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Da Silva, Ubiraci Noia Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-147.jpg
Dacken, Gladys Beatrice May 23, 1980 Rev. Dacken Garvin CL80/CL80
Dacus, Rhoda L. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-257.jpg
Dacus, Willie Mae Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-208.jpg
Daeet, Oscar Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-026.jpg
Daehnke, Florence Henrietta Haenschen, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-157.jpg
Daffern, Robert Jack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-073.jpg
Daffern, Robert Jack, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-180.jpg
Dafft, Oscar Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-215.jpg
Daggett, Cassie Wood Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-356.jpg
Daggett, Ephriam Beck Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-269.jpg
Daggett, Etta Stanley Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-107.jpg
Daggett, Flossie L. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-058.jpg
Daggett, Harrison Marsh Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-261.jpg
Daggett, Robert Eugene Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-264.jpg
Daggett, William Harrison "Bill" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-248.jpg
Dalby, Henrietta Tallant, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-031.jpg
Dalby, Henrietta Tallant, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-122.jpg
Dale, Brandon Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0352.jpg
Dale, Kimberly Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0353.jpg
Dale, Paul Dean, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0354.jpg
Dale, Walter Gevena, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0355.jpg
Dale, Willie Cleveland, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0356.jpg
Dallas, Alma Katherine Russell Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-261.jpg
Dallas, W.L. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-207.jpg
Dame, Judson Othelia, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0357.jpg
Damron, Minnie Ethel Long Page, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-265.jpg
Damron, Minnie Ethel Page Long, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-027.jpg
Damron, Sue Willie Nov 24, 1985 Russell McDaniel Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Daniel, Franklin Lewis Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-137.jpg
Daniels, Marvin Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-062.jpg
Daniels, Son of C.Lee Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-190.jpg
Dansby, Carol Ann Brooks Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-045.jpg
Darden, Richard Lee Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-276.jpg
Darhower, Steven Elwood, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-033.jpg
Darhower, Steven Elwood, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-285.jpg
Darnell, Clara Mae Thomason Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-169.jpg
Darnell, Hattie Myrtle Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0358.jpg
Darnell, Hattie Myrtle Martin, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-118.jpg
Darrach, Brian Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-195.jpg
Dart, Claude Pat, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-035.jpg
Darwin, Cecil T. Taylor Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-106.jpg
Darwin, Effie Virginia Gillum Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-070.jpg
Darwin, Glenn, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-265.jpg
Darwin, James Thomas, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-035.jpg
Darwin, Richard L. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-003.jpg
Datray, Verbal N. June 24, 1985 Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Datray, William E. "Pete" Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-189.jpg
Daugherty, Josephine Irene Dehn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-036.jpg
Daugherty, Lyman Harry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-032.jpg
Daugherty, Margaret Emma Potter Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-042.jpg
Daugherty, Opal Adams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0359.jpg
Daugherty, Ray Eldren Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-027.jpg
Daugherty, Vernon Sam, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-008.jpg
Daus, Clettus Albert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0360.jpg
Daus, Clettus Albert, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-011.jpg
Davenport, C.C., Mr. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-150.jpg
Davenport, Earl Ramond Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-461.jpg
Davenport, Fred Arnold Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-236.jpg
Davenport, J. Elwood Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-174.jpg
Davenport, Jesse Parish Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-113.jpg
Davenport, Mary Margaret Moore Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-150.jpg
Davenport, Mary Velma Carpenter Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-238.jpg
Davenport, Mrs. Jess (Hopson) Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-041.jpg
Davenport, Susan Thompson Leeper Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-132.jpg
Davenport, W.J. Bryan Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-205.jpg
Davenport, Winnie Mae Bryan Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-121.jpg
Daves, Eva Jo Williams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-087.jpg
Daves, Eva Jo Williams, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-375.jpg
Daveson, Cathren Hensley, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-237.jpg
David, Purlina Allen Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-011.jpg
Davidson, Alton Wayne (Mann), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-040.jpg
Davidson, Alton Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-063.jpg
Davidson, Bennie Ella, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0361.jpg
Davidson, Charles O., Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-009.jpg
Davidson, Dora Mae Caraway, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-027.jpg
Davidson, Dora Mae Caraway, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-247.jpg
Davidson, Ella Victoria Perry, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-20.jpg
Davidson, Erma Atwell, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-263.jpg
Davidson, Erma Delma Atwell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-028.jpg
Davidson, Evelyn Marguerite Workman Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-019.jpg
Davidson, Hiram Issac, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-156.jpg
Davidson, Hyatt L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-024.jpg
Davidson, Jack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-067.jpg
Davidson, Jack, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-238.jpg
Davidson, Jeffrey Paul, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0362.jpg
Davidson, Jewel Mae London, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0363.jpg
Davidson, John Anderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0364.jpg
Davidson, John Anderson, Jr, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-105.jpg
Davidson, Leah Callihan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-041.jpg
Davidson, Leah Callihan, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-286.jpg
Davidson, Melanie Kay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0365.jpg
Davidson, Nettie Boyles Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-373.jpg
Davidson, Norman Harrison, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0374.jpg
Davidson, Patton Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-059.jpg
Davidson, Terry Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-032.jpg
Davidson, Terry Lynn, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-115.jpg
Davidson, Tommy Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-183.jpg
Davidson, Vera Cora Reno, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0366.jpg
Davidson, Virgie Cora Reno, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-077.jpg
Davidson, Welton Hiram "Buddy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-028.jpg
Davidson, Wilton, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-238.jpg
Davila, Benisio Gonzales, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0367.jpg
Davila, Benisio Gonzales, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-098.jpg
Davila, Enos R., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0368.jpg
Davilla, Enos R., Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-242.jpg
Davis , Edna Lucille Peck, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-176.jpg
Davis , Florence Evely Baker, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-102.jpg
Davis , G. Lucille Rickert, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-290.jpg
Davis , Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-067.jpg
Davis, Alice Virginia Slayter Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-251.jpg
Davis, Allen Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-073.jpg
Davis, Annie Mae Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-212.jpg
Davis, Barbara Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-200.jpg
Davis, Bessie Lee Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-335.jpg
Davis, Billy Gearal Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-086.jpg
Davis, Charles Dale, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-030.jpg
Davis, Charles Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-084.jpg
Davis, Charles Edward, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-029.jpg
Davis, Charles Edward, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-280.jpg
Davis, Charles Edward, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-269.jpg
Davis, Charles Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-011.jpg
Davis, Charlie Walter Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-039.jpg
Davis, Colman Pate, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0369.jpg
Davis, Cynthia Ann Ross Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-259.jpg
Davis, Dan Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-287.jpg
Davis, Darlene Womack, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-146.jpg
Davis, Dewey Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-119.jpg
Davis, Dona Bell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0370.jpg
Davis, Donna Beth Nall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-033.jpg
Davis, Edgar Marvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-037.jpg
Davis, Edna Lucille Peck, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-019.jpg
Davis, Edwin Esteen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-034.jpg
Davis, Ella (Cates) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-135.jpg
Davis, Emma Maude, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-197.jpg
Davis, Eugenia S. (Dobson) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-009.jpg
Davis, Evelyn Blanche Gadd, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-079.jpg
Davis, Florence Evelyn Baker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-027.jpg
Davis, G. Lucille Rickert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-020.jpg
Davis, Geneva Austin, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-009.jpg
Davis, Geneva Inez Austin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-030.jpg
Davis, George William, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-097.jpg
Davis, Harvey Gerald, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-098.jpg
Davis, Henry Edgar, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-121.jpg
Davis, Ivy Lee Hogue Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-106.jpg
Davis, James Gary, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-029.jpg
Davis, James Gordon Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-337.jpg
Davis, James Lawrence Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-081.jpg
Davis, Janie May (Mrs. W.J.), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-071.jpg
Davis, Jason Dean Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-178.jpg
Davis, Jefferson Franklin Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-129.jpg
Davis, Jerry Dale, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-067.jpg
Davis, Jerry Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-033.jpg
Davis, Jerry L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0371.jpg
Davis, Jess B., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-029.jpg
Davis, Jess B., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-445.jpg
Davis, Jewel Edgar Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-047.jpg
Davis, Jim D., Pvt. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-256.jpg
Davis, Jim, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-148.jpg
Davis, Joe William Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-170.jpg
Davis, John Charlie Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-295.jpg
Davis, John Walter Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-047.jpg
Davis, Judy Ann, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-066.jpg
Davis, Lavada Robertson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-039.jpg
Davis, Lester S., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0372.jpg
Davis, Lois Afton Ewing, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0375.jpg
Davis, Lois Afton Ewing, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-116.jpg
Davis, Lola Leona Hubble Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-303.jpg
Davis, Louisa Allie, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-04.jpg
Davis, Lucy Sandlin Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-219.jpg
Davis, Marion "Jake" Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-027.jpg
Davis, Martha Janie Ward, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-067.jpg
Davis, Mary Eleanor Netter, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-195.jpg
Davis, Mary Eleanor Nutter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-068.jpg
Davis, Mary Elizabeth Pitts Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-222.jpg
Davis, Mary Elizabeth Pitts, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-040.jpg
Davis, Mary Inez Rice, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0373.jpg
Davis, Mary Margaret Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-075.jpg
Davis, Mildred E. Dismang Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-242.jpg
Davis, Mildred, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-112.jpg
Davis, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-255.jpg
Davis, Murl Dean Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-079.jpg
Davis, Myrtle Ophelia Adair, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-105.jpg
Davis, N. E., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-224.jpg
Davis, Ora Jay, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-005.jpg
Davis, Ozeo (Ozzie), Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-247.jpg
Davis, Ozro O'Dell "Ozzie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-071.jpg
Davis, Patricia Louise, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0376.jpg
Davis, Pollie Anna, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0377.jpg
Davis, Rachel & Charlye Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-169.jpg
Davis, Robert Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0379.jpg
Davis, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-252.jpg
Davis, Rufus Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-070.jpg
Davis, Ruth Marie McCain, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-030.jpg
Davis, Ruth Marie McCain, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-111.jpg
Davis, Sarah Lucinda Baze Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-287.jpg
Davis, Sarah Wilhelma Mills Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-247.jpg
Davis, Thelma Christine, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-037.jpg
Davis, Thelma Christine, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-300.jpg
Davis, Thomas Franklin Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-118.jpg
Davis, Thomas Franklin, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-045.jpg
Davis, Thomas Gary, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-041.jpg
Davis, Thomas Gary, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-134.jpg
Davis, Thomas Orion, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-090.jpg
Davis, Toliver L. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-320.jpg
Davis, Uncle Jim, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-056.jpg
Davis, Waldo Cromwell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0378.jpg
Davis, Walter Ragland, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-028.jpg
Davis, William Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-42.jpg
Davis, Wylie Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-181.jpg
Davison, Earest W., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-120.jpg
Dawson, Alvin Henry Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-185.jpg
Dawson, Baby girl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0380.jpg
Dawson, Calvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0381.jpg
Dawson, Catherine Louise, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-031.jpg
Dawson, Cecil Thomas "C.T." Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-164.jpg
Dawson, Cynthia Cordelia Millican, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-007.jpg
Dawson, J.C., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-112.jpg
Dawson, Lillian Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-179.jpg
Dawson, Louise P. Lowry Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-253.jpg
Dawson, M.J., Mrs Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-257.jpg
Dawson, Nannie Cox Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-102.jpg
Dawson, Ozela Stone Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-126.jpg
Dawson, R.C. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-028.jpg
Dawson, Ronald Charles Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-212.jpg
Dawson, Twin Babies, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-027.jpg
Dawson, William Winfred Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-256.jpg
Day, Blanca Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-062.jpg
Day, Georgia Belle Whittington Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-183.jpg
Day, Georgia Belle Whittington, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-041.jpg
Day, Jerome Elbert Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-363.jpg
Day, John Seay Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-087.jpg
Day, Joseph Fletcher Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-281.jpg
Day, Margaret Tilley Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-057.jpg
Day, Margie Edith Rohus Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-050.jpg
Day, Paul Revere Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-013.jpg
Day, Sarah Elizabeth Tony, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-139.jpg
De Cordova, Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home, only name and date H55/H55-075b.jpg
De Guia, Maria Valdez Zertuche Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-107.jpg
De La Cerda, Francisco, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-029.jpg
de la Cerda, Francisco, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-128.jpg
De Long, Daisy Pearl Johnson Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-215.jpg
De Sabola, Petra R. Rodriguez Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-215.jpg
De Vaney, Wesley, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-065.jpg
De Vera, Cyril Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-115.jpg
Dean, Altha Mae Morrow, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-119.jpg
Dean, Huey Alvin (Dizzy), Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-010.jpg
Dean, Jacqueline Jean Abel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0382.jpg
Dean, John Washington Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-147.jpg
Dean, Lillie E. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-160.jpg
Dean, Michael J., Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-149.jpg
Dean, Michael James, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-028.jpg
Dean, Sena H. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-397.jpg
Dean, Susie McCaleb, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-083.jpg
Dean, Susie, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-212.jpg
Dean, Thomas Henry Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-484.jpg
Deane, Allie S. Smith Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-043.jpg
Dearing, Dan Clark, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-072.jpg
Dearing, Dan Clark, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-260.jpg
Deason, Curtis Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-289.jpg
Deatherage, Astrid Johanna Anderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0392.jpg
Deatherage, Astrid Johanna Anderson, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-140.jpg
Deatherage, Lawson Sylvester (Jack), Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-111.jpg
Deatherage, Ricky Eugene, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-199.jpg
Deatherage, Tressie B. Hobbs, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-030.jpg
Deatherage, Tressie Beatrice Hobbs, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-020.jpg
Deatherage, W.P. Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-049.jpg
Deatherage, Wayne Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0383.jpg
Deatherage, Wesley Orbin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-032.jpg
Deatherage, Wesley Orbin, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-221.jpg
Deathlof, Joe Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-145.jpg
Deathloff, Martha, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-124.jpg
Deathridge, Roy B., Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-062.jpg
Deaton, Anitise, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-128.jpg
Deaton, Arnie Perry Dec 12, 1980 Zoe Gore & Arnie Deaton, Jr. Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Deaton, Daniel Aubrey Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-104.jpg
Deaton, Fannie Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-093.jpg
Deaton, Hubert Bee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-028.jpg
Deaton, Hubert Bee, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-111.jpg
Deaton, Jim Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-137.jpg
Deaton, John Calvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0384.jpg
Deaton, John Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-139.jpg
Deaton, John Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-176.jpg
Deaton, Mary Eunice Womack Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-263.jpg
Deaton, Minnie Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-209.jpg
Deaton, Nina Pearl Jackson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-069.jpg
Deaton, Nina Pearl Jackson, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-223.jpg
Deaton, Ona Lee Dec 1, 1982 Aubrey Deaton Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Deaton, Rosa Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-053a.jpg
Deaton, William Laster, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0390.jpg
Deaton, William P. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-101.jpg
Decker, C.C., Mr. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-147.jpg
Decker, Doyle Leonard "Len" Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-070.jpg
Decker, E. (Mrs. C.C.) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-289.jpg
Decker, James Allen Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-069.jpg
Decker, Joe Edward Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-219.jpg
Decker, Lawrence Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-006.jpg
Decker, Opal Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-234.jpg
Decker, Othniel A. May 10, 1985 Montgomery Pleasant Grove CL82/CL82
DeCriscio, Gregory Warren "Moose", Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-165.jpg
Deddiff, Jessie's Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-080.jpg
Deel, Ethel Loraine Kidd, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-221.jpg
Deere, Thomas Walter Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-237.jpg
Deering, Clyde, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-083.jpg
Deering, Clyde, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-329.jpg
DeLa Cruz, Gilbertp, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-025.jpg
DeLeon, Epefanio, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-246.jpg
Delgado, Aenon Anselmo, Jr. Nov 20, 1983 Lori Delgado CL82/CL82
Delgado, Alfredo Feb 27, 1985 County Oaklawn Stillborn CL82/CL82
Delk, Debbie Renee Rothlis, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-154.jpg
Delk, Silas Victor Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-277.jpg
Dell, John Elbert Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-421.jpg
Dell, Thelma Bramblett, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-082.jpg
DeLuna, Jose Alberto, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0385.jpg
DeLuna, Jose Alberto, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-160.jpg
Dement, John B. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-166.jpg
Dement, Leona Tugwell Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-416.jpg
Dement, Sallie Barbara Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-309.jpg
Dement, William Augusta "Gus" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-402.jpg
Demers, Frances Lucille Headrick, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-149.jpg
Dempsey, Clara Minnie Langford Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-220.jpg
Dempsey, Jason Charles DuBois Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-135.jpg
Dempsey, Robert Zachary Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-068.jpg
Dempsey, Valentine Lorene Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-207.jpg
Denham, Louise Jane Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-288.jpg
Denney, Alva Dean Dodd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-031.jpg
Denney, Alva Dean Dodd, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-242.jpg
Denney, Bertha Mae Bonifield, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0386.jpg
Denney, Georgia Ann Perkins, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-158.jpg
Denney, Hurston Pleasant, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-042.jpg
Denney, Hurston Pleasant, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-090.jpg
Denney, John Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-042.jpg
