Wise County Texas Obituaries
Images of Newspaper Clippings and Complete Text 
(1910-2015 most are 1950's and newer)
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Clippings are from 'The Bridgeport Index', and ones from around the 1970's are from 'The Wise County Messenger' and other local but unidentified newspapers. 
Obituary text and PDFs (2000-2015) are from 'The Wise County Messenger' and 'Bridgeport Index'
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Last Name, First Name - Year of Death Link to Image or Text Newspaper if Known

Haak, Helen M. 2003 haak,helenm.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haak, Helen M. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Haak, Joan Helen 2009 haak,joanhelen-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haak, Joan Helen 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Haase, Albert 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hachtel, Albert J. 2003 hachtel,albertj.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Albert J. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hachtel, Earlene - 2015 hachtel,earlene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hachtel, Emma K. 1987 hachtel,emmak.-1987.jpg
Hachtel, Gabriela 2005 hachtel,gabriela-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Gabriela 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hachtel, Mary Francis 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hachtel, Robert L. 2002 hachtel,robertl.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Robert L. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hachtel, Wanda Ree 2008 hachtel,wandaree-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Wanda Ree 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hachtel, Yvonne Hunt 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hacker, Louise Sara 2006 hacker,louisesara-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hacker, Louise Sara 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hackney, Mike 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hadaway, James T. 1967 hadaway,jamest.-1967.jpg
Hadaway, James Thomas 1967-11-03-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, James Thomas 1967-11-10-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, Laura Alice 1984 hadaway,lauraalice-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, Robert E. (Bob) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hadaway, Robert E.' Bob' 2000 hadaway,roberte.'bob'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadden, Terry N. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hagerud, Jaynie 2009 hagerud,jaynie-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hagerud, Jaynie 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hagg, George A., Jr. (Buck) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Haggard, Shelby Toblert 1967-12-01-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, David A. died in Jacksboro 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, Mary Elizabeith 1963-08-09-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, Mary Elizabeith 1963-08-16-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hail, Edith Jennie 1981 hail,edithjennie-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Bernis 1990 hailey,bernis-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Eskel 1980 hailey,eskel-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Eskel2 1980 hailey,eskel2-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Hattie 1978 hailey,hattie-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Leatha Lenora, Mrs. 1966-10-21-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Lou Esta 2001 hailey,louesta-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Lou Esta 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Haines, Carroll Dale - 2012 haines,carrolldale-2012.pdf
Haire, Donald Oscar 1991 haire,donaldoscar-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haire, Dora (Addie) Miss, born Jan 27, 1876 in Mississippi 1954-07-30-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haire, Nancy U. 2007 haire,nancyu.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halbet, Flavia Beneva Mrs 1959-05-29-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin F., I I I 2006 hale,benjaminf.,iii-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin F., III 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hale, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 2005 hale,benjaminfranklin,jr.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hale, Billie Lou Snider - 2012 hale,billielousnider-2012.pdf
Hale, Billy S. 1997 hale,billys.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Bobby Wayne - 2013 hale,bobbywayne-2013.pdf
Hale, Charlie Herbert 1987 hale,charlieherbert-1987.jpg
Hale, Clifford Wayne 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, Dan Edward 'Pete' 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hale, Darrell L. _Tiny_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hale, Darrell L. 2009 hale,darrelll.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Dean 1957-12-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Edgar Eugene - 2015 hale,edgareugene-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, EdgarEugene(Gene) hale,edgareugene(gene).jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Hale, Georgette 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hale, Gordon E. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, James 'Jabo' - 2015 hale,james'jabo'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, James 'Jabo' - 2015 hale,james'jabo'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hale, James E. 2010 hale,jamese.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, James E. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hale, John Michael 2001 hale,johnmichael-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, John Michael 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hale, Loland C. (Tad) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, Mattie Viola 1983 hale,mattieviola-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Meredith 2008 hale,meredith-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Meredith 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hale, Nannie Lou 1996 hale,nannielou-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Patricia(Trish) hale,patricia(trish).jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Hale, Randy Eugene 2010 hale,randyeugene-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Randy Eugene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hale, Robert Elmer 2005 hale,robertelmer-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Robert Elmer 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hale, Sherlyn' Sherry' Morrow 1996 hale,sherlyn'sherry'morrow-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Shirley J. 2003 hale,shirleyj.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Shirley J. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hale, Stephen Louis - 2015 hale,stephenlouis-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hale, Terry G. - 2012 hale,terryg.-2012.pdf
Hale, Wiley Ward 1985 hale,wileyward-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Willie Mae Davis 1970-02-06-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hales, Walter 1988 hales,walter-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haley, C. Bob 2010 haley,c.bob-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haley, C. Bob 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Haley, Claudine 1989 haley,claudine-1989.jpg
Haley, Gerald Wayne 'Banjo - 2012 haley,geraldwayne'banjo-2012.pdf
Haley, Lynda Jo 2008 haley,lyndajo-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haley, Lynda Jo 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Haley, Marvin ( Gene) 2011 haley,marvin(gene)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Halford, Adam 1976 halford,adam-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Margaret Holland 1976 halford,margaretholland-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Margaret Holland2 1976 halford,margaretholland2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Robert L., Jr. 2005 halford,robertl.,jr.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Robert L., Jr. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hall, Allen Keith 1993 hall,allenkeith-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Barbara Ware Burnett - 2012 hall,barbarawareburnett-2012.pdf
Hall, Billy Eugene and Betty Jean (Acker) - 2015 hall,billyeugeneandbettyjean(acker)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, C.W. Hoot? - 2013 hall,c.w.hoot-2013.pdf
Hall, Debbie Ann 1976 hall,debbieann-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Debbie Ann2 1976 hall,debbieann2-1976.jpg
Hall, Dellma Billie 1976 hall,dellmabillie-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Doyle W. 1996 hall,doylew.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Earl E. 1995 hall,earle.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, EdgarEugene hall,edgareugene-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Elmer (Babe) 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Fred William 1977 hall,fredwilliam-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Geneva G. 1994 hall,genevag.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, George Chester 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hall, George Leon 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hall, George' Windshield Wiper' Leon 2002 hall,george'windshieldwiper'leon-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Gerald Eugene 1991 hall,geraldeugene-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, GloriaJeanHughes hall,gloriajeanhughes-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, J. H. 1991 hall,j.h.-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, John Alan 1981 hall,johnalan-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Joyce Harold 1980 hall,joyceharold-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Kenneth W. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hall, Lewis Edward 1977 hall,lewisedward-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Lockade Bellah - 2012 hall,lockadebellah-2012.pdf
Hall, Martha Ann 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hall, Martha Ann 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hall, Mary Lou Rabon 2006 hall,marylourabon-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hall, N. T, Mr. born April 4, 1877 in Palestine TX 1953-06-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Nell Elizabeth 1944-01-14-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Nellie Virginia Mrs born Jan 30, 1873 in Tula Mississippi 1956-08-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Ptelea Augusta 1999 hall,pteleaaugusta-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Ptelea Augusta 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hall, Ruth Jane 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hall, Sally Hurley - 2013 hall,sallyhurley-2013.pdf
Hall, TerryAllan hall,terryallan-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Thomas Eugene 1999 hall,thomaseugene-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, ThomasFranklin 2011 hall,thomasfranklin-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Tine 1971-09-30-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Tom - 2013 hall,tom-2013.pdf
Hallenbeck, Randall Leon 1998 hallenbeck,randallleon-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallenbeck, Willie A. 1992 hallenbeck,williea.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallman, William Haskell 1980 hallman,williamhaskell-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallmark, Robert Sterling 1979 hallmark,robertsterling-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Blanche Lula 1985 halman,blanchelula-1985.jpg
Halman, Bobby Ervis 2000 halman,bobbyervis-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Bobby Ervis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Halman, Bobby Niel 1978 halman,bobbyniel-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Clifton R. 1973 halman,cliftonr.-1973.jpg
Halman, H. Arlis 1978 halman,h.arlis-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Helen Jo 2006 halman,helenjo-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halman, Helen Jo 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Halman, Lula Blanche 1985 halman,lulablanche-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Tressie Loraine 1991 halman,tressieloraine-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halsell, Ruth Shanks 1992 halsell,ruthshanks-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halter, David Allen, Jr. 1980 halter,davidallen,jr.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halter, P. J. 2010 halter,p.j.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halter, P.J. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Ham, Charles Beuren 1983 ham,charlesbeuren-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ham, Garland Ferris - 2015 ham,garlandferris-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ham, Garland Ferris - 2015 ham,garlandferris-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ham, James Roderick 'J.R.' - 2015 ham,jamesroderick'j.r.'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hamblin, Dorothy Jean 1994 hamblin,dorothyjean-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamblin, Helen Creech - 2015 hamblin,helencreech-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamblin, William Bill? Senter, Jr. - 2013 hamblin,williambillsenter,jr.-2013.pdf
Hamblin, William Senter' Dub' 1996 hamblin,williamsenter'dub'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hambright, A. F. 1979 hambright,a.f.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Anthony Lynn _Tony_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamby, Betty Ann 2010 hamby,bettyann-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Betty Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hamby, Euel C. 1966-01-14-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Gordon Miller 2004 hamby,gordonmiller-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Gordon Miller 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamby, Grace Alice 1981 hamby,gracealice-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Lee - 2012 hamby,lee-2012.pdf
Hamer, Linnie Bruce (Butch) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hamilton, Alma Merideth 1999 hamilton,almamerideth-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Cynthia Hines 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Edna Earl 2000 hamilton,ednaearl-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Edna Earl 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamilton, Grover C.' G. C.' 2005 hamilton,groverc.'g.c.'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Helen LaVerne Orr - 2012 hamilton,helenlaverneorr-2012.pdf
Hamilton, Jesse 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hamilton, Lawrence James - 2015 hamilton,lawrencejames-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Lawrence James - 2015 hamilton,lawrencejames-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hamilton, Loyd Edgar 1986 hamilton,loydedgar-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Marcia Lynn 2004 hamilton,marcialynn-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Marcia Lynn 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamilton, Mildred Louise 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamilton, Myrtle Ray 2010 hamilton,myrtleray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Robert W., Sr. (Bob) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamilton, T.P. 1910-06-17-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamlin, Loren Kent 2004 hamlin,lorenkent-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamlin, Loren Kent 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamm, Ina Mae 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamm, Jimmy Ray - 2013 hamm,jimmyray-2013.pdf
Hamm, Judy Ann 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hamm, Lois Ruth 2002 hamm,loisruth-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamm, Lois Ruth 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamm, Paul Earl 1976 hamm,paulearl-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamm, W. A.' Bill' 2007 hamm,w.a.'bill'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamm, W.A. _Bill_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hamman, Blake C. 1997 hamman,blakec.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammer, Bud 1977 hammer,bud-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammock, Rupert Mrs aunt of MrsJohn Montford 1956-03-23-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammond, Donald G. 2004 hammond,donaldg.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammond, Donald G. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hammond, Ken 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hammonds, David Forrest 1982 hammonds,davidforrest-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammonds, Minnie Blanch 1981 hammonds,minnieblanch-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammons, Leon 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamner, Allison Judith 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hamner, Michael Leroy 2001 hamner,michaelleroy-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamner, Michael Leroy 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hampton, Carl Wayne 1993 hampton,carlwayne-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hampton, J. B. 1995 hampton,j.b.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hampton, O. W. 2008 hampton,o.w.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hampton, O.W. 'Woot' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hancock, Carroll Cleo 2002 hancock,carrollcleo-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Carroll Cleo 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hancock, Chester Wayne 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hancock, Dolly Faye 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hancock, Dottie 2002 hancock,dottie-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Dottie 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hancock, ErnestTheadore-Jr. hancock,ernesttheadore,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hancock, Jeanie 2010 hancock,jeanie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Jeanie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hancock, Jug 1971-11-11-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Kenneth Eugene 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hancock, Mary Elizabeth 'Libby' Quarles - 2012 hancock,maryelizabeth'libby'quarles-2012.pdf
Hancock, Woodie Frank 2005 hancock,woodiefrank-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Woodie Frank 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hand, George Washington, Jr. 1989 hand,georgewashington,jr.-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hand, Leroy 2005 hand,leroy-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hand, Leroy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Handley, James Gilbert 1962-06-08-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Handley, Rosa L. 1976 handley,rosal.-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Handy, Claudia Mae 1981 handy,claudiamae-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Archie' Clint' 1980 haney,archie'clint'-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Charles C. 'Chet' - 2012 haney,charlesc.'chet'-2012.pdf
Haney, Duane 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, J. C.' Red', I I 2000 haney,j.c.'red',ii-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, J.C. (Red) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Haney, Lexie Mildred 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Haney, Lillie Fae 2003 haney,lilliefae-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Lillie Fae 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Haney, Pearl Ruth 1980 haney,pearlruth-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, S. A., Jr. 1984 haney,s.a.,jr.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Stewart Andrew born March 25, 1872 in Rockdale TX 1955-08-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Betty Dawn 1989 hankins,bettydawn-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Betty Dawn2 1989 hankins,bettydawn2-1989.jpg
Hankins, Dorothy Diane 2010 hankins,dorothydiane-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Dorothy Diane 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hankins, HaroldDean ( Sr) 2011 hankins,harolddean(sr)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hanks, Tommyie 1999 hanks,tommyie-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanlin, Erma Jane 2010 hanlin,ermajane-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hanlin, Erma Jane 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hanna, Carrie May Sewell 1986 hanna,carriemaysewell-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanna, Edith Margaret 1985 hanna,edithmargaret-1985.jpg
Hanna, Edith Margret 1985 hanna,edithmargret-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanna, Jason Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hanna, Larry Eugene, Sr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hanna, William' Bill' Jean 1990 hanna,william'bill'jean-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hannah, Joyce Ellen 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hansen, DeEva 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hansen, LouisB. hansen,louisb.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hanson, Gene Harlow 2008 hanson,geneharlow-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hanson, Gene Harlow 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hanson, Judith Ann 2002 hanson,judithann-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanson, Judith Ann 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hanson, Peter, born May 20, 1869 in Sweden 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hapeman, Mahota Maxine 2008 hapeman,mahotamaxine-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, Daniel David - 2015 harber,danieldavid-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, Daniel David - 2015 harber,danieldavid-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harber, James Lee 2010 harber,jameslee-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, James Lee 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harber, Noble 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harbour, Donna Leon Berg 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harclerode, Joe Leslie 2001 harclerode,joeleslie-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, Joe Lislie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harclerode, William S. 1957-05-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, William S. 1957-06-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, William S. 1957-07-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Bobby Loyd 1987 hardee,bobbyloyd-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Florence 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hardee, Joe Burl 1985 hardee,joeburl-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, John C. 1992 hardee,johnc.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Khristi E. - 2013 hardee,khristie.-2013.pdf
Hardee, Leona Irene 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hardee, Leona Irene' Nonie' Raley 2005 hardee,leonairene'nonie'raley-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Mamie Mary 1968-10-18-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Mary Louise 1996 hardee,marylouise-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Maudie Ella 1984 hardee,maudieella-1984.jpg
Hardee, Odessa 2008 hardee,odessa-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Odessa 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hardee, Riley Nathan 2009 hardee,rileynathan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Riley Nathan 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hardee, Russell Sampson 1976 hardee,russellsampson-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Sally M. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hardee, William Roy 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Bill 2011 harden,bill-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harden, Farris W.' Bud' 1991 harden,farrisw.'bud'-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Lee 1967-09-08-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Nora Geneva 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, RobertLewis ( Jr) 2011 harden,robertlewis(jr)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hardin, Angela Gail 2009 hardin,angelagail-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardin, Blanche 1985 hardin,blanche-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardin, Bobbie Lee 1984 hardin,bobbielee-1984.jpg
Hardin, Jim hardin,jim.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Hardin, Jim - 2013 hardin,jim-2013.pdf
Hardin, Ruth Rosetta - 2015 hardin,ruthrosetta-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harding, Charles F. 1973 harding,charlesf.-1973.jpg
Harding, Gladys Dial 1992 harding,gladysdial-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardwick, Frank Dickson - 2012 hardwick,frankdickson-2012.pdf
Hardwick, Sylmon L. 1969 hardwick,sylmonl.-1969.jpg
Hardy, Dayle Weston 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hardy, Dollie Velma 2010 hardy,dollievelma-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Dollie Velma 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hardy, Edna Marie 1985 hardy,ednamarie-1985.jpg
Hardy, Evelyn Chlotilde 1982 hardy,evelynchlotilde-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Harry 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Malcolm 'Mike' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hardy, Malcolm' Mike' 2010 hardy,malcolm'mike'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Maxine Southern - 2012 hardy,maxinesouthern-2012.pdf
Hardy, Nadine 2003 hardy,nadine-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Nadine 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hare, Charles David' Chuck' 1997 hare,charlesdavid'chuck'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haren, Leon(Red) 1988 haren,leon(red)-1988.jpg
Harges, Peter B. 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrave, Clara Elizabeth 2004 hargrave,claraelizabeth-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrave, Clara Elizabeth 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hargrove, Donald Lloyd 2002 hargrove,donaldlloyd-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrove, Donald Lloyd 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hargrove, James Anderson 2006 hargrove,jamesanderson-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hargrove, James Anderson 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hargrove, William Cortez 1981 hargrove,williamcortez-1981.jpg
Harissis, Dorthy Mae 1988 harissis,dorthymae-1988.jpg
Harissis, Pantelis(Pete) 1988 harissis,pantelis(pete)-1988.jpg
Harkins, Brenda Phipps - 2012 harkins,brendaphipps-2012.pdf
Harlan, H. G. 1975 harlan,h.g.-1975.jpg
Harlan, Hubert 1966-02-25-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlan, Ida Christine 1994 harlan,idachristine-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlan, John M. 1983 harlan,johnm.-1983.jpg
Harlan, Nancy Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harlow, Betty Lou 2010 harlow,bettylou-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Betty Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harlow, Byron W. 2003 harlow,byronw.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Byron W. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harlow, Hollis Dwain 2008 harlow,hollisdwain-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Hollis Dwain 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harlow, Mattie Lou (Bryan) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harlow, Ross L. 1986 harlow,rossl.-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harman, Govie E. 1983 harman,goviee.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harmon, Alma Jean - 2015 harmon,almajean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harmon, Alma Jean (2) - 2015 harmon,almajean(2)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harmon, Dorothy Evelyn Wright 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Harms, Alpha Mae 1981 harms,alphamae-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Bobbye La Nell 1982 harms,bobbyelanell-1982.jpg
Harms, Earl Ray 1978 harms,earlray-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Edna Lucille 1991 harms,ednalucille-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Emma Mattie 1976 harms,emmamattie-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Harry Frankiln 1967 harms,harryfrankiln-1967.jpg
