Wise County Texas Obituaries
Images of Newspaper Clippings and Complete Text 
(1910-2016 most are 1950's and newer)
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Clippings are from 'The Bridgeport Index', and ones from around the 1970's are from 'The Wise County Messenger' and other local but unidentified newspapers. 
Obituary text and PDFs (2000-2016) are from 'The Wise County Messenger' and 'Bridgeport Index'
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Last Name, First Name - Year of Death Link to Image or Text Newspaper if Known

Haak, Helen M. 2003 haak,helenm.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haak, Helen M. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Haak, Joan Helen 2009 haak,joanhelen-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haak, Joan Helen 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Haase, Albert 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Haase, Tommie (Edwards) 2016 haase,tommie(edwards).pdf Wise County Messenger
Hachtel, Albert J. 2003 hachtel,albertj.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Albert J. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hachtel, Earlene - 2015 hachtel,earlene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hachtel, Emma K. 1987 hachtel,emmak.-1987.jpg
Hachtel, Gabriela 2005 hachtel,gabriela-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Gabriela 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hachtel, Mary Francis 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hachtel, Robert L. 2002 hachtel,robertl.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Robert L. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hachtel, Wanda Ree 2008 hachtel,wandaree-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hachtel, Wanda Ree 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hachtel, Yvonne Hunt 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hacker, Louise Sara 2006 hacker,louisesara-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hacker, Louise Sara 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hackney, Mike 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hadaway, James T. 1967 hadaway,jamest.-1967.jpg
Hadaway, James Thomas 1967-11-03-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, James Thomas 1967-11-10-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, Laura Alice 1984 hadaway,lauraalice-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadaway, Robert E. (Bob) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hadaway, Robert E.' Bob' 2000 hadaway,roberte.'bob'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hadden, Terry N. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hagerud, Jaynie 2009 hagerud,jaynie-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hagerud, Jaynie 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hagg, George A., Jr. (Buck) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Haggard, Shelby Toblert 1967-12-01-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, David A. died in Jacksboro 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, Mary Elizabeith 1963-08-09-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hague, Mary Elizabeith 1963-08-16-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hail, Edith Jennie 1981 hail,edithjennie-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Bernis 1990 hailey,bernis-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Eskel 1980 hailey,eskel-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Eskel2 1980 hailey,eskel2-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Hattie 1978 hailey,hattie-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Leatha Lenora, Mrs. 1966-10-21-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Lou Esta 2001 hailey,louesta-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hailey, Lou Esta 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Haines, Carroll Dale - 2012 haines,carrolldale-2012.pdf
Haire, Donald Oscar 1991 haire,donaldoscar-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haire, Dora (Addie) Miss, born Jan 27, 1876 in Mississippi 1954-07-30-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haire, Jerry Wayne, Sr. 2016 haire,jerrywayne,sr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Haire, Nancy U. 2007 haire,nancyu.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halbet, Flavia Beneva Mrs 1959-05-29-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin F., I I I 2006 hale,benjaminf.,iii-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin F., III 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hale, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 2005 hale,benjaminfranklin,jr.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hale, Billie Lou Snider - 2012 hale,billielousnider-2012.pdf
Hale, Billy S. 1997 hale,billys.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Bobby Wayne - 2013 hale,bobbywayne-2013.pdf
Hale, Charlie Herbert 1987 hale,charlieherbert-1987.jpg
Hale, Clifford Wayne 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, Dan Edward 'Pete' 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hale, Darrell L. _Tiny_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hale, Darrell L. 2009 hale,darrelll.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Dean 1957-12-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Edgar Eugene - 2015 hale,edgareugene-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, EdgarEugene(Gene) hale,edgareugene(gene).jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Hale, Georgette 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hale, Gordon E. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, James 'Jabo' - 2015 hale,james'jabo'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, James 'Jabo' - 2015 hale,james'jabo'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hale, James E. 2010 hale,jamese.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, James E. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hale, John Michael 2001 hale,johnmichael-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, John Michael 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hale, Lee Roy 2016 hale,leeroy.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hale, Loland C. (Tad) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hale, Mattie Viola 1983 hale,mattieviola-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Meredith 2008 hale,meredith-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Meredith 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hale, Nannie Lou 1996 hale,nannielou-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Patricia(Trish) hale,patricia(trish).jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Hale, Randy Eugene 2010 hale,randyeugene-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hale, Randy Eugene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hale, Robert Elmer 2005 hale,robertelmer-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Robert Elmer 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hale, Sherlyn' Sherry' Morrow 1996 hale,sherlyn'sherry'morrow-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Shirley J. 2003 hale,shirleyj.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Shirley J. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hale, Stephen Louis - 2015 hale,stephenlouis-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hale, Terry G. - 2012 hale,terryg.-2012.pdf
Hale, Wiley Ward 1985 hale,wileyward-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Willie Mae Davis 1970-02-06-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hale, Wilson Earl, Sr. Webo 2016 hale,wilsonearl,sr.webo.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hales, Walter 1988 hales,walter-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haley, C. Bob 2010 haley,c.bob-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haley, C. Bob 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Haley, Claudine 1989 haley,claudine-1989.jpg
Haley, Gerald Wayne 'Banjo - 2012 haley,geraldwayne'banjo-2012.pdf
Haley, Lynda Jo 2008 haley,lyndajo-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haley, Lynda Jo 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Haley, Marvin ( Gene) 2011 haley,marvin(gene)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Halford, Adam 1976 halford,adam-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Margaret Holland 1976 halford,margaretholland-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Margaret Holland2 1976 halford,margaretholland2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Robert L., Jr. 2005 halford,robertl.,jr.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halford, Robert L., Jr. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hall, Allen Keith 1993 hall,allenkeith-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Barbara Ware Burnett - 2012 hall,barbarawareburnett-2012.pdf
Hall, Billy Eugene and Betty Jean (Acker) - 2015 hall,billyeugeneandbettyjean(acker)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Bonnie_Faye 2016 hall,bonnie_faye.pdf Hawkins Funeral Home
Hall, C.W. Hoot? - 2013 hall,c.w.hoot-2013.pdf
Hall, Debbie Ann 1976 hall,debbieann-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Debbie Ann2 1976 hall,debbieann2-1976.jpg
Hall, Dellma Billie 1976 hall,dellmabillie-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Doyle W. 1996 hall,doylew.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Earl E. 1995 hall,earle.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, EdgarEugene hall,edgareugene-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Elmer (Babe) 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Fred William 1977 hall,fredwilliam-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Geneva G. 1994 hall,genevag.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, George Chester 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hall, George Leon 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hall, George' Windshield Wiper' Leon 2002 hall,george'windshieldwiper'leon-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Gerald Eugene 1991 hall,geraldeugene-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, GloriaJeanHughes hall,gloriajeanhughes-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, J. H. 1991 hall,j.h.-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Jackie 2016 hall,jackie.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, John Alan 1981 hall,johnalan-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Joyce Harold 1980 hall,joyceharold-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Kenneth W. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hall, Lewis Edward 1977 hall,lewisedward-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Lockade Bellah - 2012 hall,lockadebellah-2012.pdf
Hall, Martha Ann 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hall, Martha Ann 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hall, Mary Lou Rabon 2006 hall,marylourabon-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hall, N. T, Mr. born April 4, 1877 in Palestine TX 1953-06-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Nell Elizabeth 1944-01-14-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Nellie Virginia Mrs born Jan 30, 1873 in Tula Mississippi 1956-08-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Ptelea Augusta 1999 hall,pteleaaugusta-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Ptelea Augusta 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hall, Ruth Jane 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hall, Sally Hurley - 2013 hall,sallyhurley-2013.pdf
Hall, TerryAllan hall,terryallan-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Thomas Eugene 1999 hall,thomaseugene-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, ThomasFranklin 2011 hall,thomasfranklin-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hall, Tine 1971-09-30-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hall, Tom - 2013 hall,tom-2013.pdf
Hallenbeck, Randall Leon 1998 hallenbeck,randallleon-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallenbeck, Willie A. 1992 hallenbeck,williea.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallman, William Haskell 1980 hallman,williamhaskell-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hallmark, Robert Sterling 1979 hallmark,robertsterling-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Blanche Lula 1985 halman,blanchelula-1985.jpg
Halman, Bobby Ervis 2000 halman,bobbyervis-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Bobby Ervis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Halman, Bobby Niel 1978 halman,bobbyniel-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Clifton R. 1973 halman,cliftonr.-1973.jpg
Halman, H. Arlis 1978 halman,h.arlis-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Helen Jo 2006 halman,helenjo-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halman, Helen Jo 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Halman, Lula Blanche 1985 halman,lulablanche-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halman, Tressie Loraine 1991 halman,tressieloraine-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halsell, Ruth Shanks 1992 halsell,ruthshanks-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halter, David Allen, Jr. 1980 halter,davidallen,jr.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Halter, P. J. 2010 halter,p.j.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Halter, P.J. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Ham, Charles Beuren 1983 ham,charlesbeuren-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ham, Garland Ferris - 2015 ham,garlandferris-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ham, Garland Ferris - 2015 ham,garlandferris-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ham, James Roderick 'J.R.' - 2015 ham,jamesroderick'j.r.'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hamblin, Dorothy Jean 1994 hamblin,dorothyjean-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamblin, Helen Creech - 2015 hamblin,helencreech-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamblin, Terry Ray 2016 hamblin,terryray.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hamblin, William Bill? Senter, Jr. - 2013 hamblin,williambillsenter,jr.-2013.pdf
Hamblin, William Senter' Dub' 1996 hamblin,williamsenter'dub'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hambright, A. F. 1979 hambright,a.f.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Anthony Lynn _Tony_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamby, Betty Ann 2010 hamby,bettyann-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Betty Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hamby, Euel C. 1966-01-14-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Gordon Miller 2004 hamby,gordonmiller-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Gordon Miller 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamby, Grace Alice 1981 hamby,gracealice-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamby, Lee - 2012 hamby,lee-2012.pdf
Hamer, Linnie Bruce (Butch) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hamilton, Alma Merideth 1999 hamilton,almamerideth-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Cynthia Hines 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, David 2016 hamilton,david.pdf Jones Family Funeral Home
Hamilton, Edna Earl 2000 hamilton,ednaearl-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Edna Earl 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamilton, Grover C.' G. C.' 2005 hamilton,groverc.'g.c.'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Helen LaVerne Orr - 2012 hamilton,helenlaverneorr-2012.pdf
Hamilton, Jesse 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hamilton, Lawrence James - 2015 hamilton,lawrencejames-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Lawrence James - 2015 hamilton,lawrencejames-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hamilton, Loyd Edgar 1986 hamilton,loydedgar-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Marcia Lynn 2004 hamilton,marcialynn-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Marcia Lynn 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamilton, Mildred Louise 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamilton, Myrtle Ray 2010 hamilton,myrtleray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamilton, Robert W., Sr. (Bob) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamilton, T.P. 1910-06-17-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamlin, Loren Kent 2004 hamlin,lorenkent-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamlin, Loren Kent 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hamm, Ina Mae 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamm, Jimmy Ray - 2013 hamm,jimmyray-2013.pdf
