Newspaper Clippings From The Bridgeport Index
Wise County, Texas
Engagement, Wedding & Anniversary Announcements 1910-1975

(Some of the papers are from 1910 to 1975-most are 1940's and newer)

These articles were isolated from the whole newspaper pages by David Pitts He also combined all of the information together (3,146 names of brides and grooms) and made this page that links the names with the clipping images.
The "Bridgeport Index" newspapers were kindly provided for imaging by Harlan and Keith Bridwell (Owners and Editors) and Joann Pritchard (Editor).

Name - Bride or Groom (both are listed) - Information - Date -
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Akins, Elsie M. - W. S. Curley Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Abbott, J. D./Moose, Margaret Ann wedding 1975-10-16-pg02.jpg
Abel, Jacquelin- W. H. Dean Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Abt, Kathryn Jane/Sammy Joe Potts Bride elect of Sammy Potts 1971-02-19-pg05.jpg
Adams, Beverly/Potts, Larry Wedding 1966-01-21-pg07.jpg
Adams, Charlice Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles Adams 1955-06-10-pg04.jpg
Adams, John H. / Manning, Laverne Wedding 1943-04-09-pg01.jpg
Adams, Karen Evon/Roger Dale Sharp Wedding 1967-01-27-pg16.jpg
Adams, Robert Eaco / Faith, Elba Irene Wedding 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Adkins, William C./Sharon Louise Brewer Wedding 1974-02-14-pg11.jpg
Admire, Billy Wedding, groom of Miss Nell Hicks 1958-07-11-pg08.jpg
Admire, Lola Wedding, married Billy Pedigo 1959-06-12-pg05.jpg
Ainsworth, G. D. - Lana P. Garrison Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Akins, Glenelle/Donald Gene Hendrix Wedding 1964-12-11-pg13.jpg
Akins, Muriel Miss bride elect of Stephen Curley 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Akins, Muriel Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. M. Akins 1954-08-20-pg05.jpg
Albert, Richard Victor groom, stationed with Air Force in Wichita Falls 1969-06-27pg04.jpg
Albright, Julie Miss bride elect of Freddie Thompkins 1963-07-05-pg07.jpg
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins Wedding 1963-06-07-pg02.jpg
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins Wedding 1963-07-19-pg05.jpg
Alexander, J. R. Mr & Mrs Anniversary celebrated their 67th 1954-06-11-pg04.jpg
Alexander, Kay Miss, bride bride, dau of Mr & Mrs O. L. Alexander 1954-06-04-pg02.jpg
Alexander, Lawrence wedding, groom, parents O. L. Alexander 1952-11-21-pg06.jpg
Alford, Betty Jo/Richard Jack Carter Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Allen, Jeanette & Clay Scales marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Allen, Mary Wedding, married James W. Van Hoose 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg
Allen, Sandy/Rickey Allen Bailey Wedding 1974-01-17-pg28.jpg
Allen, Sandy/Ricky Allen Bailey Bride elect of Ricky Allen Bailey 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Allen, Tawana Jeanette/John Randolph Newton Bride elect of John Randolph 1971-05-27-pg22.jpg
Allen, Tawana/John Randolph Newton Wedding 1971-07-22-pg20.jpg
Allen, Velma/Tommie Garrett Wedding 1945-04-06-pg04.jpg
Allen, William Spencer/Harriett Routh White Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Allensworth, Jack groom, son of Mr & Mrs Steve Allensworth 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Allgood, B. C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 60th 1966-09-09-pg12.jpg
Allison, Helen Laverne/Floyd Allen Davis Wedding 1964-03-20-pg12.jpg
Allison, Janice Miss bride elect to marry Pat Phillips 1972-08-17-pg18.jpg
Allison, Richard Mrs Bridal Shower 1958-04-25-pg08.jpg
Allison, Ricky Ray/Cathy Renee Hall Wedding 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Allsbrooks, Weldon Bailey/Delores Iolene Gandy Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Altom Donna Lou married Joe David Miller 1963-08-16-pg08.jpg
Altom, Donna Lou/Joe David Miller Wedding 1963-07-05-pg08.jpg
Anderson, Alex Mr., groom married Miss Eva Rogers 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Anderson, Kenneth Ray / Cook, Norma Jeanette Wedding 1965-04-02-pg11.jpg
Anderson, L. R. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1962-02-09-pg04.jpg
Anderson, Myerl/Sibyl Nix Wedding 1925-03-27-pg02.jpg
Andrew, Hester Ross (Andy) Mr & Mrs anniversary, 25th (wife is Dorothy McCasland) 1975-06-05-pg03.jpg
Apple, Ethel M.- J. C. Tucker marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Applegate, Rodney W./Velda McGlothlin Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03.jpg
Armes, Joyce/Raymond Mara Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Armstrong, Jim Mr & Mrs Anniversary 64th wedding anniversary 1966-01-14-pg03.jpg
Arnold, G. C. - Coleene Burk marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Arnold, Gloria Louse Wedding, married Robert Seyfferth in Chicago 1961-06-30-pg02.jpg
Arnold, Shirley Carole Miss bride, daughter of Mrs Jack Arnold of Ft Worth 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Arnold, Wayne Mr Wedding, married Miss LaNita Porter 1958-08-29-pg01.jpg
Arnsdorff, Alton/Clara Sue Griffis Wedding 1965-05-28-pg07.jpg
Arrington, Paul Edward/Patricia Anne New Wedding 1961-05-19-pg07.jpg
Arsdel, Jean Van Bride, daughter of V. V. Van Arsdel of Arkansas 1949-06-10-pg01.jpg
Arthur, Barbara Jean Miss Bridal Shower, Bride elect of William V. Bradshaw 1963-08-30-pg03.jpg
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw Wedding 1963-06-14-pg13.jpg
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw Wedding 1963-08-30-pg05.jpg
Aschner, DiAnn/John Clayton Bush Bride elect of John Bush 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Aschner, DiAnn/John Clayton Bush Wedding 1974-06-27-pg06.jpg
Atkins, Gaylon Lynn/Mary Jane Austin Groom elect of Mary Jane Austin 1970-11-13-pg03.jpg
Atkinson, J. T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th, children listed 1959-11-27-pg01.jpg
Austin, M.E., Mrs./Dr. L.H. Pitt Wedding 1974-12-19-pg07.jpg
Austin, Mary Jane/Gaylon Lynn Atkins Bride elect of Gaylon Lynn Atkins 1970-11-13-pg03.jpg
Aydelotte, Mary L.-H. E. Saul Jr marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Baggs, Florence Wedding, married Carl A. Crawford 1959-03-06-pg02.jpg
Bailey, Annie S. - M. V. Flores Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Bailey, Buddy Charles wedding (groom) recent marriage, shower 1953-02-06-pg04.jpg
Bailey, Carmon/Helen Magin Wedding 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg
Bailey, Cuil Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1975-06-19-pg11.jpg
Bailey, David Odell groom elect of Judy Thompson 1969-04-25pg03.jpg
Bailey, Erma Jean Miss bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs Cuil Bailey 1954-03-19-pg05.jpg
Bailey, Erma Jean Miss bride, married here Saturday 1954-05-07-pg04.jpg
Bailey, Erma Jean Miss Wedding marriage to Robert Ehle 1954-05-14-pg03.jpg
Bailey, Erma jean-R. W. Ehle marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Bailey, F. - W. T. Chafin Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Bailey, Irma/Owen Funk Wedding 1925-05-01-pg01.jpg
Bailey, Laura Jean bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. F. Bailey 1955-09-02-pg02.jpg
Bailey, Rickey Allen/Sandy Allen Wedding 1974-01-17-pg28.jpg
Bailey, Ricky Allen/Sandy Allen Groom elect of Sandy Allen 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Bailey, Shirley Jane Bridal Shower, married Danny Joe Stack 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Bailey, Shirley Jane Bridal Shower, married Danny Joe Stack 1959-03-13-pg06.jpg
Bailey, Shirley Jane Wedding, married Danny Joe Stack 1959-03-13-pg03.jpg
Baker, Mary/Kenneth Adell Sowell Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Baker, Oliver, Marshall Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1967-01-13-pg08.jpg
Baker, R C.- Nelda B. Drouse marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Baker, R. A. - Zephia Smith marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Baker, Rebecca/Ronnie D. Petty Wedding 1973-09-13-pg16.jpg
Balding, Judy Lynn/Robert Harris Staton Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Baldosser, Leanna/Billy Jay Brewer Wedding 1968-09-27-pg17.jpg
Ballard, B. B. & Oleta D. Dawes Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Banks, Mary Alice/Larry Rolison Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Banks, Mary Alice/William Lawrence Rolison Wedding 1968-10-25-pg02.jpg
Barfield, R. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1947-08-22-pg05.jpg
Barge, Mildred & B. D. Terrell Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Barker, Valton R. - Della Mae Golden Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Barnes, Myra Lee bride elect of Dennis Clark Jackson 1962-07-06-pg03.jpg
Barnes, Myra Miss shower, bride elect of Dennis Jackson 1962-08-24-pg07.jpg
Barnett, Charles Keith/Avis Adelle Murrell Wedding 1964-04-24-pg09.jpg
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy Wedding 1964-10-09-pg07.jpg
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy Wedding 1964-10-16-pg08.jpg
Barrett, T. C. groom elect of Miss Paula Jean Coffman 1958-09-12-pg01.jpg
Barrett, Tommy Gene wedding (groom) 1952-09-12-pg01.jpg
Bastian, Richard Kiehl groom elect, wedding planned March 30, 1956 1956-02-03-pg04.jpg
Bastian, Richard Kiehl groom to be married tonight at the Baptist Church 1956-03-30-pg04.jpg
Baxter, Melba June Bride elect of Clinton Lee Dennis 1970-06-12-pg08.jpg
Bays, Helen L. - J. F. Lee marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Beale, Terrill G. - Marialis Pass Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Beaman, Debra Joyce/Forrest David Hart Wedding 1975-09-25-pg10.jpg
Bean, Betty L.-J. B. Brown Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Bean, Betty Miss bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs Roy Bean 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Bean, Buddy bridal shower, married Darlene Kaker 1959-11-06-pg07.jpg
Bean, Buddy Mr & Mrs Anniversary 5th Wedding anniversary 1964-09-25-pg08.jpg
Bean, J. O. Mr & Mrs anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1956-02-24-pg01.jpg
Beard, Darla Sueann/Joe Lynn Mowery Bride elect of Joe Mowery 1971-06-24-pg16.jpg
Beard, Jerry marriage to Joyce Haney, Bridal Shower 1957-12-13-pg01.jpg
Beard, Jerry marriage, groom of Joyce Haney 1957-12-27-pg12.jpg
Beard, Treva/Johnny Mack Martin Wedding 1968-11-22-pg05.jpg
Beaty, Patricia Paulette/Allen Royce Stevens Wedding 1961-09-01-pg06.jpg
Beaty, Thomas E./Suzanne Kay Halverson Wedding 1968-05-17-pg03.jpg
Beavers, Sam Marshall Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1966-12-09-pg05.jpg
Beck, G. T. - W. E. Pierce marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Beck, Gary Lynn Groom elect of Jena Sue Orren 1972-03-16-pg08.jpg
Beck, Madalyn Sue/Donald Wayne Billington Wedding 1971-01-08-pg05.jpg
Becker, Sarah A. & J. J. Flushe Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Beckham, Alan Bean/Sue Ryan Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Beeson, Connie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Emmitt Beeson 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith Wedding 1964-05-08-pg09.jpg
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith Wedding 1964-06-19-pg05.jpg
Beeson, Johnnie groom elect of Cynthia Joy Green 1958-04-18-pg06.jpg
Beeson, Johnnie Leroy married Cynthia Joy Green 1958-06-06-pg01.jpg
Begeman, Beverly Diane/Ricky Darrell Read Wedding 1971-09-02-pg10.jpg
Begeman, Cristy Lynn/Kenneth Rayford Fuqua Wedding 1973-08-02-pg05.jpg
Belcher, E.W./Wanda Nell Mitchell Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Bell, Carolyn J.-S. J. Stevens marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Bell, Danny Ray/Victoria Esperanza Vidal Wedding 1973-01-04-pg14.jpg
Bellah, Jerry Wayne/Darla Oliver Groom Elect 1967-06-09-pg07.jpg
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03.jpg
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton Wedding 1971-06-17-pg05.jpg
Benge, Randy Gene/Mary Lee Linville Wedding 1975-11-27-pg14.jpg
Bergstrom, John Groom Elect of Karen Payne 1967-01-13-pg06.jpg
Bergstrom, Jonathan Ezell/Karan Rae Payne Wedding 1967-02-03-pg07.jpg
Berry, Linda Miss, wedding shower bride elect of Gary Potts 1964-03-20-pg09.jpg
Berry, Linda/Gary Wayne Potts Wedding 1964-03-06-pg04.jpg
Beville, T. A. & Norma R. Parrish Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Beville, Tennis Jr groom elect of Mrs Norma Parrish 1957-04-26-pg06.jpg
Biffar, Glenn R./Patricia Ann Wilkins Groom elect of Patricia Ann Wilkins 1974-11-07-pg16.jpg
Biggenstaff, Mayabelle-J. J. Saenz Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Bijak, Bill Mr Groom electe of Karen Taylor (shower) 1973-08-23-pg03.jpg
Bijak, Bill Mr Groom electe of Karen Taylor (shower) 1973-08-23-pg23.jpg
Bijak, William Walter/Karen Mae Taylor Groom elect of Karen Mae Taylor 1973-05-17-pg12.jpg
Bilderback, Bill Omer/Sharon Kathleen Winder Wedding 1963-08-30-pg04.jpg
Billington, Donald Wayne/Madalyn Sue Beck Wedding 1971-01-08-pg05.jpg
Billington, Karen & Helf, Larry Wedding 1962-09-14-pg02.jpg
Billington, Louise married Charles Thornhill 1966-06-10-pg07.jpg
Bingham, Charlotte - D. V. Copeland marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Bingham, Hortense/Robert Coffman Wedding 1925-07-10-pg06.jpg
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara Wedding 1967-06-02-pg08.jpg
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara Wedding 1967-07-21-pg06.jpg
Bird, Rex H./Mada T. Walker Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Birdwell, Clarence/Miss May Jones Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Bishop, Albert/ Brummett, Clara Miss Wedding 1941-10-31-pg01.jpg
Black, Donna/Lee Largent Bride elect of Lee Largent 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Black, Doris Helen Miss bride elect, to marry Lee Hill Nov 3, 1956 1956-10-26-pg06.jpg
Black, Doris helen Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Clarence W. Black 1956-11-09-pg06.jpg
Blackburn, Janice Miss Bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs D. R. Blackburn 1948-09-03-pg04.jpg
Blair, Johnnie Mae - W. G. Clary Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Blakely, Charles married Doris Fullingham last Saturday 1956-12-21-pg07.jpg
Blalock, Buddy Wedding, groom of Cornelia Tackle 1959-05-15-pg06.jpg
Blalock, Buddy Wedding, married Carnelia Tackel 1959-05-01-pg01.jpg
Blalock, Claudia Mae-James Williams Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Blankenship, Robert E./McDonald, Jewell Hill Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Blevins, Jerry Miss bride elect, to marry Robert Lee Traister 1959-10-23-pg12.jpg
Blocker, W. O. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, celebrated 50th wedding 1969-03-21-pg07.jpg
Bloomingdale, Eldora Miss bride elect, given picnic supper 1956-05-18-pg05.jpg
Blount, Bobby Jo A/3c groom, son of W. J. Blount of California 1954-01-29-pg06.jpg
Blount, Bobby Joe/Evonne Clark Groom elect of Evonne Clark 1974-01-03-pg04.jpg
Boase, Beverly Kay Miss Bride elect of Lt Marcus Covington Jr 1962-12-28-pg02.jpg
Boase, Beverly Kay/Marcus Covington, Jr. Wedding 1963-02-15-pg05.jpg
Boase, Scott Edward/Donna KatherineCarter Wedding 1968-07-19-pg06.jpg
Boase, Scott/Donna Carter Wedding 1968-07-12-pg11.jpg
Boaz, Juliette Miss bride, attended by sister Miss Alice Boaz 1953-07-17-pg01.jpg
Boaz, Paul / Shabay, Rosalie Wedding 1941-10-17-pg03.jpg
Bobo, William H./Mary Lesta Thornton Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Bogy, Louis Tol Dr. groom, son of Mrs Ivy Bogy of Bridgeport 1954-10-01-pg02.jpg
Boldin, Ruby J. - W. A. Haines marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Boles, Ernest Neil married Rita Jo McElhaney 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
Boles, Ernest Neill married Rita Jo McElhaney 1962-09-21-pg12.jpg
Bolin, C. F. - Dora A. Smith Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Bolling, Jo Ann bride elect of Jack Truett Mann 1962-10-26-pg13.jpg
Bolling, Jo Ann Miss bride elect of Jack Mann 1962-11-23-pg12.jpg
Bolling, Jo Ann Miss Wedding, married Jack Mann in Houston 1962-12-14-pg10.jpg
Bond, Fredda Ann/Willford Wayne Buckner Bride elect of Willford Wayne Buckner 1971-09-16-pg11.jpg
Bond, Neata/Henry Clay Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01.jpg
Bone, Jerry Don/Crystal Alene Howell Wedding 1973-06-07-pg17.jpg
Boner, Zeak Mr & Mrs (Jewell Morrow) Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1971-01-15-pg08.jpg
Bordner, Melinda Bride elect, shower, of Ralph Manoushagian 1973-05-10-pg12.jpg
Bordner, Melinda Kaye/Manoushagian, Ralph Pace Wedding 1973-05-31-pg08.jpg
Bordner, Melinda/Manoushagian, Ralph Bride elect of Ralph Manoushagian 1973-04-26-pg21.jpg
Boring, E. W. Anniversary, 40th Wedding 1969-06-27pg16.jpg
Bost, R. E. Rev. & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1962-08-17-pg02.jpg
Boswell, Ethel, Miss / McDaniel, Jess Wedding 1944-07-14-pg03.jpg
Boswell, Janice Camille Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. F. Walton 1953-07-17-pg01.jpg
Boswell, Roy Mrs bridal shower 1958-04-18-pg05.jpg
Bouldin, Larry/Jerrie Lindsey Wedding 1975-07-03-pg10.jpg
Boulware, John B./Cleo Adella Poore Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Boulware, John R./Doris June Tucker Wedding 1971-01-22-pg18.jpg
Boulware, Larry L./Dorothy Lambert Walker Wedding 1971-01-29-pg18.jpg
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan Wedding 1970-01-09-pg03.jpg
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan Wedding 1970-02-06-pg08.jpg
Boulware, Virginia/Don K. Smith Wedding 1967-05-12-pg04.jpg
Boulware, Virginia/Don Key Smith Wedding 1967-07-14-pg11.jpg
Bounds, W. T. - Eva Clark marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Bower, Carla Jo Miss bride elect of Mr Warren Whitney 1958-06-06-pg01.jpg
Bower, Carla Miss Wedding, bride of Warren Whitney 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Bowers, Candace Sue/Edgar Wilton Cowling, Jr. Bride elect of Edgar Wilton Cowling 1973-02-15-pg16.jpg
Bowers, Candace Sue/Edgar Wilton Cowling, Jr. Wedding 1973-05-17-pg09.jpg
Bowers, Candy Bride elect of Edgar Cowling Jr 1973-04-05-pg12.jpg
Bowers, Candy Miss Shower, to marry Edgar W. Cowling 1973-04-19-pg14.jpg
Bowers, J.B./Mrs. Eula Smith Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Bowman, W Buel groom elect, son of Mr & Mrs H. H. Bowman 1954-06-04-pg02.jpg
Bowman, W.P./Alice Houston Wedding 1945-06-29-pg04.jpg
Bowman, Wayland Buel Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs W. H. Bowman 1954-08-06-pg04.jpg
Boyd, J. G. - Barbara H. Burton marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Boyd, Jack groom, son of Mr & Mrs Odie Boyd 1955-07-15-pg04.jpg
Boyd, Jack W. groom elect, list of attendees at lucheon given 1955-07-08-pg04.jpg
Boyd, Jackie groom elect, son of Mr & Mrs Odie Boyd 1955-06-24-pg04.jpg
Boydston, Anita K.. & W. E. Britton Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Brackett, William Bart/Tonya Ann Wright Wedding 1975-07-17-pg02.jpg
Brackett, William Bart/Tonya Ann Wright Wedding 1975-09-04-pg15.jpg
Braden, Kenneth Dennis/Debbie Burris Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02.jpg
Bradford, J. G.-Margaret L. Hamilton marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Bradford, J. L. & Anna Reeves marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Bradley, B. D. Jr-Janice C. Love Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray married Myra Lynn Ray 1970-04-17-pg10.jpg
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray Wedding 1970-08-07-pg05.jpg
Bradley, Stephen Mark/Peggy Irene Denney Wedding 1975-09-04-pg03.jpg
Bradshaw, Anne - J. M. Rich Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Bradshaw, Holly Lisa/Charles Steward East Wedding 1974-08-22-pg28.jpg
Bradshaw, Holly/Charles East Bride elect of Charles East 1974-07-25-pg10.jpg
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur Wedding 1963-06-14-pg13.jpg
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur Wedding 1963-08-30-pg05.jpg
Brain, Alice Constance / Johnson, William Delmo Wedding 1942-11-13-pg01.jpg
Brasher, Opal Doris/Clyde Calvin Pounds Wedding 1945-09-14-pg04.jpg
Brawner, Pauline/Claud C. Caraway Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Bray, Arthur M./Deana M. Hall Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Breeze, Ronnie P./Cathy Lynne Chapman Wedding 1971-05-20-pg18.jpg
Brenkus, Regis Edward/Amyana Kaker Wedding 1964-10-02-pg02.jpg
Brenkus, Regis/Amyana Kaker Wedding 1964-11-06-pg09.jpg
Brewer, Billy Jay/Leanna Baldosser Wedding 1968-09-27-pg17.jpg
Brewer, Elmer J. / Dethloff, Katherine, Miss Wedding 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg
Brewer, Nellie/James Redwine Wedding 1963-08-30-pg08.jpg
Brewer, Raymond Lynn/Bobbie Jean White Wedding 1961-06-30-pg04.jpg
Brewer, Sharon Louise/William C. Adkins Wedding 1974-02-14-pg11.jpg
Bridges, Butch groom elect of Maryalin Sugg, Shower 1972-02-24-pg04.jpg
Bridges, Butch groom, son of Mr& Mrs John V. Bridges 1972-03-09-pg23.jpg
Bridges, Charles A./Marie Waller Wedding 1945-08-03-pg02.jpg
Bridges, Donna Miss Bride elect of George William Lewis 1969-01-24-pg06.jpg
Bridges, Donna Miss bride, parents Mr & Mrs Stanley Bridges 1969-05-30pg08.jpg
Bridges, Lavada / Stutt, James Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Bridges, Melinda Jo/Carl Lynn Williams Bride elect of Carl Williams 1974-08-15-pg18.jpg
Bridges, Patsy Miss bridal Shower, bride elect of Byron Denton 1959-12-11-pg04.jpg
Bridges, Patsy Miss bride elect of Byron A. Denton 1959-05-01-pg08.jpg
Bridges, Ross Mr & Mrs Anniversary their 50th wedding anniversary 1955-08-05-pg05.jpg
Bridges, Ross Mr & Mrs Anniversary their 50th wedding anniversary 1955-08-12-pg06.jpg
Bridges, Tom Mr & Mrs Anniversary 65th wedding anniversary, all but 2 children 1967-03-24-pg10.jpg
Bridwell, Doug/Lynda Carlton Groom elect of Lynda Carlton 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Bridwell, Keith Harlan / Jay, Karen Elizabeth Wedding 1966-07-29-pg04.jpg
Bridwell, Lowell Douglas/Lynda Ruth Carlton Groom elect of Lynda Ruth Carlton 1974-02-14-pg04.jpg
Bridwell, Lowell Douglas/Lynda Ruth Carlton Wedding 1974-02-21-pg08.jpg
Briggs, Martha Jane Bride elect of Embry Hines 1963-05-24-pg07.jpg
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr. Wedding 1963-04-19-pg04.jpg
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr. Wedding 1963-06-28-pg11.jpg
Britton, W.E./Boydston, Anita K. Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Brock, George Lee/Lorinda Gay Haney Wedding 1968-08-02-pg17.jpg
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller Wedding 1967-07-28-pg04.jpg
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller Wedding 1967-09-08-pg08.jpg
Brooks, Joe Bridal Shower, married Johnelle Moody 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg
Brooks, Joe groom Johnelle Moody Aug 9 in Ardmore OK 1958-08-22-pg01.jpg
Broughton, Alan N./Judy Lynn Niblett Wedding 1974-10-03-pg19.jpg
Brown, Alfred groom elect of Berta Slagle, shower 1964-06-05-pg09.jpg
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle Wedding 1964-05-01-pg18.jpg
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle Wedding 1964-06-26-pg08.jpg
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart Bride elect of Gary Paul Stewart 1971-07-01-pg23.jpg
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart Wedding 1971-08-05-pg10.jpg
Brown, Beaumont/Mitzi Moody Wedding 1973-03-01-pg13.jpg
Brown, Carolyn Sue / Maag, Alva Wedding 1966-09-09-pg08.jpg
Brown, Dean Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Earl Brown 1954-11-12-pg05.jpg
Brown, Deborah Marie/John Kingsley Deavenport Wedding 1971-06-10-pg10.jpg
Brown, Fred E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1971-09-16-pg20.jpg
Brown, H. E. Earl Mr & Mrs anniversary, 60th 1973-11-29pg17.jpg
Brown, H. E. Earl Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 60th wedding 1973-12-06pg04.jpg
Brown, J. B. - Betty L. Bean Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Brown, James Wedding, groom of Martha Roberts 1958-10-10-pg08.jpg
Brown, Jimmie D. Mr groom elect of Reba New 1962-05-18-pg12.jpg
Brown, John M., Staff Sgt. / Singleton, Mary Jean Wedding 1942-12-25-pg01.jpg
Brown, Johnny - Betty J. Walker marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Brown, Joseph B. married Mitzi R. Moody Feb 16, 1973 1973-03-08-pg25.jpg
Brown, Leonard groom elect, son of Mrs Ruby Brown of FtWorth 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Brown, Lester Charles Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1971-09-16-pg20.jpg
Brown, Maxion J.-E. T. Kuykendall marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Brown, Mr. groom, son of Mrs J. B. Houx of Bridgeport 1948-09-03-pg04.jpg
Brown, Paulette/Doyle Gene Smith Wedding 1961-10-20-pg01.jpg
Brown, Randall groom, son of Mr & Mrs Raymond Brown 1969-12-26pg33.jpg
Brown, Richard J. groom elect of Doris Coleman 1962-11-30-pg06.jpg
Brown, Richard J./Doris Marie Coleman Wedding 1963-01-25-pg04.jpg
Brown, Shirley D. - Hershel Whatley marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Brown, William Guy Groom elect of Patsy Sue Stickler 1958-07-18-pg01.jpg
Brown, William Guy Wedding, married Patsy Sue Stickler 1958-09-19-pg01.jpg
Brown, William Guy Jr groom elect of Patsy Sue Stickler 1958-08-15-pg01.jpg
Brown, William Guy Jr Wedding, marriage Aug 29, to Patsy Stickler 1958-08-22-pg01.jpg
Browning, Edward & McDaniel Mary A. Wedding 1962-08-24-pg09.jpg
Browning, Edward Bruce groom elect of Mary McDaniel 1962-07-13-pg12.jpg
Browning, Gayle & Monett, Kenneth Wedding 1962-08-17-pg02.jpg
Browning, Sulvia Gayle Miss bride elect of Roy Kenneth Monett 1962-08-03-pg13.jpg
Brummett, Clara Miss/ Bishop, Albert Wedding 1941-10-31-pg01.jpg
Bruner, Roy Lee/Ernestine Smith Wedding 1971-07-01-pg11.jpg
Bruster, Jane/Robert Kasner Wedding 1963-12-13-pg09.jpg
Bruster, Judy Carol/Jimmy Ray Taylor Wedding 1973-07-05-pg04.jpg
Bruster, Sue Bride elect of Clifford Wayne Massingill 1966-11-18-pg06.jpg
Bryan, Paul Sharon/Linda Jane Fagg Wedding 1974-08-15-pg07.jpg
Bryant, Betty Jo Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs James Bryant 1955-07-15-pg02.jpg
Bryant, Cindy Ann Bride elect of Dr. William Larry Elder 1974-02-14-pg09.jpg
Bryant, Cindy Ann/Dr. William Larry Elder Wedding 1974-03-07-pg13.jpg
Bryant, Cindy/Dr. William L. Elder Bride elect of Dr. William L. Elder 1974-01-17-pg17.jpg
Bryant, David W., ll / Byrd, Linda Lee Wedding 1966-12-23-pg15.jpg
Bryant, Debra Sue bride elect of Donnie Dunn 1969-02-14-pg07.jpg
Bryant, J. P. - Erma L. Venable marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Bryant, Karen Sue/Lucien B. Clark, Jr. Bride elect of Lucien B. Clark Jr 1971-08-05-pg11.jpg
Bryant, Zula Mae Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. T. Bryant 1947-08-15-pg01.jpg
Buckner, Willford Wayne/Fredda Ann Bond Groom elect of Fredda Ann Bond 1971-09-16-pg11.jpg
Buffington, Peggy Joan Miss bride, married Royce Raven 1955-06-03-pg01.jpg
Buford, Marilue/Harwell, William Wedding, married Henry Harwell Jr 1959-06-12-pg08.jpg
Bunch, Juanita Alexnader/Johnson, James Charles Wedding 1944-11-17-pg01.jpg
Bunnell, Donald Wayne/Vicki Felker Wedding 1967-06-30-pg12.jpg
Burdick, Dorothy Jeannette bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. O. burdick 1947-08-22-pg04.jpg
Burgin, Kathy/Steve Potteiger Wedding 1967-09-08-pg04.jpg
Burk, Coleene - G. C. Arnold marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Burk, Jerry Thurman/Alice Jean Reding Groom elect of Alice Jean Reding 1973-12-06-pg03.jpg
Burk, Jerry Thurman/Alice Jean Reding Wedding 1974-01-03-pg04.jpg
Burkett, Billy/Billie Sanderson Wedding 1963-05-10-pg10.jpg
Burleson, John & Dickie Simpson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Burnett, Ann Miss wedding, (bride), married Ralph williams 1953-04-24-pg04.jpg
Burnett, Betty - J. E. Carson Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Burns, Pamela Kay/Bill Alvin Vardiman Bride elect of Bill Alvin Vardiman 1974-11-14-pg07.jpg
Burress, Marian Carol/Danny Verner Wedding 1963-06-21-pg13.jpg
Burress, Marion Carol married Danny Vener 1963-07-26-pg06.jpg
Burris, Debbie/Kenneth Dennis Braden Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02.jpg
Burton, Barbara H. - J. G. Boyd marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Burton, Lola Mae - E. E. Perrin Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Bush, Becky Lynn bride elect of Alan Randall Robinson 1969-11-07pg21.jpg
Bush, Becky Lynn/Alan Randal Robinson married Alan Randal Robinson 1970-03-13-pg17.jpg
Bush, Charles W. (Bill) Groom elect of Erlynne Gunter 1972-04-13-pg22.jpg
Bush, John Clayton/DiAnn Aschner Groom elect of DiAnn Aschner 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Bush, John Clayton/DiAnn Aschner Wedding 1974-06-27-pg06.jpg
Bush, Melva Jean/Carl Henderson Wedding 1975-06-19-pg15.jpg
Bush, William 'Bill'/Becky Lois Dunn Wedding 1971-04-09-pg11.jpg
Butler, J. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 55th 1953-02-06-pg01.jpg
Butler, Thomas/Dana Nard Wedding 1967-12-01-pg18.jpg
Butram, A.V. / Stutt, Billie Louise Wedding 1941-10-24-pg04.jpg
Byers, John Larry/Cindy Sheree Stutt Groom elect of Cindy Sheree Stutt 1974-04-04-pg02.jpg
Byers, Phyllis Miss wedding (bride), daughter of George Byers 1953-02-20-pg02.jpg
Byrd, Charles Edward/Lynda Kay Coursey Wedding 1963-05-17-pg05.jpg
Byrd, Charles Edward/Lynda Kay Coursey Wedding 1963-06-28-pg02.jpg
Byrd, Linda Lee / Bryant, David W, II Wedding 1966-12-23-pg15.jpg
Byrnes, Robert Edward Mr. groom, son of Mrs Nell Byrnes 1948-09-03-pg10.jpg
Cadlwell, Whit Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1972-01-06-pg08.jpg
Cage, Roy Earle Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs Roy Cage 1954-08-27-pg07.jpg
Cagle, Gerald/Betty Ransom Wedding 1967-03-10-pg13.jpg
Cagle, Gerald/Betty Ransom Wedding 1967-06-09-pg11.jpg
Caldwell, Bertha B.-W. C. Davidson marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Calhoun, John William Groom elect to marry Patricia Clemmons 1954-07-30-pg04.jpg