Denney, Lou Ella Glasgow, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-38.jpg
Denney, Malley, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-081.jpg
Denney, Mittice Malele Lumsden O'Kelley, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-182.jpg
Denney, Neely D., Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-175.jpg
Denney, Ora Pearl Hefner, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-065.jpg
Denney, Oscar S., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-095.jpg
Denney, Ruth MaLinda Redwine, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-021.jpg
Denney, Ruth Malinda Redwine, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-231.jpg
Denney, Steven Houston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0387.jpg
Denney, Steven Houston, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-094.jpg
Dennis, Birdie Buena Raymond Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-109.jpg
Dennis, Patricia Christine, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-008.jpg
Dennis, Taylor Lee (Tator Bug), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-038.jpg
Dennis, Z. T., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-205.jpg
Denniston, Mollie Quisenberry Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-206.jpg
Denton, Alonzo "Lonny", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0388.jpg
Denton, Carolyn Rita Caram, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-24.jpg
Denton, Christopher Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-070.jpg
Denton, Dale Francis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-036.jpg
Denton, Dale Francis, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-179.jpg
Denton, Dorothy Christine Owen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-035.jpg
Denton, Gail Turnboo, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-071.jpg
Denton, James E. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-159.jpg
Denton, Jeanette Clayton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-029.jpg
Denton, Jeanette Clayton, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-126.jpg
Denton, Jessie Hazel Day, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-030.jpg
Denton, Jessie Hazel Day, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-049.jpg
Denton, Mary Margaret Caram, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0389.jpg
Denton, Nathan Theodore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0391.jpg
Denton, Paul Ed, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-030.jpg
Denton, Paul Ed, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-117.jpg
Denton, Vera Alice Cypert, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-071.jpg
DeRoche, Robert Frederick, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-033.jpg
DeRoche, Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-010.jpg
DeRosselt, Erna Estine Jenkins, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-089.jpg
DeRossett, William Edwin, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-300.jpg
Derryberry, Willie McGee Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-180.jpg
Dethloff, Callie Eliza Terry, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-204.jpg
Dethloff, Charley, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-205.jpg
Dethloff, Charlie Virgle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0397.jpg
Dethloff, Etta Lorena (Richardson), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-118.jpg
Dethloff, Henry Columbus, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-064.jpg
Dethloff, Jack Louis, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-020.jpg
Dethloff, James Homer, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-046.jpg
Dethloff, James Richard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0394.jpg
Dethloff, Jesse Manifeel, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-054.jpg
Dethloff, Joe Chris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0395.jpg
Dethloff, John, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-10.jpg
Dethloff, K.B., Mr, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-120.jpg
Dethloff, Louella Coleman, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0396.jpg
Dethloff, Martha A., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-089.jpg
Dethloff, Martin Leo Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-136.jpg
Dethloff, Marvin John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-076.jpg
Dethloff, Marvin John, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-241.jpg
Dethloff, Nancy Evelyn Richardson, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-112.jpg
Dethloff, Nancy Mahala Farriss, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-044.jpg
Dethloff, Raymond Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-094.jpg
Dethloff, Rhea Bowlin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-036.jpg
Dethloff, Ruth Naomia Kelso Barber, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-045.jpg
Dethloff, S. A., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-056.jpg
Dethloff, Una Leona Story, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-006.jpg
Dethloff, William Tomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0398.jpg
Detholeff, Alta Gladys Parks, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0393.jpg
DeVaney, Foye Viola Read, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-017.jpg
Deveraux, A. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-071.jpg
Devereux, Elizabeth A. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-226.jpg
Devine, Gerrett Daniel Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-142.jpg
Devine, Muriel, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-223.jpg
Devine, Wretha Muriel Coffman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-096.jpg
Devoll, Anna Lois, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-034.jpg
Devoll, Anna Lois, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-245.jpg
Dewberry, Henry Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-219.jpg
Dewbre, Hazel Leone Fancher, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-089.jpg
Dewbree, Walter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0399.jpg
Deweber, Mary Nell Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-190.jpg
Dewees, Louise C.Denison Yokum Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-027.jpg
Dewees, Ola Lea Dodd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-032.jpg
DeWees, Ola Lea Dodd, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-022.jpg
Dey, Chloe Drucilla Hampton Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-210.jpg
Diaz, Marco Antonio, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-147.jpg
Diaz, Marco Antonio, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-113.jpg
Dick, Dora Ellen North Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-055.jpg
Dick, Mary Alice Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-291.jpg
Dick, Mathew Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-045.jpg
Dick, Wilburn Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-115.jpg
Dickenson, Bessie Ora Newton Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-130.jpg
Dickenson, Bessie Ora Newton, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-047.jpg
Dickenson, Clara Maude Myers, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-036.jpg
Dickenson, George Almus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0400.jpg
Dickenson, Joe Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-086.jpg
Dickenson, Joe Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-339.jpg
Dickenson, Margaret Louise Lemme, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-037.jpg
Dickenson, Margaret Louise Lemme, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-192.jpg
Dickenson, Mildred Inez, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-031.jpg
Dickenson, Mildred Inez, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-190.jpg
Dickenson, Minnie Lee Morris, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-264.jpg
Dickenson, Vera Alyene Parish, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-035.jpg
Dickenson, Virginia Ann Hood, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-113.jpg
Dickerson, Katie Effie Sept 1, 1978 Center Point, St. Jo, TX CL76/CL76
Dickerson, Rudolph Solsbury, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0401.jpg
Dickerson, Vera Alyene Parish, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-248.jpg
Dickey, Christian Dietzmann Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-073.jpg
Dickey, Merlin Henry Sept 2, 1979 Jackie Malone Aurora CL76/CL76
Dickinson, Bobbie Dean Dunn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-033.jpg
Dickinson, Bobbie Dean Dunn, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-009.jpg
Dickinson, David Harold, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-043.jpg
Dickinson, Harold Lee "Dick", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-030.jpg
Dickinson, Harold Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-135.jpg
Dickinson, John Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-114.jpg
Dickinson, Lola Mae Hill, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-039.jpg
Dickinson, Vaughn Eldie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-037.jpg
Dickson, Barbara Jean Kimbrough Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-128.jpg
Dickson, Edd Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-128.jpg
Dickson, Eva,Miss (Mary Ella) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-002.jpg
Dickson, George, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-213.jpg
Dickson, John Granville Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-207.jpg
Dickson, M.M. (Marvin) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-151.jpg
Dickson, Martha Douglas Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-214.jpg
Dickson, Penn O. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-135.jpg
Dickson, Sallie Battle Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-214.jpg
Dicus, Margaret Lang Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-135.jpg
Dicus, Marie C. Childers Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-049.jpg
Diehl, Geraldine Dorothy Peoples, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-031.jpg
Dilday, Clarence, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-109.jpg
Dill , Gracie Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-419.jpg
Dill, Annie S. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-050.jpg
Dill, Christopher Columbus Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-094.jpg
Dill, Eliza Ann Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-168.jpg
Dill, Mary Louisa Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-156.jpg
Dill, Sycle Mae Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-116.jpg
Dill, Thelma Bramblet, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-033.jpg
Dillard, Edna Mae Reeves Ratliff, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-011.jpg
Dillard, Jerry Ross Dec 2, 1980 Mrs. Dillard Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Dillard, Jerry S., Jr. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-387a.jpg
Dillard, Lena Fay Stephens Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-095.jpg
Dillard, Theodore Gillard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-034.jpg
Dillard, Theodore Gillard, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-035.jpg
Dillehay or McQuater, T.J. or Mrs. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-293.jpg
Dillehay, Clyde Powell Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-020.jpg
Dillehay, Joe Lee Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-296.jpg
Dillehay, R. Hubbard "Hub" Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-030.jpg
Dillehay, Thomas Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-138.jpg
Dillen, Edgar Brackenridge Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-096.jpg
Dillihay, Mark Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-269.jpg
Dillion, Lula Forrest Honaker Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-276.jpg
Dillman, John Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-050.jpg
Dillon, Nellie Mae Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-200.jpg
Dillon, Nellie Mae, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-044.jpg
Dimitt, William Bingham Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-076.jpg
Dipprey, George Hester Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-211.jpg
Dipprey, Stephen Jack Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-146.jpg
Dittrich, William Orville, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0402.jpg
Divine, Rosa Bell Ellison, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0403.jpg
Dixon, Daile Estelle Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-038.jpg
Dixon, Ethel Spradley Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-182.jpg
Dixon, Kenneth Aldon Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-233.jpg
Dixon, Louise Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-269.jpg
Dixon, Reeves Rogers Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-280.jpg
Dixon, Reeves Rogers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-034.jpg
Doak, Carl Alvis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0404.jpg
Doak, Freida Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-401.jpg
Doak, Frieda Mae, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-030.jpg
Doane, Aleene Birchum Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-286.jpg
Doane, William John Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-042.jpg
Dobbs, Opal Maxine Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-158.jpg
Dobson, Francis Gossett Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-155.jpg
Dobson, Henrietta Powell Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-173.jpg
Dobson, John L. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-143.jpg
Dodd, Alvis O'Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-022.jpg
Dodd, Alvis O'Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-267.jpg
Dodd, La Rue Phillips Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-400.jpg
Dodd, Perry Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-075.jpg
Dodd, Perry Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-209.jpg
Dodd, Reba Mae Lovell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-034.jpg
Dodd, Reba Mae Lovell, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-012.jpg
Dodd, Richard C. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-371.jpg
Dodds, Cecil Elman Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-184.jpg
Dodds, Cecil Elman, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-042.jpg
Dodds, Dessa Cecil McDaniel Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-279.jpg
Dodds, Floyd Randolph Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-092.jpg
Dodds, Ja Cee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0405.jpg
Dodds, James Calvin, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-125.jpg
Dodds, Lila Lyle Harris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0406.jpg
Dodds, Martha Valeria Ball Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-231.jpg
Dodds, Newt Carroll Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-196.jpg
Dodge, Edgar W. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-177.jpg
Dodge, Emma Burks Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-192.jpg
Dodge, Marion Edwin Feb 11, 1982 Edsel Dodge Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Dodge, Tallie Christine Best Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-073.jpg
Dodge, Willie Lou Ella Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-065.jpg
Dodgen, Mary F. Gourley Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-102.jpg
Dodson, Calvin Phillip Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-205.jpg
Dodson, D. Howard, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-161.jpg
Dodson, Fred Nute "Shorty" Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-180.jpg
Dodson, Garland Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0407.jpg
Dodson, Jessie Lee Cheatham Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-181.jpg
Dodson, Lucy Phillips Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-086.jpg
Dodson, Nell Jordan Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-001.jpg
Dodson, Ralph Jordan Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-218.jpg
Dodson, Ruby Mae Cox Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-133.jpg
Dodson, Thomas L. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-118.jpg
Dodson, Warner N. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-035.jpg
Dodson, William Howard Feb 9, 1985 Ship out to Coleman-Stevens Funeral Home CL82/CL82
Dodson, Zelma Lee Beeler Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-247.jpg
Dokey, Bert Ruel, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-065.jpg
Dolan, Robert Emmett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0408.jpg
Dollar, E.C. (Ida Bell Foster) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-018.jpg
Donahoe, John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-023.jpg
Donahoe, John, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-168.jpg
Donald, Eva Aseneth Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-188.jpg
Donald, George Samuel Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-399.jpg
Donald, Mattie Evitt Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-152.jpg
Donald, R.S. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-251.jpg
Donald, Robert E. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-226.jpg
Donaldson, B.W., Mrs. (Nancy K. Stewart) Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-191.jpg
Donaldson, Berkley Walker Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-206.jpg
Donaldson, Henry Lee Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-458.jpg
Donley, James Harrol "Donk", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-035.jpg
Donley, James Harrol, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-099.jpg
Donley, James William, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-039.jpg
Donley, Mary Y. Collvens, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-179.jpg
Donley, Mary Yvonne Collvins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-032.jpg
Donnell, Emma Carl Gentry Porter Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-099.jpg
Donnell, James Larkin Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-274.jpg
Donnell, Roxie Bell Lewis Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-107.jpg
Dooley, Henry L. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-182.jpg
Dooley, Mack Henry Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-445.jpg
Dooley, Merena Belle Caraway Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-190.jpg
Dorough, George Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-031.jpg
Dorough, George Thomas, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-069.jpg
Dorough, Patricia Maupin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-036.jpg
Dorough, Patricia Maupin, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-151.jpg
Dorsey, Billie Jane Cauthen Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-161.jpg
Dorton, Robert Earl Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-168.jpg
Dosier, Charles Clyde Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-196.jpg
Doss, Hazel Onita Newell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-174.jpg
Doss, Joseph Ely, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-005.jpg
Doss, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-263.jpg
Doss, Onita Newell, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-099.jpg
Dossey, Benjamin Carroll Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-157.jpg
Dossey, Comer, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-091.jpg
Dossey, Comer, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-144.jpg
Doty, Edgar Lee "Bill", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-040.jpg
Doty, Frances Julie Huebner, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-018.jpg
Doty, Gloria Mae Sheppard Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-026.jpg
Doughty, Dollie Mae Reed Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0409.jpg
Doughty, Dollie Mae Reed, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-187.jpg
Douglas, Loyd Robert Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-180.jpg
Douglas, Lucy Bell Miller Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-288.jpg
Douglas, Mack "Col" Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-078.jpg
Douglas, Odette Mae Miller Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-162.jpg
Douglas, Ora Mae Jan 27, 1983 Mrs. Logan Aurora CL82/CL82
Douglas, Robert Lynn, Rev. Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-230.jpg
Douglas, Robert Lynn, Rev., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-039.jpg
Douglas, William Henery Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-157.jpg
Douglass, William "Bill" Edwards Nov 1, 1979 Mrs. Douglass Rosston CL76/CL76
Dourrough, James Hillard, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-085.jpg
Dow, Micky, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-243.jpg
Dow, Richard Emery, Jr. "Micky", Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-091.jpg
Dowdy, Lon G. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-052.jpg
Downe, Leonard Craig Nov 27, 1980 Mrs. A.L. Downe Jackson CL80/CL80
Downing, Thomas Oscar Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-295.jpg
Downing, Verda Irene Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-124.jpg
Downing, Wade Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-264.jpg
Downs, Mr. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-197.jpg
Downs, Shelby Thomas, Jr. "Shelly", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-026.jpg
Doyle, Alda Beatrice Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-185.jpg
Doyle, Andrew Calahan "Andy" Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-221.jpg
Doyle, Carl L. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-122.jpg
Doyle, Edward Silas Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-031.jpg
Doyle, F.M., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-159.jpg
Doyle, Floyd Malcolm Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-061.jpg
Doyle, Geneva Mae Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-102.jpg
Doyle, James Bishop Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-300.jpg
Doyle, Joe Bailey Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-163.jpg
Doyle, Lee L. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-297.jpg
Doyle, Louisa Jane Fletcher Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-074.jpg
Doyle, Lucy Durham Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-242.jpg
Doyle, Martha Ann Burchett Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-059.jpg
Doyle, Melba Francis Buttrill Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-226.jpg
Doyle, Miller Leonard Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-255.jpg
Doyle, Randy Lane Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-112.jpg
Doyle, W.S., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-012.jpg
Drain, Artie Edward Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-339.jpg
Drain, Artie Rae, Miss Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-085.jpg
Drain, Bert George Edward Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-087.jpg
Drain, Joe Edward Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-280.jpg
Drain, Mamie Jane Baldwin Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-259.jpg
Drain, Mildred Mae Cheek Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-251.jpg
Drain, Reba Bliss Oct 28, 1984 Maude Travers Aurora CL82/CL82
Drain, Robert Charles Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-036.jpg
Drain, Tay Thomas Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-294.jpg
Drain, Uhan Vernon Dec 26, 1984 Mrs. Drain Aurora CL82/CL82
Drake, Allen R. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-174.jpg
Drake, Minnie Edyth Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-035.jpg
Drake, Minnie Edyth Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-229.jpg
Dramer, Phillip L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-024.jpg
Dramer, Phillip, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-212.jpg
Draper, Janet Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-228.jpg
Drennan, Homer Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0410.jpg
Drennan, Samantha Ola Johnson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0411.jpg
Drennon, Sarah Price Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-182.jpg
Drew, Ellis Roe Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-173.jpg
Drew, Mary Ella Stovall, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-11.jpg
Drinkard, Belva Frances Waterson, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-012.jpg
Drinkard, Jackie Lee Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-295.jpg
Drinkard, Jerry James, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-109.jpg
Drinkard, Jerry James, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-008.jpg
Driskell, Donald Ray Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-129.jpg
Driskell, John Mar 3, 1985 Sycamore CL82/CL82
Driskell, John, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-123.jpg
Driskell, Linda Ruth Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-147.jpg
Driskell, Marie Caroline Pels Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-261.jpg
Driskell, Milford Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-086.jpg
Driskell, Nelma Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-393a.jpg
Driskell, Susan Catherine McGregor Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-462.jpg
Driver, Raymond Prescott Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-258.jpg
Drummond, James B. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-203.jpg
Dube, Merriell Pauline Scott Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-210.jpg
Duck, Harry Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-176.jpg
Duck, Homer Elbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0412.jpg
Duck, Jerry Francis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-031.jpg
Duck, Jerry, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-137.jpg
Duck, Kinnie Hicks, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-187.jpg
Duck, William Harrry (Bill), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-032.jpg
Duck, William Harry, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-055.jpg
Dudding, Gothie Dee July 11, 1977 Greenville, TX CL76/CL76
Dudley, Charlie Rowland Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-061.jpg
Dudley, Eva Augusta Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-045.jpg
Dudley, Jack Dec 31, 1983 Charlene Dudley Anneville CL82/CL82
Dudley, John C., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-136.jpg
Dudley, Lena Charlene Orrell Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-195.jpg
Dudley, Robert Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-032.jpg
