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Macias, Joe            Obituary          1970-06-12-pg16
Mada's Dress Shop    Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Mada's Dress Shop    Picture            1970-07-03-pg01
Mader, Larry, Jr.            Story            1970-12-18-pg01
Mader, Larry, Sr.            Story            1970-12-18-pg01
Mader, Margaret Ann Ledbetter            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg01
Mader, Margaret Ann Ledbetter            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg03
Majorettes            Picture            1970-10-30-pg24
Maness, Linda Ferne/Joe Bruce Lowrance            Wedding        1970-06-12-pg03
Mann, Billy            Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Mann, Carleton            Picture            1970-10-23-pg08
Mann, Carlton            Picture            1970-06-12-pg04
Mann, James Mc Line     Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Mann, James McLine            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Mann, Sandi            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Mann, Sherry            Picture            1970-03-13-pg05
Mann, Sherry            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Mann, Sherry            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Mann, Sherry            Picture            1970-05-15-pg18
Mann, Susan            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Mann, Susan            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Manning, Bobby Wilburne (f. Bobby)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Manning, Donna Louise (f. Donald R.)            Birth            1970-06-05-pg11
Manning, M.T. & Opal Motley            Story            1970-08-28-pg15
Manoushagian, Bucky  Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Manoushagian, Bucky  Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Map of area designated for antlerless deer permits            Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-06-05-pg01
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-06-12-pg17
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-07-10-pg20
Marcum, Kathy            Picture            1970-07-17-pg01
Marker to be set at Brown Hotel in Chico            Story            1970-02-20-pg04
Marlar, Marcie Jo (f. Kenneth)            Birth            1970-03-20-pg14
Marney, Bill & Marieta            Picture            1970-07-10-pg19
Marney, Bill R.            Story            1970-06-19-pg01
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-03-20-pg16
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-04-03-pg01
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-06-12-pg17
Marney, Carolyn            Story            1970-06-26-pg03
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-07-03-pg01
Marney, Carolyn            Story            1970-07-10-pg17
Marney, Carolyn            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Marney, Carolyn            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Martin, Charley L.            Picture            1970-03-27-pg21
Martin, Judy            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Martin, Leon            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Martin, Leon, Mrs.     Story            1970-02-27-pg07
Martinez, Arthur, Jr.        Picture            1970-09-04-pg09
Martinez, Freddie Davila, Jr. (f. Freddie D.)            Birth            1970-10-30-pg17
Martinez, Linda            Picture            1970-02-27-pg05
Martinez, Linda            Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Martinez, Linda R.        Picture            1970-05-29-pg10
Martinez, Linda R.        Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Martinez, Mike            Story            1970-08-28-pg01
Martinez, Mollie            Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Mask, McLine Pierce            Obituary          1970-07-17-pg09
Massengill, Steven Keith (f. David)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Mathis, Judy            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Mauldin, Jane            Picture            1970-04-10-pg05
Mauldin, Jane            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Maxey, Clara            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
McAlpine, Mark Allen (f. Solmen J.)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
McBride, Shelly            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
McCaghren, Robert Shannon (f. Johnny)            Birth            1970-06-19-pg16
McCain, Ricky Allen (f. Michael)            Birth            1970-02-20-pg03
McCasland, Marlin Carroll            Obituary          1970-09-25-pg14
McClary, Ella            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
McClary, Ella            Story            1970-10-23-pg10
McClellen, Bob            Picture            1970-04-17-pg19
McClung, Audrey, Mr.            Obituary          1970-01-09-pg07
McClung, J.L.            Story            1970-09-04-pg08
McClung, J.L., Mrs.     Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
McComis, David            Picture            1970-05-15-pg18
McCurg, Maudena Josephine            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg23
McDaniel, Speck            Advertisement            1970-09-25-pg03
McDaniel, Traci Dee Ann (f. Harold)            Birth            1970-03-20-pg14
McFaddin, Don            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
McGee, Ann            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
McGee, Bill            1930 Picture 1970-12-25-pg07
McGee, Teri Jean (f. Jerry)            Birth            1970-04-17-pg18
McGraw, Mike            Advertisement            1970-09-25-pg03
McKeever, Ricky Leon (f. Lee Ray)    Birth            1970-01-16-pg17
McMurry, Dennis            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
McMurry, Rowena            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
McNamee, Linda            Story            1970-12-11-pg01
McNamee, Linda            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Meador, Franklin            Picture            1970-07-03-pg10
Meador, John            Picture            1970-07-03-pg10
Meadors, Mia Faye (f. Leland)            Birth            1970-02-06-pg17
Meadows, Abbie Chamber            Obituary          1970-05-29-pg23
Meadows, Deloris            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Meadows, Marsha            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Meek, Otis Grady            Obituary          1970-10-23-pg01
Meek, Ottis            Story            1970-05-01-pg06
Meek, Robert            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Meek, Robert            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Meek, Robert            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Meek, Robert            Story            1970-04-17-pg07
Meek, Robert            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Meier, Debbie            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
Meier, Debbie Sue      Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Meier, Debbie Sue      Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Method Demostrations            Story            1970-04-10-pg09
Methodists Ministers Named Story            1970-06-19-pg16
Meyers, Freddy            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Meyers, Freddy            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Meyers, Freddy            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Meyers, Freddy            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Meyers, Jimmy            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Meyers, William Frederick            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Meyers, William Frederick            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Middour, Jeffery Paul (f. Paul, Jr.)       Birth            1970-03-06-pg15
Miles, Becky            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Miles, Becky            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Miles, Beki            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Miller, Gayla            Story            1970-10-23-pg26