Calloway, E. E. - Dorothy Fay Fox marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Calvert, C. F. - Peggy J. Read marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Calvert, Charles groom, married Jan 21, 1955 1956-01-27-pg03.jpg
Calvert, James B., Mr., groom married Miss Gloria Dean Rankin 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Camerion, Debbie/Jerald Ray Shawn Wedding 1971-06-10-pg08.jpg
Cameron, Debbie Elaine/Jerald Ray Shawn Bride elect of Jerald Ray Shawn 1971-05-07-pg22.jpg
Camp, David, IV/Patricia Pearl Carpenter Wedding 1975-06-26-pg04.jpg
Camp, Rosemary Gayle/David Gene Farr Bride elect od David Gene Farr 1973-08-16-pg16.jpg
Campbell, Aaron & Martha E., Lovan Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Campbell, Beverly Lynn/Steve Galley Stevens Bride elect of Steve Stevens 1971-10-07-pg04.jpg
Campbell, Beverly Lynn/Steve Galley Stevens Wedding 1971-12-23-pg39.jpg
Campbell, John E./Mona Fay Reeves Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Campsey, Gala June bride elect of Billy Earl Geron 1959-07-17-pg10.jpg
Campsey, Gayla June Wedding, married Billy Earl Geron 1959-08-28-pg08.jpg
Campsey, Gayla Miss shower, bride elect of Billy Earl Geron 1959-08-14-pg03.jpg
Campsey, Kathy bride elect of Bobby Kleam 1966-04-08-pg31.jpg
Campsey, Kathy married Bobby Kleam 1966-06-03-pg07.jpg
Canova, Brenda/Gaylord Kennedy Bride elect of Gaylord Kennedy 1973-05-03-pg28.jpg
Canova, JoAnn/Monty Walker bridal shower 1965-10-22-pg12.jpg
Cantrell, Bobby Lee/Carole Sue Dethloff Wedding 1963-12-13-pg06.jpg
Cantrell, Cloma Mrs Wedding, bride of Mr. N. C. Lawrence 1958-11-14-pg01.jpg
Cantrell, Cloma/Joseph Evans Wedding 1964-11-27-pg05.jpg
Cantrell, Jimmie/Betty Meek Wedding 1957-06-14-pg02.jpg
Cantrell, Lynda Louise Miss married Rubin E. Jones Jr. 1962-06-22-pg16.jpg
Cantrell, Lynda Miss bride elect of R. E. Jones Jr. 1962-06-15-pg06.jpg
Cantrell, Wesley/Nadine Smith Wedding 1964-01-03-pg08.jpg
Caraway, Claud C./Pauline Brawner Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Caraway, K. L. - Minnie Young Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Caraway, Ruby Norene/Larry Claton Starnes Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Carlino, Matthew / O'Dell, Janice Wedding 1965-10-08-pg06.jpg
Carlton, Barbara bride elect of Roy W. Stewart given shower 1972-04-27-pg05.jpg
Carlton, Billie Rae bride elect of Johnell L. Schmidt 1969-06-20pg19.jpg
Carlton, Billie Rae bride elect, groom Johnlll L. Schmidt 1969-03-21-pg14.jpg
Carlton, Billie Rae Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Bill Carlton 1969-07-04pg07.jpg
Carlton, Lynda Ruth/Lowell Douglas Bridwell Bride elect of Lowell Douglas Bridwell 1974-02-14-pg04.jpg
Carlton, Lynda Ruth/Lowell Douglas Bridwell Wedding 1974-02-21-pg08.jpg
Carlton, Lynda/Doug Bridwell Bride elect of Doug Bridwell 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Carlton, Terry groom, son of Mr & Mrs R. P. Carlton 1969-06-13pg04.jpg
Carlton, Terry R. groom elect of Judy Lynn Stokes 1969-04-18pg17.jpg
Carlton, Terry Ray/Judy Lynn Stokes Groom Elect of Judy Lynn Stokes 1967-01-13-pg04.jpg
Carlton, William David/Brenda Joyce Culpepper Groom elect of Brenda Joyce Culpepper 1970-05-15-pg20.jpg
Carpenter, Jacky/Eddi Davis Wedding 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
Carpenter, Jesse Paul groom, married Julia Ann Read 1972-03-23-pg05.jpg
Carpenter, Jimmy Lloyd wedding (groom) 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg
Carpenter, Joy Miss Wedding, married Neal Hutchins 1959-01-09-pg05.jpg
Carpenter, Patricia Pearl/David Camp IV Wedding 1975-06-26-pg04.jpg
Carr, David Earl Mr groom, the couple will live in Ft Worth 1954-09-24-pg07.jpg
Carr, Jayanna/John Michael Cox Wedding 1967-02-10-pg14.jpg
Carrell, Paul M. Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs J. R. Carrell 1947-08-15-pg01.jpg
Carrier, Erline / Coffman, Eugene Wedding 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Carson, J. E. - Betty Burnett Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Carter, Bert S., Jr./Pearl Paine Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Carter, Donna Katherine/Scott Edward Boase Wedding 1968-07-19-pg06.jpg
Carter, Donna/Scott Boase Wedding 1968-07-12-pg11.jpg
Carter, Richard Jack/Betty Jo Alford Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Carter, Terry/Jimmy Lee Prock Wedding 1971-07-22-pg19.jpg
Cary, Pearl/Monroe Henderson Wedding 1944-04-07-pg01.jpg
Cash, Joe G. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 60th Wedding Anniversary 1963-09-20-pg07.jpg
Cash, Matilda bride elect of Louis Newton 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
Cash, Matilda / Newton, Louis Wedding 1966-06-17-pg07.jpg
Castleberry, Betty Fay/Marcus E. Skaggs Wedding 1971-03-26-pg23.jpg
Casto, Billie Louise / Johns, Charles Wedding 1944-01-14-pg04.jpg
Cates, Betty & Kenneth Warren marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Caudill, Bill - Dora Myers marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Cawvey, Donald Leon groom, son of Mrs Grace Tenald of Tulsa OK 1955-01-21-pg02.jpg
Cayce, Randall/Jane Hartsell Wedding (Charles Randall Cayce) 1961-02-03-pg01.jpg
Cazzell, Nellie Marie/George Riley Hinton Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Cearley, B. T.- Barbara Howard marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Chafin, W. T. - F. Gertrude Bailey Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Chambers, Imogene/Danny Chilton Wedding, Engagement announcement 1965-02-05-pg02.jpg
Champman, Terrell A./Clara Massey Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Chapman, Cathy Lynne/Ronnie P. Breeze Wedding 1971-05-20-pg18.jpg
Chapman, H.V., Lt. / Hartsell, LaVerne, Miss Wedding 1943-09-10-pg03.jpg
Chapman, Irwin Stanley/Mildred Lynda Holland Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Chapman, Ronald Wayne groom, son of Mr & Mrs Ferrell Chapman 1969-12-26pg07.jpg
Chapman, Ronnie groom elect of Pam Morris 1969-10-24pg10.jpg
Charles, Frank Richard / Wolverton, Jean Wedding 1943-03-12-pg01.jpg
Cheeves, Marsha Fay/Michael Paul Scroggins Wedding 1974-06-13-pg15.jpg
Chetlain Frederick H., Mr., groom married Miss Blanche L. Hall 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Cheves, Allene (formerly Allene Garret) bride, photo, recently wed here 1954-12-24-pg08.jpg
Cheves, Cynthia/Freddy Meyers Wedding 1973-01-04-pg03.jpg
Cheves, Danilla Fay - J. Q. Cox Jr marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Cheves, Elaine bride elect of Paul O'Dell 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
Cheves, Harold/Sutton, Janice Wedding 1957-04-12-pg01.jpg
Cheves, James groom elect, to marry Allene Garrett 1954-12-10-pg08.jpg
Cheves, James Pvt marriage recently wed here 1954-12-24-pg08.jpg
Cheves, James V. Pvt groom, son of Mrs A. T. Holt & W. L. Cheves 1954-12-17-pg02.jpg
Cheves, Marsha Fay/Michael Paul Scroggins Bride elect of Miichael Paul Scroggins 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
Cheves, Rondal L. groom elect, to marry Patsy Vinson in Nov. 1954-09-24-pg02.jpg
Cheves, Rondal Lee groom, son of Mrs Alvin Holt 1954-11-12-pg05.jpg
Cheyne, Jane/Billy Kelley Potts Wedding 1961-05-26-pg03.jpg
Chilcott, James Howard groom, son of Mr & Mrs Emerson Chilcott 1972-09-14-pg05.jpg
Childers, Julia Elaine/Thomas Lowell Dyer Bride elect of Thomas Dyer 1971-08-05-pg04.jpg
Childers, Julia Elaine/Thomas Lowell Dyer Wedding 1971-09-02-pg03.jpg
Childers, Linda Susan Bride elect of Randall Clark Flournoy 1970-06-05-pg11.jpg
Childers, Linda Susan/Randall Clark Flournoy Wedding 1970-07-17-pg24.jpg
Chilton, Angela Kay/William Edgar Webb Bride elect of William Edgar Webb 1974-09-19-pg03.jpg
Chilton, Angela Kay/William Edgar Webb Wedding 1974-10-31-pg04.jpg
Chilton, Charles Douglas groom, son of Mr & Mrs C. W. Chilton 1954-07-09-pg02.jpg
Chilton, Danny/Imogene Chambers Wedding, Engagement announcement 1965-02-05-pg02.jpg
Chilton, Faye / Shores, A.D Wedding 1941-09-12-pg01.jpg
Christa, Dottie & Earl Ross Fox marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Christenson, K.D./Grooms, Nancy L Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Christerson, Dorothy Miss bride, daughter of Mrs Opal K. Johnston 1955-10-14-pg03.jpg
Christian, James Wesley/Bonnie Jean Grove Groom elect of Bonnie Jean Grove 1974-07-11-pg04.jpg
Christian, James Wesley/Bonnie Jean Grove Wedding 1974-08-22-pg10.jpg
Christmas, Mary / Ray, David Wedding 1965-06-04-pg04.jpg
Christmas, Mary/David Ray Wedding 1965-09-03-pg03.jpg
Church, Bruce/Charlotte Ann Moore Wedding 1974-04-25-pg09.jpg
Church, Sharon Kaye/David Wayne Duncan Wedding 1973-04-12-pg08.jpg
Clairy, F. H.-Lana P. Garrison marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Clark, Eugene F./Daughter of B.B. Poore Wedding 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Clark, Eva - W. T. Bounds marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Clark, Evonne/Bobby Joe Blount Bride elect of Bobby Joe Blount 1974-01-03-pg04.jpg
Clark, James Robert/Suleen May Wedding 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Clark, Lucien B., Jr./Karen Sue Bryant Groom elect of Karen Sue Bryant 1971-08-05-pg11.jpg
Clary, W. G.-Johnnie Mae Blair Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Clay, Elizie & White, J.F., Jr. Wedding 1962-08-31-pg11.jpg
Clay, Henry/Neata Bond Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01.jpg
Clay, Ruby, Miss / Morrow, Urban, Pvt. Wedding 1941-10-10-pg01.jpg
Clayton, David/Toni Justus Wedding 1967-08-18-pg13.jpg
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry Wedding 1968-02-23-pg07.jpg
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry Wedding 1968-04-19-pg14.jpg
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry Wedding 1968-05-17-pg18.jpg
Clayton, Roy Rene groom elect, marriage date Dec 17, 1955 1955-11-11-pg04.jpg
Clemans, W. N. - Ledoritha Dutton Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Clement, Mildred marriage 1950-07-28-pg04.jpg
Clemmons, Patricia Miss Bride elect to marry John Calhoun 1954-07-30-pg04.jpg
Cleveland, Omar Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1975-09-18-pg14.jpg
Clower, V. L. - Thelma Hodges marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Coale, Rose / Young, Melvan Wedding 1966-07-29-pg11.jpg
Coates, Duane/Doris June Goodknight Groom elect of Doris June Goodknight 1973-06-28-pg02.jpg
Cobb, Archie Leon groom elect of Theresa Dibben 1969-02-07-pg05.jpg
Cobb, Brenda/Billy Ross Slimp Bride Elect of Billy Ross Slimp 1971-04-09-pg21.jpg
Cobb, John Mr & Mrs anniversary, 25th 1974-09-26-pg11.jpg
Cocanougher, C. M.- Jo Ann Gary Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Cody, Alice Wedding, bride of Lewis Ed Hudson 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Coe, Almeda & J. E. Ranne Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Cofer, Betty Sue-C. L. Wilson Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Coffee, Eldon Royce groom elect of Glenda Inez Thacker 1956-04-27-pg03.jpg
Coffee, Vanita Bride elect of Sterling Kirby 1957-04-12-pg04.jpg
Coffee, Vanita Bride elect of Sterling Kirby 1957-04-19-pg06.jpg
Coffee, Vanita J. & S. G. Kirby Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Coffee, Vanita Jeanette bride of Sterling Gene Kirby 1957-05-03-pg06.jpg
Coffman, D. C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1968-03-22-pg17.jpg
Coffman, Eugene / Carrier, Earline Wedding 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Coffman, Paula Jean Miss bride elect of T. C. Barrett 1958-09-12-pg01.jpg
Coffman, Robert/Hortense Bingham Wedding 1925-07-10-pg06.jpg
Coffman, Tom, Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1962-01-19-pg12.jpg
Coffman, White Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1961-10-27-pg12.jpg
Cogburn, R.J./Hogue, Lema L. Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Coggin, Bruce Wayne/claudia Kay Stickney Wedding 1968-08-16-pg03.jpg
Coggin, Nita & Fursman, Posey Wedding 1962-08-31-pg08.jpg
Cokendolpher, R. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th, long list of attendees 1959-12-18-pg01.jpg
Coker, Stanley Wedding, Married Lynda Warford 1959-01-09-pg05.jpg
Coker, Stanley Walter Bridal Shower, married Linda Joy Warford 1959-01-23-pg02.jpg
Cole, David Ray/Charlsa Marie Hodge Groom electe of Charisa Marie Hodge 1974-06-20-pg04.jpg
Cole, Paul Wayne/Billye Ann Smith Groom elect of Billye Ann Smith 1970-02-27-pg19.jpg
Coleman, Akard Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1962-08-03-pg02.jpg
Coleman, Cheryl Dee Wedding 1966-03-04-pg11.jpg
Coleman, Don/Virginia Sydow Wedding 1961-06-30-pg04.jpg
Coleman, Don/Virginia Sydow Wedding 1961-07-14-pg05.jpg
Coleman, Doris Marie bridal shower, married Richard Brown 1963-01-25-pg07.jpg
Coleman, Doris Marie/Richard J. Brown Wedding 1963-01-25-pg04.jpg
Coleman, Doris Miss bride elect of Richard J. Brown 1962-11-30-pg06.jpg
Coleman, Frank Hall, Jr./Julia Anne Leake Wedding 1971-06-03-pg11.jpg
Coleman, Johnny W. bridal shower, married Denese McNair 1967-05-05-pg13.jpg
Coleman, Johnny Walter/Denese Ann McNair Wedding 1967-04-21-pg06.jpg
Coleman, Sheri Ann/Clayton Neal Poynor Bride elect of Clay Poynor 1974-03-14-pg10.jpg
Coleman, T. L. & Delores K. Thorn marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Collins, J. H. - Lawena Priddy marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Collins, J. W. groom of Miss Lois Ogle 1957-05-03-pg06.jpg
Collins, J. W. & Lois M. Ogle Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Collum, Elizabeth Manon bride elect will marry Mr. C. W. Hobson Feb 1 1969-01-31-pg03.jpg
Colvin, Dick groom elect, will marry Mary Lou Fitzgerald in Jan 1955-11-11-pg03.jpg
Conners, Flora Miss bride elect of Billy Jack Proctor 1959-12-18-pg05.jpg
Conners, Jimmie/Shirley Sparks Wedding 1964-07-10-pg06.jpg
Cook, Augusta / Moody, W.H. Wedding 1941-10-24-pg01.jpg
Cook, Beverly Gay/Gary Don Hornback Wedding 1968-04-26-pg05.jpg
Cook, Norma Jeanette / Anderson, Kenneth Ray Wedding 1965-04-02-pg11.jpg
Cook, Robert Leslie/Sharon Gwen Shackelford Groom elect of Sharon Shackelford 1971-03-26-pg17.jpg
Cook, Robert Leslie/Sharon Gwen Shackelford Wedding 1971-04-09-pg23.jpg
Cook, Vickie Diann/Jerry Ray Terrell Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Cooper, Vida Mat/Jeffie Lee Sherman Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Cooper, W.H./Claudie Mitchell Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Cooper, W.H./Claudie Mitchell Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Copeland, Bobby/Sherry Mann Groom elect of Sherry Mann 1974-08-29-pg27.jpg
Copeland, D. King/Sharon Sue Morris Married Sharon Sue Morris 1970-04-17-pg15.jpg
Copeland, D. V. - Charlotte Bingham marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Copeland, Joseph & Zettie Johnson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Cordova, Henry D. - Mary Ann Parker Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Cornell, Marvin groom elect of Helen Davis 1959-07-31-pg08.jpg
Cornell, Marvin shower, groom elect of Helen Davis 1959-09-18-pg05.jpg
Cornell, Marvin Wedding delayed, groom elect of Helen Davis 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg
Corpus, Iva Lea/Lloyd Lane Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Cortez, Thomas/Mary Catherine Largent Wedding 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Cotton, G. W. - Ola Dreda McGuire marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Counts, Etta/Walter C. Dunlap Wedding 1945-04-06-pg04.jpg
Counts, Rena Estelle/Gerald Lee Worthington Wedding 1946-12-13-pg06.jpg
Coursey, Billy/Tina Smith Wedding 1964-09-18-pg04.jpg
Coursey, Larry Groom elect of Joan Prochaska, wedding shower 1967-12-01-pg08.jpg
Coursey, Larry Hudson/Joan Prochaska Wedding 1967-10-20-pg17.jpg
Coursey, Larry Hudson/Joan Prochaska Wedding 1967-12-15-pg18.jpg
Coursey, Lynda Kay/Charles Edward Byrd Wedding 1963-05-17-pg05.jpg
Coursey, Lynda Kay/Charles Edward Byrd Wedding 1963-06-28-pg02.jpg
Coursey, O'Zella Miss Bride elect of Larry Kouns 1958-05-23-pg08.jpg
Coursey, Sherry Lynn/William Allen Parker Bride of William Allen Parker 1970-02-20-pg05.jpg
Coursey, Sherry Lynn/William Allen Parker Wedding 1970-01-16-pg05.jpg
Covington, Marcus, Jr. Wedding 1963-02-15-pg05.jpg
Covington, Marcus, Lt. groom elect of Beverly Kay Boase 1962-12-28-pg02.jpg
Covington, R. E. - Wanda J. Hargrove Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Cowan, Betty J. - W. E. Groves Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Cowan, Betty Jean Miss bride, daughter of James Alvis Cowan 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Cowan, Willa Dean Miss wedding (Bride) 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg
Cowden, Michele/Mark W. Mann Groom elect of Michele Cowden 1975-07-17-pg02.jpg
Cowling, E. P. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1956-06-15-pg01.jpg
Cowling, Edgar Jr Groom electe of Candy Bowers 1973-04-05-pg12.jpg
Cowling, Edgar W. Groom elect of Rhonda Gail Green 1974-07-25-pg02.jpg
Cowling, Edgar W. Shower, to marry Candace S. Bowers 1973-04-19-pg14.jpg
Cowling, Edgar Wilton, Jr./Candace Sue Bowers Groom elect of Cance Sue Bowers 1973-02-15-pg16.jpg
Cowling, Edgar Wilton, Jr./Candace Sue Bowers Wedding 1973-05-17-pg09.jpg
Cowling, Grady Lee/Rhonda Gail Green Groom elect of Gail Green 1974-05-30-pg17.jpg
Cowling, Grady Lee/Rhonda Gail Green Wedding 1974-08-15-pg05.jpg
Cowling, Harriet Jane/David Paul Garrison Wedding 1968-08-02-pg17.jpg
Cox, Cheryl/Ronald M. Stark Wedding 1970-10-23-pg11.jpg
Cox, Harvey Mr groom, Mr Frank Davis groom's attendant 1948-09-10-pg08.jpg
Cox, Harvey Mr. groom-elect 1948-09-03-pg10.jpg
Cox, J. Q. Jr - Danilla Fay Cheves marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Cox, Jerry/Carol Elizabeth Sanders Groom elect of Carol Elizabeth Sanders 1973-08-02-pg05.jpg
Cox, John Michael/Jayanna Carr Wedding 1967-02-10-pg14.jpg
Cox, John Mrs Wedding Shower, display, former Miss Jayanna Carr 1967-02-24-pg13.jpg
Cox, Laura Jane bride elect, to marry Doyle Dixon 1969-01-17-pg08.jpg
Cox, Laura Jane Miss bride of W. N. Dennis of Boyd Texas 1969-04-04pg10.jpg
Crabtree, R. E. - Reta F. Hukill marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Crawford, Bobbie & Hairston C. C. marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Crawford, Carl A. Wedding, married Florence Baggs 1959-03-06-pg02.jpg
Crawford, Charles Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1962-01-12-pg12.jpg
Crawford, Robert/Margie Sue Morgan Groom elect of Margie Sue Morgan 1971-02-12-pg09.jpg
Crews, Guy M. Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1967-12-22-pg32.jpg
Crissey, Julia John, Mrs./Dr. Joe E. Moose Wedding 1964-01-03-pg11.jpg
Crofford, Nancy Lynn/Leonard Walker, Jr. Wedding 1968-10-11-pg08.jpg
Cromwell, David/Mary Pierce Wedding 1964-12-04-pg05.jpg
Croouch, Margaret R. - J. T. Simmons marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Cross, Jimmy Neal/Marilyn Lue O'Dell Groom elect of Marilyn O'Dell 1974-08-01-pg14.jpg
Cross, Paul S. - J. .gibson Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Cross, Shelley Joan/Charles Raymond Goode Bride elect of Charles Raymond Goode 1971-04-02-pg12.jpg
Crouch, Buford D./Vivian Jones Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Crum, Joe Nell & James Pierce marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Crum, Weldon Mr groom, married in Weatherford 1947-07-04-pg08.jpg
Crump, Mrs Don bridal shower, former Miss Barbara Martin 1957-10-04-pg01.jpg
Crunk, Mrs Nora Jane married Jimmie Ray Van Hoose 1963-07-05-pg03.jpg
Culpepper, Billie Joe Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs J. M. Culpepper 1947-08-08-pg05.jpg
Culpepper, Brenda Joyce/William David Carlton Bride elect of William David Carlton 1970-05-15-pg20.jpg
Culpepper, Debra Jean bride elect of James Galyon in Dec. 1969-10-17pg08.jpg
Culpepper, Debra Jean/James Linden Galyon Wedding 1970-01-09-pg03.jpg
Culpepper, Donald Wedding, married Betty Glass 1958-12-19-pg01.jpg
Culpepper, Kay Lee/Leon Conrad Matthis Bride elect of Leon Matthis 1971-10-28-pg09.jpg
Culpepper, Linda bride elect of Doyle Powers 1969-06-27pg17.jpg
Culpepper, Linda bride elect of Doyle Powers, Lingerie shower 1969-07-04pg09.jpg
Cunningham, L. Dow groom elect of Carmelita Escajeda 1969-02-14-pg03.jpg
Cuppy, Glenn/Esther Jane Williamson Groom elect of Esther Williamson 1971-12-02-pg24.jpg
Curley W. S. -Elsie M. Akins Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Curley, Stephen groom elect of Muriel Akins 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Curley, Stephen Mr groom, son of Mrs J. W. Curley 1954-08-20-pg05.jpg
Curley, Stephen Mrs Wedding, recent bride honored at Tea 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Curry, Carl C. Mr., groom married Miss sammie Louise Collier 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Curtis, Frances Miss bride, daughter of Mrs E. H. Curtis of Plainview 1954-10-01-pg02.jpg
Dale, Eunice - C. A. Rogers marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Darby, James R. groom elect of Sue Lee Smith 1959-06-12-pg05.jpg
Darby, James Royce groom elect of Miss Sue Lee Smith 1959-05-08-pg08.jpg
Darby, James Royce Jr groom elect of Sue Lee Smith 1959-05-29-pg12.jpg
Darby, James Royce Jr Wedding, groom of Sue Lee Smith 1959-06-26-pg07.jpg
Daugherty, Suzanne/William 'Sonny' Tackel Wedding 1968-03-29-pg07.jpg
Daughtry, Keneth groom elect of Stella Lorena Fitzgerald 1957-06-07-pg08.jpg
Davenport, D. C.-Barbara Q. Trytten Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Davidson, Alice/Donald Gilbert Schur Wedding 1963-08-23-pg03.jpg
Davidson, Glinda/Elba Lee Freeman Wedding 1968-06-07-pg16.jpg
Davidson, Glinda/Elba Lee Freeman Wedding 1968-06-14-pg09.jpg
Davidson, Jane/Kenneth Wood Wedding 1971-08-05-pg14.jpg
Davidson, Kathy/Lynn W. Taylor Wedding 1968-04-12-pg23.jpg
Davidson, R. L.-Jewel M. Oliphant marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Davidson, W. C. - Bertha B. Caldwell marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Davidson, Welton Hiram / Tucker, Bula Evelyn, Miss Wedding 1944-05-19-pg02.jpg
Davis, C. J. Jr-Carol S. Nichols Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Davis, Coleman Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1965-01-08-pg11.jpg
Davis, Donna June/Dale Isom Wedding 1975-06-05-pg13.jpg
Davis, Eddi/Jacky Carpenter Wedding 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
Davis, Floyd Allen/Helen Laverne Allison Wedding 1964-03-20-pg12.jpg
Davis, Helen Miss bride elect of Marvin Cornell 1959-07-31-pg08.jpg
Davis, Helen Miss shower, bride elect of Marvin Cornell 1959-09-18-pg05.jpg
Davis, Helen Miss Wedding delayed, bride elect of Marvin Cornell 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg
Davis, James G./Sondra Kay Thomas Wedding 1967-10-27-pg15.jpg
Davis, James G./Sondra Kay Thomas Wedding 1967-12-22-pg04.jpg
Davis, Jimmie Ray/Korless Browning Shawn Wedding 1971-03-05-pg17.jpg
Davis, Judy Ruth bride elect of Pvt Robert L. Jennings of NJ 1962-09-28-pg04.jpg
Davis, Judy Ruth & Jennings Robert Wedding 1962-10-12-pg09.jpg
Davis, Larry Gordon groom elect of Vonna Ann Montgomery 1969-12-05pg05.jpg
Davis, Ralph W./Sarah Glynn Gilbreath Wedding 1945-07-20-pg03.jpg
Davis, Robert groom, son of Mr & Mrs T. W. Davis 1972-09-14-pg14.jpg
Davis, W. C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1972-10-05-pg36.jpg
Dawes, Oleta D. & B. B. Ballard Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Dawson, J. C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Silver Anniversary Celebration 1964-10-02-pg13.jpg
Dawson, Jimmy Wayne/Gail Jones Wedding 1974-01-17-pg12.jpg
Dawson, Lillian Ann/Charles Franklin Kaker Wedding 1961-04-07-pg05.jpg
Day, Betty Sue Miss bride, attended by sister Darlene Day 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Day, Sharon bride, daugher of Mr& Mrs Paula R. Day 1969-09-19pg05.jpg
Dean, W. H. - Jacquelin Abel Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Deatherage, Betty/Joe Keith Waldrep Wedding 1963-08-23-pg15.jpg
Deatherage, Myrna-J. H. Whitsitt marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Deathloff, Ita Morie/T.J. Petty Wedding 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg
Deaton, Hubert Michael groom elect, to marry Connie Norris 1969-01-17-pg05.jpg
Deaton, John, III/Debbie Henry Wedding 1971-02-12-pg09.jpg
Deaton, Patricia Sue bride elect of Robert C. Estridge 1966-02-11-pg05.jpg
Deaton, Patricia Sue / Esteridge, Robert C. Wedding 1966-03-11-pg07.jpg
Deavenport, John Kingsley/Deborah Marie Brown Wedding 1971-06-10-pg10.jpg
Decker, Earl, Pvt. / House, Vista Mae Wedding 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg
Denney, Peggy Irene/Stephen Mark Bradley Wedding 1975-09-04-pg03.jpg
Dennis, Clinton Lee Groom elect of Melba June Baxter 1970-06-12-pg08.jpg
Dennis, W. N. groom son of Mr & Mrs Homer Dixon of Aledo TX 1969-04-04pg10.jpg
Denton, Byron Bridal Shower, groom elect of Patsy Bridges 1959-12-11-pg04.jpg
Denton, Byron A. groom elect of Patsy Bridges 1959-05-01-pg08.jpg
Denton, Linda/Shelton Ogle Wedding 1961-10-27-pg10.jpg
Denton, Linda/Shelton Ogle Wedding 1961-11-24-pg07.jpg
Denton, N. T. bridal shower, married Miss Lorene Stanfield 1959-11-20-pg04.jpg
Denton, Paula Delayne/Theodore Lynn Hachtel Wedding 1968-01-19-pg03.jpg
Denton, Sammy groom elect of Mary Ruth McDonald 1958-05-30-pg04.jpg
Denton, Sharon / Read, Truman Wedding 1965-09-03-pg03.jpg
Denton, Sharon Ruth Bride elect of Truman Read 1965-08-27-pg07.jpg
Denton, Sharon/Truman Read Wedding, Engagement announcement 1965-01-29-pg12.jpg
Dethloff, Carole Sue/Bobby Lee Cantrell Wedding 1963-12-13-pg06.jpg
Dethloff, Henry Mrs Anniversary birthday dinner, attendees listed 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Dethloff, Katherine, Miss / Brewer, Elmer J. Wedding 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Raymond / Wright, Gladys Wedding 1965-12-31-pg10.jpg
Diamond, Arlo Kay/Paul Ray Meadows Wedding 1967-04-21-pg06.jpg
Dibben, Theresa Miss bride elect, will marry Archie Leon Cobb 1969-02-07-pg05.jpg
Dickenson, Bettye Jeanne/Richard P. Rigdow Wedding 1970-12-11-pg16.jpg
Dickey, Allen Poe/Linda Lou Eaton Wedding 1958-01-24-pg03.jpg
Dickinson, John Wayne A/3C groom, best man was brother Jerry Dickinson 1955-04-15-pg07.jpg
Dickinson, Peggye L. - Carl S. White marriage license issued 1956-01-20-pg05.jpg
Dill, Grady Andrew/Barbara Jean Pugh Wedding 1961-01-27-pg03.jpg
Dillard, Virginia Miss married Richard Goode in Orange Texas 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Dobbins, E. F., Mr., groom married Miss Goldie Pinkard 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Dodson, Alice Fay & D. P. Martinez Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Donley, Gayle Miss married Clarence Garrett 1962-02-16-pg01.jpg
Donley, Harrol David/Shirley Jane Hale Groom elect of Shirley Jane Hale 1973-04-05-pg39.jpg
Donley, Harrol David/Shirley Jane Hale Groom elect of Shirley Jane Hale 1973-04-19-pg41.jpg
Donnell, Tom/Regina Tucker Groom elect of Regina Tucker 1970-04-17-pg15.jpg
Doty, Randal Clark/Sissi Martin Wedding 1971-10-14-pg16.jpg
Doty, Rocky Bill/Becky Sue Johnson Groom elect of Becky Johnson 1975-06-05-pg13.jpg
Doty, Rocky Bill/Becky Sue Johnson Wedding 1975-06-26-pg14.jpg
Doty, Stephen/Rhonda Hicks Wedding 1973-06-28-pg26.jpg
Dourrough, Betty J. - R. L. Thompson marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Doyle, Larry L./Mildred Louise Morgan Wedding 1945-09-14-pg03.jpg
Drake, Patricia J. Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Raymond J. Drake 1969-02-07-pg09.jpg
Drennan, Homer & Maudie Guinn marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Drennan, Homer C. Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th 1975-06-05-pg09.jpg
Drouse, Nelda B. - R C. Baker marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Drum, Charles Edwin, Jr./Sandra Ann Morrow Wedding 1968-05-17-pg10.jpg
Duck, Benny/Linda Lawrence (Maness) Wedding 1975-06-05-pg14.jpg
Duck, Bobby Groom elect of Beverly Ann Hartsell 1970-08-28-pg16.jpg
Duck, William Harry / Greer, Edna Earl, Miss Wedding 1944-11-10-pg04.jpg
Duffle, Dean F./Freeda Bob Linehan Wedding 1946-11-22-pg08.jpg
Dugan, James Winfred wedding (groom) 1952-12-05-pg01.jpg
Dugan, Mary/Edwin Ray Haynes Wedding 1961-07-14-pg02.jpg
Dugan, Nancy/Alfred Walker Wedding 1967-03-10-pg06.jpg
Dugan, Thomas Allen Bridal Shower, married Dorothy Faye Ford 1958-12-12-pg01.jpg
Dunca, Jack Wedding, groom of Miss Myrtle Harlan 1958-07-04-pg05.jpg
Duncan, David Wayne/Sharon Kaye Church Wedding 1973-04-12-pg08.jpg
Duncan, Jack Mr bridal shower, groom elect of Myrle Harlan 1958-06-27-pg05.jpg
Duncan, Jack/Harlan, Myrle Wedding 1958-05-16-pg08.jpg
Duncan, Linda Kay/Jerry Van Petty Wedding 1968-03-15-pg07.jpg
Duncan, Pamela Elyse/Fred Raymona Wright Bride elect of Fred Wright 1974-05-02-pg02.jpg
Dunlap, Walter C./Etta Counts Wedding 1945-04-06-pg04.jpg
Dunman, K. W.-Florence V. Patton Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Dunn, Becky Lois/William 'Bill' Bush Wedding 1971-04-09-pg11.jpg
Dunn, Donnie groom elect of Debra Bryant 1969-02-14-pg07.jpg
Dunn, George L./Mann, Selma Esther Wedding 1943-10-08-pg02.jpg
Dunn, John - Billie Stickler marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Dunn, Johnny Wedding, groom elect (to marry Billye Stickler) 1954-05-14-pg03.jpg
Dunn, Johnny W. groom, son of Mr & Mrs John Dunn 1954-05-28-pg02.jpg
Dutton, Ledoritha - W. N. Clemans Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Dutton, Thomas O./Nancy Jahnke Groom elect of Nancy Jahnke 1967-03-31-pg07.jpg
Dycus, Roger, USN / Paschall, Jennie Lee, Miss Wedding 1944-04-14-pg01.jpg
Dyer, Thomas Lowell/Julia Elaine Childers Groom elect of Julia Elaine Childers 1971-08-05-pg04.jpg
Dyer, Thomas Lowell/Julia Elaine Childers Wedding 1971-09-02-pg03.jpg
Eakman, Frances Faye bride of William Donald Lawrence 1957-02-08-pg04.jpg
Eakman, Vicky bride elect of Roland Roger Ray 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Eakman, Vicky GaNell/Roland Roger Ray Wedding 1967-06-30-pg12.jpg
Eakman, Vicky/Roland Ray Wedding 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Eales, Carolyn bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs Dale Eales 1954-06-04-pg02.jpg
Eales, Mae Caroline Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs DaleEales 1954-08-06-pg04.jpg
