Lost Battalion Memorial

Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas

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Honoring F Battery

Lost Battalion World War II

131st Field Artillery 2nd Battalion


Mobilized at Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas, 25 Nov 1940

Captured by the Japanese Forces 8 Mar 1942

Liberated 15 Aug 1945



H W Wright, Capt.

I B Hard, 1st Lt.

J B Heinen, 1st Lt.

J P Lattimore, 2nd Lt.



G W Jones

M L Baker

G M Bowen   *

J H Bryant

J C Hensley

J W Lee

H A Lucas

G R Miller  *

L G Prunty

L S Sparkman  *

M E Tilghman

C E Worthington



C L Bankhead

C J Campbell

J T Cellum

J H Duckworth

H W Eastwood  *

B D Fillmore

J D Forgey  *

C R Johnson

J W Kenner

H V Kershner

W P Robertson

D H Sewell  *

G W Slate


Privates 1st Class

C O Brimhall

O L Brimhall

W J Chapman

D W Crain

H R Frazior

E Fung

J W Gilmore

T H Glazner

R L Gregg

J M Hicks, Jr

M G Holton

J W Hoover

W V Jordan

R W King

L J Long

R Medina

J R Morris

J H Owen

G W Reickle

C N Sherrill

C R Sherrill

H W Solomon

P E Stone

C A Thomas, Jr

C L Wood



L L Anderson

N D Anthony

J H Argabright

R G Armstrong

J T Baker

D F Barnes

D H Barnes **

J B Brandenburg

J F Bumpass

L J Carpenter

H E Chapman

J D Clark

J F Clay

M L Clay

J G Clendenen

R J Cobb

J M Cooper

R L Ecklund *

E L Elliott

C J England

W K Feagle

J W Frie

M L Frie

J de J Garcia

E L Garner

R N Gregg, Jr

J E Hensley

R E Jordan

J M Laird

G P Lawley

E P Leatherwood

J J Ledbetter

E Luna *

B E Maher

S C Matlock

W F Mattfeldt *

R Ogle

G S Oliver

C G Oosting

J B Pitts

G F Ray, Jr

J E Ray

E L Rayburn

J W Rogers *

G E Ross

G B Self

W H Simpson

J W Smith

A F Smoke

T J Spencer

H G Teel

W L Tidwell

F B Torp

A W Wade

T B Wehring

H T Wright


* Died While Prisoner of War

** Died in Action