Hamm, Judy Ann 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hamm, Lois Ruth 2002 hamm,loisruth-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamm, Lois Ruth 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hamm, Paul Earl 1976 hamm,paulearl-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamm, W. A.' Bill' 2007 hamm,w.a.'bill'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hamm, W.A. _Bill_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hamman, Blake C. 1997 hamman,blakec.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammer, Bud 1977 hammer,bud-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammock, Rupert Mrs aunt of MrsJohn Montford 1956-03-23-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammond, Donald G. 2004 hammond,donaldg.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammond, Donald G. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hammond, Ken 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hammonds, David Forrest 1982 hammonds,davidforrest-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammonds, Minnie Blanch 1981 hammonds,minnieblanch-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hammons, Leon 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hamner, Allison Judith 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hamner, Michael Leroy 2001 hamner,michaelleroy-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hamner, Michael Leroy 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hampton, Carl Wayne 1993 hampton,carlwayne-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hampton, J. B. 1995 hampton,j.b.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hampton, O. W. 2008 hampton,o.w.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hampton, O.W. 'Woot' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hancock, Carroll Cleo 2002 hancock,carrollcleo-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Carroll Cleo 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hancock, Chester Wayne 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hancock, Dolly Faye 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hancock, Dottie 2002 hancock,dottie-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Dottie 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hancock, ErnestTheadore-Jr. hancock,ernesttheadore,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hancock, Jeanie 2010 hancock,jeanie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Jeanie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hancock, Jug 1971-11-11-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Kenneth Eugene 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hancock, Mary Elizabeth 'Libby' Quarles - 2012 hancock,maryelizabeth'libby'quarles-2012.pdf
Hancock, Woodie Frank 2005 hancock,woodiefrank-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hancock, Woodie Frank 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hand, George Washington, Jr. 1989 hand,georgewashington,jr.-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hand, Leroy 2005 hand,leroy-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hand, Leroy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Handley, James Gilbert 1962-06-08-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Handley, Rosa L. 1976 handley,rosal.-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Handy, Claudia Mae 1981 handy,claudiamae-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Archie' Clint' 1980 haney,archie'clint'-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Charles C. 'Chet' - 2012 haney,charlesc.'chet'-2012.pdf
Haney, Duane 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Harold 2016 haney,harold.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haney, J. C.' Red', I I 2000 haney,j.c.'red',ii-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, J.C. (Red) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Haney, Lexie Mildred 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Haney, Lillie Fae 2003 haney,lilliefae-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Lillie Fae 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Haney, Pearl Ruth 1980 haney,pearlruth-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, S. A., Jr. 1984 haney,s.a.,jr.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haney, Stewart Andrew born March 25, 1872 in Rockdale TX 1955-08-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Betty Dawn 1989 hankins,bettydawn-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Betty Dawn2 1989 hankins,bettydawn2-1989.jpg
Hankins, Dorothy Diane 2010 hankins,dorothydiane-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hankins, Dorothy Diane 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hankins, HaroldDean ( Sr) 2011 hankins,harolddean(sr)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hanks, Tommyie 1999 hanks,tommyie-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanlin, Erma Jane 2010 hanlin,ermajane-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hanlin, Erma Jane 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hanna, Carrie May Sewell 1986 hanna,carriemaysewell-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanna, Edith Margaret 1985 hanna,edithmargaret-1985.jpg
Hanna, Edith Margret 1985 hanna,edithmargret-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanna, Jason Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hanna, Larry Eugene, Sr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hanna, William' Bill' Jean 1990 hanna,william'bill'jean-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hannah, Joyce Ellen 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hansen, DeEva 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hansen, LouisB. hansen,louisb.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hanson, Gene Harlow 2008 hanson,geneharlow-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hanson, Gene Harlow 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hanson, Judith Ann 2002 hanson,judithann-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hanson, Judith Ann 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hanson, Peter, born May 20, 1869 in Sweden 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hapeman, Mahota Maxine 2008 hapeman,mahotamaxine-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, Daniel David - 2015 harber,danieldavid-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, Daniel David - 2015 harber,danieldavid-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harber, James Lee 2010 harber,jameslee-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harber, James Lee 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harber, James Lee, Jr. 2016 harber,jameslee,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Harber, Noble 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harbour, Donna Leon Berg 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harclerode, Joe Leslie 2001 harclerode,joeleslie-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, Joe Lislie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harclerode, William S. 1957-05-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, William S. 1957-06-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harclerode, William S. 1957-07-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Bobby Loyd 1987 hardee,bobbyloyd-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Edd 2016 hardee,edd.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hardee, Florence 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hardee, Joe Burl 1985 hardee,joeburl-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, John C. 1992 hardee,johnc.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Khristi E. - 2013 hardee,khristie.-2013.pdf
Hardee, Leona Irene 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hardee, Leona Irene' Nonie' Raley 2005 hardee,leonairene'nonie'raley-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Mamie Mary 1968-10-18-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Mary Louise 1996 hardee,marylouise-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Maudie Ella 1984 hardee,maudieella-1984.jpg
Hardee, Odessa 2008 hardee,odessa-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Odessa 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hardee, Riley Nathan 2009 hardee,rileynathan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Riley Nathan 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hardee, Russell Sampson 1976 hardee,russellsampson-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardee, Sally M. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hardee, William Roy 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Bill 2011 harden,bill-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harden, Farris W.' Bud' 1991 harden,farrisw.'bud'-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Lee 1967-09-08-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, Nora Geneva 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harden, RobertLewis ( Jr) 2011 harden,robertlewis(jr)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hardin, Angela Gail 2009 hardin,angelagail-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardin, Betty Wanda (Wester) 2016 hardin,bettywanda(wester).pdf Wise County Messenger
Hardin, Blanche 1985 hardin,blanche-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardin, Bobbie Lee 1984 hardin,bobbielee-1984.jpg
Hardin, Jim hardin,jim.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Hardin, Jim - 2013 hardin,jim-2013.pdf
Hardin, Ruth Rosetta - 2015 hardin,ruthrosetta-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harding, Charles F. 1973 harding,charlesf.-1973.jpg
Harding, Clara (Strickland) 2016 harding,clara(strickland).pdf Wise County Messenger
Harding, Gladys Dial 1992 harding,gladysdial-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardwick, Frank Dickson - 2012 hardwick,frankdickson-2012.pdf
Hardwick, Sylmon L. 1969 hardwick,sylmonl.-1969.jpg
Hardy, Dayle Weston 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hardy, Dollie Velma 2010 hardy,dollievelma-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Dollie Velma 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hardy, Edna Marie 1985 hardy,ednamarie-1985.jpg
Hardy, Evelyn Chlotilde 1982 hardy,evelynchlotilde-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Harry 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Malcolm 'Mike' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hardy, Malcolm' Mike' 2010 hardy,malcolm'mike'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Maxine Southern - 2012 hardy,maxinesouthern-2012.pdf
Hardy, Myra Marie 2016 hardy,myramarie.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hardy, Nadine 2003 hardy,nadine-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hardy, Nadine 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hare, Charles David' Chuck' 1997 hare,charlesdavid'chuck'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haren, Leon(Red) 1988 haren,leon(red)-1988.jpg
Harges, Peter B. 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrave, Clara Elizabeth 2004 hargrave,claraelizabeth-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrave, Clara Elizabeth 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hargrove, Donald Lloyd 2002 hargrove,donaldlloyd-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hargrove, Donald Lloyd 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hargrove, James Anderson 2006 hargrove,jamesanderson-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hargrove, James Anderson 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hargrove, William Cortez 1981 hargrove,williamcortez-1981.jpg
Harissis, Dorthy Mae 1988 harissis,dorthymae-1988.jpg
Harissis, Pantelis(Pete) 1988 harissis,pantelis(pete)-1988.jpg
Harkins, Brenda Phipps - 2012 harkins,brendaphipps-2012.pdf
Harlan, H. G. 1975 harlan,h.g.-1975.jpg
Harlan, Hubert 1966-02-25-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlan, Ida Christine 1994 harlan,idachristine-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlan, John M. 1983 harlan,johnm.-1983.jpg
Harlan, Nancy Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harlow, Betty Lou 2010 harlow,bettylou-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Betty Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harlow, Byron W. 2003 harlow,byronw.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Byron W. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harlow, Hollis Dwain 2008 harlow,hollisdwain-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harlow, Hollis Dwain 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harlow, Mattie Lou (Bryan) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harlow, Ross L. 1986 harlow,rossl.-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harman, Govie E. 1983 harman,goviee.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harmon, Alma Jean - 2015 harmon,almajean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harmon, Alma Jean (2) - 2015 harmon,almajean(2)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harmon, Dorothy Evelyn Wright 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Harms, Alpha Mae 1981 harms,alphamae-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Bobbye La Nell 1982 harms,bobbyelanell-1982.jpg
Harms, Earl Ray 1978 harms,earlray-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Edna Lucille 1991 harms,ednalucille-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Emma Mattie 1976 harms,emmamattie-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Harry Frankiln 1967 harms,harryfrankiln-1967.jpg
Harms, Harry Franklin 1968-05-03-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Branley 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harms, James Brantley 2000 harms,jamesbrantley-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Lee 2002 harms,jameslee-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, James Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harms, L. J. 1980 harms,l.j.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harms, Lee Joseph 1980 harms,leejoseph-1980.jpg
Harnage, BobbyJohnny harnage,bobbyjohnny.jpg Hawkins Funeral Home 2014
Harp, Jack Dempsey 1985 harp,jackdempsey-1985.jpg
Harpel, Ollie Felix, Jr. 2016 harpel,olliefelix,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Harper, James E. 1987 harper,jamese.-1987.jpg
Harper, Jewel 1984 harper,jewel-1984.jpg
Harper, Richard W., III 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harper, Richard' Dick' W. 2008 harper,richard'dick'w.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harper, Ruth Harding 1988 harper,ruthharding-1988.jpg
Harper, Thelma Mae 1985 harper,thelmamae-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harper, Thelma Mae Mc Spadden 1985 harper,thelmamaemcspadden-1985.jpg
Harper, Thelma Mc Spadden2 1985 harper,thelmamcspadden2-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harper, VirginiaLee harper,virginialee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harpool, Mason Cole 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harrell, Jessie Bastian 2003 harrell,jessiebastian-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrell, Jessie Bastian 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harrell, M.E. (Speedy) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harrell, R. B. 1992 harrell,r.b.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harried, Ceean Denice 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrington, Helen E. 1987 harrington,helene.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, J. R.' Raymond' 1995 harrington,j.r.'raymond'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Opal 1967-12-15-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Richard LeRoy - 2013 harrington,richardleroy-2013.pdf
Harrington, Ursula Kathe 2008 harrington,ursulakathe-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrington, Ursula Kathe 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harrington, Virginia Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harris, Ann L. 2002 harris,annl.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Ann L. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, Bertie Hester, Mr. 1974-01-10-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Billie Joye 1990 harris,billiejoye-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Bobby D. Bridges 1999 harris,bobbyd.bridges-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, CharlesEdwin harris,charlesedwin-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Cynthia Ann 1989 harris,cynthiaann-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Dewey 1979 harris,dewey-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Dewey Lee 1979 harris,deweylee-1979.jpg
Harris, Dorothy M. Godsey - 2012 harris,dorothym.godsey-2012.pdf
Harris, Gene 2006 harris,gene-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Gene 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harris, Georgia L. Clifton 1999 harris,georgial.clifton-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Gwendolyn Davis 1986 harris,gwendolyndavis-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, H. G. 1980 harris,h.g.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Harold Charles 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harris, Henry Buck, Jr. 1992 harris,henrybuck,jr.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Herman William 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harris, Homer Gore 1987 harris,homergore-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, James W. (Jim) 1983 harris,jamesw.(jim)-1983.jpg
Harris, James Watson, Jr. 1983 harris,jameswatson,jr.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Janeta Bernice 1976 harris,janetabernice-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, John W. Death 1962-10-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Kevin James 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harris, Lane Erwin 1975-10-02-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Laura 2000 harris,laura-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Laura 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harris, Lorraine Harriet 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harris, Lorraine Harriet Lottman 2004 harris,lorraineharrietlottman-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Maggie Louise 1992 harris,maggielouise-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Mannie Arzella 2010 harris,manniearzella-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Mannie Arzella 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Marjorie harris,marjorie-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Mary Lu Syms - 2012 harris,marylusyms-2012.pdf
