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Wise County, Texas

1973 - Names Index

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1,316 Pages from 45 Papers were Photographed
(8 new papers with 200 pages were added, but not yet indexed)
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Below is an Index of 2,142; stories about local people, pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Sue Tackel - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page

Magee, Veda   Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Majka, Donald Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Mammas and Poppas Revue     Picture               1973-03-22-pg22
Mann, C.T.        Story               1973-04-26-pg22
Mann, Carlton  Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Mann, George Washington               Obituary               1973-07-19-pg10
Mann, James M.               Story               1973-08-16-pg08
Mann, Joann     Picture               1973-10-25-pg24
Mann, Mollye Ann/Billy Joe O'Dell               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg11
Mann, Sandi      Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Mann, Sandy     Picture               1973-04-26-pg18
Mann, Sandy     Story               1973-11-22-pg01
Mann, Sherry    Picture               1973-02-15-pg27
Mann, Sherry    Picture               1973-04-05-pg08
Mann, Sherry    Picture               1973-04-19-pg10
Mann, Susan     Picture               1973-04-05-pg31
Mann, Susan     Picture               1973-04-19-pg33
Mann, Susan     Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Mann, Susan     Picture               1973-05-24-pg32
Mann, Susan Adelia               Picture               1973-04-12-pg23
Mann, Susan Adelia/Stanley Carol McWilliams               Wedding             1973-06-28-pg10
Mann, Tommy  Story               1973-03-01-pg20
Manning, Opal Picture               1973-11-29-pg10
Manoushagian, Buck               Picture               1973-02-15-pg10
Manoushagian, Bucky               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Manoushagian, Ralph               Story               1973-04-05-pg02
Manoushagian, Ralph               Story               1973-04-19-pg04
Manoushagian, Ralph Pace/Melinda Kaye Bordner               Wedding             1973-05-31-pg08
Manoushagian, Ralph/Melinda Bordner               Wedding             1973-04-26-pg21
Manoushaigan, Bucky               Picture               1973-05-24-pg03
Map of Old Town 1880-1887               Picture               1973-07-19-pg54
Mara, Jack, farm               Picture               1973-04-12-pg01
Marlett, Ronald               Picture               1973-09-20-pg19
Marney, Bill     Story               1973-03-22-pg03
Marney, Bill     Picture               1973-03-22-pg17
Marney, Bill     Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Marney, Bill, Mr. & Mrs        Picture               1973-06-28-pg28
Marney, Marita               Picture               1973-03-22-pg01
Marney, Toni   Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Marney, Toni   Picture               1973-09-27-pg24
Marney, William Eric               Birth               1973-11-22-pg06
Martin, Cy      Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
Martin, Danell               Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
Martin, David Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
Martin, Edie   Story               1973-10-11-pg24
Martin, Edie   Picture               1973-11-29-pg27
Martin, Laury Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
Martin, Leonard               Obituary               1973-02-15-pg10
Martin, Tina    Picture               1973-11-01-pg23
Martin, Wynema               Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
Martinez, Frank               Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Martinez, Julie               Picture               1973-04-05-pg08
Martinez, Julie               Picture               1973-04-19-pg10
Martinez, Leonard               Picture               1973-07-19-pg16
Martinez, Maria               Picture               1973-07-19-pg16
Martinez, Maria Flores               Picture               1973-07-26-pg09
Martinez, Ray/Sheila Sandlin               Wedding             1973-08-16-pg21
Martinson, Tim               Story               1973-10-11-pg24
Martinson, Tim               Picture               1973-11-29-pg27
Mask, Dub        Picture               1973-01-25-pg13
Massey, Gail    Picture               1973-02-15-pg27
Massey, Gail    Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Massey, Gail    Picture               1973-05-24-pg26
Matzinger, Irv Story               1973-02-08-pg04
Mauch, Larry  Picture               1973-11-15-pg17
May, Ben L., Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1973-04-05-pg35
May, Ben L., Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1973-04-19-pg37
May, Ricky     Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
McBee, Kelvin               Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
McClatchy, D.D.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
McClatchy, D.D.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg26
McClatchy, D.D.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg32
McClatchy, Don               Picture               1973-07-05-pg01
McClatchy, Don               Picture               1973-07-26-pg01
McClatchy, Don               Picture               1973-08-02-pg01
McClatchy, Don               Picture               1973-08-02-pg02
McClung, B.W.               Picture               1973-05-24-pg27
McClung, Donna               Picture               1973-05-24-pg24
McClung, J.L. Picture               1973-11-15-pg17
McClurg, Jerry Dale               Birth               1973-04-05-pg10
McClurg, Jerry Dale               Birth               1973-04-19-pg12
McComis, David               Picture               1973-09-20-pg17
McComis, David               Story               1973-11-01-pg27
McDaniel, Connie               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
McDaniel, Debra               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
McDonald, J.   Obituary               1973-09-06-pg04
McDonald, Sherri               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
McDonald, Sherry               Picture               1973-05-24-pg22
McDonnell, L.F., Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1973-03-08-pg26
McElheney, Billy               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
McGee, Jerry  Picture               1973-04-05-pg02
McGee, Jerry  Story               1973-04-12-pg04
McGee, Jerry  Picture               1973-04-19-pg04
McKay, Bennie Darren               Birth               1973-11-22-pg06
McKelvey, James               Picture               1973-03-22-pg21
McKenzie, J.S. & Mrs.               1913 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
McNair, Pam   Picture               1973-04-05-pg27
McNair, Pam   Picture               1973-04-19-pg29
McNeil, Dick  Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
McNeil, Dick  Picture               1973-11-15-pg17
McWilliams, Stanley Carol/Susan Adelia Mann               Wedding             1973-06-28-pg10
Medlin, Peter  Picture               1973-06-28-pg20
Meek, Colman Iverson               Obituary               1973-11-01-pg20
Meek, Emma Guffin               Obituary               1973-11-29-pg03
Meek, Robert   Picture               1973-08-02-pg09
Meek, Sue         Picture               1973-03-08-pg09
Meek, Sue         Picture               1973-03-08-pg11
Meek, Sue         Picture               1973-03-08-pg28
Meek, Sue         Picture               1973-05-17-pg15
Meek, Trevor, poster by               Picture               1973-12-06-pg04