Earley, Lillie/Harry Ratliff Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Earp, Mr & Mrs Sam Anniversary, 50th wedding Anniversary 1958-03-28-pg05.jpg
Easley, Marion/Joyce Evans Wedding 1961-05-26-pg03.jpg
East, Charles Steward/Holly Lisa Bradshaw Wedding 1974-08-22-pg28.jpg
East, Charles/Holly Bradshaw Groom elect of Holly Bradshaw 1974-07-25-pg10.jpg
Eaton, Linda Lou/Allen Poe Dickey Wedding 1958-01-24-pg03.jpg
Echols, Shirley Jo Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Royle Echols 1955-02-25-pg08.jpg
Eddy, Beth Miss Wedding, married Greg Gentry 1972-04-06-pg11.jpg
Eddy, Vada - Jim Hendrickson Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Edgil, Lorean M.-G. R. Rawle marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Edmonson, S.E., Sgt. / Lester, Iris, Miss Wedding 1944-12-01-pg04.jpg
Edwards, L.J./Minnie Thurmond Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Egloff, Jo Ann/James Allen Parr Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Ehle, R. W. - Erma Jean Bailey marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Ehle, Robert A/3 groom, stationed at Wichita Falls 1954-05-07-pg04.jpg
Ehle, Robert A3C Wedding, married to Erma Bailey 1954-05-14-pg03.jpg
Ehle, Robert W. A/3c groom elect, son of Mr & Mrs John H. Ehle 1954-03-19-pg05.jpg
Eichhorn, Janet Dale/John Thomas Fletcher Wedding 1974-01-03-pg02.jpg
Eichhorn, Janet/Tommy Fletcher Bride elect of Tommy Fletcher 1973-10-11-pg15.jpg
Elder, Dan Michael groom elect of Willeta Van Green 1959-10-09-pg03.jpg
Elder, William L., Dr./Cindy Bryant Groom elect of Cindy Bryrant 1974-01-17-pg17.jpg
Elder, William Larry Dr. Groom elect of Cindy Ann Bryant 1974-02-14-pg09.jpg
Elder, William Larry, Dr./Cindy Ann Bryant Wedding 1974-03-07-pg13.jpg
Elliot, Betty Miss married Tommy Carlton 1952-04-25-pg01.jpg
Elliott, Lola/T.H. Jenkins Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04.jpg
Ellis, Gwendolyn/Leslie Walker Bride elect of Leslie Walker 1971-04-09-pg05.jpg
Erickson, Shirley/Darrell Parish Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Errick, David/Velma Stewart Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
Erwin, Pete L. Anniversary, 50th 1962-02-02-pg12.jpg
Escajeda, Carmelita Miss Bride elect of William Hamblin 1970-04-10-pg19.jpg
Escajeda, Carmelita Miss bride elect, groom L. Dow Cunningham 1969-02-14-pg03.jpg
Escajeda, Carmelita/William S. Hamblin, Jr. married William S. Hamblin 1970-03-20-pg20.jpg
Escajeda, Carmelita/William S. Hamblin, Jr. married William S. Hamblin, Jr. 1970-04-10-pg03.jpg
Esteridge, Robert C. / Deaton, Patricia Sue Wedding 1966-03-11-pg07.jpg
Estridge, Robert C. groom elect of Paricia Sue Deaton 1966-02-11-pg05.jpg
Ethridge, Glenda Sue bride elect of G. R. Jones 1962-11-30-pg05.jpg
Ethridge, J.W./Kay Phillips Wedding 1964-11-20-pg04.jpg
Ethridge, Sue/Gerald Ray Jones Wedding 1963-01-04-pg04.jpg
Eubanks, Elmer J.R./Saundra Gail Read married Saundra Gail Read 1970-03-27-pg15.jpg
Eubanks, J.R./Saundra Gail Read Groom elect of Saundra Gail Read 1970-02-06-pg03.jpg
Eudaly, Patricia Ann bride elect of Charles E. Harris 1959-05-08-pg07.jpg
Eudaly, Patricia Ann shower, bride elect of Charles E. Harris 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Eudaly, Patricia Ann Wedding, married Mr Charles Harris 1959-07-31-pg08.jpg
Eudaly, Patricia Miss bride elect of Charles Harris 1959-07-17-pg10.jpg
Evans, Billy jack Mr groom, son of Mr & mrs Roy Evans of Chico 1953-07-10-pg01.jpg
Evans, Frank Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1969-04-04pg17.jpg
Evans, Frank Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 57th, correction 1969-04-11pg29.jpg
Evans, James Robert groom elect of Virginia Kaye Jordan 1969-04-18pg10.jpg
Evans, James Robert groom, son of Mr & Mrs James E. Evans 1969-06-20pg18.jpg
Evans, James/Doris Reid Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Evans, Joseph R., Sgt. / Hunter, Bonnie Bell Wedding 1942-12-04-pg01.jpg
Evans, Joseph/Cloma Cantrell Wedding 1964-11-27-pg05.jpg
Evans, Joyce/Marion Easley Wedding 1961-05-26-pg03.jpg
Evans, Pamela Sue/Lynn Miller Wedding 1973-03-08-pg19.jpg
Evans, Robert groom elect of Virginia Kaye Jordan 1969-06-13pg04.jpg
Evans, Verlon & Bonnie Green marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Everett, Diana bride elect of Bill White 1968-10-18-pg15.jpg
Everett, Diana Jean/Billy Wayne White Wedding 1968-09-13-pg02.jpg
Everett, Diana Jean/Billy Wayne White Wedding 1968-10-25-pg12.jpg
Everett, William Gary/Terry Lynn Shanks Groom elect of Terry Lynn Shanks 1973-04-26-pg26.jpg
Everhart, James H./Lavona Kaker Wedding 1968-02-09-pg04.jpg
Everhart, James W./Lavona Kaker Wedding 1967-09-22-pg04.jpg
Fagg, Danny groom of Linda Martin 1969-07-25pg04.jpg
Fagg, Danny/Linda Martin Wedding 1968-11-01-pg04.jpg
Fagg, Linda Jane/Paul Sharon Bryan Wedding 1974-08-15-pg07.jpg
Fain, Mary Sue/Alton Roy Watson Bride elect of Alton Roy Watson 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Faith, Elba Irene / Adams, Robert Eaco Wedding 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Fallon, Patrick E. groom, from Boston Mass. 1954-02-05-pg06.jpg
Fallon, Patrick E. Mrs bride, daughter of Bert Perkins 1954-02-05-pg06.jpg
Farr, David Gene/Rosemary Gayle Camp Groom elect of Rosemary Gayle Camp 1973-08-16-pg16.jpg
Farris, James Wedding, married Della Jo Kersey 1959-02-06-pg01.jpg
Farris, James Wedding, married Della Jo Kersey 1959-02-27-pg02.jpg
Farris, Mary G./Earl E. Watkins Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Farris, Walter Joe Mr wedding, (groom) 1953-02-20-pg01.jpg
Faulke, A. S.-Betty L. Smith marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Felker, Vicki/Donald Wayne Bunnell Wedding 1967-06-30-pg12.jpg
Fennell, Jimmy Neal married Janet Elaine Welch 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
Fenner, Arian Lovell groom elect, marriage set for June 16, 1956 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg
Ferguson, Doyle W., Jr. / Hill, Judy Ann Wedding 1965-06-11-pg16.jpg
Ferguson, Linda Rae/Charles Howell Young Wedding 1963-07-26-pg10.jpg
Ferguson, Ralph/Trula Jo House Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Findley, Brenda Kay bride elect of Eddie King 1963-02-01-pg06.jpg
Findley, Brenda Kay/Eddie Wayland King Wedding 1963-02-01-pg03.jpg
Findley, Brenda Miss bride elect of Eddie King 1962-12-21-pg15.jpg
Findley, Dorothy Faye/Tommy Gerald Neece Wedding 1967-09-01-pg12.jpg
Findley, Mary Coral Wedding, bride of Sneed Kaker 1959-06-05-pg07.jpg
Fisher, Linda/Johnny Mack Smith Bride elect of Johnny Mack Smith 1973-08-23-pg22.jpg
Fisher, Linda/Johnny Mack Smith Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Fisk, Charles A. Jr Mr. Wedding 14 years ago - wedding (groom) 1952-07-25-pg01.jpg
Fitzgerald, Billie Faye married Gordon Robert Renner 1963-08-16-pg07.jpg
Fitzgerald, Dona / Shepard, Ollie U., Sgt. Wedding 1942-12-04-pg02.jpg
Fitzgerald, J. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1955-04-01-pg06.jpg
Fitzgerald, Mary Lou bride elect daughter of Mr & Mrs H. S. Fitzgerald 1955-11-11-pg03.jpg
Fitzgerald, Paula / Brown Johnny Joe Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Fitzgerald, Paula / Brown, Johnny Joe Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Fitzgerald, Paula / Brown, Johnny Joe Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Fitzgerald, Pauline, Miss / Weger, Edgar, Jr., Pvt. Wedding 1943-08-06-pg01.jpg
Fitzgerald, Stella Lorena Miss bride elect of Kenneth L. Daughtry 1957-06-07-pg08.jpg
Fleming, Jerry Lynn/Glenda Sue Nelson Wedding 1964-07-31-pg02.jpg
Fleming, John Paul/Barbara Ellen Sandefur Wedding 1968-01-12-pg12.jpg
Fletcher, John Thomas/Janet Dale Eichhorn Wedding 1974-01-03-pg02.jpg
Fletcher, Tommy/Janet Eichhorn Groom elect of Janet Eichhorn 1973-10-11-pg15.jpg
Flores, M. V. - Annie S. Bailey Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Florida, John D./Allie Belle Mathis Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Flournoy, Randall Clark Groom elect of Linda Susan Childers 1970-06-05-pg11.jpg
Flournoy, Randall Clark/Linda Susan Childers Wedding 1970-07-17-pg24.jpg
Flowers, Boyce / Thomas, Doris Wedding 1943-11-26-pg01.jpg
Flowers, E. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1969-04-11pg25.jpg
Flowers, E. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1969-04-25pg17.jpg
Flowers, Marjorie June/Danny Ray Jackson Wedding 1967-08-11-pg03.jpg
Flushe, J.J./Becker, Sarah A Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Force, Janet Elaine/Larry Wayne 'Butch' Garrett Wedding 1968-07-26-pg03.jpg
Ford, Brenda Kay/C.D. Phillips Wedding 1970-12-25-pg05.jpg
Ford, Craig groom elect of Leilani Wilkinson 1966-06-03-pg07.jpg
Ford, Dorothy Faye BridalShower, married Thomas Allen Dugan 1958-12-12-pg01.jpg
Ford, Faye/Dugan, Tommie Wedding 1958-12-05-pg08.jpg
Ford, Pamela bride elect of John M. Sellman 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Ford, R. E., Reverend and Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1966-11-11-pg05.jpg
Ford, Vicki Lynn/Chuck Woodard Wedding 1970-09-25-pg14.jpg
Ford, Willie M. / Jarnagan, Temple T. Wedding 1944-09-29-pg02.jpg
Foreman, Betty/McKennie, Tommie Wedding 1958-04-04-pg07.jpg
Foreman, Dennis C./Jerry Paulette Gilliland Wedding 1964-01-17-pg09.jpg
Foreman, Karen bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. R. Foreman 1969-12-12pg03.jpg
Forsyther, Michael/Anita Kotorbae Wedding 1968-11-29-pg02.jpg
Fortenberry A. L. - Mary Whitten Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Foster, Jolene/Richard Shawn Wedding 1961-12-08-pg02.jpg
Foster, Louise married Monroe Roberts 1957-08-02-pg08.jpg
Fowler, Jackie groom, former resident of Bridgeport 1954-07-09-pg02.jpg
Fox, Dorothy Fay - E. E. Calloway marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Fox, Earl Ross & Dottie Christa marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Fox, Loraine/Bobby W. Shawn Wedding 1967-06-16-pg03.jpg
Frazier, Bernard F. (Barney) married Katherine Elizabeth Matzinger in 1911 1972-05-25-pg03.jpg
Freeman, Elba Lee/Glinda Davidson Wedding 1968-06-07-pg16.jpg
Freeman, Elba Lee/Glinda Davidson Wedding 1968-06-14-pg09.jpg
Freeman, Frank Ray Mr & Mrs marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Fry, C. E. - Claudia Roberts marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Fry, Harriett/Sammy Kaker Bride elect of Sammy kaker 1971-11-25-pg24.jpg
Fullingham, Doris Miss married Charles Blakely last saturday 1956-12-21-pg07.jpg
Funk, Carolyn bride elect, daughter of Owen Funk 1955-06-24-pg04.jpg
Funk, Carolyn Miss bride elect, luncheon hosted by Mrs Bert Hawkins 1955-07-08-pg04.jpg
Funk, Carolyn Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Owen Funk 1955-07-15-pg04.jpg
Funk, G. B. Jr groom, son of G. B. Funk Sr 1956-09-28-pg05.jpg
Funk, Owen/Irma Bailey Wedding 1925-05-01-pg01.jpg
Fuqua, F. R. - Ruby Jo Ward Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Fuqua, Kenneth Rayford/Cristy Lynn Begeman Wedding 1973-08-02-pg05.jpg
Fursman, Posey & Coggin, Nita Wedding 1962-08-31-pg08.jpg
Futch, Debra Lynn/Lemnea Alfred West Wedding 1973-06-28-pg09.jpg
Gachter, Clyde Mr wedding approaching (groom elect) 1952-06-27-pg01.jpg
Gaff, J. B. - Delores Mabry Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Gage, Leslie Jene/Rhee Anna Price Wedding 1973-07-05-pg17.jpg
Galloway, Carolyn Ruth Miss bride elect of Elgin Pittman 1962-06-15-pg01.jpg
Galyon, James Linden groom elect of Debra Culpepper 1969-10-17pg08.jpg
Galyon, James Linden/Debra Jean Culpepper Wedding 1970-01-09-pg03.jpg
Gamble, Charles C./Bennie Faye Wallin Wedding 1968-02-16-pg15.jpg
Gandy, Delores Iolene/Weldon Bailey Allsbrooks Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Gann, Gaye / Steadman, John Wedding 1966-12-23-pg15.jpg
Gann, Lynette/Charles H. Phelps Bride elect of Charles H. Phelps 1973-04-19-pg18.jpg
Gann, Lynette/Charles H. Phelps Bride of Charles H. Phelps (headline was wrong) 1973-04-05-pg16.jpg
Garcia, Sammy/Lupe Salinas Wedding 1970-12-25-pg06.jpg
Gardner, Gail Mr groom elect of Ann Marlett 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Garges, Ernestine & Laurence Taylor marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Garner, Albert E./Linda Lou McClurg Wedding 1974-06-13-pg12.jpg
Garner, Mary Lou Bride elect of Joe Paul Weatherford 1957-04-12-pg04.jpg
Garrett, Allene Miss bridal shower, fiancee James Cheves 1954-12-10-pg08.jpg
Garrett, Allene Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs L. W. Garrett 1954-12-17-pg02.jpg
Garrett, Carlton/Linda Kelley Wedding 1958-01-24-pg08.jpg
Garrett, Clarence married Gayle Donley 1962-02-16-pg01.jpg
Garrett, Joe Mr & Mrs Anniversary, wedding 63rd living in Scurry TX 1959-04-24-pg02.jpg
Garrett, Larry Wayne 'Butch'/Janet Elaine Force Wedding 1968-07-26-pg03.jpg
Garrett, Martha Ladeen/James M. Morin Wedding 1963-12-06-pg07.jpg
Garrett, Robert Neil/Jo Linda Giles Wedding 1963-06-07-pg09.jpg
Garrett, Robert Neil/Jo Linda Giles Wedding 1963-06-28-pg16.jpg
Garrett, Tommie/Velma Allen Wedding 1945-04-06-pg04.jpg
Garrison, David Paul/Harriet Jane Cowling Wedding 1968-08-02-pg17.jpg
Garrison, Lana P.- F. H. Clairy marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Garrison, Lana P.- G. D. Ainsworth Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Garrison, Ruby - M. L. Speer marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Gary, W. G. - C. M. Cocanougher Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Gasaway, Glenda Gae/Raymond Pond Wedding 1963-05-10-pg11.jpg
Gatcher, Clyde Eugene Mr Wedding (groom) 1952-08-15-pg01.jpg
Gayan, Robert Dale/Carol Sue Riggs Groom elect of Carol Sue Riggs 1975-06-19-pg16.jpg
Gentry, Donna Irene bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Don Gentry 1969-06-27pg17.jpg
Gentry, Greg Wedding, married Beth Eddy 1972-04-06-pg11.jpg
Gentry, James Isaac Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1974-11-14-pg12.jpg
Gentry, Jo Elaine/Mitchell Scott Read Wedding 1975-06-26-pg04.jpg
Gentry, Letha Ann Bride elect of Gary Lyn Lasater 1970-06-05-pg09.jpg
Gentry, Patricia Gay Miss Wedding, married to Ernest Eugene Read Jr. 1958-06-27-pg04.jpg
Gentry, Patricia/Read, Ernst Wedding 1958-06-27-pg04.jpg
George, Anne Francine bride elect of Jimmy Ray hamilton 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
George, Dale Wayne/Mary Lois Singleton Groom elect of Mary Singleton 1974-05-02-pg20.jpg
George, Dale Wayne/Mary Lois Singleton Wedding 1974-06-06-pg11.jpg
George, Jerry Wedding, married Melba O'Gwynn 1959-12-04-pg08.jpg
German, Earlene bride elect, will marry Joe Shepherd 1972-04-27-pg05.jpg
Geron, Billy Earl groom elect of Gala June Campsey 1959-07-17-pg10.jpg
Geron, Billy Earl shower, groom elect of Miss Gayla Campsey 1959-08-14-pg03.jpg
Geron, Billy Earl Wedding, married Gayla June Campsey 1959-08-28-pg08.jpg
Gibbons, Lorene Miss bride, former resident, now Fort Worth 1953-08-14-pg05.jpg
Gibson, J. G. - Paul S. Cross Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Gilbreath, Sarah Glynn/Ralph W. Davis Wedding 1945-07-20-pg03.jpg
Gilbreath, Sharon/Larry Shawn Wedding 1964-03-20-pg08.jpg
Giles, Evada Sue/Ralph L. Rowe, Jr. Wedding 1963-12-20-pg14.jpg
Giles, Jo Linda/Robert Neil Garrett Wedding 1963-06-07-pg09.jpg
Giles, Jo Linda/Robert Neil Garrett Wedding 1963-06-28-pg16.jpg
Giles, Marva Joy Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. E. Giles 1955-07-22-pg02.jpg
Giles, Marva Joy Miss bride, former Bridgeport Girl now in Odessa TX 1955-07-22-pg02.jpg
Giles, Nelda Faye Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. E. Giles Jr 1956-08-17-pg03.jpg
Giles, Shirley Jean bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs A. R. Giles 1954-01-29-pg06.jpg
Gill, Joe Leland/Fredda Joyce Herndon Wedding 1961-05-12-pg11.jpg
Gill, Joe Leland/Fredda Joyce Herndon Wedding 1961-06-30-pg05.jpg
Gilliland, Bertie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Aubin Templeton 1955-06-03-pg06.jpg
Gilliland, Jerry Paulette/Dennis C. Foreman Wedding 1964-01-17-pg09.jpg
Gilliland, Sarah/D. Edward Rich bride elect of D. Edward Rich 1961-04-14-pg04.jpg
Gilmore, James groom elect, to marry Mickie Keith 1972-05-18-pg17.jpg
Gilreath, Judy / Grisham, James, Jr. Wedding 1965-12-24-pg19.jpg
Gilreath, Patricia Miss bride elect, will marry Curtis Reed this summer 1969-01-31-pg14.jpg
Gilstrap, E.E./Shehane, Marilyn J. Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Glass, Betty Wedding, married Donald Culpepper 1958-12-19-pg01.jpg
Glenmore, Roy Groom of Carol Huston 1958-03-21-pg03.jpg
Glenn, Larry Allen/Margaret Ann O'Dell Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
Gober, David/Becky O'Dell Wedding 1973-05-10-pg17.jpg
Gober, Gay Miss married Marvin Read 1957-10-11-pg05.jpg
Gober, Gay Miss married Marvin Read 1957-11-01-pg02.jpg
Gober, Lorene-Marion Reid Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Goen, Wanda Miss married Sgt Victor W. Pool 1952-05-16-pg04.jpg
Golaz, James Carl/Anita Kay Lewis Wedding 1964-06-05-pg04.jpg
Golaz, Johnnie Ann bridal shower, bridal, married Billy Wayne Lee 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Golaz, Myrtle/Ben L. May Anniversary Golden 1963-03-29-pg07.jpg
Golden, Della Mae-Valton R. Barker Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Gonzales, Albert/Melanie Herring Groom elect of Melanie Herring 1974-12-26-pg02.jpg
Good, C. E. - Gloria A. Marker Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Goode, Charles Raymond/Shelley Joan Cross Groom elect of Shelley Cross 1971-04-02-pg12.jpg
Goode, K.O./Ola Wilson Wedding 1963-05-31-pg14.jpg
Goode, Pamela Yvonne/Paul Wayne Morrow Wedding 1968-05-10-pg02.jpg
Goode, Richard / Gore, Letha, Mrs. Wedding 1942-12-04-pg02.jpg
Goode, Richard S. Jr Mr married Virginia Dillard in Orange Texas 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Goodknight, Doris June/Duane Coates Bride elect of Duane Coates 1973-06-28-pg02.jpg
Goodman, Frances - A. L. Moody marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Goodman, Maggie- Jess Hobbs Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Goodwin, Linda & Samuel G. Waldrop Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Gordon, Sherri Jo/Henry Dale Roe Wedding 1971-04-23-pg05.jpg
Gore, Letha, Mrs. / Goode, Richard Wedding 1942-12-04-pg02.jpg
Gose, Mr & Mrs J. E. Anniversary, Golden 1959-01-09-pg01.jpg
Gosler, Judy Marie/Billy Leon Grantham Wedding 1971-12-09-pg24.jpg
Gosler, Zack T./Kay Denise Robinson Groom elect of Denise Robinson 1971-01-22-pg11.jpg
Gosler, Zack T./Kay Denise Robinson Wedding 1971-02-12-pg21.jpg
Graham, Jimmy groom elect of Jan Mitchell 1969-12-26pg03.jpg
Graham, Jimmy David/Barbara Jan Mitchell married Barbara Jan Mitchell 1970-03-13-pg10.jpg
Grantham, Bessie Mae Miss bride, photo, wedding (bride) 1952-09-12-pg01.jpg
Grantham, Billy Leon/Judy Marie Gosler Wedding 1971-12-09-pg24.jpg
Grantham, Robert Ray groom, son of Mr & Mrs J. R. Grantham 1969-06-27pg17.jpg
Gray, Nelda/Gary Lee Pyle Wedding 1964-06-05-pg10.jpg
Gray, Sarah / Jackson, Ronnie Wedding 1966-03-11-pg07.jpg
Grayson, Kathryn/John Harlin Wedding 1964-05-08-pg09.jpg
Green, Betty Lue (now Wright) marriage recent, living in Bridgeport 1952-07-25-pg03.jpg
Green, Bobby Ray/Gwen Waters Wedding 1968-06-21-pg13.jpg
Green, Bobby Ray/Gwen Waters Wedding 1968-08-30-pg03.jpg
Green, Bonnie & Verlon Evans marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Green, Cynthia Joy bride elect of Johnnie Beeson 1958-04-18-pg06.jpg
Green, Cynthia Joy married Johnnie Leroy Beeson 1958-06-06-pg01.jpg
Green, Gary Homer groom elect of Linda Morrow 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Green, Gary/Linda Kay Morrow Groom elect of Linda Kay Morrow 1974-02-14-pg20.jpg
Green, Gary/Linda Kay Morrow Wedding 1974-05-30-pg38.jpg
Green, Glenn groom, son of Mr & Mrs Glenn W. Green 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Green, Glenn wedding, married Peggy Shannon 1954-09-17-pg02.jpg
Green, Glenn - Peggy L. Shannon Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Green, Glenn G./Peggy Shannon Wedding 1963-01-18-pg12.jpg
Green, J. C. - Adie R. Harris marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Green, Jack B. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1968-10-18-pg05.jpg
Green, James Monroe Mr & Mrs Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Green, Jimmy groom elect, son of Mr & Mrs M. R. Green 1955-12-16-pg05.jpg
Green, Jimmy groom, son of Mr & Mrs M. R. Green 1956-01-27-pg05.jpg
Green, Jimmy / Morrison, Waidene Wedding 1966-02-04-pg04.jpg
Green, Joy/Beeson, Johnnie Shower, marriage ceremony planned May 16 1958-04-25-pg05.jpg
Green, Lillie Maxine / Ordway, Gordon Wedding 1944-04-21-pg02.jpg
Green, M. R. Anniversary 49th 1961-01-20-pg03.jpg
Green, Martha Wedding, married Edmond John Polniaszek 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Green, Michael Stephen/Jeanell Lewis Groom elect of Jeanell Lewis 1971-06-03-pg10.jpg
Green, Ray groom of Miss Bobbie Province 1957-11-15-pg07.jpg
Green, Rhonda Gail Bride elect of Grady Lee Cowling 1974-07-25-pg02.jpg
Green, Rhonda Gail/Grady Lee Cowling Bride elect of Grady Cowling 1974-05-30-pg17.jpg
Green, Rhonda Gail/Grady Lee Cowling Wedding 1974-08-15-pg05.jpg
Green, Robert & Fannie Anniversary, 50th 1962-01-05-pg08.jpg
Green, Ronnie & Nichols, Joan Wedding 1962-11-02-pg14.jpg
Green, William Howard groom, son of Mr & Mrs William Green 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Green, Wynona/Richard Carroll Hawkins Wedding 1968-06-07-pg18.jpg
Greer, Edna Earl, Miss / Duck, William Harry Wedding 1944-11-10-pg04.jpg
Gregg, Laura Miss bride, married in Olney Texas, former resident 1947-12-12-pg01.jpg
Gregg, Lena C. - J. M. McWilliams marriage license issued 1956-01-20-pg05.jpg
Gregg, Linda/Gary Seigler Wedding 1967-08-18-pg08.jpg
Griffeth, K. R.-Nelda S. Lambert Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Griffis, Clara Sue/Alton Arnsdorff Wedding 1965-05-28-pg07.jpg
Griffis, W. P. Anniversary, 50th Wedding 1955-07-15-pg07.jpg
Grill, Donna bride elect of Mr George E. Hill 1959-06-12-pg01.jpg
Grill, Johnny groom elect 1955-07-22-pg05.jpg
Grill, Johnny groom, son of Mr & mrs Clifford Elliott 1955-08-26-pg02.jpg
Grill,s Donna Wedding, married George Hill 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Grisham, James, Jr. / Gilreath, Judy Wedding 1965-12-24-pg19.jpg
Grisham, James, Mr & Mrs Bridal Shower 1966-04-01-pg04.jpg
Grisham, M. A. - Olivia Gail Hamilton Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Grissom, Ann Jo Miss Bride, daughter of Joe Grissom, Denton 1954-01-22-pg03.jpg
Grooms, Gussie Marie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs John F. Grooms 1955-06-17-pg03.jpg
Grooms, Nancy L. & K. D. Christenson Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Gross, Jimmy Lee/Phyllis Jean Jones Wedding 1963-07-26-pg10.jpg
Grove, Billy Washington, Mr., groom married Miss Clara Joy Levell 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Grove, Bonnie Jean/James Wesley Christian Bride elect of james Wesley Christian 1974-07-11-pg04.jpg
Grove, Bonnie Jean/James Wesley Christian Wedding 1974-08-22-pg10.jpg
Groves, Judy Kay/Larry William Morrow Wedding 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg
Groves, Judy Kay/Larry William Morrow Wedding 1968-06-28-pg06.jpg
Groves, Raymond groom, son of Mr & Mrs Raymond Groves Sr 1955-06-17-pg03.jpg
Groves, Raymond Mr, Sept 1930 groom, will make their home in Bridgeport TX 1955-09-16-pg05.jpg
Groves, W. E. - Betty J. Cowan Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Groves, Winfred Elmo groom, son of mr & mrs Raymond L. Groves 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Grundy, Joe L./Ellen Vance Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Guinn, Maudie & Homer Drennan marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Gunter Erlynne Bride elect of Charles W. (Bill) Bush 1972-04-13-pg22.jpg
Guseman, Lawrence Frank, Jr., Dr./Patricia Beth Knight Wedding 1968-04-19-pg04.jpg
Guseman, Lawrence Frank, Jr., Dr./Patricia Beth Knight Wedding 1968-06-28-pg07.jpg
Hachtel, Paula Delayne/Glenn Wilson Reed Wedding 1973-09-20-pg31.jpg
Hachtel, Theodore Lynn/Paula Delayne Denton Wedding 1968-01-19-pg03.jpg
Hadaway, Delma Charlene bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. T. Hadaway 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg
Hadaway, Elma C. - T. W. Sparks Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Hagle, Joann/Dewayne Keller Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Haines, Carol Elizabeth/James Rodney Read Wedding 1968-08-30-pg08.jpg
Haines, W. A.-Ruby J. Boldin marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Hainline, Bernice & Leonard Moore marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Haire, John Neal groom, couple will live in Graham 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Haire, John Neal Wedding, best man was C. C. Steward of Bridgeport 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Hairston, C. C. & Bobbie Crawford marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Hale, Shirley Jane/Harrol David Donley Bride elect of Harrol David Donley 1973-04-05-pg39.jpg
Hale, Shirley Jane/Harrol David Donley Bride elect of Harrol David Donley 1973-04-19-pg41.jpg
Hall, Cathy Renee/Ricky Ray Allison Wedding 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Hall, Deana M./Bray, Arthur M. Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Hall, Eola Miss married in Decatur by brother Perry Hall 1955-08-26-pg02.jpg
Hall, Ertis & George Hall marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Hall, George & Ertis Hall marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Hall, Rebecca Ann/Jimmy Dwayne Kelley Wedding 1970-11-13-pg11.jpg
Hall, Sylvia Dean / Wallace, Tobe B., Jr. S/Sgt. Wedding 1944-07-14-pg03.jpg
Hall, Wanda Sue Miss bride elect of Raymond Richardson 1959-08-14-pg01.jpg
Halpin, James M./Rosie Linehan Groom elect of Rosie Linehan 1971-06-03-pg10.jpg
Halpin, James M./Rosie Linehan Wedding 1971-08-12-pg14.jpg
Halverson, Suzanne Kay/Thomas E. Beaty Wedding 1968-05-17-pg03.jpg
Hamblin, Sharon Lea/Chris Edward Townes Wedding 1975-06-19-pg16.jpg
Hamblin, William Groom elect of Carmelita Escajeda 1970-04-10-pg19.jpg
Hamblin, William S., Jr./Carmelita Escajeda married Carmelita Escajeda 1970-03-20-pg20.jpg
Hamblin, William S., Jr./Carmelita Escajeda married Carmelita Escajeda 1970-04-10-pg03.jpg
Hamby, Gordon Miller/Mary Deanna Heintzelman Wedding 1967-02-24-pg11.jpg
Hamilton, E. E. (Nig) Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1975-09-18-pg16.jpg
Hamilton, Homer groom elect of Helen Orr 1965-07-23-pg05.jpg
Hamilton, Jimmy Ray groom elect of Anne Francine George 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
Hamilton, Jimmy Ray/ Gloria Holder Bridal Shower 1968-11-22-pg18.jpg
Hamilton, Margaret L.-J. G. Bradford marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Hamilton, Mirellda Miss wedding (bride) 1953-01-16-pg01.jpg
Hamilton, William Homer / Orr, Helen La Verne Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Hancock, Earlene/Don Niblett Wedding 1963-07-26-pg09.jpg
Handley, W. J. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden 1959-01-23-pg02.jpg
Haney, Delois Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs A. C. Haney 1969-12-26pg33.jpg
Haney, Edwin groom, honor attendant was Jerry Rawle 1956-10-26-pg04.jpg
Haney, Joyce wedding shower, groom Jerry Beard 1957-12-13-pg01.jpg
Haney, Joyce/Beard, Jerry marriage, bride of Jerry Beard 1957-12-27-pg12.jpg
Haney, Lorinda Gay/George Lee Brock Wedding 1968-08-02-pg17.jpg
Hanks, Norman E./Diane Lynn Phillips Wedding 1968-04-26-pg14.jpg
Hanks, Norman Ear;/Diane Lynn Phillips Wedding 1968-07-12-pg06.jpg
Harbough, R. E.- Melba Stevens marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth / Michael, Kenneth Wedding 1941-10-31-pg01.jpg
Hardee, Linda Fay/Donald Calvin Stinnett Wedding 1967-05-26-pg07.jpg
Hardee, S.B./Vera Frances Morgan Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Harder, Joe, Pfc. / Railey, Leona, Miss Wedding 1944-03-24-pg03.jpg
Hardy, John Charles groom 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Hardy, Roy P. Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1969-07-25pg09.jpg
Hargrove, Wanda J. - R. E. Covington Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Harlan, James / Muncy, Raetta Wedding 1965-06-11-pg15.jpg
Harlan, Joy Miss bride elect of Richard Bastian 1956-03-23-pg03.jpg
Harlan, Joy Miss bride elect, wedding planned March 30, 1956 1956-02-03-pg04.jpg
Harlan, Kay/Rives McBee Wedding 1961-09-29-pg09.jpg
Harlan, Marian Joy bride, to be married tonight to Richard Bastian 1956-03-30-pg04.jpg
Harlan, Myrle Miss bridal shower, bride elect of Jack Duncan 1958-06-27-pg05.jpg
Harlan, Myrle Nuss Wedding, bride of Mr Jack Duncan 1958-07-04-pg05.jpg
Harlan, Myrle/Jack Duncan Wedding 1958-05-16-pg08.jpg
Harlin, John/Kathryn Grayson Wedding 1964-05-08-pg09.jpg
Harris, Addie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Otis O. Harris 1956-01-27-pg05.jpg
Harris, Addie Ruth Miss bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs Otis C. Harris 1955-12-16-pg05.jpg
Harris, Adie R. - J. C. Green marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Harris, Bertie Lynn/Jerry Lyndell Utley Wedding 1961-06-16-pg05.jpg
Harris, Carolyn Miss bride elect of Rex Hill 1958-10-24-pg05.jpg
Harris, Carolyn Miss Wedding, married Rex Hill 1958-12-26-pg04.jpg
Harris, Charles groom elect of Patricia Eudaly 1959-07-17-pg10.jpg
Harris, Charles Wedding, married Miss Patricia Eudaly 1959-07-31-pg08.jpg
Harris, Charles E. groom elect of Patricia Ann Eudaly 1959-05-08-pg07.jpg
Harris, Charles E. shower, groom elect of Patricia Ann Eudaly 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Harris, D. A. - Mrs Boyd E. Sikes Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Harris, D. L. - Iva Monette Self Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Harris, La Verne/Chelcie Parkey Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Harris, Linda Fay/Harold E. Russell Bride elect of Harold E. Russell 1967-01-20-pg05.jpg
Harris, Linda Fay/Harold E. Russell Wedding 1967-05-05-pg07.jpg
Harris, Linda Miss bride elect of Harold Russell 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Harris, Lorean/Bobby W. Shawn Bride elect of Bobby W. Shawn 1967-03-10-pg14.jpg
Harris, Mary Ellen/Billy Ralph Smith Wedding 1963-01-25-pg11.jpg