Harms, Harry Franklin 1968-05-03-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Branley 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harms, James Brantley 2000 harms,jamesbrantley-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Lee 2002 harms,jameslee-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harms, L. J. 1980 harms,l.j.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Lee Joseph 1980 harms,leejoseph-1980.jpg
Harnage, BobbyJohnny harnage,bobbyjohnny.jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Harp, Jack Dempsey 1985 harp,jackdempsey-1985.jpg
Harper, James E. 1987 harper,jamese.-1987.jpg
Harper, Jewel 1984 harper,jewel-1984.jpg
Harper, Richard W., III 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harper, Richard' Dick' W. 2008 harper,richard'dick'w.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harper, Ruth Harding 1988 harper,ruthharding-1988.jpg
Harper, Thelma Mae 1985 harper,thelmamae-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harper, Thelma Mae Mc Spadden 1985 harper,thelmamaemcspadden-1985.jpg
Harper, Thelma Mc Spadden2 1985 harper,thelmamcspadden2-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harper, VirginiaLee harper,virginialee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harpool, Mason Cole 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harrell, Jessie Bastian 2003 harrell,jessiebastian-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrell, Jessie Bastian 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harrell, M.E. (Speedy) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harrell, R. B. 1992 harrell,r.b.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harried, Ceean Denice 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrington, Helen E. 1987 harrington,helene.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, J. R.' Raymond' 1995 harrington,j.r.'raymond'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Opal 1967-12-15-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Richard LeRoy - 2013 harrington,richardleroy-2013.pdf
Harrington, Ursula Kathe 2008 harrington,ursulakathe-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Ursula Kathe 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harrington, Virginia Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harris, Ann L. 2002 harris,annl.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Ann L. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, Bertie Hester, Mr. 1974-01-10-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Billie Joye 1990 harris,billiejoye-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Bobby D. Bridges 1999 harris,bobbyd.bridges-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, CharlesEdwin harris,charlesedwin-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Cynthia Ann 1989 harris,cynthiaann-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Dewey 1979 harris,dewey-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Dewey Lee 1979 harris,deweylee-1979.jpg
Harris, Dorothy M. Godsey - 2012 harris,dorothym.godsey-2012.pdf
Harris, Gene 2006 harris,gene-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Gene 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harris, Georgia L. Clifton 1999 harris,georgial.clifton-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Gwendolyn Davis 1986 harris,gwendolyndavis-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, H. G. 1980 harris,h.g.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Harold Charles 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harris, Henry Buck, Jr. 1992 harris,henrybuck,jr.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Herman William 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harris, Homer Gore 1987 harris,homergore-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, James W. (Jim) 1983 harris,jamesw.(jim)-1983.jpg
Harris, James Watson, Jr. 1983 harris,jameswatson,jr.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Janeta Bernice 1976 harris,janetabernice-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, John W. Death 1962-10-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Kevin James 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harris, Lane Erwin 1975-10-02-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Laura 2000 harris,laura-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Laura 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harris, Lorraine Harriet 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harris, Lorraine Harriet Lottman 2004 harris,lorraineharrietlottman-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Maggie Louise 1992 harris,maggielouise-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Mannie Arzella 2010 harris,manniearzella-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Mannie Arzella 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Marjorie harris,marjorie-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Mary Lu Syms - 2012 harris,marylusyms-2012.pdf
Harris, Nancy Ellen 1959-10-09-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, NancySue harris,nancysue-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Otis O. 1973-10-25-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Otis O. 1973 harris,otiso.-1973.jpg
Harris, Peggy Jo 2008 harris,peggyjo-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Peggy Jo 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harris, Red 2010 harris,red-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Red 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Rickie Lee 1978 harris,rickielee-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Ricky 1978 harris,ricky-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Rita Estelle 2003 harris,ritaestelle-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Rita Estelle 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harris, Robert Franklin, born 1871 in Alabama 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Roy - 2013 harris,roy-2013.pdf
Harris, Roy J. T. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harris, Sadie Leona 1978 harris,sadieleona-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Sammy - 2015 harris,sammy-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Shannon W. Jones 2009 harris,shannonw.jones-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Sherry Dawn 1986 harris,sherrydawn-1986.jpg
Harris, Steven Lawrence 2007 harris,stevenlawrence-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Steven Lawrence 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Harris, Sue Ellen Jones - 2012 harris,sueellenjones-2012.pdf
Harris, Teddy Joyce 2002 harris,teddyjoyce-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Teddy Joyce 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, Thomas Evert 2005 harris,thomasevert-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Thomas L. 1979 harris,thomasl.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Thomas Luther 1979 harris,thomasluther-1979.jpg
Harris, Troy Paris 1984 harris,troyparis-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Velma 1983 harris,velma-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Velma Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Weldon D. 2002 harris,weldond.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Wildon D. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, Willie Lee born Sept 6, 1884 in Park Springs TX 1969-03-28pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Worth 1965-01-01-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Worth Mrs born in May 1870 in Mississippi 1956-05-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Bessie Leoma 1988 harrison,bessieleoma-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Billy Joe 1988 harrison,billyjoe-1988.jpg
Harrison, Cindy Lou 2001 harrison,cindylou-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Clarence J. 1979 harrison,clarencej.-1979.jpg
Harrison, Clarence J. 2 1979 harrison,clarencej.2-1979.jpg
Harrison, Cordis Ray 1982 harrison,cordisray-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Ida Bell 1981 harrison,idabell-1981.jpg
Harrison, J.L. _Jimmie_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harrison, James Joseph 1980 harrison,jamesjoseph-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jerry Dewayne 1995 harrison,jerrydewayne-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jessie 1990 harrison,jessie-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jessie2 1990 harrison,jessie2-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jewell R. 1970-03-13-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, John H. born in 1887 in Rutherford Tenn. 1954-08-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Julia Frances 1980 harrison,juliafrances-1980.jpg
Harrison, Lester Roy 2009 harrison,lesterroy-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Lester Roy 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrison, Lona Maye (Babcock) 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harrison, Louise 1994 harrison,louise-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Rachel 'Rae' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrison, Rachel' Rae' 2009 harrison,rachel'rae'-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Ramond Wesley 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harrison, Rosemary Wilson 1987 harrison,rosemarywilson-1987.jpg
Harrison, Teresa 1966 1966-04-08-pg29.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harry, Ancel Marion 2005 harry,ancelmarion-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harry, Ancel Marion 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harry, Indiana Stephen' Indy' 2007 harry,indianastephen'indy'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harsell, Harry H. 1957-02-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harshman, Lillian Ruth 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 hart,ethelgray-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hart, Janie Ruth Montgomery 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hart, John R. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hart, Robbie Carroll 2005 hart,robbiecarroll-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hart, Robbie Carroll 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harter, Douglas Paul 2005 harter,douglaspaul-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harter, Douglas Paul 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harter, Douglas Paul2 2005 harter,douglaspaul2-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartley, Wayne hartley,wayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartman, G.B. - 2012 hartman,g.b.-2012.pdf
Hartsell, Annie M. 1967-06-02-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bill 2000 hartsell,bill-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bill 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hartsell, Blanche Jewel 1981 hartsell,blanchejewel-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bob 1945-06-29-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Clifford 1980 hartsell,clifford-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Fred Akin 1964-01-10-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Gladys 1977 hartsell,gladys-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Grace Lucinda 1978 hartsell,gracelucinda-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Harlan Richard (Pete) born July 21, 1922 1969-09-05pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Horace Richard born July 4, 1898 1969-08-01pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Isaac Byrle 1982 hartsell,isaacbyrle-1982.jpg
Hartsell, John 1968-08-02-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, John Medison 1974-07-11-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, John Russel born March 8, 1879 in Burleson TX 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Joseph Bowman 1964-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Juanita 2011 hartsell,juanita-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartsell, Lawrence Fredrick 1981 hartsell,lawrencefredrick-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Lila B. 2001 hartsell,lilab.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Lon 1970-11-13-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Milton Lovard 1968-07-19-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Nannie Bell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hartsell, Nannie Bell Rish 2000 hartsell,nanniebellrish-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Nora 1998 hartsell,nora-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, O.L., Mrs. 1962-03-02-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Oscar Logan 1943-03-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-17-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Roland 1986 hartsell,roland-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ronald David 2008 hartsell,ronalddavid-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ronald David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hartsell, Rosa Viola Blackwood 1967-04-21-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Roy 1994 hartsell,roy-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Russell C. 1980 hartsell,russellc.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ruth Cleo 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hartsell, Timothy Allan - 2015 hartsell,timothyallan-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Timothy Allan - 2015 hartsell,timothyallan-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartsfield, Allie Annette 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harveson, Quinntoni Jan 2009 harveson,quinntonijan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harveson, Quinntoni Jan 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harvey, Fred Eugene 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harvey, Gwen 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harvey, Harold Howard - 2012 harvey,haroldhoward-2012.pdf
Harvey, J. I. 1988 harvey,j.i.-1988.jpg
Harvey, Jerry Donald 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harvey, Larry Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harvey, Mabel Lee 1980 harvey,mabellee-1980.jpg
Harvey, Peggy June - 2015 harvey,peggyjune-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harvey, Peggy June - 2015 harvey,peggyjune-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, Richard Lynn - 2013 harvey,richardlynn-2013.pdf
Harvey, RonaldG.'Ronnie' harvey,ronaldg.'ronnie'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, SharonHayden harvey,sharonhayden-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, Walter Charles, Sr. (Dock) 1988 harvey,waltercharles,sr.(dock)-1988.jpg
Harvey, Walter Charles, Sr.' Dock' 1988 harvey,waltercharles,sr.'dock'-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick-Phillips, Bernice 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Harvick, James W.' Shorty' 1992 harvick,jamesw.'shorty'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Martin Boliver buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery TX 1969-01-10-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Minnie Viola 1981 harvick,minnieviola-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Nettie Arshella 1982 harvick,nettiearshella-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Pearl Frances 1967-05-05-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, William Laster 1993 harvick,williamlaster-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvill, ShirleyMooreLanier harvill,shirleymoorelanier-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harwell, Velma Leona 1989 harwell,velmaleona-1989.jpg
Harwood, H. R.' George' 1984 harwood,h.r.'george'-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, H. R.' George'2 1984 harwood,h.r.'george'2-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Herman Robert' George' 1984 harwood,hermanrobert'george'-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Sam 1961-12-22-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Stella Sophia 1989 harwood,stellasophia-1989.jpg
Haskett, Paul Arthur 2004 haskett,paularthur-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hass, Odell 2008 hass,odell-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hass, Odell 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hastings, Clifford E. 1978 hastings,clifforde.-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Dorothy Marie - 2012 hastings,dorothymarie-2012.pdf
Hastings, Harold 1992 hastings,harold-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Infant Daughter of Tom 1970-01-23-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, James David - 2015 hastings,jamesdavid-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hastings, James David - 2015 hastings,jamesdavid-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hastings, Mrs. Roy' Swampy' 1976 hastings,mrs.roy'swampy'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Mrs. Roy' Swampy'2 1976 hastings,mrs.roy'swampy'2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Roy 1981 hastings,roy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Peggy Joyce 1994 haston,peggyjoyce-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Roy B. 2004 haston,royb.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Roy B. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hataway, Bobbie Pearl 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hatcher, Helen Jo - 2013 hatcher,helenjo-2013.pdf
Hatchtel, Jimmy William 1957-03-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hatchtel, William 1975-09-18-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hathaway, R. Jack, Jr. 1987 hathaway,r.jack,jr.-1987.jpg
Hatley, Buddy hatley,buddy-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hatley, Dillard 2007 hatley,dillard-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Dillard Lee 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hatley, KennethWayne 2011 hatley,kennethwayne-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hatley, Louise 2007 hatley,louise-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Louise 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hatley, Willie V. 2009 hatley,williev.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Willie V. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hatten, Leonard Wayne 'Red' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hatten, Leonard Wayne 2010 hatten,leonardwayne-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haun, Arlis Daniel 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Haun, Johnnie Ruth Pennington 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Havens, Lena Blair De Arman 1988 havens,lenablairdearman-1988.jpg
Hawkins, Bert 1982 hawkins,bert-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Bert Hudson 1995 hawkins,berthudson-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Bertram Estes 1982 hawkins,bertramestes-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Beverly - 2013 hawkins,beverly-2013.pdf
Hawkins, Bobby 1995 hawkins,bobby-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, D.S. 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Earl F. 1987 hawkins,earlf.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Evelyn Nolan 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hawkins, Floyce 2003 hawkins,floyce-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Floyce Tally 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hawkins, Floyce2 2003 hawkins,floyce2-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Floyd 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hawkins, George Washington 1981 hawkins,georgewashington-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Heidi 2004 hawkins,heidi-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Ida Mae 2005 hawkins,idamae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Ida Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Jack 1966-08-05-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Jack Thomas 1999 hawkins,jackthomas-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Julie Lippincott 1994 hawkins,julielippincott-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Lavonia 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Lavonia Heath 2005 hawkins,lavoniaheath-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Leon 1981 hawkins,leon-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Lillie Ann 1971-02-12-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Maggie Mae 1988 hawkins,maggiemae-1988.jpg
Hawkins, Maggie May 1988 hawkins,maggiemay-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Margaret Ruth 1992 hawkins,margaretruth-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Murray Justin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Murry Justin 2005 hawkins,murryjustin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Raymond C. _Bud_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Raymond C.' Bud' 2005 hawkins,raymondc.'bud'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Reba Viola 1997 hawkins,rebaviola-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Samuel W. 1974-10-31-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Sara Jane born Nov. 16, 1888 in Blue Ridge GA 1969-03-07-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, SharonVerita hawkins,sharonverita-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hawthorn, Robert' Hughey' 1995 hawthorn,robert'hughey'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayden, Robert L. (Bob) 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hayes, David Lee 2000 hayes,davidlee-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayes, David Lee 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hayes, Shirley Ann Young - 2012 hayes,shirleyannyoung-2012.pdf
Hayes, Sula 1988 hayes,sula-1988.jpg
Hayhurst, Cleo' Sissie' 1995 hayhurst,cleo'sissie'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayley, Jake Morris 2000 hayley,jakemorris-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayley, Jake Morris 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Haynes, Charles Albert 'Buddy', Sr. - 2015 haynes,charlesalbert'buddy',sr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynes, Charles, Sr. - 2015 haynes,charles,sr.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Edith 1997 haynes,edith-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Floyd 1989 haynes,floyd-1989.jpg
Haynes, H.C. 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Julia Mrs. 1959-08-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Mary Ann 1990 haynes,maryann-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Phil 2009 haynes,phil-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Phil 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Haynes, Ruby Maxine - 2015 haynes,rubymaxine-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Ruby Maxine - 2015 haynes,rubymaxine-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynes, Troy C. buried in Paradise Cemetery 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Zula Laverne 1986 haynes,zulalaverne-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynie, Barbara Jean - 2015 haynie,barbarajean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynie, Carter Pierce - 2015 haynie,carterpierce-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynie, Carter Pierce - 2015 haynie,carterpierce-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hays, Bruce Mitchell (Running Bear) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hays, Furmin Lloyd 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hays, Mary Bertie Hartsell 1970-04-17-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hays, Mattie Evelyn Maddux Morehead - 2012 hays,mattieevelynmadduxmorehead-2012.pdf
Hays, Melvina Lenora 1974-10-24-pg18.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hays, Ruth 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hays, Thomas Burton, Jr. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hazelrigg, Charline Haas 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hazelwood, Patricia Carol 2009 hazelwood,patriciacarol-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hazelwood, Patricia Carol 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Head, Albert Lee, Jr. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Head, CarolynAnnBrooks 2011 head,carolynannbrooks-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, Eldon Thelbert 1985 head,eldonthelbert-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Head, FoyRay 2011 head,foyray-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, LeonEdward head,leonedward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, Margaret' Sissy' Franklin 1997 head,margaret'sissy'franklin-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Head, Sandra - 2012 head,sandra-2012.pdf
Headen, James William - 2012 headen,jameswilliam-2012.pdf
Headley, Carl A. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Headley, Raymond Minor - 2012 headley,raymondminor-2012.pdf
Headley, Richard Alonzo 1999 headley,richardalonzo-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Headley, Robin Lynn 1999 headley,robinlynn-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Healey, Donna Jo - 2013 healey,donnajo-2013.pdf
Health, Tom G. 1959-11-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heard, Dolores' Dolly' Suzanne 1998 heard,dolores'dolly'suzanne-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heard, RobertCharles 2011 heard,robertcharles-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heard, Roy ( Johnny) 2011 heard,roy(johnny)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heard, Thomas David 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hearn, Edna 1989 hearn,edna-1989.jpg
Hearne, Virginia Sherman - 2012 hearne,virginiasherman-2012.pdf
Hearrell, Jerry Wayne - 2015 hearrell,jerrywayne-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hearrell, Jerry Wayne - 2015 hearrell,jerrywayne-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heath, Dorothy E. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Heath, Earl J. (Shorty) photo, buried in City of Levelland Cem. 1969-08-22pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heath, Oscar 1977 heath,oscar-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heathington, James.H., Rev. 1941-12-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heathington, Terry 1943-07-30-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heaton, George Leon - 2012 heaton,georgeleon-2012.pdf
Hebisen, Ray Oscar 2007 hebisen,rayoscar-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hebisen, Ray Oscar 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hebison, Vesta May 1990 hebison,vestamay-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hedden, Glenda June 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hedgpeth, Dale Eugene 2004 hedgpeth,daleeugene-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hefley, Evalyn D. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hefner, Jimmie E., Dr. 1998 hefner,jimmiee.,dr.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Dallas Leroy (Big Papa) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Heimlich, Dallas Leroy' Big Papa' 2003 heimlich,dallasleroy'bigpapa'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Joe 2005 heimlich,joe-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Joe 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Heinsen, Earle Leroy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Heinsen, Mable E. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Heisel, JaneWarrenAlling heisel,janewarrenalling-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heisler, Sarah 2008 heisler,sarah-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Heisler, Sarah 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Heisler, William E.' Bill' 2001 heisler,williame.'bill'-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heithecker, Nancy Karlene - 2013 heithecker,nancykarlene-2013.pdf
Heithecker, Sherry Lynn 2007 heithecker,sherrylynn-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Heithecker, Sherry Lynn 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Helm, Hiram Monroe, Jr. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Helm, Winnie Holt 1989 helm,winnieholt-1989.jpg
Helms, Ann 2008 helms,ann-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Helms, Annelle Morriss 'Ann' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Helms, Cody Wayne 1981 helms,codywayne-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helms, Shirley Sue 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Helms, Thomas Doyle 1990 helms,thomasdoyle-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Calvin E. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Helton, Edgar C. born Oct 22, 1889 1969-12-05pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Evelyn Moody - 2015 helton,evelynmoody-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Helton, Mida Fay' Dink' 1997 helton,midafay'dink'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Pansy Ruth 1994 helton,pansyruth-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Susan 1985 helton,susan-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, Ada Frances 1974-02-14-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, Ada Frances 1974 hembree,adafrances-1974.jpg