Dudley, Robert Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-074.jpg
Duffy, Lauren Alexandria Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-030.jpg
Dugan, Dorothy Faye Ford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-033.jpg
Dugan, Dorothy Faye Ford, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-184.jpg
Duke, Thurman Ray, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-016.jpg
Duke, Vadie Garner Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-297.jpg
Dukes, Georgia Pasteen Kennedy, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-103.jpg
Dukes, Pasteen Brown "Teen", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-037.jpg
Dumas, Iva Cheves Nimmo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-039.jpg
Dunaway, Alice Howard Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-242.jpg
Dunaway, Charles W., Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-066.jpg
Dunaway, Eppie Greer Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-250.jpg
Dunaway, Hilda (Rhine) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-073.jpg
Dunaway, J.C. Dec 11, 1980 Juanita Dunaway Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Dunaway, James Clem Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-203.jpg
Dunaway, John Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-042.jpg
Dunaway, Juanita Adell May 20, 1981 Jerry Dunaway Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Dunaway, Katie Boothe Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-112.jpg
Dunaway, Monte E., Corp. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-243.jpg
Dunaway, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-174.jpg
Dunaway, Ray Henry Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-036.jpg
Dunaway, Ruth Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-054.jpg
Dunaway, Ruth Johnston Haney, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-033.jpg
Dunaway, William H. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-195.jpg
Dunaway, William Hayes Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-175.jpg
Duncan, Bird Burgess Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-279.jpg
Duncan, Colea Violet Newsome, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0413.jpg
Duncan, Eva Dec 6, 1985 Janice Lee Paradise CL82/CL82
Duncan, Lester C., Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-103.jpg
Duncan, Lester Clarence, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-034.jpg
Duncan, Mollie Bell Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-202.jpg
Duncan, William Walter Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-132.jpg
Duncum, Clinton Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-022.jpg
Dunham, Jamie Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-172.jpg
Dunham, Robert Edgar, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-006.jpg
Dunham, Winnie Mae Deathridge, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-034.jpg
Dunham, Winnie Mae, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-188.jpg
Dunlap, Arthur Timothy May 10, 1985 Cremation CL82/CL82
Dunlap, Leonard Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-041.jpg
Dunn, Aubrey Scott, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-043.jpg
Dunn, Aubrey Scott, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-076.jpg
Dunn, David Henry, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-038.jpg
Dunn, David Henry, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-038.jpg
Dunn, Edna Presnell Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-115.jpg
Dunn, George Luther, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-038.jpg
Dunn, George Luther, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-207.jpg
Dunn, Helen Ryan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-033.jpg
Dunn, Helen Ryan, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-135.jpg
Dunn, Ida Bell Holt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0414.jpg
Dunn, Ida Bell Holt, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-069.jpg
Dunn, Ina Mae Oct 8, 1983 John Dunn Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Dunn, James David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-085.jpg
Dunn, James David, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-376.jpg
Dunn, John Thomas Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-180.jpg
Dunn, Johnnie Marion Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-231.jpg
Dunn, Johnnie Marion, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-043.jpg
Dunn, Johnnie Willard, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-098.jpg
Dunn, Johnnie Willard, Jr., Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-046.jpg
Dunn, Joseph Cullen Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-288.jpg
Dunn, Joseph R. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-236.jpg
Dunn, Kenneth Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0415.jpg
Dunn, Lorene Catherene Norris Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-153.jpg
Dunn, Nora Bailey Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-213.jpg
Dunn, Robert Roy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-027.jpg
Dunn, Selma Mann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-042.jpg
Dunn, Thomas Hamilton Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-063.jpg
Dunn, William Cullum Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-230.jpg
Dunning, Chesley Vallon "C.V." Aug 25, 1982 Tim Wagner & Mrs. Dunning Sunset CL80/CL80
Dunning, Parish Wayne, Lance Corp. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-261.jpg
Dunston, Arliene B. Brownfield Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-224.jpg
Durbin, Joseph Hanley Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-062.jpg
Durham, Amy E. Taylor Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-003.jpg
Durham, Ben Edgar Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-014.jpg
Durham, Frances M. Browning, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-041.jpg
Durham, George Wilcox Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-101.jpg
Durham, Pamula Jean Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-193.jpg
Durham, Robert Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-240.jpg
Durham, Son of F.B. & Laura Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-029.jpg
Durham, Thelma Geer Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-251.jpg
Durham, Theodore Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-233.jpg
Durham, Twin Boys of Robert Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-075.jpg
Durham, Virginia, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0416.jpg
Durham, W. (Walter) Page Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-051.jpg
Durham, William Allen Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-236.jpg
Durham, William Falk, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0417.jpg
Durham, Zylphia Campbell Hayes Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-108.jpg
Durrett, Mabel Leona Morrow, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-094.jpg
Durrett, Son of W.L. & Mabel Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-034.jpg
Dutton, Charlie Edmund Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-044.jpg
Dutton, E.J., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-108.jpg
Dutton, James W. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-022.jpg
Dutton, Leoda Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-034.jpg
Dutton, Toland E., Lt. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-287.jpg
Duty, Bobby Joe, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-132.jpg
Dycus, Roger Carroll, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-074.jpg
Dycus, Roger Carroll, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-148.jpg
Dye, Dee-Dye Baby Boy Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-140.jpg
Dyer, Clyde William, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-109.jpg
Dyer, Martha Ann Powell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-121.jpg
Dyer, Robert Reid Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-227.jpg
Dyson, David E. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-208.jpg
Dyson, Herman Unseld Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-258.jpg
Dyson, Leona Mae Yarbrough Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-126.jpg
Eades, Walter, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-090.jpg
Eagan, Joe Leslie Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-248.jpg
Eagan, Joe Leslie July 18, 1984 Mrs. Eagan Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Eakin, Mary Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-062.jpg
Eakman, Glenda Jo North Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-177.jpg
Eakman, Whitt Hollis Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-103.jpg
Earley, James Howard, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-022.jpg
Earley, R. J., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-160.jpg
Early , Lucy Ann Phillips Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-047.jpg
Early, Flora Nell Arrington, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-055.jpg
Early, Johnie Richard, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-252.jpg
Early, Joseph Callie Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-092.jpg
Early, Roberta (Messer), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-093.jpg
Early, Walter Albin Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-156.jpg
Earnest, Earl Cullen Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-145.jpg
Earnest, Ethel D. Bolin, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-018.jpg
Earnest, James Berl, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-111.jpg
Earnest, James Earl, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-142.jpg
Earnest, James Earl, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-076.jpg
Earnest, Joseph Ellison, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-083.jpg
Earp, Willie Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0418.jpg
Easley, Baby (Of Paradise), Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-140.jpg
Easley, C.N., Dr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-201.jpg
Easley, Carrie Anna Jones, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-155.jpg
Easley, Donna Marie Bice Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-079.jpg
Easley, Ernest D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-080.jpg
Easley, Ernest D., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-160.jpg
Easley, Gladys Inez, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-036.jpg
Easley, Gladys Inez, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-254.jpg
Easley, Grandmother (Mother of Jim), Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-299.jpg
Easley, Guinn E., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-110.jpg
Easley, Ida Cooley Fisher, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-061.jpg
Easley, James Frank Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-022a.jpg
Easley, James Frank, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-035.jpg
Easley, Lewis Anthony Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-166.jpg
Easley, Marion Charles, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-036.jpg
Easley, Marion Charles, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-096.jpg
Easley, Mollie Read Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-222.jpg
Easley, Newton Gilbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0419.jpg
Easley, Ruby Mae Ogle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0420.jpg
Easley, Samuel Andrew Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-274.jpg
Easley, Sarah Annie Gargis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0421.jpg
Easley, Willie, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-169.jpg
Easly, James Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-032.jpg
Easly, John H., Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-105.jpg
Easly, Mary Ann Barnett, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-020.jpg
Easly, Sitha Pauline Todd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0422.jpg
Easly, Willie Lee (Bill), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-025.jpg
Eason, Alvis Nelson Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-304.jpg
Eason, Karen Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-271.jpg
Eason, Zula Bell Harper Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-277.jpg
East, Dewey Lee Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-013.jpg
Eastep, Sarah Jane Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-036.jpg
Easter, James Charles Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-230.jpg
Easter, James Madison Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-304.jpg
Easter, John Michael Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-108a.jpg
Easter, John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0423.jpg
Easter, Jonnie Belle Mar 3, 1982 Dido CL80/CL80
Easter, Tom M., Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-047.jpg
Eastham, Donald Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-008.jpg
Eaton, David Franklin Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-293.jpg
Eaton, Fannie Elizabeth Eppenson Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-154.jpg
Eaton, George Epperson Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-247.jpg
Eaton, Jacquelyn Moran Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-259.jpg
Eaton, Lucinda Allison Hindman Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-210.jpg
Eaton, Mary Louise Hefley Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-279.jpg
Eaton, Thelma Haight, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-063.jpg
Ebling, Florence Phillips Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-186.jpg
Ebling, Florence Phillips, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-048.jpg
Ebner, Leona Bell Lane, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-099.jpg
Eckelbarger, Doyle H., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-040.jpg
Eckenrode, Raymond Charles, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-043.jpg
Eddings, Lily Dee (May) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-043.jpg
Edgar, Karen Lea Johnson Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-040.jpg
Edgar, Myrtle, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-197.jpg
Edgar, Orman Rudolph Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-417.jpg
Edgar, T. F., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-242.jpg
Edge, N.E. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-217.jpg
Edgemon, Helen Marie Bennings Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-064.jpg
Edgiel, James, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-014.jpg
Edgil, James Benjamin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-037.jpg
Edgmon, Milton Andrew "Andy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-041.jpg
Edison, Joy Lynnetta, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-216.jpg
Edison, Mary Bunch Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-237.jpg
Edward, George Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-003.jpg
Edwards, Bonnie Lee Adams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-035.jpg
Edwards, Bonnie Lee Adams, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-258.jpg
Edwards, George Benton Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-034.jpg
Edwards, Gertrude Nancy Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-082.jpg
Edwards, Gertrude Nancy Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-359.jpg
Edwards, Jesse Mack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-035.jpg
Edwards, Jesse Mack, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-130.jpg
Edwards, John Wesley Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-243.jpg
Edwards, Johnnie Odell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0424.jpg
Edwards, Johnnie O'Dell, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-097.jpg
Edwards, Lena Gray Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-107.jpg
Edwards, Margaret Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-082.jpg
Edwards, Mary Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-171.jpg
Edwards, Minnie M. (Balch) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-095.jpg
Edwards, Minnie May Beeson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0425.jpg
Edwards, Niki Faye Edwards, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-078.jpg
Edwards, Niki Faye, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-174.jpg
Edwards, Pamela Sue Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-023.jpg
Edwards, Ray V. Mar 30, 1981 Edward's Farm, Alma Elsom, Mrs. Thomas Tumely & Mrs. David Allen Sanford Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Edwards, Samuel George, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0426.jpg
Edwards, Truman Anderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-035.jpg
Edwards, Truman Anderson, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-105.jpg
Edwards, Welcome Vernon, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-141.jpg
Edwards, Welcome, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-271.jpg
Edwards, Zeno Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-103.jpg
Egbert, Erroll Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0427.jpg
Eidson, Ella Boyd Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-192.jpg
Eidson, Emma Smith Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-006.jpg
Eidson, Melvin Columbus Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-320.jpg
Eidson, Melvin Columbus, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-169.jpg
Eimer, Richard Eugene, MSGT, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-032.jpg
Eklund, Mary John, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-106.jpg
Eklund, Paul J., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0428.jpg
Elder, Buna Christine Yeats, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-081.jpg
Elder, Buna Christine Yeats, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-163.jpg
Elder, D. Chase, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-040.jpg
Elder, Eddie Mable (McGregor) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-018.jpg
Elder, Edgar Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-079.jpg
Elder, Era May Murphy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0429.jpg
Elder, Geroge Thomas Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-373.jpg
Elder, Infant of Geo. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-147.jpg
Elder, John Elmore, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-108.jpg
Elder, Thomas Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-170.jpg
Elder, William Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-137.jpg
Elder, Willie Blanche July 27, 1981 Jesse Walker Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Eldridge, L. T. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-276.jpg
Eldridge, Levi Thomas Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-390.jpg
Eldridge, Mary Ida De Moss Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-070.jpg
Eleby, Cora (Spencer) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-131.jpg
Elem, David Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-059.jpg
Elizondo, Tiffany Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0430.jpg
Elkins, Elson Floyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-044.jpg
Elliott , James Bland, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-22.jpg
Elliott, Addie Viola Averitt King Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-025.jpg
Elliott, Addie Wilcheck Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-139.jpg
Elliott, Beatrice Pitts Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-267.jpg
Elliott, Chas. Ector Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-277.jpg
Elliott, Claude Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-060.jpg
Elliott, Clifford Hubert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0431.jpg
Elliott, Clifford, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-022.jpg
Elliott, Garlan H ardy Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-237.jpg
Elliott, Helen Amick, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-274.jpg
Elliott, Helen Marie Amick, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-143.jpg
Elliott, J. Noah Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-277.jpg
Elliott, Jesse Madison, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-157.jpg
Elliott, Lora E., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-220.jpg
Elliott, Marie Elizabeth Read, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-024.jpg
Elliott, Marie Elizabeth Walter Read, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-034.jpg
Elliott, Mary Elizabeth Collins Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-492.jpg
Elliott, Pearley Catherine Cearley Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-102.jpg
Elliott, Robert Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-057.jpg
Elliott, Roy Wesley June 22, 1981 Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Elliott, Tommie Sarah Sept 2, 1978 Alvord Cemetery CL76/CL76
Ellis, Bess Bobo Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-070.jpg
Ellis, Dewey Gibbs Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-087.jpg
Ellis, Dusty Daniel, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-048.jpg
Ellis, Easter Elizabeth Bass Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-047.jpg
Ellis, Geraldine Anna Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-256.jpg
Ellis, James Elvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-040.jpg
Ellis, John R., Jr. Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-225.jpg
Ellis, John R., Sr. Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-224.jpg
Ellison, Annie Katherine Wardlow Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-079.jpg
Ellison, Doris Gayle Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-028.jpg
Ellison, Emzy Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-010.jpg
Ellison, Jimmie Lee Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-267.jpg
Ellison, Leon Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-263.jpg
Ellison, Myrtis Marie Simpson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-036.jpg
Ellison, Myrtis Marie Simpson, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-106.jpg
Ellison, Noble Henry, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-045.jpg
Ellison, Richard A., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-218.jpg
Ellison, Richard Ardnell (Heavy), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-026.jpg
Ellison, Shirley Teat, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-041.jpg
Ellison, Wanda Fay New Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-239.jpg
Ellison, Wanda Fay New, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-049.jpg
Ellison, Zoner Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-071.jpg
Elmer, Elmer (J.R.), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-038.jpg
Elmore, Henry Floyd, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-079.jpg
Elmore, Mamie Ruth Petty, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-077.jpg
Elmore, Mamie Ruth Petty, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-159.jpg
Elmore, Marjorie Irene Roffies, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0432.jpg
Elmore, Robert Harley Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-035.jpg
Elmore, William Sherman, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-193.jpg
Elrod, Jess Newton, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-263.jpg
Elrod, Lucille Bowman Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-232.jpg
Els, Oleta Alline Rone Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-270.jpg
Els, William James Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-250.jpg
Elsom, Billy Fred, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-067.jpg
Elsom, Bob Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-013.jpg
Elsom, CLaud Dec 30, 1976 CLaud Elsom, Jr. CL76/CL76
Elsom, Fred Marvin Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-195.jpg
Elsom, George Milton Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-031.jpg
Elsom, Goldie Mae Ledbetter Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-473.jpg
Elsom, Nannie Belle Morris Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-301.jpg
Elsom, Nona Lee Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-077.jpg
Elsom, Verna Bradshaw Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-014.jpg
Elvin, Genevieve Smith Hunt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0433.jpg
Emanuel, Federick Wechsler, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0434.jpg
Embry, Carl Dewey, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-139.jpg
Embry, Infant of W.G. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-133.jpg
Embry, James Monroe, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-171.jpg
Emerick, Richard D. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-205.jpg
Emery, Phyllis Jean Jackson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0435.jpg
England, Dannie Rebecca Feb 27, 1981 Alma Allen & Fern Habern Greenwood CL80/CL80
England, Felix Johnson Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-280.jpg
England, Howard Weaver Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-121.jpg
England, R.C.,Mrs. (Jennie Belle) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-088.jpg
England, Robert Christopher Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-187.jpg
Engstrom, Mary Evelyn Hussey Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-144.jpg
Engstrom, Mary Evelyn Hussey, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-050.jpg
Enis, Joel Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-048.jpg
Enis, Larry Don, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-151.jpg
Enis, Myrtle Wood Wheeler Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-289.jpg
Enis, Pete Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-165.jpg
Enis, William "Bill" Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-180.jpg
Enochs, Joseph Walker, III, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-042.jpg
Ensley, Gilbert, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-166.jpg
Ensley, Neva Nell Stringer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0436.jpg
Ensley, Neva Nell Stringer, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-164.jpg
Epperson, Amanda Viola Tackel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0437.jpg
Epperson, Jim B., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0438.jpg
Ereckson, Harry Earl Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-083.jpg
Ervin, G. F., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-173.jpg
Erwin, Arvie Frances, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0439.jpg
Erwin, Avery, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-084.jpg
Erwin, Calvin Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-136.jpg