Harris, Nancy Ellen 1959-10-09-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, NancySue harris,nancysue-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Orrie Lee Coach 2016 harris,orrieleecoach.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Otis O. 1973-10-25-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Otis O. 1973 harris,otiso.-1973.jpg
Harris, Peggy Jo 2008 harris,peggyjo-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Peggy Jo 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Harris, Red 2010 harris,red-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Red 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Rickie Lee 1978 harris,rickielee-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Ricky 1978 harris,ricky-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Rita Estelle 2003 harris,ritaestelle-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Rita Estelle 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Harris, Robert Franklin, born 1871 in Alabama 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Roy - 2013 harris,roy-2013.pdf
Harris, Roy J. T. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harris, Sadie Leona 1978 harris,sadieleona-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Sammy - 2015 harris,sammy-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Shannon W. Jones 2009 harris,shannonw.jones-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Sherry Dawn 1986 harris,sherrydawn-1986.jpg
Harris, Steven Lawrence 2007 harris,stevenlawrence-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harris, Steven Lawrence 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Harris, Sue Ann 2016 harris,sueann.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Sue Ellen Jones - 2012 harris,sueellenjones-2012.pdf
Harris, Teddy Joyce 2002 harris,teddyjoyce-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Teddy Joyce 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, Thomas Evert 2005 harris,thomasevert-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Thomas L. 1979 harris,thomasl.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Thomas Luther 1979 harris,thomasluther-1979.jpg
Harris, Troy Paris 1984 harris,troyparis-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Velma 1983 harris,velma-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Velma Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Harris, Weldon D. 2002 harris,weldond.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Wildon D. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harris, William Willie Ernest 2016 harris,williamwillieernest.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harris, Willie Lee born Sept 6, 1884 in Park Springs TX 1969-03-28pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Worth 1965-01-01-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harris, Worth Mrs born in May 1870 in Mississippi 1956-05-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Anthony Lamont 'Tony' 2016 harrison,anthonylamont'tony'.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harrison, Bessie Leoma 1988 harrison,bessieleoma-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Billy Joe 1988 harrison,billyjoe-1988.jpg
Harrison, Billy Thomas 2016 harrison,billythomas.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harrison, Cindy Lou 2001 harrison,cindylou-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Clarence J. 1979 harrison,clarencej.-1979.jpg
Harrison, Clarence J. 2 1979 harrison,clarencej.2-1979.jpg
Harrison, Cordis Ray 1982 harrison,cordisray-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Ida Bell 1981 harrison,idabell-1981.jpg
Harrison, J.L. _Jimmie_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Harrison, James Joseph 1980 harrison,jamesjoseph-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jerry Dewayne 1995 harrison,jerrydewayne-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jessie 1990 harrison,jessie-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jessie2 1990 harrison,jessie2-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Jewell R. 1970-03-13-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, John H. born in 1887 in Rutherford Tenn. 1954-08-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Julia Frances 1980 harrison,juliafrances-1980.jpg
Harrison, Lester Roy 2009 harrison,lesterroy-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Lester Roy 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrison, Lona Maye (Babcock) 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harrison, Louise 1994 harrison,louise-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Rachel 'Rae' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harrison, Rachel' Rae' 2009 harrison,rachel'rae'-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harrison, Ramond Wesley 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Harrison, Rosemary Wilson 1987 harrison,rosemarywilson-1987.jpg
Harrison, Sandra Marvene (Williams) 2016 harrison,sandramarvene(williams).pdf Wise County Messenger
Harrison, Teresa 1966 1966-04-08-pg29.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harry, Ancel Marion 2005 harry,ancelmarion-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harry, Ancel Marion 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harry, Indiana Stephen' Indy' 2007 harry,indianastephen'indy'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harsell, Harry H. 1957-02-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harshman, Lillian Ruth 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 hart,ethelgray-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hart, Ethel Gray 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hart, Janie Ruth Montgomery 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hart, John R. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hart, Robbie Carroll 2005 hart,robbiecarroll-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hart, Robbie Carroll 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harter, Douglas Paul 2005 harter,douglaspaul-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harter, Douglas Paul 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Harter, Douglas Paul2 2005 harter,douglaspaul2-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartley, Wayne hartley,wayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartman, G.B. - 2012 hartman,g.b.-2012.pdf
Hartsell, Annie M. 1967-06-02-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bill 2000 hartsell,bill-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bill 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hartsell, Blanche Jewel 1981 hartsell,blanchejewel-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Bob 1945-06-29-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Clifford 1980 hartsell,clifford-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Fred Akin 1964-01-10-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Gladys 1977 hartsell,gladys-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Grace Lucinda 1978 hartsell,gracelucinda-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Harlan Richard (Pete) born July 21, 1922 1969-09-05pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Horace Richard born July 4, 1898 1969-08-01pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Isaac Byrle 1982 hartsell,isaacbyrle-1982.jpg
Hartsell, John 1968-08-02-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, John Medison 1974-07-11-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, John Russel born March 8, 1879 in Burleson TX 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Joseph Bowman 1964-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Juanita 2011 hartsell,juanita-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartsell, Lawrence Fredrick 1981 hartsell,lawrencefredrick-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Lila B. 2001 hartsell,lilab.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Lon 1970-11-13-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Milton Lovard 1968-07-19-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Nannie Bell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hartsell, Nannie Bell Rish 2000 hartsell,nanniebellrish-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Nora 1998 hartsell,nora-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, O.L., Mrs. 1962-03-02-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Oscar Logan 1943-03-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-17-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Roland 1986 hartsell,roland-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ronald David 2008 hartsell,ronalddavid-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ronald David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hartsell, Rosa Viola Blackwood 1967-04-21-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Roy 1994 hartsell,roy-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Russell C. 1980 hartsell,russellc.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Ruth Cleo 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hartsell, Timothy Allan - 2015 hartsell,timothyallan-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hartsell, Timothy Allan - 2015 hartsell,timothyallan-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hartsfield, Allie Annette 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harveson, Quinntoni Jan 2009 harveson,quinntonijan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harveson, Quinntoni Jan 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Harvey, Fred Eugene 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Harvey, Gwen 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harvey, Harold Howard - 2012 harvey,haroldhoward-2012.pdf
Harvey, J. I. 1988 harvey,j.i.-1988.jpg
Harvey, Jerry Donald 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Harvey, Larry Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Harvey, Mabel Lee 1980 harvey,mabellee-1980.jpg
Harvey, Peggy June - 2015 harvey,peggyjune-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Harvey, Peggy June - 2015 harvey,peggyjune-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, Richard Lynn - 2013 harvey,richardlynn-2013.pdf
Harvey, RonaldG.'Ronnie' harvey,ronaldg.'ronnie'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, SharonHayden harvey,sharonhayden-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harvey, Walter Charles, Sr. (Dock) 1988 harvey,waltercharles,sr.(dock)-1988.jpg
Harvey, Walter Charles, Sr.' Dock' 1988 harvey,waltercharles,sr.'dock'-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick-Phillips, Bernice 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Harvick, James W.' Shorty' 1992 harvick,jamesw.'shorty'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Martin Boliver buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery TX 1969-01-10-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Minnie Viola 1981 harvick,minnieviola-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Nettie Arshella 1982 harvick,nettiearshella-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, Pearl Frances 1967-05-05-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvick, William Laster 1993 harvick,williamlaster-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harvill, ShirleyMooreLanier harvill,shirleymoorelanier-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Harwell, Velma Leona 1989 harwell,velmaleona-1989.jpg
Harwood, H. R.' George' 1984 harwood,h.r.'george'-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, H. R.' George'2 1984 harwood,h.r.'george'2-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Herman Robert' George' 1984 harwood,hermanrobert'george'-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Sam 1961-12-22-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Harwood, Stella Sophia 1989 harwood,stellasophia-1989.jpg
Haskett, Paul Arthur 2004 haskett,paularthur-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hass, Odell 2008 hass,odell-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hass, Odell 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hastings, Clifford E. 1978 hastings,clifforde.-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Dorothy Marie - 2012 hastings,dorothymarie-2012.pdf
Hastings, Harold 1992 hastings,harold-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Infant Daughter of Tom 1970-01-23-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, James David - 2015 hastings,jamesdavid-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hastings, James David - 2015 hastings,jamesdavid-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hastings, Mrs. Roy' Swampy' 1976 hastings,mrs.roy'swampy'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Mrs. Roy' Swampy'2 1976 hastings,mrs.roy'swampy'2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hastings, Roy 1981 hastings,roy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Peggy Joyce 1994 haston,peggyjoyce-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Roy B. 2004 haston,royb.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haston, Roy B. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hataway, Bobbie Pearl 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hatcher, Helen Jo - 2013 hatcher,helenjo-2013.pdf
Hatchtel, Jimmy William 1957-03-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hatchtel, William 1975-09-18-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hathaway, R. Jack, Jr. 1987 hathaway,r.jack,jr.-1987.jpg
Hatley, Alvin Lee 2016 hatley,alvinlee.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hatley, Buddy hatley,buddy-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hatley, Dillard 2007 hatley,dillard-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Dillard Lee 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hatley, KennethWayne 2011 hatley,kennethwayne-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hatley, Louise 2007 hatley,louise-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Louise 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hatley, Willie V. 2009 hatley,williev.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hatley, Willie V. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hatten, Leonard Wayne 'Red' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hatten, Leonard Wayne 2010 hatten,leonardwayne-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haun, Arlis Daniel 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Haun, Johnnie Ruth Pennington 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Havens, Lena Blair De Arman 1988 havens,lenablairdearman-1988.jpg
Hawkins, Bert 1982 hawkins,bert-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Bert Hudson 1995 hawkins,berthudson-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Bertram Estes 1982 hawkins,bertramestes-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Beverly - 2013 hawkins,beverly-2013.pdf
Hawkins, Bobby 1995 hawkins,bobby-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, D.S. 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Earl F. 1987 hawkins,earlf.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Evelyn Nolan 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hawkins, Floyce 2003 hawkins,floyce-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Floyce Tally 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hawkins, Floyce2 2003 hawkins,floyce2-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Floyd 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hawkins, George Washington 1981 hawkins,georgewashington-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Heidi 2004 hawkins,heidi-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Ida Mae 2005 hawkins,idamae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Ida Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Jack 1966-08-05-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Jack Thomas 1999 hawkins,jackthomas-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Julie Lippincott 1994 hawkins,julielippincott-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Labe L., Jr. 2016 hawkins,label.,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Hawkins, Lavonia 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Lavonia Heath 2005 hawkins,lavoniaheath-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Leon 1981 hawkins,leon-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Lillie Ann 1971-02-12-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Maggie Mae 1988 hawkins,maggiemae-1988.jpg