Meissner, Mike               Picture               1973-04-26-pg17
Messenger, Kavina Michele Story               1973-09-20-pg27
Mexican church congregation in 1920's    1920's Picture   1973-07-19-pg24
Meyers, Freddy/Cynthia Cheves               Wedding             1973-01-04-pg03
Meyers, H.F., Jr.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
Meyers, Howard               Picture               1973-07-05-pg01
Meyers, Howard               Picture               1973-07-26-pg01
Meyers, Howard               Picture               1973-08-02-pg01
Meyers, Howard               Picture               1973-08-02-pg02
Meyers, Howard, Jr.               Picture               1973-03-22-pg01
Meyers, Howard, Jr.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg26
Middour, Jennifer Denise   Birth               1973-01-11-pg14
Mighty Marching Maroon  Picture               1973-11-15-pg03
Mighty Marching Maroon Drill Team      Picture               1973-11-01-pg02
Mill in 1921  1921 Picture   1973-07-19-pg34
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1973-02-15-pg27
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1973-04-05-pg40
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1973-04-19-pg42
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1973-08-23-pg01
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1973-11-29-pg15
Miller, Lynn/Pamela Sue Evans               Wedding             1973-03-08-pg19
Miller, Michael A.               Story               1973-04-05-pg10
Miller, Michael A.               Story               1973-04-19-pg12
Millette, Roland D.               Story               1973-06-21-pg18
Milton, Jackie L., Jr.               Story               1973-03-22-pg24
Miners go back to work-advance of 5 cents/ton               1910 Story      1973-07-19-pg32
Miniard, Linda               Picture               1973-11-01-pg18
Minor, Albert  1920 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Minor, Charlie 1920 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Minor, Odell, Jr.               Story               1973-08-02-pg24
Minton, Robert GlWillenn/Zena Kay Willmon               Wedding             1973-02-08-pg03
Missinger, Kavina               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Mitchell, Doris Lynn               Story               1973-08-23-pg02
Mitchum, Brenda               Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Mitchum, Brenda               Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Mitchum, Tommy               Picture               1973-03-01-pg05
Mitchum, Tommy               Picture               1973-03-08-pg16
Mitchum, Tommy               Picture               1973-03-22-pg20
Molloy, Scott  Picture               1973-06-28-pg10
Monk, Elmo      Picture               1973-05-24-pg27
Montford, C.T. & Ethel Harris    Story               1973-12-13-pg16
Montrief, Quincy May, Mrs.- story by               1937 Story      1973-07-19-pg50
Monts, JoAnn  Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
Monts, Pam      Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Monts, Pam      Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Moody, Lee Alan               Picture               1973-09-27-pg24
Moody, Loreta               Picture               1973-09-27-pg24
Moody, Mark  Picture               1973-04-12-pg10
Moody, Mark  Picture               1973-04-12-pg22
Moody, Mitzi/Beaumont Brown               Wedding             1973-03-01-pg13
Moore, Edward, Family Reunion               Story               1973-07-05-pg03
Moore, Kathy Picture               1973-02-15-pg27
Moore, Katrina               Picture               1973-07-26-pg04
Moore, Leonard               Picture               1973-02-15-pg09
Moore, Leonard               Picture               1973-04-26-pg32
Moore, Leonard               Picture               1973-07-12-pg04
Moore, Martha               Picture               1973-05-24-pg24
Moore, Max    Picture               1973-01-11-pg04
Moore, Max    Picture               1973-04-19-pg11
Moore, Max    Picture               1973-08-23-pg01
Moore, Max    Picture               1973-11-29-pg04
Morehead, Mark               Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Moreira, Jonathas, Rev.               Picture               1973-05-03-pg09
Morgan, C.V.  Picture               1973-07-26-pg20
Morgan, C.V.  Picture               1973-07-26-pg31
Morning, Gayle               Picture               1973-05-17-pg10
Morrison, F.C., home on Carpenter St.               Picture               1973-04-26-pg04
Morrow, Brent Wayne               Story               1973-04-12-pg04
Morrow, Danita Dawn               Birth               1973-05-10-pg12
Morrow, David Douglas Picture               1973-05-10-pg24
Morrow, Joe/Kathy Ooten               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg11
Morrow, Kayla               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Morrow, Mary Lois               Picture               1973-05-10-pg24
Morrow, Shannon JeLaine  Birth               1973-02-15-pg15
Morton, Adelle               Picture               1973-07-19-pg11
Mosley, Steve  Picture               1973-01-11-pg01
Motley, Richard               Picture               1973-03-01-pg04
Motley, Richard               Picture               1973-08-02-pg04
Motley, Richard               Picture               1973-08-02-pg15
Mott, R.E. Lee               Obituary               1973-04-12-pg23
Mount Horeb Battle of 1930      1930 Story      1973-07-19-pg32
Moyers, Eldon               Story               1973-11-08-pg01
Moyers, James               Picture               1973-06-28-pg02
Moyers, James               Picture               1973-06-28-pg28
Moyers, Jane  Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Moyers, Micheal Dale               Story               1973-02-01-pg14
Moyers, Mike Picture               1973-03-01-pg08
Moyers, Mike Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Moyers, Mike Story               1973-09-27-pg27
Moyers, Mike Story               1973-11-08-pg10
Moyers, Rhonda               Picture               1973-10-25-pg01
Muhlinghause, Bobby               Picture               1973-05-17-pg10
Muhlinghause, Clint               Story               1973-04-26-pg01
Muhlinghause, Clint               Story               1973-05-03-pg03
Muhlinghause, Melanie/Thomas Edward Lockwood               Wedding             1973-01-04-pg20
Muhlinghause, Wayne               Picture               1973-02-01-pg21
Muhlinghause, Wayne               Picture               1973-05-24-pg19
Muhlinghause, Wayne               Picture               1973-05-24-pg22
Muhlinghause, Wayne               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Mullens, Judy  Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Mullens, Judy  Picture               1973-05-24-pg33
Muncy, Dana   Picture               1973-04-05-pg19
Munday, Kevin               Picture               1973-09-06-pg18
Munn, Bret        Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Munn, Charles  Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Murphree, Lynn               Picture               1973-08-16-pg02
Murphy, Joe   Picture               1973-01-25-pg01
Murphy, Joe   Picture               1973-05-31-pg02
Murphy, Joe   Picture               1973-08-16-pg01
Murphy, Joe   Picture               1973-11-29-pg32
Murphy, Ritchard               Picture               1973-04-05-pg11
Murphy, Ritchard               Picture               1973-08-23-pg21
Murphy, Ritchard               Picture               1973-09-27-pg24
Murphy, Ritchard               Picture               1973-12-06-pg14
Musick, Howard R.               Story               1973-01-11-pg16
Mustain, Carolee               Picture               1973-02-15-pg27
Myers, Alan D., Jr.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg20