Erwin, Elise Jane Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-188.jpg
Erwin, Ethel Pender Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-246.jpg
Erwin, Eva Jean (Cash) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-112.jpg
Erwin, Flora May Funchess, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0440.jpg
Erwin, Floyd Dee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0441.jpg
Erwin, Fonnie Layfette, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-161.jpg
Erwin, Gladys May Carver, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0456.jpg
Erwin, Gladys May Carver, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-042.jpg
Erwin, Helen A. Saunders Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-293.jpg
Erwin, Jefferson Davis Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-088.jpg
Erwin, Jennie Belle Simmons, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0442.jpg
Erwin, Larry Ronald, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-171.jpg
Erwin, Lucinda Hensley Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-175.jpg
Erwin, Meredith Arline, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-039.jpg
Erwin, Myrdora Emma Zetter, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-199.jpg
Erwin, Myrlene Emma, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-027.jpg
Erwin, Oneta, Little Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-145.jpg
Erwin, Pete L., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0443.jpg
Erwin, Riley Roosevelt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0444.jpg
Erwin, Sheri Annette, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0445.jpg
Erwin, Thadies Jeff, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-040.jpg
Erwin, Thadies Jeff, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-206.jpg
Erwin, Tom Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-310.jpg
Erwin, Tony Jefferson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0446.jpg
Erwin, Tressie Jane Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-427.jpg
Erwin, Vernis Mae Neese, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0447.jpg
Erwin, Vernis Mae Neese, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-029.jpg
Erwin, William Henry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-258.jpg
Erwin, William Wesley Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-216.jpg
Escajeda, Aurora E. Esparza, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-214.jpg
Escajeda, Aurora Esparza, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0448.jpg
Escajeda, Cecilio Bustillos, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0449.jpg
Escajeda, Sebero A., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-081.jpg
Escajeda, Sebero A., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-340.jpg
Eskew, Lee Bone Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-170.jpg
Eskridge, Hamilton Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-465.jpg
Espinosa, Sosentizo, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-008.jpg
Espinoza, Domitilo AKA Cesar Pena Dec 17, 1978 Francisco Amador To McAllen, TX CL76/CL76
Espinoza, Eric Jose Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-289.jpg
Espy, Albert Ernest Lee Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-262.jpg
Estes, Charles E. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-115.jpg
Estes, Clyde John Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-005.jpg
Estes, Kathryn Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-134.jpg
Estes, Richard Brown Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-133.jpg
Ethridge, William James, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-110.jpg
Etter, Bertha Lue Taylor, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-181.jpg
Etter, Bobby Jean Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-233.jpg
Etter, Marvin & Mavis Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-009.jpg
Etter, Mary Susan (Harlon) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-032.jpg
Etter, Roy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0450.jpg
Etter, Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-095.jpg
Etter, William Henry Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-108.jpg
Eubanks, Elmer (J. R.), Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-152.jpg
Eudaley, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-100.jpg
Eudaly, F. M., Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-038.jpg
Eudaly, Foy Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-007.jpg
Eudaly, LaRoy James, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-043.jpg
Eudaly, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-023.jpg
Eudaly, Vinita McCord, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0451.jpg
Eudy, Agatha May Collins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-044.jpg
Eudy, Agatha May Collins, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-081.jpg
Evans, Albert Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-056.jpg
Evans, Annie May Gage Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-297.jpg
Evans, Arja Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-194.jpg
Evans, Arthur David, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-013.jpg
Evans, Barbara Jane Bowlin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0452.jpg
Evans, Billy Jack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0453.jpg
Evans, Billy Jack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-041.jpg
Evans, Billy Jack, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-280.jpg
Evans, Bobby Ray "Stickhoss" Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-093.jpg
Evans, Clara Cleo Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-045.jpg
Evans, Clara Cleo, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-278.jpg
Evans, Cleo Clinton Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-205.jpg
Evans, Cleo Clinton, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-243.jpg
Evans, Cloma Oneal Barton Cantrell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0454.jpg
Evans, Doris Louise Stranghoner, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-128.jpg
Evans, Doris Nell Read, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-436.jpg
Evans, Flora M., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-016.jpg
Evans, Franklin Myrle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-042.jpg
Evans, Franklin Myrle, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-170.jpg
Evans, Garvin B., Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-034.jpg
Evans, Gladyse Lucille Starts, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0455.jpg
Evans, Gladyse Lucille Stoats, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-070.jpg
Evans, Gus, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-056.jpg
Evans, James Doc (Jimmy D.), Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-014.jpg
Evans, James Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0457.jpg
Evans, James Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-027.jpg
Evans, James Ottis Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-126.jpg
Evans, Jewel Faye, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-046.jpg
Evans, Joshua Luke, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-035.jpg
Evans, Leona Mae Moore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-047.jpg
Evans, Linnie Clower, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-234.jpg
Evans, Linnie Mary Clower, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-028.jpg
Evans, Mary Elizabeth Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-286.jpg
Evans, Mary Louise Alexander Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-170.jpg
Evans, Matthew Wright Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-128.jpg
Evans, Orbie Divins Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-287.jpg
Evans, Orgie Divins, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-242.jpg
Evans, Pearl Medlin, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-129.jpg
Evans, Roy E. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-201.jpg
Evans, Roy Vernon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0458.jpg
Evans, Thelma Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-102.jpg
Evans, Verl D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-044.jpg
Evans, William Francis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0459.jpg
Evans, Zorah Margaret Cox Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-050.jpg
Evens, Delores Aleene Strout Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-101.jpg
Evens, Hank Jan, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-031.jpg
Everett, Lessie Getty, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-254.jpg
Everett, Lessie Kelley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-079.jpg
Evitt, Sallie Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-145.jpg
Ewing, Emma Kreiter Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-073.jpg
Ewing, Ida Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-133.jpg
Ewing, John Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-084.jpg
Ewing, Timmie Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-231.jpg
Ewoodard, J. H., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-156.jpg
Ezell, Anna Bel Rutherford Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-360.jpg
Ezell, Emmer C. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-082.jpg
Ezell, Jess Hanghton Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-011.jpg
Faga, Victor Alberta, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-079.jpg
Fagan, Infant of R.P. & Addie Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-111.jpg
Fagan, Mattie Sipes Stubblefield, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-072.jpg
Fagg, Earl Clyde, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-045.jpg
Fagg, Earl Clyde, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-187.jpg
Fagg, Elwanda Lou Ryan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-036.jpg
Fagg, Elwanda Ryan, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-231.jpg
Fagg, Irene Merritt Dowling, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-040.jpg
Fahnestock, Ellen Jane Martin, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-167.jpg
Fahnestock, Lary Jon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-083.jpg
Fahnestock, Lary Jon, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-317.jpg
Fahnstock, Ellen Jane Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-086.jpg
Fain, Charles Alford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-043.jpg
Fain, Charles Alford, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-240.jpg
Fain, Lola Mae Harrison Nantz, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-039.jpg
Fain, Lola Mae Nantz Harrison, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-059.jpg
Fain, Mary Elizabeth Homes, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0460.jpg
Fairbetter, Bobbie Cecil Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-130.jpg
Fairbetter, Brenda Rebecca Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-136.jpg
Fairbetter, Myrtle Stephens, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-093.jpg
Fairbetter, Myrtle, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-228.jpg
Fairbetter, Raymond Scott, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-137.jpg
Fairbetter, Raymond Scott, Sr., Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-033.jpg
Fairbetter, Theo Ferdinand Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-283.jpg
Faires, Dorothy Louise Mullenix, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-029.jpg
Fairman, William J. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-203.jpg
Faith, Carl Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-369.jpg
Faith, Emily Waltrip Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-122.jpg
Faith, Hamp Pitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-038.jpg
Faith, Hamp Pitt, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-249.jpg
Faith, Joseph Thomas Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-043.jpg
Faith, Kenneth D. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-300.jpg
Faith, Lloyd Bryant, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-080.jpg
Faith, Lloyd Bryant, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-316.jpg
Faith, Lydia Alice Maidens Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-295.jpg
Faith, Mattie Viola Lumsden, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0461.jpg
Faith, Mattie Viola Lumsden, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-113.jpg
Faith, Ora Parlee Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-207.jpg
Faith, Ora Turney Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-100.jpg
Faith, Oscher D. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-221.jpg
Falkner, Estelle Virginia Garrison Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-443.jpg
Falkner, Homer Lewis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-037.jpg
Falkner, Homer Lewis, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-095.jpg
Fancher , Oscar Leonard, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-088.jpg
Farin, Lura Love Gentry Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-299.jpg
Farin, Minnie Louise Linstrum Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-241.jpg
Farin, Sheridan C. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-184.jpg
Farley, Alma Alvin "A.A." Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-165.jpg
Farley, Billy Ray Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-274.jpg
Farley, Celesta L. Pell Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-223.jpg
Farley, Edward Leon Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-176.jpg
Farley, Ettie Inez Randles Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-151.jpg
Farmer, Joe Edward Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-035.jpg
Farrar, Mikal Kierni, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-037.jpg
Farrington, Alva Byron Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-107.jpg
Farrington, Clarence Earnest Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-171.jpg
Farrington, Darlena Kay Dawson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-046.jpg
Farrington, Edward Gerome June 30, 1980 Edward Phillips Hopewell CL80/CL80
Farrington, Farancis M. Alexander Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-113.jpg
Farris, Annie Lucille Hoagland Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-213.jpg
Farris, Bryan A., Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-038.jpg
Farris, Bryan A., Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-169.jpg
Farrow, Flora Wells Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-296.jpg
Farrow, Ollie Marshall, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-014.jpg
Faucher, Clara A., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-072.jpg
Faulkner, Bernard T. "B.T." Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-224.jpg
Faulkner, Calvin Myers Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-062.jpg
Faulkner, Dora Porter Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-125.jpg
Faulkner, Robert Myers Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-228.jpg
Faulkner, Velma Matheson Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-061.jpg
Faulkner, Velma Matheson, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-058.jpg
Fawvor, David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-042.jpg
Feagans, Addie Morris Oct 28, 1981 Tommie Sue Feagans & Ann Auburg Greenwood CL80/CL80
Feagans, Laura Emily Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-198.jpg
Feagans, Preston Lane Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-431.jpg
Feagans, Reuben Preston Nov 6, 1982 Tommie Sue Greenwood CL82/CL82
Feagins, Jimmy Wayne Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-226.jpg
Feaster, Terry Lynn Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-262.jpg
Featherstone, John Henry Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-107.jpg
Feazell, Lorine B. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-165.jpg
Feazell, Sarah Lucile Wallis Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-083.jpg
Fehrenbach, Edwin G., Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-014.jpg
Fehrenbach, Fay, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-037.jpg
Felix, Jose Manuel Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-134.jpg
Felkner, Mittie Frances Middleton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0462.jpg
Felkner, Mollie M. Tucker, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-008.jpg
Fellers, Daughter of Earnest & Lela Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-188.jpg
Fellers, Erskin Hoyt Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-175.jpg
Fellers, Lena Dale Lyle Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-421.jpg
Fellers, Luther Frank Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-164.jpg
Fellers, Ruby Alice Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-030.jpg
Fellers, Son of Loyd & Vera Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-205.jpg
Felton, Ernest Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-080.jpg
Felton, Gladys O. Taylor Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-118.jpg
Fennell, Alice (Sanders) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-037.jpg
Fennell, Benjamin C86/C86-299.jpg
Fennell, Benjamin H. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-002.jpg
Fennell, Evelyn Nadene Morrise Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-116.jpg
Fennell, I.R. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-139.jpg
Fennell, Jeff D. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-077.jpg
Fennell, Jeff David Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-431.jpg
Fennell, John Henry Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-348.jpg
Fennell, Mary Bell Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-185.jpg
Fennell, Mary Bell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-051.jpg
Fennell, Minnie Bertha Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-388.jpg
Fennell, Paul Edwin Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-046.jpg
Fensley, Judith Marie Taylor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-085.jpg
Fensley, Judith Marie Taylor, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-196.jpg
Fenter, Michael Ray Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-284.jpg
Fergason, Benjamin Franklin Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-396.jpg
Fergason, Eva Lanah Price Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-002.jpg
Fergerson, Charles Winston Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-188.jpg
Fergurson, Roy Cannon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0463.jpg
Ferguson, Anna Mae Dyas Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-089.jpg
Ferguson, Bun (Pete), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-082.jpg
Ferguson, Bun (Pete), Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-190.jpg
Ferguson, Dewitt Monroe Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-002.jpg
Ferguson, Essie Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-006.jpg
Ferguson, Esther Margaret Dickerson Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-168.jpg
Ferguson, Floyd E., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-035.jpg
Ferguson, Floyd E., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-409.jpg
Ferguson, Frances Marion Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-279.jpg
Ferguson, Herbert Newton Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-256.jpg
Ferguson, James Augusta Apr 27, 1982 Mrs. Ferguson Old City Greenwood, Weatherford, TX CL80/CL80
Ferguson, Jewell Howard Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-296.jpg
Ferguson, John Clead "J.C." Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-177.jpg
Ferguson, John F. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-115.jpg
Ferguson, John William Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-083.jpg
Ferguson, Maggie E. Reid Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-376.jpg
Ferguson, Margaret Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-119.jpg
Ferguson, Marvin Drew Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-128.jpg
Ferguson, Mary Ann Malone Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-161.jpg
Ferguson, Mary Ruth, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-105.jpg
Ferguson, Myrtle Smith, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-060.jpg
Ferguson, N.M., Mrs Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-005.jpg
Ferguson, Ona Jim Neel, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-118.jpg
Ferguson, Ona Jim Neer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-042.jpg
Ferguson, Raymond Cecil Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-218.jpg
Ferguson, Susan E. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-123.jpg
Ferguson, Susie Minerva Beeson Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-024.jpg
Ferguson, Theodore Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-303.jpg
Ferguson, Thomas Wesley Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-213.jpg
Ferguson, Vera Verna Harkcom Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-090.jpg
Ferguson, Willie Dean Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-189.jpg
Ferguson, Zeda Melinda (Bildeney) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-139.jpg
Fernandez, Abraham Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-259.jpg
Fernandez, Abraham Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-208.jpg
Ferrar, Mikal, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-015.jpg
Ferrier, Gregory Earl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-028.jpg
Ferrier, Harry D. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-042.jpg
Ferrier, Lois Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-257.jpg
Ferrier, Nelda Joy Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-162.jpg
Fetty, Clarence Loyal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0464.jpg
Fetty, Clarence Loyal, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-024.jpg
Field, Alay M. Jordan Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-152.jpg
Fields, Cassie Wallis Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-187.jpg
Fields, Jerry Matthew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-030.jpg
Fields, Jerry Matthews, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-243.jpg
Fields, Tully Fuller Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-092.jpg
Findley, Clyde Madison Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-056.jpg
Findley, Clyde Madison, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-057.jpg
Findley, Doyle, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-050.jpg
Findley, Howard Royal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-038.jpg
Findley, Howard Royal, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-172.jpg
Findley, Mattie Pouncey Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-036.jpg
Findley, Minnie Elvira Gray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-043.jpg
Findley, Minnie Elvira Gray, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-140.jpg
Findley, Obreta Cook, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-048.jpg
Finger, Augusta C. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-092.jpg
Finger, James A. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-081.jpg
Finger, John R. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-039.jpg
Finlayson, John Will Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-141.jpg
Finlayson, Marguret Day Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-276.jpg
Finlayson, Nancy Ruth Scott Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-088.jpg
Finley, Benjamin Milton Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-098.jpg
Finley, Billie Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-005.jpg
Finley, Charles Wilson, 1st Lt. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-268.jpg
Finley, James Emsley, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-072.jpg
Finley, James Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-049.jpg
Finley, John Farris, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-074.jpg
Finley, John William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0465.jpg
Finley, Lucile Minerva, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0466.jpg
Finley, Mary Elizabeth (Lisa), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0467.jpg
Finley, Pearly Beatrice, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-038.jpg
Finley, Ralph Monroe, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-155.jpg
Finley, Sallie G. Ribble Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-066.jpg
Finley, Thurman Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-046.jpg
Finley, Thurman Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-060.jpg
Finley, Wiley Henderson Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-021.jpg
Finn, Annie Elizabeth Davis Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-131.jpg
Finn, Infant son of Paul & Annie Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-168.jpg
Finnell, Faunt F. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-380.jpg
Fisher, Cherel Rochell, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-035.jpg
Fisher, John Reuben, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0468.jpg
Fisher, John Reuben, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-182.jpg
Fisk, Charles Andrews, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0469.jpg
Fitch, Georgia K. July 15, 1982 Mr. Fitch Deep Creek Transportation from Overland, KS CL80/CL80
Fitch, James Payton Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-470.jpg
Fitzgerald, Billy Eugen, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-104.jpg
Fitzgerald, Billy Eugene (Heavy), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-040.jpg
Fitzgerald, Callie Crawford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0470.jpg
Fitzgerald, Della, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-038.jpg
Fitzgerald, Flent Jock, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-031.jpg
Fitzgerald, Flent Jock, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-240.jpg
Fitzgerald, G.B., Jr. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-177.jpg
Fitzgerald, H.S. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-203.jpg
Fitzgerald, Hubert Sylvister, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0471.jpg
Fitzgerald, James Thomas Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-129.jpg
Fitzgerald, Joseph Luther, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-070.jpg
Fitzgerald, Lorena Marie Kaker, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0472.jpg
Fitzgerald, Lydia Ann Dyer Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-022.jpg
Fitzgerald, Ollie Dell King, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-043.jpg
Fitzgerald, Teressa John, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-085.jpg
Fitzgerald, Tommy Gene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-040.jpg