Hawkins, Maggie May 1988 hawkins,maggiemay-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Margaret Ruth 1992 hawkins,margaretruth-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Murray Justin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Murry Justin 2005 hawkins,murryjustin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Raymond C. _Bud_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hawkins, Raymond C.' Bud' 2005 hawkins,raymondc.'bud'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Reba Viola 1997 hawkins,rebaviola-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Samuel W. 1974-10-31-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, Sara Jane born Nov. 16, 1888 in Blue Ridge GA 1969-03-07-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hawkins, SharonVerita hawkins,sharonverita-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hawthorn, Robert' Hughey' 1995 hawthorn,robert'hughey'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayden, Robert L. (Bob) 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
Hayes, David Lee 2000 hayes,davidlee-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayes, David Lee 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hayes, Shirley Ann Young - 2012 hayes,shirleyannyoung-2012.pdf
Hayes, Sula 1988 hayes,sula-1988.jpg
Hayhurst, Cleo' Sissie' 1995 hayhurst,cleo'sissie'-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayley, Jake Morris 2000 hayley,jakemorris-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hayley, Jake Morris 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Haynes, Charles Albert 'Buddy', Sr. - 2015 haynes,charlesalbert'buddy',sr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynes, Charles, Sr. - 2015 haynes,charles,sr.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Edith 1997 haynes,edith-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Floyd 1989 haynes,floyd-1989.jpg
Haynes, H.C. 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Julia Mrs. 1959-08-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Mary Ann 1990 haynes,maryann-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Phil 2009 haynes,phil-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Phil 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Haynes, Ruby Maxine - 2015 haynes,rubymaxine-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Ruby Maxine - 2015 haynes,rubymaxine-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynes, Troy C. buried in Paradise Cemetery 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynes, Zula Laverne 1986 haynes,zulalaverne-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Haynie, Barbara Jean - 2015 haynie,barbarajean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Haynie, Carter Pierce - 2015 haynie,carterpierce-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Haynie, Carter Pierce - 2015 haynie,carterpierce-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hays, Bruce Mitchell (Running Bear) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hays, Furmin Lloyd 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hays, Latrell (Denton) 2016 hays,latrell(denton).pdf Wise County Messenger
Hays, Mary Bertie Hartsell 1970-04-17-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hays, Mattie Evelyn Maddux Morehead - 2012 hays,mattieevelynmadduxmorehead-2012.pdf
Hays, Melvina Lenora 1974-10-24-pg18.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hays, Raymond J., Sr. 2016 hays,raymondj.,sr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Hays, Ruth 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hays, Thomas Burton, Jr. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hazelrigg, Charline Haas 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hazelwood, Patricia Carol 2009 hazelwood,patriciacarol-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hazelwood, Patricia Carol 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Head, Albert Lee, Jr. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Head, CarolynAnnBrooks 2011 head,carolynannbrooks-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, Eldon Thelbert 1985 head,eldonthelbert-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Head, FoyRay 2011 head,foyray-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, LeonEdward head,leonedward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Head, Margaret' Sissy' Franklin 1997 head,margaret'sissy'franklin-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Head, Sandra - 2012 head,sandra-2012.pdf
Headen, James William - 2012 headen,jameswilliam-2012.pdf
Headley, Carl A. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Headley, Raymond Minor - 2012 headley,raymondminor-2012.pdf
Headley, Richard Alonzo 1999 headley,richardalonzo-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Headley, Robin Lynn 1999 headley,robinlynn-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Healey, Donna Jo - 2013 healey,donnajo-2013.pdf
Health, Tom G. 1959-11-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heard, Dolores' Dolly' Suzanne 1998 heard,dolores'dolly'suzanne-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heard, RobertCharles 2011 heard,robertcharles-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heard, Roy ( Johnny) 2011 heard,roy(johnny)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heard, Thomas David 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hearn, Edna 1989 hearn,edna-1989.jpg
Hearne, Virginia Sherman - 2012 hearne,virginiasherman-2012.pdf
Hearrell, Jerry Wayne - 2015 hearrell,jerrywayne-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hearrell, Jerry Wayne - 2015 hearrell,jerrywayne-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heath, Dorothy E. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Heath, Earl J. (Shorty) photo, buried in City of Levelland Cem. 1969-08-22pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heath, Oscar 1977 heath,oscar-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heathington, James.H., Rev. 1941-12-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heathington, Terry 1943-07-30-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heaton, George Leon - 2012 heaton,georgeleon-2012.pdf
Hebisen, Ray Oscar 2007 hebisen,rayoscar-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hebisen, Ray Oscar 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hebison, Vesta May 1990 hebison,vestamay-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hedden, Glenda June 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hedgpeth, Dale Eugene 2004 hedgpeth,daleeugene-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hefley, Evalyn D. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hefner, Jimmie E., Dr. 1998 hefner,jimmiee.,dr.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Dallas Leroy (Big Papa) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Heimlich, Dallas Leroy' Big Papa' 2003 heimlich,dallasleroy'bigpapa'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Joe 2005 heimlich,joe-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heimlich, Joe 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Heinsen, Earle Leroy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Heinsen, Mable E. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Heisel, JaneWarrenAlling heisel,janewarrenalling-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heisler, Sarah 2008 heisler,sarah-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Heisler, Sarah 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Heisler, William E.' Bill' 2001 heisler,williame.'bill'-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Heithecker, Nancy Karlene - 2013 heithecker,nancykarlene-2013.pdf
Heithecker, Sherry Lynn 2007 heithecker,sherrylynn-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Heithecker, Sherry Lynn 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Helm, Hiram Monroe, Jr. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Helm, Winnie Holt 1989 helm,winnieholt-1989.jpg
Helms, Ann 2008 helms,ann-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Helms, Annelle Morriss 'Ann' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Helms, Cody Wayne 1981 helms,codywayne-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helms, Shirley Sue 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Helms, Thomas Doyle 1990 helms,thomasdoyle-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Calvin E. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Helton, Edgar C. born Oct 22, 1889 1969-12-05pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Evelyn Moody - 2015 helton,evelynmoody-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Helton, Mida Fay' Dink' 1997 helton,midafay'dink'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Pansy Ruth 1994 helton,pansyruth-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Helton, Susan 1985 helton,susan-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, Ada Frances 1974-02-14-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, Ada Frances 1974 hembree,adafrances-1974.jpg
Hembree, Betty Hall 1990 hembree,bettyhall-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, W.E. 1970-09-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, William Eugene 1970-09-11-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hembree, William Eugene 1970 hembree,williameugene-1970.jpg
Hembree, William Eugene2 1970 hembree,williameugene2-1970.jpg
Hemphill, Bessie Irene Ross 2009 hemphill,bessieireneross-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hemphill, Bessie Irene Ross 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hemphill, Nolan Rathleen 1977 hemphill,nolanrathleen-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hemphill, Ola Mae Parish 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Henderson, AnnaPaulette henderson,annapaulette-2014.jpg Wise County Messenger
Henderson, Carley 1963-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude 1976 henderson,claude-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude Wayne 2001 henderson,claudewayne-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Claude Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Henderson, Homer 1988 henderson,homer-1988.jpg
Henderson, Ilene C. 1976 henderson,ilenec.-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, James (Jim( Randolph 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Henderson, James Stewart - 2013 henderson,jamesstewart-2013.pdf
Henderson, Jesse Louis' Jay', Jr. 2006 henderson,jesselouis'jay',jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Joseph Weldon 1983 henderson,josephweldon-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Margaret Mrs born March 7, 1872 in Alabama 1956-03-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Ollie Grace 1984 henderson,olliegrace-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Reba Veal 1988 henderson,rebaveal-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henderson, Reba Veal 1989 henderson,rebaveal-1989.jpg
Henderson, Stuart 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Henderson, Vola Belle 1981 henderson,volabelle-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendley, Ollie Adams 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hendricks, Virgil _Shorty_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hendricks, Virgil' Shorty' 2005 hendricks,virgil'shorty'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Debbie - 2013 hendrix,debbie-2013.pdf
Hendrix, James Calvin' Shorty' 1976 hendrix,jamescalvin'shorty'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Marshall Lee 1987 hendrix,marshalllee-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Mason Blaine 2005 hendrix,masonblaine-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hendrix, Mason Blaine 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hendrix, Myrtle Sarah 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Henge, Ruby Erwin 1983 henge,rubyerwin-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henley, Charles David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henning, Stella Floy 1976 henning,stellafloy-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henning, Stella Floy2 1976 henning,stellafloy2-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henning, William Henry 1978 henning,williamhenry-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henninger, EdnaRuth 2011 henninger,ednaruth-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, Benjamin Edward 'Boots' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henry, GlennE. 2011 henry,glenne.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, John Clarence 1963-08-30-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, June (Morris) 2016 henry,june(morris).pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, Kenneth J. 2016 henry,kennethj..pdf Wise County Messenger
Henry, Lynn Thomas 2006 henry,lynnthomas-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Henry, Lynn Thomas 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Henry, Mary Velma 1994 henry,maryvelma-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, Roby Orville 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henry, Sara Pearl Beeson 1982 henry,sarapearlbeeson-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henry, Virginia 'Gin' Ann Mooney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henscheid, Anna Christina Flusche 1998 henscheid,annachristinaflusche-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hensley, Dessie Dois 2005 hensley,dessiedois-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hensley, Dessie Dois 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hensley, Riley James 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hensley, Staci Deanne 1979 hensley,stacideanne-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Archie B. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Henson, Archie B., Rev. 2004 henson,archieb.,rev.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Harley Portwood 1967-03-24-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Inez Clara Bell 1969 henson,inezclarabell-1969.jpg
Henson, John G. (Jack) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Henson, John G.' Jack' 2003 henson,johng.'jack'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, John M. (Jack) 1966 henson,johnm.(jack)-1966.jpg
Henson, Johnnue U. 1985 henson,johnnueu.-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Johnny 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Henson, Juanita Vera 1997 henson,juanitavera-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, LelaPadgett henson,lelapadgett-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Henson, Raymond, Rev. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Henson, Toy J. 2005 henson,toyj.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henson, Toy J. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Henson, Wilbur Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Henson, Winnie Lou 1997 henson,winnielou-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henton, Frankie 1981 henton,frankie-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Henton, Robert Marion' Bob' 1998 henton,robertmarion'bob'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herdon, John B. 2000 herdon,johnb.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herman, Ann Davidson 2005 herman,anndavidson-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herman, Ann Davidson 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Herman, Kelley Raye - 2015 herman,kelleyraye-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herman, Kelley Raye - 2015 herman,kelleyraye-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hern, Joseph Porter 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hernandez, Carmelo - 2012 hernandez,carmelo-2012.pdf
Hernandez, Eduardo Garcia 2005 hernandez,eduardogarcia-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Eduardo Garcia 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hernandez, Santos 2001 hernandez,santos-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Santos 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hernandez, Silvestre, Sr, - 2015 hernandez,silvestre,sr,-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hernandez, Silvestre, Sr. - 2015 hernandez,silvestre,sr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herndon, J. B., Rev. 1994 herndon,j.b.,rev.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herndon, John B. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Herndon, Ona Faye 1995 herndon,onafaye-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hernupont, Margaret Patricia Curry 1987 hernupont,margaretpatriciacurry-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herod, Earl Gadan 1974-01-17-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrera, DavidWayne herrera,davidwayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herrera, Ricardo 2003 herrera,ricardo-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrera, Ricardo 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Herring, Lewis Allen, Jr. 2003 herring,lewisallen,jr.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herring, Lewis Allen, Jr. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Herring, R.A. Mrs. 1959-03-13-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Ada, Miss 1966-01-21-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Carroll Frank 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Herriott, Earnestine Lotella 'Kewpie' - 2015 herriott,earnestinelotella'kewpie'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herriott, John Elbert 1971-04-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herriott, Lula Gertrude 1986 herriott,lulagertrude-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herrmann, Anita (Nicholson) 2016 herrmann,anita(nicholson).pdf Wise County Messenger