Hembree, Betty Hall 1990 hembree,bettyhall-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, W.E. 1970-09-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, William Eugene 1970-09-11-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, William Eugene 1970 hembree,williameugene-1970.jpg
Hembree, William Eugene2 1970 hembree,williameugene2-1970.jpg
Hemphill, Bessie Irene Ross 2009 hemphill,bessieireneross-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hemphill, Bessie Irene Ross 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hemphill, Nolan Rathleen 1977 hemphill,nolanrathleen-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hemphill, Ola Mae Parish 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Henderson, AnnaPaulette henderson,annapaulette-2014.jpg Wise County Messenger
Henderson, Carley 1963-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude 1976 henderson,claude-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude Wayne 2001 henderson,claudewayne-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Henderson, Homer 1988 henderson,homer-1988.jpg
Henderson, Ilene C. 1976 henderson,ilenec.-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, James (Jim( Randolph 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Henderson, James Stewart - 2013 henderson,jamesstewart-2013.pdf
Henderson, Jesse Louis' Jay', Jr. 2006 henderson,jesselouis'jay',jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Joseph Weldon 1983 henderson,josephweldon-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Margaret Mrs born March 7, 1872 in Alabama 1956-03-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Ollie Grace 1984 henderson,olliegrace-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Reba Veal 1988 henderson,rebaveal-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Reba Veal 1989 henderson,rebaveal-1989.jpg
Henderson, Stuart 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Henderson, Vola Belle 1981 henderson,volabelle-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendley, Ollie Adams 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hendricks, Virgil _Shorty_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hendricks, Virgil' Shorty' 2005 hendricks,virgil'shorty'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Debbie - 2013 hendrix,debbie-2013.pdf
Hendrix, James Calvin' Shorty' 1976 hendrix,jamescalvin'shorty'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Marshall Lee 1987 hendrix,marshalllee-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Mason Blaine 2005 hendrix,masonblaine-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Mason Blaine 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hendrix, Myrtle Sarah 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Henge, Ruby Erwin 1983 henge,rubyerwin-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henley, Charles David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henning, Stella Floy 1976 henning,stellafloy-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henning, Stella Floy2 1976 henning,stellafloy2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henning, William Henry 1978 henning,williamhenry-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henninger, EdnaRuth 2011 henninger,ednaruth-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, Benjamin Edward 'Boots' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henry, GlennE. 2011 henry,glenne.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, John Clarence 1963-08-30-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, Lynn Thomas 2006 henry,lynnthomas-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Henry, Lynn Thomas 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Henry, Mary Velma 1994 henry,maryvelma-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, Roby Orville 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henry, Sara Pearl Beeson 1982 henry,sarapearlbeeson-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, Virginia 'Gin' Ann Mooney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henscheid, Anna Christina Flusche 1998 henscheid,annachristinaflusche-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hensley, Dessie Dois 2005 hensley,dessiedois-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hensley, Dessie Dois 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hensley, Riley James 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hensley, Staci Deanne 1979 hensley,stacideanne-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Archie B. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Henson, Archie B., Rev. 2004 henson,archieb.,rev.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Harley Portwood 1967-03-24-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Inez Clara Bell 1969 henson,inezclarabell-1969.jpg
Henson, John G. (Jack) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Henson, John G.' Jack' 2003 henson,johng.'jack'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, John M. (Jack) 1966 henson,johnm.(jack)-1966.jpg
Henson, Johnnue U. 1985 henson,johnnueu.-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Johnny 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henson, Juanita Vera 1997 henson,juanitavera-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, LelaPadgett henson,lelapadgett-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henson, Raymond, Rev. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henson, Toy J. 2005 henson,toyj.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Toy J. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Henson, Wilbur Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Henson, Winnie Lou 1997 henson,winnielou-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henton, Frankie 1981 henton,frankie-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henton, Robert Marion' Bob' 1998 henton,robertmarion'bob'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herdon, John B. 2000 herdon,johnb.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herman, Ann Davidson 2005 herman,anndavidson-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herman, Ann Davidson 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Herman, Kelley Raye - 2015 herman,kelleyraye-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herman, Kelley Raye - 2015 herman,kelleyraye-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hern, Joseph Porter 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hernandez, Carmelo - 2012 hernandez,carmelo-2012.pdf
Hernandez, Eduardo Garcia 2005 hernandez,eduardogarcia-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Eduardo Garcia 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hernandez, Santos 2001 hernandez,santos-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Santos 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hernandez, Silvestre, Sr, - 2015 hernandez,silvestre,sr,-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Silvestre, Sr. - 2015 hernandez,silvestre,sr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herndon, J. B., Rev. 1994 herndon,j.b.,rev.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herndon, John B. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Herndon, Ona Faye 1995 herndon,onafaye-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernupont, Margaret Patricia Curry 1987 hernupont,margaretpatriciacurry-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herod, Earl Gadan 1974-01-17-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrera, DavidWayne herrera,davidwayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herrera, Ricardo 2003 herrera,ricardo-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrera, Ricardo 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Herring, Lewis Allen, Jr. 2003 herring,lewisallen,jr.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herring, Lewis Allen, Jr. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Herring, R.A. Mrs. 1959-03-13-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Ada, Miss 1966-01-21-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Carroll Frank 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Herriott, Earnestine Lotella 'Kewpie' - 2015 herriott,earnestinelotella'kewpie'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herriott, John Elbert 1971-04-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Lula Gertrude 1986 herriott,lulagertrude-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrod, Ada Rodgers 1994 herrod,adarodgers-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herskowitz, Phyllis Platt 2008 herskowitz,phyllisplatt-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hertel, Helen Beatrice 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hertzberg, Jerry hertzberg,jerry-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herzberg, Jerry herzberg,jerry.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Herzer, Margaret Maxine - 2015 herzer,margaretmaxine-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herzer, Margaret Maxine - 2015 herzer,margaretmaxine-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herzer, Thomas(Red) 1989 herzer,thomas(red)-1989.jpg
Hess, Opal Marie 2010 hess,opalmarie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hesteande, Alfred(Dude) Edwin 1989 hesteande,alfred(dude)edwin-1989.jpg
Hesteande, Casie Jane 2007 hesteande,casiejane-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hesteande, Casie Jane 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hesteande, Ethel Iona 1989 hesteande,etheliona-1989.jpg
Hesteande, Lawrence Tomas 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hesteande, Pearle Lee 1988 hesteande,pearlelee-1988.jpg
Hetherly, EvaLou hetherly,evalou-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heuvel, Herman Von, Jr. 1998 heuvel,hermanvon,jr.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hewitt, Thelma Laverne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickens, James Patrick 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickerson, Callie Jameson 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hickey, Clova Dell 1987 hickey,clovadell-1987.jpg
Hickey, Jeanne C. 2007 hickey,jeannec.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickey, Jeanne C. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hickey, Martha 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hickey, Neil Preston - 2015 hickey,neilpreston-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickey, Neil Preston - 2015 hickey,neilpreston-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hickey, Rachel 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickinbotham, James William 2010 hickinbotham,jameswilliam-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickinbotham, James William 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hickman, Paul Wayne 1993 hickman,paulwayne-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ann 2006 hicks,ann-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ann 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hicks, Archie Thomas, Jr. - 2015 hicks,archiethomas,jr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Carmeletta _Tootsie_ O. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, Charles Rayborn 1969 hicks,charlesrayborn-1969.jpg
Hicks, Clara Maurice 2005 hicks,claramaurice-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Clara Maurice 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hicks, Douglas Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hicks, E. E.' Pappy' 1992 hicks,e.e.'pappy'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ester 1996 hicks,ester-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, EverettLee hicks,everettlee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Findle Fuller Mr born May 14, 1911 in Arkansas 1972-02-03-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Gary Everett 2001 hicks,garyeverett-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Gary Everett 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hicks, George 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, George H. 1918 hicks,georgeh.-june26,1918.jpg
Hicks, George M., Sr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hicks, George Madison, Jr. 2007 hicks,georgemadison,jr.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, HenryThomas ( H.T.)Jr 2011 hicks,henrythomas(h.t.)jr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Johnnie Watson 1991 hicks,johnniewatson-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Johnny Earlene 1986 hicks,johnnyearlene-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Maria Vivian Cox 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hicks, Marvin 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hicks, Nell 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hicks, Ray 1985 hicks,ray-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Robert Howard 2007 hicks,roberthoward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Robert Howard 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, Shirlene - 2015 hicks,shirlene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Sue Ann 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hicks, Tifani Leann 1991 hicks,tifanileann-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, W.A., Mrs. 1970-04-10-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Higgins, Lester P., Dr. 1970-01-23-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
High, Jesse Milton 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
High, Martha Frances 1989 high,marthafrances-1989.jpg
High, Mary Lee 2006 high,marylee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
High, Mary Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Highley, John A., Sr. 1977 highley,johna.,sr.-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, Juanita 1996 hight,juanita-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, Juanita2 1996 hight,juanita2-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, RobertLee 2011 hight,robertlee-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hightower, Annabelle Hope - 2012 hightower,annabellehope-2012.pdf
Hightower, Jasil Marie - 2013 hightower,jasilmarie-2013.pdf
Hightower, KirbyJoe hightower,kirbyjoe-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hightower, L.B. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hightower, T. H. former resident died in Henderson Texas 1956-08-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilbers, Larry Robert - 2013 hilbers,larryrobert-2013.pdf
Hilden, MarilynDean 2011 hilden,marilyndean-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilden, William Jennings, I I 1995 hilden,williamjennings,ii-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Alice Irene - 2013 hill,aliceirene-2013.pdf
Hill, Benjamin Franklin born March 20 1891 1956-02-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Benjamin W. 1975-11-20-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Betty Cates 2005 hill,bettycates-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Betty Cates 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hill, Bruce Kevin 2005 hill,brucekevin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Bruce Kevin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hill, Charley Dean - 2012 hill,charleydean-2012.pdf
Hill, Charley O. 2004 hill,charleyo.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Charley O. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hill, CynthiaAnn'Cindy' hill,cynthiaann'cindy'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Doris Helen - 2015 hill,dorishelen-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hill, Doris Helen - 2015 hill,dorishelen-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, DorothyDell 2011 hill,dorothydell-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Elic, born Jan 9, 1895 Walden Arkansas 1953-05-22-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Esther Canzora 1996 hill,esthercanzora-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Eva Ethel 1982 hill,evaethel-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, George Joshua 1984 hill,georgejoshua-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Gordon Dale 2009 hill,gordondale-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hill, Gordon Dale 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hill, HarlynHannah-Jr. hill,harlynhannah,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, James W. 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, James W. 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Jaymie Lyn 1994 hill,jaymielyn-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Joe John 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hill, John E.' Eddie' 1999 hill,johne.'eddie'-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Kendall W. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hill, KennethWarren 2011 hill,kennethwarren-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Loyd Wesley 'Speedy' 1973-05-24-pg34.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Loyd Wesley(Speedy) 1973 hill,loydwesley(speedy)-1973.jpg
Hill, Maggie 2nd obit, born Aug 12, 1888 Kaufman Co 1969-11-14pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Maggie born Aug 12, 1888 in Paradise TX 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Martha Jane - 2013 hill,marthajane-2013.pdf
Hill, Movelda Frost 1985 hill,moveldafrost-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Naomi Pauline Foreman 1989 hill,naomipaulineforeman-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Odis Lee 1991 hill,odislee-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Reuben 1939-12-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Robert Lee born April 17, 1878 near Oxford MS 1955-01-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Russell(Rusty) 1988 hill,russell(rusty)-1988.jpg
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan 16, 1876 1954-06-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan. 16, 1876 1954-06-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Sevannah Lee 1961-07-28-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Silver Lake 1977 hill,silverlake-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Trolley Ray 1982 hill,trolleyray-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Viness Monroe Coach?, Jr. - 2013 hill,vinessmonroecoachjr.-2013.pdf
Hill, W.F. 1944-02-04-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hillan, George 1925-04-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hillborn, Robert Allen 1991 hillborn,robertallen-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilliard, Dorothy Dove Whistler 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilliard, MargaretPauline 2011 hilliard,margaretpauline-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hillin, Joel 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hillyard, Tressie Floy' Toot' 1996 hillyard,tressiefloy'toot'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilscher, David Kirk - 2015 hilscher,davidkirk-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilscher, Ether 1996 hilscher,ether-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Bertha Wynona 1987 hilton,berthawynona-1987.jpg
Hilton, Deborah Moore - 2015 hilton,deborahmoore-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, DeborahMoore hilton,deborahmoore-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilton, Dwight Glenn 1971-05-27-pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Eunice Edna 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilton, Gwendolyn Faye 2010 hilton,gwendolynfaye-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Gwendolyn Faye 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hilton, Henry Glenn 2006 hilton,henryglenn-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Henry Glenn 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hilton, Homer Leo 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilton, Stanford Ray 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hilton, Velma Ruth 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
HIlton, Walter - 2015 hilton,walter-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Walter 'Bug' - 2015 hilton,walter'bug'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilton, Walter Winfred 1971-06-24-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, William Leon, Sr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Bernice 1991 hines,bernice-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Bety King 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hines, David E. 2006 hines,davide.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, David E. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hines, Dick 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Dorothy 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, James Davis 1975-07-17-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Juanita Marie 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hines, Kenneth Eugene 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hines, Leola Bench hines,leolabench-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, Linda Paul 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Mary Wadene Smith 1999 hines,marywadenesmith-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ottis Leonard 1988 hines,ottisleonard-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ottis Leonard2 1988 hines,ottisleonard2-1988.jpg
Hines, Pauline 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Pearl F. Vickers 2003 hines,pearlf.vickers-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Pearl F. Vickers 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hines, Samuel Abraham - 2012 hines,samuelabraham-2012.pdf
Hines, Ted Norman 2007 hines,tednorman-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ted Norman 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hines, W. E. Mr born in Paradise, reared in Bridgeport 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hinkle, Goree Kay 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hinkle, Sarah Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hinshaw, Dorothy Joan 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hinshaw, Wayne Valton 2002 hinshaw,waynevalton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hinshaw, Wayne Valton 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hinson, H. S. (Red) 1988 hinson,h.s.(red)-1988.jpg
Hinton, Robert Charles 1991 hinton,robertcharles-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, Hattie Lee 1987 hipp,hattielee-1987.jpg
Hipp, John Russell 1968-06-14-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, MaryKathrynBowlin hipp,marykathrynbowlin.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Hipp, William King 2001 hipp,williamking-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, William Russell 1970-05-15-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Annie Mary 2001 hitchcock,anniemary-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Annie Mary 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hitchcock, Cynthia 2011 hitchcock,cynthia-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hitchcock, Ralph Edwin - 2015 hitchcock,ralphedwin-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Ralph Edwin - 2015 hitchcock,ralphedwin-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hite, JoshuaCodyTouchet hite,joshuacodytouchet-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hix, James Clyde - 2013 hix,jamesclyde-2013.pdf
Hix, Lelia Nell Jones 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hixson, Charles Oliver 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hixson, Doris Orene Fest 2009 hixson,dorisorenefest-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hixson, Doris Orene Fest 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hobbs, Andrya Lianne 2003 hobbs,andryalianne-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Andrya Lianne 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hobbs, Billy Roy, Rev. 2008 hobbs,billyroy,rev.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Billy Roy, Rev. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hobbs, Clora Charlotte 1976 hobbs,cloracharlotte-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Cristy Davis - 2012 hobbs,cristydavis-2012.pdf
Hobbs, Donna Barbara Chambers 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hobbs, Grace 1991 hobbs,grace-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Melba Joyce 1984 hobbs,melbajoyce-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Patricia Jane - 2015 hobbs,patriciajane-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Patricia Jane 'Pat' - 2015 hobbs,patriciajane'pat'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobbs, R.H. Bob? - 2013 hobbs,r.h.bob-2013.pdf
Hobbs, Theresa Gay 2009 hobbs,theresagay-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Theresa Gay 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hobbs, W.B. 1963-03-29-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, WandaMichelle hobbs,wandamichelle-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobson, Elizabeth Monon 1994 hobson,elizabethmonon-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Harry E. 1970-07-24-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Kodi Dawn - 2015 hobson,kodidawn-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Kodi Dawn - 2015 hobson,kodidawn-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobson, Midge 1967-04-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Sam B. 1984 hobson,samb.-1984.jpg
Hobson, William Chandos, Jr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hodde, Laura Sue 1988 hodde,laurasue-1988.jpg
Hodge, Charles C. 1993 hodge,charlesc.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Donna B. Thomas 1994 hodge,donnab.thomas-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Donna B. Thomas2 1994 hodge,donnab.thomas2-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Larry Gene 1992 hodge,larrygene-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Pauline Thomas 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hodge, RolandD. hodge,rolandd.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodge, Wallace Columbus 1981 hodge,wallacecolumbus-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Amber Rucell - 2015 hodges,amberrucell-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodges, Annie Dorothy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hodges, Bessie Leona 1971-05-27-pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Beulah Mae 2006 hodges,beulahmae-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Beulah Mae 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hodges, Billye 2002 hodges,billye-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Billye 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hodges, Earl Lee(Preacher) 1987 hodges,earllee(preacher)-1987.jpg
Hodges, J. C. 2000 hodges,j.c.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, J.C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hodges, Jack 1979 hodges,jack-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Joe Victor 1968-03-29-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Kathryn Ann 2010 hodges,kathrynann-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Kathryn Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hodges, Lenard Wayne - 2013 hodges,lenardwayne-2013.pdf
Hodges, Lula 1977 hodges,lula-1977.jpg
Hodges, Mima Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hodges, Pauline 2008 hodges,pauline-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Pauline 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hodges, Robby G. article, killed in accident 1975-10-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Ronald Wayne _Ronnie_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hodges, Ronald Wayne' Ronnie' 2007 hodges,ronaldwayne'ronnie'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Royce Edward - 2015 hodges,royceedward-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Royce Edward 'Cotton' - 2015 hodges,royceedward'cotton'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodges, Thomas 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hodges, Trey 2005 hodges,trey-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Trey 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hodgkins, Dustin Roy 1985 hodgkins,dustinroy-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, Alice Marie 1996 hodgson,alicemarie-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, J. P. 1999 hodgson,j.p.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, J. P.2 1999 hodgson,j.p.2-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, James born March 4, 1890 in Boonsville TX 1969-07-18pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, Mary Jo 1995 hodgson,maryjo-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, PatsyLue 2011 hodgson,patsylue-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgson, William' Dan' 1992 hodgson,william'dan'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Anna Josephine Schneider 1973-01-25-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Juliette Boaz 1994 hoefle,julietteboaz-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Martin Paul 1986 hoefle,martinpaul-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Mary Agnes born in New York on Nov 3, 1869 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoehn, Mary Goldie 1983 hoehn,marygoldie-1983.jpg