Fitzgerald, Tommy Gene, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-036.jpg
Fitzhugh, Oran William, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-024.jpg
Fitzpatrick, John Roma Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-111.jpg
Fitzpatrick, Ola Elnor Spirrey Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-062.jpg
Flaherty, Daniel Moore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0473.jpg
Flaherty, David Moore, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-011.jpg
Flaherty, Mary Lillian Currivan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-029.jpg
Flanagan, Edna Mae Peak, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-047.jpg
Flanagan, Edna Mae Peak, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-003.jpg
Flanery, Homer John, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0474.jpg
Flanery, Nancy Lee Johnston Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-035.jpg
Flanery, William Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-038.jpg
Flannery, John Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-139.jpg
Fleece, Cora Finnell Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-023.jpg
Fleece, Cora Finnell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-059.jpg
Fleece, John Logan Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-382.jpg
Fleming, Ernest Cary, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-030.jpg
Fletcher, Alice J. Miller Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-193.jpg
Fletcher, Elbert Jack Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-238.jpg
Fletcher, Frances Elizabeth Hamer, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-047.jpg
Fletcher, G.H., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-277.jpg
Fletcher, Garrett Henderson Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-080.jpg
Fletcher, Hazel Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-021.jpg
Fletcher, J.G., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-296.jpg
Fletcher, James Hugh Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-097.jpg
Fletcher, Kenneth Ivan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0475.jpg
Fletcher, Kenneth Ivan, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-100.jpg
Fletcher, Myrtle Mae Sept 28, 1977 Mrs. Bennie Schertz Slidell CL76/CL76
Fletcher, Thomas Robinson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-032.jpg
Fletcher, Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-170.jpg
Flett, Leslie A. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-158.jpg
Flinn, Ardena Malone Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-179.jpg
Flippin, Helen Loraine Schmelzla Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-122.jpg
Flores, David Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-135.jpg
Flores, Mario Alberto Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-296.jpg
Florez, Arcadio, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-047.jpg
Florida, Etta Mae Winstead Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-111.jpg
Florida, Frank Martin Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-037.jpg
Florida, George Dink Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-296.jpg
Florida, Inez Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-120.jpg
Florida, Iva Mae Arterbury Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-077.jpg
Florida, John D. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-090.jpg
Florida, L.D. Mrs. (Vandiver) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-010.jpg
Florida, Robert Elsberry Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-250.jpg
Florida, Tennis Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-187.jpg
Florida, Tex Noel Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-475.jpg
Florida, Tommy Glenn Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-161.jpg
Florida, W. K. "Fin" Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-104.jpg
Flowers, Amanda Joann Cracker, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-234.jpg
Flowers, Burnie Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-020.jpg
Flowers, Clarence Alvin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0476.jpg
Flowers, Columbus Bea, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-032.jpg
Flowers, Columbus, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-208.jpg
Flowers, Dennis Armon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-078.jpg
Flowers, Doris Jane Thomas, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-084.jpg
Flowers, Doris June Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-156.jpg
Flowers, Earnest D., Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-014.jpg
Flowers, Edgar Erwin, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-089.jpg
Flowers, Ernest Jamison, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-047.jpg
Flowers, Henry Leonard Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-098.jpg
Flowers, Jimmy Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-038.jpg
Flowers, Jimmy Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-281.jpg
Flowers, Mary Elizabeth Bray, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-020.jpg
Flowers, Myrtle Olelia Meadow, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-085.jpg
Flowers, Nellie Mae, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0477.jpg
Flowers, Ollie Annine Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-149.jpg
Flowers, S. A., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-289.jpg
Flowers, Willie Thomas, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-115.jpg
Flowers, Winnie Lorena, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-051.jpg
Floyd, Blanche Hanna, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0478.jpg
Floyd, Elmer Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-123.jpg
Fluker, Rena S. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-211.jpg
Flusche, Alois Anton Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-083.jpg
Flusche, Anna Mae Bernauer Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-078.jpg
Flusche, Conrad Max Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-365.jpg
Flusche, Infant daughter of Al Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-168.jpg
Flusche, James Joseph Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-070.jpg
Flusche, Sarah "Sally" A. Becker Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-201.jpg
Foley, Ules Allen (Cajun), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-039.jpg
Foley, Ules Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-143.jpg
Folks, Kathy Ann Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-175.jpg
Followell, James K. Polk Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-284.jpg
Fonseca, Arnaldo Dehoyos Vargas Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-081.jpg
Forbes, William S. Aug 6, 1983 Mrs. Forbes Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Forbis, James Edwin "Ed" Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-100.jpg
Ford, Agnes Pauline Sparks Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-225.jpg
Ford, Agnes Pauline Sparks, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-052.jpg
Ford, Audra Faye Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-162.jpg
Ford, Bell Smith Leord Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-178.jpg
Ford, Bell Smith, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-053.jpg
Ford, Bertha Allie Caraway Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-039.jpg
Ford, Bertha Lane Dutton, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-250.jpg
Ford, Clarence Bruce Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-100.jpg
Ford, Clarence Bruce, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-054.jpg
Ford, Earl Joe Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-156.jpg
Ford, Eddie, Jr. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-175.jpg
Ford, Edith Lavada, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0479.jpg
Ford, Elizabeth Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-124.jpg
Ford, Ethelbert Timmons, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-159.jpg
Ford, Fannie Hilda Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-242.jpg
Ford, Francis Johnston Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-221.jpg
Ford, Frank Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-180.jpg
Ford, Frank J., Mrs. (Mary Rebecca Kenney) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-035.jpg
Ford, George Calvin Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-017.jpg
Ford, Gertrude Virginia Neel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0480.jpg
Ford, Gertrude Virginia Neel, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-015.jpg
Ford, Horace Shaw, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0481.jpg
Ford, James Franklin Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-178.jpg
Ford, James L. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-188.jpg
Ford, John Franklin "Rocky" Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-012.jpg
Ford, Kellie Eugene Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-254.jpg
Ford, Kelly James Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-048.jpg
Ford, Maggie Bell (Pitts) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-195.jpg
Ford, Marie Smith, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-073.jpg
Ford, Marvin Wallace Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-203.jpg
Ford, Mattie M. Pierce Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-174.jpg
Ford, Ollie Mae (Phillips), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-144.jpg
Ford, Raygon Gentry Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-123.jpg
Ford, Raymond Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-178.jpg
Ford, Regan Van Buren, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-003.jpg
Ford, Ruberta (Digby) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-249.jpg
Ford, Sarah Margaret Cash Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-300.jpg
Ford, Vernon C., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-041.jpg
Ford, Vernon C., Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-074.jpg
Ford, W.Z. (Zack) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-228.jpg
Ford, Warner Roberson Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-177.jpg
Ford, Warner Roberson, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-244.jpg
Ford, William Edward Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-287.jpg
Ford, William Grady, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-130.jpg
Ford, William Grady, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-260.jpg
Ford, William Henry Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-091.jpg
Ford, William Wesley Nov 13, 1985 Oaklawn Ship in from Gipson Funeral Home CL82/CL82
Foreman, Cleo Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0482.jpg
Foreman, Cleo Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-102.jpg
Foreman, Dee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0483.jpg
Foreman, Dennis Carroll, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-040.jpg
Foreman, Dennis Carroll, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-160.jpg
Foreman, Emma Roxie Nunn, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-176.jpg
Foreman, Lester Leah Steel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0484.jpg
Foreman, Mary Fentress Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-146.jpg
Foreman, Melva Claudine Niblett (Tommye), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-048.jpg
Foreman, Melva Claudine Niblett, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-005.jpg
Foreman, Travis Dewey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0485.jpg
Forester, Baby Boy, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-138.jpg
Forester, Carrie May Hartsell, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-097.jpg
Forester, Jesse Gant Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-429.jpg
Forester, Lucy Helen Stevenson Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-034.jpg
Forester, Mattie Bell Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-118.jpg
Forester, Ova Elizabeth Driskill Brown, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-011.jpg
Forgy, Billy Frank Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-229.jpg
Forman, Clint Chaddick Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-217.jpg
Forman, Gladys R. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-158.jpg
Forman, Ray Hugh, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-188.jpg
Forman, Ray Hugh, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-085.jpg
Forman, Truman Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-231.jpg
Forrester, John Blanton Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-088.jpg
Forrester, Mary Amelia Dake Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-053.jpg
Forrester, Mary Ethel Henson Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-217.jpg
Forrester, Robert E. Lee Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-020.jpg
Forrester, Robert E. Lee, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-060.jpg
Forsight, Jewel Leaton Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-212.jpg
Forsyth, Cleo Parthana Wright Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-075.jpg
Forsyth, Cleo Parthana Wright, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-055.jpg
Forsyth, Dewey Jefferson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0486.jpg
Forsyth, Viola O. Moore, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-271.jpg
Forsyth, Viola Othella Moore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-033.jpg
Forsyth, Willie Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-209.jpg
Fortenberry, Alan Taylor Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-257.jpg
Fortenberry, Ambros Severe Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-297.jpg
Fortenberry, Ambrose Taylor Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-174.jpg
Fortenberry, Anna Lee Malone Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-223.jpg
Fortenberry, Ansel Lee Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-018.jpg
Fortenberry, Aubrey Sloan "Orh" Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-169.jpg
Fortenberry, Bain Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-278.jpg
Fortenberry, Billie Otella Baxter Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-375.jpg
Fortenberry, Carrie Bell (Bundy) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-087.jpg
Fortenberry, Elbert B. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-085.jpg
Fortenberry, Euall Ward Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-119.jpg
Fortenberry, Eula Willis Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-295.jpg
Fortenberry, Fannie Sept 19, 1977 Bill W. Slayton Rosston CL76/CL76
Fortenberry, Fern Jan 15, 1977 Orin Fortenberry CL76/CL76
Fortenberry, Flora Elmira Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-321.jpg
Fortenberry, Frank Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-090.jpg
Fortenberry, Freddie Gene Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-156.jpg
Fortenberry, Guinn "Dusty" Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-142.jpg
Fortenberry, J.C. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-119.jpg
Fortenberry, Jake J.W. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-230.jpg
Fortenberry, Jake, Mrs (Sallie C.) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-064.jpg
Fortenberry, James Clyde Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-458.jpg
Fortenberry, James Stem Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-232.jpg
Fortenberry, John William "Jack" Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-501.jpg
Fortenberry, Kate Moore Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-070.jpg
Fortenberry, Kathryn Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-225.jpg
Fortenberry, Margaret Kathleen Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-215.jpg
Fortenberry, Molly (Mary) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-285.jpg
Fortenberry, Sloan Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-004.jpg
Fortenberry, Veda Gilliland Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-250.jpg
Fortenberry, William Everett Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-322.jpg
Fortenberry, Willis "Bill" Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-078.jpg
Foster, Arch L. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-083.jpg
Foster, Archie Harold Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-287.jpg
Foster, Beryan W. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-146.jpg
Foster, Buddie Davis Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-094.jpg
Foster, Buddie Davis, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-056.jpg
Foster, Celina E. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-226.jpg
Foster, Charline Joy Webb Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-198.jpg
Foster, Cora Etta Newton Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-290.jpg
Foster, Daris Gene Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-105.jpg
Foster, Dollie Louise Jones Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-171.jpg
Foster, Dora E. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-307.jpg
Foster, E.R. May 21, 1985 Maybell Copley Sweetwater CL82/CL82
Foster, Edith Lynch Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-265.jpg
Foster, Floyd Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-036.jpg
Foster, Frances P.(Privitt) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-051.jpg
Foster, George Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-202.jpg
Foster, George W. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-295.jpg
Foster, George William Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-259.jpg
Foster, Hugh Montgomery Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-311.jpg
Foster, Ida Gertrude Burk Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-260.jpg
Foster, Irvin DeRoy Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-058.jpg
Foster, Jennie Thomas Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-477.jpg
Foster, Jessie Ethyl Curry, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-149.jpg
Foster, Joe P. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-276.jpg
Foster, Luther Alexander, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-042.jpg
Foster, Luther Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-077.jpg
Foster, Marcie Osmon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-037.jpg
Foster, Marcie Osmond, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-058.jpg
Foster, Mary Louise Phillips Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-144.jpg
Foster, Merritt P. Jan 23, 1977 Aileen Foster CL76/CL76
Foster, Nellie Louise Britton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-039.jpg
Foster, Nellie Louise Britton, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-112.jpg
Foster, Robert Elmer, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-112.jpg
Foster, Ruby Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-181.jpg
Foster, Sarah Cunnius Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-003.jpg
Foster, Suzie Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-175.jpg
Foster, Thomas Preston Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-184.jpg
Foster, Thurman, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-019.jpg
Foster, William Joseph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-044.jpg
Foster, William Littleton Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-209.jpg
Foster, William Virgil Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-099.jpg
Foster, Willie Mae Cunnius Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-038.jpg
Foster, Willis (M.) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-189.jpg
Fowler, David Walter, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-062.jpg
Fowler, Eliza Melvine "Judith" Norris Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-322.jpg
Fowler, James Thomas, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-016.jpg
Fowler, Lois Rae North Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-210.jpg
Fowler, Mallah, Mr. Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-111.jpg
Fowler, Russell Jay "Rusty", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-045.jpg
Fowler, Russell Jay, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-230.jpg
Fowler, Shelby Franklin Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-100.jpg
Fowler, Timothy Edward Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-048.jpg
Fowler, Virginia Terry Apr 9, 1978 Ernest Richter Sweetwater CL76/CL76
Fowler, Wiley Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-256.jpg
Fox , Albert T. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-233.jpg
Fox, Amanda Faye Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-305.jpg
Fox, Amanda Wills Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-179.jpg
Fox, Ben J. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-041.jpg
Fox, Bluford Fielding Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-009.jpg
Fox, Daughter of Joe Lee Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-235.jpg
Fox, Dean Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-236.jpg
Fox, Earl Ross Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-054.jpg
Fox, Etta Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-444.jpg
Fox, Gose Durwood Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-214.jpg
Fox, Infant son Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-180.jpg
Fox, Jeff S. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-176.jpg
Fox, Jeffrey Dwain Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-273.jpg
Fox, Jimmy Darrell "J.D." Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-079.jpg
Fox, Leonard Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-155.jpg
Fox, Milton Douglas Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-053.jpg
Fox, Nancy Campbell Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-056.jpg
Fox, Nelda Juanita Summers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0487.jpg
Fox, Ollie Hester Gaskey Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-122.jpg
Fox, Thomas A. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-404.jpg
Fox, Zina Prigmore Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-283.jpg
Foxall, Annie Jan 26, 1984 Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Foxall, Fred Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-065.jpg
Foxall, Leila A. Shorber Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-236.jpg
Foxall, Theodore Hendrix "Fedy" Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-161.jpg
Frady, Susie Christina Sept 29, 1977 Jewell CLower & Mae Boner Butler Alvord CL76/CL76
Fraga, Carlos, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-052.jpg
Fraga, Victor Alberto, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-031.jpg
Frahm, Rose Agnes Nakelski, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-036.jpg
Frahm, Rose Agnes Nakelski, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-402.jpg
Fralin, Aubrey Boyd Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-315.jpg
Fralin, Emory H. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-181.jpg
Fralin, Launa L. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-178.jpg
Fralin, R.H. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-013.jpg
Fralin, Tommie Almonroad Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-201.jpg
Francher, G. B., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-096.jpg
Francis, Gordon Ewing, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-044.jpg
Frank, Frances Irene Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-110.jpg
Frank, Jessie A. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-202.jpg
Frank, Lenora R. Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-296.jpg
Frank, Paul Lee Funk Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-124.jpg
Frank, Raymond Luther Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-274.jpg
Frank, Speed T. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-102.jpg
Franklin, Bobby Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-038.jpg
Franklin, Bobby Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-036.jpg
Franklin, Daniel Blaine, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-046.jpg
Franklin, Daniel Blaine, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-239.jpg
Franklin, Dennis Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0488.jpg
Franklin, Donna H. Rather, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-101.jpg
Franklin, Fannie Pearl Koeninger, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0489.jpg
Franklin, Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-184.jpg
Franklin, Howard Wade, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-048.jpg
Franklin, Janet Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-287.jpg
Franklin, Janet Faye Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-049.jpg
Franklin, John Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-129.jpg
Franklin, Malechia C., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-023.jpg
Franklin, Myrtle Bell Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-215.jpg
Franklin, Nella Crisp Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-238.jpg
Franklin, Robert H., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-050.jpg
Franklin, Roy Elvie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-050.jpg
Franklin, Roy Elvie, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-014.jpg
Franklin, Verna Lafahn Tubbs "Onnie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-047.jpg
Franklin, Verna Lafahn Tubbs, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-193.jpg
Franks, A. T., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-108.jpg
Franks, Hazel Mae Henderson, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-050.jpg
Franks, Hazel Mae Henderson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-044.jpg
Franzel, Gaylord Leo (Gator), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-045.jpg
Frasher, Michael Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-206.jpg
Frasier, Rosella (McRae) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-325.jpg
Frazier, Bernard F. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-130.jpg
Frazier, Cecil L. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-167.jpg
Frazier, Elizabeth Ann Oswalt Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-228.jpg
Frazier, Mary Pearl Stanley Pitts Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-184.jpg
Frazier, Ola Belle McAfee Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-287.jpg
Frazier, Willis Virgil Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-153.jpg
Frederick, Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-231.jpg
Freeby , Richard George, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0490.jpg
Freeman, Alfred Andrew Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-389.jpg
Freeman, Billy Raymond May 21, 1980 Delores Freeman Chico CL80/CL80