Myers, Alan D., Jr.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg27
Nall, Ronnie   Picture               1973-02-15-pg16
Nall, Ronnie   Obituary               1973-03-01-pg12
Nance, Bill       Picture               1973-08-02-pg05
Napier, Nina    Story               1973-12-13-pg24
Nard, Joan       Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
National Honor Society new members               Picture               1973-05-03-pg15
Nelson, Vadis  Picture               1973-12-06-pg13
Newspaper files from 1918      1918 Story      1973-07-19-pg61
Newspaper start in 1893      Story               1973-07-19-pg62
Newton, Betty               Picture               1973-05-10-pg24
Newton, Matilda               Picture               1973-08-02-pg02
Newton, Tawana               Story               1973-07-26-pg01
Newton, Tawana               Picture               1973-07-26-pg10
Niblett, Ruby Delpha Pike       Obituary               1973-06-28-pg10
Nielson, Gerald Dean               Obituary               1973-09-06-pg04
Nobles, Bill     Picture               1973-05-31-pg04
Nobles, Bill     Picture               1973-08-23-pg17
Nobles, W.A.   Story               1973-01-25-pg01
Norris, Markus Lee               Birth               1973-12-13-pg16
Norris, Pat      Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom               Wedding             1973-10-11-pg15
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom               Wedding             1973-11-01-pg32
Oates, Marcy Gay/Dr. James Lindstrom               Wedding             1973-11-22-pg06
O'Dell, Becky/David Gober               Wedding             1973-05-10-pg17
O'Dell, Billy   Picture               1973-07-26-pg08
O'Dell, Billy J.               Story               1973-10-18-pg01
O'Dell, Billy Joe/Mollye Ann Mann               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg11
O'Dell, Buddy Picture               1973-08-02-pg04
O'Dell, Buddy Picture               1973-12-06-pg14
O'Dell, Gerry Wane/Loretta Rice               Wedding             1973-07-12-pg18
Offutt, Brenda Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Offutt, Brenda Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Offutt, Brenda Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Offutt, Brenda Picture               1973-05-24-pg33
Old Town Businesses, Saloons, etc.               Story               1973-07-19-pg49
Olney Savings & Loan opening  Picture               1973-07-05-pg01
Olney Savings & Loan to open  Story               1973-06-07-pg01
Olney Savings and Loan building Picture               1973-07-19-pg11
Olney Savings and Loan building Picture               1973-07-26-pg25
Olney Savings and Loan building Picture               1973-07-26-pg26
Olney Savings grand opening  Story               1973-07-26-pg01
Ooten, Kathy/Joe Morrow               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg11
Optimist Club Oratorical Contest Winners               Picture               1973-03-22-pg03
Optimist Club Summer Recreating Program               Picture               1973-07-05-pg03
Optimists Club               Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Orr, Dora       Picture               1973-06-07-pg12
Overland Mail Co. Organized 1857               Story               1973-07-19-pg41
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-01-25-pg15
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-02-15-pg12
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-03-01-pg05
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-03-08-pg16
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-04-05-pg08
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-04-19-pg10
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-04-19-pg17
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-05-03-pg03
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-05-24-pg32
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-07-26-pg01
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-08-02-pg01
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-08-02-pg03
Padfield, Dean Picture               1973-08-16-pg01
Padfield, Dean Story               1973-09-13-pg01
Padron, Juana  Picture               1973-07-19-pg16
Palmer, Maude M. Wright   Obituary               1973-10-18-pg17
Parker, Bill & Sherry               Story               1973-10-11-pg19
Parker, Delores               Picture               1973-11-22-pg18
Parker, Don    Picture               1973-03-01-pg01
Parrish, Flora Paris McCurry               Obituary               1973-10-04-pg19
Partin, Virgil A.               Story               1973-07-12-pg18
Partin, Virgil Alan               Story               1973-02-15-pg15
Partin, Virgil Alan               Story               1973-09-13-pg06
Paschall, Claude               Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, Elmer               Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, Jim   Picture               1973-09-20-pg01
Paschall, Lloyd               Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, R.A. Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, R.A., Mrs.               Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, Richard               Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Paschall, Robert 'Bo', Terry & Cindy               Picture               1973-11-15-pg25
Pate, L.M.       Picture               1973-03-08-pg14
Patterson, Butch               Picture               1973-02-15-pg12
Patterson, Butch               Picture               1973-03-01-pg05
Patterson, Butch               Picture               1973-03-08-pg16
Patterson, Butch               Picture               1973-04-19-pg17
Patterson, Lesley               Birth               1973-10-04-pg02
Patterson, Shirley Joan               Story               1973-01-25-pg10
Payne, Brian    Picture               1973-01-04-pg11
Payne, Charles William 'Sonny'   Story               1973-07-19-pg08
Payne, Jayson  Picture               1973-01-04-pg11
Peagues, Sara  Picture               1973-07-26-pg04
Pee Wee League All-Stars team               Picture               1973-07-12-pg04
Pee Wee League, The Corner Drug Indians   Picture               1973-11-01-pg08
Pee Wee League, The Tigers team               Picture               1973-07-12-pg11
Peninger, Beth               Story               1973-09-20-pg18
Peoples, Clint Picture               1973-08-02-pg17
Peoples, Clint Story               1973-11-15-pg16
Peoples, Clint Story               1973-12-20-pg04
Peoples, Clint, Captain               Story               1973-01-11-pg01
Perales, Moses               Story               1973-07-19-pg16
Perales, Ysela  Picture               1973-04-05-pg21
Perales, Ysela  Picture               1973-04-12-pg20
Perales, Ysela  Picture               1973-04-19-pg23
Perales, Ysela  Story               1973-05-24-pg22
Perales, Ysela  Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Perry, Tommy  Picture               1973-05-17-pg09
Petty, James     Picture               1973-11-29-pg30
Petty, Ronnie D./Rebecca Baker               Wedding             1973-09-13-pg16
Pevitt, Paula      Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Pewitt, David Weldon               Birth               1973-11-01-pg15
Pewitt, Paul      Picture               1973-04-12-pg10
Pewitt, Paul      Picture               1973-04-12-pg22
Pewitt, Ruth     Old Picture   1973-07-26-pg11
Phelps, Charles H./Lynette Gann               Wedding             1973-04-05-pg16
Phelps, Charles H./Lynette Gann               Wedding             1973-04-19-pg18
Phillip, Lee, family reunion  Story               1973-12-06-pg03
Phillips, Thesha               Picture               1973-04-19-pg19
Pierce Reunion held in Seymour               Story               1973-05-17-pg08