Hofacker, Roy 1988 hofacker,roy-1988.jpg
Hofacket, Shannon Joyce 1990 hofacket,shannonjoyce-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoffpauir, CharlesEmanuel 2011 hoffpauir,charlesemanuel-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hogan, Donald Edward 2010 hogan,donaldedward-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogan, Donald Edward 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hogan, Michael Wayne, II 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hogg, Maud 1945 hogg,maud-1945.jpg
Hogue, Betty Jean 2009 hogue,bettyjean-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Betty Jean 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hogue, George Johnson - 2012 hogue,georgejohnson-2012.pdf
Hogue, Glen Eugene 2007 hogue,gleneugene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Glen Eugene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hogue, Jacky J. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hogue, Juanita 1977 hogue,juanita-1977.jpg
Hogue, Ralph Stewart, Dr. 1995 hogue,ralphstewart,dr.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Ruth Ann 2006 hogue,ruthann-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Ruth Ann 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holden, Kelly Kay - 2012 holden,kellykay-2012.pdf
Holder, Allie Blanche Carnes 2003 holder,allieblanchecarnes-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Allie Blanche Carnes 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holder, Daniel, Mrs. (Elmira Rawl) 1942-11-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Infant 1977 holder,infant-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, JamesLeo holder,jamesleo-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holder, Ricky G. 2005 holder,rickyg.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Ricky G. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Holder, SharolynLauterbach holder,sharolynlauterbach-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holestine, Savanna Rose 2003 holestine,savannarose-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holestine, Savanna Rose 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holgate, Barney H. 2003 holgate,barneyh.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holgate, Barney H. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holgate, Salomae 2010 holgate,salomae-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holgate, Salomae 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holifield, Wendy Ann - 2015 holifield,wendyann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holifield, Wendy Ann - 2015 holifield,wendyann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holladay, Gwen 1992 holladay,gwen-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holladay, Joe Thomas 1989 holladay,joethomas-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Bonnie Meador - 2013 holland,bonniemeador-2013.pdf
Holland, Calva 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holland, Charles Richard 1997 holland,charlesrichard-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Frank' F. B.' 1992 holland,frank'f.b.'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, H.N., Mrs. 1965-06-18-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, J.D., Mrs. 1973-05-10-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, John L. 2005 holland,johnl.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, John L. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Holland, Jonivee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Holland, JuanitaFaye holland,juanitafaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holland, Kirk Steven - 2013 holland,kirksteven-2013.pdf
Holland, La Tisha Ann 1994 holland,latishaann-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Lloyd E. 2003 holland,lloyde.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Lloyd Emerson 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holland, Mary Dell 1994 holland,marydell-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Nellie B. 1992 holland,nellieb.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Ruby Nall Shepard 2005 holland,rubynallshepard-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Truman F. 1973-05-10-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, W. P.' Bill' 1998 holland,w.p.'bill'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, William P. _Mr. Bill_, Jr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Holland, William P.' Mr. Bill', Jr. 2007 holland,williamp.'mr.bill',jr.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollaway, Malvern Elzie 2001 hollaway,malvernelzie-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollaway, Malvern Elzie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holleman, Nancy 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holler, Elton Margaret 'Peep' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Holley, Arvil Pankey 1982 holley,arvilpankey-1982.jpg
Holley, Avril 1982 holley,avril-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Avril Sarton 1982 holley,avrilsarton-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Joyce 2006 holley,bettyjoyce-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Joyce 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holley, Betty Lou 2006 holley,bettylou-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Lou 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holley, Frances Elmira Stark, born Jan 6, 1881 Wise Co. TX 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Havies N. 1988 holley,haviesn.-1988.jpg
Holley, Lawrence R. 2008 holley,lawrencer.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Lawrence R. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Holley, Marlan - 2013 holley,marlan-2013.pdf
Holley, Mary Alice 1978 holley,maryalice-1978.jpg
Holley, S. D 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Holley, S. D. 2004 holley,s.d.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Sue Paschall - 2012 holley,suepaschall-2012.pdf
Holley, Wayne Erdell 1982 holley,wayneerdell-1982.jpg
Holliman, Lois Ellery 1986 holliman,loisellery-1986.jpg
Hollingsworth, Cammie Marie Green 2004 hollingsworth,cammiemariegreen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frances Wyvonne 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hollingsworth, Frances' Wyvonne' 2008 hollingsworth,frances'wyvonne'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frank M. incorrectly listed as Collingsworth 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frank M., born Feb 18, 1874 Chico TX 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Jesse Franklin 1992 hollingsworth,jessefranklin-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Lila 1977 hollingsworth,lila-1977.jpg
Hollingsworth, Ozeunia Fay 1997 hollingsworth,ozeuniafay-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Ruth Peckat - 2012 hollingsworth,ruthpeckat-2012.pdf
Hollingworth, Clarence 1970-03-27-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollis, Amos L. 1979 hollis,amosl.-1979.jpg
Hollis, James C. - 2013 hollis,jamesc.-2013.pdf
Hollis, Vera Oleta 2007 hollis,veraoleta-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollis, Vera Oleta 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hollman, Nora May none hollman,noramay-none.jpg
Holloman, Ruby 1981 holloman,ruby-1981.jpg
Holloway, Cecilia Joi - 2013 holloway,ceciliajoi-2013.pdf
Holloway, Charles W. 1998 holloway,charlesw.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Melba Jo 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holloway, Rena Elizabeth - 2013 holloway,renaelizabeth-2013.pdf
Holloway, Robert Lee (Bob) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr. 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr.2 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.2-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr.3 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.3-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne 2010 holloway,suzanne-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne O_ Reilly 2010 holloway,suzanneo_reilly-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne O'Reilly 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holloway, VernaMargaret holloway,vernamargaret-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holly, Terry 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Holman, Jim holman,jim-2014.jpg Wise County Messenger
Holman, Jim holman,jim.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Holmes, Derick Thomas 2003 holmes,derickthomas-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Derick Thomas 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holmes, Frances Naomi 1998 holmes,francesnaomi-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, John Coley, Jr. 2009 holmes,johncoley,jr.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holmes, John Coley, Jr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Holmes, Josie D. 1990 holmes,josied.-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Lorene Gibbons 1957-01-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Richard A. killed in auto accident near Azle Texas 1956-01-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alfred' Wayne' 1994 holt,alfred'wayne'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alvin 1977 holt,alvin-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alvin Teral 1977 holt,alvinteral-1977.jpg
Holt, Alvin Teral2 1977 holt,alvinteral2-1977.jpg
Holt, Arthur, brother of Frank Holt 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Aulsie 1961-06-09-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, B. C. (Blackie) 1980 holt,b.c.(blackie)-1980.jpg
Holt, B. C.' Blackie' 1980 holt,b.c.'blackie'-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Baby Bobby (Carl, Mr. & Mrs.) 1943-10-01-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Bertha 1983 holt,bertha-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Carl Wesley 1988 holt,carlwesley-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ethel 1967 holt,ethel-1967.jpg
Holt, Harley T. - 2012 holt,harleyt.-2012.pdf
Holt, Harold Bently 1998 holt,haroldbently-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, JeanEaton 2011 holt,jeaneaton-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holt, Jennie 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Holt, Jennie Gann Meeks 2002 holt,jenniegannmeeks-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Jesse Robert 1991 holt,jesserobert-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Katherine' Katie Bell' Ramsey 1976 holt,katherine'katiebell'ramsey-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Leta Mae 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holt, Leta Mae Cheves 2003 holt,letamaecheves-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Lewis Franklin 1995 holt,lewisfranklin-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Marie Melvin' Mary' 1997 holt,mariemelvin'mary'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Marvin 1986 holt,marvin-1986.jpg
Holt, Natalie Maria 1992 holt,nataliemaria-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Norine 2000 holt,norine-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Norine 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holt, Perry L. obit, died in Wichita Falls, former resident 1954-12-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, R., Mrs. 1961-03-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, R., Mrs. 1961-04-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ralph Burton, Sr. 2008 holt,ralphburton,sr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ralph Burton, Sr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Holt, Robert Huling 2001 holt,roberthuling-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Robert Huling 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holt, Robert Huling2 2001 holt,roberthuling2-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Robert, born Feb. 10, 1869 Key West FL 1952-08-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Royce ( Dean) 2011 holt,royce(dean)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holt, Royce 1991 holt,royce-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Waldron Price 1964-10-23-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtkamp, Frederick Henry 1997 holtkamp,frederickhenry-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtzinger, Homer Charles 2000 holtzinger,homercharles-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtzinger, Homer Charles 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hon, Merleta hon,merleta-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hood, Billy Ray 1994 hood,billyray-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Cleo Ridley Yeatts 2007 hood,cleoridleyyeatts-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Flossie Lee 1988 hood,flossielee-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Iona Mae 1979 hood,ionamae-1979.jpg
Hood, Joe C. 1980 hood,joec.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Joe C. none hood,joec.-none.jpg
Hood, L. F. 2005 hood,l.f.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, L.F. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hood, Lula Mae 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hood, Mauline Vaughn 2008 hood,maulinevaughn-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Micheal Dee - 2013 hood,michealdee-2013.pdf
Hood, Ruby Jo 2006 hood,rubyjo-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Ruby Jo 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hood, Windell Joe 1992 hood,windelljoe-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Mary Ellender 2002 hooe,maryellender-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Mary Ellender 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hooe, Rosalie 1987 hooe,rosalie-1987.jpg
Hooe, Tom 2004 hooe,tom-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Tom 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hooker, Frank 2008 hooker,frank-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hooker, Frank 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hooks, Price 1979 hooks,price-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooper, Brent Ellis 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hooser, HurleyDwayne ( Nig) 2011 hooser,hurleydwayne(nig)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hooten, Norma June 1994 hooten,normajune-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoots, Coreen Marie - 2015 hoots,coreenmarie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoots, Coreen Marie 'Corey' - 2015 hoots,coreenmarie'corey'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hoover, Beulah Margaret 1981 hoover,beulahmargaret-1981.jpg
Hoover, JerrellDee hoover,jerrelldee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoover, Sarah Jane Barnett 1944-10-13-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoover, Stephanie Marie 1983 hoover,stephaniemarie-1983.jpg
Hopkins, Billy 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hopkins, C.B. 'Hoppy' 1974-04-18-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Clarice_2011 hopkins,clarice_2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, Claudette Milsaps 1991 hopkins,claudettemilsaps-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Dorthey Lee 1985 hopkins,dortheylee-1985.jpg
Hopkins, Dorthey Lee 1987 hopkins,dortheylee-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Edna Miller 1983 hopkins,ednamiller-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Emma Lenz - 2012 hopkins,emmalenz-2012.pdf
Hopkins, J.O. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hopkins, James Andrew 2008 hopkins,jamesandrew-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, James Andrew 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Jesse Allmon 1975 hopkins,jesseallmon-1975.jpg
Hopkins, Margaret 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Mattie Boyd 1967-01-06-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Nannie Pearl Coffey 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopkins, PaulEdward hopkins,pauledward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, R.V. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Roberto Reyes 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopkins, Rosemary Violette Wieske - 2015 hopkins,rosemaryviolettewieske-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, Zuma Genell Griffis - 2012 hopkins,zumagenellgriffis-2012.pdf
Hoppe, Frances Pearl 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopper, Christine K. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hopper, William M. 1979 hopper,williamm.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoppie, Peter Benjamin 1961-01-13-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, D. F.' Hoppy' 2003 hopson,d.f.'hoppy'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, D.F. (Hoppy) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hopson, Irene Magness 2003 hopson,irenemagness-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, Irene Magness 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hopson, Martha 1970 hopson,martha-1970.jpg
Hopson, Martha Ruth 1970 hopson,martharuth-1970.jpg
Hopson, Peter H. 1969 hopson,peterh.-1969.jpg
Hopson, Ralph Bernard - 2013 hopson,ralphbernard-2013.pdf
Horn, Billie Marie - 2013 horn,billiemarie-2013.pdf
Horn, Blanche Mae 1987 horn,blanchemae-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, ColbyLynn 2011 horn,colbylynn-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Horn, Kenneth Earl 1992 horn,kennethearl-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, Mary Hendrix - 2012 horn,maryhendrix-2012.pdf
Horn, Mary M. 2001 horn,marym.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, Mary M. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hornback, Beverly Gay 1981 hornback,beverlygay-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hornback, Edward Frank 1975 hornback,edwardfrank-1975.jpg
Hornback, Edward Frank(Eddie) 1975 hornback,edwardfrank(eddie)-1975.jpg
Hornback, Jessie 1978 hornback,jessie-1978.jpg
Hornback, Martha Ruth Isbell 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hornback, Minnie Jo 1984 hornback,minniejo-1984.jpg
Hornberger, Patsy Marie - 2015 hornberger,patsymarie-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hornberger, Patsy Marie - 2015 hornberger,patsymarie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Horne, Cindy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Horne, Cindy Morrow 2005 horne,cindymorrow-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horne, David Harold 2005 horne,davidharold-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horne, David Harold 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Horner, Cecil Guy 1976 horner,cecilguy-1976.jpg
Horner, Guy, Jr. 2008 horner,guy,jr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horner, Guy, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Horner, Hope Elizabeth 2003 horner,hopeelizabeth-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horner, Hope Elizabeth 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Horner, J.T. 'Jack' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Horner, Jimmy Ray 2010 horner,jimmyray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horner, Jimmy Ray 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Horner, Katherine Faith 2003 horner,katherinefaith-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horner, Katherine Faith 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Horseman, Melvina Miss, died in Wichita Falls 1954-02-12-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, C.L. 1973-10-11-pg24.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, Dora Louise 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Horton, Gilda Dale 2002 horton,gildadale-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, Gilda Dale 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Horton, J. D. 1981 horton,j.d.-1981.jpg
Horton, Johnny Wayne 2006 horton,johnnywayne-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horton, Johnny Wayne 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Horton, Marvin Lee 2012 horton_marvin_lee.jpg
Horton, Paul Eugene(Gene) 1982 horton,pauleugene(gene)-1982.jpg
Horton, William Simms 1980 horton,williamsimms-1980.jpg
Hoskins, GeneNorton 2011 hoskins,genenorton-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hothouse, Brandon Michael Dale 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hotz, Herman, Jr. 2001 hotz,herman,jr.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hotz, Herman, Jr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houchens, AleitaBell houchens,aleitabell-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houchens, Kenneth Charles 1990 houchens,kennethcharles-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Dolly 2003 houchins,dolly-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Dolly 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Houchins, Eldon L. _Doc_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Houchins, Eldon L. 2007 houchins,eldonl.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Henry Peyton 1985 houchins,henrypeyton-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Maurine 2007 houchins,maurine-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Maurine 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Houchins, Nannie Pearl 1980 houchins,nanniepearl-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Ophella Pearl Mrs survived by husband Henry Houchins 1969-01-31-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Pearlene 2006 houchins,pearlene-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Pearlene 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Houchins, Robert Leon 1981 houchins,robertleon-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Rubert Leon 1981 houchins,rubertleon-1981.jpg
Houchins, Ruby Lucille 2001 houchins,rubylucille-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Ruby Lucille 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houchins, William P. (Buster) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Houchins, William P.' Buster' 2000 houchins,williamp.'buster'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, William Paton, Infant son lived only a few hours 1953-07-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hough, Ruby Florence 1988 hough,rubyflorence-1988.jpg
Houghlin, Randall Scott 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houk, Douglas Dwayne 2003 houk,douglasdwayne-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houk, Douglas Dwayne 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Houk, Jeffrey Daniel 2008 houk,jeffreydaniel-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houk, Jeffrey Daniel 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
House, Annie Virginia 1980 house,annievirginia-1980.jpg
House, Dorothy Faye 1993 house,dorothyfaye-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Drew Thomas 1983 house,drewthomas-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, G. C. 1983 house,g.c.-1983.jpg
House, Gertrude 1959-07-31-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-03-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-03-09-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank, Cpt. 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Nettie 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Truett C. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Houser, Alfred J. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Houser, Janie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Houston, CarolAnn 2011 houston,carolann-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houston, Delores Bell-Smith - 2015 houston,deloresbell-smith-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houston, Joseph Weldon 1986 houston,josephweldon-1986.jpg
Houston, Joseph Weldon Bailey 1986 houston,josephweldonbailey-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houston, Joshua Cole 2010 houston,joshuacole-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houston, Joshua Cole 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Houston, Lottie Burns 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Houston, Mary Etta 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Houtchens, Helen Lewis 2002 houtchens,helenlewis-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houtchens, Helen Lewis 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Houtchens, Joe Wayne 2001 houtchens,joewayne-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houtchens, Joe Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houtchens, William Bryan 1989 houtchens,williambryan-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houx, Nora Brown 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Beulah Willess 1977 howard,beulahwilless-1977.jpg
Howard, C.J. 'Shorty', Jr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Howard, Cecile Maudelle 1989 howard,cecilemaudelle-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Charles William, Sr. 1985 howard,charleswilliam,sr.-1985.jpg
Howard, Chloe Koyner 1981 howard,chloekoyner-1981.jpg
Howard, Christopher Kent 2006 howard,christopherkent-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, Christopher Kent 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, Clemma J. 1979 howard,clemmaj.-1979.jpg
Howard, Clois R. 2003 howard,cloisr.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Clois R. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Howard, David Clinton 1974 howard,davidclinton-1974.jpg
Howard, David Clinton 1978 howard,davidclinton-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Delma Hood - 2012 howard,delmahood-2012.pdf
Howard, Donna Raine 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Howard, EmilyRuth 2011 howard,emilyruth-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Gladys 1988 howard,gladys-1988.jpg
Howard, Hazel - 2015 howard,hazel-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, Hazel - 2015 howard,hazel-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, HelenMargurieteStarnes howard,helenmargurietestarnes-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, James Arnold 2010 howard,jamesarnold-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, James Arnold 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Howard, JessieMack howard,jessiemack-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, JoyceNadine howard,joycenadine-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Katherine Furr 1999 howard,katherinefurr-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, LelaTruitt 2011 howard,lelatruitt-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Lowe Larson 1990 howard,lowelarson-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Mary 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, Mathew David 2001 howard,mathewdavid-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Mathew David 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Howard, Maxine 2002 howard,maxine-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Maxine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Howard, Michael Ray 1988 howard,michaelray-1988.jpg
Howard, Murrell Elvin 1987 howard,murrellelvin-1987.jpg
Howard, Oleta Thacker 1986 howard,oletathacker-1986.jpg
Howard, Oma E. 1989 howard,omae.-1989.jpg
Howard, Pauline Amanda 2002 howard,paulineamanda-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Pauline Amanda 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Howard, Ron 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Howard, Ronald David 2005 howard,ronalddavid-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, SaraLouise howard,saralouise-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Susan Robinson 1997 howard,susanrobinson-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Tracy 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Howard, Walter Clyde 1984 howard,walterclyde-1984.jpg
Howard, William Curtis _Dub_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, William' Dub' 2006 howard,william'dub'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howden, EileenKaye howden,eileenkaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howe, Clara Mabel 1987 howe,claramabel-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howe, Elbert Leonard none howe,elbertleonard-none.jpg