Miller, Gayle            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Miller, Gayle            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Miller, Howard            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Miller, La Dora            Picture            1970-03-27-pg04
Miller, Mike            Story            1970-09-11-pg08
Miller, Owen            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Miller, Owen            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Miller, Owen, Mrs.     Picture            1970-04-17-pg14
Miller, Ricky            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Miller, Ricky            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Miller, Ricky            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Miller, Sara            Picture            1970-10-23-pg27
Milton, M.L., Rev. & Mrs. Picture            1970-06-05-pg15
Minton, John, Johnny & Judy            Advertisement            1970-08-28-pg04
Miss Wise County contestants at luncheon            Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Miss Wise County contestants at pool     Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Mitchell, Barbara Jan/Jimmy David Graham            Wedding        1970-03-13-pg10
Mitchell, Doris            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Mitchell, Herbert            Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Mitchum, Hattie            Story            1970-07-03-pg19
Mitchum, Jimmy            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Molloy, Doug            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Molloy, Doug            Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Molloy, Doug, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Molloy, Jana            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Montford Jewelers & Western Auto Robbed            Story            1970-12-11-pg01
Montgomery, Ben            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Moody, Mary I.            Obituary          1970-01-09-pg15
Moore, Janis Lanette (f. Joseph)            Birth            1970-01-30-pg10
Moore, Kathy            Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Moore, Michael            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Moore, Walter C.            Obituary          1970-09-18-pg24
Morehead, Foy Roland            Obituary          1970-09-11-pg15
Morgan, Bret            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Morgan, Calvin            Story            1970-12-25-pg03
Morgan, Elbert            Obituary          1970-03-13-pg11
Morgan, Ira Daniel            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg08
Morgan, Jack E./Paula Ann Boulware            Wedding        1970-01-09-pg03
Morgan, Jack E./Paula Ann Boulware            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg08
Morgan, Joe D.            Picture            1970-03-13-pg16
Morgan, Paula Boulware            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Morgan, Paula Boulware            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Morgan, Randy            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Morris, Janice            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Morris, Sharon Sue/D. King Copeland            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg15
Morrow, Brian Scott (f. Jerry)            Birth            1970-01-16-pg17
Morrow, Dorothy Lee            Obituary          1970-07-24-pg10
Morrow, Lula            Picture            1970-12-18-pg04
Morrow, Lula            Picture            1970-12-25-pg10
Mosley, Eileen            Story            1970-05-15-pg18
Mote, Robert            Story            1970-05-29-pg16
Moyers, Charles            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Moyers, Charles            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Moyers, Charles Weldon            Picture            1970-05-29-pg04
Moyers, Charles Weldon            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Moyers, James Earl/Rhonda Gail Sloan            Wedding        1970-08-07-pg03
Moyers, Mike            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-02-27-pg11
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-05-08-pg01
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Muhlinghause, Melanie            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Muncy, James E.            Story            1970-05-01-pg21
Muncy, O.R.            Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Murphy, Joe            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Musgrove, Ralph            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Nabors, Randy/Betty Holland            Wedding        1970-03-20-pg14
Napier, Nina            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Nash, Sue  Story            1970-09-04-pg09
National Guard in Decatur Decorates 13 Men     Story            1970-05-08-pg11
National Honor Society-Students Listed            Story            1970-03-06-pg18
Natural Gas Pipeline Awards Presented            Story            1970-05-15-pg17
Naylor, Keith            Story            1970-05-29-pg24
Naylor, Keith            Picture            1970-07-17-pg01
Nelms, Steven C./Beth Wheelis            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg24
Newquist, Weldon D., Col.     Picture            1970-09-25-pg14
Newton, B.G. 'Bill'    Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Newton, Johnny            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Newton, Johnny Randolph            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Newton, Johnny Randolph            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Newton, Mary            Picture            1970-10-23-pg27
Newton, Mary            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Newton, Tobin            Story            1970-12-25-pg03
Newton, Tommy            Picture            1970-09-18-pg01
Nobles, Bill - Swimming pool     Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Nobles, W.A., Mrs.     Story            1970-08-07-pg09
Norman Family Reunion            Story            1970-12-11-pg05
Norris, Curtis            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Norris, Debra            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
Norris, Donald            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
North, Clarence, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-09-04-pg10
North, E.E., Mr. & Mrs.     Story            1970-10-23-pg18
Nowell, Robert C. 'Bob'            Advertisement            1970-09-25-pg03
Oates, Lislie            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
O'Dell, Lon, Mr. & Mrs. 1920 Picture 1970-07-10-pg05
O'Dell, Lon, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-07-24-pg15
OEA Meeting            Story            1970-04-10-pg18
Olafsdotter, Kristina J.            Picture            1970-11-27-pg03
Old School Ex-students to Meet    Story            1970-05-08-pg03
Oneal, Elma            Story            1970-05-15-pg01
Oneal, Elma            Story            1970-07-17-pg18
O'Neal, Elma            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Open Campus Adopted            Story            1970-09-25-pg19
Open Campus for Juniors & Seniors            Story            1970-06-12-pg01
Open Houses on Edgewood Terrace            Picture            1970-11-13-pg05
Optimists Banquet            Story            1970-09-18-pg01
Optimists Club Installs Officers            Story            1970-09-25-pg04
Opti-Mrs. Club Meeting            Story            1970-12-18-pg08
Opti-Mrs. Fashion Show   Story            1970-10-23-pg06
Opti-Mrs. Fashion Show   Picture            1970-10-23-pg16
Opti-Mrs. Meeting            Story            1970-09-18-pg20
Opti-Mrs. Style Show Models            Picture            1970-01-23-pg23
Orren, Gary            Picture            1970-05-01-pg06
Orren, Jena            Picture            1970-03-13-pg05
Orren, Jena            Picture            1970-04-03-pg03
Orren, Jena            Story            1970-04-03-pg14
Orren, Jena Sue            Picture            1970-05-29-pg17