Herrod, Ada Rodgers 1994 herrod,adarodgers-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Herskowitz, Phyllis Platt 2008 herskowitz,phyllisplatt-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hertel, Helen Beatrice 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hertzberg, Jerry hertzberg,jerry-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herzberg, Jerry herzberg,jerry.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Herzer, Margaret Maxine - 2015 herzer,margaretmaxine-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Herzer, Margaret Maxine - 2015 herzer,margaretmaxine-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Herzer, Thomas(Red) 1989 herzer,thomas(red)-1989.jpg
Hess, Opal Marie 2010 hess,opalmarie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hesteande, Alfred(Dude) Edwin 1989 hesteande,alfred(dude)edwin-1989.jpg
Hesteande, Casie Jane 2007 hesteande,casiejane-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hesteande, Casie Jane 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hesteande, Ethel Iona 1989 hesteande,etheliona-1989.jpg
Hesteande, Lawrence Tomas 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hesteande, Pearle Lee 1988 hesteande,pearlelee-1988.jpg
Hetherly, EvaLou hetherly,evalou-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Heuvel, Herman Von, Jr. 1998 heuvel,hermanvon,jr.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hewitt, Thelma Laverne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickens, James Patrick 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickerson, Callie Jameson 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hickey, Clova Dell 1987 hickey,clovadell-1987.jpg
Hickey, Jeanne C. 2007 hickey,jeannec.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickey, Jeanne C. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hickey, Martha 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hickey, Michael Richard 2016 hickey,michaelrichard.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hickey, Neil Preston - 2015 hickey,neilpreston-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickey, Neil Preston - 2015 hickey,neilpreston-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hickey, Rachel 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hickinbotham, James William 2010 hickinbotham,jameswilliam-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hickinbotham, James William 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hickman, Paul Wayne 1993 hickman,paulwayne-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ann 2006 hicks,ann-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ann 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hicks, Archie Thomas, Jr. - 2015 hicks,archiethomas,jr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Carmeletta _Tootsie_ O. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, Charles Rayborn 1969 hicks,charlesrayborn-1969.jpg
Hicks, Clara Maurice 2005 hicks,claramaurice-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Clara Maurice 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hicks, Douglas Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hicks, E. E.' Pappy' 1992 hicks,e.e.'pappy'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Ester 1996 hicks,ester-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, EverettLee hicks,everettlee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Findle Fuller Mr born May 14, 1911 in Arkansas 1972-02-03-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Gary Everett 2001 hicks,garyeverett-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Gary Everett 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hicks, George 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, George H. 1918 hicks,georgeh.-june26,1918.jpg
Hicks, George M., Sr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hicks, George Madison, Jr. 2007 hicks,georgemadison,jr.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, HenryThomas ( H.T.)Jr 2011 hicks,henrythomas(h.t.)jr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Johnnie Watson 1991 hicks,johnniewatson-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Johnny Earlene 1986 hicks,johnnyearlene-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Maria Vivian Cox 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hicks, Marvin 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hicks, Nell 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hicks, Ray 1985 hicks,ray-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Robert Howard 2007 hicks,roberthoward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hicks, Robert Howard 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hicks, Shirlene - 2015 hicks,shirlene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hicks, Sue Ann 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hicks, Tifani Leann 1991 hicks,tifanileann-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hicks, W.A., Mrs. 1970-04-10-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Higgins, Lester P., Dr. 1970-01-23-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
High, Jesse Milton 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
High, Martha Frances 1989 high,marthafrances-1989.jpg
High, Mary Lee 2006 high,marylee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
High, Mary Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Highley, John A., Sr. 1977 highley,johna.,sr.-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, Juanita 1996 hight,juanita-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, Juanita2 1996 hight,juanita2-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hight, RobertLee 2011 hight,robertlee-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hightower, Annabelle Hope - 2012 hightower,annabellehope-2012.pdf
Hightower, Jasil Marie - 2013 hightower,jasilmarie-2013.pdf
Hightower, KirbyJoe hightower,kirbyjoe-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hightower, L.B. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hightower, T. H. former resident died in Henderson Texas 1956-08-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilbers, Larry Robert - 2013 hilbers,larryrobert-2013.pdf
Hilden, MarilynDean 2011 hilden,marilyndean-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilden, William Jennings, I I 1995 hilden,williamjennings,ii-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Alice Irene - 2013 hill,aliceirene-2013.pdf
Hill, Barbara Lee (Stanford) 2016 hill,barbaralee(stanford).pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Benjamin Franklin born March 20 1891 1956-02-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Benjamin W. 1975-11-20-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Betty Cates 2005 hill,bettycates-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Betty Cates 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hill, Bruce Kevin 2005 hill,brucekevin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Bruce Kevin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hill, Charley Dean - 2012 hill,charleydean-2012.pdf
Hill, Charley O. 2004 hill,charleyo.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Charley O. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hill, CynthiaAnn'Cindy' hill,cynthiaann'cindy'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Doris Helen - 2015 hill,dorishelen-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hill, Doris Helen - 2015 hill,dorishelen-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, DorothyDell 2011 hill,dorothydell-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Elic, born Jan 9, 1895 Walden Arkansas 1953-05-22-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Esther Canzora 1996 hill,esthercanzora-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Eva Ethel 1982 hill,evaethel-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, George Joshua 1984 hill,georgejoshua-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Gordon Dale 2009 hill,gordondale-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hill, Gordon Dale 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hill, HarlynHannah-Jr. hill,harlynhannah,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, James W. 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, James W. 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Jaymie Lyn 1994 hill,jaymielyn-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Joe John 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hill, John E.' Eddie' 1999 hill,johne.'eddie'-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Kendall W. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hill, KennethWarren 2011 hill,kennethwarren-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hill, Loyd Wesley 'Speedy' 1973-05-24-pg34.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Loyd Wesley(Speedy) 1973 hill,loydwesley(speedy)-1973.jpg
Hill, Maggie 2nd obit, born Aug 12, 1888 Kaufman Co 1969-11-14pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Maggie born Aug 12, 1888 in Paradise TX 1969-11-07pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Martha Jane - 2013 hill,marthajane-2013.pdf
Hill, Movelda Frost 1985 hill,moveldafrost-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Naomi Pauline Foreman 1989 hill,naomipaulineforeman-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Odis Lee 1991 hill,odislee-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Reuben 1939-12-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Robert Lee born April 17, 1878 near Oxford MS 1955-01-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Russell(Rusty) 1988 hill,russell(rusty)-1988.jpg
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan 16, 1876 1954-06-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan. 16, 1876 1954-06-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Sevannah Lee 1961-07-28-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Silver Lake 1977 hill,silverlake-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Trolley Ray 1982 hill,trolleyray-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hill, Viness Monroe Coach?, Jr. - 2013 hill,vinessmonroecoachjr.-2013.pdf
Hill, W.F. 1944-02-04-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hillan, George 1925-04-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hillborn, Robert Allen 1991 hillborn,robertallen-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilliard, Dorothy Dove Whistler 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilliard, MargaretPauline 2011 hilliard,margaretpauline-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hillin, Joel 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hillyard, Tressie Floy' Toot' 1996 hillyard,tressiefloy'toot'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilscher, David Kirk - 2015 hilscher,davidkirk-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilscher, Ether 1996 hilscher,ether-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Bertha Wynona 1987 hilton,berthawynona-1987.jpg
Hilton, Deborah Moore - 2015 hilton,deborahmoore-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, DeborahMoore hilton,deborahmoore-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilton, Dwight Glenn 1971-05-27-pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Eunice Edna 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilton, Gwendolyn Faye 2010 hilton,gwendolynfaye-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Gwendolyn Faye 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hilton, Henry Glenn 2006 hilton,henryglenn-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Henry Glenn 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hilton, Homer Leo 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hilton, Stanford Ray 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hilton, Velma Ruth 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
HIlton, Walter - 2015 hilton,walter-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hilton, Walter 'Bug' - 2015 hilton,walter'bug'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hilton, Walter Winfred 1971-06-24-pg17.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hilton, William Leon, Sr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Bernice 1991 hines,bernice-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Bety King 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hines, David E. 2006 hines,davide.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, David E. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hines, Dick 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Dorothy 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, James Davis 1975-07-17-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Juanita Marie 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hines, Kenneth Eugene 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hines, Leola Bench hines,leolabench-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, Linda Paul 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Mary Wadene Smith 1999 hines,marywadenesmith-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ottis Leonard 1988 hines,ottisleonard-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ottis Leonard2 1988 hines,ottisleonard2-1988.jpg
Hines, Pauline 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hines, Pearl F. Vickers 2003 hines,pearlf.vickers-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hines, Pearl F. Vickers 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hines, Samuel Abraham - 2012 hines,samuelabraham-2012.pdf
Hines, Ted Norman 2007 hines,tednorman-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hines, Ted Norman 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hines, W. E. Mr born in Paradise, reared in Bridgeport 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hinkle, Goree Kay 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hinkle, Sarah Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hinshaw, Dorothy Joan 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hinshaw, Wayne Valton 2002 hinshaw,waynevalton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hinshaw, Wayne Valton 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hinson, H. S. (Red) 1988 hinson,h.s.(red)-1988.jpg
Hinton, Robert Charles 1991 hinton,robertcharles-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, Hattie Lee 1987 hipp,hattielee-1987.jpg
Hipp, John Russell 1968-06-14-pg20.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, MaryKathrynBowlin hipp,marykathrynbowlin.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Hipp, William King 2001 hipp,williamking-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hipp, William Russell 1970-05-15-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Annie Mary 2001 hitchcock,anniemary-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Annie Mary 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hitchcock, Cynthia 2011 hitchcock,cynthia-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hitchcock, Ralph Edwin - 2015 hitchcock,ralphedwin-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hitchcock, Ralph Edwin - 2015 hitchcock,ralphedwin-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hite, JoshuaCodyTouchet hite,joshuacodytouchet-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hix, James Clyde - 2013 hix,jamesclyde-2013.pdf
Hix, Lelia Nell Jones 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hixson, Charles Oliver 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hixson, Doris Orene Fest 2009 hixson,dorisorenefest-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hixson, Doris Orene Fest 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hobbs, Andrya Lianne 2003 hobbs,andryalianne-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Andrya Lianne 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hobbs, Billy Roy, Rev. 2008 hobbs,billyroy,rev.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Billy Roy, Rev. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hobbs, Clora Charlotte 1976 hobbs,cloracharlotte-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Cristy Davis - 2012 hobbs,cristydavis-2012.pdf
Hobbs, Donna Barbara Chambers 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hobbs, Grace 1991 hobbs,grace-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Melba Joyce 1984 hobbs,melbajoyce-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Patricia Jane - 2015 hobbs,patriciajane-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Patricia Jane 'Pat' - 2015 hobbs,patriciajane'pat'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobbs, R.H. Bob? - 2013 hobbs,r.h.bob-2013.pdf
Hobbs, Theresa Gay 2009 hobbs,theresagay-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, Theresa Gay 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hobbs, W.B. 1963-03-29-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobbs, WandaMichelle hobbs,wandamichelle-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobson, Elizabeth Monon 1994 hobson,elizabethmonon-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Harry E. 1970-07-24-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Kodi Dawn - 2015 hobson,kodidawn-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Kodi Dawn - 2015 hobson,kodidawn-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hobson, Midge 1967-04-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hobson, Sam B. 1984 hobson,samb.-1984.jpg
Hobson, William Chandos, Jr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hodde, Laura Sue 1988 hodde,laurasue-1988.jpg