Freeman, Daisey Webb Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-006.jpg
Freeman, Dorothy Hines Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-150.jpg
Freeman, Eva Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-359.jpg
Freeman, Fred Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-038.jpg
Freeman, Gertrude Mar 26, 1980 Mrs. Johnnie Smith, Sr. New Harp CL76/CL76
Freeman, Hazel Ruth Denney Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-166.jpg
Freeman, Helen Dimple Wilson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-053.jpg
Freeman, James Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-095.jpg
Freeman, Jamie Renee Brown Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-017.jpg
Freeman, John Fredrick Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-067.jpg
Freeman, Lawton Willman Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-109.jpg
Freeman, Lee Etta Harrison Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-292.jpg
Freeman, Lizzie Elvira Cobb Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-073.jpg
Freeman, Lula Etta Louise Mann Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-154.jpg
Freeman, Luther Vie Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-124.jpg
Freeman, Martha C. Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-106.jpg
Freeman, Moses Austin Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-023.jpg
Freeman, not given Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-278.jpg
Freeman, Orville Frederick Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-308.jpg
Freeman, Rachel Juanita Rowe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0491.jpg
Freeman, Tina E. Judkins Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-211.jpg
Freire, Richard Abraham Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-017.jpg
Freman, C.R. "Ray" Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-059.jpg
French, Esther Mar 2, 1984 Mr. French CL82/CL82
French, Reba May Reynolds, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-031.jpg
French, Robert Michael, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0492.jpg
French, Velma Rae Diedo, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-014.jpg
French, Velma Rae Dulco, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-039.jpg
Frensley, Edwin Leon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-035.jpg
Frensley, Edwin Leon, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-237.jpg
Frey, William "Kyle", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-043.jpg
Frey, William Kyle, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-038.jpg
Fried, Larry Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-046.jpg
Friels, James Lee "Jim" Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-057.jpg
Friels, Nannie Branch Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-270.jpg
Frierson, Eugene D., Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-013.jpg
Fritz, Russell Elbert Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-100.jpg
Frogge, Linda Gayle Feb 5, 1985 Charlotte Frogge Oaklawn Transportation from Houston CL82/CL82
Frost, J.C., Mr, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-085.jpg
Frost, Mary Emma Ervin, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-24.jpg
Fry, Robert William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0493.jpg
Frye, Bob Lee Aug 8, 1977 Rex Frye Alvord CL76/CL76
Frye, Cecile Lina Patterson Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-186.jpg
Frye, Martin Henry Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-122.jpg
Frye, Sue Pierce Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-252.jpg
Fugate, Edward Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0494.jpg
Fugate, G.R., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-083.jpg
Fugate, Willie Leona Brooks, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0495.jpg
Fugua, J.H. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-173.jpg
Fugua, Jessie Robinson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0499.jpg
Fulfer, Betty Lanell, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-244.jpg
Fulfer, Margaret Qualls Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-238.jpg
Fuller, Alta Caroline Harvey, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-055.jpg
Fuller, Betty Jo Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-216.jpg
Fuller, Darwin Lane, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-051.jpg
Fuller, Darwin Lane, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-092.jpg
Fuller, Hardy Loy, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-139.jpg
Fuller, Jack Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-115.jpg
Fuller, Seward E., Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-007.jpg
Fuller, Willard Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0496.jpg
Fullingham, Verla Hortense Potts Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-402.jpg
Fullingim, Alfred Baker Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-273.jpg
Fullingim, Frances Virginia Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-344.jpg
Fullingim, H.R. "Hoot" Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-062.jpg
Fullingim, Hamilton Rowan Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-129.jpg
Fullingim, J.H. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-336a.jpg
Fullingim, Lucy Glee Hooper Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-182.jpg
Fullingim, Mahala L. Ball Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-019.jpg
Fullingim, Maude Ward Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-271.jpg
Fullingim, P.J., Dr. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-268.jpg
Fullingim, Peyton Jerrett Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-127.jpg
Fullingim, S.P., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-100.jpg
Fullingrim, Ann Donald Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-092.jpg
Fullwood, Debra Louise Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-006.jpg
Fulps, James M. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-199.jpg
Fulshe, Della M. Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-192.jpg
Fultz, Louis Arvilo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0497.jpg
Fultz, Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-284.jpg
Funches, Thadius Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-237.jpg
Funchess, Onie David, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-034.jpg
Funchess, Onie David, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-265.jpg
Funk, Gus Burnes, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-056.jpg
Funk, Irma Bailey, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-021.jpg
Funk, Irma Merle Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-039.jpg
Funk, Martha C., Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-282.jpg
Funk, Owen True, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0498.jpg
Funk, P.C., Dr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-053.jpg
Fuqua , Lou Ellen Lamar, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-336.jpg
Fuqua, Charles Otho, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-041.jpg
Fuqua, Charles Otho, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-147.jpg
Fuqua, L. F., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-213.jpg
Fuqua, Lou Ellen Lamar, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-079.jpg
Furr, Cobel H., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-038.jpg
Fury, Clement, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-267.jpg
Gage, Buddie Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-224.jpg
Gage, Buna Lee (Griffeth) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-440.jpg
Gage, Callie McNeely Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-269.jpg
Gage, Coke Lloyd Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-062.jpg
Gage, Eunice Mary Mauldin Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-060.jpg
Gage, F.M. "Bud" Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-293.jpg
Gage, George Thomas Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-206.jpg
Gage, James Calvin Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-243.jpg
Gage, James Elmer Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-086.jpg
Gage, James M. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-050.jpg
Gage, James Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-128.jpg
Gage, John Thomas "Tobe" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-311.jpg
Gage, John Tylor, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-221.jpg
Gage, Keller Mundy Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-205.jpg
Gage, Lela Bell (Boyd) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-136.jpg
Gage, Ludy Ruben Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-113.jpg
Gage, Mammie Lee (Donald) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-041.jpg
Gage, Mary Faye Boydston Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-187.jpg
Gage, Merlin Monroe Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-214.jpg
Gage, Ora Quisenberry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-411.jpg
Gage, Pauline S. Harder Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-107.jpg
Gage, R.L. "Dick" Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-259.jpg
Gage, Rachel B. Gilbreth Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-293.jpg
Gage, Sarah Elizabeth Weatherley Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-180.jpg
Gage, Steve Donald Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-102.jpg
Gage, Velma Inez Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-202.jpg
Gage, Willie Barton Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-106.jpg
Gains, infant son Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-322a.jpg
Gaither, Charles Floyd, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0500.jpg
Gaither, Charles Floyd, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-120.jpg
Gaither, Inez Estalene Gillespie, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-056.jpg
Gaither, James Chester, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-053.jpg
Gaither, S.A., Mrs, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-288.jpg
Gaither, Virgle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0501.jpg
Galbraith, Cynthia Ann, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0502.jpg
Galey, Mrs. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-218.jpg
Galicia, Emmauel Diez Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-104.jpg
Gallaway, Lucille Reed, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-045.jpg
Gallaway, Lucille, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-169.jpg
Gallegos, Maria Del Rocio Aug 7, 1982 Miguel Gallegos Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Gallemore, Louella Carroll Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-298.jpg
Gallemore, William E. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-120.jpg
Gallman, Martha Ann Hicks Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-174.jpg
Galloway, Doris Faye Albritton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-032.jpg
Galloway, Karen Lynette Moose, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0503.jpg
Galloway, Karen Lynette Moose, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-124.jpg
Galttana, Blake Edward, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-104.jpg
Galyon, Charles Porter May 24, 1980 Eula Mae Galyon Hopewell CL80/CL80
Gambill, Brance Doyle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0504.jpg
Gamble, Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-251.jpg
Gamble, Charles Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-11.jpg
Gamble, James Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0505.jpg
Gamble, Joseph Barney, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-042.jpg
Gamble, Lillian Erma Armstrong Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-129.jpg
Gann, Annie Bell Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-194.jpg
Gann, Datus Needem, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0506.jpg
Gann, Datus Needen, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-003.jpg
Gann, Eldrod Drennan (E.D.), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-054.jpg
Gann, George Yeakley, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-069.jpg
Gann, Glenn Garvis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0507.jpg
Gann, Lora Nell, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-36.jpg
Gann, Sarah Antonio Drennan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-040.jpg
Gann, Sarah Drennan, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-298.jpg
Gant, Edna Alice Rickman, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-042.jpg
Garber, Jack Chester, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-041.jpg
Garber, Jack Chester, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-194.jpg
Garcia, Antonia Casares, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-153.jpg
Garcia, Cosme, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-118.jpg
Garcia, Costullo Flores, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-162.jpg
Garcia, Jimmy Fernando, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-056.jpg
Garcia, Jimmy, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-182.jpg
Garcia, Lydia G. Gonzalez, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-115.jpg
Garcia, Lydia Gonzalez, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-015.jpg
Garcia, Manuel Fabola Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-118.jpg
Garcia, Manuel, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-023.jpg
Garcia, Margaret Earlene West Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-175.jpg
Garcia, Rogelo, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-087.jpg
Garcia, Sofira Lopez, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-076.jpg
Garcia, Tomas Contreras Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-050.jpg
Gardner, Albert Green Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-153.jpg
Gardner, George Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-135.jpg
Gardner, Jarrod Thomas & Baby Boy Nov 25, 1982 Van Gardner Pleasant Grove #1 Twins CL82/CL82
Gardner, John Ezekel Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-261.jpg
Gardner, Mary Kathleen Bailey Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-203.jpg
Gardner, Mittie Bowden Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-026.jpg
Gardner, Oscar Embra, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-003.jpg
Gardner, Oscar Embry Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-072.jpg
Gardner, Thomas Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-120.jpg
Gardner, Thressa Imogene Brooks Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-062.jpg
Gargis, Glen Houston, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-165.jpg
Gargis, Glen Houston, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-110.jpg
Gargis, Velma Splawn, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-027.jpg
Gargis, Velma Splawn, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-148.jpg
Garman, Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0508.jpg
Garner, Joe Bailey Sims, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-042.jpg
Garner, Joe Bailey, Mrs.(Sims), Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-104.jpg
Garnett, Janet Mayo Dill Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-118.jpg
Garnett, Joe Dale Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-144.jpg
Garretson, Carrie S. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-419.jpg
Garrett, Addine Riggs, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0510.jpg
Garrett, Alice E. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-123.jpg
Garrett, Annie Love Apr 18, 1983 Louise Neighbors Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Garrett, Billy Jack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-043.jpg
Garrett, Billy Jack, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-200.jpg
Garrett, Boby Joe, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-085.jpg
Garrett, Brettie E. White Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-053.jpg
Garrett, Calva Christine Wood Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-039.jpg
Garrett, Carlton Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-074.jpg
Garrett, Carlton Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-310.jpg
Garrett, Clara Frances Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-199.jpg
Garrett, David Gene, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-132.jpg
Garrett, Earl Lavoy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0514.jpg
Garrett, Elizabeth Boren, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-034.jpg
Garrett, Elizabeth Boren, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-151.jpg
Garrett, Guyten William Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-237.jpg
Garrett, Harrell Edward "Tim" Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-028.jpg
Garrett, Homer D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0509.jpg
Garrett, Ima Pearl Huffines, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0512.jpg
Garrett, James Lee Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-152.jpg
Garrett, James M. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-245.jpg
Garrett, Jimmie William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-040.jpg
Garrett, Jimmie William, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-011.jpg
Garrett, John Bascom Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-137.jpg
Garrett, John M. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-056.jpg
Garrett, Juanita Irene Beaumont, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-033.jpg
Garrett, Katie Lee Rice, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-070.jpg
Garrett, Luther Winford, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-129.jpg
Garrett, Maggie Arnold Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-014.jpg
Garrett, Margaret Tennery Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-331.jpg
Garrett, Michael D. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-092.jpg
Garrett, Nanie Lucille Durbin Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-131.jpg
Garrett, Nannie Gertrude Morton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0511.jpg
Garrett, Nannie Gertrude Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-156.jpg
Garrett, Paul O., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-042.jpg
Garrett, Paul O., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-004.jpg
Garrett, Richard L. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-040.jpg
Garrett, Tommy Windford, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0513.jpg
Garrett, Tommy Winford, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-076.jpg
Garrett, W.M., Mrs. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-008.jpg
Garrett, William Bascom Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-036.jpg
Garrett, William David, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-122.jpg
Garrett, William Gilbert "Willie" May 10, 1981 Annie Garrett Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Garrison , James Clyde, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-164.jpg
Garrison, Baby Boy Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-136.jpg
Garrison, Isabell Cleveland (Stark) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-481.jpg
Garrison, James Clyde, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-045.jpg
Garrison, Jesse CLinton Jan 13, 1981 Bethel CL80/CL80
Garrison, Louis J. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-086.jpg
Garrison, Mary Katherine (Brown), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-090.jpg
Garrison, Royce Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-151.jpg
Garrison, Ruby May Hodges Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-212.jpg
Garrison, Ruth Edwina Johnson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-041.jpg
Garrison, Ruth Edwina Johnson, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-216.jpg
Garrison, Susie A. Apr 27, 1985 Dale Hoyl Bethel CL82/CL82
Gary, John Roy, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-039.jpg
Gary, John Roy, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-062.jpg
Gary, William Reed Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-019.jpg
Garza, Reynol, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-036.jpg
Garza, Reynol, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-192.jpg
Garza, Ricardo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-047.jpg
Garza, Ricardo, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-256.jpg
Gaskill, Roger Dale, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-044.jpg
Gasperson, Myrtle Inez Morris Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-265.jpg
Gaston, James Aurther Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-181.jpg
Gaston, Velma Wolfe Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-237.jpg
Gatewood, Donovan, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-261.jpg
Gather, J. R., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-001.jpg
Gather, Mr. & Mrs. ?, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-058.jpg
Gatlin, Hazel Inez Bacon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-048.jpg
Gatlin, Hazel Inez Bacon, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-274.jpg
Gattas, W.E., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-112.jpg
Gattise, Edgar E., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-043.jpg
Gatton, Juanita Alland Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-254.jpg
Gauntt, Dorothy Lillian Buck, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-043.jpg
Gauntt, Dorothy Lillian Buck, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-210.jpg
Gause, Jimmy Frank, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-033.jpg
Gayler, Robert E. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-291.jpg
Gebbins, Michelle Kathrine, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-049.jpg
Gee, Johnny Darrell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-047.jpg
Geltz, Paul Issacc, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-075.jpg
Gentry, Billy Tom Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-290.jpg
Gentry, Charles Boone Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-027.jpg
Gentry, Cody Shane Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-256.jpg
Gentry, Cora Horn Reed Douglas Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-048.jpg
Gentry, Cora Lee Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-014.jpg
Gentry, Ella Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-195.jpg
Gentry, Elmer Emmett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0515.jpg
Gentry, Elmer Emmett, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-144.jpg
Gentry, Eula Mae Barfield, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0516.jpg
Gentry, Floyd S. Feb 15, 1977 Mrs. Gentry CL76/CL76
Gentry, Glenda Louise, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-050.jpg
Gentry, Isaac J., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-306.jpg
Gentry, Jackson Edward Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-474.jpg
Gentry, James Isaac, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-077.jpg
Gentry, John Lafayette Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-134.jpg
Gentry, John Latham Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-166.jpg
Gentry, John Roy Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-108.jpg
Gentry, Julie Gore, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-027.jpg
Gentry, Lula Mae Bullock Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-057.jpg
Gentry, M.C., Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-196.jpg
Gentry, Martha T., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-077.jpg
Gentry, Mildred Bernice Cooper Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-169.jpg
Gentry, Mildrew Correne Wood Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-050.jpg
Gentry, Ollie Mary Gregg Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-406.jpg
Gentry, Ora Spain Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-237.jpg
Gentry, Paul Edd Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-005.jpg
Gentry, Roy Brantley, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-081.jpg
Gentry, Samuel Boone Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-224.jpg
Gentry, T.L. Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-177.jpg
Gentry, Theresa Patricia Bridges, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-117.jpg
Gentry, Theresa Patricia Bridges, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-293.jpg
Gentry, Tom J. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-082.jpg
Gentry, Tom J., Mrs. (Lockey) Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-054.jpg
Gentry, W.A. (William A.) Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-036.jpg
Gentry, W.L. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-145.jpg
George, Alberta Louisa White, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-046.jpg
George, Alberta Louisa White, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-158.jpg
George, Alice Florence Matthew Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-486.jpg
George, Cecil Bennett, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0517.jpg
George, Charles Price, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-073.jpg
George, Deloris Etoy Cox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-048.jpg
George, E. Naomi Ruth Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-227.jpg
George, Harmon Monroe, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-069.jpg
George, Ida (Charlie) Barbara (Wells) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-110.jpg
George, Jake Demurceis (Buddy), Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-091.jpg
George, James Henry Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-219.jpg
George, James Sanford Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-067.jpg
George, Jeanette Medlin Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-224.jpg
George, Joe Paul Jan 20, 1982 Mrs. George Bethel CL80/CL80
George, John Elmer Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-300.jpg
George, John Thomas Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-265.jpg
George, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-102.jpg
George, Nancy Elvira Brandenburg Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-154.jpg
George, Nelson Charles, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-049.jpg
George, Raymond, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-036.jpg
George, Raymond, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-097.jpg
George, Vannie Emogene Lumsden, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-042.jpg
George, Vannie Emogene Lumsden, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-276.jpg
George, William Allen Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-226.jpg
George, William Charlie Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-128.jpg