Pierce, Boyce Mayon               Obituary               1973-04-12-pg03
Pierce, Harold D.               Story               1973-09-27-pg11
Pierce, Stewart               Picture               1973-06-28-pg01
Pierce, Stewart               Picture               1973-06-28-pg10
Pinion, Roy    Picture               1973-09-20-pg05
Pipes, Bert, farm                Picture               1973-05-17-pg20
Pipes, Robbie   Picture               1973-11-01-pg18
Pipes, Robbie   Story               1973-11-08-pg03
Pittman, Stephanie               Story               1973-01-11-pg17
Pitts, R.C.        Picture               1973-06-07-pg15
Pitts, Rigina    Picture               1973-03-01-pg08
Poindexter, Dr.               1910 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Polish crusher worker murdered 'Dead Man's Pasture'                1930's Story      1973-07-19-pg26
Pollock, Shannon               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Porter, Dessie Picture               1973-01-25-pg15
Porter, Dessie Picture               1973-06-07-pg12
Potts, Beverly  Story               1973-07-26-pg01
Potts, Beverly  Picture               1973-08-02-pg09
Potts, Kyle       Picture               1973-04-26-pg20
Potts, Larry      Picture               1973-08-23-pg10
Potts, Larry & Beverly               Picture               1973-08-09-pg15
Potts, Robbie   Picture               1973-08-02-pg03
Pouncey, Marietta               Picture               1973-07-26-pg04
Powers, Jana Lyn               Picture               1973-03-08-pg01
Powers, Jana Lyn               Story               1973-03-08-pg04
Powers, Jana Lyn               Picture               1973-03-08-pg11
Powers, Jana Lyn               Picture               1973-03-08-pg28
Pratt, James     Picture               1973-06-28-pg02
Pratt, James     Story               1973-08-02-pg01
Preschool week-long play school               Picture               1973-05-17-pg03
Prett, James     Picture               1973-05-10-pg01
Prett, James     Picture               1973-05-24-pg32
Price Freeze    Story               1973-07-12-pg19
Price, Beverly  Picture               1973-02-15-pg29
Price, Beverly  Picture               1973-04-05-pg22
Price, Beverly  Picture               1973-04-19-pg24
Price, Beverly  Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Price, Doyle     Picture               1973-03-01-pg01
Price, Doyle     Picture               1973-04-26-pg30
Price, Karen     Picture               1973-02-01-pg21
Price, Rhee Anna/Leslie Jene Gage               Wedding             1973-07-05-pg17
Price, Sunshine               Picture               1973-05-24-pg29
Price, Sunshine/Ronny Horn               Wedding             1973-07-19-pg02
Price, Wayne   Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Price, Wayne   Picture               1973-05-24-pg26
Province, Marchia               Picture               1973-04-19-pg19
Pryor, Stephaine               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Quigley, Don  Picture               1973-10-04-pg03
Rackley, Euell Gale               Picture               1973-04-05-pg33
Rackley, Euell Gale               Picture               1973-04-19-pg35
Radford, Cheryl               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Radford, Vicki               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Railroad from Bridgeport to Graham - first run          Story               1973-05-17-pg01
Raines, Derina               Picture               1973-04-05-pg23
Raines, Derina               Picture               1973-04-19-pg25
Raines, Derina               Picture               1973-05-03-pg15
Raines, Derinda               Picture               1973-05-17-pg28
Raines, Derinda               Picture               1973-05-24-pg01
Raines, Derinda               Picture               1973-05-24-pg06
Raines, Derinda               Picture               1973-05-24-pg21
Raines, Derinda               Story               1973-05-24-pg22
Raines, Derinda               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Raines, Derinda               Story               1973-11-29-pg15
Ramson, Carrie               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Rankin, Ray     Story               1973-02-08-pg19
Raven, Alton    1919 Picture   1973-07-19-pg56
Raven, Dale     Picture               1973-11-01-pg23
Raven, Della    1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Raven, George               1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Raven, Oscar   1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Raven, Ruby    Story               1973-12-13-pg17
Raven, Tim      Picture               1973-10-11-pg21
Ray, Tran Lee, died in 1933      Story               1973-07-19-pg56
Raye, Gordon, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1973-05-10-pg09
Read, Dyke      Picture               1973-04-26-pg15
Read, Thomas P., Jr.               Picture               1973-11-29-pg29
Red River Renegades Rifle Club               Picture               1973-11-08-pg19
Reding, Alice Jean/Jerry Thurman Burk               Wedding             1973-12-06-pg03
Reed, Cynthia Lynn & Sandra    Obituary               1973-12-13-pg21
Reed, Gary       Story               1973-04-26-pg26
Reed, Glenn Wilson/Paula Delayne Hachtel               Wedding             1973-09-20-pg31
Reed, Janie      Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Reed, Janie      Story               1973-11-15-pg25
Reed, Linda Irene               Story               1973-08-09-pg09
Reed, Weldon  Picture               1973-10-04-pg01
Reed, William Gary               Story               1973-06-28-pg08
Reeves, Debra/Paul Wood               Wedding             1973-06-28-pg23
Reid, Kenneth Picture               1973-01-25-pg15
Reid, Sheila     Picture               1973-07-19-pg62
Remlee, Harold               Picture               1973-06-28-pg20
Remmele, Bennie               Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Remmele, Harold               Picture               1973-05-24-pg01
Remmele, Harold/Renea Holt               Wedding             1973-08-02-pg11
Rene, Al           Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Reynolds, G.A.               Picture               1973-10-18-pg01
Reynolds, Harold               Picture               1973-05-24-pg18
Reynolds, Harold               Story               1973-12-20-pg24
Rhea, Richard Everett               Birth               1973-11-22-pg06
Rhine, Barbara  Picture               1973-11-29-pg33
Rhine, Glen       Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
Rhine, Ronnie   Picture               1973-12-20-pg23
Rhine, Walter Dan               Story               1973-02-15-pg19
Rhyne, Gaile    Picture               1973-07-26-pg04
Rice, J.T., Mrs.               Picture               1973-05-24-pg27
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-04-05-pg25
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-04-12-pg19
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-04-19-pg27
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-05-03-pg16
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-05-17-pg27
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-05-24-pg07
Rice, Loretta   Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Rice, Loretta/Gerry Wane O'Dell               Wedding             1973-07-12-pg18
Richardson, Raymond 'Red'       Obituary               1973-10-04-pg01
Richey, Gary Raymond               Birth               1973-05-24-pg31
Riddles, Lillie               Obituary               1973-08-16-pg03
Rieger, R.T.     Picture               1973-11-29-pg24
Rinehart, L.M., Rev. & Mrs        Story               1973-05-03-pg10
River Bridge south of Bridgeport in 1913      1913 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Roark, Jason    Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Roark, Jason    Picture               1973-11-01-pg23