Harris, Robert groom, son of Mr & mrs Benn Harris of Dallas 1972-05-25-pg23.jpg
Harris, Robert Cullen groom elect of Jane Ann Moad 1972-04-27-pg20.jpg
Harris, Worth Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 54th wedding 1952-05-09-pg02.jpg
Hart, Forrest David/Debra Joyce Beaman Wedding 1975-09-25-pg10.jpg
Hart, Nancy Jean/Thomas Leroy Michalson Bride Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Harthcock, Janice May Miss bride, married Bill Rae Lee in Dallas 1969-06-27pg16.jpg
Hartsell, Betty Miss Wedding, bride of Ronald Paschal 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Hartsell, Beverly Ann Bride elect of Bobby Duck 1970-08-28-pg16.jpg
Hartsell, Byrle groom, son of Mr & Mrs Ike Hartsell 1955-06-10-pg06.jpg
Hartsell, Claudia bride elect of Tommy Jay Roberts 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Hartsell, Claudia / Roberts, Tommy Wedding 1966-09-02-pg04.jpg
Hartsell, Claudia Jane bride elect of Tommy Jay Roberts 1966-07-22-pg09.jpg
Hartsell, Danny/Veanna Stewart Wedding 1963-01-11-pg14.jpg
Hartsell, Jane/Randall Cayce Wedding (Lamona Jane Hartsell) 1961-02-03-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, LaVerne, Miss / Chapman, H.V., Lt. Wedding 1943-09-10-pg03.jpg
Hartsell, Patricia Gayle bride elect of Paul W. McWilliams 1958-11-21-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Patricia Gayle Wedding, married Paul Woodrow McWilliams 1959-01-02-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Peggy Sue Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs John M. Hartsell 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Harvey, Billie E./Mamie Joyce Hubbard Groom Elect of Mamie Joyce Hubbard 1967-01-13-pg04.jpg
Harvey, Glenda/Dan Simpson Wedding 1967-08-18-pg13.jpg
Harvick, James Lynwood/Garon Renee Reid Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Harvick, Letha Faye Bride elect of Raymond Tebbetts 1957-04-12-pg04.jpg
Harvick, Letha Faye bride of Raymond Ward Tebbets 1957-05-17-pg06.jpg
Harwell, Henry Jr Wedding, married Marily Buford 1959-06-12-pg08.jpg
Harwell, V. L. - Lola Pearl Peel marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Harwick, V.K., Rev. / Henson, Carolyn Wedding 1965-08-27-pg07.jpg
Hassell, Davis F./Helen Elaine Stewart Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Hastings, William Ed/Sheila Margaret Pierce Wedding 1968-07-19-pg06.jpg
Hatcher, Marsha A.-W. W. Wells Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Hawkins, Bobby groom elect of Wanda Hudson 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
Hawkins, Bobby Wedding, married Wanda Hudson 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Hawkins, Bobby W. shower, groom elect of Wanda Hudson 1959-08-07-pg04.jpg
Hawkins, Diane bride elect of Bennie Loper, shower 1964-05-15-pg03.jpg
Hawkins, Diane Miss Bride elect of Bennie Loper 1964-05-01-pg03.jpg
Hawkins, Diane/Bennie Warren Loper Wedding 1964-02-28-pg11.jpg
Hawkins, Diane/Bennie Warren Loper Wedding 1964-06-12-pg08.jpg
Hawkins, John Phillip/Janis Marie McAndrew Wedding 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
Hawkins, Richard Carroll/Wynona Green Wedding 1968-06-07-pg18.jpg
Hawkins, Robert W. (Bobby) Wedding, married Wanda Hudson 1959-09-04-pg08.jpg
Hawkins, Shara/William Paul Howell Wedding 1963-07-26-pg03.jpg
Hay, Helen J. - J. W. keys Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Haynes, Edwin Ray/Mary Dugan Wedding 1961-07-14-pg02.jpg
Haynes, Marion Elaine/John Alvin Winder, Jr. Wedding 1968-05-17-pg10.jpg
Haynes, Marion Elaine/John Alvin Winder, Jr. Wedding 1968-08-30-pg11.jpg
Hays, Jesse/Miss Lola McElroy Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
Hays, Patricia Gayle bride elect of Thurman Lee Stokes 1962-10-19-pg04.jpg
Hayslip, Nona/Sam C. Parker married Sam C. Parker 1970-04-17-pg10.jpg
Heald, D. W. - Vera M. Luther marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Heald, Pat Wesley groom, grandson of Mr & Mrs J. C. Heald 1956-04-27-pg03.jpg
Healer, James / Herndon, Judy Wedding 1965-09-10-pg03.jpg
Healer, James / Herndon, Judy Wedding 1965-10-22-pg12.jpg
Heard, Roy J./Jocelyn Kaye Smith Wedding 1968-07-19-pg05.jpg
Heath, Ovella/Edson Owens Wedding 1944-01-07-pg04.jpg
Heintzelman, Mary Deanna/Gordon Miller Hamby Wedding 1967-02-24-pg11.jpg
Helf, Larry & Billington, Karen Wedding 1962-09-14-pg02.jpg
Helf, Larry Wayne groom elect of Janie Carol Mattery 1962-04-27-pg05.jpg
Helton, Edgar Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1967-06-02-pg11.jpg
Hembree, Gwendolyn/John E. Shelton Wedding 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg
Hemphill, Shirley J. - C. F. Rhea marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Henderson, Carl/Melva Jean Bush Wedding 1975-06-19-pg15.jpg
Henderson, Monroe/Pearl Cary Wedding 1944-04-07-pg01.jpg
Hendrickson, Jeffery Lee/Betsey Slover Wedding 1968-08-16-pg03.jpg
Hendrickson, Jim - Vada Eddy Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Hendrix, Donald Gene/Glenelle Hendrix Wedding 1964-12-11-pg13.jpg
Henley, Lucy Marie-C. P. Padron Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Henley, Melba Joyce/E.D. Mabe, Jr. Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Henry, Debbie/John Deaton, III Wedding 1971-02-12-pg09.jpg
Hensley, Larry groom elect of Sandra Kay Thompson 1969-06-20pg19.jpg
Henson, Carolyn / Harwick, V.K., Rev. Wedding 1965-08-27-pg07.jpg
Heradon, Johnny groom, son of Rev & Mrs J. B herndon 1956-11-30-pg02.jpg
Herbert, Charles married Christine Taylor 1966-07-29-pg16.jpg
Herbert, L. V. & Evelyn Marshall Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Herndon, Fredda Joyce/Joe Leland Gill Wedding 1961-05-12-pg11.jpg
Herndon, Fredda Joyce/Joe Leland Gill Wedding 1961-06-30-pg05.jpg
Herndon, Judy / Healer, James Wedding 1965-09-10-pg03.jpg
Herndon, Judy / Healer, James Wedding 1965-10-22-pg12.jpg
Herndon, Paula Faye/William Gary Reed Bride eelect of William Gary Reed 1971-06-10-pg08.jpg
Herndon, Paula Faye/William Gary Reed Wedding 1971-09-02-pg17.jpg
Hernupont, Glenda Kay Bride of Malcolm LeRoy Shephard Jr 1958-03-28-pg02.jpg
Herring, Melanie/Albert Gonzales Bride elect of Albert Gonzales 1974-12-26-pg02.jpg
Hicks, Geneva Evelyn/Bert Leon 'Butch' Ryan Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
Hicks, Geneva Evelyn/Bert Leon 'Butch' Ryan Wedding 1964-12-25-pg09.jpg
Hicks, Melinda Ruth/Charles E. Prince, Jr. Wedding 1974-03-21-pg22.jpg
Hicks, Nell Wedding, bride of Billy Admire 1958-07-11-pg08.jpg
Hicks, Rhonda/Stephen Doty Wedding 1973-06-28-pg26.jpg
Hill, eorge E. groom elect of Donna Jean Grill 1959-06-12-pg01.jpg
Hill, George Wedding, married Miss Donna Grill 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Hill, Howard P./Aline Sanders Wedding 1945-01-12-pg01.jpg
Hill, Jerry Lynn Miss bride elect of Johnny Grill was given a shower 1955-08-05-pg06.jpg
Hill, Jerry Lynn Miss bride elect, mother was Mrs J. G. Hill Jr 1955-07-22-pg05.jpg
Hill, Jerry Lynn Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. G. Hill 1955-08-26-pg02.jpg
Hill, Judy Ann / Ferguson, D.W., Jr. Wedding 1965-06-11-pg16.jpg
Hill, Rex groom elect of Carolyn Harris 1958-10-24-pg05.jpg
Hill, Rex Wedding, married Carolyn Harris 1958-12-26-pg04.jpg
Hill, Savannah Lee groom, son of Mr & Mrs O. L. Hill 1956-11-09-pg06.jpg
Hilton, Patsy Miss marriage to Bobby Kilgore 1953-06-12-pg02.jpg
Hines, Embry Groom elect of Martha Jane Briggs 1963-05-24-pg07.jpg
Hines, J.L. / Medford, Leola Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Hines, Myrtice Martha-J. O. Wimas marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Hines, Nancy M.-A. C. Miles marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Hines, William Embry, Jr./Martha Jane Briggs Wedding 1963-04-19-pg04.jpg
Hines, William Embry, Jr./Martha Jane Briggs Wedding 1963-06-28-pg11.jpg
Hinsley, Mary Lou/John H. Newsom Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Hinton, George Riley/Nellie Marie Cazzell Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Hobbs, H. Buford Pfc wedding, (groom) 1953-02-20-pg01.jpg
Hobbs, Jess - Maggie Goodman Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Hobson, C. W., II groom elect of Elizabeth Manon Collum 1969-01-31-pg03.jpg
Hodge, Charlsa Marie/David Ray Cole Bride elect of David Ray Cole 1974-06-20-pg04.jpg
Hodge, Effie Marie/Calvin Jake Tucker Wedding 1944-09-15-pg03.jpg
Hodge, Effie Marie/Calvin Jake Tucker Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Hodges, Joe V. groom elect of Joanne Shanks 1956-12-14-pg02.jpg
Hodges, Joe Victor groom, son of Mr & Mrs Jesse Hodges 1956-12-21-pg07.jpg
Hodges, Thelma - V. L. Clower marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Hoefle, Martin P. Mr groom, son of Mrs J. P. Hoefle of Bridgeport 1953-07-17-pg01.jpg
Hogan, Bertha-J. T. Weaver marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Hogue, George J./Waynda Jean O'Dell Wedding 1967-10-20-pg08.jpg
Hogue, Lema L. & R. J. Cogburn Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Hogue, Louise-M. A. Lantham Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Holder, Gloria Jean/Jim Hamilton Bridal Shower 1968-11-22-pg18.jpg
Holland, Betty Wedding, married Fred Rountree 1959-04-10-pg02.jpg
Holland, Betty Lee Wedding, married Fred Rountree 1959-03-27-pg07.jpg
Holland, Betty/Randy Nabors Wedding 1970-03-20-pg14.jpg
Holland, Mildred Lynda/Irwin Stanley Chapman Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Holley, I. M. - Sannye S. Paschall Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Holley, Lawrence Ray groom, son of Mr & Mrs S. D. Holley 1955-06-10-pg02.jpg
Holley, Marlan groom, attended by Charles Bridges 1956-01-27-pg05.jpg
Holley, Marlan groom, son of Mr & Mrs S. D. Holley 1956-01-20-pg06.jpg
Holmes, B. J. Mr groom, marriage to Lorene Gibbons 1953-08-14-pg05.jpg
Holt, Amanda Lee Mrs anniversary, celebrated 83rd birthday 1947-05-30-pg05.jpg
Holt, Bobby/Sharon Lawrence Wedding 1964-01-03-pg11.jpg
Holt, Carole Sue / Richardson, Jack Wedding 1966-08-26-pg07.jpg
Holt, Dan Moody/Jaunita Louise Person Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Holt, Loyce Miss Bride elect of Preston Lowery in July 1955-06-17-pg07.jpg
Holt, Renea/Harold Remmele Wedding 1973-08-02-pg11.jpg
Holt, Thurman Lee/Connie Lou Hudson Wedding 1964-03-13-pg05.jpg
Holt, Thurman Lee/Connie Lou Hudson Wedding 1964-04-03-pg04.jpg
Hopkins, Carolyn Ann Miss Bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. B. Hopkins 1956-09-07-pg04.jpg
Horn, Ronny/Sunshine Price Wedding 1973-07-19-pg02.jpg
Hornback, Gary Don/Beverly Gay Cook Wedding 1968-04-26-pg05.jpg
Hornback, Molly Frances/Ray Rhine Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Horner, Richard groom elect to Lanora Marie Jones 1972-02-10-pg14.jpg
Horton, Homer Allen/Dathryn Dorene Niblett Wedding 1968-07-19-pg05.jpg
Houchins, Fay Mrs bridal shower by Mrs Henry Dethloff 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Houchins, Henry Mr & Mrs Anniversary their 50th wedding anniversary 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
House, Trula Jo/Ralph Ferguson Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
House, Vista Mae / Decker, Earl, Pvt. Wedding 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg
Housewright, Lee D., Lt. / Raven, Mary Nell Wedding 1943-10-01-pg02.jpg
Houston, Alice/W.P. Bowman Wedding 1945-06-29-pg04.jpg
Houtchens, Artes bride of Eddie Everett Huckabee 1958-02-07-pg01.jpg
Houtchens, Artes Miss Bride elect of Eddie Huckabee 1958-01-31-pg05.jpg
Houtchens, Artes/Eddie Huchabee Wedding 1958-01-31-pg05.jpg
Howard, Adrian A./Louise Lynch Wedding 1945-06-01-pg04.jpg
Howard, Barbara - B. T. Cearley marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Howell, Crystal Alene/Jerry Don Bone Wedding 1973-06-07-pg17.jpg
Howell, Mary A./James S. McDaniel Wedding 1946-10-11-pg06.jpg
Howell, William Paul/Shara Hawkins Wedding 1963-07-26-pg03.jpg
Hubbard, Mamie Joyce/Billie E. Harvey Bride Elect of Billie E. Harvey 1967-01-13-pg04.jpg
Huber, Chris/Linda Turner Wedding 1957-09-13-pg08.jpg
Huckabee, Eddie groom of Miss Artes Houtchens 1958-01-31-pg05.jpg
Huckabee, Eddie Everett groom of Miss Artes Houtchens 1958-02-07-pg01.jpg
Huckabee, Eddie/Artes Houtchens Wedding 1958-01-31-pg05.jpg
Huckabee, Peggy A. & J. C. Wright Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Huckabee, Peggy Miss bride elect of Jimmy Wright 1957-04-26-pg06.jpg
Hudson, Connie Lou/Thurman Lee Holt Shower 1964-03-27-pg11.jpg
Hudson, Connie Lou/Thurman Lee Holt Wedding 1964-03-13-pg05.jpg
Hudson, Connie Lou/Thurman Lee Holt Wedding 1964-04-03-pg04.jpg
Hudson, Lewis Ed Wedding, groom of Alice Cody 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Hudson, Rebecca Rattan Mrs Wedding, shower, upcoming birth of Andrew 1974-03-21-pg21.jpg
Hudson, Robert Don Wedding, shower, upcoming birth of Andrew 1974-03-21-pg21.jpg
Hudson, Tom / Miller, Blanche, Mrs. Wedding 1943-11-26-pg03.jpg
Hudson, Wanda bride elect of Bobby hawkins 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
Hudson, Wanda shower, bride elect of Bobby W. Hawkins 1959-08-07-pg04.jpg
Hudson, Wanda Wedding, married Bobby Hawkins 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Hudson, Wanda Wedding, married Robert W. (Bobby) Hawkins 1959-09-04-pg08.jpg
Huff, Ronny groom elect of Margaret Tucker 1964-11-27-pg06.jpg
Huggins, Frankie/Terry Mae Lawrence Wedding 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Hughes, Celtyn Jimmy groom, son of Mr & Mrs James Hughes 1969-12-12pg03.jpg
Hughes, John B. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1972-08-24-pg10.jpg
Hukill, Reta F. - R. E. Crabtree marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Hunn, Debra Ann/Mark Randal Long Wedding 1973-05-17-pg10.jpg
Hunn, Jewel Miss bride, attended by sister Mrs Bobby Lee Starnes 1947-07-04-pg08.jpg
Hunt, Haferne Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Lowell Hunt 1972-09-14-pg05.jpg
Hunt, Warren L., Mr., groom married Miss Merlyne Gage 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Hunt, William / Wilson, Charlele, Miss Wedding 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg
Hunter, Betty Lynn bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. T. Hunter 1955-11-11-pg04.jpg
Hunter, Bonnie Bell / Evans, Joseph R., Sgt. Wedding 1942-12-04-pg01.jpg
Hunter, Gary Alan/Marcy Johanna Pearce Wedding 1975-06-26-pg12.jpg
Hunter, Mary Nell / Slagle, William Boyd Wedding 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Huston, Carol Miss Bride of Roy Glenmore 1958-03-21-pg03.jpg
Hutchins, Neal Wedding, married Joy Carpenter 1959-01-09-pg05.jpg
Hutson, Grace/Luther Richardson Wedding 1925-05-01-pg04.jpg
Isom, Dale/Donna June Davis Wedding 1975-06-05-pg13.jpg
Isom, Dewey Everette/Linda Ann Reeves Groom elect of Linda Ann Reeves 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Isom, Dewey Everette/Linda Ann Reeves Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02.jpg
Isom, R.W./Pauline Sasse Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Itson, S.N./Dasha Welch Wedding 1925-05-08-pg04.jpg
Ivy, Betty Jean/John L. Barnett, Jr. Wedding 1964-10-09-pg07.jpg
Ivy, Betty Jean/John L. Barnett, Jr. Wedding 1964-10-16-pg08.jpg
Ivy, Peggy/Clifford Richey Wedding 1961-06-09-pg10.jpg
Jack, Reba Sue - A. T. Taylor Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Jackson, Anne/Robert E. Smith Wedding 1970-03-06-pg19.jpg
Jackson, Carl Wayne Bridal Shower, groom elect of Helen Meadows 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Jackson, Danny Ray/Marjorie June Flowers Wedding 1967-08-11-pg03.jpg
Jackson, Dennis shower, groom elect of Myra Barnes 1962-08-24-pg07.jpg
Jackson, Dennis Clark groom elect of Myra Lee Barnes 1962-07-06-pg03.jpg
Jackson, Dorothy / Nard, Robert Wedding 1942-10-16-pg04.jpg
Jackson, Frankie M.-E.R. McDaniel Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Jackson, Kay married Earl Stokes 1962-06-22-pg16.jpg
Jackson, Ronnie / Gray Sarah Wedding 1966-03-11-pg07.jpg
Jackson, Ruth Maye Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs James W. Jackson 1954-09-24-pg07.jpg
Jackson, T. K. - Mildred Wamble marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Jahnke, Nancy/Thomas O. Dutton Bride elect of Thomas O. Dutton 1967-03-31-pg07.jpg
James, Arthur Martin/Ann Stewart Wedding 1961-08-25-pg03.jpg
Jarnagin, Temple T. / Ford, Willie M. Wedding 1944-09-29-pg02.jpg
Jarrard, Ernest C., Pfc. / Stubblefield, Dovie Wedding 1943-05-28-pg02.jpg
Jarrett, Boyce W. (Joe) Groom elect of Miss Frances A. Martin 1969-08-15pg10.jpg
Jay, Karen Elizabeth / Bridwell, Keith Wedding 1966-07-29-pg04.jpg
Jefferson, J.H./Annie Tanahill Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Jenkins, Harold Michael/Janice Richardson Wedding 1970-09-04-pg08.jpg
Jenkins, Joe/Sherri Lynn Womack Groom elect of Sherri Lynn Womack 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Jenkins, T.H./Lola Elliott Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04.jpg
Jennings, Paula Faye/Conney Ray Massey Wedding 1967-06-09-pg11.jpg
Jennings, Robert L. Pvt groom elect of Judy Ruth Davis 1962-09-28-pg04.jpg
Jennings, Robert Lee & Davis Judy Wedding 1962-10-12-pg09.jpg
Jerome, John Mr wedding (groom) shower 1953-01-16-pg04.jpg
Jobe, Kenneth groom, married Shirley Reynolds 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg
Johns, Charles / Casto, Billie Louise Wedding 1944-01-14-pg04.jpg
Johnson, Barbara Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joe M. Johnson 1955-07-08-pg02.jpg
Johnson, Becky Sue/Rocky Bill Doty Bride elect of Rocky Doty 1975-06-05-pg13.jpg
Johnson, Becky Sue/Rocky Bill Doty Wedding 1975-06-26-pg14.jpg
Johnson, Bill Groom elect of Connie Koch 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Johnson, Billy Eugene/Connie Ruth Koch Wedding 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg
Johnson, Billy Eugene/Connie Ruth Koch Wedding 1968-06-28-pg06.jpg
Johnson, Carolyn/James L. Potteiger Wedding 1967-03-31-pg10.jpg
Johnson, Donald Dalton/Clarisa Karen Keith Wedding 1975-07-10-pg02.jpg
Johnson, Earl & LaMoyne Thomas marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Johnson, Earl Clifford groom, son of Mr & Mrs Sid Johnson 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Johnson, James Charles / Bunch, Juanita Alexander, Mrs. Wedding 1944-11-17-pg01.jpg
Johnson, Marjorie M. & B. R. Woodward Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Johnson, Thomas R./Olevia E. Talley Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Johnson, Wanda Sue/Joe Lynn Rich Wedding 1961-06-16-pg11.jpg
Johnson, William Delmo / Brain, Alice Constance Wedding 1942-11-13-pg01.jpg
Johnson, Zettie and Joseph Copeland marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Johnston, Buddy Charles groom elect of Marion Lorene Keith 1959-04-24-pg01.jpg
Johnston, Wesley Wedding, groom elect of Wanda Darlene Phillips 1958-11-21-pg05.jpg
Jones, Annie Nell/LeRoy Newton Schlittler Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Jones, Bert F./Betty Lou McCollough Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Jones, Burt Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary, 12th 1958-09-26-pg07.jpg
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01.jpg
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04.jpg
Jones, Donald Curtis groom, son of Mr & Mrs Clarence Jones 1955-02-25-pg08.jpg
Jones, Ella/Flavy Long Wedding 1971-08-05-pg10.jpg
Jones, G. R. groom elect of Glenda Sue Ethridge 1962-11-30-pg05.jpg
Jones, Gail/Jimmy Wayne Dawson Wedding 1974-01-17-pg12.jpg
Jones, Gerald Ray/Sue Ethridge Wedding 1963-01-04-pg04.jpg
Jones, Greg groom elect of Linda Wharton 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Jones, Homer S., Mr., groom married Miss Naomi Summitt 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Jones, Karen Frances/Leonard Stickler Wedding 1963-09-20-pg09.jpg
Jones, Kenneth groom, married to Betty Jo Bryant 1955-07-15-pg02.jpg
Jones, Lanora Marie Miss bride elect to Richard Horner 1972-02-10-pg14.jpg
Jones, Marion Lucille/Dean Meadows Bride elect of Mr Dean Meadows 1961-03-03-pg08.jpg
Jones, Mary Evelyn/Delwyn Ray Scott Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Jones, May/Clarence Birdwell Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Jones, Nathan Gene/Vicki Lynn Roberts Wedding 1967-09-22-pg04.jpg
Jones, Pegy Ruth bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. D. Jones 1955-08-05-pg05.jpg
Jones, Phyllis Jean/Jimmy Lee Gross Wedding 1963-07-26-pg10.jpg
Jones, R. E. Jr groom elect of Miss Lynda Cantrell 1962-06-15-pg06.jpg
Jones, Rubin E. Jr married Lynda Louise Cantrell 1962-06-22-pg16.jpg
Jones, Vicki Diane bride elect of Charles A. Lautaret 1969-03-28pg14.jpg
Jones, Viola Pearl/Cecil Owen Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Jones, Viola T.- J. R. Wilder marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Jones, Vivian/Buford D. Crouch Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Jordan, Cherry Lynn/Al J. Mayer Bride Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Jordan, Cherry Lynn/Al J. Mayer Wedding 1967-02-03-pg07.jpg
Jordan, Virginia Kaye bride elect of James Robert Evans 1969-04-18pg10.jpg
Jordan, Virginia Kaye bride elect of James Robert Evans 1969-06-13pg04.jpg
Jordan, Virginia Kaye bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Howard Jordan 1969-06-20pg18.jpg
Justus, Toni/David Clayton Wedding 1967-08-18-pg13.jpg
Kaker, Amyana/Regis Brenkus Wedding 1964-11-06-pg09.jpg
Kaker, Amyana/Regis Edward Brenkus Wedding 1964-10-02-pg02.jpg
Kaker, Anita Joyce Miss wedding (bride) married Jerry Mac Shipley 1952-05-16-pg06.jpg
Kaker, Bernice Miss bride, daughter of Mrs F.F. Kaker 1947-03-28-pg05.jpg
Kaker, Charles Franklin/Lillian Ann Dawson Wedding 1961-04-07-pg05.jpg
Kaker, Darlene Miss bridal shower, married Buddy Bean 1959-11-06-pg07.jpg
Kaker, Eldon groom elect, will be married Saturday evening 1955-12-16-pg08.jpg
Kaker, Eldon R. - Janice R. Kersey Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Kaker, Henry Holland / McAnear, Linda Wedding 1965-08-13-pg13.jpg
Kaker, J. L. Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary 1957-01-25-pg02.jpg
Kaker, John Thomas Wedding, married Sue Perkins 1969-08-15pg11.jpg
Kaker, Lavona/James H. Everhart Wedding 1968-02-09-pg04.jpg
Kaker, Lavona/James W. Everhart Wedding 1967-09-22-pg04.jpg
Kaker, Linda Mrs Wedding shower 1965-09-03-pg04.jpg
Kaker, Sammy/Harriett Fry Groom elect of Harriett Fry 1971-11-25-pg24.jpg
Kaker, Sneed Wedding, groom of Mary Coral Findley 1959-06-05-pg07.jpg
Kaker, Tommy (John Thomas) groom elect of Sue Ann Perkins 1969-06-13pg03.jpg
Kammeter, Angeline E./Willie R. Wilson Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Kasner, Glenda Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs B. M. Kasner 1955-10-28-pg06.jpg
Kasner, Robert/Jane Bruster Wedding 1963-12-13-pg09.jpg
Keener, Mary Louise Bride 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Keethler, John married Jewell McDaniel 1962-07-13-pg08.jpg
Keith, Clarisa Karen/Donald Dalton Johnson Wedding 1975-07-10-pg02.jpg
Keith, Marion Lorene Charles bride elect of buddy Charles Johnston 1959-04-24-pg01.jpg
Keith, Mickie bride elect, to marry James Gilmore 1972-05-18-pg17.jpg
Keller, Dewayne/Joann Hagle Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Kelley, Billye Sue bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Jim Kelley 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Kelley, Billye Sue bride, will wed on May 15, 1955 to Collis Sellman 1955-05-13-pg04.jpg
Kelley, Dorothy Jean- J. G. Sipes marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne/Rebecca Ann Hall Wedding 1970-11-13-pg11.jpg
Kelley, Linda/Carlton Garrett Wedding 1958-01-24-pg08.jpg
Kelley, Mary Lou bride elect of Harvey urgan 1966-02-11-pg13.jpg
Kelley, Mary Lou / Urban, Harvey Lee Wedding 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
Kelley, Richard/Patsy Owensby Wedding 1961-12-22-pg05.jpg
Kelly, Bill/Trudy Diane O'Kelley Groom elect of Diane O'Kelley 1974-04-25-pg07.jpg
Kelly, Edmund F. groom, of Carswell AFB Fort Worth Texas 1955-11-04-pg06.jpg
Kelly, Francis Virginia/Delbert Ray Pierce Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Kendwick, Mack Jerald / Sisk, Gertrude Wedding 1941-11-07-pg04.jpg
Kennedy, Bedford / Slagle, Maria Wedding 1941-08-01-pg01.jpg
Kennedy, Carla Sue Bride Elect of Travis Provence 1966-11-04-pg08.jpg
Kennedy, Darla Gayle/Randall Ed Kleam Wedding 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Kennedy, Gaylord/Brenda Canova Groom elect of Brenda Canova 1973-05-03-pg28.jpg
Kennedy, Kaye/Harold D. Read, Jr. Wedding 1964-06-05-pg08.jpg
Kennemer, Bob groom elect of of Doris Nimmo, shower 1964-08-21-pg05.jpg
Kennemer, Robert Martin/Doris Jennette Nimmo Wedding 1964-03-06-pg10.jpg
Kennemer, Robert Martin/Doris Jennette Nimmo Wedding 1964-09-11-pg09.jpg
Kersey, Clinton (Bill) Wedding, married Shirley Nadine Reynolds 1958-07-04-pg03.jpg
Kersey, Clinton (Bill)/Shirley Reynolds Wedding 1958-05-23-pg09.jpg
Kersey, Della Jo Wedding, married James Ferris 1959-02-06-pg01.jpg
Kersey, Della Jo Wedding, married James Ferris 1959-02-27-pg02.jpg
Kersey, Janice R. - Eldon R. Kaker Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Kersey, Janis Miss bride elect, honored with shower 1955-12-16-pg08.jpg
Kersey, Jim Wesley/Sally Spencer Wedding 1967-09-01-pg12.jpg
Keys, J. W. - Helen J. Hay Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Kievitt, Donald groom elect of Kathryn Pierce 1966-01-14-pg04.jpg
Kilgore, Bobby married to Miss Patsy Hilton 1953-06-12-pg02.jpg
Kilgore, Neal Wayne wedding (groom) 1952-11-07-pg01.jpg
Kilpatrick, W. C. - Maxine M. Russell marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
King, Alice married Robert (Dutchman) Yandle 1969-09-05pg16.jpg
King, Eddie groom elect of Brenda Findley 1962-12-21-pg15.jpg
King, Eddie groom elect of Brenda Kay Findley 1963-02-01-pg06.jpg
King, Eddie Wayland/Brenda Kay Findley Wedding 1963-02-01-pg03.jpg
King, G. D.-Carol Ann Rhine Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
King, Karen bride elect, to marry Larry Weatherly 1972-05-18-pg20.jpg
King, Susan Gayle Bride elect of Louie Raines 1970-07-10-pg11.jpg
Kirby, Bobby groom, of Paradise Texas 1956-05-18-pg02.jpg
Kirby, R. B. - Billie C. Niblett marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Kirby, S. G. & Vanita J. Coffee Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Kirby, Sterling Gene groom of Miss Vanita Jeanette Coffee 1957-05-03-pg06.jpg
Kirby, Sterling Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 1st wedding anniversary 1958-05-09-pg08.jpg
Kitchens, Raenell & J. D. Nunneley Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Kleam, Bobby groom elect of Kathy Campsey 1966-04-08-pg31.jpg
Kleam, Bobby married Kathy Campsey 1966-06-03-pg07.jpg
Kleam, Randall Ed/Darla Gayle Kennedy Wedding 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Kleiner, Neil H. Mr of Sherman TX groom, son of Mr & Mrs E. H. Kleiner 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Knight, Patricia Beth/Dr. Lawrence Frank Guseman, Jr. Wedding 1968-04-19-pg04.jpg
Knight, Patricia Beth/Dr. Lawrence Frank Guseman, Jr. Wedding 1968-06-28-pg07.jpg
Knight, R.W./Dorothy Neel Vandiver Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Knorr, Judy L. & B. G. Michael Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Koch, Connie Bride elect of Bill Johnson 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Koch, Connie Ruth/Billy Eugene Johnson Wedding 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg
Koch, Connie/Billy Johnson Wedding 1968-06-28-pg06.jpg
Kolts, Janice Lorene Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Kolts of WA 1956-06-22-pg05.jpg
Kope, Dorothy J. - M. G. Smith marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Kotorboe, Anita/Michael Forsyther Wedding 1968-11-29-pg02.jpg
Kouns, Gordon Pat groom elect of Billye Ann McGee 1957-08-23-pg04.jpg
Kouns, Larry Groom elect of O'Zella Coursey 1958-05-23-pg08.jpg
Krudwig, C. E.- Alice L. McCrory Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Kush, Carol Ann/Charles E. Kuykendall Wedding 1971-08-12-pg09.jpg
Kuykendall, Charles E./Carol Ann Kush Wedding 1971-08-12-pg09.jpg
Kuykendall, E. T. - Maxion J. Brown marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
La Gesse, Josephine Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Emil LaGesse 1947-05-30-pg05.jpg
LaGeese, Josephine & Roy Morrow marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Lagesse, Josephine Levada Miss bride, of Fort Worth 1947-04-04-pg01.jpg
Laird, Robert Dalton groom elect of Gloria Jean Smith 1963-11-15-pg12.jpg
Laird, Robert Dalton, Jr./Gloria Jean Smith Wedding 1963-11-22-pg15.jpg
Lake, Hubert Lynn/Mary Lois Walker Groom elect of Mary Lois walker 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Lambert, Billie Sue/Melvin C. Shipley Wedding 1970-05-01-pg06.jpg
Lambert, Dorothy - Duane Thorton marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Lambert, Floyd Wayne groom, son of Mr & mrs Floyd Lambert 1956-08-17-pg03.jpg
Lambert, Nelda S.-K. R. Griffeth Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Lamberth, John Charles Rev groom elect of Miss Shirley Ann Thompson 1962-10-19-pg03.jpg
Lamberth, John Charles Rev groom elect of Miss Shirley Ann Thompson 1962-10-19-pg08.jpg
Lamberth, John Charles Rev groom elect of Shirley Ann Thompson 1962-09-07-pg08.jpg
Lamberth, John Charles Rev marriageto Shirley Ann Thompson 1962-10-26-pg06.jpg
Lamons, Marjorie/Matzinger, Hardy Wedding 1943-04-02-pg02.jpg
Lane, Lloyd/Iva Lea Corpus Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Langston, Charlie Brooks Mr. Groom married Miss Frankie Britian Lankford 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Lantham, M. A. - Louise Hogue Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Largent, Bobbie Wayne groom, married in Carrollton Texas 1955-09-02-pg02.jpg
Largent, Lee/Donna Black Groom elect of Donna Black 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Largent, Mary Catherine/Thomas Cortez Wedding 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Lasater, Gary Lyn Groom elect of Letha Ann Gentry 1970-06-05-pg09.jpg
Lautaret, Charles A. groom elect of Vick Diane Jones 1969-03-28pg14.jpg
Lawrence (Maness), Linda/Benny Duck Wedding 1975-06-05-pg14.jpg
