Subj: Unidentified Picture #7
Date: 10/19/2008 2:34:03 A.M. Central Daylight Time
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This picture I think must be part of my McGee family. The man on the left looks so much like my grandfather it is unreal. Assuming that is him (my grandfather Elmer Herman/Pete McGee b. 1906 Wise Co., TX d. 1992 Lubbock, TX), I can't imagine who the older man is or the small child. If the man on the left is not my grandfather, but perhaps a cousin look-a-like then there are some other possibilities.

You don't happen to know the date of the photo do you? I have some other photos with the border design similar (but not exact) that were taken about or during the 1940's, so I was assuming that picture #7 was taken during the 40's. Although I do have some taken in the 30's with that type of border as well. I will have to go through some old pictures of my grandfather, I know I have one of that profile. It's just uncanny. And it could be him, I remember my grandparents talking about going back to Decatur and visiting with the McGees that were still in the area at the time, but I'm not sure when they made that trip.

If that is in fact my grandfather, then the older man - I just don't know. I know it's not either of his grandfathers, as both died in 1904. His father, Fred Albert McGee, died in 1937 in Crosby Co., TX. Fred's brother Edgar d. in 1928 Dallas, TX and his brother Will died in 1930 in Garvin Co., OK

If the picture was taken in the early 30's, then the child could be my uncle - Pete McGee, Jr. b. 10 Aug 1929. I'll dig through and see if I have any pictures of him at that age.

I am sending a couple of pictures of my grandfather, and a picture of William F. McGee.
One of the pictures I'm sending - McGees8 is my grandfather's family, his parents in front, and siblings behind and around. Elmer is far left on the back row. I will doublecheck the date of that picture but I believe it was right around the time he married my grandmother in 1928.

I am afraid I'm rambling too much and am confusing. If you want any more information let me know and I'll see what pictures I can find. Please do let me know if you see the family resemblance that I see. By the way, I just emailed you about William H. Ferguson - that's Elmer's other grandfather. Elmer was born Elmer Herman McGee and later legally changed his name to Elmer Pete McGee about the time of WWII. He was born 22 May 1906 Wise Co., TX to Fred Albert and Cynthia Parlee (Ferguson) McGee. Fred was son of John Forrest and Mary Jane (Trent) McGee. Cynthia (sometimes spelled Sintha) was daughter of William H. and Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth (Hathcox/Hathcock) Ferguson/Furgerson. I just wish they would have spelled all those names the same way each time.... lol

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