Roark, Rob      Picture               1973-04-19-pg01
Roark, Rob      Picture               1973-05-24-pg01
Roark, Scott    Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Roberts, Christian Lanese   Birth               1973-02-08-pg17
Roberts, Earl   Picture               1973-10-04-pg23
Roberts, Jason Ray               Birth               1973-10-25-pg16
Roberts, Pete  Picture               1973-08-02-pg04
Roberts, Roy   Picture               1973-08-02-pg03
Roberts, W.T.  Picture               1973-03-08-pg26
Robinson, Nonette               Story               1973-08-16-pg03
Robinson, Nonette               Picture               1973-12-13-pg01
Rock Island Depot in 1899      1899 Picture   1973-07-19-pg46
Rock Island Freight House    1930's Picture   1973-07-19-pg50
Rodriquez, James E.               Story               1973-11-15-pg28
Romine, Glen Picture               1973-11-01-pg16
Romine, Tara Kay               Picture               1973-10-04-pg02
Roper, Jesse    1913 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Roper, Johnny 1913 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Ross, Ray         Picture               1973-11-15-pg17
Rothell, Sammie Lynn/Johnny Ray Smith               Wedding             1973-07-19-pg15
Rountree, Alan               Picture               1973-06-07-pg01
Royston, Cleavy               Obituary               1973-05-24-pg09
Runaway Bay Men's Golf Club               Picture               1973-11-29-pg19
Rush, Tom       Picture               1973-11-29-pg30
Russell, Rodney               Picture               1973-04-26-pg15
Russell, Theresa               Picture               1973-12-20-pg06
Rutherford, Bill               Picture               1973-12-06-pg11
Rutherford, Billy               Story               1973-01-25-pg10
Rutherford, Billy               Picture               1973-12-06-pg11
Rutledge, Gladys               Obituary               1973-01-04-pg14
Ryan, Sue/Alan Bean Beckham               Wedding             1973-10-25-pg16
Sadler, Harvey Picture               1973-05-17-pg09
Sammons, Maudie M. Loper     Story               1973-09-27-pg11
Samples, Jessie Fugate               Obituary               1973-10-25-pg23
Sampson, H.H. Picture               1973-05-03-pg15
Sampson, H.H. 1920 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Sanders, Carol Elizabeth/Jerry Cox               Wedding             1973-08-02-pg05
Sanders, Jessie William Obituary               1973-09-06-pg09
Sanders, Ray L.               Story               1973-07-05-pg15
Sandlin, Sheila/Ray Martinez               Wedding             1973-08-16-pg21
Sappington, Carol               Picture               1973-02-15-pg30
Sappington, Carol               Picture               1973-04-12-pg19
Sappington, James Preston, III/Kathryn Elaine White               Wedding             1973-06-21-pg05
Sappington, James Preston, III/Kathy White               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg21
Sarah Jane's Flower Shop       Picture               1973-05-03-pg03
Saunders, Clay               Picture               1973-05-31-pg04
Saunders, Hugh               Picture               1973-05-10-pg09
Savings & Loans approved - Olney & Decatur               Story               1973-05-17-pg01
Savings and Loan History  Story               1973-07-26-pg24
Schmidt, Bodie               Picture               1973-07-26-pg17
Schmidt, Bodie               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
School - first in Bridgeport               Picture               1973-07-19-pg63
Schools in old Bridgeport               Story               1973-07-19-pg63
Schultz, Pat      Picture               1973-07-26-pg18
Schultz, Pat      Picture               1973-07-26-pg20
Scott, A.L.        Picture               1973-06-28-pg25
Scott, Al           Picture               1973-04-05-pg35
Scott, Al           Picture               1973-04-19-pg37
Scott, Becky    Picture               1973-09-06-pg01
Scott, David     Picture               1973-03-01-pg17
Scott, David     Picture               1973-04-05-pg11
Scott, David     Story               1973-09-20-pg18
Scott, David     Picture               1973-09-20-pg20
Scott, David     Picture               1973-10-18-pg18
Scott, David     Picture               1973-12-06-pg14
Scott, David     Picture               1973-12-06-pg23
Scott, David     Picture               1973-12-06-pg26
Scott, Jan          Story               1973-11-01-pg20
Scott, John       Story               1973-09-20-pg19
Scott, Tammy   Story               1973-03-22-pg03
Scott, Tammy   Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Scott, Tammy   Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Scroggins, Jackie Elayne    Story               1973-08-09-pg09
Scroggins, Jackie Elayne    Picture               1973-10-04-pg03
Scrogum, Burr               Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Seay, Vivian    Picture               1973-05-24-pg27
Sellers, Jayne  Picture               1973-05-24-pg06
Sellers, Jayne  Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Sellers, Jeyne  Picture               1973-02-15-pg17
Sellers, Jeyne  Picture               1973-04-05-pg20
Sellers, Jeyne  Picture               1973-04-19-pg22
Sellers, Jeyne  Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Selz, L.V., Dr.               Picture               1973-09-06-pg01
Selz, Milton Val/Laura Lynn Smith               Wedding             1973-06-07-pg16
Selz, Scott      Story               1973-10-04-pg01
Sensibaugh, Fred               1920 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Setliff, James   Picture               1973-05-03-pg15
Setliff, James   Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Setliff, James   Picture               1973-05-24-pg33
Setliff, James   Story               1973-11-29-pg15
Sewalt, Ronnye               Picture               1973-10-04-pg12
Sewing projects of freshmen girls               Picture               1973-06-21-pg03
Shabay, Pete built first swimming pool               1919 Picture   1973-07-19-pg56
Shaft No. 4      1907 Picture   1973-07-19-pg35
Shanklin, Steve               Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1973-02-15-pg04
Shanks, Terry Lynn               Story               1973-02-15-pg11
Shanks, Terry Lynn/William Gary Everett               Wedding             1973-04-26-pg26
Sharp, Travis     Picture               1973-08-02-pg05
Shaver, William H., II               Story               1973-08-09-pg17
Shaw, Katherine               Picture               1973-11-01-pg23
Shepherd, B.J. Story               1973-02-15-pg22
Shepherd, Paula Jo               Birth               1973-12-13-pg16
Sheppard, Joe M.               Story               1973-10-18-pg32
Shipley, Melvin               Picture               1973-11-01-pg01
Shipley, Parker               1913 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Short, Mike      Picture               1973-04-26-pg13
Shriver, Jack    Story               1973-02-01-pg01
Shults, Harold Picture               1973-05-24-pg01
Shultz, Kip       Picture               1973-02-01-pg19
Sieger, Carlene               Picture               1973-03-01-pg18
Siletti, Connie Picture               1973-07-19-pg16
Siletti, Diana   Picture               1973-07-19-pg16
Silletti, Eugene               Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Silletti, Richard               Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Simmons, Kay               Picture               1973-03-01-pg17
Simmons, Kay               Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Simmons, Kay               Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Simmons, Kay               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Simmons, Kay               Picture               1973-05-24-pg29