Lawrence, Bill J. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1965-06-25-pg12.jpg
Lawrence, N. C. Mr Wedding, groom of Mrs Cloma Cantrell 1958-11-14-pg01.jpg
Lawrence, Opal Faye / Pike, Thomas Durmont, Cpl. Wedding 1944-02-04-pg02.jpg
Lawrence, Sharon/Bobby Holt Wedding 1964-01-03-pg11.jpg
Lawrence, Spurgeon/Sadie Matar Wedding 1946-10-18-pg01.jpg
Lawrence, Terry Mae/Frankie Huggins Wedding 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Lawrence, William Donald groom of Frances Faye Eakman 1957-02-08-pg04.jpg
Leake, Julia Anne/Frank Hall Coleman, Jr. Wedding 1971-06-03-pg11.jpg
Leath, Neleen Miss Wedding 14 years ago (bride) 1952-05-23-pg03.jpg
Lee, Billy Wayne Mr bridal shower, bridal, married Johnnie Ann Golaz 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Lee, Catherine M. & P. J. Putnam marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Lee, Gail/Henry Lee Moody Wedding 1964-04-24-pg10.jpg
Lee, J. F. - Helen L. Bays marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Lee, Jimmie/Lenda Loreaz Shawn Wedding 1963-08-23-pg16.jpg
Lee, Jimmie/Linda Shawn Wedding 1963-09-13-pg10.jpg
Lee, L. R. - Carolyn Louise Waller marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Lehmberg, Paul Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden wedding anniversary 1955-12-09-pg01.jpg
Lehmberg, Winnie Elizabeth/Andrew Thomas Reason Wedding 1968-09-13-pg08.jpg
Leming, Anthony Dewayne/Dana Rae Muncy Wedding 1974-07-04-pg11.jpg
Lemme, Melvin groom of Margie New 1957-06-21-pg03.jpg
Lester, Edna Frances Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Tom Lester 1954-03-26-pg04.jpg
Lester, Edwin Hugh (Skippy) groom, son of Mr & Mrs M. A. Lester 1954-03-26-pg04.jpg
Lester, Imogene/Harmon Sandefer Wedding 1946-10-11-pg06.jpg
Lester, Imogene/Harmon Sandefer Wedding 1946-11-15-pg06.jpg
Lester, Iris, Miss / Edmonson, S.E., Sgt Wedding 1944-12-01-pg04.jpg
Lester, T. D. Mrs Anniversary birthday dinner, attendees 1947-10-17-pg01.jpg
Lewis, Anita Kay/James Carl Golaz Wedding 1964-06-05-pg04.jpg
Lewis, Bill groom, son of Mr& Mrs Jack Shelby Lewis 1969-05-30pg08.jpg
Lewis, Darrell/Carol Ann Marrlett Groom elect of Carol Ann Marrlett 1971-04-23-pg10.jpg
Lewis, E. W.-Hazel F. Sims marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Lewis, George William Groom elect of Donna Bridges 1969-01-24-pg06.jpg
Lewis, Jeanell/Michael Stephen Green Bride elect of Michael Green 1971-06-03-pg10.jpg
Lewis, Jearene/Michael Stephen Rawlings Wedding 1971-01-22-pg24.jpg
Lewis, Patricia Ann Wedding, married James Van Hoose 1959-08-28-pg07.jpg
Lewis, Sheree/Leon Willmon Bride elect of Leon Willmon 1973-05-10-pg09.jpg
Libby, Lindwood Sfc groom elect, son of V B. Libby of Bangor Maine 1955-12-09-pg03.jpg
Lindsey, Jerrie/Larry Bouldin Wedding 1975-07-03-pg10.jpg
Lindsey, Mike Groom elect to marry Willene Plumley 1972-04-27-pg08.jpg
Lindsey, Norman groom elect of Janie Van Hoose 1958-08-01-pg08.jpg
Lindsey, Norman groom elect of Janie Van Hoose 1958-08-15-pg01.jpg
Lindsey, Norman Wedding, married Janie Van Hoose 1958-09-05-pg05.jpg
Lindstrom, James, Dr./Marcy Gay Oates Groom elect of Marcy Gay Oates 1973-10-11-pg15.jpg
Lindstrom, James, Dr./Marcy Gay Oates Groom elect of Marcy Gay Oates 1973-11-01-pg32.jpg
Lindstrom, James, Dr./Marcy Gay Oates Wedding 1973-11-22-pg06.jpg
Linehan, Freeda Bob/Dean F. Duffle Wedding 1946-11-22-pg08.jpg
Linehan, James Pvt groom, couple will live in Nine Palms California 1955-10-14-pg03.jpg
Linehan, Rose Marie/James M. Halpin Wedding 1971-08-12-pg14.jpg
Linehan, Rosie/James M. Halpin Bride elect of james M. Halpin 1971-06-03-pg10.jpg
Linehan, Verna Mae/Donald Ray Manning Wedding 1963-04-19-pg04.jpg
Linville, Mary Lee/Randy Gene Benge Wedding 1975-11-27-pg14.jpg
Lippincott, Julie / Charles Peace Wedding 1965-01-08-pg07.jpg
Lippincott, Julie Ann/Charles Len Peace Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
Lipps, Frances Mrs Anniversary celebrated her 97 birthday Thursday 1947-04-04-pg05.jpg
Lipstreu, Mykel Kay/Michael Sipes Wedding 1968-10-25-pg03.jpg
Little, Fain D. Mr married Jayme Renee Mullins 1962-10-05-pg16.jpg
Livengood, W. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding 1964-01-10-pg08.jpg
Locke, Garland, Corp. / Moser, Melba Jean Wedding 1941-10-17-pg02.jpg
Locke, Jaems H. groom elect 1947-03-28-pg05.jpg
Locke, Karen Miss Bride will marry Wayne Shaw June 24 Dallas TX 1955-06-24-pg02.jpg
Locke, M. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 60th wedding anniversary 1968-12-20-pg09.jpg
Locke, Martin Luther Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden (wife Mary Jane Brisco) 1959-01-23-pg07.jpg
Lockwood, Thomas Edward/Melanie Muhlinghause Wedding 1973-01-04-pg20.jpg
Loftis, Linda Miss bride elect of Robert McPherson 1962-10-26-pg06.jpg
Loftis, Linda/Robert Ray McPherson Wedding 1964-01-17-pg11.jpg
Long, Falvy/Ella Jones Wedding 1971-08-05-pg10.jpg
Long, Mark Randal/Debra Ann Hunn Wedding 1973-05-17-pg10.jpg
Looney, Fred B./Eunice Pauline Rawling Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Loper, Bennie groom elect of Diane Hawkins, shower 1964-05-15-pg03.jpg
Loper, Bennie Mr Groom elect of Diane Hawkins 1964-05-01-pg03.jpg
Loper, Bennie Warren/Diane Hawkins Wedding 1964-02-28-pg11.jpg
Loper, Bennie Warren/Diane Hawkins Wedding 1964-06-12-pg08.jpg
Loper, Jesse Sgt wedding (groom) 1953-02-06-pg04.jpg
Loper, Maudie M. & W. D. Simons Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Loraus, Gregory/Carolyn Sue Weatherly Wedding 1968-07-26-pg03.jpg
Lovan, Martha E. & Aaron Campbell Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Love, Janice C.- B. D. Bradley Jr Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Love, Pat/Gary Winton Wedding shower 1965-12-10-pg11.jpg
Love, T.F. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 56th 1962-01-05-pg05.jpg
Lovejoy, Aneta Jane bride elect of Marcus N. Nichols 1958-06-06-pg08.jpg
Lowell, Wayne / Rickels, Gwendolyn Wedding 1943-04-02-pg02.jpg
Lowery, Lynnette Wedding, bride elect of Houston Lowell Morris 1958-11-14-pg04.jpg
Lowery, Preston Groom Elect of Loyce Holt 1955-06-17-pg07.jpg
Lowrance, Joe Bruce/Linda Ferne Maness Wedding 1970-06-12-pg03.jpg
Lowrance, Johnny Dan Groom elect of Jerry Ann Shanks 1972-03-16-pg19.jpg
Lowrie, Barbara Lee bride elect of Charles L. Uselton 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Lumsden, Nelda Miss bride elect of Wordy Sherill 1957-06-14-pg01.jpg
Lunsford, R. C.-Melba J. Shelton marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Luther, Vera M. - D. W. Heald marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Luther, Vera Mae Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. D. Luther 1956-04-27-pg03.jpg
Lutrell, Ruby L.-J. E. Roberts marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
LyBrand, James T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1967-04-28-pg05.jpg
Lynch, Louise/Adrian A. Howard Wedding 1945-06-01-pg04.jpg
Lyon, Kaye Miss bride elect of Ronnie Meissner 1962-05-11-pg07.jpg
Maag, Alva / Brown, Carolyn Sue Wedding 1966-09-09-pg08.jpg
Mabe, E.D., Jr./Melba Joyce Henley Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Mabry, Delores - J. B. Gaff Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Magin, Helen/Carmon Bailey Wedding 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg
Maginnis, Helen W. - E. A. Moag Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Main, Gloria bride elect (of Waco Texas) 1947-03-28-pg05.jpg
Malone, J. L.-Martha J. Wildt marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Maness, Linda Ferne/Joe Bruce Lowrance Wedding 1970-06-12-pg03.jpg
Mann, George Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1963-11-29-pg09.jpg
Mann, Gwendolyn/ Merle Allen Wang Bride electe of Merle Allen Wang 1975-10-30-pg08.jpg
Mann, J. P. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th, photo 1969-12-19pg18.jpg
Mann, Jack groom elect of Jo Ann Bolling 1962-11-23-pg12.jpg
Mann, Jack Wedding, married Jo Ann Bolling in Houston 1962-12-14-pg10.jpg
Mann, Jack Mrs bridal shower 1962-12-21-pg12.jpg
Mann, Jack Truett groom elect of Jo Ann Bolling 1962-10-26-pg13.jpg
Mann, James McLine/Debbie Sue Meier Groom elect of Debbie Meier 1971-09-30-pg03.jpg
Mann, Jim Wedding, groom of Miss Patsy Louise Odle 1958-11-14-pg01.jpg
Mann, Jimmy groom, son of Mr & mrs Truett Mann 1972-08-24-pg24.jpg
Mann, Mark W./Michele Cowden Wedding 1975-07-17-pg02.jpg
Mann, Mollye Ann/Billy Joe O'Dell Wedding 1973-03-22-pg11.jpg
Mann, Rudy Elden/Nelda Diane Miller Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Mann, Selma Esther/Dunn, George L. Wedding 1943-10-08-pg02.jpg
Mann, Sherry/Bobby Copeland Bride elect of Bobby Copeland 1974-08-29-pg27.jpg
Mann, Susan Adelia/Stanley Carol McWilliams Wedding 1973-06-28-pg10.jpg
Mann, Terry/Allana Ann Wang Wedding 1967-10-06-pg19.jpg
Mann, Vera / Stutt, Kit Jay Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Manning, Donald Ray/Verna Mae Linehan Wedding 1963-04-19-pg04.jpg
Manning, Laverne / Adams, John H. Wedding 1943-04-09-pg01.jpg
Manning, Leroy/Rachel Nabors Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Manning, M. T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1970-08-28-pg15.jpg
Manning, Onita Merle Miss bride, wedding in Bridgeport 1949-06-10-pg08.jpg
Manoushagian, Ralph Groom elect, shower, of Melinda Bordner 1973-05-10-pg12.jpg
Manoushagian, Ralph Pace/Melinda Kaye Bordner Wedding 1973-05-31-pg08.jpg
Manoushagian, Ralph/Melinda Bordner Groom elect of Melinda Bordner 1973-04-26-pg21.jpg
Mara, Raymond/Joyce Armes Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Mara, Ronald Dean/Mary Helen Bird Wedding 1967-06-02-pg08.jpg
Mara, Ronald Dean/Mary Helen Bird Wedding 1967-07-21-pg06.jpg
Marker, Gloria A.-C. E. Good Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Marler, Doris/Jim Trammell Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Marlett, Ann bride elect of Mr Gail Gardner 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Marrlett, Carol Ann/Darrell Lewis Bride elect of Darrell Lewis 1971-04-23-pg10.jpg
Marshall Floria Ann Miss wedding, (Bride) 1952-11-07-pg01.jpg
Marshall, Evelyn & L. V. Herbert Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Marshall, Tina Sue/Robert Grady Meek Wedding 1964-07-17-pg08.jpg
Marshall, Tina Sue/Robert Grady Meek Wedding 1964-09-04-pg08.jpg
Martin, Barbara Ann/Clifton, Don Wedding 1957-09-20-pg01.jpg
Martin, Barbara Miss married Don Crump 1957-10-04-pg01.jpg
Martin, Elsie Geneava Miss, Sept 1930 bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. B. Martin 1955-09-16-pg05.jpg
Martin, Frances A. Miss Bride elect of Boyce W. (Joe) Jarrett 1969-08-15pg10.jpg
Martin, Johnny Mack/Treva Beard Wedding 1968-11-22-pg05.jpg
Martin, Linda bride, married Danny Fagg 1969-07-25pg04.jpg
Martin, Linda/Danny Fagg Wedding 1968-11-01-pg04.jpg
Martin, Sissi/Randal Clark Doty Wedding 1971-10-14-pg16.jpg
Martin, Tobey Wedding, Married Bertie Elaine, Price 1959-03-13-pg08.jpg
Martinez, D. P. & Alice Fay Dodson Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Martinez, Ray/Sheila Sandlin Wedding 1973-08-16-pg21.jpg
Martsell, Byrle Mrs Bride elect shower by Mrs R. C. Pettit 1955-07-22-pg05.jpg
Mask, Wayne Carlton/Martha Louise Parsons Wedding 1964-01-24-pg11.jpg
Mask, Wayne Carlton/Martha Louise Parsons Wedding 1964-02-07-pg11.jpg
Mason, Verna Loy/Philip Stanley McMains Wedding 1963-08-02-pg10.jpg
Mason, Vernon / Shipley, Opalene Wedding 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Mason, W. A. Mr groom, marriage was in Chico 1947-06-06-pg01.jpg
Massey, Clara/Terrell A. Champman Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Massey, Conney Ray/Paula Faye Jennings Wedding 1967-06-09-pg11.jpg
Massey, F.N. Dewey Edward, Jr./Gail Shields Wedding 1971-09-09-pg14.jpg
Massingill, Clifford Wayne Groom elect of Sue Bruster 1966-11-18-pg06.jpg
Matar, Sadie/Spurgeon Lawrence Wedding 1946-10-18-pg01.jpg
Mathis, Allie Belle/John D. Florida Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Mattery, Janie Carol Miss bride elect of Larry Wayne Helf 1962-04-27-pg05.jpg
Matthews, A. G. - Dorothy C. Matthews marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Matthis, Leon Conrad/Kay Lee Culpepper Groom elect of Kay Culpepper 1971-10-28-pg09.jpg
Matzinger, Hardy/Lamons, Majorie Wedding 1943-04-02-pg02.jpg
Matzinger, Katherine Elizabeth married Barney (Bernard F.) Frazier in 1911 1972-05-25-pg03.jpg
Maxine, Willis Henry Wedding, married Mary Lee Mott 1958-10-10-pg03.jpg
Maxine, Willis Henry Mr. Shower, groom elect of Mary Lee Mott 1958-09-19-pg05.jpg
May, Ben L., Mr & Mrs anniversary, 60th wedding 1973-04-19-pg37.jpg
May, Ben L., Mr and Mrs Anniversary, 60th 1973-04-05-pg35.jpg
May, Ben L./Myrtle Golaz Anniversary Golden 1963-03-29-pg07.jpg
May, Suleen/James Robert Clark Wedding 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Mayer, Al J./Cherry Lynn Jordan Groom Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Mayer, Al J./Cherry Lynn Jordan Wedding 1967-02-03-pg07.jpg
McAlister, Lloyd Mr., groom married Mss Catherine Carter 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
McAndrew, Janis Marie/John Phillip Hawkins Wedding 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
McAnear, Glenda/Robert Dean Watkins Wedding 1964-04-03-pg09.jpg
McAnear, Linda / Kaker, Henry Holland Wedding 1965-08-13-pg13.jpg
McBee, Rives/Kay Harlan Wedding 1961-09-29-pg09.jpg
McBride, Linda Carol/Randy Carroll Nabors Wedding 1964-05-22-pg04.jpg
McCain, Brent Nelson/Georgia West Wedding 1964-11-27-pg12.jpg
McCauley, Obie/Beverly Ann Tackett Groom elect of Beverly Ann Tackett 1971-04-23-pg15.jpg
McClary, Willis McClary groom. Saturday Dec 26 in Oklahoma 1954-01-01-pg02.jpg
McClue, Duane Arnold/Roberta Dell Wedding 1958-04-04-pg03.jpg
McClung, Delores/Sammy Drew Womack Wedding 1964-07-10-pg04.jpg
McClung, Dolores Nelle/Sammy Drew Womack Wedding 1964-05-15-pg03.jpg
McClung, Tony groom elect of Donna Jean White 1972-04-06-pg08.jpg
McClurg, Linda Lou/Albert E. Garner Wedding 1974-06-13-pg12.jpg
McCollough, Betty Lou/Bert F. Jones Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
McConnell, Lou/J.N. Rasburry Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
McCown, Dan Mr groom, from Whitney 1947-07-11-pg04.jpg
McCrory, Alice - C. E. Krudwig Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
McCulloch, Larry Alan/Janet Marie Miller Groom elect of Janet Miller 1975-09-18-pg12.jpg
McCullough, Bobby/Saundra Parsons Wedding 1968-07-05-pg17.jpg
McCullough, Bobby/Saundra Parsons Wedding 1968-09-20-pg17.jpg
McCullough, J. W. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1971-08-05-pg04.jpg
McCurdy, Mr & Mrs R. Cal Anniversary 1958-04-25-pg03.jpg
McDaniel, Cecil Cordell / Webb, Delois Wedding 1941-12-05-pg02.jpg
McDaniel, E. R.-Frankie M. Jackson Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
McDaniel, Florence Bernice/Ted Teague Wedding 1946-09-27-pg08.jpg
McDaniel, Florence Bernice/Ted Teague Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
McDaniel, James S./Mary A Howell Wedding 1946-10-11-pg06.jpg
McDaniel, Jess / Boswell, Ethel, Miss Wedding 1944-07-14-pg03.jpg
McDaniel, Jewell married John Keethler in Nebraska 1962-07-13-pg08.jpg
McDaniel, Mary bride elect of Edward Bruce Browning 1962-07-13-pg12.jpg
McDaniel, Mary & Browning, Edward Wedding 1962-08-24-pg09.jpg
McDaniel, Richard Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 60th wedding anniversary 1971-02-05-pg18.jpg
McDaniel, William Edward groom elect of Suzanne Wharton 1965-06-18-pg06.jpg
McDaniel, William/Suzanne Wharton Wedding shower 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
McDonald, Elmo J./Lorene Nichols Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
McDonald, Jewell Hill/Robert E. Blankenship Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
McDonald, Mary Ruth bride elect of Mr. Sammy Denton 1958-05-30-pg04.jpg
McDonald, Robert L./Joy Lea McGee Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
McDuff, Glenda bride elect of Wayne Worlow 1965-07-30-pg16.jpg
McDuff, Johnny groom of Sue Smith 1957-12-20-pg05.jpg
McElhaney, Rita Jo Miss married Ernest Neil Boles 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
McElhaney, Rita Jo Miss married Ernest Neil Boles 1962-09-21-pg12.jpg
McElroy, Lola, Miss/Jesse Hays Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
McGee, Billye Ann Miss bride elect of Gordon Pat Kouns 1957-08-23-pg04.jpg
McGee, Jerry groom elect of Donna Peyton 1966-04-01-pg04.jpg
McGee, Joy Lea/Robert L. McDonald Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
McGlothlin, Velda/Rodney W. Applegate Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03.jpg
McGowan, Patricia Anne bride married Robert Pat Souther 1955-02-11-pg05.jpg
McGriff, Mary - W. E. Smith marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
McGuire, Ola Dreda-G. W. Cotton marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
McKee, Corne & J. T. Pemberton marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
McKennie, Tommie/Foreman, Betty Wedding 1958-04-04-pg07.jpg
McKinnie, Tommy Mrs Wedding shower 1958-04-11-pg05.jpg
McKnight, C. E. Mr groom, wedding in the home of the brides sister 1947-03-28-pg05.jpg
McMains, Philip Stanley/Verna Loy Mason Wedding 1963-08-02-pg10.jpg
McMurry, Rowena Ruth/Gary Wayne Wilson Wedding 1971-07-15-pg17.jpg
McNair, Denese bridal shower, married Johnny W. Coleman 1967-05-05-pg13.jpg
McNair, Denese Ann/Johnny Walter Coleman Wedding 1967-04-21-pg06.jpg
McNallen, Jerry Ann & R. H. Wells Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
McPherson, Robert groom elect of Linda Loftis 1962-10-26-pg06.jpg
McPherson, Robert Ray/Linda Loftis Wedding 1964-01-17-pg11.jpg
McWilliams, J. M. - Lena C. Gregg marriage license issued 1956-01-20-pg05.jpg
McWilliams, Patricia / Williams, Donald Wedding 1965-09-03-pg04.jpg
McWilliams, Paul W. groom elect of Patricia Gayle Hartsell 1958-11-21-pg01.jpg
McWilliams, Paul Woodrow Wedding, married Patricia Gayle Hartsell 1959-01-02-pg01.jpg
McWilliams, Stanley Carol/Susan Adelia Mann Wedding 1973-06-28-pg10.jpg
Meadows, Dean/Marion Lucille Jones Groom elect of Miss Marion Lucille Jones 1961-03-03-pg08.jpg
Meadows, Helen Miss Bridal Shower, bride elect of Carl Wayne Jackson 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Meadows, Paul Ray/Arlo Kay Diamond Wedding 1967-04-21-pg06.jpg
Medford, Leola / Hines, J.L. Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Meek Dennis Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs Coleman Meek 1947-06-13-pg08.jpg
Meek, Betty/Cantrell, Jimmie Wedding 1957-06-14-pg02.jpg
Meek, Joy/Jimmy N. Munn Wedding 1961-10-06-pg04.jpg
Meek, Norma Gale bride elect of G. B. Funk Jr 1956-09-07-pg01.jpg
Meek, Norma Gale Miss bride elect of G. B. Funk Jr, prenuptial parties 1956-09-14-pg02.jpg
Meek, Norma gale Miss bride, Photo, daughter of Mr & Mrs Otis Meek 1956-09-28-pg05.jpg
Meek, Robert Grady/Tina Sue Marshall Wedding 1964-07-17-pg08.jpg
Meek, Robert Grady/Tina Sue Marshall Wedding 1964-09-04-pg08.jpg
Meeks, Juanita Miss (bride) Wedding, daughter of H. F. Meeks & Jennie Holt 1972-09-14-pg14.jpg
Meier, Debbie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Lee V. Meier 1972-08-24-pg24.jpg
Meier, Dibbie Sue/James McLine Mann Bride elect of James Mann 1971-09-30-pg03.jpg
Meier, Pamela Kay bride elect of Alvis Thomas Young 1969-04-04pg11.jpg
Meier, Pamela Kay Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Lee V. Meier 1969-07-04pg06.jpg
Meissner, Ronnie groom elect of Miss Kaye Lyon 1962-05-11-pg07.jpg
Merrill, Mary E. & W. C. Ransom Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Messenger, Bill Mrs Wedding shower 1965-09-03-pg12.jpg
Meyers, Freddy/Cynthia Cheves Wedding 1973-01-04-pg03.jpg
Meyers, James Howe/Janis Gayle Moore Groom elect of Janis Moore 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Meyers, James Howe/Janis Gayle Moore Wedding 1974-09-12-pg06.jpg
Michael, B. G. & Judy L. Knorr Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Michael, Kenneth / Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth Wedding 1941-10-31-pg01.jpg
Michalson, Thomas Leroy/Nancy Jean Hart Groom Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Middleton, John Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1955-03-11-pg05.jpg
Milburn, Corresa & N. E. Sanderford Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Miles, A. C. - Nancy M. Hines marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Miller, Blanche, Mrs. / Hudson, Tom Wedding 1943-11-26-pg03.jpg
Miller, Curtis W. Mr groom, of Dallas Texas 1953-07-17-pg01.jpg
Miller, J. L. - Doris F. Wallace marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Miller, Janet Marie/Larry Alan McCulloch Bride elect of Larry McCulloch 1975-09-18-pg12.jpg
Miller, Joe David married Donna Lou Altom 1963-08-16-pg08.jpg
Miller, Joe David/Donna Lou Altom Wedding 1963-07-05-pg08.jpg
Miller, Lewis O./Nellie Rhea Wedding 1971-08-26-pg09.jpg
Miller, Linda Joanne/Dr. Luther A. Brock Wedding 1967-07-28-pg04.jpg
Miller, Linda Joanne/Dr. Luther A. Brock Wedding 1967-09-08-pg08.jpg
Miller, Lynn/Pamela Sue Evans Wedding 1973-03-08-pg19.jpg
Miller, Nelda Diane/Rudy Elden Mann Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Minton, Judith Ann & Rhine, Ronnie A. Wedding 1962-01-19-pg05.jpg
Minton, Robert GlWillenn/Zena Kay Willmon Groom elect of Zena Kay Wilmon 1973-02-08-pg03.jpg
Mitchell, Barbara Jan/Jimmy David Graham married Jimmy Graham 1970-03-13-pg10.jpg
Mitchell, Claudie/W.H. Cooper Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Mitchell, Claudie/W.H. Cooper Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Mitchell, Jan bride elect, to marry Jimmy Graham 1969-12-26pg03.jpg
Mitchell, Laverne & Lewis Rottan Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Mitchell, Patrick Robert groom, son of Mr & Mrs J. R. Mitchell 1947-08-22-pg04.jpg
Mitchell, Wanda Nell/E.W. Belcher Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Mitchum, Debra Ann bride elect of Robert Charles Potts 1972-03-16-pg28.jpg
Mitchum, Jimmy Wayne/Deniece Ann Sneed Groom elect of Deniece Sneed 1974-03-07-pg14.jpg
Mitchum, Jimmy Wayne/Deniece Ann Sneed Wedding 1974-06-20-pg10.jpg
Mitchum, Norma Jean / White, Archie Carl Wedding 1941-11-07-pg04.jpg
Moad, Jane Ann bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Bill Hutto 1972-05-25-pg23.jpg
Moad, Jane Ann Miss bride elect of Robert Cullen Harris of Dallas 1972-04-27-pg20.jpg
Moag, E. A. - Helen W. Maginnis Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Molloy, Brenda Miss Shower, marriage to Ray Rankin 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg
Molloy, Harvey Gueen Mr Groom, son of Mr & Mrs Jack Molley of Chico TX 1956-09-07-pg04.jpg
Molloy, Pat / Younger, Don Wedding 1965-04-02-pg08.jpg
Monett, Kenneth & Browning, Gayle Wedding 1962-08-17-pg02.jpg
Monett, Roy Kenneth groom elect of Sulvia Gayle Browning 1962-08-03-pg13.jpg
Montford, C. T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding 1973-12-13pg16.jpg
Montford, Sue Nan Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ross H. Montford 1954-07-09-pg02.jpg
Montgomery, Clark groom elect of Sue Richardson 1963-11-01-pg07.jpg
Montgomery, J. C. - Flora Wallace Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Montgomery, L. Clark/Eva Sue Richardson Wedding 1963-09-13-pg09.jpg
Montgomery, L. Clark/Sue Richardson Wedding 1963-11-22-pg16.jpg
Montgomery, Vonna Ann bride elect of Larry Gordon Davis 1969-12-05pg05.jpg
Moody, A. L. - Frances Goodman marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Moody, Henry Lee/Gail Lee Wedding 1964-04-24-pg10.jpg
Moody, John Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden Wedding Anniversary 1964-10-23-pg06.jpg
Moody, Johnelle Bridal Shower, married Joe Brooks 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg
Moody, Johnelle bride of Joe Brooks Aug 29, in Ardmore OK 1958-08-22-pg01.jpg
Moody, Mitzi R. Miss married Joseph B. Brown, Feb 16, 1973 1973-03-08-pg25.jpg
Moody, Mitzi/Beaumont Brown Wedding 1973-03-01-pg13.jpg
Moody, Nancy Ann/William Glen Odell Wedding 1968-03-08-pg11.jpg
Moody, W.H. / Cook, Augusta Wedding 1941-10-24-pg01.jpg
Mooney, Dwayne married Karen Ann Tucker 1962-09-07-pg09.jpg
Mooney, H. M. Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden anniversary in Decatur 1955-12-16-pg05.jpg
Moore, Charlotte Ann/Bruce Church Wedding 1974-04-25-pg09.jpg
Moore, Ed R. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 64th 1974-11-07-pg15.jpg
Moore, Elizah Frances/James Boyd Stricklin Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Moore, Glenn Jr groom elect of Pat Payne 1958-07-18-pg05.jpg
Moore, Janis Gayle/James Howe Meyers Bride elect of James Myers 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Moore, Janis Gayle/James Howe Meyers Wedding 1974-09-12-pg06.jpg
Moore, Judy/Jeffrey Singleton Bride elect of Jeffrey Singleton 1974-08-29-pg11.jpg
Moore, Lauraleeen & C. W. Walker Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Moore, Leonard & Bernice Hainline marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Moore, Sheila M. & G. H. Trimsear marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Moore, Thomas Wedding, groom of Miss Patricia Ann Payne 1958-07-18-pg01.jpg
Moose, Joe E., Dr./Mrs. Julia John Crissey Wedding 1964-01-03-pg11.jpg
Moose, Margaret Ann/Abbott, J. D. wedding 1975-10-16-pg02.jpg
Morgan, Jack E./Paula Ann Boulware Wedding 1970-01-09-pg03.jpg
Morgan, Jack E./Paula Ann Boulware Wedding 1970-02-06-pg08.jpg
Morgan, Joe D./Deborah O'Brien Groom elect of Deborah O'Brien 1971-02-05-pg11.jpg
Morgan, Joe Daniel/Deborah Louise O'Brien Wedding 1971-04-16-pg16.jpg
Morgan, John Paul Mr., groom married Miss Billie Jeane Sullivan 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Morgan, Margie Sue/Robert Crawford Bride elect of Robert Crawford 1971-02-12-pg09.jpg
Morgan, Mildred Louise/Larry L. Doyle Wedding 1945-09-14-pg03.jpg
Morgan, Vera Frances/S.B. Hardee Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Morgenthaler, John Wedding, bride's maiden name not given (Doris) 1959-10-09-pg03.jpg
Morin, James M./Martha Ladeen Garrett Wedding 1963-12-06-pg07.jpg
Morris, Houston Lowell Wedding, groom of Lynnette Lowery 1958-11-14-pg04.jpg
Morris, Pam bride elect to marry Ronnie Chapman 1969-10-24pg10.jpg
Morris, Pamela Kae bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs S. B. Morris 1969-12-26pg07.jpg
Morris, Sandra shower, bride elect of Billy Fred Walker 1963-01-04-pg02.jpg
Morris, Sandra Beth Miss bride elect of Billy Fred Walker 1962-12-21-pg07.jpg
Morris, Sandra Miss bride elect of Billy Fred Walker 1962-11-30-pg11.jpg
Morris, Sandra/Billy Fred Walker Wedding 1963-02-01-pg08.jpg
Morris, Sharon Sue/D. King Copeland Married D. King 1970-04-17-pg15.jpg
Morrison, F. C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1971-06-10-pg17.jpg
Morrison, Fred Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding Anniversary 1963-08-23-pg09.jpg
Morrison, Fyrl C. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1971-06-24-pg18.jpg
Morrison, Norma Waidene/Green, Jimmy Wedding 1966-02-04-pg04.jpg
Morrow, Billy / Smith, Sandra Wedding 1965-12-03-pg03.jpg
Morrow, Dale groom elect of Miki Ann Pearce 1969-03-21-pg09.jpg
Morrow, Jerry Wayne/Lula Thompson Wedding 1968-03-08-pg03.jpg
Morrow, Jerry Wayne/Lula Thompson Wedding 1968-04-12-pg11.jpg
Morrow, Joe/Kathy Ooten Groom elect of Kathy Ooten 1973-03-22-pg11.jpg
Morrow, Larry William/Judy Kay Groves Wedding 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg
Morrow, Larry William/Judy Kay Groves Wedding 1968-06-28-pg06.jpg
Morrow, Linda Kay bride elect of Gary Green 1974-05-16-pg02.jpg
Morrow, Linda Kay/Gary Green Bride elect of Gary Green 1974-02-14-pg20.jpg
Morrow, Linda Kay/Gary Green Wedding 1974-05-30-pg38.jpg
Morrow, Louis Dale groom, son of Mr& mrs J W. Morrow 1969-06-27pg16.jpg
Morrow, Paul Wayne/Pamela Yvonne Goode Wedding 1968-05-10-pg02.jpg
Morrow, Roy & Josephine LaGeese marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Morrow, Roy L., S/Sgt. groom, son of Mr & mrs Hl. L. Morrow, local 1947-05-30-pg05.jpg
Morrow, Roy L./Josephine Levada Wedding, married in April 1947, now having shower 1947-08-22-pg05.jpg
Morrow, Roy Luther S/Sgt groom, son of Mr & Mrs H. L. Morrow 1947-04-04-pg01.jpg
Morrow, Sandra Ann/Charles Edwin Drum, Jr. Wedding 1968-05-17-pg10.jpg
Morrow, Urban, Pvt. / Clay, Ruby, Miss Wedding 1941-10-10-pg01.jpg
Moser, Melba Jean Miss / Locke, Garland, Corp. Wedding 1941-10-17-pg02.jpg
Mosier, Erma Faye Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Elbert Mosier 1953-08-14-pg01.jpg
Motley, Cheryl/John Younger Wedding 1964-07-24-pg05.jpg
Mott, Mary Lee Miss Bridal Shower, bride elect of Willis Henry Maxine 1958-09-19-pg05.jpg
Mott, Mary Lee/Maxine, Willis Henry Wedding, married Willis henry Maxine 1958-10-10-pg03.jpg
Mowery, Joe Lynn/Darla Sueann Beard Groom elect of Darla Beard 1971-06-24-pg16.jpg
Moyers, James Earl/Rhonda Gail Sloan Wedding 1970-08-07-pg03.jpg
Muhlinghause, Melanie/Thomas Edward Lockwood Wedding 1973-01-04-pg20.jpg
Mullins, Jayme Renee Miss married Fain Little 1962-10-05-pg16.jpg
Muncy, Dana Rae/Anthony Dewayne Leming Wedding 1974-07-04-pg11.jpg
Muncy, Raetta / Harlan, James Wedding 1965-06-11-pg15.jpg
Munn, Bill Mrs Wedding shower, former Shirley Smith 1957-09-27-pg07.jpg
Munn, Jimmy N./Joy Meek Wedding 1961-10-06-pg04.jpg
Munson, Dorothy Faye/Jay R. Weatherford Wedding 1971-01-01-pg12.jpg
Murphy, Patricia/Frank D. White Wedding 1968-03-29-pg07.jpg
Murphy, Ralph groom, married Bertie Gilliland 1955-06-03-pg06.jpg
Murrell, Avis Adelle/Charles Keith Barnett Wedding 1964-04-24-pg09.jpg
Myers, Dora - Bill Caudill marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Mynick, R. R.. - Ina Starr marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Nabors, Rachel/Leroy Manning Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Nabors, Randy Carroll/Linda Carol McBride Wedding 1964-05-22-pg04.jpg
Nabors, Randy/Betty Holland Wedding 1970-03-20-pg14.jpg
Nard, Dana/Thomas Butler Wedding 1967-12-01-pg18.jpg
Nard, Robert / Jackson, Dorothy Wedding 1942-10-16-pg04.jpg
Neece, Tommy Gerald/Dorothy Faye Findley Wedding 1967-09-01-pg12.jpg
Neighbors, Anthony groom, parents Mr & Mrs Bill Neighbors 1969-09-12pg11.jpg
Neighbors, William groom elect of Carolyn Remmele 1969-06-06pg15.jpg
Nelms, Steven C./Beth Wheelis Wedding 1970-05-01-pg24.jpg