Orren, Jena Sue            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Ownsbey, Paula Kay/Larry Mack Stogner            Wedding        1970-03-06-pg10
Padgett, Flora            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Palomo, Kimberly Jo (f. Antonio)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Pannell, Vicki            Story            1970-06-19-pg09
Paradise 4-H Clothing Class Meeting            Story            1970-02-20-pg04
Paradise 4-H News   Story            1970-03-27-pg09
Paradise 4-H News   Story            1970-04-03-pg10
Paradise 4-H News   Story            1970-10-23-pg09
Paradise 4-H Sewing Class Meeting            Story            1970-03-20-pg23
Paradise FHA Attend Meeting at TWU   Story            1970-02-27-pg11
Paradise FHA Elects Officers            Story            1970-04-10-pg18
Paradise FHA Meeting            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Paradise FHA News   Story            1970-03-13-pg09
Paradise Graduating Class Pictures            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Paradise Photography Class Meeting            Story            1970-02-20-pg04
Paradise Project Show Winners            Story            1970-04-10-pg10
Paradise Project Show Winners            Story            1970-04-10-pg16
Parker, Bill            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Parker, Delores            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Parker, Delores            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Parker, Ethel Pearl            Obituary          1970-07-10-pg09
Parker, John G.            Story            1970-12-18-pg09
Parker, Sam C./Nona Hayslip            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg10
Parker, William Allen   Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Parker, William Allen   Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Parker, William Allen/Sherry Lynn Coursey            Wedding        1970-01-16-pg05
Parker, William Allen/Sherry Lynn Coursey            Wedding        1970-02-20-pg05
Parker, William Lance (f. Bill)            Birth            1970-08-28-pg14
Parrish, Teresa F.            Story            1970-11-13-pg03
Parsons, Bronc            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Partin, Virgil Alan            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Partin, Virgil Alan            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Paschall, Nellie Elizabeth Stamps            Obituary          1970-09-25-pg10
Paschall, Ricki            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Paschall, Ricki            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Paschall, Ricky            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Patterson, Jesse M.        Story            1970-08-07-pg01
Patterson, Keith            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Payne, Shirley Jo            Story            1970-02-20-pg09
Paynes, Tanya Nicole (f. Charles 'Sonny')            Birth            1970-09-25-pg07
Peace, Lizzie Christine            Obituary          1970-09-04-pg05
Peace, William Buckley (f. Charles Lon)            Birth            1970-02-27-pg13
Pearl Harbor Survivors            Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Pecan Bake Show Winners            Story            1970-12-11-pg24
Pecan Show Winners            Story            1970-12-11-pg08
Pee Wee All Stars Players            Story            1970-07-24-pg07
Peel, Melinda Beth     Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Peel, Melinda Beth     Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Peewee Football News   Story            1970-10-30-pg15
Peewee Race            Story            1970-10-23-pg15
Peggy's Fashion Shoppe to Open    Story            1970-09-11-pg03
Pelton, J.L. Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Pep Club Girls            Picture            1970-09-25-pg19
Perales, Moses            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Perkins, John, DVM            Advertisement            1970-08-21-pg16
Perry's Café Moves to Dinner Bell Café     Story            1970-09-04-pg08
Pettit, David            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Petty, Linda            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Petty, Rhonda Kay (f. Sam K.)            Birth            1970-10-23-pg17
Petty, Shirley            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Pewitt, David, Jr.            Story            1970-08-28-pg15
Pewitt, Teresa            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Peyton, Bradley George Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Peyton, Cathy            Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Phillips, C.D./ Brenda Kay Ford            Wedding        1970-12-25-pg05
Phillips, Gordon & Maurine            Advertisement            1970-09-18-pg17
Phillips, Jackie            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Phillips, W.D.            Obituary          1970-02-06-pg11
Phillips, Walter Lee            Obituary          1970-11-27-pg04
Pickard, Clifford Wallace            Obituary          1970-02-27-pg12
Pierce, Cathy            Picture            1970-03-06-pg19
Pierce, David            Picture            1970-12-11-pg04
Pierce, Hershel            Story            1970-01-09-pg09
Pierce, Phillip            Story            1970-09-18-pg03
Pierce, Sally            Story            1970-04-17-pg14
Piercey, Tereasa            Picture            1970-03-27-pg17
Piercey, Teresa            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Pipes, Robbie            Story            1970-09-18-pg22
Pippen, O.C.            Story            1970-09-11-pg09
Pitcock, Jack            Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Pitcock, Jack            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Pittman, Ethel Mae            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg01
Pittman, Ethel Mae            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg03
Pittman, Garland Gail            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg01
Pittman, Garland Gail, Jr.            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg01
Pittman, Garland Gale            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg03
Pittman, Garland Gale, Jr.            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg03
Pitts, Betty Ann            Picture            1970-12-18-pg04
Pitts, Betty Ann            Picture            1970-12-25-pg10
Play School Children            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Plowman, Dee            Story            1970-05-08-pg01
Plymell, Zelma Perry            Obituary          1970-05-15-pg16
Political Announcements for office            Story            1970-03-13-pg07
Pon, Billy Hoe, III (f. Billy, II)            Birth            1970-05-08-pg09
Poore, Lora            Story            1970-08-21-pg01
Poore, Lora -Cont            Story            1970-08-21-pg04
Pope, Burnie Alsa, Jr. (f. Burnie)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Post Office Recieves New Jeeps   Picture            1970-07-17-pg01
Potteiger, Steva Sue (f. Stephen)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Potts, Gary Story            1970-04-17-pg07
Poyner, Aubrey            Picture            1970-10-23-pg31
Poyner, Aubrey            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Poynor, Clay            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Presbyterian Women Meeting            Story            1970-01-23-pg10
Preston, Robert Dee (f. Robert Dale)   Birth            1970-06-05-pg16
Pre-Teen Cooking Class Meeting            Story            1970-02-20-pg03
Privitt, C.E. & Carl     Picture            1970-12-25-pg04
Puckett, Cheryl            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Putman, Effie Lawrence            Obituary          1970-08-28-pg15
Radford, Cindie Lee (f. Richard)            Birth            1970-02-27-pg13
Raines, Louie Alton/Susan Gayle King            Wedding        1970-07-10-pg11
Raley, Timmy            Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Ramey, Curtis            Story            1970-09-25-pg01
Ramsdale, William Francis            Obituary          1970-07-17-pg09
Ramsdel, Hattie            Obituary          1970-07-03-pg09