Howe, Ralph E. 1957-04-26-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Charles E., Sr. 2004 howell,charlese.,sr.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Earl' Barney' 1998 howell,earl'barney'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Eula Mae 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Howell, Geneva Lee - 2012 howell,genevalee-2012.pdf
Howell, Grover Cleveland 1977 howell,grovercleveland-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, John Alexander 1985 howell,johnalexander-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Johnnie Alexander 1985 howell,johnniealexander-1985.jpg
Howell, Johnnie Leroy 2000 howell,johnnieleroy-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Johnny Mrs born at Willie Grace McDaniel 1955-06-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Juanita M. 1995 howell,juanitam.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Junior Alton 1997 howell,junioralton-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Leslie _Doc_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Howell, NancyJ. howell,nancyj.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howell, Randall Eugene _Bones_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Howell, Randall' Bones' Eugene 2005 howell,randall'bones'eugene-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Ruth Nadine 1999 howell,ruthnadine-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Susie Dorthula 1970-05-15-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howerton, Faye - 2015 howerton,faye-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howerton, SharleneFaye howerton,sharlenefaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howle, B.S. 'Scottie', Lt. 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Archie Gladney 1983 hoyl,archiegladney-1983.jpg
Hoyl, Basil Landon 1977 hoyl,basillandon-1977.jpg
Hoyl, Cecil Bryan 1984 hoyl,cecilbryan-1984.jpg
Hoyl, Dale Garrison 2005 hoyl,dalegarrison-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Dale Garrison 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hoyl, Doris Boyer 1983 hoyl,dorisboyer-1983.jpg
Hoyl, Doris Lucille - 2015 hoyl,dorislucille-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Doris Lucille - 2015 hoyl,dorislucille-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoyle, O.K. 1961-05-05-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hronec, PaulM. 2011 hronec,paulm.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hubbard, Arvel hubbard,arvel-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hubbard, Bobbie J. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hubbard, Charles H., Judge 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hubbard, Cilmon Jean - 2013 hubbard,cilmonjean-2013.pdf
Hubbard, Glen E. 1987 hubbard,glene.-1987.jpg
Hubbard, Mamie Louvenia 1980 hubbard,mamielouvenia-1980.jpg
Hubbard, Mammie Joyce - 2013 hubbard,mammiejoyce-2013.pdf
Hubbard, Milton Joel 1984 hubbard,miltonjoel-1984.jpg
Hubbard, W.J. 'Corky' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hubbard, Willie Eureka Gose 1988 hubbard,willieeurekagose-1988.jpg
Huber, David Waldo, Sr. 1999 huber,davidwaldo,sr.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huber, David Waldo, Sr.2 1999 huber,davidwaldo,sr.2-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huber, Dennis 2006 huber,dennis-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huber, Dennis 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Huber, Martha ( Mottie) 2011 huber,martha(mottie)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huckabay, Alvin Wesley 1992 huckabay,alvinwesley-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabay, Willie Gean 1984 huckabay,williegean-1984.jpg
Huckabee, Doris E. 1995 huckabee,dorise.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, E. H.' Chick' 1983 huckabee,e.h.'chick'-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, Edd Haney(Chick) 1983 huckabee,eddhaney(chick)-1983.jpg
Huckabee, Hicks Henry 1989 huckabee,hickshenry-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, James Monroe 1983 huckabee,jamesmonroe-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, James Nolan 1974-08-01-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckleberry, Austin James 1978 huckleberry,austinjames-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Edna 1974-07-25-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Floyd 1996 huddleston,floyd-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Harold 1964-05-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Helen - 2015 huddleston,helen-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Helen - 2015 huddleston,helen-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huddleston, James Floyd 2007 huddleston,jamesfloyd-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, James Floyd 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Huddleston, Royal K. (Bud) 1988 huddleston,royalk.(bud)-1988.jpg
Huddleston, Stanley 1977 huddleston,stanley-1977.jpg
Huddleston, Susan Kay Shepherd - 2012 huddleston,susankayshepherd-2012.pdf
Huddleston, William E., Dr. 2010 huddleston,williame.,dr.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, William E., Dr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huddleston, William Mc Kinley 1976 huddleston,williammckinley-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, William McKinney, Mrs. 1973-10-18-pg31.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudgins, Nancy Carol 1999 hudgins,nancycarol-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudnall, Glen Row 1981 hudnall,glenrow-1981.jpg
Hudnall, Katherine Wilson 1982 hudnall,katherinewilson-1982.jpg
Hudnall, Pearl Mc Clain 1984 hudnall,pearlmcclain-1984.jpg
Hudson, Alice Roosevelt 1981 hudson,aliceroosevelt-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Annie Nellie 1985 hudson,annienellie-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Berta Mae 1990 hudson,bertamae-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Bill Irvin 1992 hudson,billirvin-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Blanch 1980 hudson,blanch-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Blanch Marie 1980 hudson,blanchmarie-1980.jpg
Hudson, Carl Franklin 1989 hudson,carlfranklin-1989.jpg
Hudson, Carol Gene 1980 hudson,carolgene-1980.jpg
Hudson, Carol Jean 1980 hudson,caroljean-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Charles Ray 2009 hudson,charlesray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Chesley S. 1984 hudson,chesleys.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Donald L.' Catfish' 1999 hudson,donaldl.'catfish'-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, E. L. 1973 hudson,e.l.-1973.jpg
Hudson, Earl Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hudson, Edgbert Thomas 2007 hudson,edgbertthomas-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Edgbert Thomas 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hudson, Edith Irene Linehan 1977 hudson,edithirenelinehan-1977.jpg
Hudson, Edith Linehan 1977 hudson,edithlinehan-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellen 2010 hudson,ellen-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellen 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hudson, Ellena Louise 2010 hudson,ellenalouise-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellena Louise 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hudson, Ernest Lonnie 1991 hudson,ernestlonnie-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Flora Matilda McDanniell 1975-09-04-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Flora Mrs. 1959-07-24-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Frank Marion 1981 hudson,frankmarion-1981.jpg
Hudson, Gladys Mae 1989 hudson,gladysmae-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Glen Edward 1984 hudson,glenedward-1984.jpg
Hudson, J.C. Jr 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, J.L. hudson,j.l.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hudson, James Kenneth 1988 hudson,jameskenneth-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Oliver 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Steven 2006 hudson,jamessteven-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Steven 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hudson, James. R. 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, JamesE. 2011 hudson,jamese.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hudson, Jayne C. 2008 hudson,jaynec.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Jayne C. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hudson, Jerry 1967-07-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Jerry 1967-07-14-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Elmer 2008 hudson,johnelmer-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Elmer 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hudson, John Henry 1981 hudson,johnhenry-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Walter 1968-11-01-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Joseph Price 1945-05-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Kittie Louis 1980 hudson,kittielouis-1980.jpg
Hudson, Linda Clark 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hudson, Linda Sue 2002 hudson,lindasue-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Linda Sue 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hudson, Lula Mae 1975 hudson,lulamae-1975.jpg
Hudson, Mary Lillian 1976 hudson,marylillian-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Maudie 1967-03-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Melvina Elizabeth 1976 hudson,melvinaelizabeth-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ollie Dove 1977 hudson,olliedove-1977.jpg
Hudson, Orien Hoyt 1977 hudson,orienhoyt-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Pauline Tanner 1988 hudson,paulinetanner-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hudson, Richard Wayne 1984 hudson,richardwayne-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Robert Alonzo 1976 hudson,robertalonzo-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Russell Paul 1989 hudson,russellpaul-1989.jpg
Hudson, Ruth Mae 1992 hudson,ruthmae-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ruth Vandiver 2006 hudson,ruthvandiver-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ruth Vandiver 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hudson, Samuel Bryan 1990 hudson,samuelbryan-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Stanley R. 1961-09-15-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Summer Starr 1979 hudson,summerstarr-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Susie Virginia 1995 hudson,susievirginia-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Thomas D. 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Thomas Nolen 1957-08-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Tom in Memorium by wife poem by Blanch Hudson 1957-09-06-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Utoka 2002 hudson,utoka-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Utoka 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hudson, William Leonidas born June 2, 1871 in Alabama 1956-10-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, William Loy 1984 hudson,williamloy-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, William Loyd 1984 hudson,williamloyd-1984.jpg
Huebner, AnnaMarie 2011 huebner,annamarie-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huebner, Elizabeth Elsie 1986 huebner,elizabethelsie-1986.jpg
Huebner, KennethC huebner,kennethc.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Huebner, KennethC. huebner,kennethc.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huerta, Frances 2010 huerta,frances-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Frances 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huerta, Jorge Luis Rosales 2002 huerta,jorgeluisrosales-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Jorge Luis Rosales 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Huerta, Jose Bartolo 2005 huerta,josebartolo-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Jose Bartolo 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Huezdos, Joseph born May 5, 1919 in Fort Worth TX 1969-02-14-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huff, JuneLangley huff,junelangley-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huff, Mark 2010 huff,mark-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huff, Mark 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huff, William 'Bill' Morton 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huffman, Henry R. (Hank) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Huffman, Jeffery Andrew 1989 huffman,jefferyandrew-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huffman, Robert Lloyd 1985 huffman,robertlloyd-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huffstetler, LolaMae 2011 huffstetler,lolamae-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hufhines, C. E. 1987 hufhines,c.e.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Carolyn 2003 hufhines,carolyn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Melvin A. 1970-09-11-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Rosa 1976 hufhines,rosa-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Sybil 1995 hufhines,sybil-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufines, Carolyn 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Huggins, Birdie Mae 1999 huggins,birdiemae-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Harley' Cecil' 1997 huggins,harley'cecil'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Linda 2010 huggins,linda-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Linda 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huggins, Lois Robin 1989 huggins,loisrobin-1989.jpg
Huggins, MarionB. ( Marti) 2011 huggins,marionb.(marti)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huggins, Oscar Oral(Jack) 1982 huggins,oscaroral(jack)-1982.jpg
Huggins, Terry Mae Lawrence 2005 huggins,terrymaelawrence-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Terry Mae Lawrence 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hughes, Bertha Jackie 1988 hughes,berthajackie-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Beulah Muriel 1974 hughes,beulahmuriel-1974.jpg
Hughes, Billie M. - 2012 hughes,billiem.-2012.pdf
Hughes, Charlie 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, David Corbett 2003 hughes,davidcorbett-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, David Corbett 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hughes, Douglas Moore 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hughes, Ella 1970-03-20-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Esther Lee Gilbert 2008 hughes,estherleegilbert-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Esther Lee Gilbert 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hughes, Geneva Bean - 2015 hughes,genevabean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, George Luther 1946-09-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Geraldine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Geraldine P. 2002 hughes,geraldinep.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Guy R. 1965-06-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, J. Lyndal 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hughes, Jack Eugene 1990 hughes,jackeugene-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, James Celtyn 1974-05-30-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, James Thomas - 2012 hughes,jamesthomas-2012.pdf
Hughes, Jason Mark 1988 hughes,jasonmark-1988.jpg
Hughes, Johnny Barlow 1987 hughes,johnnybarlow-1987.jpg
Hughes, Johnny Barlow 1988 hughes,johnnybarlow-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Johnny Hall - 2012 hughes,johnnyhall-2012.pdf
Hughes, Joie Daniel 2006 hughes,joiedaniel-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Joie Daniel 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hughes, Juanelle 2000 hughes,juanelle-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Kimberly Kay 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Kimberly Kay Watkins 2002 hughes,kimberlykaywatkins-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Kimberly Watkins 2002 hughes,kimberlywatkins-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Lela Pearl none hughes,lelapearl-none.jpg
Hughes, LowellBland-Jr. hughes,lowellbland,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Martha Lou - 2015 hughes,marthalou-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Martha Lou - 2015 hughes,marthalou-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Shiloh Buck 2002 hughes,shilohbuck-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Shiloh Buck 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Shiloh Buck2 2002 hughes,shilohbuck2-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, VickieLynn hughes,vickielynn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Virgle 1977 hughes,virgle-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, William A. , Judge 1989 hughes,williama.,judge-1989.jpg
Hughes, ZelmaMae 2011 hughes,zelmamae-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hugo, Erwin Fritz 1988 hugo,erwinfritz-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hugo, Violet 2005 hugo,violet-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hugo, Violet 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hukill, Mary Jo St. John 2010 hukill,maryjost.john-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hukill, Mary Jo St. John 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hull, Charles Lee - 2015 hull,charleslee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hull, Gloria Inell 'Nell' Landers - 2012 hull,gloriainell'nell'landers-2012.pdf
Hull, Jake 2009 hull,jake-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hull, Jake 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hull, James Bruce - 2013 hull,jamesbruce-2013.pdf
Hulme, Timothy David(T. J. ), Jr. 1989 hulme,timothydavid(t.j.),jr.-1989.jpg
Hulsey, Mark 2010 hulsey,mark-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hulsey, Mark 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hulsey, Terry Gene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Humes, James William 1980 humes,jameswilliam-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Humes, Mary Jane 1978 humes,maryjane-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hummel, Christopher Brandon 1981 hummel,christopherbrandon-1981.jpg
Humphrey, John Wesley 1999 humphrey,johnwesley-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunley, Alta Fairbetter 2003 hunley,altafairbetter-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunley, Alta Fairbetter 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunn, Bessie Lee 1985 hunn,bessielee-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Harlow 2006 hunn,harlow-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Harlow 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hunn, Mark William 2007 hunn,markwilliam-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Mark William 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunn, Mary Pultz - 2015 hunn,marypultz-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunn, Reba Moses 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hunn, Toney R. 'Bob' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunn, Toney R. 2010 hunn,toneyr.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunnicutt, James Scott - 2013 hunnicutt,jamesscott-2013.pdf
Hunphrey, Oma 1993 hunphrey,oma-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Ashley Joelynn - 2015 hunt,ashleyjoelynn-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Ashley Joelynn - 2015 hunt,ashleyjoelynn-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunt, BillyFloyd 2011 hunt,billyfloyd-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunt, Donald Lloyd 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunt, Hazel Lucille Jenkins 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hunt, Imogene 2010 hunt,imogene-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Imogene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunt, Jackie Floyd 2005 hunt,jackiefloyd-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Jackie Floyd 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hunt, Lowell Wayne 1977 hunt,lowellwayne-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Mae Bell 1997 hunt,maebell-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Margaret Henry 1988 hunt,margarethenry-1988.jpg
Hunt, Pearl Irene 1987 hunt,pearlirene-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Richard Douglas 2000 hunt,richarddouglas-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Richard Douglas 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunt, Ruby Ann 1995 hunt,rubyann-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Shaun Kennedy 1989 hunt,shaunkennedy-1989.jpg
Hunt, Tamara Jean 1978 hunt,tamarajean-1978.jpg
Hunt, Tamara Jean2 1978 hunt,tamarajean2-1978.jpg
Hunt, Virginia Maude 1980 hunt,virginiamaude-1980.jpg
Hunt, Warren Lee 2006 hunt,warrenlee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Warren Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hunter, Alvis Leroy, I I I 2010 hunter,alvisleroy,iii-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Alvis Leroy, III 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunter, B.C. 'Sug' 1964-10-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Bert M. born June 17, 1896 1956-03-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Bertram Montgomery, Jr. 1988 hunter,bertrammontgomery,jr.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Billy Ray 2009 hunter,billyray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Billy Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hunter, Clifton Truman 1983 hunter,cliftontruman-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Eugene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Gloria 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunter, Harper 2002 hunter,harper-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Jacob 'Jake' Thomas - 2012 hunter,jacob'jake'thomas-2012.pdf
Hunter, James E., M. D. 1989 hunter,jamese.,m.d.-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, James T. 2003 hunter,jamest.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, James T. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunter, Jo Beth 2000 hunter,jobeth-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Jo Beth 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Joe Henry 1988 hunter,joehenry-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Joe Henry2 1988 hunter,joehenry2-1988.jpg
Hunter, John Casper - 2015 hunter,johncasper-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, John Casper - 2015 hunter,johncasper-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunter, John Milton 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Nora Donnie Mrs born apr 13, 1883 in Dallas County 1955-02-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Patsy 1995 hunter,patsy-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Pauline Beulah Judge 2007 hunter,paulinebeulahjudge-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Pauline Beulah Judge 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunter, Raymond Paul 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunter, Roy Dean - 2015 hunter,roydean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Roy Dean - 2015 hunter,roydean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunter, Samuel Ryan 2003 hunter,samuelryan-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Samuel Ryan 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunter, Thurman Cleo 1957-08-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huntington, Wilma Stella 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hurley, Joel Bennett 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hurley, Mary Frances 1987 hurley,maryfrances-1987.jpg
Hurley, Thomas David, Sr. 1978 hurley,thomasdavid,sr.-1978.jpg
Hurtado, Rita hurtado,rita-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Husband, Caleb Paul 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Huse, Estelle 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Huse, Richard Lee 1982 huse,richardlee-1982.jpg
Huskey, JoyceLaura 2011 huskey,joycelaura-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hussey, Viola Tadge Bernhardt 1991 hussey,violatadgebernhardt-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Abraham 1945-03-16-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Don A. 1962-04-06-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Don A. 1962-04-13-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Ethel Hines 1970-05-08-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, William Allen' Bill' 1994 hutcheson,williamallen'bill'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchins, Glen 2004 hutchins,glen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchins, Glen 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hutchinson, Cornelia 1981 hutchinson,cornelia-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchinson, Mary Ava 1970-11-13-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchison, Bettie 1973-09-13-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchison, Cornelia 1980 hutchison,cornelia-1980.jpg
Hutchison, DoraleeInez hutchison,doraleeinez-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hutchison, Holly Lindsey Marie 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hutchison, Jane Aleen 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hutchison, Jane Aleen Gravelle 2003 hutchison,janealeengravelle-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Elvin Reuben 2008 hutson,elvinreuben-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Evan Hearn 1978 hutson,evanhearn-1978.jpg
Hutson, Evan Hearn 1979 hutson,evanhearn-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Norman Elvin 1989 hutson,normanelvin-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Amy Marie 2010 hutto,amymarie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Amy Marie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hutto, Billy Warren 1986 hutto,billywarren-1986.jpg
Hutto, Billy Warren 1987 hutto,billywarren-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Billy Warren2 1986 hutto,billywarren2-1986.jpg
Hutto, Chester Tandy' Jack' 1978 hutto,chestertandy'jack'-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Chester Tandy(Jack) 1978 hutto,chestertandy(jack)-1978.jpg
Hutto, Homer Lewis 1961-07-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Roy Cecil 2006 hutto,roycecil-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Roy Cecil 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hutto, Zadie Virginia 1992 hutto,zadievirginia-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutton, Rick 2010 hutton,rick-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutton, Rick 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hutton, Timothy Jack - 2013 hutton,timothyjack-2013.pdf
Huya, MelissaGay 2011 huya,melissagay-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hvezdos, John 1963-02-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Johnnie A. 1958-01-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Lola P.' Nall' 2007 hvezdos,lolap.'nall'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Magsalene J. 1974-02-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Stephen Sylvester 1971-07-29-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hyatt, Donald W. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hyatt, William Blaine, Sr. 1983 hyatt,williamblaine,sr.-1983.jpg
Hyde, Avis Nadine 1985 hyde,avisnadine-1985.jpg
Hyde, Esther Jane 1983 hyde,estherjane-1983.jpg
Hyde, Lula Bell Wilson, born Feb 6, 1877 Bosque Co. TX 1954-04-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Idell, Clyde E. 2009 idell,clydee.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Idell, Clyde E. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Idell, DorothyLucille 2011 idell,dorothylucille-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Idell, Jaunita Faye 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Iglesia, Luis Albert Martinez 2006 iglesia,luisalbertmartinez-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iglesias, Luis Albert Martinez 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Iglesias, Luis Ray 2009 iglesias,luisray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iglesias, Luis Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Ille, Vincent John 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Inabnett, Lilia Maxine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Inabnett, W. T., Dr. 1985 inabnett,w.t.,dr.-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, Buddy Wayne 2006 ince,buddywayne-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ince, Buddy Wayne 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ince, George W. 1993 ince,georgew.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, Kennedie Paige - 2015 ince,kennediepaige-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ince, Kennedie Paige - 2015 ince,kennediepaige-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ince, Norreca 'Joy' Parsons - 2012 ince,norreca'joy'parsons-2012.pdf