Nelson, Donald C./Opal Agnes Ricker Wedding 1958-01-03-pg01.jpg
Nelson, Donald C./Opal Agnes Ricker Wedding 1958-01-24-pg07.jpg
Nelson, Glenda Sue/Jerry Lynn Fleming Wedding 1964-07-31-pg02.jpg
NeSmith, Eld. W. W. Anniversary, 63th 1943-11-26-pg01.jpg
New, Linda/Robert Frank Ryan Wedding 1967-12-22-pg08.jpg
New, Margie Miss bride of Melvin Lemme 1957-06-21-pg03.jpg
New, Patricia Anne/Paul Edward Arrington Wedding 1961-05-19-pg07.jpg
New, Reba bride elect of Jimmie D. Brown 1962-05-18-pg12.jpg
Newby, Bobbye Jean/? Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Newby, Darrel/Jackie Van Hoose Wedding 1961-09-15-pg04.jpg
Newby, Darrel/Jacquelyn Van Hoose Wedding 1961-08-04-pg08.jpg
Newby, Joe Mr & Mrs Anniversary 40th wedding anniversary 1967-06-02-pg14.jpg
Newquist, Barbara Ann/Terry, Joseph G., Jr. Bride Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Newquist, Barbara Ann/Terry, Joseph G., Jr. Wedding 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Newquist, Melvin W., Lt. / Reaves, Patsy Wedding 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Newsom, John H./Mary Lou Hinsley Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Newton, Barney Leo groom, son of Mr & Mrs Frank Newton 1954-06-11-pg04.jpg
Newton, John Randolph/Tawana Jeanette Allen Groom elect of Tawana Allen 1971-05-27-pg22.jpg
Newton, John Randolph/Tawana Jeanette Allen Wedding 1971-07-22-pg20.jpg
Newton, Louis groom elect of Matilda Cash 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
Newton, Louis / Cash, Matilda Wedding 1966-06-17-pg07.jpg
Newton, Thomas Ray/Janie Arlene Reed Groom elect of Janie Reed 1974-06-27-pg14.jpg
Newton, Thomas Ray/Janie Arlene Reed Wedding 1974-08-01-pg22.jpg
Newton, Wanda wedding approaching (bride elect) 1952-06-27-pg01.jpg
Newton, Wanda Fae Miss Wedding (bride) 1952-08-15-pg01.jpg
Niblett, Betty Joyce Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. R. Niblett 1955-06-10-pg02.jpg
Niblett, Carlene Miss bride, married May 6, 1956 1956-05-18-pg02.jpg
Niblett, Dathryn Dorene/Homer Allen Horton Wedding 1968-07-19-pg05.jpg
Niblett, Don/Earlene Hancock Wedding 1963-07-26-pg09.jpg
Niblett, Judy Lynn/Alan N. Broughton Wedding 1974-10-03-pg19.jpg
Nichols, Carols S. - C. J. Davis Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Nichols, Joan & Green, Ronnie Wedding 1962-11-02-pg14.jpg
Nichols, Lorene/Elmo J. McDonald Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Nichols, Marcus N. groom elect of Aneta Jane Lovejoy 1958-06-06-pg08.jpg
Nicholson Norman groom elect of Trudy Weatherford 1962-08-03-pg12.jpg
Nicholson, Norman groom elect of Trudy Weatherford 1962-08-31-pg05.jpg
Nicholson, Norman married Trudy Weatherford 1962-09-21-pg11.jpg
Nimmo, Doris bride elect of Bob Kennemer, shower 1964-08-21-pg05.jpg
Nimmo, Doris Jennette/Robert Martin Kennemer Wedding 1964-03-06-pg10.jpg
Nimmo, Doris Jennette/Robert Martin Kennemer Wedding 1964-09-11-pg09.jpg
Nimmo, W. D. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 57th wedding 1952-11-21-pg06.jpg
Nix, Sibyl/Myerl Anderson Wedding 1925-03-27-pg02.jpg
Nixon, Jan Glynn Bride elect of George Edwin Powers 1966-05-20-pg04.jpg
Nixon, Jan Glynn / Powers, Edwin Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Norris, Connie bride elect, to marry Hubert Michael Deaton 1969-01-17-pg05.jpg
North, Clarence Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding Anniversary 1970-09-04-pg10.jpg
Northcott, Bennie Marie Miss bride elect to marry Maurice Paschall 1949-06-10-pg08.jpg
Northcut, Edward G./Jonella Rankin Wedding 1964-05-01-pg08.jpg
Northcut, Edward G./Jonella Rankin Wedding 1964-09-11-pg08.jpg
Northorp, Fred, Jr./Valerie June Weathers Groom electe of Valerie June Weathers 1971-01-22-pg23.jpg
Nunneley, J. D. & Raenell Kitchens Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
O'Brien, Deborah Louise/Joe Daniel Morgan Wedding 1971-04-16-pg16.jpg
O'Brien, Deborah/Joe D. Morgan Bride elect of Joe D. Morgan 1971-02-05-pg11.jpg
O'Dell, Becky/David Gober Wedding 1973-05-10-pg17.jpg
O'Dell, Billy Joe/Mollye Ann Mann Wedding 1973-03-22-pg11.jpg
O'Dell, Gerry Wane/Loretta Rice Wedding 1973-07-12-pg18.jpg
O'Dell, Janice / Carlino, Matthew Wedding 1965-10-08-pg06.jpg
O'Dell, Lon Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1970-07-10-pg05.jpg
O'Dell, Lon Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1970-07-24-pg15.jpg
O'Dell, Margaret Ann/Larry Allen Glenn Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
O'Dell, Marilyn Lue/Jimmy Neal Cross Bride elect of Jimmy Neal Cross 1974-08-01-pg14.jpg
O'Dell, Paul groom elect of Elaine Cheves 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
O'Dell, Roselle Miss wedding, (bride), daughter of Mr & mrs Will O'Dell 1953-02-06-pg04.jpg
O'Dell, Waynda Jean/George J. Hogue Wedding 1967-10-20-pg08.jpg
O'Gwynn, Melba Wedding, married Jerry George 1959-12-04-pg08.jpg
O'Kelley, Trudy Diane/Bill Kelly Bride elect of Bill Kelly 1974-04-25-pg07.jpg
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom Bride elect of Dr. James Lindstrom 1973-10-11-pg15.jpg
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom Bride elect of Dr. James Lindstrom 1973-11-01-pg32.jpg
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom Wedding 1973-11-22-pg06.jpg
Odell, William Glen/Nancy Ann Moody Wedding 1968-03-08-pg11.jpg
Odle, Pasty Louise Miss Wedding, bride of Jim Mann 1958-11-14-pg01.jpg
Ogle, Lois M. & J. W Collins Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Ogle, Lois Miss bride of J. W. Collins 1957-05-03-pg06.jpg
Ogle, Shelton/Linda Denton Wedding 1961-10-27-pg10.jpg
Ogle, Shelton/Linda Denton Wedding 1961-11-24-pg07.jpg
Oliphant, Jewel M. - R. L. Davidson marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Oliver, Darla/Jerry Wayne Bellah Bride Eelect 1967-06-09-pg07.jpg
Olney, Kathryne Miss wedding, bride (wedding in Guam) 1952-11-21-pg06.jpg
Ooten, Kathy/Joe Morrow Bride elect of Joe Morrow 1973-03-22-pg11.jpg
Ordway, Gordon / Green, Lillie Maxine Wedding 1944-04-21-pg02.jpg
Orr, Helen bride elect of Homer Hamilton 1965-07-23-pg05.jpg
Orr, Helen La Verne / Hamilton, William Homer Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Orren, Jena Sue Bride elect of Gary Lynn Beck of Gainesville Texas 1972-03-16-pg08.jpg
Owen, Cecil/Viola Pearl Jones Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Owens, Edson/Ovella Heath Wedding 1944-01-07-pg04.jpg
Owensby, Patsy/Richard Kelley Wedding 1961-12-22-pg05.jpg
Ownsbey, Paula Kay/Larry Mack Stogner Wedding 1970-03-06-pg10.jpg
Padron, C. P. - Lucy Marie Henley Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Paine, Pearl/Bert S. Carter, Jr. Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Parish, Darrell/Shirley Erickson Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Parker, Florence Miss bride elect to be married May 17 1947-05-16-pg01.jpg
Parker, Florence Miss Bride Bride, daughter of Mr and Mrs Sam Parker 1947-05-23-pg08.jpg
Parker, Mary Ann- Henry D. Cordova Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Parker, Sam C./Nona Hayslip married Nona Hayslip 1970-04-17-pg10.jpg
Parker, Sam Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1965-01-15-pg09.jpg
Parker, William Allen/Sherry Lynn Coursey Groom of Sherry Lynn Coursey 1970-02-20-pg05.jpg
Parker, William Allen/Sherry Lynn Coursey Wedding 1970-01-16-pg05.jpg
Parkey, Chelcie/La Verne Harris Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Parr, James Allen/Jo Ann Egloff Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Parrish, Norma Mrs bride elect of Tennis Beville Jr 1957-04-26-pg06.jpg
Parrish, Norma R. & T. A. Beville Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Parsons, Dorothy/Clifford Taylor Wedding 1961-09-01-pg06.jpg
Parsons, Martha Louise/Wayne Carlton Mask Wedding 1964-01-24-pg11.jpg
Parsons, Martha Louise/Wayne Carlton Mask Wedding 1964-02-07-pg11.jpg
Parsons, Saundra/Bobby McCullough Wedding 1968-07-05-pg17.jpg
Parsons, Saundra/Bobby McCullough Wedding 1968-09-20-pg17.jpg
Paschal, Ronald Wedding, groom of Betty Hartsell 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Paschall, E. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1959-12-11-pg01.jpg
Paschall, E. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th, invitation to attend 1959-12-18-pg08.jpg
Paschall, E. R. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1971-01-29-pg09.jpg
Paschall, E. R. Mrs Marriage, mother of Mrs. Doyle S. Wood (bride) 1952-07-25-pg04.jpg
Paschall, Jennie Lee, Miss / Dycus, Roger, USN Wedding 1944-04-14-pg01.jpg
Paschall, Jim Bob Lt groom, son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Paschall 1956-06-22-pg05.jpg
Paschall, Lloyd Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1971-08-05-pg04.jpg
Paschall, Marilyn / Simmons, R.L. Wedding 1941-08-01-pg01.jpg
Paschall, Maurice LeRoy Lt, groom groom elect, to be married soon 1949-06-10-pg08.jpg
Paschall, R.A. Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary, 50th 1959-03-13-pg02.jpg
Paschall, Sannye S. - I. M. Holley Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Paschall, Sue Miss bride, attended by Miss Gay Gentry 1956-01-27-pg05.jpg
Paschall, Sue Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Loyd Paschall 1956-01-20-pg06.jpg
Pass, Marialis - Terrill Gene Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Patterson, Sam Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary in Fort Worth 1964-11-27-pg03.jpg
Patton, Ava Lee / Pearce, John Stallings Wedding 1941-10-24-pg01.jpg
Patton, Ava Lee / Stallings, John Wedding 1941-10-10-pg01.jpg
Patton, Ava Lee /Pearce, John Stallings Wedding 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Patton, Florence V.-K. W. Dunman Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Payne, Charles groom elect of Shirley Jo Short 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg
Payne, Charles Thomas / Short, Shirley Jo Wedding 1966-08-05-pg05.jpg
Payne, Karan Rae/Jonathan Ezell Bergstrom Wedding 1967-02-03-pg07.jpg
Payne, Karen Bride Elect of John Bergstrom 1967-01-13-pg06.jpg
Payne, Pat, Miss bride elect of Glenn Moore Jr 1958-07-18-pg05.jpg
Payne, Patricia Ann Wedding, bride of Thomas Moore 1958-07-18-pg01.jpg
Peace, Charles / Julie Lippencott Wedding 1965-01-08-pg07.jpg
Peace, Charles Len/Julie Ann Lippincott Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
Pearce, John Stallings / Patton, Ava Lee Wedding 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Pearce, John Stallings / Patton, Ava Lee Wedding 1941-10-24-pg01.jpg
Pearce, Marcy Johanna/Gary Alan Hunter Wedding 1975-06-26-pg12.jpg
Pearce, Miki Ann bride elect of Dale Morrow of Chico Texas 1969-03-21-pg09.jpg
Pearce, Miki Ann bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Miles Pearce 1969-06-27pg16.jpg
Pearson, Cleo Aline/Curtis William Wolsch Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Pedigo, Billy Wedding, married Lola Admire 1959-06-12-pg05.jpg
Peek, Fred groom, son of Mr & Mrs Charles Peek of Chico 1972-08-17-pg17.jpg
Peel, Lola Pearl - V. L. Harwell marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Pemberton, Betty Ann bride elect of Travis Leon Van Hoose 1966-02-18-pg07.jpg
Pemberton, Betty Ann / Van Hoose, Travis L. Wedding 1966-04-01-pg04.jpg
Pemberton, J. T. & Corne Mc Kee marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Pemberton, Kathy bride elect of Phillip Leslie Pierce 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Pemberton, Kathy / Pierce, Phillip Wedding 1966-06-17-pg07.jpg
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Kay Reaves Wedding 1963-09-13-pg02.jpg
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Reaves Wedding 1963-02-01-pg04.jpg
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Reaves Wedding 1963-08-30-pg02.jpg
Peninger, Lynne bride elect of Timothy Earl Stone 1966-02-25-pg11.jpg
Peninger, Lynne / Tim Stone Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Perkins, Sue Wedding, married John Thomas Kaker 1969-08-15pg11.jpg
Perkins, Sue Ann bride elect of Tommy (John Thomas) Kaker 1969-06-13pg03.jpg
Perrin, E. E. - Lola Mae Burton Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton Wedding 1968-02-23-pg07.jpg
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton Wedding 1968-04-19-pg14.jpg
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton Wedding 1968-05-17-pg18.jpg
Perry, Rosaine Wedding, married Charlie Veach 1959-01-16-pg04.jpg
Person, Jaunita Louise/Dan Moody Holt Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Petty, Cecil/Florence Mae Weatherly groom elect of Florence Mae Weatherly 1963-01-25-pg04.jpg
Petty, Jerry Van/Linda Kay Duncan Wedding 1968-03-15-pg07.jpg
Petty, Ronnie D./Rebecca Baker Wedding 1973-09-13-pg16.jpg
Petty, Sandra Cue/Roy Edward Roberts Wedding 1963-09-13-pg08.jpg
Petty, T.J./Ita Morie Deathloff Wedding 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg
Pewitt, Claude E. Wedding, groom of Patsy Stanfield 1959-06-26-pg07.jpg
Pewitt, Claude E. C. groom elect of Patsy Dean Stanfield 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Pewitt, David Groom elect of Kay vandeventer 1966-12-09-pg12.jpg
Pewitt, David Alan/Sherry Lynn Sneed Groom elect of Sherry Lynn Sneed 1971-07-01-pg18.jpg
Pewitt, David Alan/Sherry Lynn Sneed Wedding 1971-08-19-pg22.jpg
Pewitt, David, Jr./Nita Kay Vandeventer Wedding 1967-02-17-pg16.jpg
Pewitt, Sylvia Ann Miss bride elect of Joe Richardson 1957-06-07-pg08.jpg
Peyton, Donna bride elect of Jerry McGee 1966-04-01-pg04.jpg
Phelps, Charles H./Lynette Gann Groom elect of Lynette Gann 1973-04-19-pg18.jpg
Phelps, Charles H./Lynette Gann Groom of Lynette Gann (headline was wrong) 1973-04-05-pg16.jpg
Phifer, Sharon Kay Wedding shower, groom Jimmie Joe Smith 1957-12-13-pg01.jpg
Phillipps, Grace/Jesse A. Shawn, Jr. Wedding 1945-01-12-pg03.jpg
Phillips, Bea Mrs bride, married Dec. 10, 1955 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Phillips, C.D./ Brenda Kay Ford Wedding 1970-12-25-pg05.jpg
Phillips, Diane Lynn/Norman E. Hanks Wedding 1968-04-26-pg14.jpg
Phillips, Diane Lynn/Norman Earl Hanks Wedding 1968-07-12-pg06.jpg
Phillips, Harry E. A/2c groom elect, son of Rev Ervin Phillips of NY 1955-08-05-pg05.jpg
Phillips, Kay/J.W. Ethridge Wedding 1964-11-20-pg04.jpg
Phillips, Lee Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary, 65th 1958-10-31-pg01.jpg
Phillips, Minnie Dean/ Leon Ross Riddle Wedding 1941-12-05-pg02.jpg
Phillips, Pamela Sharon Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Verl Phillips 1969-07-04pg06.jpg
Phillips, PamelaSharon bride elect of Jerry Wayne Stanfield 1969-03-21-pg03.jpg
Phillips, Pat groom elect to marry Janice Allison 1972-08-17-pg18.jpg
Phillips, Paul Ray/ Callie Ann Shephard Wedding shower 1964-08-14-pg07.jpg
Phillips, Paul Ray/Callie Ann Shepard Wedding 1964-07-24-pg08.jpg
Phillips, Paul Ray/Callie Ann Shepard Wedding 1964-08-21-pg10.jpg
Phillips, Robert P. Lt j.g. groom elect of Patricia Moss Wash 1962-04-20-pg08.jpg
Phillips, Sarah B. - W. D. Stubblefield Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Phillips, Wanda Darlene Miss Wedding, bride elect of Wesley Johnston 1958-11-21-pg05.jpg
Pieerce, Hershall Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 31st wedding 1962-07-27-pg12.jpg
Pieffer, Sharon/Smith Jimmie Joe Wedding 1957-12-06-pg02.jpg
Pierce, Delbert Ray/Francis Virginia Kelly Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Pierce, James & Joe Nell Crum marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Pierce, Kathryn bride elect of Donald Kievit 1966-01-14-pg04.jpg
Pierce, Mary/David Cromwell Wedding 1964-12-04-pg05.jpg
Pierce, Philip Leslie /Pemberton, Kathy Wedding 1966-06-17-pg07.jpg
Pierce, Phillip Leslie groom elect of Kathy Pemberton 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Pierce, Sheila Margaret/William Ed Hastings Wedding 1968-07-19-pg06.jpg
Pierce, W. E. - G. T. Beck marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Pike, Audrey / Slough, Wade M. Wedding 1941-11-28-pg01.jpg
Pike, Thomas Durmont, Cpl. / Lawrence, Opal Faye Wedding 1944-02-04-pg02.jpg
Pitchard, Sylvester W./Molly J. Plumer Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Pitcock, Lee R., Mr., groom married Miss Nancy Vela Byers 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Pitt, L.H., Dr./Mrs. M.E. Austin Wedding 1974-12-19-pg07.jpg
Pittman, Elgin groom elect of Carolyn Ruth Galloway 1962-06-15-pg01.jpg
Plumer, Molly J./Sylvester W. Pitchard Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Plumley, Willene Bride Elect to marry Mike Lindsey 1972-04-27-pg08.jpg
Polniaszek Edmond John Wedding, married Martha Green 1959-07-24-pg08.jpg
Pond, Raymond/Glenda Gae Gasaway Wedding 1963-05-10-pg11.jpg
Ponder, A. J. & Helen Smith marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Pool, Victor W. Sgt marriage 1952-05-16-pg04.jpg
Poore, Cleo Adella/John B. Boulware Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Poore, Daughter of B.B./Eugene F. Clark Wedding 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Poore, Lora Beth Miss bride, granddaughter of Mr & Mrs B. B. Poore 1948-09-03-pg10.jpg
Porter, LaNita Miss Wedding, married Wayne Arnold 1958-08-29-pg01.jpg
Potteiger, James L./Carolyn Johnson Wedding 1967-03-31-pg10.jpg
Potteiger, Steve/Kathy Burgin Wedding 1967-09-08-pg04.jpg
Potts, Billy Kelley/Jane Cheyne Wedding 1961-05-26-pg03.jpg
Potts, Gary Wayne/Linda Berry Wedding 1964-03-06-pg04.jpg
Potts, Gary, wedding shower groom elect of Linda Berry 1964-03-20-pg09.jpg
Potts, Larry/Beverly Adams Wedding 1966-01-21-pg07.jpg
Potts, Robert Charles groom elect of Debra Ann Mitchum 1972-03-16-pg28.jpg
Potts, Sammy Joe/Kathryn Jane Abt Groom elect of Kathryn Abt 1971-02-19-pg05.jpg
Pounds, Clyde Calvin/Opal Doris Brasher Wedding 1945-09-14-pg04.jpg
Power, Patsy Deene/Soldan, J.R. Wedding 1967-06-02-pg11.jpg
Powers, Doyle groom elect of Linda Culpepper 1969-06-27pg17.jpg
Powers, Doyle groom elect of Linda Culpepper 1969-07-04pg09.jpg
Powers, Edwin / Nixon Jan Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Powers, George Edwin Groom elect of Jan Glynn Nixon 1966-05-20-pg04.jpg
Poynor, Clayton Neal/Sheri Ann Coleman Groom elect of Sheri Coleman 1974-03-14-pg10.jpg
Preskitt, Florence Amalia Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs A. L. Preskitt 1955-01-21-pg02.jpg
Price, Bertie Elaine Wedding, married Tobey Martin 1959-03-13-pg08.jpg
Price, James Edward groom, son of Mr & Mrs H. E. Price 1955-07-08-pg02.jpg
Price, Rhee Anna/Leslie Jene Gage Wedding 1973-07-05-pg17.jpg
Price, Sunshine/Ronny Horn Wedding 1973-07-19-pg02.jpg
Priddy, Lawena - J. H. Collins marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Prince, Charles E., Jr./Melinda Ruth Hicks Wedding 1974-03-21-pg22.jpg
Prochaska, Joan Bride elect of Larry Coursey, wedding shower 1967-12-01-pg08.jpg
Prochaska, Joan/Larry Hudson Coursey Wedding 1967-10-20-pg17.jpg
Prochaska, Joan/Larry Hudson Coursey Wedding 1967-12-15-pg18.jpg
Prock, Jimmy Lee/Terry Carter Wedding 1971-07-22-pg19.jpg
Proctor, Billy Jack groom elect of Flor Conners 1959-12-18-pg05.jpg
Provence, Mary/T.O. Rogers Wedding 1964-07-31-pg11.jpg
Provence, Roy/Debbie Tucker Wedding 1974-09-05-pg08.jpg
Provence, Travis Groom Elect of Carla Sue Kennedy 1966-11-04-pg08.jpg
Province, Bobbie Miss Bride of Ray Green 1957-11-15-pg07.jpg
Provins, Kennith Wayne/Sondra Stutt Wedding 1964-07-31-pg11.jpg
Pugh, Barbara Jean/Grady Andrew Dill Wedding 1961-01-27-pg03.jpg
Putnam, P. J. & Catherine M. Lee marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Pyle, Gary Lee/Nelda Gray Wedding 1964-06-05-pg10.jpg
Railey, Leona, Miss / Harder, Joe, Pfc. Wedding 1944-03-24-pg03.jpg
Railey, Thomas J. / Sirbeck, Joyce Marie Wedding 1943-10-22-pg02.jpg
Raines, Louie Alton Groom elect of Susan King 1970-07-10-pg11.jpg
Raley, Leslie W./Mabeth Robertson Wedding 1963-02-15-pg03.jpg
Ramey, Myra Sue Miss Bridal Shower, married Bill (Punkin) Ryan 1958-12-19-pg05.jpg
Ramey, Nelda - A. R. Young Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Rankin, Jonella/Edward G. Northcut Wedding 1964-05-01-pg08.jpg
Rankin, Jonella/Edward G. Northcut Wedding 1964-09-11-pg08.jpg
Rankin, Nita Mae wedding, (bride) shower for recent bride 1953-02-06-pg04.jpg
Rankin, Ray Shower, marriage to Brenda Molloy 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg
Ranne, J. E. & Almeda Coe Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Ransom, Betty/Gerald Cagle Wedding 1967-03-10-pg13.jpg
Ransom, Betty/Gerald Cagle Wedding 1967-06-09-pg11.jpg
Ransom, Jerry Douglas/Linda Carol Stickler Wedding 1967-12-08-pg17.jpg
Ransom, W. C. & Mary E. Merrill Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Rasburry, J.N./Lou McConnell Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Ratliff, Harry/Lillie Earley Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Raven, G. J. Anniversary, 56th Wedding Anniversary 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Raven, G. J. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 58th Wedding Anniversary 1942-12-04-pg01.jpg
Raven, Mary Nell / Housewright, Lee D., Lt. Wedding 1943-10-01-pg02.jpg
Raven, Royce groom, married Miss Peggy Joan Buffington 1955-06-03-pg01.jpg
Rawle, Charley Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden Wedding Anniversary 1964-11-06-pg11.jpg
Rawle, G. R. - Lorean M. Edgil marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Rawle, J. E. & Joy Elaine Rutherford Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Rawle, Jerry Elton Groom elect of Joy Rutherford 1954-12-10-pg08.jpg
Rawle, Jerry Elton groom, son of Mr & Mrs W. D. Rawle 1955-02-04-pg06.jpg
Rawle, Melba Jeane Miss bride elect of Edwin Haney 1956-09-28-pg08.jpg
Rawle, Melba Jeane Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs W. D. Rawle 1956-10-26-pg04.jpg
Rawling, Eunice Pauline/Fred B. Looney Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Rawlings, Michael Stephen/Jearene Lewis Wedding 1971-01-22-pg24.jpg
Ray, David / Christmas, Mary Wedding 1965-06-04-pg04.jpg
Ray, David/Mary Christmas Wedding 1965-09-03-pg03.jpg
Ray, Johnnie Ray / Supina, Julia Wedding 1965-09-24-pg11.jpg
Ray, Marion/William H. 'Bud' Turner Wedding 1945-03-16-pg01.jpg
Ray, Marion/William H. 'Bud' Turner Wedding 1945-03-23-pg02.jpg
Ray, Myra Lynn Miss bride elect of Doyle G. Bradley 1970-06-12-pg09.jpg
Ray, Myra Lynn/Doyle Glenn Bradley married Doyle Glenn Bradley 1970-04-17-pg10.jpg
Ray, Myra Lynn/Doyle Glenn Bradley Wedding 1970-08-07-pg05.jpg
Ray, Rebecca Marguaretta/James Escajeda Rodriguez Bride elect of James Rodriquez 1971-05-20-pg03.jpg
Ray, Rebecca Marguaretta/James Escajeda Rodriquez Wedding 1971-08-19-pg15.jpg
Ray, Roland Roger groom elect of Vicky Eakman 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Ray, Roland Roger/Vicky GaNell Eakman Wedding 1967-06-30-pg12.jpg
Ray, Roland/Vicky Eakman Wedding 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Read, Ernest Eugene Mr Jr Wedding, married to Patricia Gay Gentry 1958-06-27-pg04.jpg
Read, Harold D., Jr./Kaye Kennedy Wedding 1964-06-05-pg08.jpg
Read, James Rodney/Carol elizabeth Haines Wedding 1968-08-30-pg08.jpg
Read, Julia Ann bride, married Jesse Paul Carpenter 1972-03-23-pg05.jpg
Read, Marvin married Gay Gober 1957-11-01-pg02.jpg
Read, Marvin married Miss Gay Gober 1957-10-11-pg05.jpg
Read, Mitchell Scott/Jo Elaine Gentry Wedding 1975-06-26-pg04.jpg
Read, Peggy J - C. F. Calvert marriage license issued 1956-02-03-pg02.jpg
Read, Ricky Darrell/Beverly Diane Begeman Wedding 1971-09-02-pg10.jpg
Read, Saundra Gail/Elmer J.R. Eubanks married Elmer J. R. Eubanks 1970-03-27-pg15.jpg
Read, Saundra Gail/J.R. Eubanks Bride elect of J. R. Eubanks 1970-02-06-pg03.jpg
Read, Tipton marriage 1950-07-28-pg04.jpg
Read, Truman Groom Elect of Sharon Ruth Denton 1965-08-27-pg07.jpg
Read, Truman/Sharon Denton Wedding 1965-09-03-pg03.jpg
Read, Truman/Sharon Denton Wedding, Engagement announcement 1965-01-29-pg12.jpg
Reason, Andrew Thomas/Winnie Elizabeth Lehmberg Wedding 1968-09-13-pg08.jpg
Reaves, Betty Ann bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. D. Reaves 1955-06-10-pg06.jpg
Reaves, J. D. Mr & Mrs Anniversary celebrated their 60th wedding 1958-01-31-pg07.jpg
Reaves, J. D. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding Anniversary 1971-02-05-pg09.jpg
Reaves, Linda Kay/Eldon Peninger Wedding 1963-09-13-pg02.jpg
Reaves, Linda Miss Bridal shower, bride elect of Eldon Peninger 1963-08-30-pg03.jpg
Reaves, Linda/Eldon Peninger Wedding 1963-02-01-pg04.jpg
Reaves, Linda/Eldon Peninger Wedding 1963-08-30-pg02.jpg
Reaves, Patsy / Newquist, Melvin W., Lt. Wedding 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Recer, C. E. Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50oth 1974-09-26-pg12.jpg
Rech, Floyd - Roxie Anne Sears marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Reddell, Elaine Miss bride of Roland Wester 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Reding, Alice Jean/Jerry Thurman Burk Bride elect of Jerry Thurman Burk 1973-12-06-pg03.jpg
Reding, Alice Jean/Jerry Thurman Burk Wedding 1974-01-03-pg04.jpg
Redwine, James/Nellie Brewer Wedding 1963-08-30-pg08.jpg
Reed, B. R. - Gladys F. Welch marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Reed, Bobby groom, maried Gladyce Faye Welch 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg
Reed, C. G. - Jane Young marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Reed, Curtis groom elect, will marry Paricia Gilreath 1969-01-31-pg14.jpg
Reed, Dorothy Joyce Wedding, married Jimmy Dearl Ryan 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg
Reed, Glenn Wilson/Paula Delayne Hachtel Wedding 1973-09-20-pg31.jpg
Reed, Herma Loy Miss wedding, (bride), daughter of Hermon Reed 1953-02-20-pg01.jpg
Reed, Janie Arlene/Thomas Ray Newton Bride elect of Thomas Ray Newton 1974-06-27-pg14.jpg
Reed, Janie Arlene/Thomas Ray Newton Wedding 1974-08-01-pg22.jpg
Reed, Roberta Dell/McClure, Duane Arnold Wedding 1958-04-04-pg03.jpg
Reed, William Gary/Paula Faye Herndon Groom elect of Paula Faye Herndon 1971-06-10-pg08.jpg
Reed, William Gary/Paula Faye Herndon Wedding 1971-09-02-pg17.jpg
Reeder, La Quita/Dale Van Hoose Wedding 1967-02-24-pg13.jpg
Reeves, Ann & J. L. Bradford marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Reeves, Debra/Paul Wood Bride elect (shower) of Paul Wood 1973-06-28-pg23.jpg
Reeves, Dudley Joe married Brenda Gay Winsett 1958-06-06-pg08.jpg
Reeves, Linda Ann/Dewey Everette Isom Bride elect of Dewey Everette Isom 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Reeves, Linda Ann/Dewey Everette Isom Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02.jpg
Reeves, Mona Fay/John E. Campbell Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Reger, Effie Jo Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Roscoe Reger 1947-08-08-pg05.jpg
Reid, Ben Jr Wedding 14 years ago (groom) 1952-05-23-pg03.jpg
Reid, Doris/James Evans Wedding 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Reid, Garon Renee/James Lynwood Harvick Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Reid, Marion-Lorene Gober Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Reid, Peggy Miss bride, married Jan 21, 1955 1956-01-27-pg03.jpg
Remmele, Carolyn bride, parents Mr & Mrs Elbert Remmele 1969-09-12pg11.jpg
Remmele, Carolyn Miss bride elect of William Neighbors 1969-06-06pg15.jpg
Remmele, Harold/Renea Holt Wedding 1973-08-02-pg11.jpg
Renner, Gordon Robert married Billie Faye Fitzgerald 1963-08-16-pg07.jpg
Reynolds, Linda/Donald J. Thompson Wedding 1961-07-21-pg03.jpg
Reynolds, Shirley bride, married Kenneth Jobe (U. S. Army) 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg
Reynolds, Shirley Nadine Miss Wedding, married Clinton (Bill) Kersey Jr 1958-07-04-pg03.jpg
Reynolds, Terry Mrs bridal shower by Mrs John Paxton 1955-07-22-pg03.jpg
Reynolds,Shirley/Kersey, Clinton, Jr Wedding 1958-05-23-pg09.jpg
Rhea, C. F. - Shirley J. Hemphill marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Rhea, Nellie/Lewis O. Miller Wedding 1971-08-26-pg09.jpg
Rhea, Rose Ann/Jimmy Sullivan Bride elect of Jimmy Sullivan 1970-02-06-pg08.jpg
Rhine, Carol Ann - G. D. King Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Rhine, Janice Vivian/Danny Andrew Vanek Wedding 1971-10-07-pg09.jpg
Rhine, Ray/Molly Frances Hornback Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Rhine, Ronnie A. & Minton, Judith Ann Wedding 1962-01-19-pg05.jpg
Rhoades, Kathryn Louise Miss bride, niece of Mrs H. W. W. Allen of Bridgeport 1947-07-11-pg04.jpg
Rhodes, Jeff Donald Wedding, married Nancy Vickery 1959-08-14-pg03.jpg
Rhodes, Julia Rhodes Mrs bride of Hillsboro Texas, couple will live in Florida 1947-09-12-pg01.jpg
Rice, Loretta/Gerry Wane O'Dell Wedding 1973-07-12-pg18.jpg
Rich, D. Edward/Sarah Gilliland groom elect of Sarah Gilliland 1961-04-14-pg04.jpg
Rich, J. M. - Anne Bradshaw Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Rich, Joe Lynn/Wanda Sue Johnson Wedding 1961-06-16-pg11.jpg
Richardson, E. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary Golden Wedding Anniversary 1956-02-03-pg03.jpg
Richardson, Eva Sue/L. Clark Montgomery Wedding 1963-09-13-pg09.jpg
Richardson, George Groom 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Richardson, George & Monelle Welch marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Richardson, Jack / Holt, Carole Sue Wedding 1966-08-26-pg07.jpg
Richardson, Jack David Wedding 1966-03-04-pg11.jpg
Richardson, Janice/Harold Michael Jenkins Wedding 1970-09-04-pg08.jpg
Richardson, Joe groom elect of Sylvia Ann Pewitt 1957-06-07-pg08.jpg
Richardson, L. D. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 29th wedding anniversary 1964-05-22-pg11.jpg
Richardson, Luther/Grace Hutson Wedding 1925-05-01-pg04.jpg
Richardson, Raymond groom elect of Miss Wanda Sue Hall 1959-08-14-pg01.jpg
Richardson, Sue Miss bride elect of Clark Montgomery 1963-11-01-pg07.jpg
Richardson, Sue/L. Clark Montgomery Wedding 1963-11-22-pg16.jpg
Richardson, W. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 60th wedding anniversary 1956-10-12-pg02.jpg
Richardson, W. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden 1946-10-18-pg01.jpg
Richey, Clifford/Peggy Ivy Wedding 1961-06-09-pg10.jpg
Richey, K. W. & Verlon D. Zohn Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Richter, Marvin Mr groom, attendedby Bill Nelson of Ft Worth 1948-11-12-pg10.jpg
Rickels, Gwendolyn / Lowell, Wayne Wedding 1943-04-02-pg02.jpg