Ramsey, Kenneth            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Ramsey, Liela Mae            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Rann, Charlie, Mrs.     Story            1970-05-15-pg07
Rann, G.C. Picture            1970-04-17-pg09
Rattan Chevrolet becomes Nowell Chevrolet            Advertisement            1970-09-25-pg03
Raven, Mable Clara            Obituary          1970-07-10-pg09
Rawls, J.B., Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1970-06-12-pg16
Rawls, Phil            Story            1970-03-20-pg09
Rawls, Phil            Picture            1970-06-12-pg16
Rawls, Phil            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Ray, Becky            Picture            1970-03-20-pg09
Ray, David            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Ray, David            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Ray, Holly Lynn (f. Roland R.)            Birth            1970-07-10-pg07
Ray, Holly Lynn (f. Roland Roger) Birth            1970-07-10-pg09
Ray, Johnnie            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Ray, Myra  Story            1970-03-20-pg11
Ray, Myra Lynn            Story            1970-06-12-pg09
Ray, Myra Lynn/Doyle Glenn Bradley            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg10
Ray, Myra Lynn/Doyle Glenn Bradley            Wedding        1970-08-07-pg05
Ray, Rebecca Marguarette            Picture            1970-05-29-pg10
Ray, Rebecca Marguarette            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Ray, Wilson            Picture            1970-05-08-pg04
Read, Ronald            Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Read, Saundra Gail/Elmer J.R. Eubanks            Wedding        1970-03-27-pg15
Read, Saundra Gail/J.R. Eubanks            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg03
Read, Thomas Peek            Obituary          1970-04-03-pg10
Reading Clinic Advisory Meeting            Story            1970-04-10-pg09
Reaves, J.D.            Story            1970-05-01-pg03
Recer, Kenneth            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Redwine Family Reunion            Story            1970-09-18-pg09
Reed, Cindy            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Reed, Gary            Picture            1970-05-01-pg08
Reed, Glenn            Picture            1970-01-09-pg07
Reed, Glenn Wilson Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Reed, Glenn Wilson Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Reed, Janie            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Reeves, Debra            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Reid, Kathy            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Reid, Kathy            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Reid, Kathy            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Reid, Kathy            Picture            1970-03-27-pg21
Remmele, Harold            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
Remmele, Harold            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Remmele, Jimmy            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Remmele, Sharon            Picture            1970-03-20-pg10
Remmele, Sharon            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Remmele, Sharon            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Remmele, Sharon            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Remmele, Sharon            Picture            1970-07-17-pg29
Rendon, David            Story            1970-12-11-pg01
Rendon, David            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Rendon, Rita            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Rendon, Rita            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Renfrow, Ethel            Story            1970-05-01-pg09
Renner, Micheall Scott (f. Thomas H.)            Birth            1970-06-19-pg16
Reno, S.H. Family Reunion            Story            1970-07-24-pg14
Rester, Albert, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-08-07-pg18
Reynolds, Denise Rene (f. Billy)            Birth            1970-02-06-pg08
Reynolds, Gene            Picture            1970-09-25-pg09
Rhea, Rose Ann/Jimmy Sullivan            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg08
Rhine, Bandi Lyn (f. Rodyney)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Rhine, Mary            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Rhoff, Mr.            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Richardson, Alec            Picture            1970-02-06-pg08
Richardson, Bonnie Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Richardson, Bonnie Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Richardson, Brenda Kay            Picture            1970-02-06-pg08
Richardson, Janice/Harold Michael Jenkins            Wedding        1970-09-04-pg08
Richardson, Tammie            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Richardson, W.A.            Story            1970-01-23-pg05
Richey, Johnny H.            Story            1970-04-10-pg09
Richey, Lucy Pearl            Obituary          1970-06-19-pg17
Riddle, Frankie Leon (f. Ross)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Riding Club Elects Officers            Story            1970-01-16-pg05
Rigdow, Richard P./Bettye Jeanne Dickenson            Wedding        1970-12-11-pg16
Roadrunner Chevrolet, Charlie Chilton's            Picture            1970-01-23-pg24
Roadrunner Chevrolet, Charlie Chilton's            Advertisement            1970-03-13-pg20
Roark, Rob            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Robinson, Alan Randal/Becky Lynn Bush            Wedding        1970-03-13-pg17
Robinson, Robin            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Rodeo Parade            Story            1970-07-24-pg04
Rodriguez, Eva            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Rodriguez, James            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Rodriquez, James            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Rogers Hospital            Story            1970-04-03-pg11
Rogers, Mark            Picture            1970-10-23-pg24
Rogers, Myrtle            Obituary          1970-04-03-pg11
Rogers, T.G., Dr.            Picture            1970-09-18-pg18
Rommele, Gene            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
Rooney, Jan            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Ross, James R., Jr.            Story            1970-07-17-pg11
Ross, Kim  Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Roughneck Monument at Boonsville            Story            1970-10-23-pg01
Roughneck Special            Story            1970-10-23-pg29
Roughneck, Joe            Picture            1970-11-27-pg04
Roundup Staff            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Roundup Wins Honors Story            1970-12-11-pg01
Rowden, Dennis            Story            1970-03-20-pg09
Rowe, Jerry            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Rowe, Jerry            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Rowh, Mark            Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Runaway Bay aerial picture            Picture            1970-03-13-pg15
Runaway Bay Condominiums            Picture            1970-01-30-pg08
Runaway Bay Homeowners Elect Officers            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Runaway Bay Homeowners Meet    Story            1970-04-10-pg15
Runaway Bay Homeowners Meet    Story            1970-05-15-pg20
Runaway Bay Homeowners Meet    Story            1970-06-12-pg04
Runaway Bay Homeowners Meet    Story            1970-09-11-pg08
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-10-23-pg16
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-10-30-pg14
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-11-13-pg03
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-11-27-pg03
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-12-11-pg21
Runaway Bay News   Story            1970-12-18-pg05
Runaway Bay News - cont            Story            1970-08-07-pg19
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-06-19-pg19