Ince, Robert Doyle 1988 ince,robertdoyle-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, StephenDoyle ince,stephendoyle-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Infante, LuisCarlos infante,luiscarlos-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ingram, Angela 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Ingram, John Jay 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Ingram, Marty 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Ingram, Marty, Bro. 2004 ingram,marty,bro.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ingram, NowlinD.BuzJr 2011 ingram,nowlind.buzjr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inguanzo, Alfredo inguanzo,alfredo-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Doyle _Pap_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Inman, Doyle' Pap' 2006 inman,doyle'pap'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Inman, JimmieDeward inman,jimmiedeward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Phillip ( Izzy)Edward 2011 inman,phillip(izzy)edward-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, RalphN. 2011 inman,ralphn.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Warner 1959-04-03-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Irby, Tommy Clay 2008 irby,tommyclay-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irby, Tommy Clay 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Irish, Mildred Livengood - 2012 irish,mildredlivengood-2012.pdf
Irland, Donald B. - 2012 irland,donaldb.-2012.pdf
Irland, Meg 2010 irland,meg-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irland, Meg 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Ironmonger, Lee 2007 ironmonger,lee-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ironmonger, Lee 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Irvin, Hayden, Mrs. 1968-11-08-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Irvin, Mack Thomas 'Tommy', Jr. - 2015 irvin,mackthomas'tommy',jr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Irvin, Mack Thomas, Jr. - 2015 irvin,mackthomas,jr.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irvin, NicoleLee 2011 irvin,nicolelee-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Irving, Douglas Richard 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Irving, Eva Deloris (Dee) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Isaacs, Joe Henry, Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Isaksen, Harry Emil 2005 isaksen,harryemil-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Harry Emil 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isaksen, Robert Harry 2005 isaksen,robertharry-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Robert Harry 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isaksen, Sylvia Nancy 2005 isaksen,sylvianancy-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Sylvia Nancy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isbell, AmandaCrothers isbell,amandacrothers-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isbell, Jared David 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isbell, JerryLynn 2011 isbell,jerrylynn-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isbell, MaryE. 2011 isbell,marye.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isham, Hazel Marie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Isham, Robert O. - 2012 isham,roberto.-2012.pdf
Isley, H. J. 1995 isley,h.j.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isom, Eleanor Patricia _Pat_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Isom, Eleanor Patricia' Pat' 2004 isom,eleanorpatricia'pat'-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isom, Kenneth Charles 1987 isom,kennethcharles-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Israel, Velma 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Issacs, Joe Henry, Jr. 2006 issacs,joehenry,jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iverson, Morris' Sonny' Campbell 2006 iverson,morris'sonny'campbell-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivey, Hope Elaine 2001 ivey,hopeelaine-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivey, Jackie Joe (H.T.) 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivins, Mary Lorene Browning 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, DeloisAnn ivy,deloisann-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ivy, Gregory Darnell, Jr. 2006 ivy,gregorydarnell,jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, Gregory Darnell, Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, Harry T. 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivy, Hope Elaine Massey 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Ivy, John Harold ivy,johnharold-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, June 2006 ivy,june-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, June 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, William Red, Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Al 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, Audra 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jackson, Audy Milton 1995 jackson,audymilton-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Bessie none jackson,bessie-none.jpg
Jackson, Bessie2 none jackson,bessie2-none.jpg
Jackson, Billy Don 2006 jackson,billydon-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Frank 2008 jackson,billyfrank-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Frank 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Billy Ray - 2015 jackson,billyray-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Ray - 2015 jackson,billyray-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Bobbie J. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jackson, Bobby Don - 2015 jackson,bobbydon-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Brain Keith 1970-08-07-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Carl H. 1996 jackson,carlh.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Charlotta Lee Clara 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, David Thomas 1990 jackson,davidthomas-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Delbert Lewis 1981 jackson,delbertlewis-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Della,Mrs. 1943-10-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Dixie Lee Harclerode Death 1962-08-17-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Dollie Mae 1988 jackson,dolliemae-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Doris L. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jackson, Dorothy 1993 jackson,dorothy-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Elton Leslie 1971-11-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, EvaJo 2011 jackson,evajo-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Floyd 1971-01-01-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Gaylon Dale 1971-03-26-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, George Alvin, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Gladys Dilks 2002 jackson,gladysdilks-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Gladys Dilks 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, Gladys Dilks2 2002 jackson,gladysdilks2-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Glenda Ann - 2015 jackson,glendaann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Glenda Ann - 2015 jackson,glendaann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Glenda Ann (2) - 2015 jackson,glendaann(2)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Harold Don _Hap_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jackson, Helen Connell 1990 jackson,helenconnell-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Helen R. 1999 jackson,helenr.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Sidney 2005 jackson,jamessidney-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Sidney 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jackson, James W. 1968-02-09-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Willard 2010 jackson,jameswillard-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Jerry Lou 1991 jackson,jerrylou-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Jerry Loyd - 2012 jackson,jerryloyd-2012.pdf
Jackson, Jessie William 1974-07-18-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Joan 2009 jackson,joan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Joe Sidney 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jackson, Joe Sydney 2006 jackson,joesydney-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, John 1946-10-04-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, John William 1946-10-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Johnnie Lester 1990 jackson,johnnielester-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Josie Marie 1997 jackson,josiemarie-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katelyn Ann 2003 jackson,katelynann-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katelyn Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jackson, Katelyn Ann2 2003 jackson,katelynann2-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katherine (Katie( Elizabeth 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, Lela Banks 1977 jackson,lelabanks-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Lora Jane King 1986 jackson,lorajaneking-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Mable - 2013 jackson,mable-2013.pdf
Jackson, Margaret N. - 2015 jackson,margaretn.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Marjorie Ann Kimbrough 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Martha Sue - 2013 jackson,marthasue-2013.pdf
Jackson, Mary Lorena' Rena' Wood 2005 jackson,marylorena'rena'wood-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Minnie Belle 1990 jackson,minniebelle-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Myra Lee (Barnes) jackson,myrnalee(barnes).jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Jackson, Nancy 'Mickey' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Naomi Faye Hartsell 2010 jackson,naomifayehartsell-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Penny Foreman 2010 jackson,pennyforeman-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Penny Foreman 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Ricky D., Jr. 1979 jackson,rickyd.,jr.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Robert A.' Bobby' 1996 jackson,roberta.'bobby'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Robert D. 1968-09-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Ronnie W. - 2015 jackson,ronniew.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Ronnie W. - 2015 jackson,ronniew.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Susan Malinda - 2013 jackson,susanmalinda-2013.pdf
Jackson, Tedy Ray 1985 jackson,tedyray-1985.jpg
Jackson, Thomas Lee 2001 jackson,thomaslee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Thomas Lee 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, William (Bill( Franklin 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, William Allen 1945-08-31-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Windy Destiny Merry 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jacobs, Jarman J. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jacobs, Mary Lee 1989 jacobs,marylee-1989.jpg
Jaggers, Stanley 2006 jaggers,stanley-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, A. E. 1958-03-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Billie Jean 2008 james,billiejean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, Billie Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
James, Billy Earl 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
James, Cindy Joy - 2013 james,cindyjoy-2013.pdf
James, E. W. 1958-09-12-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Elzie W. 1958-09-26-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Esteen Elizabeth - 2013 james,esteenelizabeth-2013.pdf
James, F. T. 1979 james,f.t.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Haevey Lee 2001 james,haeveylee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Harvey Lee 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
James, Helen L. Powell 2009 james,helenl.powell-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, J. W.' Bud' 1994 james,j.w.'bud'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Joseph Hubert' Joe' 1992 james,josephhubert'joe'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Marvin Edward 1983 james,marvinedward-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Michael Carl 2002 james,michaelcarl-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Michael Carl 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
James, Ruth 1982 james,ruth-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Tim 2011 james,tim-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
James, Todd Anthony 2009 james,toddanthony-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, Todd Anthony 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jameson, B. Frank 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jamison, Nellie Middlebrooks 1996 jamison,nelliemiddlebrooks-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jamison, Valeta Ellen 2003 jamison,valetaellen-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Janecka, J. F.' Junior' 2006 janecka,j.f.'junior'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Janecka, Julius Frank _Junior_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
January, Chester 1989 january,chester-1989.jpg
Jarnagin, Louisa A. 1981 jarnagin,louisaa.-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jarnagin, Russell H. 1982 jarnagin,russellh.-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jarrell, George A. none jarrell,georgea.-none.jpg
Jason, Jennifer 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jay, Gerald F. 1992 jay,geraldf.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffers, Dakota (D. J.) jeffers,dakota(d.j)-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jefferson, Jeannie Wood 2004 jefferson,jeanniewood-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jefferson, Jeannie Wood 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jefferson, MarthaElizabethRenshaw jefferson,marthaelizabethrenshaw-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jeffrey, BillyJr 2011 jeffrey,billyjr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jeffrey, John 2003 jeffrey,john-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffrey, John 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jeffrey, Reba Mae Wright 1977 jeffrey,rebamaewright-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Donna G. 1993 jeffries,donnag.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Edward L. 2005 jeffries,edwardl.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Edward L. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jeffries, Jeff 1995 jeffries,jeff-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, A. S.' Jeep' 2002 jenkins,a.s.'jeep'-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, A.S. (Jeep) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jenkins, Bobbie Jo 1999 jenkins,bobbiejo-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Doris Jean 2008 jenkins,dorisjean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Doris Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jenkins, Doris Ruth 1987 jenkins,dorisruth-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, E.B. 'Bo' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jenkins, H. M.' H' 2007 jenkins,h.m.'h'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, H.M. _H_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jenkins, Howard J. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, Kendyll Lee - 2015 jenkins,kendylllee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Lola Elliott 1990 jenkins,lolaelliott-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Mary Allen 1996 jenkins,maryallen-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Nell Rita Schwark 2004 jenkins,nellritaschwark-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Nell Rita Schwark 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, Rena Mae 1947 1947-08-01-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Rosalene 2004 jenkins,rosalene-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Rosalene 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, S. O. 1958-09-12-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, S. O. Mr. 1958-09-26-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Sandy Brashear - 2012 jenkins,sandybrashear-2012.pdf
Jenkins, ShirleyAnn jenkins,shirleyann-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Viola Mildred 1999 jenkins,violamildred-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Walter James for the infant born Dec 17, 1969 1969-12-26pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Walter King 1997 jenkins,walterking-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Wesley 1961-06-23-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Addiele - 2013 jennings,addiele-2013.pdf
Jennings, Allene 2007 jennings,allene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Allene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jennings, Annetta Roberta 1985 jennings,annettaroberta-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Betty Lee - 2015 jennings,bettylee-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Betty Lee - 2015 jennings,bettylee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Carol Ann Faith 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jennings, Eula Frances - 2013 jennings,eulafrances-2013.pdf
Jennings, Ida Hartsfield 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Inez A. 1997 jennings,ineza.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Jennifer Nicole 1998 jennings,jennifernicole-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Juanita 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jennings, Kenneth 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jennings, Larry 2008 jennings,larry-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Larry 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jennings, Marvin 2011 jennings,marvin-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Minnie Mae Shurbet - 2012 jennings,minniemaeshurbet-2012.pdf
Jennings, Oleta Cleo - 2015 jennings,oletacleo-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Oleta Cleo - 2015 jennings,oletacleo-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Opal 1957-02-22-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Orville L. _O.J._ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jennings, Patricia Ann 1976 jennings,patriciaann-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, RamonaR. jennings,ramonar.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Robert Lee 1967-12-22-pg29.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, T.O. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jennings, Thomas Napoleon, born March 11, 1874 1954-03-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Walter 2004 jennings,walter-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Walter 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jennings, Wesley Lee' Mike' 1991 jennings,wesleylee'mike'-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jensen, Gary Eugene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jensen, Verda Estelle 2005 jensen,verdaestelle-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jensen, Verda Estelle 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jereb, Mary Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jernigan, Bobbie Hartsell 2000 jernigan,bobbiehartsell-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jernigan, Bobbie Hartsell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jesseph, Lonnie Ray 2010 jesseph,lonnieray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jesseph, Lonnie Ray 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jessup, Tim 2010 jessup,tim-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jessup, Tim 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jeter, Clavin Thomas 1981 jeter,clavinthomas-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeter, Le Moyne Jones 1999 jeter,lemoynejones-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeter, Sylvia B. Hudson 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jeter, W.P 1959-04-24-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jett, Maci Jada 2006 jett,macijada-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jett, Maci Jada 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jewell, David 2008 jewell,david-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jewell, David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jinkens, Daisy Maxine - 2013 jinkens,daisymaxine-2013.pdf
Jobe, Reba 1997 jobe,reba-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jobes, Harry Duane - 2015 jobes,harryduane-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
John, Julia 1958-01-10-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Julia Cecil 1958-01-10-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Julia Cecil (formerly Julia Cecil) 1958-01-03-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Lisle Cecil Miss 1959-04-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Lisle Dr. 1959-04-24-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnnene, Tammy Ann 2003 johnnene,tammyann-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnnene, Tammy Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johns, Blanche 1989 johns,blanche-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Deborah 1997 johns,deborah-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Edwin Burl, train collision 1965-02-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Everett Carel 1986 johns,everettcarel-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, J. C. 1996 johns,j.c.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Ogle Murrell 1993 johns,oglemurrell-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, WillieFaye 2011 johns,williefaye-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, A. M., Jr 2006 johnson,a.m.,jr-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, A.M., Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Johnson, Albert Simon - 2015 johnson,albertsimon-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Albert Simon - 2015 johnson,albertsimon-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Arthur Durwood 1977 johnson,arthurdurwood-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Arthur Roland son of Mr & Mrs A. D. Johnson 1969-11-07pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Asa Wayne 2009 johnson,asawayne-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Asa Wayne, Sr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Barbara 1995 johnson,barbara-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Bobby Dean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Carl Otha 1981 johnson,carlotha-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Chance Arron - 2015 johnson,chancearron-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Charles Leroy 2008 johnson,charlesleroy-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Charles Leroy 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Charles Mrs. 1958-10-10-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Cortez 'Tez' - 2015 johnson,cortez'tez'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Daniel Lewis 2000 johnson,daniellewis-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Daniel Lewis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Danny Lee 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Johnson, DavidLee johnson,davidlee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, De Alva Shelton 2002 johnson,dealvashelton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, DeAlva Shelton 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Donald A. 2008 johnson,donalda.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Donald A. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, E.O., Mrs 1965-09-10-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Earl C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Faye Vaughn 2003 johnson,fayevaughn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Faye Vaughn 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johnson, Glen E. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Johnson, Grace M. 1983 johnson,gracem.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Grover Thomas _Tommy_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Johnson, Harry Austin 2000 johnson,harryaustin-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Harry Austin 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Hattie Electra 1980 johnson,hattieelectra-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, I. N. Mrs 1965-10-29-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, J. R. died in Olney Texas 1954-02-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Jack E. 1996 johnson,jacke.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Jason Douglas 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Jesse Everette, Jr. - 2013 johnson,jesseeverette,jr.-2013.pdf
Johnson, Jimmie Neff 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Jimmy Neff 2008 johnson,jimmyneff-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Joanne Elizabeth 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Joe Manuel 1984 johnson,joemanuel-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Joel Sidney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, John Daniel 2003 johnson,johndaniel-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, John Daniel 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johnson, Johnnie Dell _JJ_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Joyce Jay 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Johnson, Karen Rene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Katie Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Kizzie R. Downs 1946-10-18-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, La Moyne Ruth 1999 johnson,lamoyneruth-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Lois 2005 johnson,lois-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Lois 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Johnson, Marjorie Jean 1982 johnson,marjoriejean-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Marshall F. 2008 johnson,marshallf.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Marshall F. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Martha Novell - 2013 johnson,marthanovell-2013.pdf
Johnson, Mary Frances Bellows 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Maxine 2011 johnson,maxine-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Melissa Ann 1978 johnson,melissaann-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Merton A., Jr. - 2013 johnson,mertona.,jr.-2013.pdf
Johnson, Myrtle 1979 johnson,myrtle-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Myrtle'Lavata' johnson,myrtle'lavata'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Naomi 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Naomi Lee' Nanny' 2007 johnson,naomilee'nanny'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nedra Lee Beville 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nelda Jane Lester 2008 johnson,neldajanelester-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nelda Jane Lester 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Orville Buck 'J.R.', Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Orville Buck' J. R.' 2010 johnson,orvillebuck'j.r.'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Peggy Mrs killed in auto accident near Decatur Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Perry Adam - 2015 johnson,perryadam-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Perry Adam - 2015 johnson,perryadam-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Ronny johnson,ronny-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Ruby 1989 johnson,ruby-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Ruby J. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, SandraFayeMayo 2011 johnson,sandrafayemayo-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Stella Mae 1985 johnson,stellamae-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Sue 1984 johnson,sue-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, TeddyH. johnson,teddyh.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, TerriLynnTaylor johnson,terrilynntaylor-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Terry Weldon 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Tom 2004 johnson,tom-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Tom 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Johnson, Tom E. 1983 johnson,tome.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Vada B. 2002 johnson,vadab.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Vada B. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Velma Ree 1996 johnson,velmaree-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Walter none johnson,walter-none.jpg