Ricker, Anna Marie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs D. L. Ricker 1955-09-02-pg06.jpg
Ricker, Opal Agnes/Donald C. Nelson Wedding 1958-01-03-pg01.jpg
Ricker, Opal Agnes/Donald C. Nelson Wedding 1958-01-24-pg07.jpg
Riddle, Leon Ross/ Minnie Dean Phillips Wedding 1941-12-05-pg02.jpg
Rigdow, Richard P./Bettye Jeanne Dickenson Wedding 1970-12-11-pg16.jpg
Riggs, Carol Sue/Robert Dale Gayan Bride elect of Robert Dale Gayan 1975-06-19-pg16.jpg
Rinehart, Lois & Beryl Switer marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Roberts, Benny groom elect of Louise Stanfield 1963-07-12-pg11.jpg
Roberts, C. H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, Golden 1946-11-22-pg08.jpg
Roberts, Claudia - C. E. Fry marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Roberts, J. E. - Ruby L. Lutrell marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Roberts, Martha Miss Wedding, bride of James Brown 1958-10-10-pg08.jpg
Roberts, Monroe married Louise Foster 1957-08-02-pg08.jpg
Roberts, Rhonda bride elect of Henry Stevens 1972-03-30-pg23.jpg
Roberts, Roy Edward/Sandra Cue Petty Wedding 1963-09-13-pg08.jpg
Roberts, Rush/Corrine Jones Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01.jpg
Roberts, Rush/Corrine Jones Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04.jpg
Roberts, Tommy / Hartsell, Claudia Wedding 1966-09-02-pg04.jpg
Roberts, Tommy Jay groom elect of Claudia Hartsell 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Roberts, Tommy Jay groom elect of Claudia Jane Hartsell 1966-07-22-pg09.jpg
Roberts, Vicki Lynn/Nathan Gene Jones Wedding 1967-09-22-pg04.jpg
Robertson, C. L. Mr., groom married Miss Franes Brannon 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Robertson, Mabeth/Leslie W. Raley Wedding 1963-02-15-pg03.jpg
Robertson, Sandi/Phillip John Vaught Wedding 1974-08-29-pg26.jpg
Robinson, Alan Randal/Becky Lynn Bush married Becky Lynn Bush 1970-03-13-pg17.jpg
Robinson, Alan Randall groom elect of Becky Lynn Bush 1969-11-07pg21.jpg
Robinson, Kay Denise/Zack T. Gosler Bride elect of Zack T. Gosler 1971-01-22-pg11.jpg
Robinson, Kay Denise/Zack T. Gosler Wedding 1971-02-12-pg21.jpg
Rodriguez, Emilio Escajeda/Gayla Bea Smith Wedding 1971-09-23-pg03.jpg
Rodriguez, James Escajedo/Rebecca Marguaretta Ray Wedding 1971-08-19-pg15.jpg
Rodriquez, James Escajeda/Rebecca Marguaretta Ray Groom elect of Rebecca Ray 1971-05-20-pg03.jpg
Roe, Henry Dale/Sherri Jo Gordon Wedding 1971-04-23-pg05.jpg
Rogers, C. A.-Eunice Dale marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Rogers, Sue/Rushin, Billy D. Wedding 1958-05-16-pg02.jpg
Rogers, T.O./Mary Provence Wedding 1964-07-31-pg11.jpg
Rogers, T.S., Mr & Mrs Anniversary 1958-01-03-pg06.jpg
Rohus, Billye Louise Miss wedding (Bride) 1952-12-05-pg01.jpg
Rohus, Grady wedding (groom) shower 1953-02-20-pg02.jpg
Rolison, Larry/Mary Alice Banks Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07.jpg
Rolison, William Lawrence/Mary Alice Banks Wedding 1968-10-25-pg02.jpg
Rone, C.Y./Stella Thompson (20 yrs ago) Wedding 1925-05-29-pg02.jpg
Roper, B. B. - Billie Maxine White marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Roper, John H. Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary 1957-08-09-pg01.jpg
Rothell, Sammie Lynn/Johnny Ray Smith Bride elect of Johnny Ray Smith 1973-07-19-pg15.jpg
Rottan, Lewis/Mitchell, Laverne Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Rountree, Winifred Neal (Fred) Wedding, married Betty Holland 1959-04-10-pg02.jpg
Rountree, Winifred Neal (Fred) Wedding, married Betty Lee Holland 1959-03-27-pg07.jpg
Roush, Franklin W. Dr groom of St. Petersburg Florida 1947-09-12-pg01.jpg
Rowe, Ralph L., Jr./Evada Sue Giles Wedding 1963-12-20-pg14.jpg
Rowh, Julie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Buddy Rowh 1972-08-17-pg17.jpg
Rowland, Charlene Wanice/Marc D. Weathers Bride elect of Marc D. Weathers 1971-01-15-pg08.jpg
Royston, Bill Mr Wedding (groom) 1952-07-18-pg04.jpg
Royston, G. A Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1967-12-15-pg09.jpg
Rushin, Billy D./Sue Rogers Wedding 1958-05-16-pg02.jpg
Russell, Harold groom elect of Miss Linda Harris 1967-04-14-pg07.jpg
Russell, Harold E./Linda Fay Harris Groom elect of Linda Fay Harris 1967-01-20-pg05.jpg
Russell, Harold E./Linda Fay Harris Wedding 1967-05-05-pg07.jpg
Russell, J. D. & Nora Smith Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Russell, Maxine M.- W. C. Kilpatrick marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Russell, Pauline & W. W. Waits Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Rutherford, Elaine & J. E. Rawle Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Rutherford, Joy Elaine bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs V. Rutherford 1955-02-04-pg06.jpg
Rutherford, Joy Elaine Miss Bride elect of Jerry Elton Rawle 1954-12-10-pg08.jpg
Rutherford, William Bruce Groom elect of Sharon Ann Smith 1967-01-20-pg13.jpg
Ryan, Bert Leon 'Butch'/Geneva Evelyn Hicks Wedding 1964-12-04-pg12.jpg
Ryan, Bert Leon 'Butch'/Geneva Evelyn Hicks Wedding 1964-12-25-pg09.jpg
Ryan, Jimmy Dearl Wedding, married Dorothy Joyce Reed 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg
Ryan, John William (Bill) Bridal Shower, married Myra Sue Ramey 1958-12-19-pg05.jpg
Ryan, Rex A./ Teresa Ryan Wedding May 12, 1971, Shower 1971-06-10-pg20.jpg
Ryan, Robert Frank/Linda New Wedding 1967-12-22-pg08.jpg
Ryan, Sue/Alan Bean Beckham Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Saenz, J. J. - Mayabelle Biggenstaff Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Salinas, Lupe/Sammy Garcia Wedding 1970-12-25-pg06.jpg
Sammons, Katherine/Williams, Richards Wedding 1966-01-14-pg04.jpg
Sandefer, Harmon/Imogene Lester Wedding 1946-10-11-pg06.jpg
Sandefer, Harmon/Imogene Lester Wedding 1946-11-15-pg06.jpg
Sandefur, Barbara Ellen/John Paul Fleming Wedding 1968-01-12-pg12.jpg
Sanderford, N. E. & Corresa E. Milburn Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Sanders, Aline/Howard P. Hill Wedding 1945-01-12-pg01.jpg
Sanders, Carol Elizabeth/Jerry Cox Bride elect of Jerry Cox 1973-08-02-pg05.jpg
Sanders, Dennis C. Rev. & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding anniversary 1969-09-12pg15.jpg
Sanderson, Billie/Billy Burkett Wedding 1963-05-10-pg10.jpg
Sandlin, Sheila/Ray Martinez Wedding 1973-08-16-pg21.jpg
Sappington, James Preston, III/Kathryn Elaine White Wedding 1973-06-21-pg05.jpg
Sappington, James Preston, III/Kathy White Groom elect of Kathy White 1973-03-22-pg21.jpg
Sasse, Pauline/R.W. Isom Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Saul, H. E. Jr -Mary L. Aydelotte marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Savage, Linnie Doyle/Robert Trumble Wedding 1945-04-13-pg02.jpg
Scales, Clay & Jeanette Allen marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Schad, Lou Ann/Edward Ross Supina Wedding 1968-02-09-pg04.jpg
Schkade, Ben H. Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th 1974-09-05-pg04.jpg
Schlittler, LeRoy Newton/Annie Nell Jones Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Schmidt, Johnell L. groom elect of Billie Rae Carlton 1969-03-21-pg14.jpg
Schmidt, Johnell L. groom elect of Billie Rae Carlton 1969-06-20pg19.jpg
Schmidt, Johnell L. groom, son of Mr A. E. Schmidt 1969-07-04pg07.jpg
Schur, Donald Gilbert/Alice Davidson Wedding 1963-08-23-pg03.jpg
Scott, Delwyn Ray/Mary Evelyn Jones Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Scrimshire, Ann Bride elect of Daniel T. Veach in May 1969-04-25pg17.jpg
Scroggins, D. E. - C. W. Vaughan Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Scroggins, Michael Paul/Marsha Fay Cheves Groom elect of Marsha Cheves 1974-01-24-pg16.jpg
Scroggins, Michael Paul/Marsha Fay Cheves Wedding 1974-06-13-pg15.jpg
Scroggins, Randall goom elect of Jackie Vinson 1972-01-13-pg05.jpg
Scroggins, Randall groom, son of Mr & Mrs E. G. Scroggins 1972-08-24-pg23.jpg
Scroggins, Rick/Deborah Ann Weber Groom elect of Deborah Weber 1974-07-25-pg22.jpg
Sears, Roxie Anne - Floyd Rech marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Seigler, Gary/Linda Gregg Wedding 1967-08-18-pg08.jpg
Self, Iva Monette - D. L. Harris Marriage license issued in Decatur 1954-10-15-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Collis groom, will wed on May 15, 1955 to Billye Kelley 1955-05-13-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Collis Dixon groom, son of Mr & Mrs C. F. Sellman 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Sellman, John M. groom elect of Pamela Ford 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Nancy wedding (bride) 1953-01-02-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Nancy Jeanne Miss wedding (bride) shower 1953-01-16-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Sue bride elect of Mr Waybne Womack 1959-08-07-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Sue wedding rehearsel with G. Womack 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
Sellman, Sue Wedding, married Gilbert W. Womack 1959-08-28-pg07.jpg
Sellman, Sue Wedding, married Gilbert W. Womack 1959-08-28-pg08.jpg
Selz, Milton Val/Laura Lynn Smith Wedding 1973-06-07-pg16.jpg
Sewell, Ira Mr., groom married Mrs Opal Frazier 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Seyfferth, Robert Wedding, married Gloria Louise Arnold 1961-06-30-pg02.jpg
Shabay, Rosalie / Boaz, Paul Wedding 1941-10-17-pg03.jpg
Shackelford, Sharon Gwen/Robert Leslie Cook Bride elect of Robert Leslie Cook 1971-03-26-pg17.jpg
Shackelford, Sharon Gwen/Robert Leslie Cook Wedding 1971-04-09-pg23.jpg
Shaefer, William A./Mary Pamela Walsh Wedding 1971-02-05-pg24.jpg
Shanks, Jerry Ann Bride elect of Johnny Dan Lowrance 1972-03-16-pg19.jpg
Shanks, Joanne Miss bride elect of joe V. Hodges 1956-12-14-pg02.jpg
Shanks, Joanne Miss bride elect of Joe V. Hodges, marriage Dec 14 1956-11-23-pg01.jpg
Shanks, Joanne Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs E. J Shanks 1956-12-21-pg07.jpg
Shanks, Terry Lynn/William Gary Everett Bride elect of William Gary Everett 1973-04-26-pg26.jpg
Shannon, Joye Mr Wedding (groom) 1952-08-22-pg01.jpg
Shannon, Peggy L.-Glenn Green Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Shannon, Peggy Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Shannon 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Shannon, Peggy Miss wedding, married Glenn Green 1954-09-17-pg02.jpg
Shannon, Peggy/Glenn G. Green Wedding 1963-01-18-pg12.jpg
Shannon, Zackie Joye wedding (groom) 1952-07-25-pg01.jpg
Sharp, Roger Dale/Karen Evon Adams Wedding 1967-01-27-pg16.jpg
Shawn, Billy/Fredia Smith Wedding 1961-09-08-pg12.jpg
Shawn, Bobby W./Loraine Fox Wedding 1967-06-16-pg03.jpg
Shawn, Bobby W./Lorean Harris Groom elect of Miss Lorean Harris 1967-03-10-pg14.jpg
Shawn, Carl David/Connie Lanette Stickler Wedding 1971-07-22-pg05.jpg
Shawn, Gilbert Lee groom, son of Mr & Mrs Raymond Shawn 1954-08-20-pg05.jpg
Shawn, Jerald Ray/Debbie Camerion Wedding 1971-06-10-pg08.jpg
Shawn, Jerald Ray/Debbie Elaine Cameron Groom elect of Debbie Cameron 1971-05-07-pg22.jpg
Shawn, Jesse A., Jr./Grace Phillipps Wedding 1945-01-12-pg03.jpg
Shawn, Korles Browning/Jimmie Ray Davis Wedding 1971-03-05-pg17.jpg
Shawn, Larry/Sharon Gilbreath Wedding 1964-03-20-pg08.jpg
Shawn, Lenda Loreaz/Jimmie Lee Wedding 1963-08-23-pg16.jpg
Shawn, Linda/Jimmie Lee Wedding 1963-09-13-pg10.jpg
Shawn, Richard/Jolene Foster Wedding 1961-12-08-pg02.jpg
Shawn, S. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1956-08-31-pg05.jpg
Shawn, S. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 64th Wedding Anniversary 1970-09-18-pg19.jpg
Sheets, Norma Jean bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs O. E. Sheets 1955-04-15-pg07.jpg
Shehane, Marilyn J. & E. E. Gilstrap Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Shelton, John E./Gwendolyn Hembree Wedding 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg
Shelton, Linda Miss bride elect, to marry Roy L. Watkins 1959-10-23-pg12.jpg
Shelton, Mary C., Miss / Simpson, Albert Monroe Wedding 1943-10-08-pg02.jpg
Shelton, Melba J. - R. C. Lunsford marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Shepard, Aubrey Dee/Ruby Lee Shepard Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Shepard, Callie Ann/Paul Ray Phillips Wedding 1964-07-24-pg08.jpg
Shepard, Callie Ann/Paul Ray Phillips Wedding 1964-08-21-pg10.jpg
Shepard, Ollie U., Sgt. / Fitzgerald, Dona Wedding 1942-12-04-pg02.jpg
Shepard, Ruby Lee/Aubrey Dee Shepard Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Shephard, Callie Ann/ Paul Ray Phillips Wedding shower 1964-08-14-pg07.jpg
Shephard, Malcolm LeRoy Jr Groom of Glenda Kay Herunpont 1958-03-28-pg02.jpg
Shepherd, Joe groom elect of Earlene German 1972-04-27-pg05.jpg
Sheppard, Doyle Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1971-06-03-pg09.jpg
Sherill, Wordy Mr groom elect of Nelda Lumsden 1957-06-14-pg01.jpg
Sherman, Jeffie Lee/Veda Mat Cooper Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Shields, Gail/F.N. Dewey Edward Massey, Jr. Wedding 1971-09-09-pg14.jpg
Shipley Claude H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1966-09-02-pg06.jpg
Shipley, C. H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 46th 1962-08-24-pg03.jpg
Shipley, C. H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 55th Wedding anniversary 1971-09-16-pg20.jpg
Shipley, Claude H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1966-08-19-pg07.jpg
Shipley, Jerry Mac wedding (groom) 1952-05-16-pg06.jpg
Shipley, Melvin C./Billie Sue Lambert Wedding 1970-05-01-pg06.jpg
Shipley, Mr & Mrs O. B. (Slim) Anniversary, 53rd Wedding anniversary 1970-12-25-pg04.jpg
Shipley, Opalene / Mason, Vernon Wedding 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Shipley, Ostie (O. B.) Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th Wedding Anniversary Advertisement 1967-12-08-pg07.jpg
Shipley, Otto Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th Wedding 1964-04-03-pg07.jpg
Shipley,C. H. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 56th wedding anniversary 1972-08-24-pg08.jpg
Shook, Jerrirene bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. H. Shook 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg
Shores, A.D. / Chilton, Faye Wedding 1941-09-12-pg01.jpg
Short, Shirley Jo bride elect of Charles Payne 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg
Short, Shirley Jo / Charles Thomas Payne Wedding 1966-08-05-pg05.jpg
Siddons, Lex Miss Wedding 14 years ago - wedding (bride) 1952-07-25-pg01.jpg
Sikes, Boyd E. Mrs - D. A. Harris Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Simmonds, Charles Wayne groom, son of Mrs Lorene Simmonds 1955-07-22-pg02.jpg
Simmons, J. T.-Margaret R. Crouch marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Simmons, R.L. / Paschall, Marilyn Wedding 1941-08-01-pg01.jpg
Simons, W,D,/Loper, Maudie M Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Simpson, Albert Monroe / Shelton, Mary C., Miss Wedding 1943-10-08-pg02.jpg
Simpson, Bill - Alice Pearl Smith marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Simpson, Billie Bob Mr., groom married Miss Eveleen Mildred Pittman 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Simpson, Dan/Glenda Harvey Wedding 1967-08-18-pg13.jpg
Simpson, Dickie & John Burleson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Simpson, Lee & John Thorne marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Sims, Hazel F. - E. W. Lewis marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Singleton, Jeffrey/Judy Moore Groom elect of Judy Moore 1974-08-29-pg11.jpg
Singleton, Mary Jean / Brown, John M., Staff Sgt. Wedding 1942-12-25-pg01.jpg
Singleton, Mary Lois/Dale Wayne George Bride elect of Dale George 1974-05-02-pg20.jpg
Singleton, Mary Lois/Dale Wayne George Wedding 1974-06-06-pg11.jpg
Sipes, Eddie groom, son of Dr. & MrsD. C. Sipes 1969-09-19pg05.jpg
Sipes, J. G. - Dorothy Jean Kelley marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Sipes, Michael/Mykel Kay Lipstreu Wedding 1968-10-25-pg03.jpg
Sirbeck, Joyce Marie / Railey, Thomas J. Wedding 1943-10-22-pg02.jpg
Sisk, Gertrude / Kendwick, Mack Jerald Wedding 1941-11-07-pg04.jpg
Skaggs, Marcus E./Betty Fay Castleberry Wedding 1971-03-26-pg23.jpg
Skinner, Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Tom Skinner, Denton 1947-06-13-pg08.jpg
Slagle, Berta Mae/Alfred Brown Wedding 1964-05-01-pg18.jpg
Slagle, Berta Mae/Alfred Brown Wedding 1964-06-26-pg08.jpg
Slagle, Berta Miss bride elect of Alfred Brown, shower 1964-06-05-pg09.jpg
Slagle, Maria / Kennedy, Bedford Wedding 1941-08-01-pg01.jpg
Slagle, William Boyd / Hunter, Mary Nell Wedding 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Slagle, William Marshall married donalda Fern Story 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
Slimp, Billy Ross/Brenda Cobb Groom elect of Brenda Cobb 1971-04-09-pg21.jpg
Sloan, Rhonda Gail/James Earl Moyers Wedding 1970-08-07-pg03.jpg
Slough, Wade M. / Pike, Audrey Wedding 1941-11-28-pg01.jpg
Slover, Betsey/Jeffery Lee Hendrickson Wedding 1968-08-16-pg03.jpg
Smith, Agnes & Phillip Woodruff marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Smith, Alice Pearl-Bill Simpson marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Smith, Betty L.- A. S. Faulke marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Smith, Billy Ralph/Mary Ellen Harris Wedding 1963-01-25-pg11.jpg
Smith, Billye Ann/Paul Wayne Cole Bride elect of Paula Waybe Cole 1970-02-27-pg19.jpg
Smith, Bobbie Miss bride, married in Fort Worth to Jackie Fowler 1954-07-09-pg02.jpg
Smith, Carolyn/Dan St. John Wedding 1961-04-14-pg03.jpg
Smith, Dardnella / Smith, Walter Odell Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Smith, Darlene Miss bride elect of Doyle Wilson 1958-06-13-pg04.jpg
Smith, Darlene/Wilson, Lloyd Wedding planned June 6th 1958-05-23-pg01.jpg
Smith, Darrel groom, son of Mr & Mrs Burt Smith 1956-08-24-pg02.jpg
Smith, David L., Mr, groom married Miss Billie Mac Smith 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Smith, Debra Ann/Floyd Richard Tappan Wedding 1974-08-29-pg05.jpg
Smith, Don K./Virginia Boulware Wedding 1967-05-12-pg04.jpg
Smith, Don Key/Virginia Boulware Wedding 1967-07-14-pg11.jpg
Smith, Dora A. - C. F. Bolin Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Smith, Doyle Gene/Paulette Brown Wedding 1961-10-20-pg01.jpg
Smith, Eddie L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1972-12-28-pg09.jpg
Smith, Elton K. groom, wedding at Methodist parsonage 1949-06-10-pg08.jpg
Smith, Emma W./Walter W. Wamach Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Smith, Ernestine/Roy Lee Bruner Wedding 1971-07-01-pg11.jpg
Smith, Eula Belle-L. M. Smith marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Smith, Eula, Mrs./J.B. Bowers Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Smith, Frank / Smith Glenda Wedding 1965-12-03-pg03.jpg
Smith, Fredia/Billy Shawn Wedding 1961-09-08-pg12.jpg
Smith, Gayla Bea/Emilio Escajeda Rodriguez Wedding 1971-09-23-pg03.jpg
Smith, Glenda / Smith, Frank Wedding 1965-12-03-pg03.jpg
Smith, Gloria Jean Miss bride elect of Robert Dalton Laird 1963-11-15-pg12.jpg
Smith, Gloria Jean/Robert Dalton Laird, Jr. Wedding 1963-11-22-pg15.jpg
Smith, H. Earl Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg
Smith, H. Earl Mr & mrs Anniversary, 50th, long list of attendees 1959-09-18-pg04.jpg
Smith, Helen & A. J. Ponder marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Smith, Hulda/Matt Square Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Smith, Jimmie Joe marriage to Sharon Kay Phifer 1957-12-13-pg01.jpg
Smith, Jimmie Joe married Miss Sharon Kay Pieffer 1957-12-06-pg02.jpg
Smith, Jimmie/Peggy Wester Groom elect, Engagement annoouncement 1964-10-02-pg09.jpg
Smith, Jocelyn Kaye/Roy J. Heard Wedding 1968-07-19-pg05.jpg
Smith, Joe Edward/Glenda Kay Beeson Wedding 1964-05-08-pg09.jpg
Smith, Joe Edward/Glenda Kay Beeson Wedding 1964-06-19-pg05.jpg
Smith, Johnny Mack/Linda Fisher Groom elect of Linda Fisher 1973-08-23-pg22.jpg
Smith, Johnny Mack/Linda Fisher Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Smith, Johnny Ray/Sammie Lynn Rothell Groom elect of Miss Sammie Lynn Rothell 1973-07-19-pg15.jpg
Smith, Kathy Bride Elect of Buster Taylor 1968-05-24-pg05.jpg
Smith, Kathy Miss Bride elect of Buster Taylor (shower) 1968-05-03-pg06.jpg
Smith, L. M. - Eula Belle Smith marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Smith, Laura Lynn/Milton Val Selz Wedding 1973-06-07-pg16.jpg
Smith, M. G. - Dorothy J. Kope marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Smith, Michael J. groom elect to marry Sandra Wiedenhoeft 1972-08-24-pg24.jpg
Smith, Nadine/Wesley Cantrell Wedding 1964-01-03-pg08.jpg
Smith, Nancy L./Craig Allen Woodard Bride elect of Craig Allen Woodard 1973-11-22-pg06.jpg
Smith, Nancy Lynn/Craig Allan Woodard Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Smith, Nora & J. D. Russell Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Smith, Patty / Webb, Gervis Wedding 1966-12-23-pg11.jpg
Smith, Robert Dale groom, married in the Birchman Ave Baptist Church 1955-09-02-pg06.jpg
Smith, Robert E./Anne Jackson Wedding 1970-03-06-pg19.jpg
Smith, Rodney E./Suzanne Yale Groom Elect of Suzanne Yale 1967-02-10-pg05.jpg
Smith, Rodney Earl/Suzanne Yale Wedding 1967-06-16-pg11.jpg
Smith, Sandra / Morrow, Billy Wedding 1965-12-03-pg03.jpg
Smith, Sharon Ann Bride elect of William Bruce Rutherford 1967-01-20-pg13.jpg
Smith, Shirley Miss Wedding Shower, married Bill Munn 1957-09-27-pg07.jpg
Smith, Sue bride of Johnny McDuff 1957-12-20-pg05.jpg
Smith, Sue Lee bride elect of James R. Darby Jr 1959-06-12-pg05.jpg
Smith, Sue Lee Bride elect of James Royce Darby Jr 1959-05-29-pg12.jpg
Smith, Sue Lee bride elect of James Royce Darby of Shreveport 1959-05-08-pg08.jpg
Smith, Sue Lee Wedding, bride of James Royce Darby Jr 1959-06-26-pg07.jpg
Smith, Tina/Billy Coursey Wedding 1964-09-18-pg04.jpg
Smith, W. E. Jr-Mary McGriff marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Smith, Walter Odell / Smith, Dardnella Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Smith, Willie T. / Tiffany, Barbara Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Smith, Zephia - R. A. Baker marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Smith,Darlene Wedding, bride of Loyd Wilson 1958-07-11-pg03.jpg
Smotherman, Larry groom elect of Donna Waters 1969-05-30pg11.jpg
Sneed, Deniece Ann/Jimmy Wayne Mitchum Bride elect of Jimmy Wayne Mitchum 1974-03-07-pg14.jpg
Sneed, Deniece Ann/Jimmy Wayne Mitchum Wedding 1974-06-20-pg10.jpg
Sneed, Sherry Lynn/David Alan Pewitt Bride elect of David Alan Pewitt 1971-07-01-pg18.jpg
Sneed, Sherry Lynn/David Alan Pewitt Wedding 1971-08-19-pg22.jpg
Soldan, J.R./Patsy Deene Power Wedding 1967-06-02-pg11.jpg
Souther, L. P. Mr & Mrs Anniversary their 59th wedding anniversary 1955-12-16-pg05.jpg
Souther, Robert Pat groom married Patricia Anne McGowan 1955-02-11-pg05.jpg
Sowell, Kenneth Adell/Mary Baker Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Sparkman, Leon/Jean Young Wedding 1958-01-24-pg04.jpg
Sparks, J. D. Groom elect, to marry Anna Thompson 1969-01-31-pg18.jpg
Sparks, Le Roy bridal shower, groom elect 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Sparks, Le Roy Mr Wedding, married Miss Charlotte Weaver 1959-07-10-pg05.jpg
Sparks, Leroy groom elect of Charlotte Ruth Weaver 1958-10-24-pg08.jpg
Sparks, Leroy groom elect of Charlotte Weaver 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Sparks, Shirley Ann/Jimmie Conners Wedding 1964-07-10-pg06.jpg
Sparks, T. W. - Elma C. Hadaway Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Sparks, Thurman William groom, son of Mr & Mrs M. O. Sparks 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg
Speer, M. L.-Ruby Garrison marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Spencer, Sally/Jim Wesley Kersey Wedding 1967-09-01-pg12.jpg
Square, Matt/Hulda Smith Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
St John, Jerry Don / Walker, Glenda Gayle Wedding 1965-08-27-pg08.jpg
St. John, Dan/Carolyn Smith Wedding 1961-04-14-pg03.jpg
St. John, Jerry Don / Walker, Glenda Gayle Wedding 1965-08-13-pg13.jpg
St. John, Jerry/Glenda Walker bridal shower 1965-09-17-pg10.jpg
Stack, Curtis Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding 1972-04-27-pg09.jpg
Stack, Danny Joe Bridal Shower, married Shirley Jane Bailey 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Stack, Danny Joe Bridal Shower, married Shirley Jane Bailey 1959-03-13-pg06.jpg
Stack, Danny Joe Wedding, married Shirley Jane Bailey 1959-03-13-pg03.jpg
Stallings, John / Patton, Ava Lee Wedding 1941-10-10-pg01.jpg
Stanfield, Jerry Wayne groom elect of Pamela Sharon Phillips 1969-03-21-pg03.jpg
Stanfield, Jerry Wayne groom, son of Mr & Mrs J. O. Stanfield 1969-07-04pg06.jpg
Stanfield, Lorene bridal shower, married N. T. Denton 1959-11-20-pg04.jpg
Stanfield, Louise Miss bride elect of Benny Roberts 1963-07-12-pg11.jpg
Stanfield, Pasty Wedding, bride of Claude E. Pewitt 1959-06-26-pg07.jpg
Stanfield, Patsy Dean Bride elect of Claude E. C. Pewitt 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Stanford, Jan/Billy Ray Wiley Wedding 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Stark, Rodney/Cheryl Cox Wedding 1970-10-23-pg11.jpg
Starks, Allie B./Myrtle Youngkins Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Starnes, Gail/Clifford 'Gerb' Tackett Wedding 1968-12-13-pg23.jpg
Starnes, Larry Claton/Ruby Norene Caraway Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Starr, ina - R. R. Mynick marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Staton, Robert Harris/Judy Lynn Balding Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Steadman, John / Gann, Gaye Wedding 1966-12-23-pg15.jpg
Stegall, James F. groom, son of Mrs J R. Chivers of Bridgeport 1969-02-07-pg09.jpg
Stegall, Norris Kelly/Beverly June Weatherly Wedding 1967-12-08-pg17.jpg
Stevens, Allen Royce/Patricia Paulette Beaty Wedding 1961-09-01-pg06.jpg
Stevens, Damon groom from Fort Worth 1955-02-25-pg07.jpg
Stevens, Henry groom elect of Rhonda Roberts 1972-03-30-pg23.jpg
Stevens, Melba - R. E. Harbough marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Stevens, S. J. Jr - Carolyn J. Bell marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Stevens, Steve Galley/Beverly Lynn Campbell Groom elect of Beverly Campbell 1971-10-07-pg04.jpg
Stevens, Steve Galley/Beverly Lynn Campbell Wedding 1971-12-23-pg39.jpg
Stevens, Thelma Louise, Miss / Woods, James Lee Wedding 1944-01-07-pg04.jpg
Stevens, W. O. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, celebrate 50th wedding anniversary 1955-09-23-pg06.jpg
Stewart, Ann/Arthur Martin James Wedding 1961-08-25-pg03.jpg
Stewart, David/Elfie Thorton Groom elect of Elfie Thorton 1974-08-01-pg11.jpg
Stewart, Gary Paul/Barbara Sue Brown Groom elect of Barbara Sue Brown 1971-07-01-pg23.jpg
Stewart, Gary Paul/Barbara Sue Brown Wedding 1971-08-05-pg10.jpg
Stewart, Helen Elaine/Davis F. Hassell Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Stewart, Jerome wedding (groom) 1953-01-02-pg04.jpg
Stewart, Roy W. groom elect of Barbara Carlton 1972-04-27-pg05.jpg
Stewart, Veanna/Danny Hartsell Wedding 1963-01-11-pg14.jpg
Stewart, Velma/David Errick Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
Stickler, Billie-John Dunn marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Stickler, Billye Kay Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs V. E. Stickler 1954-05-28-pg02.jpg
Stickler, Billye Miss Wedding, bride elect (to mary Johnny Dunn) 1954-05-14-pg03.jpg
Stickler, Connie Lanette/Carl David Shawn Wedding 1971-07-22-pg05.jpg
Stickler, Leonard/Karen Frances Jones Wedding 1963-09-20-pg09.jpg
Stickler, Linda Carol/Jerry Douglas Ransom Wedding 1967-12-08-pg17.jpg
Stickler, Patsy Sue Bride elect of William Guy Brown 1958-07-18-pg01.jpg
Stickler, Patsy Sue bride elect of William Guy Brown Jr. 1958-08-15-pg01.jpg
Stickler, Patsy Sue Wedding, marriage Aug 29 to Guy Brown 1958-08-22-pg01.jpg
Stickler, Patsy Sue Miss Wedding, married William Guy Brown Jr 1958-09-19-pg01.jpg
Stickney, Claudia Kay/Bruce Wayne Coggin Wedding 1968-08-16-pg03.jpg
Still, Frank Jr wedding (groom) 1953-01-16-pg01.jpg
Still, Frank Mr & Mrs Anniversary celebrated 45th wedding 1954-04-16-pg05.jpg
Still, Grace Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1959-05-01-pg01.jpg
Stinnett, Donald Calvin/Linda Fay Hardee Wedding 1967-05-26-pg07.jpg
Stockton, Michael J./Ronda Lyn Bement Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03.jpg
Stockton, Michael J./Ronda Lyn Bement Wedding 1971-06-17-pg05.jpg
Stogner, Larry Mack/Paula Kay Ownsbey Wedding 1970-03-06-pg10.jpg
Stokes, Earl married Kay Jackson 1962-06-22-pg16.jpg
Stokes, Judy Lynn bride elect of Mr Terry R. Carlton 1969-04-18pg17.jpg
Stokes, Judy Lynn/Terry Ray Carlton Bride elect of Terry Ray Carlton 1967-01-13-pg04.jpg
Stokes, Judy Miss bride, daughter of Mrs Morris B. Stokes 1969-06-13pg04.jpg
Stokes, Thurman Lee groom elect of Patricia Gayle Hays 1962-10-19-pg04.jpg
Stone, Tim / Peninger, Lynne Wedding 1966-07-01-pg06.jpg
Stone, Timothy Earl groom elect of Lynne Peninger 1966-02-25-pg11.jpg
Story, Donalda Fern Miss married William Marshal Slagle 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
Street, E. N. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1970-08-28-pg14.jpg
Strickland, Orville Ray/Carol Francesca Supina Wedding 1963-08-30-pg09.jpg
Strickland, Orville Ray/Carol Francisa Supina Wedding 1963-08-02-pg04.jpg
Stricklin, James Boyd/Elizah Frances Moore Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Stubblefield, Buster Mr groom, married Dec 10, 1955 1955-12-23-pg01.jpg
Stubblefield, Dovie / Jarrard, Ernest C., Pfc Wedding 1943-05-28-pg02.jpg
Stubblefield, W. D. - Sarah B. Phillips Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Stutt, Billie Louise / Butram, A.V. Wedding 1941-10-24-pg04.jpg
Stutt, Cindy Sheree/John Larry Byers Bride elect of John Larry Byers 1974-04-04-pg02.jpg
Stutt, James / Bridges, Lavada Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Stutt, Kit Jay / Mann, Vera Wedding 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Stutt, Sondra/Kennith Wayne Provins Wedding 1964-07-31-pg11.jpg
Sublett, Mary Francis Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. W. Sublett 1953-07-10-pg01.jpg