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-07-03-pg17
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-07-10-pg03
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-07-17-pg32
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-07-24-pg03
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-08-07-pg18
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-09-11-pg11
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-09-18-pg18
Runaway Bay News by Nora Bishop Story            1970-09-25-pg17
Runaway Bay Regatta            Story            1970-06-12-pg09
Runaway Bay Woman's Golf Association Tournament            Picture            1970-06-19-pg05
Rush, John, Mrs.            Picture            1970-04-17-pg14
Russell, Le Anna (f. Orville)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Rutherford, Zannett Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Ryan, J.W. Story            1970-07-24-pg08
Ryan, John William            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Ryan, Mave            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Ryan, Robert Frank, II (f. Robert F.)            Birth            1970-11-27-pg08
Rynearson, Richard J.            Picture            1970-07-17-pg11
Salazar, Lupe            Story            1970-04-17-pg07
Salinas, Lupe/Sammy Garcia            Wedding        1970-12-25-pg06
Samples, Jessie, Mrs.     Story            1970-09-25-pg16
San Filippo, Peter B.        Story            1970-01-09-pg04
Sand Hill Methodist Church 'Old Swayback' Burns   Story            1970-04-17-pg01
Sanders, Don            Picture            1970-12-18-pg04
Sanders, Roy            Picture            1970-11-13-pg01
Sanderson, Billy Eugene (f. Billy Ray)            Birth            1970-01-16-pg17
Sandlin, Jerry Dell     Story            1970-08-21-pg15
Sappington, Kage            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Sappington, Mike            Story            1970-10-23-pg26
Sarah Jane's Flower Shop            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Saunders Wins Race, Wilkerson in Runoff Story            1970-05-08-pg01
Saunders, Clay            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Saunders, Clay            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Saunders, Diane            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Saunders, Diane            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Saunders, Emily Permelia            Obituary          1970-07-24-pg10
School Board Elections            Story            1970-03-06-pg01
School Board Meeting            Story            1970-02-06-pg19
School Board Meeting            Story            1970-03-13-pg11
School Board Meeting            Story            1970-04-17-pg10
School Board Meeting            Story            1970-05-15-pg15
School Board Meeting            Story            1970-07-17-pg23
School Trustees Meeting            Story            1970-06-12-pg03
School Trustees Return to Office  Story            1970-04-10-pg01
Scott, Albert            Picture            1970-04-03-pg15
Scott, Jan   Story            1970-06-26-pg01
Scott, Jan   Picture            1970-06-26-pg08
Scroggins, Mike            Story            1970-03-27-pg21
Scroggins, Mike            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Scroggins, Randall W.            Story            1970-07-03-pg16
Scroggins, Ricky            Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Scroggins, Ricky            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Scroggins, Ricky, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Sellers Superette Sold to Bill Marney, Now Bill's Superetter            Story            1970-06-19-pg01
Sellers, Bill            Story            1970-06-19-pg01
Sellers, Craig            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Sellers, W.B. 'Scooter', Jr.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Sellers, W.B., Jr.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Sellman, Collis Fred            Obituary          1970-08-28-pg01
Selz, Leo, Dr.            Picture            1970-11-27-pg01
Selz, Milton            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Selz, Milton            Picture            1970-04-17-pg15
Selz, Milton Val            Picture            1970-05-29-pg10
Selz, Milton Val            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Selz, Nell Story            1970-05-01-pg04
Seniors Elect Officers            Story            1970-09-25-pg22
Seniors Honored with Hobo Supper Story            1970-05-08-pg11
Sewalt, Ronnye            Story            1970-07-24-pg09
Seward, Mrs.            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Sewing Class Party    Story            1970-07-24-pg04
Seyfferth, Leora            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Shanks, Jerry            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Shanks, Jerry            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Shanks, Jerry            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Shanks, Patty            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-03-20-pg16
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-06-12-pg17
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Shanks, Terry            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Share-The-Fun 4-H Contest            Picture            1970-01-30-pg05
Share-The-Fun 4-H Contest - Placings            Story            1970-02-06-pg15
Sharpless, Wayne            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Shawn, Clay Berry            Obituary          1970-12-25-pg18
Shawn, Fannie            Story            1970-03-06-pg09
Shawn, George C.            Obituary          1970-02-27-pg12
Shawn, Harold William, Sr.            Obituary          1970-12-11-pg08
Shawn, S.A., Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-09-18-pg19
Shawn, Sindy Ann (f. Gerald)            Birth            1970-10-30-pg17
Shawn, Vicki            Story            1970-12-25-pg08
Shepard, Dona            Story            1970-06-19-pg09
Sheriff's Posse Elects Officers            Story            1970-12-11-pg19
Shipley, C.H., Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-08-28-pg09
Shipley, Melvin C./Billie Sue Lambert            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg06
Shipley, Sarah Adeline            Obituary          1970-03-06-pg15
Short, Cary Lucas (f. Miles)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Shugart, Scott            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Silletti, Curtis            Story            1970-12-25-pg08
Simpson, Carrie            Story            1970-11-27-pg09
Simpson, James            Story            1970-01-16-pg01
Simpson, Paul            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Sims, Dewey            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Singing Convention at Women's Building            Story            1970-10-23-pg17
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Story            1970-06-12-pg08
Sipes, Eddie Alan            Story            1970-02-20-pg09
Sipes, Eddie Allan   Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Sipes, Jackie            Story            1970-03-27-pg21
Sipes, Lisa            Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Sissies District 10A Champions            Picture            1970-02-06-pg01
Sissies Number 10 in State            Story            1970-01-30-pg01
Sizemore, Ada Bell            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg14
Skinner, Martha June     Story            1970-06-05-pg15
Slimettes Club            Story            1970-10-23-pg03
Sloan, Rhonda Gail/James Earl Moyers            Wedding        1970-08-07-pg03
Smith, Billye Ann/Paul Wayne Cole            Wedding        1970-02-27-pg19
Smith, Brad            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Smith, Brian            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Smith, Don Picture            1970-06-05-pg16
Smith, Don K.            Story            1970-09-11-pg11
Smith, E.L. Picture            1970-10-23-pg29
Smith, E.L. Picture            1970-10-23-pg30
Smith, E.L., Jr.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Smith, Esker E.            Story            1970-03-13-pg09