Hodge, Charles C. 1993 hodge,charlesc.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Donna B. Thomas 1994 hodge,donnab.thomas-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Donna B. Thomas2 1994 hodge,donnab.thomas2-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Larry Gene 1992 hodge,larrygene-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodge, Pauline Thomas 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hodge, RolandD. hodge,rolandd.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodge, Wallace Columbus 1981 hodge,wallacecolumbus-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Amber Rucell - 2015 hodges,amberrucell-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodges, Annie Dorothy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hodges, Bessie Leona 1971-05-27-pg21.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Beulah Mae 2006 hodges,beulahmae-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Beulah Mae 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hodges, Billye 2002 hodges,billye-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Billye 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hodges, Earl Lee(Preacher) 1987 hodges,earllee(preacher)-1987.jpg
Hodges, J. C. 2000 hodges,j.c.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, J.C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hodges, Jack 1979 hodges,jack-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Joe Victor 1968-03-29-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Kathryn Ann 2010 hodges,kathrynann-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Kathryn Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hodges, Lenard Wayne - 2013 hodges,lenardwayne-2013.pdf
Hodges, Lula 1977 hodges,lula-1977.jpg
Hodges, Mima Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hodges, Pauline 2008 hodges,pauline-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Pauline 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hodges, Robby G. article, killed in accident 1975-10-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Ronald Wayne _Ronnie_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hodges, Ronald Wayne' Ronnie' 2007 hodges,ronaldwayne'ronnie'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Royce Edward - 2015 hodges,royceedward-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Royce Edward 'Cotton' - 2015 hodges,royceedward'cotton'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodges, Thomas 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hodges, Trey 2005 hodges,trey-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodges, Trey 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hodgkins, Dustin Roy 1985 hodgkins,dustinroy-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgkins, Melvin Dale 2016 hodgkins,melvindale.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgkins, Weldon Dale 2016 hodgkins,weldondale.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgkiss, Robert Russell 2016 hodgkiss,robertrussell.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgkiss, Sharron Sue (Purser) Frizzell 2016 hodgkiss,sharronsue(purser)frizzell.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgson, Alice Marie 1996 hodgson,alicemarie-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, J. P. 1999 hodgson,j.p.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, J. P.2 1999 hodgson,j.p.2-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, James born March 4, 1890 in Boonsville TX 1969-07-18pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, Mary Jo 1995 hodgson,maryjo-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hodgson, PatsyLue 2011 hodgson,patsylue-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hodgson, William' Dan' 1992 hodgson,william'dan'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Anna Josephine Schneider 1973-01-25-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Juliette Boaz 1994 hoefle,julietteboaz-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Martin Paul 1986 hoefle,martinpaul-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoefle, Mary Agnes born in New York on Nov 3, 1869 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoehn, Mary Goldie 1983 hoehn,marygoldie-1983.jpg
Hofacker, Roy 1988 hofacker,roy-1988.jpg
Hofacket, Shannon Joyce 1990 hofacket,shannonjoyce-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoffpauir, CharlesEmanuel 2011 hoffpauir,charlesemanuel-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hogan, Donald Edward 2010 hogan,donaldedward-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogan, Donald Edward 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hogan, Michael Wayne, II 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hogg, Maud 1945 hogg,maud-1945.jpg
Hogue, Betty Jean 2009 hogue,bettyjean-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Betty Jean 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hogue, George Johnson - 2012 hogue,georgejohnson-2012.pdf
Hogue, Glen Eugene 2007 hogue,gleneugene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Glen Eugene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hogue, Jacky J. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hogue, Juanita 1977 hogue,juanita-1977.jpg
Hogue, Ralph Stewart, Dr. 1995 hogue,ralphstewart,dr.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Ruth Ann 2006 hogue,ruthann-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hogue, Ruth Ann 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holden, Kelly Kay - 2012 holden,kellykay-2012.pdf
Holden, Rodney Galen 2016 holden,rodneygalen.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holder, Allie Blanche Carnes 2003 holder,allieblanchecarnes-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Allie Blanche Carnes 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holder, Daniel, Mrs. (Elmira Rawl) 1942-11-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Infant 1977 holder,infant-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, JamesLeo holder,jamesleo-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holder, Ricky G. 2005 holder,rickyg.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holder, Ricky G. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Holder, SharolynLauterbach holder,sharolynlauterbach-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holestine, Savanna Rose 2003 holestine,savannarose-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holestine, Savanna Rose 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holgate, Barney H. 2003 holgate,barneyh.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holgate, Barney H. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holgate, Salomae 2010 holgate,salomae-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holgate, Salomae 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holifield, Wendy Ann - 2015 holifield,wendyann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holifield, Wendy Ann - 2015 holifield,wendyann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holladay, Gwen 1992 holladay,gwen-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holladay, Joe Thomas 1989 holladay,joethomas-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Bonnie Meador - 2013 holland,bonniemeador-2013.pdf
Holland, Calva 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holland, Charles Richard 1997 holland,charlesrichard-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Frank' F. B.' 1992 holland,frank'f.b.'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, H.N., Mrs. 1965-06-18-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, J.D., Mrs. 1973-05-10-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, John L. 2005 holland,johnl.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, John L. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Holland, Jonivee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Holland, JuanitaFaye holland,juanitafaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holland, Kirk Steven - 2013 holland,kirksteven-2013.pdf
Holland, La Tisha Ann 1994 holland,latishaann-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Lloyd E. 2003 holland,lloyde.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Lloyd Emerson 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holland, Mary Dell 1994 holland,marydell-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Nellie B. 1992 holland,nellieb.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Ruby Nall Shepard 2005 holland,rubynallshepard-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, Truman F. 1973-05-10-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, W. P.' Bill' 1998 holland,w.p.'bill'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holland, William P. _Mr. Bill_, Jr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Holland, William P.' Mr. Bill', Jr. 2007 holland,williamp.'mr.bill',jr.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollaway, Malvern Elzie 2001 hollaway,malvernelzie-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollaway, Malvern Elzie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holleman, Nancy 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holler, Elton Margaret 'Peep' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Holley, Arvil Pankey 1982 holley,arvilpankey-1982.jpg
Holley, Avril 1982 holley,avril-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Avril Sarton 1982 holley,avrilsarton-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Joyce 2006 holley,bettyjoyce-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Joyce 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holley, Betty Lou 2006 holley,bettylou-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Betty Lou 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Holley, Frances Elmira Stark, born Jan 6, 1881 Wise Co. TX 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Havies N. 1988 holley,haviesn.-1988.jpg
Holley, Lawrence R. 2008 holley,lawrencer.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holley, Lawrence R. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Holley, Marlan - 2013 holley,marlan-2013.pdf
Holley, Mary Alice 1978 holley,maryalice-1978.jpg
Holley, S. D 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Holley, S. D. 2004 holley,s.d.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holley, Sue Paschall - 2012 holley,suepaschall-2012.pdf
Holley, Wayne Erdell 1982 holley,wayneerdell-1982.jpg
Holliman, Lois Ellery 1986 holliman,loisellery-1986.jpg
Hollingsworth, Cammie Marie Green 2004 hollingsworth,cammiemariegreen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frances Wyvonne 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hollingsworth, Frances' Wyvonne' 2008 hollingsworth,frances'wyvonne'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frank M. incorrectly listed as Collingsworth 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Frank M., born Feb 18, 1874 Chico TX 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Jesse Franklin 1992 hollingsworth,jessefranklin-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Lila 1977 hollingsworth,lila-1977.jpg
Hollingsworth, Ozeunia Fay 1997 hollingsworth,ozeuniafay-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollingsworth, Ruth Peckat - 2012 hollingsworth,ruthpeckat-2012.pdf
Hollingworth, Clarence 1970-03-27-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hollis, Amos L. 1979 hollis,amosl.-1979.jpg
Hollis, James C. - 2013 hollis,jamesc.-2013.pdf
Hollis, Vera Oleta 2007 hollis,veraoleta-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hollis, Vera Oleta 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hollis, Walter C. 2016 hollis,walterc..pdf Wise County Messenger
Hollman, Nora May none hollman,noramay-none.jpg
Holloman, Ruby 1981 holloman,ruby-1981.jpg
Holloway, Cecilia Joi - 2013 holloway,ceciliajoi-2013.pdf
Holloway, Charles W. 1998 holloway,charlesw.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Melba Jo 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holloway, Rena Elizabeth - 2013 holloway,renaelizabeth-2013.pdf
Holloway, Robert Lee (Bob) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr. 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr.2 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.2-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Robert Lee' Bob', Jr.3 2000 holloway,robertlee'bob',jr.3-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne 2010 holloway,suzanne-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne O_ Reilly 2010 holloway,suzanneo_reilly-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holloway, Suzanne O'Reilly 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Holloway, VernaMargaret holloway,vernamargaret-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holloway, William_C 2016 holloway,william_c.pdf Hawkins Funeral Home
Holly, Terry 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Holman, Jim holman,jim-2014.jpg Wise County Messenger
Holman, Jim holman,jim.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Holmes-Moon, Kelly Wayne 2016 holmes-moon,kellywayne.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holmes, Derick Thomas 2003 holmes,derickthomas-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Derick Thomas 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holmes, Frances Naomi 1998 holmes,francesnaomi-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, John Coley, Jr. 2009 holmes,johncoley,jr.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holmes, John Coley, Jr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Holmes, Josie D. 1990 holmes,josied.-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Lorene Gibbons 1957-01-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holmes, Richard A. killed in auto accident near Azle Texas 1956-01-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alfred' Wayne' 1994 holt,alfred'wayne'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alvin 1977 holt,alvin-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Alvin Teral 1977 holt,alvinteral-1977.jpg
Holt, Alvin Teral2 1977 holt,alvinteral2-1977.jpg
Holt, Arthur, brother of Frank Holt 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Aulsie 1961-06-09-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, B. C. (Blackie) 1980 holt,b.c.(blackie)-1980.jpg
Holt, B. C.' Blackie' 1980 holt,b.c.'blackie'-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Baby Bobby (Carl, Mr. & Mrs.) 1943-10-01-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Bertha 1983 holt,bertha-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Carl Wesley 1988 holt,carlwesley-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ethel 1967 holt,ethel-1967.jpg
Holt, Harley T. - 2012 holt,harleyt.-2012.pdf
Holt, Harold Bently 1998 holt,haroldbently-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, JeanEaton 2011 holt,jeaneaton-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holt, Jennie 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Holt, Jennie Gann Meeks 2002 holt,jenniegannmeeks-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Jesse Robert 1991 holt,jesserobert-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Katherine' Katie Bell' Ramsey 1976 holt,katherine'katiebell'ramsey-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Leta Mae 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Holt, Leta Mae Cheves 2003 holt,letamaecheves-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Lewis Franklin 1995 holt,lewisfranklin-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Marie Melvin' Mary' 1997 holt,mariemelvin'mary'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Marvin 1986 holt,marvin-1986.jpg
Holt, Natalie Maria 1992 holt,nataliemaria-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Norine 2000 holt,norine-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Norine 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Holt, Perry L. obit, died in Wichita Falls, former resident 1954-12-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, R., Mrs. 1961-03-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, R., Mrs. 1961-04-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ralph Burton, Sr. 2008 holt,ralphburton,sr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Holt, Ralph Burton, Sr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Holt, Robert Huling 2001 holt,roberthuling-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Robert Huling 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Holt, Robert Huling2 2001 holt,roberthuling2-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Robert, born Feb. 10, 1869 Key West FL 1952-08-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Royce ( Dean) 2011 holt,royce(dean)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holt, Royce 1991 holt,royce-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holt, Thurman Lee 2016 holt,thurmanlee.pdf Wise County Messenger
Holt, Waldron Price 1964-10-23-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtkamp, Frederick Henry 1997 holtkamp,frederickhenry-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtzinger, Homer Charles 2000 holtzinger,homercharles-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Holtzinger, Homer Charles 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hon, Merleta hon,merleta-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hood, Billy Ray 1994 hood,billyray-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Cleo Ridley Yeatts 2007 hood,cleoridleyyeatts-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Flossie Lee 1988 hood,flossielee-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Iona Mae 1979 hood,ionamae-1979.jpg
Hood, Joe C. 1980 hood,joec.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, Joe C. none hood,joec.-none.jpg