George, William Joseph, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-043.jpg
George, William Joseph, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-236.jpg
Getty, Paul Issac, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-311.jpg
Gettys, Albert VanNess Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-172.jpg
Gettys, Annie Belle (Adams) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-478.jpg
Gettys, Cicero Thomas Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-157.jpg
Gettys, Clara St. Clair Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-030.jpg
Gettys, Ella Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-033.jpg
Gettys, Embry Marshall Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-218.jpg
Gettys, Embry Martin, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-181.jpg
Gettys, Mary M. Hord Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-075.jpg
Gettys, Plato Lee Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-091.jpg
Gholston, O.L. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-292.jpg
Gibbens, Gerald Victor, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0519.jpg
Gibbens, Gerald Victor, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-035.jpg
Gibbon, Clara Jan Parker Stroud Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-096.jpg
Gibbon, Dixie Crockett Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-057.jpg
Gibbon, Emily F. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-279.jpg
Gibbon, Judge Marion Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-229.jpg
Gibbon, Julian Edward Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-175.jpg
Gibbon, Mary Anne Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-346.jpg
Gibbon, William Edward Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-062.jpg
Gibbons, Emma Miscell, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-023.jpg
Gibbons, Linda Sue Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-303.jpg
Gibbs, Bell Smith Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-158.jpg
Gibbs, Corda Mae Rose Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-023.jpg
Gibbs, J.H., Mrs (Lydia Robertson) Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-087.jpg
Gibbs, Neta Mae Hatfield, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-163.jpg
Gibbs, Virda A., Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-169.jpg
Gibbs, Zelma Veleta Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-228.jpg
Gibson, Andrew Jefferson "Jeff" Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-056.jpg
Gibson, E.P., Mrs. (Jessie G.) Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-048.jpg
Gibson, Edmond Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-127.jpg
Gibson, Ella Smith Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-125.jpg
Gibson, John W., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-083.jpg
Gibson, John Wallace, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-037.jpg
Gibson, Maggie Louis Nichols, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-051.jpg
Gibson, Sally Estelle Fenwick, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0518.jpg
Gibson, Samuel B. "Dad" Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-073.jpg
Gibson, Sarah Rosanna Collins Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-066.jpg
Gibson, William John Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-052.jpg
Gibson, Zula Elizabeth Morris Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-093.jpg
Gibson, Zula Elizabeth Morris, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-065.jpg
Gideon, Vertus, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-160.jpg
Gilbert, Carl Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-201.jpg
Gilbert, Clyde Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-202.jpg
Gilbert, Clyde, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-063.jpg
Gilbert, Dessa Leona Fultz Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-142.jpg
Gilbert, Dessa Leona Fultz, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-066.jpg
Gilbert, Dora Ettie (Vaughn) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-358.jpg
Gilbert, Emily Agnes Sparks Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-079.jpg
Gilbert, Henry H. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-283.jpg
Gilbert, Hettie Eathel Prince Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-017.jpg
Gilbert, Horace Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-130.jpg
Gilbert, Jack Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-253.jpg
Gilbert, Jennie Ruth Perkins Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-073.jpg
Gilbert, John William Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-477.jpg
Gilbert, Laura Esther Collins Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-268.jpg
Gilbert, Lulla Ellan Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-086.jpg
Gilbert, Maggie Williams Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-010.jpg
Gilbert, Marie Ethel Dec 17, 1979 Eligha Dee Gilbert & W.D. Turlington Alvord CL76/CL76
Gilbert, Robert Lee Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-080.jpg
Gilbert, Robert Leon Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-020.jpg
Gilbert, Walter Scott Jan 25, 1978 Mildred Collings Alvord CL76/CL76
Gilbert, William S. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-110.jpg
Gilbert, William Sanders "Doc" Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-070.jpg
Gilbertson, Betty Mabel Hall, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0520.jpg
Giles, Archie Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-034.jpg
Giles, Beulah Truitt Quisenberry Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-268.jpg
Giles, Claudia Jewel Wilson, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0521.jpg
Giles, Erora Ann Rowe, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-009.jpg
Giles, Gertrude Repa Lane, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-080.jpg
Giles, Gladys Pauline Chilton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0522.jpg
Giles, Joseph Elbert, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-095.jpg
Giles, Joseph Elbert, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-091.jpg
Giles, Joseph Elbert, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-044.jpg
Giles, Luther Edward, Sr, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-223.jpg
Giles, Patrick Anthony, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-013.jpg
Giles, Presley Elbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0523.jpg
Giles, Valinda, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-034.jpg
Gililland, Jerrell Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-098.jpg
Gill, Dessie Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-190.jpg
Gill, Earl F. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-253.jpg
Gill, G.W. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-227.jpg
Gill, Irene Ruth Leonard Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-041.jpg
Gill, Marvin Estes Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-466.jpg
Gill, Mary Josephine Lumpkin Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-064.jpg
Gill, Rachel Mirandy Eldridge Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-091.jpg
Gill, Thomas Sammuel Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-194.jpg
Gill, Victoria Fielder, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-170.jpg
Gilland (twins), Michael Lee/Stephen Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-127.jpg
Gillespie, Lydia Ewing, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-103.jpg
Gillespie, Lydia Mae Ewing, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-150.jpg
Gillespie, William Joseph, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-164.jpg
Gilley, Clara Catherine McClung, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-045.jpg
Gilley, Clara Catherine McClung, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-040.jpg
Gilley, Ida Elizabeth Austin, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-098.jpg
Gilley, Joseph Olin Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-075.jpg
Gilley, Mildred Arlene Graham, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0524.jpg
Gilley, Noah Clifford, Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-105.jpg
Gilley, Odessa V. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-035.jpg
Gilley, Thomas Adam, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-124.jpg
Gilley, Thomas F., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-030.jpg
Gilley, Thomas Fred, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-035.jpg
Gilley, Woodard Byron, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0525.jpg
Gilliand, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-271.jpg
Gilliland, Earnest Clarence Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-190.jpg
Gilliland, J.S. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-012.jpg
Gilliland, John Porter Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-035.jpg
Gilliland, Mary Elizabert "Dollie"(Fullingim) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-158.jpg
Gilliland, Mary Jane Kinniburgh Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-274.jpg
Gilliland, Paul, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-168.jpg
Gilliland, Walter W. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-010.jpg
Gillis, Tina Keaton Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-279.jpg
Gillispie, Ivy Beatrice Kelsey, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-120.jpg
Gillispie, Ivy Beatrice Kelsey, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-030.jpg
Gilmore, Leslie Ray, Sr., Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-155.jpg
Gilmore, Minnie Lee Sanders Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-145.jpg
Ginn, Wylie Jasper, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-058.jpg
Gipson, Doris June Pool, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-035.jpg
Gipson, Freddie W. Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-249.jpg
Gipson, Mary Ola White Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-235.jpg
Gipson, Thalia Carey Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-171.jpg
Girard, Floyd Dale Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-083.jpg
Girard, Floyd Dale, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-069.jpg
Girdley, James Paul Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-015.jpg
Glanton, Elizabeth Poteet Hollingsworth Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-297.jpg
Glaspie, James Thomas, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0526.jpg
Glaspie, James Thomas, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-019.jpg
Glaspie, Katherine Gertrude Merrifield, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-044.jpg
Glaspie, Katherine Gertrude Merrifield, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-301.jpg
Glass, John William W., Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-06.jpg
Glass, L. W. "Red" (Lucien), Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-045.jpg
Glass, Missouri E. Woody, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-157.jpg
Glassie, Larry Wayne, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-019.jpg
Glassie, Thomas Woodrow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0527.jpg
Gleghorn, Billie Jo Doss, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-155.jpg
Gleghorn, Billie Jo Doss, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-091.jpg
Gleghorn, Clyde Woodrow, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-016.jpg
Glenn, Anna Rebecca Stewart, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0528.jpg
Glenn, Rita Marie Vandenbosch Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-198.jpg
Glenn, Sarah Elizabeth Burkett Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-064.jpg
Glenn, Victoria, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-016.jpg
Glenn, W. H., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-270.jpg
Gloria, Jose Pinon Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-082.jpg
Glossup, Verna Mae Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-140.jpg
Glover, Della Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-051.jpg
Glover, Era Gaines Watkins Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-076.jpg
Glover, Martha Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-058.jpg
Gober, Elmer Robert Lee, Hawkins Funeral Home H64/H64-075.jpg
Gober, Glenda Gay, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-03.jpg
Gober, John Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-294.jpg
Gober, Mary LaRita Pope, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0530.jpg
Gober, Nolan Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-036.jpg
Gober, Roy Samuel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0531.jpg
Gober, Thomas S., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-140.jpg
Gober, William E. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-035.jpg
Godbey, Billy Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-231.jpg
Godwin, Eura Mae Street, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0529.jpg
Goehring, Christopher W. Oct 30, 1983 Sent to Davis Funeral Home, Henrietta, TX CL82/CL82
Goforth, Marshall Cleburne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-052.jpg
Goins, John Donald, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0532.jpg
Golaz, Flossie Jane Kleppy, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-175.jpg
Golaz, Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-104.jpg
Golaz, John Henry, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-051.jpg
Golaz, John Henry, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-131.jpg
Golaz, Mildred Lorene Smith, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-049.jpg
Golaz, Williqm Carl, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0533.jpg
Golden, Darse Allen Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-216.jpg
Golden, Linda Jane Cornelius Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-159.jpg
Golladay, Howard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-088.jpg
Golladay, Howard, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-240.jpg
Golladay, Mother, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-072.jpg
Golson, Laura Mae Horn, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-045.jpg
Golson, Laura Mae Horn, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-220.jpg
Gomez, Amada Jauregui, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-052.jpg
Gomez, John Garza, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0534.jpg
Gomez, Noe Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-047.jpg
Gonzales , Filberto, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-206.jpg
Gonzales, Filiberto, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0535.jpg
Gonzales, Jesus Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-225.jpg
Gonzales, Joe Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-393.jpg
Gonzalez, Catherine Alice Troxell, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-124.jpg
Gonzalez, Gerardo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-037.jpg
Gonzalez, Gerardo, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-181.jpg
Gonzalez, Macario Sias, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0536.jpg
Gonzalez, Ramana Valdez, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-053.jpg
Gooch, Guy Lester Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-220.jpg
Goodall, Joseph St.John, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-048.jpg
Goode, Alford Edell Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-003.jpg
Goode, Alfred Earl Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-141.jpg
Goode, Carl Eldon Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-041.jpg
Goode, Dannie Howard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0539.jpg
Goode, Dannie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0538.jpg
Goode, Delmar Williebell Beall Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-243.jpg
Goode, Emma, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-076.jpg
Goode, Flodie Ellen Buckingham HF73/HF73-0540a.jpg
Goode, Flodie Ellen Buckingham, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0540.jpg
Goode, Frank Elbert Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-194.jpg
Goode, John Ocey Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-126.jpg
Goode, Kossie Oran, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0537.jpg
Goode, Lillie Buckingham, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-126.jpg
Goode, Nora Mae Apr 25, 1980 Vivian Cox Pleasant Grove CL80/CL80
Goode, Richard Samuel, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-087.jpg
Goode, Robert Frank, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0541.jpg
Goode, Stewart Todd Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-065.jpg
Goodger, (Julia) Anna Stewart Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-056.jpg
Goodger, Caitlyn Kay, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-064.jpg
Goodger, Elba Fay White Bishop Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-141.jpg
Goodger, Ethel Floe Walker Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-291.jpg
Goodger, Etta Adair Bridges Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-080.jpg
Goodger, Evelyn Lavelle Rasbury, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-121.jpg
Goodger, Ira Harris Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-025.jpg
Goodger, Ira Harris, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-073.jpg
Goodger, James M. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-091.jpg
Goodger, Joseph Henry Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-005.jpg
Goodger, Lossie Wren Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-318.jpg
Goodger, Novia Belle Lewis Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-281.jpg
Goodger, Raymond "Dub" Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-179.jpg
Goodger, William Columbus Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-166.jpg
Goodger, William Lawrence Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-300.jpg
Goodman, Mazola Garrison Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-117.jpg
Goodner, James Luther Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-099.jpg
Goodner, Jim M. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-281.jpg
Goodner, R.J. Christian Funeral Home C15-90A C15/C15-090.jpg
Goodner, Randy Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-231.jpg
Goodreau, Ann Marie White, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-018.jpg
Goodwin, Belle Johnson McCullough Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-164.jpg
Goodwin, Child Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-185.jpg
Goodwin, E., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-262.jpg
Goodwin, Glen Sept 19, 1980 Nellie Goodwin Alvord CL80/CL80
Goodwin, Jeffry Mark Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-109.jpg
Goodwin, Mamie Sue Rodgers, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-087.jpg
Goodwin, Mamie Sue Rodgers, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-250.jpg
Goolsley, Jim Willie Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-199.jpg
Gorden, Manuel W., Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-100.jpg
Gordon, Anna Will Stevens Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-225.jpg
Gordon, Chester Vernon Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-260.jpg
Gordon, Floryne Rush Foxall Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-445.jpg
Gordon, James Harve Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-181.jpg
Gordon, Mildred Ilene Colestock Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-044.jpg
Gordon, Pearl Elizabeth Thomas Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-098.jpg
Gordon, Vernia Beatrice Baker Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-141.jpg
Gordon, Wallace Coy Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-217.jpg
Gore, Madora J. Drew Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-276.jpg
Gorham, Edna Lee Foster Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-134.jpg
Gorham, Joshua T. Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-168.jpg
Gosdin, Emery Pauline Leifester Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-157.jpg
Gose, Allie Jarrell Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-270.jpg
Gose, Annie Lee Chance Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-270.jpg
Gose, Jackie Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-219.jpg
Gose, James Coughey, Dr. Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-253.jpg
Gose, Joe Elsom "Preacher" Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-009.jpg
Gose, Joe M., Dr. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-126.jpg
Gose, John G. "Judge" Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-280.jpg
Gose, Martha Elizabeth Ruddick, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0542.jpg
Gose, Neita Johnson Robison Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-241.jpg
Gose, Outler David Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-285.jpg
Gose, Stella Alveretta Monk Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-385.jpg
Gose, Steve M. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-146.jpg
Gosler, Evelyn Marjorie Schkade, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0543.jpg
Gosler, Louis Zack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-076.jpg
Gosler, Louis Zack, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-283.jpg
Goss, Lola Mae Westepvelt, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-013.jpg
Gossett, Lelton Franklin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-046.jpg
Gossett, Lelton Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-123.jpg
Gossett, Opal Chilton "Jack" Apr 9, 1982 Mrs. Gossett Ball Knob CL80/CL80
Gossett, Zadz Mae Beard Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-215.jpg
Gotcher, Alta Mae C56/C56-265a.jpg
Gotcher, Alta Mae Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-265.jpg
Gotcher, Cassie Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-036.jpg
Gotcher, Dora Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-410.jpg
Gotcher, James Homer Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-041.jpg
Gotcher, Jess Lee Dec 23, 1985 Sweetwater CL82/CL82
Gotcher, Morris Merlin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-046.jpg
Gotcher, Morris, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-262.jpg
Gotcher, William Homer "Buddy" Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-439.jpg
Gotcher, William Thomas Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-080.jpg
Gott, Charlie Earl Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-158.jpg
Gourlay, Mary Smith Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-273.jpg
Gourlay, Will A. Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-025.jpg
Gourley, James M. Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-228.jpg
Goursand, Martha E. House Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-013.jpg
Gowin, Douglas Wayne, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0544.jpg
Grabb, Della Logan Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-239.jpg
Graben, Ferne N. Sievert Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-027.jpg
Graben, Stanley Ernest Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-284.jpg
Grabow, Oroff Karherine Bostick, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-341.jpg
Grabow, Oroff Katherine "Kitty", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-118.jpg
Gragg, Timothy Renshaw Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-081.jpg
Gragg, Timothy Renshaw, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-072.jpg
Graham, Ayleen Barrett Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-193.jpg
Graham, Charlotte Amelia Whitie, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0545.jpg
Graham, Herman Boyde, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-253.jpg
Graham, Herman Boyoe, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-045.jpg
Graham, John Rufus Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-193.jpg
Graham, Mattie Ann Littlefield Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-234.jpg
Graham, Minnie, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-115.jpg
Graham, Ona C. Clement Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-067.jpg
Graham, Richard Walker Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-002.jpg
Granados, Catalina Nov 21, 1984 Sent to Mexico CL82/CL82
Granados, Manuel Nov 21, 1984 Sent to Mexico CL82/CL82
Granados, Patricia Nov 21, 1984 Sent to Mexico CL82/CL82
Grandstaff, Alice Jewell Sanders, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF95/bF95-007.jpg
Grandstaff, Loraine Muse, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-110.jpg
Granstaff, Grady Lewis Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-025.jpg
Granstaff, Jessie Carl, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-005.jpg
Granstaff, Lorainne, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-239.jpg
Granstaff, Michael Dwayne, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-129.jpg
Granstaff, Michael Dwayne, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-026.jpg
Granstaff, Sarah Bradley Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-240.jpg
Granstaff, Steve, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-258.jpg
Granstaff, Steven Charles, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF91/bF91-129.jpg
Granstaff, Thomas Virgle, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0546.jpg
Grant, Billy Gene Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-137.jpg
Grant, Robert Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-095.jpg
Grantham, Evelene Womack, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0547.jpg
Grantham, Jessie Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-045.jpg
Grantham, Jessie Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-080.jpg
Grantham, Robert Drew, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0548.jpg
Grantham, Robert Drew, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-022.jpg
Grantham, Travis Conner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-038.jpg
Grantham, Travis Conner, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-120.jpg
Grantham, Walter Leon Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-100.jpg
Graves, Alice Elizabeth Wade Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-147.jpg
Graves, Neely Elizabeth, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-049.jpg
Graves, Timothy Wayne, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF81/bF81-144.jpg
Graves, Timothy, Boyd Funeral Home b88/b88-084.jpg
Gray, Delphia L., Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-10.jpg
Gray, Frances Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-177.jpg
Gray, Frances Marie Gordan, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-083.jpg
Gray, George E. Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-239.jpg
Gray, James Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-042.jpg