Smith, Esker E. 'Trip'   Story            1970-02-06-pg19
Smith, J.K. Story            1970-04-17-pg03
Smith, J.K. Story            1970-04-17-pg09
Smith, James Kent            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Smith, James Kent            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Smith, John E.            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Smith, Johnie E.            Story            1970-03-27-pg21
Smith, Johnny            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Smith, Johnny            Picture            1970-09-18-pg01
Smith, Kent            Picture            1970-04-10-pg01
Smith, Kent            Story            1970-05-01-pg14
Smith, Kent            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Smith, Kent            Picture            1970-05-08-pg01
Smith, Laura            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Smith, Laura            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Smith, Laura            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Smith, Laura            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Smith, Laura            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Smith, Laura            Story            1970-07-24-pg14
Smith, Laura            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Smith, Laura            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Smith, Laura Lynn            Story            1970-03-27-pg18
Smith, Mary Katherine            Picture            1970-09-18-pg18
Smith, Melody            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Smith, Ozelle            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Smith, Pam Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Smith, Pam Picture            1970-08-07-pg15
Smith, Patti            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Smith, Patti            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Smith, Patti            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Smith, Pattie            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Smith, Rick            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Smith, Rick            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Smith, Rick            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Smith, Robert E./Anne Jackson            Wedding        1970-03-06-pg19
Smith, Rodney E.            Picture            1970-01-09-pg09
Smith, Ronna Lynn (f. Ronnie)            Birth            1970-06-19-pg16
Smith, Shannon Kay (f. Alton)            Birth            1970-03-06-pg15
Smith, Virginia            Story            1970-02-06-pg04
Smith, Wilma            Picture            1970-12-18-pg18
Snead, David Wayne Picture            1970-01-16-pg19
Snead, Velma Jean            Picture            1970-01-16-pg19
Soil Conservation Awards Banquet in Jacksboro            Story            1970-04-17-pg03
Sparks, Alice Lettie            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg03
Sparks, Dana DeAnn (f. Lee Roy)    Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Spears, Bill            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Spears, Charles Leslie (f. Bill)            Birth            1970-12-11-pg03
Spears, Charles Leslie (p. Bill & Glynda)            Birth            1970-12-18-pg19
Spiller, Patti            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Spiller, Patty            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Spotts, James W.            Obituary          1970-02-20-pg01
Square Dance Club    Picture            1970-09-11-pg03
Squires, Ruth            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Squires, W.K., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-07-10-pg03
St. John, Teddy Wayne (f. James W.)            Birth            1970-05-29-pg09
Stack, Dan, Mrs.            Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Stanford, James E.            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg14
Stark, Rodney/Cheryl Cox            Wedding        1970-10-23-pg11
Stationery Shop            Picture            1970-08-21-pg04
Stationery Shop            Picture            1970-12-11-pg17
Stegall, Kelly, Beverly & Shane   Story            1970-08-28-pg04
Steph, D.Y.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Stevens, Jerry            Story            1970-03-06-pg10
Stevens, Mark            Picture            1970-04-10-pg01
Stevens, Mark            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Stevens, Mark            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Stevens, Steve            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Stevens, Steve G.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg17
Stogner, Larry M.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg23
Stogner, Larry Mack/Paula Kay Ownsbey            Wedding        1970-03-06-pg10
Stokes, Kay            Story            1970-09-18-pg20
Stokes, Todd            Story            1970-12-18-pg01
Storey, Rayford C. 'Buck'            Story            1970-06-26-pg01
Strachan, James C.        Picture            1970-05-01-pg21
Street, E.N, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-08-28-pg14
Strickland, Betty Jean     Story            1970-03-06-pg04
Strickland, Kimela Kay (f. Patrick D.)       Birth            1970-05-08-pg09
Strike Force Organized            Story            1970-07-10-pg08
Stringer, Linda            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Stroud, Richard L.         Picture            1970-02-27-pg21
Student Council's registration            Picture            1970-05-08-pg08
Stutt, Roberta            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Sullivan, Jimmy/Rose Ann Rhea            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg08
Swimm, Larry Richard            Obituary          1970-07-24-pg10
Switzer, F.G.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Syslo, Kelly Rae (f. Jerald)            Birth            1970-10-30-pg17
Tackel, Chris            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Tackel, Chris            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Tackel, Chris            Picture            1970-04-17-pg06
Tackel, Mary            Story            1970-05-15-pg20
Tackel, Mary            Story            1970-12-18-pg07
Tackel, Pam            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
Tackel, Pam            Picture            1970-01-30-pg01
Tackel, Pam            Picture            1970-03-20-pg04
Tackel, Pam            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Tackel, Pam            Story            1970-07-17-pg11
Tackel, Pam            Picture            1970-07-24-pg01
Tackel, Pamela Ann      Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Tackel, Pamela Ann      Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Tackett, Lisa            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Talley, Bob & Mrs.     Picture            1970-09-11-pg11
Tate, Keitha Gay            Story            1970-07-17-pg21
Tate, Keitha, Mrs.            Story            1970-05-15-pg20
Tate, Treva            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Taylor, Elaine            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Taylor, Elaine            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Taylor, Elaine            Story            1970-03-27-pg18
Taylor, Geneva Faye (f. John)            Birth            1970-04-17-pg18
Taylor, Gordon            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Taylor, Gordon            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Taylor, Gordon E.            Picture            1970-07-03-pg16
Taylor, Gordon E., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1970-06-12-pg09
Taylor, Jennifer LeeAnn (f. Lynn)   Birth            1970-02-20-pg04
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-03-20-pg16
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-06-12-pg17
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-07-17-pg01
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-07-24-pg04
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Taylor, Jo Ellen            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Taylor, John            Obituary          1970-12-25-pg07