Johnson, Walter Oscar 1974-08-01-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, William Delmo 1996 johnson,williamdelmo-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, William Myatt 1968-11-01-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Betty Ann 1993 johnston,bettyann-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Buddy Charles 2008 johnston,buddycharles-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Buddy Charles 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnston, Clara M. 1994 johnston,claram.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Everett E. 2006 johnston,everette.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Everett E. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Johnston, Gladys Opal Locke 1968-09-06-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Hugh 1970-06-12-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, John Martin 1973-10-11-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Oscar 1990 johnston,oscar-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Thomas F. 1962-04-06-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Thomas F. 1962-04-13-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, V. A. none johnston,v.a.-none.jpg
Johnston, W. D.' Dub' 1992 johnston,w.d.'dub'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, William David' Bill' 1982 johnston,williamdavid'bill'-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Esther 1986 joiner,esther-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Michael Leon 1988 joiner,michaelleon-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Nellie Lee Dycus - 2012 joiner,nellieleedycus-2012.pdf
Joiner, Rebekah 'Vicki' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Joiner, Rebekah' Vicki' Pryor 2010 joiner,rebekah'vicki'pryor-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jolley, Ellen Ann - 2015 jolley,ellenann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jolley, Ellen Ann - 2015 jolley,ellenann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jolley, LesterEdward'Ed' jolley,lesteredward'ed'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Alice Irene - 2015 jones,aliceirene-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Alice Irene - 2015 jones,aliceirene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Armilda Jane 1988 jones,armildajane-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Beatrice Barker 2002 jones,beatricebarker-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Beatrice Barker 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Bert Fane 1990 jones,bertfane-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie Marie 1982 jones,billiemarie-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie, Jr. 2008 jones,billie,jr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Billy Jack 1983 jones,billyjack-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Bobbie Jean - 2013 jones,bobbiejean-2013.pdf
Jones, Bobby 2010 jones,bobby-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Bobby 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Buddy 2006 jones,buddy-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Buddy 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Carl Ray - 2013 jones,carlray-2013.pdf
Jones, Carl Thomas 2009 jones,carlthomas-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Carl Thomas 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Carol Irene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jones, Cassie Belle born Nov 1, 1870 in Tarrant County TX 1955-08-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles B. 1980 jones,charlesb.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles White 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Charles William 2000 jones,charleswilliam-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles William 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jones, Clifford 1964-12-18-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Clifford 1965-01-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, ConnieJeanSuter jones,conniejeansuter-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Coylene Miss (died in boating accident) 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Cynthia F. Chick Boaz - 2012 jones,cynthiaf.chickboaz-2012.pdf
Jones, D. E. 1994 jones,d.e.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, DavidRay jones,davidray-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Debra Ann - 2013 jones,debraann-2013.pdf
Jones, Donald L. 1979 jones,donaldl.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Doyle Lavon 1980 jones,doylelavon-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Doyle Lavon2 1980 jones,doylelavon2-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Edith Jane 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Edith Louise 1978 jones,edithlouise-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ellen C. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ernest 1971-09-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ernest 1971 jones,ernest-1971.jpg
Jones, Ernest G. _E. G._ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Floyd funeral service in Paradise 1954-01-15-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gerald 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gerald Ray - 2013 jones,geraldray-2013.pdf
Jones, Gladys 1974-03-21-pg24.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gladys 1974 jones,gladys-1974.jpg
Jones, Guy 1981 jones,guy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, HalCurtis jones,halcurtis-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Hettie 1984 jones,hettie-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, HollisW. 2011 jones,hollisw.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Homer S. 1998 jones,homers.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ida May 1997 jones,idamay-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jackson Hunter 2010 jones,jacksonhunter-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jackson Hunter 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Jacob Allan - 2012 jones,jacoballan-2012.pdf
Jones, James _Jim_ Edward 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jones, James Darrell 1996 jones,jamesdarrell-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Doyle 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, James E. 'Jim' 1974-11-07-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Edward 2007 jones,jamesedward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Milford 1988 jones,jamesmilford-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Sidney 2010 jones,jamessidney-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Sidney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, James' Jim' Edward 2007 jones,james'jim'edward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jaqualyn 1979 jones,jaqualyn-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jaqualyn2 1979 jones,jaqualyn2-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jasper Loyd 1963-11-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jenner - 2013 jones,jenner-2013.pdf
Jones, JerryA. jones,jerrya.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Jesse 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Jessie 2006 jones,jessie-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jessie Earl 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Jim, Mrs. 1962-11-23-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, John S. (Alice Jane) Mrs funeral held in Decatur last week. 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, John S. (J.S.) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Johnny Allen 2004 jones,johnnyallen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Johnny Allen 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Joy - 2013 jones,joy-2013.pdf
Jones, Juanita 2002 jones,juanita-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Juanita 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Julia 2002 jones,julia-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Julia 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Lela 1958-01-24-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lena Newkirk 1995 jones,lenanewkirk-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Linda 1979 jones,linda-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lizzie Mae 2004 jones,lizziemae-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lizzie Mae 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Lula L. 1964-02-21-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Luvada 2003 jones,luvada-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Luvada 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, M.E., Mrs. 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Margie New Lemme - 2012 jones,margienewlemme-2012.pdf
Jones, Marion Franklin 1985 jones,marionfranklin-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Marion Kert - 2013 jones,marionkert-2013.pdf
Jones, Martha 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Marvin J. 1968-04-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Mayme Jo Heflin 2005 jones,maymejoheflin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Mayme Jo Heflin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Micah Shane 2003 jones,micahshane-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Micah Shane 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Naomi Faye 2003 jones,naomifaye-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Naomi Faye 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Norma Jean 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Oleta Mae Hawk 2003 jones,oletamaehawk-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Oleta Mae Hawk 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ollie Brisco 1975-06-12-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Opal K. Lovejoy 2004 jones,opalk.lovejoy-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Opal K. Lovejoy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Orion Calvin 1968-11-29-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Owen Russell 2003 jones,owenrussell-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Owen Russell 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Pat Norene 1999 jones,patnorene-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Patsy Ann Slauson 2005 jones,patsyannslauson-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Patsy Ann Slauson 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Peggy Jane Lindsey 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Phillip Hammond 2006 jones,philliphammond-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Phillip Hammond 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Ralph Edward 1986 jones,ralphedward-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Randall Wayne _Tommy_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Randall Wayne' Tommy' 2005 jones,randallwayne'tommy'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Raymond Bill? - 2013 jones,raymondbill-2013.pdf
Jones, Raymond Ramsey 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Richard Horace, born 1887 in Dickson Missouri 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Robert Earl - 2012 jones,robertearl-2012.pdf
Jones, Robert Lowell, II (Bubba) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ruby Faye 1995 jones,rubyfaye-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, RussellAlan 2011 jones,russellalan-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Samuel Hueston 2002 jones,samuelhueston-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Samuel Hueston 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Sandra June 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Sandra June Bowyer 2006 jones,sandrajunebowyer-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sandy 2004 jones,sandy-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sandy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Shannon 2003 jones,shannon-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Shannon 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Sylvia - 2015 jones,sylvia-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sylvia 'Laverna' - 2015 jones,sylvia'laverna'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, T.E. 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Tom 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Tommie June Wilson 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, U. A. 1994 jones,u.a.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Uell R. 1964-11-13-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ulysses Ashby 1977 jones,ulyssesashby-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Wanda Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Wilbur Monroe 'Bill' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Wilbur Monroe' Bill' 2008 jones,wilburmonroe'bill'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Albert 1968-05-10-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William David 1985 jones,williamdavid-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Henry' Bill' 1976 jones,williamhenry'bill'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Odes 1961-05-12-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Willie Lavot 1981 jones,willielavot-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Wilson W. Mr died Tuesday Oct 23 in Denton Hospital 1956-10-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones. Brinson A., Rev. 1966-11-11-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones. Brinson A.,Mrs 1966-11-11-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Bonnie Lee Watson 2007 jordan,bonnieleewatson-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Bonnie Lee Watson 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jordan, Charles Kenneth 1974-10-24-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Charles Kenneth Jan. 2,1974 Jordan not Jordon 1974-01-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Clara Miss born Oct. 3, 1875 in Alabama 1955-07-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Dover Mae 1971 jordan,dovermae-1971.jpg
Jordan, Emma Miss, buried in Parkdale Cemetery 1954-03-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gerald Thomas - 2015 jordan,geraldthomas-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gerald Thomas - 2015 jordan,geraldthomas-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jordan, Geraldine Jerrie? Brewer - 2013 jordan,geraldinejerriebrewer-2013.pdf
Jordan, Gladys Mae 2005 jordan,gladysmae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gladys Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jordan, Jim 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jordan, Joe A. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jordan, Lois Breedlove 1989 jordan,loisbreedlove-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Mary Elizabeth 1959-10-23-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Thomas Lee (T.J.) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jordan, Vernie Lee (V.L.) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jordan, Vernie Lee' V. L.' 2002 jordan,vernielee'v.l.'-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jorgenson, Wallace F. 1987 jorgenson,wallacef.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joseph, Bonnie Jean 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Joseph, Bonnie Jean 2008 joseph,bonniejean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Josserand, Bill 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Josserand, Hattie Smith - 2013 josserand,hattiesmith-2013.pdf
Josserand, Josh - 2013 josserand,josh-2013.pdf
Journey, Hannah Rose 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Joyce, Helen June - 2013 joyce,helenjune-2013.pdf
Joyce, J. Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Joyce, Joseph Richard 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Joyce, Joseph Richard, Sr. 2004 joyce,josephrichard,sr.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joyce, Michelle 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Joyce, Michelle Lyenette 2007 joyce,michellelyenette-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Joyner, Thaya Faye 2006 joyner,thayafaye-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Joyner, Thaya Faye 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jozwiak, Keith William - 2012 jozwiak,keithwilliam-2012.pdf
Juarez, Elisia Gonzales 2010 juarez,elisiagonzales-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Juarez, Elisia Gonzales 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Juarez, Wesley M. 1999 juarez,wesleym.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Judge, BerthaDelores 2011 judge,berthadelores-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Judge, Curtis Allen 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Judge, Erva Lee 2006 judge,ervalee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Judge, Erva Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Justice, Darwin Roger - 2015 justice,darwinroger-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Justice, Darwin Roger - 2015 justice,darwinroger-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Justice, Margie F. 1979 justice,margief.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Justus, Juney E. 1971-02-12-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Charles (Chock( Franklin 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Kaker, Charles' Chock' Franklin 2003 kaker,charles'chock'franklin-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Edna 1994 kaker,edna-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Etta 1959-06-05-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Evilla 1999 kaker,evilla-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Garland S. 1979 kaker,garlands.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Garland Sneed 1979 kaker,garlandsneed-1979.jpg
Kaker, Gladys Vain 1988 kaker,gladysvain-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Gussie Faulkner born Aug 4, 1873 in Paris Texas 1956-07-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Harold 1992 kaker,harold-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Hattie Martha 1984 kaker,hattiemartha-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Henry Lawson 1959-03-27-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, John 1925-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Johnnie Lee 1962-07-13-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Lawson 1959-03-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Lemont Mrs, born in Mississippi in 1878 1953-08-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Leta Lemont 1985 kaker,letalemont-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Melvin Lewis(Buddy) 1980 kaker,melvinlewis(buddy)-1980.jpg
Kaker, Mervie Virginia 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, O.C. 1965-09-17-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Oscar H. 1973-05-10-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Robert Alonzo 1967-08-11-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Ruby M. 1979 kaker,rubym.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, S. A. 1957-10-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Sam Frederick 1964-12-04-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Sidney Clarence 1987 kaker,sidneyclarence-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Thomas 1974 kaker,thomas-1974.jpg
Kaker, Thomas Colon 1976 kaker,thomascolon-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Weldon Frank 1961-07-28-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Weldon Frank - list attending 1961-07-28-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Wilma Catherine 1979 kaker,wilmacatherine-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Zelma 1993 kaker,zelma-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kalbfleisch, James 2008 kalbfleisch,james-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kalbfleisch, James 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kale, Alan William' Captain Al' 1997 kale,alanwilliam'captainal'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kammeier, Lucille(Bettie) 1988 kammeier,lucille(bettie)-1988.jpg
Kantosky, Johnnie M. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Karbiner, KevinKarl 2011 karbiner,kevinkarl-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Karetski, Jolinda Kay 1994 karetski,jolindakay-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Karm, Cal - 2013 karm,cal-2013.pdf
Kasner, Cara 1965-05-14-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Fred Simom 1981 kasner,fredsimom-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Fred Simon 1981 kasner,fredsimon-1981.jpg
Kasner, Hazel Lorene Stubblefield 2004 kasner,hazellorenestubblefield-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Margaret Elaine 2009 kasner,margaretelaine-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Margaret Elaine 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kasner, Mattie 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Mildred B. 2009 kasner,mildredb.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Mildred B. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kathan, William Earl 1979 kathan,williamearl-1979.jpg
Kay, Tolliver Lacreta 2008 kay,tolliverlacreta-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kearby, Jerome P. 1984 kearby,jeromep.-1984.jpg
Kearnes, Betty Joan 2005 kearnes,bettyjoan-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kearnes, Betty Joan 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kearney, Belle Miss 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keasler, Ben 2003 keasler,ben-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keasler, Margie Evelyn 1995 keasler,margieevelyn-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keath, Adrin S. - 2015 keath,adrins.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keath, Adrin S. - 2015 keath,adrins.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keath, Grady 1984 keath,grady-1984.jpg
Keath, MarthaPauline keath,marthapauline-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kee, Ira 1987 kee,ira-1987.jpg
Kee, Peggy Jean - 2015 kee,peggyjean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kee, Peggy Jean - 2015 kee,peggyjean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kee, Rex D. 1971-04-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keegan-Wolf, Andre keegan-wolf,andre-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keeland, Vanessa none keeland,vanessa-none.jpg
Keen, Mildred Mae 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Keen, Willis Arvin 1945-06-08-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keenan, Richard D. 2010 keenan,richardd.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keenan, Richard D. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keene, Gladys 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Keene, Spencer - 2015 keene,spencer-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keener, Agnes E. 1990 keener,agnese.-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Allen J. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Keener, Billy Charles 1990 keener,billycharles-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Billy Charles2 1990 keener,billycharles2-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Jack - 2012 keener,jack-2012.pdf
Keener, Marilyn 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Keener, Sandra 2009 keener,sandra-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keener, Sandra 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Keener, Steve - 2012 keener,steve-2012.pdf
Kees, Mary Virginia _Ginger_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Keesee, TrumanLaDoyte-Sr. keesee,trumanladoyte,sr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keeter, Margaret E. 1988 keeter,margarete.-1988.jpg
Keimsteadt, Mary Ophelia Cunningham 1988 keimsteadt,maryopheliacunningham-1988.jpg
Keister, Gary Lynn 1972 1972-04-27-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, C. C. 1988 keith,c.c.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Charles Dennis 'Denny' - 2015 keith,charlesdennis'denny'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Clarence L. Sonny? - 2013 keith,clarencel.sonny-2013.pdf
Keith, David 'Ed' - 2015 keith,david'ed'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Esther Idabel Hendrix 1985 keith,estheridabelhendrix-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Ether Idabel Miller 1985 keith,etheridabelmiller-1985.jpg
Keith, Grady Clyde 1986 keith,gradyclyde-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, LaDarlaWalker keith,ladarlawalker-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Lloyd C. 1987 keith,lloydc.-1987.jpg
Keith, Lloyd Clarence - 2012 keith,lloydclarence-2012.pdf
Keith, Marshel Clifton' M. C.' 1994 keith,marshelclifton'm.c.'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Mildie Elizabeth 2010 keith,mildieelizabeth-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keith, Mildie Elizabeth 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keith, Ruth Estelle 1998 keith,ruthestelle-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kell, John J. 2004 kell,johnj.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kell, John J. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kell, Joseph W. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kellam, Elba 1980 kellam,elba-1980.jpg
Keller, David Alva 1959-10-09-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, Emory Elvin 'Jack' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keller, Emory Elvin' Jack' 2010 keller,emoryelvin'jack'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keller, Jeremy Richard 1981 keller,jeremyrichard-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, Rebecca Leigh 1998 keller,rebeccaleigh-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, WarrenDewayne 2011 keller,warrendewayne-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kelley, Ammer G. 1985 kelley,ammerg.-1985.jpg
Kelley, C.F. - 2012 kelley,c.f.-2012.pdf
Kelley, Comilla 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelley, Earl 1997 kelley,earl-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Ethel Corene 1994 kelley,ethelcorene-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Eva Jewell 2007 kelley,evajewell-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Eva Jewell 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kelley, Floyd 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kelley, Henry 2004 kelley,henry-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Henry 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kelley, J.O., Judge 1964-04-03-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, James Otis 1964-03-27-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jim 1996 kelley,jim-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jim Bill 1987 kelley,jimbill-1987.jpg
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne 1988 kelley,jimmydwayne-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne2 1988 kelley,jimmydwayne2-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Joe Lee 2008 kelley,joelee-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Joe Lee 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kelley, Linda K. Bower - 2012 kelley,lindak.bower-2012.pdf
Kelley, Luther Clarence 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kelley, Mary A. 1968-10-11-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mena, Mrs. 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mildred Moody 2006 kelley,mildredmoody-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mildred Moody 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kelley, Oliver Peak 1978 kelley,oliverpeak-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Oliver Peak2 1978 kelley,oliverpeak2-1978.jpg
Kelley, Ollie Geneva 2001 kelley,olliegeneva-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Ollie Geneva 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kelley, Ollie Lee 1990 kelley,ollielee-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Orrie B. (O.B.) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelley, Orrie B.' O. B.' 2000 kelley,orrieb.'o.b.'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Rex 1979 kelley,rex-1979.jpg
Kelley, Velma Cloe 2002 kelley,velmacloe-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Velma Cloe 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kelley, Viva Jane 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kelley, Viva Jane Cox 2005 kelley,vivajanecox-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, William Hugh 1984 kelley,williamhugh-1984.jpg