Simms, Tommy               Picture               1973-04-05-pg35
Simms, Tommy               Picture               1973-04-19-pg37
Simpson, Ann  Picture               1973-04-05-pg11
Simpson, James               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Simpson, John Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Simpson, Randall W.               Story               1973-02-08-pg17
Simpson, Randall W.               Story               1973-09-13-pg26
Simpson, Randall W.               Story               1973-12-20-pg18
Sims, Tommy  Picture               1973-02-08-pg01
Sims, Tommy  Picture               1973-06-21-pg01
Simson, Ronnie               Picture               1973-05-03-pg26
Singleton Mine               1940's Picture   1973-07-19-pg38
Singleton, Brent               Picture               1973-08-09-pg16
Singleton, C.B. - stopped operating his mine in 1942               Story               1973-07-19-pg38
Singleton, Melanie               Picture               1973-07-19-pg62
Sisk, David     Picture               1973-05-24-pg01
Sissies & their coach               Picture               1973-12-20-pg26
Sitzes, Charlie Picture               1973-05-10-pg03
Sitzes, Charlie Picture               1973-05-10-pg13
Sitzes, Madeline D'Ree               Picture               1973-09-13-pg01
Sizemore, George               Picture               1973-11-01-pg01
Skiles, Carol    Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Sledge, Howard, mailbox of               Picture               1973-04-19-pg01
Slimp, Donald Lee               Birth               1973-05-10-pg12
Smith, Bryon Wade               Birth               1973-03-22-pg22
Smith, Debbie   Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Smith, Debra     Picture               1973-04-05-pg28
Smith, Debra     Picture               1973-04-19-pg30
Smith, Donna    Picture               1973-05-24-pg32
Smith, E.L.        Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Smith, E.L., Jr.  Picture               1973-04-12-pg01
Smith, Guy        1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Smith, James Frank               Picture               1973-04-26-pg17
Smith, James J. Story               1973-05-24-pg34
Smith, Joe Ed    Picture               1973-11-15-pg17
Smith, Johnny Mack/Linda Fisher               Wedding             1973-08-23-pg22
Smith, Johnny Mack/Linda Fisher               Wedding             1973-11-29-pg12
Smith, Johnny Ray/Sammie Lynn Rothell               Wedding             1973-07-19-pg15
Smith, Jonathan Scott               Birth               1973-04-19-pg09
Smith, Kim        Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Smith, Kimberly Sue               Story               1973-11-22-pg01
Smith, Laura Lynn/Milton Val Selz               Wedding             1973-06-07-pg16
Smith, M.L. headstone at Thomas Cemetery               Picture               1973-05-24-pg13
Smith, Mae        1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Smith, Mark      Picture               1973-04-05-pg29
Smith, Mark      Picture               1973-04-12-pg21
Smith, Mark      Picture               1973-04-19-pg31
Smith, Mark      Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Smith, Mark      Picture               1973-05-24-pg33
Smith, Nancy Lynn/Craig Allan Woodard               Wedding             1973-11-29-pg12
Smith, Nancy/Carie Allen Woodard               Wedding             1973-11-22-pg06
Smith, O.C.       Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Smith, Ozelle    Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Smith, Ozelle    Picture               1973-06-07-pg12
Smith, Ricky     Story               1973-10-18-pg02
Smith, S.G.        1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Smith, Shorty    Picture               1973-06-07-pg12
Smith, Tammy   Picture               1973-07-05-pg20
Smith, Timothy Picture               1973-04-19-pg01
Smith, Tonya     Picture               1973-03-08-pg11
Sneed Drug Store in 1910      1910 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
SoRelle, Frankie               Picture               1973-07-26-pg05
South, John       Story               1973-03-08-pg01
Spain, Charlene               Picture               1973-11-29-pg33
Sparks, James Heath               Birth               1973-09-13-pg10
Special Olympics Junior High group     Picture               1973-05-10-pg14
Speed limit in town 18 MPH - 1921               1921 Story      1973-07-19-pg26
Spiller, Charley               Story               1973-10-18-pg07
Spiller, Charlie               Story               1973-10-18-pg17
Spiller, Janie   Picture               1973-05-03-pg18
Stack, Mike      Story               1973-02-08-pg01
Stanford, Scott Picture               1973-04-19-pg11
Staton, Robert Harris/Judy Lynn Balding               Wedding             1973-10-25-pg16
Stenzel, Maria               Story               1973-09-13-pg11
Stenzel, Maria               Story               1973-10-04-pg23
Stevens Street House Fire        Picture               1973-04-26-pg33
Stevens, Billy Picture               1973-07-19-pg03
Stevens, Billy Story               1973-09-20-pg18
Stevens, Brad Story               1973-07-26-pg08
Stevens, Brad Picture               1973-08-02-pg03
Stevens, Brenda               Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Stevens, Brenda               Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Stevens, Debra               Story               1973-10-18-pg18
Stevens, Donald J.               Story               1973-03-22-pg24
Stevens, Helen               Picture               1973-03-22-pg18
Stevens, Helen               Picture               1973-07-12-pg04
Stevens, Helen               Picture               1973-08-02-pg03
Stevens, Mark R.               Picture               1973-08-02-pg19
Stevens, Rodney P.               Story               1973-08-02-pg22
Steward, Jerry A.               Story               1973-04-19-pg15
Stewart, Barbara               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Stokes, Todd   Picture               1973-07-05-pg17
Story of Clyde Barrow in 1930 'Dam Days'      1930 Story      1973-07-19-pg18
Story of dancing girls in 1915  1915 Story      1973-07-19-pg18
Story of floods in Bridgeport - 1870 & 1907               Story               1973-07-19-pg19
Story of Old Town by Walter Johnson               Story               1973-07-19-pg61
Story of work for those building dam in 1929      1929 Story      1973-07-19-pg19
Story, Dawn Leann               Obituary               1973-08-02-pg04
Stout, Roger B.               Picture               1973-05-24-pg34
Stout, Roger B.               Story               1973-09-27-pg11
Strachan, Russell D.               Story               1973-02-15-pg11
Strachan, Russell D.               Story               1973-06-28-pg08
Strealy, Eva Joy               Picture               1973-07-26-pg18
Strealy, Eva Joy               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
Strickland, J.B.               Picture               1973-10-18-pg01
Stubblefield, Travis, Mrs.       Picture               1973-01-25-pg15
Sue Ann, Inc. Expanding Bridgeport Plant               Picture               1973-02-15-pg01
Sugg, Ray & Frank               Story               1973-05-31-pg01
Sullivant, Bill  Picture               1973-09-27-pg01
Sullivant, Bill  Picture               1973-09-27-pg01
Sunny Hills Nursing Center    Picture               1973-03-08-pg26
Sunny Hills Nursing Center, Decatur               Picture               1973-09-13-pg16
Swimming Pool, first 1919      1919 Picture   1973-07-19-pg56
Tackel, Bill     1921 Picture   1973-07-19-pg34
Tackel, Billy   Picture               1973-06-28-pg20