Taylor, Karen            Story            1970-01-30-pg03
Taylor, Karen            Story            1970-03-27-pg09
Taylor, Karen            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Taylor, Karen            Story            1970-05-29-pg23
Taylor, Karen Mae     Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Taylor, Karen Mae     Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Teachers Visit Other Campuses            Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Teachers Visit Other Campuses            Story            1970-10-23-pg26
Teague, Earl            Obituary          1970-06-12-pg19
Teague, Kristy Michelle (f. Jackie L.)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg14
Teague, Tammy Rachelle (f. Jerry)   Birth            1970-07-10-pg09
Terry, Buck            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Terry, Lula            Story            1970-07-17-pg21
Textbook Committee Chosen Story            1970-12-18-pg01
The Roundup'            Story            1970-09-25-pg19
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-01-16-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-02-20-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-03-06-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-04-17-pg11
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-05-01-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-06-19-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-07-03-pg16
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-12-25-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club News            Story            1970-12-25-pg13
Thomas, Freddy            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Thomas, William R.            Obituary          1970-04-03-pg03
Thompkins, Pamela Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Thompkins, Pamela Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Thompkins, Pamela Story            1970-08-07-pg10
Thompson, Blanche Ellen Cushman            Obituary          1970-03-06-pg15
Thompson, Douglas            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg20
Thompson, Glynn            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Thompson, Roy            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Thorn, Marshall            Story            1970-01-16-pg01
Tidmore, Dennis            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Tidmore, Dennis            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Tidmore, Gary            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Tidmore, Gary            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Tims, Troy            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Tindel, Zeb            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Tindel, Zeb T.            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Tinney, Robert E.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg23
Title 1 Reading Meeting            Story            1970-05-08-pg15
Tobias, Linda Loftis   Picture            1970-03-27-pg15
Tom Creighton Visits County - several pictures            Picture            1970-04-17-pg07
Track Meet            Story            1970-03-13-pg11
Track Meet in Nocona            Story            1970-04-03-pg01
Trail Ride and Pageant            Story            1970-06-12-pg14
Trailwinds Motel            Story            1970-02-20-pg05
Trammell, Chad Deke (f. Benny C.)       Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Trammell, Linda            Picture            1970-03-06-pg19
Trammell, Linda            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Trammell, Pearlie May     Picture            1970-01-16-pg19
Trammell, T.R.            Picture            1970-01-16-pg19
Trammell, Tom            Picture            1970-01-30-pg18
Tretbar, Valita            Picture            1970-07-10-pg03
Triple D Discount Center Employees-Lucille, Edna, Paula & Lorene Picture            1970-12-18-pg03
Tucker, J.M.            Story            1970-04-17-pg19
Tucker, Regina/Tom Donnell            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg15
Up & Atom 4-H Foods Group Meeting            Story            1970-02-27-pg19
Van Meter, Harold            Story            1970-02-06-pg09
Van Meter, Harold            Story            1970-08-28-pg16
Vanderburg, Vicky            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Vaught No 1            Story            1970-10-23-pg29
Vaught, Basil & Mrs.     Picture            1970-10-23-pg31
Vaught, Philip            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Vaught, Phillip John     Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Vaught, Phillip John     Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Vaught, Teresa            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Verner, Christa            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
VICA Organized            Story            1970-09-25-pg21
Vick, U.D.            Advertisement            1970-03-13-pg03
Vickers, Joe - Industrial Site Sign     Picture            1970-05-29-pg03
Vickers, Joe - Mobile Home Park Sign            Picture            1970-05-29-pg05
Vickers, Margaret            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Vinson, Jackie            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
Vinson, Jackie            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Vinson, Jackie            Story            1970-05-01-pg14
Vinson, Jackie            Picture            1970-05-08-pg01
Vinson, Jackie            Story            1970-09-25-pg03
Vinson, Jackie Elayne Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Vinson, Jackie Elayne Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Vinson, John            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
VOE Classes Go To Work            Story            1970-10-23-pg27
Vulcan Materials of Alabama Acquires Crushers, Inc.            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Waggoner Ranch Donates Barn Near Vernon            Picture            1970-06-19-pg11
Waggoner Ranch History            Story            1970-06-19-pg11
Waldryn, Lyndall            Picture            1970-10-23-pg24
Walker, Casey Lynn (f. Darrell)            Birth            1970-09-18-pg22
Walker, L.A.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Walker, Rebecca Sharline (f. James) Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Walker, Sandra            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Wang, Merle            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Wang, Merle            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Wang, Merle            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Wang, Merle            Picture            1970-05-01-pg03
Wang, Merle            Story            1970-05-01-pg14
Wang, Merle            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Wang, Merle            Story            1970-05-15-pg01
Wang, Merle            Picture            1970-05-15-pg21
Wang, Merle Allen   Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Wang, Merle Allen   Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Wasson, Mrs.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Water Control Board News            Story            1970-12-25-pg26
Waters, Mary            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Watkins, Billy            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Watkins, Billy            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Weatherly, Tommy            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Weathers, Don, Mrs.     Picture            1970-12-11-pg05
Weathers, Ima            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Weathers, Jamie            Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Weathers, Jamie            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Weaver, Vera            Picture            1970-08-07-pg18
Webster, 'Red'            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Webster, 'Red'            Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Weger, Michelle Ladian (f. Leland Dwight)            Birth            1970-10-30-pg17