Hood, L. F. 2005 hood,l.f.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hood, L.F. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hood, Lula Mae 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hood, Mauline Vaughn 2008 hood,maulinevaughn-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Micheal Dee - 2013 hood,michealdee-2013.pdf
Hood, Ruby Jo 2006 hood,rubyjo-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hood, Ruby Jo 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hood, Windell Joe 1992 hood,windelljoe-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Mary Ellender 2002 hooe,maryellender-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Mary Ellender 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hooe, Rosalie 1987 hooe,rosalie-1987.jpg
Hooe, Tom 2004 hooe,tom-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooe, Tom 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hooker, Frank 2008 hooker,frank-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hooker, Frank 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hooks, Price 1979 hooks,price-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hooper, Brent Ellis 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hooser, HurleyDwayne ( Nig) 2011 hooser,hurleydwayne(nig)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hooten, Norma June 1994 hooten,normajune-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoots, Coreen Marie - 2015 hoots,coreenmarie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoots, Coreen Marie 'Corey' - 2015 hoots,coreenmarie'corey'-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hoover, Beulah Margaret 1981 hoover,beulahmargaret-1981.jpg
Hoover, JerrellDee hoover,jerrelldee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoover, Sarah Jane Barnett 1944-10-13-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoover, Stephanie Marie 1983 hoover,stephaniemarie-1983.jpg
Hopkins, Billy 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hopkins, C.B. 'Hoppy' 1974-04-18-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Clarice_2011 hopkins,clarice_2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, Claudette Milsaps 1991 hopkins,claudettemilsaps-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Dorthey Lee 1985 hopkins,dortheylee-1985.jpg
Hopkins, Dorthey Lee 1987 hopkins,dortheylee-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Edna Miller 1983 hopkins,ednamiller-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Emma Lenz - 2012 hopkins,emmalenz-2012.pdf
Hopkins, J.O. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hopkins, James Andrew 2008 hopkins,jamesandrew-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, James Andrew 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Jesse Allmon 1975 hopkins,jesseallmon-1975.jpg
Hopkins, Margaret 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Mattie Boyd 1967-01-06-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopkins, Nannie Pearl Coffey 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopkins, PaulEdward hopkins,pauledward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, R.V. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hopkins, Roberto Reyes 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopkins, Rosemary Violette Wieske - 2015 hopkins,rosemaryviolettewieske-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hopkins, Zuma Genell Griffis - 2012 hopkins,zumagenellgriffis-2012.pdf
Hoppe, Frances Pearl 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hopper, Christine K. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hopper, William M. 1979 hopper,williamm.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoppie, Peter Benjamin 1961-01-13-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, D. F.' Hoppy' 2003 hopson,d.f.'hoppy'-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, D.F. (Hoppy) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hopson, Irene Magness 2003 hopson,irenemagness-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hopson, Irene Magness 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hopson, Martha 1970 hopson,martha-1970.jpg
Hopson, Martha Ruth 1970 hopson,martharuth-1970.jpg
Hopson, Peter H. 1969 hopson,peterh.-1969.jpg
Hopson, Ralph Bernard - 2013 hopson,ralphbernard-2013.pdf
Horn, Billie Marie - 2013 horn,billiemarie-2013.pdf
Horn, Blanche Mae 1987 horn,blanchemae-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, ColbyLynn 2011 horn,colbylynn-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Horn, Kenneth Earl 1992 horn,kennethearl-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, Mary Hendrix - 2012 horn,maryhendrix-2012.pdf
Horn, Mary M. 2001 horn,marym.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horn, Mary M. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hornback, Beverly Gay 1981 hornback,beverlygay-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hornback, Edward Frank 1975 hornback,edwardfrank-1975.jpg
Hornback, Edward Frank(Eddie) 1975 hornback,edwardfrank(eddie)-1975.jpg
Hornback, Jessie 1978 hornback,jessie-1978.jpg
Hornback, Martha Ruth Isbell 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hornback, Minnie Jo 1984 hornback,minniejo-1984.jpg
Hornberger, Patsy Marie - 2015 hornberger,patsymarie-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hornberger, Patsy Marie - 2015 hornberger,patsymarie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Horne, Cindy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Horne, Cindy Morrow 2005 horne,cindymorrow-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horne, David Harold 2005 horne,davidharold-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horne, David Harold 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Horner, Cecil Guy 1976 horner,cecilguy-1976.jpg
Horner, Guy, Jr. 2008 horner,guy,jr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horner, Guy, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Horner, Hope Elizabeth 2003 horner,hopeelizabeth-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horner, Hope Elizabeth 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Horner, J.T. 'Jack' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Horner, Jimmy Ray 2010 horner,jimmyray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horner, Jimmy Ray 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Horner, Katherine Faith 2003 horner,katherinefaith-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horner, Katherine Faith 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Horseman, Melvina Miss, died in Wichita Falls 1954-02-12-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, C.L. 1973-10-11-pg24.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, Dora Louise 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Horton, Gilda Dale 2002 horton,gildadale-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Horton, Gilda Dale 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Horton, J. D. 1981 horton,j.d.-1981.jpg
Horton, Johnny Wayne 2006 horton,johnnywayne-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Horton, Johnny Wayne 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Horton, Marvin Lee 2012 horton_marvin_lee.jpg
Horton, Paul Eugene(Gene) 1982 horton,pauleugene(gene)-1982.jpg
Horton, William Simms 1980 horton,williamsimms-1980.jpg
Hoskins, GeneNorton 2011 hoskins,genenorton-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hothouse, Brandon Michael Dale 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hotz, Herman, Jr. 2001 hotz,herman,jr.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hotz, Herman, Jr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houchens, AleitaBell houchens,aleitabell-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houchens, Kenneth Charles 1990 houchens,kennethcharles-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Dolly 2003 houchins,dolly-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Dolly 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Houchins, Eldon L. _Doc_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Houchins, Eldon L. 2007 houchins,eldonl.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Henry Peyton 1985 houchins,henrypeyton-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Maurine 2007 houchins,maurine-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Maurine 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Houchins, Nannie Pearl 1980 houchins,nanniepearl-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Ophella Pearl Mrs survived by husband Henry Houchins 1969-01-31-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Pearlene 2006 houchins,pearlene-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Pearlene 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Houchins, Robert Leon 1981 houchins,robertleon-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Rubert Leon 1981 houchins,rubertleon-1981.jpg
Houchins, Ruby Lucille 2001 houchins,rubylucille-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, Ruby Lucille 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houchins, William P. (Buster) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Houchins, William P.' Buster' 2000 houchins,williamp.'buster'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houchins, William Paton, Infant son lived only a few hours 1953-07-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hough, Ruby Florence 1988 hough,rubyflorence-1988.jpg
Houghlin, Randall Scott 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houk, Douglas Dwayne 2003 houk,douglasdwayne-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houk, Douglas Dwayne 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Houk, Jeffrey Daniel 2008 houk,jeffreydaniel-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houk, Jeffrey Daniel 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
House, Annie Virginia 1980 house,annievirginia-1980.jpg
House, Dorothy Faye 1993 house,dorothyfaye-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Drew Thomas 1983 house,drewthomas-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, G. C. 1983 house,g.c.-1983.jpg
House, Gertrude 1959-07-31-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-03-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-03-09-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, James Frank, Cpt. 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Nettie 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
House, Truett C. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Houser, Alfred J. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Houser, Janie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Houston, CarolAnn 2011 houston,carolann-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houston, Delores Bell-Smith - 2015 houston,deloresbell-smith-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Houston, Joseph Weldon 1986 houston,josephweldon-1986.jpg
Houston, Joseph Weldon Bailey 1986 houston,josephweldonbailey-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houston, Joshua Cole 2010 houston,joshuacole-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Houston, Joshua Cole 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Houston, Lottie Burns 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Houston, Mary Etta 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Houston, Ruth (Graham) 2016 houston,ruth(graham).pdf Wise County Messenger
Houtchens, Helen Lewis 2002 houtchens,helenlewis-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houtchens, Helen Lewis 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Houtchens, Joe Wayne 2001 houtchens,joewayne-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houtchens, Joe Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Houtchens, William Bryan 1989 houtchens,williambryan-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Houx, Nora Brown 1968-03-22-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Beulah Willess 1977 howard,beulahwilless-1977.jpg
Howard, C.J. 'Shorty', Jr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Howard, Cecile Maudelle 1989 howard,cecilemaudelle-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Charles William, Sr. 1985 howard,charleswilliam,sr.-1985.jpg
Howard, Chloe Koyner 1981 howard,chloekoyner-1981.jpg
Howard, Christopher Kent 2006 howard,christopherkent-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, Christopher Kent 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, Clemma J. 1979 howard,clemmaj.-1979.jpg
Howard, Clois R. 2003 howard,cloisr.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Clois R. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Howard, David Clinton 1974 howard,davidclinton-1974.jpg
Howard, David Clinton 1978 howard,davidclinton-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Delma Hood - 2012 howard,delmahood-2012.pdf
Howard, Donna Raine 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Howard, EmilyRuth 2011 howard,emilyruth-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Gladys 1988 howard,gladys-1988.jpg
Howard, Hazel - 2015 howard,hazel-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, Hazel - 2015 howard,hazel-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, HelenMargurieteStarnes howard,helenmargurietestarnes-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, James Arnold 2010 howard,jamesarnold-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howard, James Arnold 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Howard, JessieMack howard,jessiemack-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, JoyceNadine howard,joycenadine-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Katherine Furr 1999 howard,katherinefurr-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, LelaTruitt 2011 howard,lelatruitt-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Lowe Larson 1990 howard,lowelarson-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Mary 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, Mathew David 2001 howard,mathewdavid-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Mathew David 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Howard, Maxine 2002 howard,maxine-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Maxine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Howard, Michael Ray 1988 howard,michaelray-1988.jpg
Howard, Murrell Elvin 1987 howard,murrellelvin-1987.jpg
Howard, Oleta Thacker 1986 howard,oletathacker-1986.jpg
Howard, Oma E. 1989 howard,omae.-1989.jpg
Howard, Pauline Amanda 2002 howard,paulineamanda-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Pauline Amanda 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Howard, Ron 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Howard, Ronald David 2005 howard,ronalddavid-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, SaraLouise howard,saralouise-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howard, Susan Robinson 1997 howard,susanrobinson-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howard, Tracy 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Howard, Walter Clyde 1984 howard,walterclyde-1984.jpg
Howard, William Curtis _Dub_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Howard, William' Dub' 2006 howard,william'dub'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Howden, EileenKaye howden,eileenkaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howe, Clara Mabel 1987 howe,claramabel-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howe, Elbert Leonard none howe,elbertleonard-none.jpg
Howe, Ralph E. 1957-04-26-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Charles E., Sr. 2004 howell,charlese.,sr.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Earl' Barney' 1998 howell,earl'barney'-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Eula Mae 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Howell, Geneva Lee - 2012 howell,genevalee-2012.pdf
Howell, Grover Cleveland 1977 howell,grovercleveland-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, John Alexander 1985 howell,johnalexander-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Johnnie Alexander 1985 howell,johnniealexander-1985.jpg
Howell, Johnnie Leroy 2000 howell,johnnieleroy-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Johnny Mrs born at Willie Grace McDaniel 1955-06-24-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Juanita M. 1995 howell,juanitam.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Junior Alton 1997 howell,junioralton-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Leslie _Doc_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Howell, NancyJ. howell,nancyj.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howell, Randall Eugene _Bones_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Howell, Randall' Bones' Eugene 2005 howell,randall'bones'eugene-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Ruth Nadine 1999 howell,ruthnadine-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howell, Susie Dorthula 1970-05-15-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Howerton, Faye - 2015 howerton,faye-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howerton, SharleneFaye howerton,sharlenefaye-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Howle, B.S. 'Scottie', Lt. 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Archie Gladney 1983 hoyl,archiegladney-1983.jpg
Hoyl, Basil Landon 1977 hoyl,basillandon-1977.jpg
Hoyl, Cecil Bryan 1984 hoyl,cecilbryan-1984.jpg