Tackel, Edward Charles               Obituary               1973-11-01-pg16
Tackel, Fred, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1973-11-01-pg15
Tackel, Keith  Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Tackett, Gayla Picture               1973-04-19-pg19
Tackett, Jack   Story               1973-07-12-pg03
Tallant, Debbie               Picture               1973-04-05-pg01
Tamm Hydraulics building Picture               1973-10-18-pg23
Taylor, Bettye  Picture               1973-11-29-pg23
Taylor, Bob      1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Taylor, Elaine  Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
Taylor, Elaine  Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
Taylor, Elaine  Picture               1973-05-03-pg02
Taylor, Elaine  Picture               1973-12-20-pg24
Taylor, Gordon               Picture               1973-03-22-pg01
Taylor, Gordon               Picture               1973-05-24-pg32
Taylor, Gordon               Picture               1973-07-26-pg01
Taylor, Jimmy Ray/Judy Carol Bruster               Wedding             1973-07-05-pg04
Taylor, Jo Ellen               Story               1973-03-01-pg04
Taylor, Jo Ellen               Story               1973-04-26-pg23
Taylor, Jo Ellen               Story               1973-06-28-pg22
Taylor, Karen   Story               1973-04-12-pg15
Taylor, Karen   Story               1973-08-23-pg03
Taylor, Karen   Story               1973-08-23-pg23
Taylor, Karen Mae/William Walter Bijak               Wedding             1973-05-17-pg12
Taylor, Robert Story               1973-04-12-pg04
Taylor, Sherry  Picture               1973-10-25-pg24
Teague, Brian Trent               Birth               1973-01-11-pg09
Teenagers around fire truck      Picture               1973-04-26-pg34
Telephone Co. in 1917               1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg40
Tennison, James Alvin               Obituary               1973-08-09-pg09
Terry, Lewis Don               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
Terry, Lewis Don               Picture               1973-07-26-pg31
Thomas Cemetery gate               Picture               1973-05-24-pg13
Thomason, Ronald               Picture               1973-09-20-pg11
Thompson, Bill               Picture               1973-03-22-pg05
Thompson, Bill               Picture               1973-08-02-pg04
Thompson, Bill 'Old Timer'    Picture               1973-07-19-pg01
Thompson, Jim               Picture               1973-05-24-pg04
Thompson, Jim               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Thompson, Paula               Picture               1973-04-12-pg01
Thompson, Paula               Story               1973-04-19-pg03
Thompson, V.R., Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1973-07-12-pg09
Thorn, Marshall A.               Obituary               1973-11-29-pg15
Thornhill, Louise               Story               1973-09-20-pg31
Thornton, E.S. Picture               1973-07-26-pg20
Thornton, E.S. Picture               1973-07-26-pg31
Thornton, Hilary               Picture               1973-11-29-pg33
Tidmore, Cindi               Picture               1973-12-13-pg23
Tidmore, Dennis L.               Picture               1973-01-11-pg23
Tidmore, Wade H.               Story               1973-05-17-pg12
Tidmore, Wade Hamilton/Celinda Gaye Ward               Wedding             1973-06-07-pg13
Tidmore, Wade Hamilton/Celinda Gaye Ward               Wedding             1973-08-16-pg14
Tims, Joe, Rev.               Picture               1973-05-10-pg12
Tindel, Imogene               Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Tolle, Ben        Picture               1973-03-08-pg16
Tolle, Bene      Picture               1973-05-24-pg25
Torres, Teresa               Picture               1973-03-08-pg01
Torres, Teresa               Story               1973-03-08-pg04
Torres, Teresa               Picture               1973-03-08-pg09
Towns, Danny  Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
Train accident in 1903               1903 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Train derailed at Halsell St.               Picture               1973-04-26-pg05
Train trip to Fort Richardson               Picture               1973-08-02-pg15
Trammel, Bennie               Picture               1973-07-19-pg47
Trammel, Tom               Picture               1973-07-19-pg47
Trammell, Bennie               Picture               1973-03-22-pg05
Trammell, Ted               Picture               1973-11-29-pg10
Transfer & Bus Co.               1917 Picture   1973-07-19-pg22
Trimaur, Melinda               Story               1973-03-01-pg23
Tripp, Murrell  Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
Trotter, Dwight               Picture               1973-05-03-pg10
Tucker, Karen Picture               1973-04-05-pg01
Tucker, Nobie Picture               1973-11-01-pg03
Turner, Dennis               Story               1973-08-09-pg16
Van Hoose, Angie               Picture               1973-10-25-pg08
Van Hoose, Glenda               Picture               1973-08-23-pg17
Van Hoose, Marvin Lee         Obituary               1973-06-21-pg08
Vandeventer, Melba               Picture               1973-03-22-pg17
Vandeventer, Melba               Picture               1973-03-22-pg18
Vanhoose, James               Picture               1973-04-19-pg19
Vanhoose, Vernon               Picture               1973-11-01-pg03
VanOver, Hershel               Picture               1973-04-26-pg15
Vaught, B.P., Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1973-08-09-pg17
Vaught, Betty   Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Vaught, E.L., Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1973-08-09-pg17
Vaught, Mark   Picture               1973-03-01-pg19
Vaught, Phillip J.               Story               1973-11-29-pg02
Vest, Cherlynn               Picture               1973-01-11-pg09
Vick, U.D.       Picture               1973-02-01-pg11
Vidal, Victoria Esperanza/Danny Ray Bell               Wedding             1973-01-04-pg14
Vinson, Eloise               Picture               1973-09-27-pg06
Vinson, Johnny               Picture               1973-03-22-pg21
Vinson, Johnny               Picture               1973-09-27-pg06
Vinson, Johnny               Picture               1973-12-06-pg10
Vinson, Vicki  Picture               1973-07-05-pg03
W.A. Brown Grocery               1920 Picture   1973-07-19-pg18
Wagley, Diana Picture               1973-07-19-pg62
Walker, Bart    Picture               1973-07-12-pg10
Walker, Bart    Picture               1973-11-01-pg16
Walker, Brenda               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Walker, Darrell               Picture               1973-03-01-pg01
Walker, Darrell               Picture               1973-03-01-pg28
Walker, Darrell               Picture               1973-04-26-pg30
Walker, Darrell               Picture               1973-04-26-pg32
Walker, Darrell               Story               1973-04-26-pg35
Walker, Darrell               Picture               1973-11-01-pg16
Walker, David  Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Walker, Mary Lois/Hubert Lynn Lake               Wedding             1973-10-25-pg16
Walker, Perry  Picture               1973-07-19-pg02
Walker, Samuel               Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Wallace, Frank, Mrs.               Story               1973-06-28-pg03
Walt, Ernest    Picture               1973-10-11-pg24
Walt, Ernest, Rev.               Picture               1973-05-03-pg09
Walt, Norma   Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
Wang, Merle     Picture               1973-09-20-pg02
Ward, Celinda Gaye/Wade Hamilton Tidmore               Wedding             1973-06-07-pg13