West, Allie Marie/Phillip Anthony Womack            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg20
West, Allie Marie/Phillip Anthony Womack            Wedding        1970-05-29-pg25
West, Helen            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
West, Limnea A.            Picture            1970-03-13-pg18
Western Auto Store    Picture            1970-01-30-pg04
Wests, Bob            Picture            1970-03-20-pg19
Wheeler, Christopher Dale Son born to Mr & Mrs Roland Wheeler 1970-07-10-pg09.jpg
Wheelis, Beth/Steven C. Nelms            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg24
Wheelis, Steve            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Wherry, Myra            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Whirley, Sharon            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
White, Donna            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
White, Donna            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
White, Donna            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
White, Donna Jean     Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
White, Donna Jean     Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
White, Linda            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
White, Montie Ray      Story            1970-12-18-pg17
White, W.M., Mrs.     Story            1970-03-06-pg19
Whitfield, Gary            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Whittington, Gary L.         Picture            1970-03-06-pg16
Wiley, Carol            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Wiley, Karen Deniece (f. Billy)   Birth            1970-04-17-pg18
Wilhite, Dena            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Wilkerson, Leon            Story            1970-09-11-pg01
Wilkerson, R. Leon    Story            1970-01-09-pg01
Wilkerson, R. Leon    Story            1970-01-30-pg04
Wilkerson, R. Leon    Picture            1970-05-01-pg04
Wilkerson, R. Leon    Picture            1970-06-05-pg03
Wilkes, Juddie            Obituary          1970-03-06-pg07
Wilkinson, Rick, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1970-05-15-pg23
Wilkinson, Rick, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-06-19-pg01
Willard, Chet            Picture            1970-09-11-pg11
Willard, Chet, Mrs.     Picture            1970-12-11-pg05
Willard, Mary            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Williams, Edna Mae            Obituary          1970-12-18-pg05
Williams, Trula            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Williams, Trula            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Williamson, Gary            Picture            1970-02-06-pg19
Williard, C.C., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-07-17-pg32
Willmon, Arvie Leon    Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Willmon, Arvie Leon    Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Willmon, Bud            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Wilson, Beth            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Wilson, Donald            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Wimbley, Raymon M.            Obituary          1970-01-30-pg10
Winder, John A.            Story            1970-12-18-pg01
Winter Fashion Models            Picture            1970-10-30-pg04
Winter Fashion Models            Picture            1970-10-30-pg05
Winter Fashion Models            Picture            1970-10-30-pg06
Wire, Eldon            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Wire, Eldon - Building Trade Class House            Picture            1970-05-08-pg05
Wise, Tommy, Jr.            Obituary          1970-10-23-pg13
Witty, P.C. Story            1970-05-01-pg14
Witty, Percy            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Witty, Sarah            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Wives of Warren Employees Club    Story            1970-12-18-pg24
Womack, Billy Joe, Rev.            Story            1970-09-25-pg11
Womack, Delores            Picture            1970-03-06-pg19
Womack, Delores            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Womack, Gary            Obituary          1970-02-06-pg09
Womack, Jimmy            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
Womack, Jimmy            Picture            1970-05-15-pg23
Womack, Peggy            Story            1970-09-11-pg03
Womack, Phillip Anthony            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Womack, Phillip Anthony            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Womack, Phillip Anthony/Allie Marie West            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg20
Womack, Phillip Anthony/Allie Marie West            Wedding        1970-05-29-pg25
Womack, Rondal            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Womans Club Hear Talk on Art History            Story            1970-09-11-pg03
Women's Society of Christian Women Meeting            Story            1970-10-30-pg20
Wood, Kevin            Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Wood, Loyd Paul            Story            1970-07-24-pg15
Wood, Loyd, Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
Wood, Madonna Leann (f. William)            Birth            1970-02-06-pg17
Wood, Paul            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Wood, Paul            Story            1970-06-19-pg09
Wood, Paul            Picture            1970-06-19-pg17
Wood, Paul            Picture            1970-08-07-pg01
Wood, Paul            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Woodard, Charles G.        Story            1970-06-19-pg16
Woodard, Chuck/Vicki Lynn Ford            Wedding        1970-09-25-pg14
Woodard, Craig A.        Story            1970-12-25-pg25
Woods, Scott            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Workman, Debbie            Picture            1970-08-21-pg08
Worley, O.L. & Hazel Ann Gregory Worley            Picture            1970-02-06-pg18
Worthy, Bobby            Advertisement            1970-09-25-pg03
Wright, Eric            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Wright, Eric            Story            1970-03-27-pg21
Wright, H.L.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Wright, Henry C.            Story            1970-12-18-pg23
Wright, Jimmy Dale (f. Wilfred)            Birth            1970-03-13-pg16
Wright, Leroy Harold          Obituary             1970-09-04-pg01
Wright, Leroy Harold            Obituary          1970-09-04-pg05
Yandle, Deborah Mequel (f. Robert)            Birth            1970-01-30-pg10
Yandle, Debra Mikel (f. Robert)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg07
Yandle, Kenneth Walker            Obituary          1970-01-09-pg04
Yandle, Kenneth Walker            Obituary          1970-01-09-pg07
Yarbrough, Mike            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Yarbrough, Mike            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Yarbrough, Mike            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Yarbrough, Mike            Picture            1970-05-08-pg01
Yarbrough, Mike - Signs with Vanderbilt-cont.    Story            1970-05-08-pg04
Yarbrough, Warren M.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Yarbrough, Warren M.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Yeargin, Jeffrey Andrew (f. Al)            Birth            1970-03-20-pg19
York, Lisa Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Young, Barbara            Picture            1970-04-10-pg05
Young, Richard            Story            1970-06-19-pg09
Younger, Jason Cole (f. John)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Youth Fair Craft Winners            Story            1970-04-10-pg18
Youth Fair List of Buyers Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Youth Fair Parade in Decatur            Picture            1970-04-10-pg01
Youth Fair Poultry & Livestock Judging Teams            Story            1970-04-17-pg08
Zero Food Locker Getting Facelift             Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Ziesmer, Kevin Vern (f. Kenneth)            Birth            1970-12-11-pg22