Gray, Lannie Ruth Morton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-047.jpg
Gray, Lannie Ruth Morton, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-097.jpg
Gray, Ruth Leigh Creek Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-076.jpg
Gray, W.S., Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-287.jpg
Gray, William Farris, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-045.jpg
Gray, William Farris, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-432.jpg
Greathouse, Annie LaRue Splawn Christian Funeral Home C49/C49-072.jpg
Greathouse, Jennie L. Call Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-146.jpg
Greathouse, Naomi, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-041.jpg
Greathouse, Naomi, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-020.jpg
Green, A.J., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-095.jpg
Green, Ada Newton, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0549.jpg
Green, Addie Rue Roper, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0550.jpg
Green, Alice Champion, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-389.jpg
Green, Alice Martha Champion, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-046.jpg
Green, Annie Harriet Elizabeth Carpenter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0551.jpg
Green, Annie Isabell Nov 19, 1979 Ruby Stone Oaklawn CL76/CL76
Green, Augustus Eugene, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0552.jpg
Green, Baby, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-251.jpg
Green, Barnette Wright Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-160.jpg
Green, Bernice Alva, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0553.jpg
Green, Beulah Bell Coffie, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-181.jpg
Green, Charles Wendell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-055.jpg
Green, Charley Washington, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-28.jpg
Green, Cletus Elbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-053.jpg
Green, Cletus Elbert, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-072.jpg
Green, Clinton Delbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-038.jpg
Green, Clinton Delbert, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-223.jpg
Green, Dona Era Trussell Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-107.jpg
Green, Ethel Mae Green, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-057.jpg
Green, Ethel May Elliott, Hawkins Funeral Home H60/H60-024.jpg
Green, Eva Eulalah McNeil, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-35.jpg
Green, Evy, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-018.jpg
Green, Fannie Lee Jenkins, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-090.jpg
Green, Fannie Lee Jenkins, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-200.jpg
Green, Felton "Billie", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0554.jpg
Green, Felton, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-038.jpg
Green, Frank Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-100.jpg
Green, Frank Christian Funeral Home C15-282A C15/C15-282.jpg
Green, Frank Edward, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-058.jpg
Green, Frank, Mrs. Christian Funeral Home C22-005A C22/C22-005.jpg
Green, Fred Grant, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-079.jpg
Green, G.W. Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-091.jpg
Green, Gayland Ray, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-065.jpg
Green, Glen Winfred "Buster", Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-209.jpg
Green, Glenn Winfred "Buster", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-048.jpg
Green, Grady Cordell, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-132.jpg
Green, Hattie Mae Mock, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-039.jpg
Green, Henry Tyler Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-190.jpg
Green, Hettie Mae Mach, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-043.jpg
Green, Honer George, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-091.jpg
Green, Ira Maxwell Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-229.jpg
Green, Ira Maxwell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-068.jpg
Green, J. Benjamin, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-26.jpg
Green, J. D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0555.jpg
Green, James Marion, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-235.jpg
Green, James Monroe, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-220.jpg
Green, Jesse, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0556.jpg
Green, Jessie Lou May 21, 1985 Mark Twain Aurora CL82/CL82
Green, Jewell Alexander, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-046.jpg
Green, Jewell Alexander, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-097.jpg
Green, Jimmy Carrol, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-040.jpg
Green, Jimmy Carrol, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-073.jpg
Green, John Wesley, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-091.jpg
Green, Josephine Elizabeth Cash, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF92/HF92-039.jpg
Green, Josephine Elizabeth Cash, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-166.jpg
Green, Josie R., Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-04.jpg
Green, Julie Bess Hewitt Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-211.jpg
Green, Kenneth Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H65/H65-060.jpg
Green, Lee Roy Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-127.jpg
Green, Litta Ann Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-126.jpg
Green, Mamie Beatrice Cox, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-043.jpg
Green, Mammie Beatrice Cox, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-403.jpg
Green, Margaret Elizabeth Reddell, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-026.jpg
Green, Marion Robert, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-181.jpg
Green, Mary Andrea Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-054.jpg
Green, Mary Frances Been Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-171.jpg
Green, Mildred LaVaine Bailey, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0557.jpg
Green, Mr. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-158.jpg
Green, Ola Fay Porter, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-047.jpg
Green, Ola Fay Porter, Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-163.jpg
Green, Opal Priscilla Short, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-030.jpg
Green, Pearl Elizabeth Bayliss Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-034.jpg
Green, Ricky Lee Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-135.jpg
Green, Robbie Lee Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-144.jpg
Green, Roy M. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-137.jpg
Green, Ruby Elizabeth Denney Mitchell, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-032.jpg
Green, Ruby Elizabeth Denney, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-138.jpg
Green, Rupert Marion, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-033.jpg
Green, Rupert Marion, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-142.jpg
Green, Sarah Ann Groves, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-016.jpg
Green, Shrilda Elizabeth Perkins Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-039.jpg
Green, Shrilda Elizabeth Perkins, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-071.jpg
Green, Son of Frank Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-010.jpg
Green, Son of Frank Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-015.jpg
Green, Theo Effie Davis, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0558.jpg
Green, Theo Effie Davis, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-121.jpg
Green, Theresa Matilda Jurny Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-193.jpg
Green, Thomas L, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-141.jpg
Green, Tom, Mrs., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-184.jpg
Green, Tony Allen Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-471.jpg
Green, W. E., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-216.jpg
Green, William Edward, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-138.jpg
Green, William Jefferson Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-199.jpg
Green, William Jefferson, Jr. "Bill" Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-267.jpg
Green, William Jess, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0559.jpg
Green, William Jess, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-205.jpg
Green, Willie B. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-011.jpg
Green, Willie Maudina Adams, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-056.jpg
Greene, Ethel Lela Walden, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0560.jpg
Greene, Ethel Lela Walden, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-157.jpg
Greene, Ina Bell Hampton Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-144.jpg
Greene, L. D., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-034.jpg
Greene, L. D., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-128.jpg
Greene, Paul Vernon Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-003.jpg
Greene, Pauline Virginia Barnard Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-245.jpg
Greenwood, Albin Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-257.jpg
Greenwood, Audrey New Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-053.jpg
Greenwood, Bobby Don Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-206.jpg
Greenwood, Guy Alston, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0561.jpg
Greenwood, Nannie Ellen Bates, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0562.jpg
Greer, Betty Dora Southern, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-038.jpg
Greer, Bobie, Miss, Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-013.jpg
Greer, Cora Maxine Preskitt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-049.jpg
Greer, Cora Maxine Preskitt, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-210.jpg
Greer, Dawn Mullett Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-230.jpg
Greer, Edward R. Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-040.jpg
Greer, Ethel Neal, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0564.jpg
Greer, Ethel Neal, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-062.jpg
Greer, Francis Ida (Hudson), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-044.jpg
Greer, Fred Thomas Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-209.jpg
Greer, Fred Thomas, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-061.jpg
Greer, Gary Marshall Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-265a.jpg
Greer, Gladys Louise Young, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF94/HF94-048.jpg
Greer, Gladys LouiseYoung, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-170.jpg
Greer, Hollie T. Miles Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-026.jpg
Greer, Jackie Dean Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-264.jpg
Greer, Jacob Neal Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-207.jpg
Greer, Jeana Danyail Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-048.jpg
Greer, John Elbert, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0563.jpg
Greer, Jonnie A. Askey Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-168.jpg
Greer, Mabel Houston Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-298.jpg
Greer, Mabel Houston Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-001.jpg
Greer, Martha Ann Turner Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-046.jpg
Greer, Mercella Leona Moore Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-296.jpg
Greer, Sarah L. Reiger Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-132.jpg
Greer, Thomas Gene Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-051.jpg
Greer, Verser Beasley, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-239.jpg
Greer, Walter William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0565.jpg
Greer, Walter William, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-068.jpg
Greer, Willie Wesley Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-253.jpg
Gregg, ?, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-031.jpg
Gregg, Anna Beulah Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0566.jpg
Gregg, Anna Beulah Armstrong, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-237.jpg
Gregg, Cloe Logan, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0567.jpg
Gregg, Ella Gentry Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-229.jpg
Gregg, Hiram Quincy Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-303.jpg
Gregg, James Webster, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-098.jpg
Gregg, Jim, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-197.jpg
Gregg, Joe Arnold, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-041.jpg
Gregg, Joe Arnold, Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-154.jpg
Gregg, John Earnest Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-197.jpg
Gregg, Kara Marie Bates Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-245.jpg
Gregg, Laura Bell (Woody), Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-057.jpg
Gregg, Lena Idus Long, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-054.jpg
Gregg, Marshall Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-144.jpg
Gregg, Mary Elizabeth Mar 12, 1983 J. Ernest Gregg, Jr. Pleasant Grove #1 CL82/CL82
Gregg, Mary Ellen Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-058.jpg
Gregg, Perry H., Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-16.jpg
Gregg, Robert Nolan, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-263.jpg
Gregg, Robert Nolen, Jr. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-218.jpg
Gregg, Wallace Maxwell Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-045.jpg
Gregg, Wallace Maxwell, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-074.jpg
Gregg, Walter Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-131.jpg
Gregory, Alice Idora Hill, Hawkins Funeral Home H57/H57-187.jpg
Gregory, Baby Boy Feb 12, 1985 County Oaklawn Stillborn CL82/CL82
Gresham, Joseph Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-019.jpg
Gresham, Monavee E. Lane Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-278.jpg
Grider, Rickie Edward, Sr. Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-157.jpg
Grier, William Anson Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-436a.jpg
Grierson, James K. Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-223.jpg
Grierson, Ruby Chaney Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-382.jpg
Griffen, Mary Jo Derrow, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-050.jpg
Griffeth, Alba Waters Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-069.jpg
Griffeth, Carl Wesley Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-034.jpg
Griffeth, Charles Wesley Christian Funeral Home C39/C39-066.jpg
Griffeth, Cornelia Reese Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-085.jpg
Griffeth, Daughter of Mr & Mrs T.E. Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-105.jpg
Griffeth, George Wells Christian Funeral Home C42/C42-203.jpg
Griffeth, Heather Joann Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-147.jpg
Griffeth, John Wesley Christian Funeral Home C76/C76-157.jpg
Griffeth, Julia May Kelso Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-296.jpg
Griffeth, Minnie Lula, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0568.jpg
Griffeth, Nannie Mary Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-187.jpg
Griffeth, Pririt Charlie Lee Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-183.jpg
Griffeth, Thomas Edward Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-226.jpg
Griffin, Caruelia Mae Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-034.jpg
Griffin, Clyde Camel, Hawkins Funeral Home H53/H53-102.jpg
Griffin, Daniel Claude Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-192.jpg
Griffin, Mary Jo Dorrow, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-223.jpg
Griffin, Nora Elizabeth Taylor Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-107.jpg
Griffin, Paul E., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0569.jpg
Griffin, Paul, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-114.jpg
Griffin, Wilma Lucille, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF93/HF93-054.jpg
Griffin, Wilma Lucille, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-033.jpg
Griffing, Martie Irene, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-02.jpg
Griffis, Gertie Lee Stockard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0570.jpg
Griffis, Harvey Hulen, Hawkins Funeral Home H55/H55-027.jpg
Griffith, James Loney, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-042.jpg
Griffith, James Loney, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-398.jpg
Griffith, John Kemp Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-097.jpg
Griffith, Jordan Omer, Hawkins Funeral Home H69/H69-046.jpg
Griffith, W.H. Christian Funeral Home C15/C15-057.jpg
Griffith, Warren Columbus, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF96/HF96-048.jpg
Griggle, Mollie A., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-045.jpg
Griggs, Argerie Beggs, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0571.jpg
Griggs, Bennie DeAlva Easley, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF88/HF88-044.jpg
Griggs, Brice Elliott "Cowboy", Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF95/HF95-051.jpg
Griggs, Brice Elliott, Hawkins Funeral Home H93/H93-287.jpg
Griggs, De Alva Easley, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-013.jpg
Griggs, Frances Marion Holt, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-036.jpg
Griggs, Frances Marion Holt, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-125.jpg
Griggs, LaVane Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-099.jpg
Griggs, Myrtle Workman Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-298.jpg
Grill, Charley, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-048.jpg
Grill, Charlie, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0572.jpg
Grill, Frank, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-015.jpg
Grill, Helen Petras, Hawkins Funeral Home H68/H68-116.jpg
Grill, Johnny Coker Funeral Home C27/C27-286.jpg
Grill, Mary Navak, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-112.jpg
Grimes, Arthur George Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-267.jpg
Grimes, Arthur Lynn Aug 1, 1979 Ava Grimes Oaklawn CL76/CL76
Grimes, Ava Toten Markham Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-197.jpg
Grimes, Dale Allen, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-044.jpg
Grimes, Dale Allen, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-276.jpg
Grimes, James Willard, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-051.jpg
Grimes, Moses Pink July 15, 1984 Oaklawn CL82/CL82
Grimsley, Alice Gertrude Downing Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-224.jpg
Grimsley, Buster Lavon, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-029.jpg
Grimsley, Edith Lucille Edwards, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-167.jpg
Grimsley, Fred J. Nov 25, 1982 Freddie & Billy Gimsley Alvord CL82/CL82
Grimsley, Jacob Charles Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-173.jpg
Grimsley, Lloyd Charles, Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-025.jpg
Grimsley, Ophelia Dean Sept 15, 1982 Alvord CL80/CL80
Grimsley, William Charles "Bill", Boyd Funeral File Sheet bF98/bF98-152.jpg
Griner, J.F. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-103.jpg
Griner, Minnie Kelsay Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-143.jpg
Griner, Minnie Kelsay, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-067.jpg
Griner, William Carl Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-375.jpg
Grinstead, Joe M. Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-018.jpg
Grisel, Shasta Bria, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF87/HF87-040.jpg
Grisel, Shasta Bria, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-307.jpg
Grisham, Elbert Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0573.jpg
Grisham, J. E., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-254.jpg
Grisham, John Buckner, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0574.jpg
Grisham, Mary Esther Brewer, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-071.jpg
Grissom, Carmen Catherine Mosier Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-237.jpg
Grissom, Floyd Hobert Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-012.jpg
Grissom, George Maston Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-211.jpg
Grissom, Mary Oma Daugherty Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-150.jpg
Grissom, Minnie May Stonecipher Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-074.jpg
Grissom, Neva Nelle Moyers Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-052.jpg
Grissom, Thomas Haywood Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-446.jpg
Grissom, Velma Marie Frye Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-228.jpg
Grissom, Weldon Hobert Christian Funeral Home C00/C00-299.jpg
Grissom, William Lee Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-076.jpg
Grissom, William Lee, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-070.jpg
Grissom, Willie Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-116.jpg
Grooms, Jalmer Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-053.jpg
Grooms, John Franklin, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-26.jpg
Grose, Charlotte Louise Stump, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-117.jpg
Grose, Charlotte(?) Louise Stump, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0575.jpg
Grosky, Nancy Lee Ruggles Christian Funeral Home C86/C86-193.jpg
Grote, Jessie Shannon, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF90/HF90-046.jpg
Grote, Jessie Shannon, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-236.jpg
Grotee, Dave "Andy" Andrew Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-168.jpg
Grotee, Edna Wilma (Glenn) Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-054.jpg
Grothe, Patricia Diane Molock, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF89/HF89-047.jpg
Grothe, Patricia Diane Molock, Hawkins Funeral Home H88/H88-129.jpg
Grottie, Trennis Dale Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-233.jpg
Grove, James Devore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF98/HF98-059.jpg
Groves, ??ma Tackel, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0576.jpg
Groves, Blanche, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-089.jpg
Groves, Blanche, Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-230.jpg
Groves, Clyde, Hawkins Funeral Home H63/H63-013.jpg
Groves, Elsie Geneva Martin, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF00/HF00-055.jpg
Groves, Emma Tackel, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-218.jpg
Groves, John W., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-068.jpg
Groves, John William, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-042.jpg
Groves, Myrtie Maggie Sizemore, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF01/HF01-052.jpg
Groves, Obed Thelmer, Hawkins Funeral Home H66/H66-195.jpg
Groves, Olen Leo, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0577.jpg
Groves, Olen Leo, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-131.jpg
Groves, Raymond Leroy, Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF91/HF91-043.jpg
Groves, Raymond Leroy, Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H90/H90-085.jpg
Groves, William Pierce, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-18.jpg
Grubbs, Benjamin Franklin Christian Funeral Home C59/C59-387.jpg
Grubbs, Christine Thurmond Christian Funeral Home C80/C80-150.jpg
Grubbs, Christine Thurmond, Hawkins/Christian Funeral Home HCD80/HCD80-064.jpg
Grubbs, Sarah Alice Feb 11, 1981 James Grubbs Anneville Stillborn CL80/CL80
Grundy, Hazel Irene Taylor Christian Funeral Home C95/C95-278.jpg
Gudgel, Grace Gertrude Wollen Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-115.jpg
Gudgel, John William Christian Funeral Home C93/C93-075.jpg
Guenther, Lore Emma Marguarot Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-233.jpg
Guerrero, Alicia Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-100.jpg
Guess, Alice Cornelia Forester Christian Funeral Home C73/C73-074.jpg
Guess, George Vandiver Coker Funeral Home C64/C64-292.jpg
Guess, R.Q., Mr. Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-028.jpg
Guffey, Cleo Devie, Mr. Christian Funeral Home C89/C89-126.jpg
Guffy, Dorothy Dale Arnold Barnes Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-098.jpg
Guiberson, Harry Ronald Christian Funeral Home C68/C68-268.jpg
Guillory, Percy Marie Fontenot Christian Funeral Home C01/C01-044.jpg
Guinn, Dozier Edward Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-210.jpg
Guinn, Hunter Revere, Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-134.jpg
Guinn, Mary Evelyn Bearden Young Christian Funeral Home C98/C98-238.jpg
Guion, John Palmer Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-283.jpg
Guiterrez, Victor Christian Funeral Home C97/C97-046.jpg
Gullage, H. C., Hawkins Funeral Home H61/H61-181.jpg
Gulledge, Lena Hannah, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0578.jpg
Gulley, Effie V., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0579.jpg
Gulley, Effie Viola, Hawkins Funeral Home H80/H80-026.jpg
Gulley, Mary Luis Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-248.jpg
Gulley, Missouri Tennessee, Hawkins Funeral Home H-48/H-48-23.jpg
Gulley, Mr., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-258.jpg
Gulley, Zeb Dee, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF73/HF73-0580.jpg
Gully, Mary Plernalia, Hawkins Funeral Home H33/H33-134.jpg
Gunn, Cullen B. Christian Funeral Home C22/C22-067.jpg
Gunn, John C.C. Christian Funeral Home C50/C50-246.jpg
Gunn, Sarah Ellen Vance Christian Funeral Home C31/C31-196.jpg
Gunnisden, T. H., Hawkins Funeral Home H23/H23-258.jpg
Gunta, Margie Sue Ray, Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF99/HF99-037.jpg
Guthrie, Ella Loretta C56/C56-255a.jpg
Guthrie, Ella Loretta Coker Funeral Home C56/C56-255.jpg
Guthrie, Infant Son of Leon Christian Funeral Home C35/C35-079.jpg
Guthrie, Lambert Henry Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-257.jpg
Guthrie, Leon Marion "Pete" Christian Funeral Home C45/C45-095.jpg
Guthrie, Lois Regina Dec 22, 1980 M. Guthrie Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Guthrie, Morris Doff Mar 14, 1982 Oaklawn CL80/CL80
Guthrie, William J. Christian Funeral Home C88/C88-265.jpg
Gutierrez, Jose' ,Sr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF85/HF85-035.jpg
Gutierrez, Jose, Jr., Hawkins Funeral File Sheet HF97/HF97-050.jpg
Gutierrez, Jose, Jr., Hawkins Funeral Home H95/H95-205.jpg
Gutierrez, Jose` , Sr., Hawkins Funeral Home H84/H84-061.jpg
Guy, Lee Roy Christian Funeral Home C91/C91-250.jpg

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