Sugg, Maryalin bride elect of Butch Bridges, Shower 1972-02-24-pg04.jpg
Sugg, Maryalin bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ray Sugg 1972-03-09-pg23.jpg
Sullivan, Jimmy/Rose Ann Rhea Groom elect of Rose Ann Rhea 1970-02-06-pg08.jpg
Summers, J. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1961-11-17-pg02.jpg
Supina, Carol Francesca/Orville Ray Strickland Wedding 1963-08-30-pg09.jpg
Supina, Carol Francisa/Orville Ray Strickland Wedding 1963-08-02-pg04.jpg
Supina, Edward Ross/Lou Ann Schad Wedding 1968-02-09-pg04.jpg
Supina, Julia / Ray, Johnnie Ray Wedding 1965-09-24-pg11.jpg
Sutton, Tom Mr., groom married Miss Eula Wilmoth 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Swain, Buford Mr and Mrs Anniversary 1944-06-16-pg01.jpg
Switer, Beyrl & Jeffie Lois Rinehart marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Sydow, Virginia/Don Coleman Wedding 1961-06-30-pg04.jpg
Sydow, Virginia/Don Coleman Wedding 1961-07-14-pg05.jpg
Tackel, Albert E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 5oth wedding anniversary 1967-02-17-pg08.jpg
Tackel, Audrey Miss shower by Missses Tackel and Gentry 1957-09-13-pg05.jpg
Tackel, Carnella Miss Wedding, married Buddy Blalock this Saturday 1959-05-01-pg01.jpg
Tackel, Cornelia Wedding, bride of Buddy Blalock 1959-05-15-pg06.jpg
Tackel, Fred Mr & Mrs Anniversary 60th wedding anniversary 1965-10-29-pg16.jpg
Tackel, Fred Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden wedding anniversary 1955-12-09-pg01.jpg
Tackel, Fred Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 68th wedding 1973-11-01pg15.jpg
Tackel, Henry Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden wedding anniversary 1955-12-09-pg01.jpg
Tackel, John D. Mr groom, paper torn 1953-08-14-pg01.jpg
Tackel, Margaret Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Jesse Tackel 1956-08-24-pg02.jpg
Tackel, Pamela Ann/Gary Glenn Worlow Bride elect of Gary Glenn Worlow 1974-04-04-pg10.jpg
Tackel, Pamela Ann/Gary Glenn Worlow Wedding 1974-06-13-pg13.jpg
Tackel, William 'Sonny'/Suzanne Daugherty Wedding 1968-03-29-pg07.jpg
Tackett, Beverly Ann/Obie McCauley Bride elect of Obie McCauley 1971-04-23-pg15.jpg
Tackett, Clifford 'Gerb'/Gail Starnes Wedding 1968-12-13-pg23.jpg
Taff, Frances/Joyce H. Townzn Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Talbott, F. B. Mr & Mrs Bride elect, engagement of daughter Willa Fae 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Talbott, Ted D. Mr groom, son of Mr & Mrs F. B. Talbott 1955-06-10-pg04.jpg
Talbott, Willa Fae bride elect of Roy Earle Cage 1954-08-13-pg06.jpg
Talbott, Willa Fae Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs F. B. Talbott 1954-08-27-pg07.jpg
Talley, Olevia E./Thomas R. Johnson Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Talley, Ruth Miss married Oscar Cox Jr 14 years ago 1952-04-25-pg01.jpg
Tanahill, Annie/J.H. Jefferson Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Tappan, Floyd Richard/Debra Ann Smith Wedding 1974-08-29-pg05.jpg
Taylor, A. T. - Reba Sue Jack Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Taylor, Buster Groom Elect of Kathy Smith 1968-05-24-pg05.jpg
Taylor, Christine married Charles Herbert 1966-07-29-pg16.jpg
Taylor, Clifford/Dorothy Parsons Wedding 1961-09-01-pg06.jpg
Taylor, Eugene B., Mr., groom married Miss Mildred N. Tabner 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Taylor, Jimmy Ray/Judy Carol Bruster Wedding 1973-07-05-pg04.jpg
Taylor, Karen Mae/William Walter Bijak Bride elect of William Walter Bijak 1973-05-17-pg12.jpg
Taylor, Karen Miss Bride elect of Mr Bill Bijak (shower) 1973-08-23-pg03.jpg
Taylor, Karen Miss Bride elect of Mr Bill Bijak (shower) 1973-08-23-pg23.jpg
Taylor, Kay bride of James Wilson, wedding shower 1964-05-15-pg06.jpg
Taylor, Laurence & Ernestine Garges marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Taylor, Lynn W./Kathy Davidson Wedding 1968-04-12-pg23.jpg
Taylor, Slvester and Prudie Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th 1974-10-03-pg15.jpg
Taylor, W. T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 1956-12-21-pg08.jpg
Teague, Jackie Mrs (Christine Stone) bridal shower 1966-07-22-pg02.jpg
Teague, Ted/Florence Bernice McDaniel Wedding 1946-09-27-pg08.jpg
Teague, Ted/Florence Bernice McDaniel Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Tebbetts, Raymond Ward groom of Letha Faye Harvick 1957-05-17-pg06.jpg
Teel, Betty Anne/Larry Joe York Wedding 1975-08-07-pg20.jpg
Terrell, B. D. & Mildred Barge Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Terrell, Benjamin H. Rev and Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1961-08-25-pg04.jpg
Terrell, Jerry Ray/Vickie Diann Cook Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Terry, Joseph G., Jr./Barbara Ann Newquist Groom Elect 1967-01-06-pg08.jpg
Terry, Joseph G., Jr./Barbara Ann Newquist Wedding 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Teter, peggy R. A/2c bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. H. Teter 1955-11-04-pg06.jpg
Thacker, Glenda Inez Miss bride elect of Eldon Royce Coffee 1956-04-27-pg03.jpg
Thomas, Doris / Flowers, Boyce Wedding 1943-11-26-pg01.jpg
Thomas, Lamoyne & Earl Johnson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Thomas, LaMoyne Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs S. J. Thomas 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Thomas, Sondra Kay/James G. Davis Wedding 1967-10-27-pg15.jpg
Thomas, Sondra Kay/James G. Davis Wedding 1967-12-22-pg04.jpg
Thompkins, Freddie groom elect of Julie Albright 1963-07-05-pg07.jpg
Thompkins, Freddy/Julie Albright Wedding 1963-06-07-pg02.jpg
Thompkins, Freddy/Julie Albright Wedding 1963-07-19-pg05.jpg
Thompson, A. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden wedding anniversary 1956-05-25-pg04.jpg
Thompson, Anna Louise Miss bride elect, to marry James David Sparks 1969-01-31-pg18.jpg
Thompson, Brenda/Bennie Trammell Wedding 1968-06-07-pg07.jpg
Thompson, Donald J./Linda Reynolds Wedding 1961-07-21-pg03.jpg
Thompson, Erma bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs V. R. Thompson 1969-06-27pg04.jpg
Thompson, Freddie A/3c groom, couple will live in Denver Colorado 1955-10-28-pg06.jpg
Thompson, Judy bride elect of David Odell Bailey 1969-04-25pg03.jpg
Thompson, Lula/Jerry Wayne Morrow Wedding 1968-03-08-pg03.jpg
Thompson, Lula/Jerry Wayne Morrow Wedding 1968-04-12-pg11.jpg
Thompson, Mildred - G. M. Willoughby marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Thompson, Paula Ann/Ben E. Tolle Bride elect of Ben Tolle 1974-06-06-pg19.jpg
Thompson, Paula Ann/Ben E. Tolle Wedding 1974-08-01-pg08.jpg
Thompson, R. L.-Betty J. Dourrough marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Thompson, Sandra Kay bride elect of Larry Hensley 1969-06-20pg19.jpg
Thompson, Shirley Ann bride elect of Rev John Charles Lamberth 1962-09-07-pg08.jpg
Thompson, Shirley Ann bride elect of Rev John Charles Lamberth 1962-10-19-pg03.jpg
Thompson, Shirley Ann bride elect of Rev John Charles Lamberth 1962-10-19-pg08.jpg
Thompson, Shirley Ann marriage to Rev John Charles Lamberth 1962-10-26-pg06.jpg
Thompson, Stella/C.Y. Rone (20 yrs ago) Wedding 1925-05-29-pg02.jpg
Thorn, Delores K. & T. L. Coleman marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Thorne, John & Lee Simpson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Thornhill, Charles married Loise Billington 1966-06-10-pg07.jpg
Thornton, Duane - Dorothy Lambert marriage license issued 1954-07-02-pg02.jpg
Thornton, Mary Lesta/William H. Bobo Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Thorton, Elfie/David Stewart Bride elect of David Stewart 1974-08-01-pg11.jpg
Thurmond, Minnie/L.J. Edwards Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Tidmore, Wade Hamilton/Celinda Gaye Ward Groom elect of Celina Gaye Waard 1973-06-07-pg13.jpg
Tidmore, Wade Hamilton/Celinda Gaye Ward Wedding 1973-08-16-pg14.jpg
Tiffany, Barbara / Smith, Willie T. Wedding 1965-08-06-pg09.jpg
Tindell, Beverly Miss married Charles Douglas Whitehead 1962-09-14-pg11.jpg
Tolle, Ben E./Paula Ann Thompson Groom elect of Paula Ann Thompson 1974-06-06-pg19.jpg
Tolle, Ben E./Paula Ann Thompson Wedding 1974-08-01-pg08.jpg
Townes, Chris Edward/Sharon Lea Hamblin Wedding 1975-06-19-pg16.jpg
Townzn, Joyce H./Frances Taff Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Traister, Robert Lee groom elect, to marry Miss Jerry Blevins 1959-10-23-pg12.jpg
Trammell, Bennie/Brenda Thompson Wedding 1968-06-07-pg07.jpg
Trammell, Jim/Doris Marler Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Trammell, T. R. (Ted) Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th 1974-09-12-pg23.jpg
Trapp, Mary Ellen. & G. W. Woolsey Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Trimsear, G. H. & Shelia M. Moore marriage license issued 1955-03-25-pg07.jpg
Trumble, Robert/Linnie Doyle Savage Wedding 1945-04-13-pg02.jpg
Trytten, Barbara Q.-D. C. Davenport Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Tucker, Bula Evelyn, Miss / Davidson, Welton Hiram Wedding 1944-05-19-pg02.jpg
Tucker, Calvin Jake/Effie Marie Hodge Wedding 1944-09-15-pg03.jpg
Tucker, Calvin Jake/Effie Marie Hodge Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Tucker, Debbie/Roy Provence Wedding 1974-09-05-pg08.jpg
Tucker, Doris June/John R. Boulware Wedding 1971-01-22-pg18.jpg
Tucker, J. C. - Ethel M. Apple marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Tucker, Karen Ann Miss married Dwayne Mooney 1962-09-07-pg09.jpg
Tucker, Margaret Miss bride elect of Ronny Huff 1964-11-27-pg06.jpg
Tucker, Regina Bride elect of Tom Donnell 1970-04-17-pg15.jpg
Turner, Linda/Huber, Chris Wedding 1957-09-13-pg08.jpg
Turner, William H. 'Bud'/Marion Ray Wedding 1945-03-16-pg01.jpg
Turner, William H. 'Bud'/Marion Ray Wedding 1945-03-23-pg02.jpg
Urban, Harvey Lee / Kelly Mary Lou Wedding 1966-04-22-pg13.jpg
Urgan, Harvey groom elect of Mary Lou Kelley 1966-02-11-pg13.jpg
Uselton, Charles L. groom elect of Barbara Lee Lowrie 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Utley, Jerry Lyndell/Bertie Lynn Harris Wedding 1961-06-16-pg05.jpg
Van Green, Willeta Miss bride elect of Dan Michael Elder 1959-10-09-pg03.jpg
Van Hoose, Albert groom groom, son of Mr Joe Vanhoose 1947-05-23-pg08.jpg
Van Hoose, Albert Mr groom elect to be married May 17 1947-05-16-pg01.jpg
Van Hoose, Dale/La Quita Reeder Wedding 1967-02-24-pg13.jpg
Van Hoose, Jackie/Darrell Newby Wedding 1961-09-15-pg04.jpg
Van Hoose, Jacquelyn/Darrel Newby Wedding 1961-08-04-pg08.jpg
Van Hoose, James Oliver Wedding, married Patricia Ann Lewis 1959-08-28-pg07.jpg
Van Hoose, James W. Wedding, married Mary Allen 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg
Van Hoose, Janie bride elect of Norman Lindsey 1958-08-01-pg08.jpg
Van Hoose, Janie Miss bride elect of Norman Lindsey 1958-08-15-pg01.jpg
Van Hoose, Jewel Miss bride-elect was showered 1948-09-03-pg10.jpg
Van Hoose, Jewel Miss bride, will make their home in Frederick OK 1948-09-10-pg08.jpg
Van Hoose, Jimmie Ray married Nora Jane Crunk 1963-07-05-pg03.jpg
Van Hoose, Travis Leon groom elect of Betty Ann Pemberton 1966-02-18-pg07.jpg
Van Hoose, Travis Leon / Pemberton, Betty Ann Wedding 1966-04-01-pg04.jpg
Vance, Ellen/Joe L. Grundy Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Vandeventer, Kay Bride Elect of David Pewitt 1966-12-09-pg12.jpg
Vandeventer, Nita Kay/David Pewitt, Jr. Wedding 1967-02-17-pg16.jpg
Vandiver, Dorothy Neel/R.W. Knight Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Vanek, Danny Andrew/Janice Vivian Rhine Wedding 1971-10-07-pg09.jpg
VanHoose, Janie Wedding, married Norman Lindsey 1958-09-05-pg05.jpg
Vardiman, Bill Alvin/Pamela Kay Burns Groom elect of Pamela Kay Burns 1974-11-14-pg07.jpg
Vaughan, C. W. - D. E. Scroggins Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Vaught, B. P. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding 1974-01-17-pg15.jpg
Vaught, Phillip John/Sandi Robertson Wedding 1974-08-29-pg26.jpg
Vaught, Teresa/Rex A. Ryan Wedding May 12, 1971, Shower 1971-06-10-pg20.jpg
Veach, Charles Wedding, married Rosaine Perry 1959-01-16-pg04.jpg
Veach, Daniel T. Groom elect of Ann Scrimshire 1969-04-25pg17.jpg
Venable, Erma L. - J. P. Bryant marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Verner, Danny married Marion Carol Burress 1963-07-26-pg06.jpg
Verner, Danny/Marian Carol Burress Wedding 1963-06-21-pg13.jpg
Vess, Dorothy Dal/Starley Goode Wilson Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Vest, Lester groom elect of Sharon Young 1962-12-14-pg09.jpg
Vest, Lester & Young, Sharon Wedding 1962-12-28-pg03.jpg
Vickery, Nancy Wedding, married Jeff Donald Rhodes 1959-08-14-pg03.jpg
Vidal, Victoria Esperanza/Danny Ray Bell Wedding 1973-01-04-pg14.jpg
Vinson, Jackie bride elect of Randall Scroggins 1972-01-13-pg05.jpg
Vinson, Jackie Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Johnny Vinson 1972-08-24-pg23.jpg
Vinson, Patsy Jo Ann bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs M. C. Vinson 1954-11-12-pg05.jpg
Vinson, Patsy Jo Miss bride elect, to marry Rondal L. Cheves in Nov. 1954-09-24-pg02.jpg
Waits, W. W. & Pauline Russell Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Waldrep, Joe Keith/Betty Deatherage Wedding 1963-08-23-pg15.jpg
Waldrop, Samuel G. & Linda Goodwin Marriage License issued 1955-02-25-pg06.jpg
Walker, Alfred/Nancy Dugan Wedding 1967-03-10-pg06.jpg
Walker, Betty J. - Johnny Brown marriage license issued 1956-05-18-pg03.jpg
Walker, Billy Fred groom elect of Sandra Beth Morris 1962-12-21-pg07.jpg
Walker, Billy Fred groom elect of Sandra Morris 1962-11-30-pg11.jpg
Walker, Billy Fred shower, groom elect o Sandra Morris 1963-01-04-pg02.jpg
Walker, Billy Fred/Sandra Morris Wedding 1963-02-01-pg08.jpg
Walker, C. W. & Lauraleen Moore Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Walker, Dorothy Lambert/Larry L. Boulware Wedding 1971-01-29-pg18.jpg
Walker, Glenda Gayle / St John, Jerry Don Wedding 1965-08-13-pg13.jpg
Walker, Glenda Gayle / St John, Jerry Don Wedding 1965-08-27-pg08.jpg
Walker, Glenda/Jerry St. John bridal shower 1965-09-17-pg10.jpg
Walker, John W. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 70th wedding anniversary 1970-09-25-pg11.jpg
Walker, John W., Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary, 63 wedding anniversary 1963-07-05-pg01.jpg
Walker, Leonard, Jr./Nancy Lynn Crofford Wedding 1968-10-11-pg08.jpg
Walker, Leslie/Gwendolyn Ellis Groom elect of Gwen Ellis 1971-04-09-pg05.jpg
Walker, Mada T./Rex H. Bird Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Walker, Mary Lois/Hubert Lynn Lake Bride elect of Hubert Lynn Lake 1973-10-25-pg16.jpg
Walker, Monty/JoAnn Canova bridal shower 1965-10-22-pg12.jpg
Walker, R. S. (Dock) & Marguerite Anniversary Wedding 1975-06-19-pg16.jpg
Wallace, Doris F. - J. L. Miller marriage license issued 1956-02-24-pg06.jpg
Wallace, Flora - J. C. Montgomery Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Wallace, Tobe B., Jr., S/sgt / Hall, Sylvia Dean Wedding 1944-07-14-pg03.jpg
Waller, Carolyn Louise-L. R. Lee marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Waller, Marie/Charles A. Bridges Wedding 1945-08-03-pg02.jpg
Wallin, Bennie Faye/Charles C. Gamble Wedding 1968-02-16-pg15.jpg
Walsh, Mary Pamela/William A. Shaefer Wedding 1971-02-05-pg24.jpg
Wamach, Walter W./Emma W. Smith Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Wamble, Mildred-T. K. Jackson marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Wang, Allana Ann/Terry Mann Wedding 1967-10-06-pg19.jpg
Wang, Merle Allen/Gwendolyn Mann Groom electe of Gwendolyn Mann 1975-10-30-pg08.jpg
Ward, Celinda Gaye/Wade Hamilton Tidmore Bride elect of Wade Hamilton Tidmore 1973-06-07-pg13.jpg
Ward, Celinda Gaye/Wade Hamilton Tidmore Wedding 1973-08-16-pg14.jpg
Ward, Ruby Jo-F. R. Fuqua Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Warford, Linda Joy Bridal Shower, married Stanley Walter, Coker 1959-01-23-pg02.jpg
Warford, Lynda Wedding, married Stanley Coker 1959-01-09-pg05.jpg
Warner, Mary Alice Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Richard Warner 1954-01-01-pg02.jpg
Warren, C. S. - Nellie J. McSpadden Marriage License issued 1956-01-27-pg06.jpg
Warren, Kenneth & Betty Cates marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Wash, Patricia Moss Miss bride elect of Lt j.g. Robert P. Phillips 1962-04-20-pg08.jpg
Waters, Donna Miss bride elect of Larry Smotherman 1969-05-30pg11.jpg
Waters, Gwen/Bobby Ray Green Wedding 1968-06-21-pg13.jpg
Waters, Gwen/Bobby Ray Green Wedding 1968-08-30-pg03.jpg
Waters, Maurice N. groom, son of Mr & Mrs C. J. Waters 1949-06-10-pg01.jpg
Watkins, B. M. - Wanda J. Womack marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Watkins, Earl E./Mary G. Farris Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Watkins, Nadine Miss bride elect of Johnny Herndon 1956-11-09-pg05.jpg
Watkins, Nadine Miss bride, daughter of Mr 7 Mrs Claud Watkins 1956-11-30-pg02.jpg
Watkins, Robert Dean/Glenda McAnear Wedding 1964-04-03-pg09.jpg
Watkins, Roy L. Jr groom elect, to marry Miss Linda Shelton 1959-10-23-pg12.jpg
Watson, Alton Roy/Mary Sue Fain Groom elect of Mary Sue Fain 1975-06-12-pg08.jpg
Watson, Doris Delaine Miss bride, daugher of Mr & Mrs Hardy Watson 1947-06-06-pg01.jpg
Weatherford, J. T. Mr & Mrs Anniversary golden wedding anniversary 1955-12-09-pg01.jpg
Weatherford, Jay R./Dorothy Faye Munson Wedding 1971-01-01-pg12.jpg
Weatherford, Trudy Miss bride elect of Norman Nicholson 1962-08-03-pg12.jpg
Weatherford, Trudy Miss bride elect of Norman Nicholson 1962-08-31-pg05.jpg
Weatherford, Trudy Miss married Norman Nicholson 1962-09-21-pg11.jpg
Weatherly, Beverly June/Norris Kelly Stegall Wedding 1967-12-08-pg17.jpg
Weatherly, Carolyn Sue/Gregory Loraus Wedding 1968-07-26-pg03.jpg
Weatherly, Florence Mae/Cecil Petty bride elect of Cecil Petty 1963-01-25-pg04.jpg
Weatherly, Larry groom elect, to marry Karen King 1972-05-18-pg20.jpg
Weatherly, Larry / Whitehead, Sherry Wedding 1965-06-04-pg02.jpg
Weatherly, Larry/Sherry Whitehead Wedding shower 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Weathers, Marc D./Charlene Wanice Rowland Groom elect of Charlene Rowland 1971-01-15-pg08.jpg
Weathers, Valerie June/Fred Northorp, Jr. Bride elect of Fred Northorp Jr 1971-01-22-pg23.jpg
Weaver, Charlotte bride elect of Leroy Sparks 1959-06-19-pg05.jpg
Weaver, Charlotte Miss bridal shower, bride elect 1959-07-03-pg08.jpg
Weaver, Charlotte Miss Wedding, married Mr Le Roy Sparks 1959-07-10-pg05.jpg
Weaver, Charlotte Ruth Miss bride elect of Leroy Sparks 1958-10-24-pg08.jpg
Weaver, J. T. - Bertha Hogan marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Weaver, Linda Kaye/Larry Glynn Wilson Wedding 1968-06-21-pg13.jpg
Webb, Delois / McDaniel, Cecil Cordell Wedding 1941-12-05-pg02.jpg
Webb, Gervis / Smith, Patty Wedding 1966-12-23-pg11.jpg
Webb, William Edgar/Angela Kay Chilton Groom elect of Angela Kay Chilton 1974-09-19-pg03.jpg
Webb, William Edgar/Angela Kay Chilton Wedding 1974-10-31-pg04.jpg
Weber, Deborah Ann/Rick Scroggins Bride elect of Rick Scroggins 1974-07-25-pg22.jpg
Weger, Edgar, Jr., Pvt. / Fitzgerald, Pauline, Miss Wedding 1943-08-06-pg01.jpg
Weichman, William (Bill) groom 1947-12-12-pg01.jpg
Welch, Dasha/S.N. Itson Wedding 1925-05-08-pg04.jpg
Welch, Gladyce Faye bride, married Bobby Reed 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg
Welch, Gladys F.-B. R. Reed marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Welch, Janet Elaine married Jimmy Neal Fennell 1962-09-07-pg07.jpg
Welch, Monelle & George Richardson marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Welch, Mozell Mrs Bride 1947-04-11-pg04.jpg
Wells, R.H./McNallen, Jerry Ann Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Wells, W. W. - Marsha A. Hatcher Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
West, Allie Marie/Phillip Anthony Womack Wedding 1970-05-01-pg20.jpg
West, Allie Marie/Phillip Anthony Womack Wedding 1970-05-29-pg25.jpg
West, Georgia/Brent Nelson McCain Wedding 1964-11-27-pg12.jpg
West, Lemnea Alfred/Debra Lynn Futch Wedding 1973-06-28-pg09.jpg
Wester, Peggy/Jimmie Smith Bride elect, Engagement annoouncement 1964-10-02-pg09.jpg
Wester, Roland groom of Elaine Reddell 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Wharton, Linda bride elect of Greg Jones 1966-04-29-pg04.jpg
Wharton, Suzanne bride elect of William Edward McDaniel 1965-06-18-pg06.jpg
Wharton, Suzanne/William McDaniel Wedding shower 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Wharton, W. E. Mr & Mrs Anniversary 50th 1958-02-07-pg08.jpg
Whatley, Hershel groom, from Boyd, they will live in Boyd 1954-11-12-pg05.jpg
Whatley, Hershel-Shirley D Brown marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Wheelis, Beth/Steven C. Nelms Wedding 1970-05-01-pg24.jpg
White, Archie Carl / Mitchum, Norma Jean Wedding 1941-11-07-pg04.jpg
White, Bill groom elect of Diana Everett 1968-10-18-pg15.jpg
White, Billie Maxine-B. B. Roper marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
White, Billy Wayne/Diana Jean Everett Wedding 1968-09-13-pg02.jpg
White, Billy Wayne/Diana Jean Everett Wedding 1968-10-25-pg12.jpg
White, Bobbie Jean/Raymond Lynn Brewer Wedding 1961-06-30-pg04.jpg
White, Carl S. - Peggye L. Dickinson marriage license issued 1956-01-20-pg05.jpg
White, Donna Jean bride elect, to marry Tony McClung 1972-04-06-pg08.jpg
White, Frank D./Patricia Murphy Wedding 1968-03-29-pg07.jpg
White, Harriett Routh/William Spencer Allen Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
White, J.F., Jr. & Clay, Elizie Wedding 1962-08-31-pg11.jpg
White, John Edward groom 1954-06-04-pg02.jpg
White, Johnny Mrs bridal shower hosted by Mrs H. C. Harlan 1954-07-16-pg05.jpg
White, Kathryn Elaine/James Preston Sappington III Wedding 1973-06-21-pg05.jpg
White, Kathy/James Preston Sappington, III Bride elect of James Sappington 1973-03-22-pg21.jpg
Whitehead, Charles Douglas married Beverly Tindel 1962-09-14-pg11.jpg
Whitehead, Sherry / Weatherly, Larry Wedding 1965-06-04-pg02.jpg
Whitehead, Sherry/Larry Weatherly Wedding shower 1965-07-16-pg05.jpg
Whitney, Raymond Mr & Mrs anniversary, 28th wedding 1962-11-23-pg11.jpg
Whitney, Warren Wedding, groom of Carla Bower 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Whitney, Warren, Mr. groom elect of Miss Carla Jo Bower 1958-06-06-pg01.jpg
Whitsitt, J. H. - Myrna Deatherage marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Whitten, Mary - A. L. Fortenberry Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Wiedenhoeft, Sandra Miss bride elect to marry Michael Smith 1972-08-24-pg24.jpg
Wilder, J. R. - Viola T. Jones marriage license issued 1954-07-16-pg02.jpg
Wildt, Martha J. - J. L. Malone marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Wiley, Betty Alice Mrs wedding, (bride) daughter of Mr & Mrs R. W. Bird 1953-02-20-pg01.jpg
Wiley, Billy Ray/Jan Stanford Wedding 1967-06-23-pg03.jpg
Wiley, Carol Ann/Randall Joe Woodard Wedding 1971-08-19-pg17.jpg
Wilkins, Patricia Ann/Glenn R. Biffar Bride elect of Glenn Biffar 1974-11-07-pg16.jpg
Wilkinson, Edna Mrs bride, former Bridgeport resident 1955-02-25-pg07.jpg
Wilkinson, Leilani bride elect of Craig Ford 1966-06-03-pg07.jpg
Wilkinson, Nan Miss bride, attended by Mrs Helen Johnston 1948-11-12-pg10.jpg
Williams, Carl Lynn/Melinda Jo Bridges Groom elect of Melinda Jo Bridges 1974-08-15-pg18.jpg
Williams, Glenda Sue Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ralph Williams 1954-08-20-pg05.jpg
Williams, Guinn Anniversary, celebrates 76th birthday 1947-05-16-pg08.jpg
Williams, James-Claudia Mae Blalock Marriage license issued 1955-05-20-pg05.jpg
Williams, Jimmy / McWilliams, Patricia Wedding 1965-09-03-pg04.jpg
Williams, Ralph wedding, (groom) married Miss Ann Burnett 1953-04-24-pg04.jpg
Williams, Richard/Sammons, Katherine Wedding 1966-01-14-pg04.jpg
Williamson, Esther Jane/Glenn Cuppy Bride elect of Glenn Cuppy 1971-12-02-pg24.jpg
Willis,Eugen of Pama Texas groom elect of Eldora Bloomingdale 1956-05-18-pg05.jpg
Willmon, Leon/Sheree Lewis Groom elect of Sheree Lewis 1973-05-10-pg09.jpg
Willmon, Zena Kay/Robert Glenn Minton Bride elect of Robert Minton 1973-02-08-pg03.jpg
Willoughby, G. M. - Mildred Thompson marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Wilson, C. L.-Betty Sue Cofer Marriage License Issued 1954-09-10-pg04.jpg
Wilson, Charlele / William Hunt Wedding 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg
Wilson, Doyle groom elect of Darlene Smith 1958-06-13-pg04.jpg
Wilson, Gary Wayne/Rowena Ruth McMurry Wedding 1971-07-15-pg17.jpg
Wilson, James groom of Kay Taylor, wedding shower 1964-05-15-pg06.jpg
Wilson, Larry Glynn/Linda Kaye Weaver Wedding 1968-06-21-pg13.jpg
Wilson, Lloyd, Darlene Smith Wedding planned June 6th 1958-05-23-pg01.jpg
Wilson, Loyd Wedding, groom of Darlene Smith 1958-07-11-pg03.jpg
Wilson, Ola/K.O. Goode Wedding 1963-05-31-pg14.jpg
Wilson, Starley Goode/Dorothy Dal Vess Wedding 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Wilson, Willie R./Angeline E. Kammeter Wedding 1946-10-11-pg03.jpg
Wimas, J. O. - Myrtice Martha Hines marrriage license issued 1955-01-14-pg07.jpg
Winder, John Alvin, Jr./Marion Elaine Haynes Wedding 1968-05-17-pg10.jpg
Winder, John Alvin, Jr./Marion Elaine Haynes Wedding 1968-08-30-pg11.jpg
Winder, Sharon Kathleen/Bill Omer Bilderback Wedding 1963-08-30-pg04.jpg
Winn, Bill Groom, son of Mrs C. W. Winn, Bridgeport 1954-01-22-pg03.jpg
Winn, James & Peggy F. Winn Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Winn, Peggy F. & James Winn Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Winsett, Brenda Gay Miss married Dudley Joe Reeves 1958-06-06-pg08.jpg
Winton, Gary/Pat Love Wedding shower 1965-12-10-pg11.jpg
Wolsch, Curtis Williams/Pearson, Cleo Aline Wedding 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Wolverton, Jean / Charles, Frank Richard Wedding 1943-03-12-pg01.jpg
Womack, Gilbert bridal rehearsel for mariage with Sue Sellman 1959-08-21-pg04.jpg
Womack, Gilbert W. Wedding, married Sue Sellman 1959-08-28-pg07.jpg
Womack, Gilbert W. Wedding, married Sue Sellman 1959-08-28-pg08.jpg
Womack, Phillip Anthony/Allie Marie West Wedding 1970-05-01-pg20.jpg
Womack, Phillip Anthony/Allie Marie West Wedding 1970-05-29-pg25.jpg
Womack, Sammy Drew/Dolores Nelle McClung Wedding 1964-05-15-pg03.jpg
Womack, Sammy Drew/Dolores Nelle McClung Wedding 1964-07-10-pg04.jpg
Womack, Sherri Lynn/Joe Jenkins Bride elect of Joe Jenkins 1975-09-11-pg11.jpg
Womack, Wanda J.- B. M. Watkins marriage license issued 1955-05-06-pg03.jpg
Womack, Wayne groom elect of Miss Sue Sellman 1959-08-07-pg04.jpg
Wood, Doyle S. Mrs marriage recent, shower 1952-07-25-pg04.jpg
Wood, Frances Lanelle Pfc bride elect, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. L. Wood 1955-12-09-pg03.jpg
Wood, Gayle Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th 1959-09-18-pg01.jpg
Wood, Gayle Mr.& Mrs. Anniversary 1959-10-02-pg01.jpg
Wood, Kenneth/Jane Davidson Wedding 1971-08-05-pg14.jpg
Wood, Paul/Debra Reeves Groom elect (shower) of Debra Reeves 1973-06-28-pg23.jpg
Woodard, Chuck/Vicki Lynn Ford Wedding 1970-09-25-pg14.jpg
Woodard, Craig Allan/Nancy Lynn Smith Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12.jpg
Woodard, Craig Allen/Nancy Smith Groom elect of Nancy L. Smith 1973-11-22-pg06.jpg
Woodard, Randall Joe/Carol Ann Wiley Wedding 1971-08-19-pg17.jpg
Woodruff, Phillip & Agnes Smith marriage license issued 1947-04-25-pg04.jpg
Woodruff, Willard B. Mr., groom married Miss Mary Louise Gettys 1947-12-05-pg05.jpg
Woods, James Lee / Stevens, Thelma Louise Wedding 1944-01-07-pg04.jpg
Woodward, B. R. & Marjorie Johnson Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Woolsey, Garland W. & Mary E. Trapp Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg
Wooten, Drucilla, Miss Wedding (bride) 1952-07-18-pg04.jpg
Worley, O. L. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary 1970-02-06-pg18.jpg
Worlow, Gary Glenn/Pamela Ann Tackel Groom elect of Pamela Ann Tackel 1974-04-04-pg10.jpg
Worlow, Gary Glenn/Pamela Ann Tackel Wedding 1974-06-13-pg13.jpg
Worlow, Wayne groom elect of Glenda McDuff 1965-07-30-pg16.jpg
Worthington, Gerald Lee/Rena Estelle Counts Wedding 1946-12-13-pg06.jpg
Wright, Earnest Mr & Mrs marriage recent, living in Bridgeport 1952-07-25-pg03.jpg
Wright, Fred Raymona/Pamela Elyse Duncan Groom elect of Pamela Duncan 1974-05-02-pg02.jpg
Wright, Gladys / Dethloff, Raymond Wedding 1965-12-31-pg10.jpg
Wright, J. A. Mr & Mrs Anniversary, 50th Wedding Anniversary 1910-06-10-pg08.jpg
Wright, J.C./Huckabee, Peggy A Wedding, marriage licenses issued 1957-05-17-pg03.jpg
Wright, Jimmy groom elect of Peggy Huckabee 1957-04-26-pg06.jpg
Wright, Paul Mr & Mrs anniversary, 50th 1975-09-04-pg07.jpg
Wright, Tonya Ann/William Bart Brackett Bride elect of William Brackett 1975-07-17-pg02.jpg
Wright, Tonya Ann/William Bart Brackett Wedding 1975-09-04-pg15.jpg
Yale, Suzanne/Rodney E. Smith Bride Elect of Rodney Smith 1967-02-10-pg05.jpg
Yale, Suzanne/Rodney Earl Smith Wedding 1967-06-16-pg11.jpg
Yandle, Robert (Dutchman) Mr married Alice King 1969-09-05pg16.jpg
Yandle, Robert (Dutchman) Mrs bridal shower 1969-09-05pg16.jpg
York, Larry Joe/Betty Anne Teel Wedding 1975-08-07-pg20.jpg
Young Alvis Thomas groom elect of Pamela Kay Meier 1969-04-04pg11.jpg
Young, A. R. - Nelda Ramey Marriage License issued 1954-08-13-pg08.jpg
Young, Alvis Thomas groom, son of Mr & Mrs Bob Young 1969-07-04pg06.jpg
Young, Charles Howell/Linda Rae Ferguson Wedding 1963-07-26-pg10.jpg
Young, Jane - C. G. Reed marriage license issued 1954-12-10-pg07.jpg
Young, Jean/Leon Sparkman Wedding 1958-01-24-pg04.jpg
Young, Melvan / Coale, Rose Wedding 1966-07-29-pg11.jpg
Young, Minnie - K. L. Caraway Marriage License issued 1956-01-06-pg04.jpg
Young, Sharon bride elect of Lester Vest 1962-12-14-pg09.jpg
Young, Sharon & Vest, Lester Wedding 1962-12-28-pg03.jpg
Young, Sue Carol Miss wedding (bride) 1952-07-25-pg01.jpg
Young, Sue Miss bride, photo, Wedding 1952-08-22-pg01.jpg
Young, Sue Miss wedding continued from front page 1952-08-22-pg06.jpg
Younger, Don / Molloy, Pat Wedding 1965-04-02-pg08.jpg
Younger, John/Cheryl Motley Wedding 1964-07-24-pg05.jpg
Youngkins, Myrtle/Allie B. Starks Wedding 1946-09-20-pg06.jpg
Younglood, Sonya Miss bride, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. E. Youngblood 1954-06-11-pg04.jpg
Zohn, Verlon D., & K. W. Richey Marriage License issued 1957-04-12-pg03.jpg