzer, Margret Long Christian Funeral Home        C89/C89-083.jpg
Switzer, Rachel Lois Stratton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet    HF87/HF87-055.jpg
Switzer, Rachel Stratton, Hawkins Funeral Home     H84/H84-274.jpg
Swofford, Mary Alene (Rogers) Christian Funeral Home     C59/C59-102.jpg
Swofford, Robert E. Lee Christian Funeral Home     C50/C50-277.jpg
Swofford, Sarah Ann Swinney Christian Funeral Home       C42/C42-220.jpg
Swofford, Thomas Bert Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-269.jpg
Swope, William Paxton, Hawkins Funeral Home      H55/H55-029.jpg
Sword, Michael Quian, Boyd Funeral File Sheet       BF91/BF91-119.jpg
Sword, Quinn, Boyd Funeral Home    B88/B88-249.jpg
Sydow, Albert H. Aug 18, 1985 Edna Sydow Pleasant Grove #1      CL82/CL82-273
Sydow, Buddy H. Christian Funeral Home    C91/C91-204.jpg
Sydow, Carl Christian Funeral Home  C42/C42-134.jpg
Sydow, Norbert Paul Coker Funeral Home    C64/C64-113.jpg
Syler, Jacob T. Apr 30, 1985 Tom Syler Jackson      CL82/CL82-230
Syler, John Holley Christian Funeral Home    C59/C59-140.jpg
Syler, Mary Katherine Ramsey Christian Funeral Home       C86/C86-059.jpg
Syler, Willie Ellen Patton Coker Funeral Home        C64/C64-383.jpg
Synovec, Delbert Raymond Christian Funeral Home  C73/C73-185.jpg

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