Ward, Celinda Gaye/Wade Hamilton Tidmore               Wedding             1973-08-16-pg14
Ward, Stephen Ray               Obituary               1973-10-04-pg27
Watkins, Johnny               Picture               1973-05-10-pg16
Watkins, Johnny               Picture               1973-06-28-pg20
Watson, Ernest               Picture               1973-08-16-pg01
Watson, Ernest               Picture               1973-11-29-pg25
Watson, Jerry  Picture               1973-11-29-pg30
Watson, Kenneth               Picture               1973-11-01-pg03
Watson, Weldon C.               Picture               1973-08-16-pg19
Weatherford to offer classes here               Story               1973-05-17-pg04
Welch, Doyle Picture               1973-11-29-pg10
West Wise Rural Water Supply Corp Map               Picture               1973-05-10-pg15
West Wise Rural Water Supply Corp.      Picture               1973-08-23-pg17
West Wise Rural Water Supply Corp. groundbreaking               Picture               1973-09-27-pg01
West, Lemnea Alfred/Debra Lynn Futch               Wedding             1973-06-28-pg09
Wherry, Myra  Story               1973-02-01-pg27
Wherry, Myra  Story               1973-04-05-pg21
Wherry, Myra  Story               1973-04-12-pg16
Wherry, Myra  Story               1973-04-19-pg23
Wherry, Myra  Story               1973-06-28-pg08
Whitaker, Margaret               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
Whitaker, Margaret               Picture               1973-07-26-pg22
White, Brenda Picture               1973-04-05-pg12
White, Brenda Picture               1973-04-19-pg14
White, Buddy Wayne               Story               1973-10-04-pg01
White, Kathryn Elaine/James Preston Sappington III               Wedding             1973-06-21-pg05
White, Kathy/James Preston Sappington, III               Wedding             1973-03-22-pg21
White, Wiley   Picture               1973-03-01-pg01
Whitehead, Doug               Picture               1973-04-19-pg26
Whitehead, Kim               Picture               1973-07-05-pg20
Whitsitt, Gary Picture               1973-09-27-pg24
Whitsitt, Gary Picture               1973-12-06-pg14
Whittenburg, Fran               Story               1973-09-20-pg17
Whittington, Gary L.               Story               1973-08-02-pg22
Wigley, Ted     Story               1973-07-05-pg01
Wilby, Ron      Picture               1973-05-10-pg09
Wildinson, Joy               Picture               1973-05-10-pg05
Wilhite, Charles               Picture               1973-05-31-pg04
Wilkerson, Alex C.               Picture               1973-02-01-pg23
Wilkerson, Leon               Picture               1973-05-10-pg01
Wilkerson, Leon               Story               1973-05-24-pg34
Wilkerson, Leon               Picture               1973-09-27-pg22
Wilkerson, Leon               Story               1973-10-11-pg01
Wilkinson, Joy               Picture               1973-05-24-pg12
Wilkinson, Joy               Picture               1973-10-11-pg18
Williams, Darrell               Picture               1973-05-24-pg09
Williams, E.P. Picture               1973-08-23-pg17
Williams, Mike               Picture               1973-05-24-pg04
Williams, Mike               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Williams, Rubie               Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Willingham, Susan               Story               1973-11-22-pg18
Willingham, Susan               Picture               1973-11-29-pg27
Willmon, Bud  Picture               1973-11-29-pg15
Willmon, Leon/Sheree Lewis               Wedding             1973-05-10-pg09
Willmon, Zena Picture               1973-04-05-pg27
Willmon, Zena Picture               1973-04-12-pg20
Willmon, Zena Picture               1973-04-19-pg29
Willmon, Zena Picture               1973-05-03-pg15
Willmon, Zena Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Willmon, Zena Kay/Robert Glenn Minton               Wedding             1973-02-08-pg03
Wilmon, Zena Picture               1973-05-24-pg33
Wilson Prairie Cemetery entrance Picture               1973-08-16-pg03
Wilson, Bill A., Rev.               Story               1973-04-26-pg22
Wilson, Bob L.               Picture               1973-05-10-pg17
Wilson, Denise               Picture               1973-03-08-pg10
Winder, John  Picture               1973-05-31-pg04
Windom, Vicki               Picture               1973-05-24-pg24
Wingate, Vernon               Picture               1973-08-02-pg09
Winingham, D.R.               Picture               1973-07-26-pg18
Winingham, Dan               Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
Winn, Bill         Picture               1973-05-24-pg04
Winn, Bill         Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Winn, Regina   Picture               1973-05-17-pg09
Wise County 4-H Council Officers               Picture               1973-03-01-pg08
Wise County Farm Bureau new building Picture               1973-12-13-pg17
Wise Ready Mix               Picture               1973-09-06-pg14
Witty, Joyce     Picture               1973-06-07-pg10
Witty, P.C., Mrs.               Picture               1973-04-12-pg03
Wolfe, Shirley Picture               1973-03-08-pg26
Womack, Beverly               Picture               1973-05-24-pg19
Womack, Beverly               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Womack, Billy Joe, Rev.        Picture               1973-11-01-pg03
Womack, Sandra               Picture               1973-05-10-pg24
Wood, Charles               Story               1973-09-13-pg16
Wood, Darrell Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Wood, Debra Reeves               Picture               1973-08-16-pg11
Wood, Janice  Picture               1973-04-26-pg21
Wood, Laverne               Picture               1973-07-26-pg17
Wood, Laverne               Picture               1973-07-26-pg20
Wood, Paul/Debra Reeves               Wedding             1973-06-28-pg23
Woodard, Carie Allen/Nancy Smith               Wedding             1973-11-22-pg06
Woodard, Craig Allan/Nancy Lynn Smith               Wedding             1973-11-29-pg12
Woodruff, W.B.               Picture               1973-05-31-pg04
Workman, Debbie               Picture               1973-10-04-pg23
Worley, Allen  Picture               1973-04-26-pg20
Wren, Marion   Picture               1973-06-07-pg12
Wright, Carol  Picture               1973-03-01-pg08
Wright, George               Picture               1973-05-24-pg02
Wright, George               Picture               1973-05-24-pg23
Wright, Pat      Picture               1973-11-22-pg07
Wright, Terena               Picture               1973-04-05-pg01
Wright, Tonya  Picture               1973-05-17-pg25
Yandle, Alice  Picture               1973-12-13-pg01
Yandle, Alice Fay               Story               1973-07-12-pg24
Yaws, Dick       Picture               1973-08-02-pg02
Yaws, Dick       Picture               1973-09-27-pg06
Yeargin, Jay, picture by               Picture               1973-12-06-pg01
Yeats, Paula      Picture               1973-04-26-pg19
Yeatts, Marianne               Picture               1973-11-01-pg23
Yeatts, Paula    Picture               1973-11-29-pg27
Yeatts, Sherri   Picture               1973-03-08-pg11
York, Wilma    Picture               1973-07-26-pg21
York, Wilma    Picture               1973-07-26-pg22
Young, Bud      Picture               1973-03-01-pg08
Young, Harold 'Bud'               Story               1973-10-04-pg11
Youngblood, Derrell G.               Picture               1973-11-22-pg17
Younger, Doug               Picture               1973-03-22-pg11
Younger, Doug               Picture               1973-04-05-pg19
Younger, Doug & wife               Picture               1973-05-17-pg01