Kelly, B. A. 2000 kelly,b.a.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, B.A. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelly, George (Machine Gun) photo of casket for Christian Funeral Home 1954-07-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Luther Clarence 2009 kelly,lutherclarence-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Marilyn M. - 2015 kelly,marilynm.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Marilyn M. - 2015 kelly,marilynm.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kelly, Rex 1979 kelly,rex-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Wiley Naymon, Jr. kelly,wileynaymonjr.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Kelsay, William Ashley 1969 kelsay,williamashley-1969.jpg
Kelsey, Alice Imogene _Jean_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kelsey, Alice Imogene' Jean' Mc Clellan 2005 kelsey,aliceimogene'jean'mcclellan-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelsey, Bobby Gene 2000 kelsey,bobbygene-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelsey, Bobby Gene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelsey, Weldon Eugene 1988 kelsey,weldoneugene-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelton, Brandon Vance 2009 kelton,brandonvance-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelton, Brandon Vance 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kemp, Betty Sue 2010 kemp,bettysue-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Betty Sue 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kemp, James Phillip 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kemp, James Randale 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kemp, Joyce Ann Parsons - 2015 kemp,joyceannparsons-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Joyce Ann Parsons - 2015 kemp,joyceannparsons-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kemp, Leo 1978 kemp,leo-1978.jpg
Kemp, Lorene Bailey 1994 kemp,lorenebailey-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Matthew Gaylord 2000 kemp,matthewgaylord-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Matthew Gaylord 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kemp, Sibelle Jan 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kemp, Sibelle Jan Conrad 2005 kemp,sibellejanconrad-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemper, LeRoyHarold-Jr. kemper,leroyharold,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kempf, Tony Curtis 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kemplin, Billy Raymond 1999 kemplin,billyraymond-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kendall, J.S., Judge 1944-02-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kendrick, Mack 1993 kendrick,mack-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Bedford Arthur 1996 kennedy,bedfordarthur-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Billy Joe 1999 kennedy,billyjoe-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Carlton Reid 1998 kennedy,carltonreid-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Clifton Eugene' Cub' 1986 kennedy,cliftoneugene'cub'-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Clifton Eugene(Cub) 1986 kennedy,cliftoneugene(cub)-1986.jpg
Kennedy, Cora Pearl 1983 kennedy,corapearl-1983.jpg
Kennedy, Eva Love Meader 1983 kennedy,evalovemeader-1983.jpg
Kennedy, Gary (Butch) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kennedy, Jennifer Leann - 2012 kennedy,jenniferleann-2012.pdf
Kennedy, Lee 1978 kennedy,lee-1978.jpg
Kennedy, Linnie Leah 1988 kennedy,linnieleah-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Marie Slagle - 2013 kennedy,marieslagle-2013.pdf
Kennedy, Melba Cole 2008 kennedy,melbacole-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Melba Cole 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kennedy, Mollie 1988 kennedy,mollie-1988.jpg
Kennedy, Ruby Nell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kennedy, W.T., Mrs. 1963-03-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Wanda L. none kennedy,wandal.-none.jpg
Kennedy, WeldonG. 2011 kennedy,weldong.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kennedy, Wilma LaVerne Smith 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kennemer, David 1975-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennemer, Robert' Bob' 1996 kennemer,robert'bob'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennemer, Shirley Diane Phillips - 2012 kennemer,shirleydianephillips-2012.pdf
Kennemur, Pauline Estelle 2008 kennemur,paulineestelle-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kennemur, Pauline Estille 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kennon, Ronald Philip 2002 kennon,ronaldphilip-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennon, Ronald Philip 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kensey, Rhonda 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kenyon, Bob Lee 2001 kenyon,boblee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Bob Lee, Jr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kenyon, Bob Lee2 2001 kenyon,boblee2-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Buster Lee 1983 kenyon,busterlee-1983.jpg
Kenyon, Buster Lee 1984 kenyon,busterlee-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Buster Lee2 1984 kenyon,busterlee2-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Peggy kenyon,peggy-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kenyon, Richard 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kenyon, Richard Allen 2009 kenyon,richardallen-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Sterling Ray, Jr. - 2013 kenyon,sterlingray,jr.-2013.pdf
Kenyon, Trudie Belma 1988 kenyon,trudiebelma-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keown, Grady 1979 keown,grady-1979.jpg
Keown, Paul Francis 2004 keown,paulfrancis-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keown, Paul Francis 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kerlee, Dorothy Elizabeth Summers 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerlee, Enis Mitchell 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerley, Bonnie Beth Quam - 2012 kerley,bonniebethquam-2012.pdf
Kernan, Jack, Dr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kernan, Jack, Dr., M. D. 2007 kernan,jack,dr.,m.d.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kerns, Transie Marie - 2013 kerns,transiemarie-2013.pdf
Kerr, Alice F. (Shug) 1979 kerr,alicef.(shug)-1979.jpg
Kerr, Alice F. (Shug)2 1979 kerr,alicef.(shug)2-1979.jpg
Kerr, Alice Rose Rosenburg 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kerr, Audrey Mae 2005 kerr,audreymae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Audrey Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kerr, Dennis Stimpson 1974 kerr,dennisstimpson-1974.jpg
Kerr, Doyle Leroy 1982 kerr,doyleleroy-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Doyle Leroy2 1982 kerr,doyleleroy2-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Doyle Ray 1997 kerr,doyleray-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Eleanor Burdick - 2015 kerr,eleanorburdick-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Eleanor Burdick - 2015 kerr,eleanorburdick-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kerr, James Noel, Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerr, Larry 1969 (drowned in fishing accident) 1969-06-27pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersey, Clinton 1979 kersey,clinton-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersey, Eulalah Ruth Green 1998 kersey,eulalahruthgreen-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersten, Lawrence E. - 2015 kersten,lawrencee.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kersten, Lawrence E. - 2015 kersten,lawrencee.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kesey, Ray 2009 kesey,ray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kesey, Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kessler, Mary _Kay_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kessler, Mary' Kay' 2007 kessler,mary'kay'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Key, Artie Lauderdale Reed Hunter 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Key, Cash Ledoux Matthew 2009 key,cashledouxmatthew-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Key, Cash Ledoux Matthew 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Key, Dennis 1981 key,dennis-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, James Westley 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Key, Ola Maude Mrs born in 1881 in Hood Co. Texas 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, Roy Alvin, Sr. 2001 key,royalvin,sr.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, Roy Alvin, Sr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Keyworth, Charles Dayle 2004 keyworth,charlesdayle-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keyworth, Edna Mae 1978 keyworth,ednamae-1978.jpg
Keyworth, Johnny 1978 keyworth,johnny-1978.jpg
Khorsandi, Keivan 2007 khorsandi,keivan-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Khorsandi, Keivan 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kidd, Bessie Louise 2005 kidd,bessielouise-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kidd, Bessie Louise 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kidd, Sammy Lee' S. L.' 1994 kidd,sammylee's.l.'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kiehl, John 1925-03-27-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, Belva 1981 kilgore,belva-1981.jpg
Kilgore, Bleva 1981 kilgore,bleva-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, Frankie Hollis 1984 kilgore,frankiehollis-1984.jpg
Kilgore, J. L. 1958-03-21-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, William La Neal 1983 kilgore,williamlaneal-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killion, G.C. 1963-08-30-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killion, Maggie May 1964-07-03-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killough, Charles Moxley, Dr. 2000 killough,charlesmoxley,dr.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killough, Charles Moxley, Dr. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Killough, Clifford Dean, Sr. 1989 killough,clifforddean,sr.-1989.jpg
Killough, Morris 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Killough, William Francis died in auto accident near Boyd Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilpatrick, Mary Francis 2009 kilpatrick,maryfrancis-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kilpatrick, Mary Francis 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kimball, Charles W. _Chuck_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kimball, Charles W.' Chuck' 2007 kimball,charlesw.'chuck'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kimbrell, Carolyn Kay (Martin) Bagley - 2015 kimbrell,carolynkay(martin)bagley-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kimbrell, Leland C. 2010 kimbrell,lelandc.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kimbrell, Leland C. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kimbro, Jo Ruth 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kime, J.C. - 2015 kime,j.c.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kime, J.C. - 2015 kime,j.c.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kimmons, Zelda 1984 kimmons,zelda-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kincaid, Christine Lee 2004 kincaid,christinelee-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kincaid, Christine Lee 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kincaid, Maudie E. 1987 kincaid,maudiee.-1987.jpg
Kincaid, Trina Renee - 2012 kincaid,trinarenee-2012.pdf
Kindle, Mary 1968-11-08-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kindle, W.A. 'Bill' 1963-02-15-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Anita Hall - 2015 king,anitahall-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Anita Hall - 2015 king,anitahall-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Barbara J. Fowler 2007 king,barbaraj.fowler-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Barbara J. Fowler 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
King, Barbara J. Fowler2 2007 king,barbaraj.fowler2-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Barney Jake 1994 king,barneyjake-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Bessie 1986 king,bessie-1986.jpg
King, Betty Catherine 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
King, Billy Clinton 2002 king,billyclinton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Cecil Edward 1987 king,ceciledward-1987.jpg
King, Charles Basil, Sr. 1986 king,charlesbasil,sr.-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Charles Gordon - 2015 king,charlesgordon-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Charles Gordon 'Chock' - 2015 king,charlesgordon'chock'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Dorothy M. 2002 king,dorothym.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Dorothy M. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
King, Eddie - 2012 king,eddie-2012.pdf
King, Effie 1961-03-10-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Emma - Emma Florence (Locke) Zuspann King 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Emma Lucy 1981 king,emmalucy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Ernest Franklin born Feb 16, 1911 in Paradise Texas 1969-03-07-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Florence 2003 king,florence-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Florence 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
King, George W. 1988 king,georgew.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, George W. 2 1988 king,georgew.2-1988.jpg
King, George W. 3 1988 king,georgew.3-1988.jpg
King, Gregory Martin, Jr. 1995 king,gregorymartin,jr.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Herman B. 1988 king,hermanb.-1988.jpg
King, Imogene Fay 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
King, Irene 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
King, J. D., Jr. 1991 king,j.d.,jr.-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James Davis 1971-01-01-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James F. 'Jimmy' 1967-06-16-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James W. 2005 king,jamesw.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James W. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
King, JamesWayne king,jameswayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Jimmy 1967-06-09-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, John Edward 2007 king,johnedward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, John Edward 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
King, Johnnie 1995 king,johnnie-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Johnnie Lou 2010 king,johnnielou-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Johnnie Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
King, Johnny Arley 2002 king,johnnyarley-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Johnny Arley 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
King, Judy Elaine - 2013 king,judyelaine-2013.pdf
King, Julius Emory 1981 king,juliusemory-1981.jpg
King, KasiDawn king,kasidawn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Larry 'Skipper' Gregg - 2012 king,larry'skipper'gregg-2012.pdf
King, Leroy 2011 king,leroy-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Lindy - 2013 king,lindy-2013.pdf
King, Loretta May 2003 king,lorettamay-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Loretta May 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
King, Loria A. Erwin 1968-03-29-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Martha La Rue 1978 king,marthalarue-1978.jpg
King, Mary Ann 2009 king,maryann-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Mary M. 1978 king,marym.-1978.jpg
King, Michael E. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
King, Milton 1943-09-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Murray C. 1992 king,murrayc.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Ora Opal 1987 king,oraopal-1987.jpg
King, Oreta J. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
King, Paul Bradley 2006 king,paulbradley-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Paul Bradley 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
King, Roland Travis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
King, Ruby 1997 king,ruby-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, SherryEllen(Martin) king,sherryellen(martin).jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
King, SherryEllen(Martin) king,sherryellen(martin).jpg Jones Funeral Home 2014
King, Vada Elizabeth 1991 king,vadaelizabeth-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Virginia Olivia 2010 king,virginiaolivia-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Virginia Olivia 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
King, Walter Francis 1998 king,walterfrancis-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, William Luther 1958-12-05-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kingsley, Mattie E. 1969 kingsley,mattiee.-1969.jpg
Kinnard, Kathryn kinnard,kathryn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kinney, Richard John 2003 kinney,richardjohn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinney, Richard John 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Kinsey, Gabe W. 1974-03-14-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, James M. _Mike_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kinsey, James M.' Mike' 2005 kinsey,jamesm.'mike'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Mary Frances 1998 kinsey,maryfrances-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Rhonda 2009 kinsey,rhonda-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Robert Wesley 1968-06-07-pg18.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Ruby Opal 2000 kinsey,rubyopal-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Ruby Opal 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kinsey, William Luther' Billy' 1994 kinsey,williamluther'billy'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Martin 2005 kirbie,martin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Martin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirbie, Matthew - 2012 kirbie,matthew-2012.pdf
Kirbie, Miles Cameron 2010 kirbie,milescameron-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Miles Cameron 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kirbie, Troy 1977 kirbie,troy-1977.jpg
Kirby, Benn Hill 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kirby, GerreMerre kirby,gerremerre-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirby, James Burl 1968 kirby,jamesburl-1968.jpg
Kirby, Martha Ann Shaw 2009 kirby,marthaannshaw-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirby, Martha Ann Shaw 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kirby, Ruth 1968 kirby,ruth-1968.jpg
Kirby, Sterling Gene 1969 1969-08-15pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirk, Carl 1989 kirk,carl-1989.jpg
Kirk, La Verne Denton 2006 kirk,lavernedenton-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirk, LaVerne Denton 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kirkbride, MarthaFrances 2011 kirkbride,marthafrances-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirkbride, Robert Lee 2005 kirkbride,robertlee-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkbride, Robert Lee 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirkeby, Marvin Phillip 1987 kirkeby,marvinphillip-1987.jpg
Kirkland, Billy Wayne (Killer) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kirkland, Billy Wayne' Killer' 2001 kirkland,billywayne'killer'-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkland, Doris 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirkland, Eligah' Joe' 1990 kirkland,eligah'joe'-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkland, Kenneth Boyd 'Bodie' - 2012 kirkland,kennethboyd'bodie'-2012.pdf
Kirkland, Opal Agnes 1981 kirkland,opalagnes-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkpatrick, Gary Lee 1982 kirkpatrick,garylee-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkpatrick, Gary Lee2 1982 kirkpatrick,garylee2-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkpatrick, Mary E. 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkwood, Carol _Elaine_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kirkwood, Carol' Elaine' 2006 kirkwood,carol'elaine'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirkwood, Jerry 1988 kirkwood,jerry-1988.jpg
Kiser, Jerry Richard 'J.R.' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kissell, JohnFredrick 2011 kissell,johnfredrick-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kissner, Shirley Frances 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kitchens, Jimmie' Lott' Warren 2004 kitchens,jimmie'lott'warren-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kite, Kevin 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Klabough, Edwin 2010 klabough,edwin-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Klabough, Edwin 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Klatt, Waylon Harold 1977 klatt,waylonharold-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Klatt, Waylon Harold2 1977 klatt,waylonharold2-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Helen 2000 kleam,helen-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Helen 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kleam, J. C. 2000 kleam,j.c.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, J.C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kleam, Kenneth Wayne 2007 kleam,kennethwayne-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Kenneth Wayne 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Klein, Ryan Whitmore - 2015 klein,ryanwhitmore-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Klement, Edna Haverkamp - 2015 klement,ednahaverkamp-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kline, Bradley David 2004 kline,bradleydavid-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kline, Bradley David 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kline, Virginia Lea - 2015 kline,virginialea-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kline, Virginia Lea - 2015 kline,virginialea-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knarr, Marty 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Knight, Cynthia Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Knight, Letha Mae 1979 knight,lethamae-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Minta 1966 knight,minta-1966.jpg
Knight, Samuel Lewis 1968-03-29-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Sonof R. C. 1977 knight,sonofr.c.-1977.jpg
Knight, Ulys Grafton 1973-11-15-pg27.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Wayne I. 1984 knight,waynei.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knowles, PhilipDean knowles,philipdean-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, BillyJohn knox,billyjohn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, Estaline Middlebrooks 1998 knox,estalinemiddlebrooks-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Gay El Ree 2004 knox,gayelree-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, IrisNaomi 2011 knox,irisnaomi-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, James Noel' Jim' 1994 knox,jamesnoel'jim'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Joseph P. 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Joseph Paul 1981 knox,josephpaul-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Kathryn Dee Roberson 2010 knox,kathryndeeroberson-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Knox, Kathryn Dee Roberson 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Knox, MaryF.'Myrt' knox,maryf.'myrt'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, RobertBaker knox,robertbaker-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knupp, Elanor Klienstiver 1991 knupp,elanorklienstiver-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knupp, Leona Mildred 1989 knupp,leonamildred-1989.jpg
Knupp, Lyall Vernon 1985 knupp,lyallvernon-1985.jpg
Koch, EdnaMae koch,ednamae-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koehler, Charlene A. none koehler,charlenea.-none.jpg
Koeinger, Franz Joseph 1943-03-12-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koeninger, Anda May Galaz 1967-02-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koeninger, Delia Bridget Connor Mrs, born Nov 20, 1861 in Chicago 1954-05-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koerner, Curtis N. 2000 koerner,curtisn.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koerner, Curtis N. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Koger, J. B. 1977 koger,j.b.-1977.jpg
Koger, Kylie - 2015 koger,kylie-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Koger, LeeOla - 2015 koger,leeola-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Koger, LeeOla B. - 2015 koger,leeolab.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koger, Rylie - 2015 koger,rylie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kolander, La Nita Kay 1981 kolander,lanitakay-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kolbert, Byron Walter 1982 kolbert,byronwalter-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kolbert, Byron Walton 1982 kolbert,byronwalton-1982.jpg
Konecny, Frances 1984 konecny,frances-1984.jpg
Kongable, BonnieUpshawLasater 2011 kongable,bonnieupshawlasater-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koons, Marth Ann born June 7, 1860 in Spirngtown TX 1956-12-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koontz family killed in auto accident home is in California, stationed in Enid OK 1955-04-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kostiw, Margaret G. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kott, Vernon E. 2007 kott,vernone.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kott, Vernon, Sr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kouri, Edward 1997 kouri,edward-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kramer, Myrna 2006 kramer,myrna-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kramer, Myrna 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kramp, Mary Rose 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kranklin, Howard Wade 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Krappel, Frank 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kratz, HenryLeroy 2011 kratz,henryleroy-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Krebbs, Carolyn D. 2009 krebbs,carolynd.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krell, Eunice Vivian 1984 krell,eunicevivian-1984.jpg
Kroeker, James George 1992 kroeker,jamesgeorge-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kroeker, Jean Elizabeth 1990 kroeker,jeanelizabeth-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Krogstad, Russell William 1989 krogstad,russellwilliam-1989.jpg
Krogstad, Terry Grace 2006 krogstad,terrygrace-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krogstad, Terry Grace 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kroksh, George A. 2002 kroksh,georgea.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kroksh, George A. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Krueger, Dorothy 'Dodie' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Krueger, Dorothy' Dodie' 2008 krueger,dorothy'dodie'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krueger, Robert Arthur 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kuehner, Grace Lucille 1985 kuehner,gracelucille-1985.jpg
Kuhlman, DonnaMarie kuhlman,donnamarie-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kulhanek, FrancesSargentSelph 2011 kulhanek,francessargentselph-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kulhanek, Joe E. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kurnes, Joyce Charlene 2007 kurnes,joycecharlene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kurnes, Joyce Charlene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kurtz, Robert _Bob_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kurtz, Robert' Bob' 2009 kurtz,robert'bob'-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Blanche 1975-07-10-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Dorothy Nelle 2004 kuykendall,dorothynelle-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Dorothy Nelle 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kuykendall, Gervias Bodge 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kuykendall, Jerry - 2015 kuykendall,jerry-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Jerry - 2015 kuykendall,jerry-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kuykendall, Leota 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kuykendall, Oscar Edwin 1983 kuykendall,oscaredwin-1983.jpg
Kuykendall, William K. 1971-01-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, William K. 1971-01-22-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kwiatkowski, Jesse Charles 2007 kwiatkowski,jessecharles-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kwiatkowski, Jesse Charles 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kyle, Leona Mae 1989 kyle,leonamae-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index

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