Hoyl, Cecil, Jr. 2016 hoyl,cecil,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoyl, Dale Garrison 2005 hoyl,dalegarrison-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Dale Garrison 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hoyl, Doris Boyer 1983 hoyl,dorisboyer-1983.jpg
Hoyl, Doris Lucille - 2015 hoyl,dorislucille-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hoyl, Doris Lucille - 2015 hoyl,dorislucille-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hoyle, O.K. 1961-05-05-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hoyt, Jeffery 2016 hoyt,jeffery.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hronec, PaulM. 2011 hronec,paulm.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hubbard, Arvel hubbard,arvel-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hubbard, Bobbie J. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hubbard, Charles H., Judge 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hubbard, Cilmon Jean - 2013 hubbard,cilmonjean-2013.pdf
Hubbard, Glen E. 1987 hubbard,glene.-1987.jpg
Hubbard, Mamie Louvenia 1980 hubbard,mamielouvenia-1980.jpg
Hubbard, Mammie Joyce - 2013 hubbard,mammiejoyce-2013.pdf
Hubbard, Milton Joel 1984 hubbard,miltonjoel-1984.jpg
Hubbard, W.J. 'Corky' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hubbard, Willie Eureka Gose 1988 hubbard,willieeurekagose-1988.jpg
Hubbell, Emily Jane (Simmons) 2016 hubbell,emilyjane(simmons).pdf Wise County Messenger
Huber, David Waldo, Sr. 1999 huber,davidwaldo,sr.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huber, David Waldo, Sr.2 1999 huber,davidwaldo,sr.2-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huber, Dennis 2006 huber,dennis-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huber, Dennis 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Huber, Martha ( Mottie) 2011 huber,martha(mottie)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huckabay, Alvin Wesley 1992 huckabay,alvinwesley-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabay, Willie Gean 1984 huckabay,williegean-1984.jpg
Huckabee, Doris E. 1995 huckabee,dorise.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, E. H.' Chick' 1983 huckabee,e.h.'chick'-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, Edd Haney(Chick) 1983 huckabee,eddhaney(chick)-1983.jpg
Huckabee, Hicks Henry 1989 huckabee,hickshenry-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, James Monroe 1983 huckabee,jamesmonroe-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckabee, James Nolan 1974-08-01-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huckleberry, Austin James 1978 huckleberry,austinjames-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Edna 1974-07-25-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Floyd 1996 huddleston,floyd-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Harold 1964-05-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Helen - 2015 huddleston,helen-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, Helen - 2015 huddleston,helen-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huddleston, James Floyd 2007 huddleston,jamesfloyd-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, James Floyd 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Huddleston, Royal K. (Bud) 1988 huddleston,royalk.(bud)-1988.jpg
Huddleston, Stanley 1977 huddleston,stanley-1977.jpg
Huddleston, Susan Kay Shepherd - 2012 huddleston,susankayshepherd-2012.pdf
Huddleston, William E., Dr. 2010 huddleston,williame.,dr.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, William E., Dr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huddleston, William Mc Kinley 1976 huddleston,williammckinley-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huddleston, William McKinney, Mrs. 1973-10-18-pg31.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudgins, Nancy Carol 1999 hudgins,nancycarol-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudnall, Glen Row 1981 hudnall,glenrow-1981.jpg
Hudnall, Katherine Wilson 1982 hudnall,katherinewilson-1982.jpg
Hudnall, Pearl Mc Clain 1984 hudnall,pearlmcclain-1984.jpg
Hudson, Alice Roosevelt 1981 hudson,aliceroosevelt-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Annie Nellie 1985 hudson,annienellie-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Berta Mae 1990 hudson,bertamae-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Bill Irvin 1992 hudson,billirvin-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Blanch 1980 hudson,blanch-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Blanch Marie 1980 hudson,blanchmarie-1980.jpg
Hudson, Carl Franklin 1989 hudson,carlfranklin-1989.jpg
Hudson, Carol Gene 1980 hudson,carolgene-1980.jpg
Hudson, Carol Jean 1980 hudson,caroljean-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Charles Ray 2009 hudson,charlesray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Chesley S. 1984 hudson,chesleys.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Donald L.' Catfish' 1999 hudson,donaldl.'catfish'-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, E. L. 1973 hudson,e.l.-1973.jpg
Hudson, Earl Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hudson, Edgbert Thomas 2007 hudson,edgbertthomas-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Edgbert Thomas 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hudson, Edith Irene Linehan 1977 hudson,edithirenelinehan-1977.jpg
Hudson, Edith Linehan 1977 hudson,edithlinehan-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellen 2010 hudson,ellen-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellen 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hudson, Ellena Louise 2010 hudson,ellenalouise-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ellena Louise 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hudson, Ernest Lonnie 1991 hudson,ernestlonnie-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Flora Matilda McDanniell 1975-09-04-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Flora Mrs. 1959-07-24-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Frank Marion 1981 hudson,frankmarion-1981.jpg
Hudson, Gladys Mae 1989 hudson,gladysmae-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Glen Edward 1984 hudson,glenedward-1984.jpg
Hudson, J.C. Jr 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, J.L. hudson,j.l.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hudson, James Kenneth 1988 hudson,jameskenneth-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Oliver 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Steven 2006 hudson,jamessteven-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, James Steven 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hudson, James. R. 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, JamesE. 2011 hudson,jamese.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hudson, Jayne C. 2008 hudson,jaynec.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Jayne C. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hudson, Jerry 1967-07-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Jerry 1967-07-14-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Elmer 2008 hudson,johnelmer-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Elmer 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hudson, John Henry 1981 hudson,johnhenry-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, John Walter 1968-11-01-pg23.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Joseph Price 1945-05-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Kittie Louis 1980 hudson,kittielouis-1980.jpg
Hudson, Linda Clark 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hudson, Linda Sue 2002 hudson,lindasue-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Linda Sue 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hudson, Lula Mae 1975 hudson,lulamae-1975.jpg
Hudson, Mary Lillian 1976 hudson,marylillian-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Maudie 1967-03-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Melvina Elizabeth 1976 hudson,melvinaelizabeth-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ollie Dove 1977 hudson,olliedove-1977.jpg
Hudson, Orien Hoyt 1977 hudson,orienhoyt-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Pauline Tanner 1988 hudson,paulinetanner-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hudson, Richard Wayne 1984 hudson,richardwayne-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Robert Alonzo 1976 hudson,robertalonzo-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Russell Paul 1989 hudson,russellpaul-1989.jpg
Hudson, Ruth Mae 1992 hudson,ruthmae-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ruth Vandiver 2006 hudson,ruthvandiver-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Ruth Vandiver 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hudson, Samuel Bryan 1990 hudson,samuelbryan-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Stanley R. 1961-09-15-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Summer Starr 1979 hudson,summerstarr-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Susie Virginia 1995 hudson,susievirginia-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Thomas D. 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Thomas Nolen 1957-08-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Tom in Memorium by wife poem by Blanch Hudson 1957-09-06-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Utoka 2002 hudson,utoka-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, Utoka 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hudson, Verda Pearl 2016 hudson,verdapearl.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hudson, William Leonidas born June 2, 1871 in Alabama 1956-10-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, William Loy 1984 hudson,williamloy-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hudson, William Loyd 1984 hudson,williamloyd-1984.jpg
Hudspeth, Wilma (Greenwood) Dart 2016 hudspeth,wilma(greenwood)dart.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huebner, AnnaMarie 2011 huebner,annamarie-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huebner, Elizabeth Elsie 1986 huebner,elizabethelsie-1986.jpg
Huebner, KennethC huebner,kennethc.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Huebner, KennethC. huebner,kennethc.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huerta, Frances 2010 huerta,frances-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Frances 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huerta, Jorge Luis Rosales 2002 huerta,jorgeluisrosales-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Jorge Luis Rosales 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Huerta, Jose Bartolo 2005 huerta,josebartolo-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huerta, Jose Bartolo 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Huezdos, Joseph born May 5, 1919 in Fort Worth TX 1969-02-14-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huff, JuneLangley huff,junelangley-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huff, Mark 2010 huff,mark-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huff, Mark 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huff, William 'Bill' Morton 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huffman, Henry R. (Hank) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Huffman, Jeffery Andrew 1989 huffman,jefferyandrew-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huffman, Robert Lloyd 1985 huffman,robertlloyd-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huffstetler, Earl 2016 huffstetler,earl.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huffstetler, LolaMae 2011 huffstetler,lolamae-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hufhines, C. E. 1987 hufhines,c.e.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Carolyn 2003 hufhines,carolyn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Melvin A. 1970-09-11-pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Rosa 1976 hufhines,rosa-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufhines, Sybil 1995 hufhines,sybil-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hufines, Carolyn 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Huggins, Betty J. (Rich) 2016 huggins,bettyj.(rich).pdf Wise County Messenger
Huggins, Birdie Mae 1999 huggins,birdiemae-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Harley' Cecil' 1997 huggins,harley'cecil'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Linda 2010 huggins,linda-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Linda 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Huggins, Lois Robin 1989 huggins,loisrobin-1989.jpg
Huggins, MarionB. ( Marti) 2011 huggins,marionb.(marti)-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Huggins, Oscar Oral(Jack) 1982 huggins,oscaroral(jack)-1982.jpg
Huggins, Terry Mae Lawrence 2005 huggins,terrymaelawrence-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huggins, Terry Mae Lawrence 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hughes, Bertha Jackie 1988 hughes,berthajackie-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Beulah Muriel 1974 hughes,beulahmuriel-1974.jpg
Hughes, Billie M. - 2012 hughes,billiem.-2012.pdf
Hughes, Charlie 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, David Corbett 2003 hughes,davidcorbett-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, David Corbett 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hughes, Douglas Moore 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hughes, Ella 1970-03-20-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Esther Lee Gilbert 2008 hughes,estherleegilbert-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Esther Lee Gilbert 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hughes, Geneva Bean - 2015 hughes,genevabean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, George Luther 1946-09-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Geraldine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Geraldine P. 2002 hughes,geraldinep.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Guy R. 1965-06-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, J. Lyndal 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hughes, Jack Eugene 1990 hughes,jackeugene-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, James Celtyn 1974-05-30-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, James Thomas - 2012 hughes,jamesthomas-2012.pdf
Hughes, Jason Mark 1988 hughes,jasonmark-1988.jpg
Hughes, Johnny Barlow 1987 hughes,johnnybarlow-1987.jpg
Hughes, Johnny Barlow 1988 hughes,johnnybarlow-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Johnny Hall - 2012 hughes,johnnyhall-2012.pdf
Hughes, Joie Daniel 2006 hughes,joiedaniel-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Joie Daniel 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hughes, Juanelle 2000 hughes,juanelle-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Kimberly Kay 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Kimberly Kay Watkins 2002 hughes,kimberlykaywatkins-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Kimberly Watkins 2002 hughes,kimberlywatkins-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Lela Pearl none hughes,lelapearl-none.jpg
Hughes, LowellBland-Jr. hughes,lowellbland,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Martha Lou - 2015 hughes,marthalou-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Martha Lou - 2015 hughes,marthalou-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Shiloh Buck 2002 hughes,shilohbuck-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, Shiloh Buck 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hughes, Shiloh Buck2 2002 hughes,shilohbuck2-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, VickieLynn hughes,vickielynn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hughes, Virgle 1977 hughes,virgle-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hughes, William A. , Judge 1989 hughes,williama.,judge-1989.jpg
Hughes, ZelmaMae 2011 hughes,zelmamae-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hugo, Erwin Fritz 1988 hugo,erwinfritz-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hugo, Violet 2005 hugo,violet-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hugo, Violet 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hukill, Mary Jo St. John 2010 hukill,maryjost.john-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hukill, Mary Jo St. John 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hull, Charles Lee - 2015 hull,charleslee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hull, Gloria Inell 'Nell' Landers - 2012 hull,gloriainell'nell'landers-2012.pdf
Hull, Jake 2009 hull,jake-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hull, Jake 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hull, James Bruce - 2013 hull,jamesbruce-2013.pdf
Hulme, Timothy David(T. J. ), Jr. 1989 hulme,timothydavid(t.j.),jr.-1989.jpg
Hulsey, Mark 2010 hulsey,mark-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hulsey, Mark 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hulsey, Terry Gene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Humes, James William 1980 humes,jameswilliam-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Humes, Mary Jane 1978 humes,maryjane-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hummel, Christopher Brandon 1981 hummel,christopherbrandon-1981.jpg
Humphrey, John Wesley 1999 humphrey,johnwesley-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunley, Alta Fairbetter 2003 hunley,altafairbetter-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunley, Alta Fairbetter 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunn, Bessie Lee 1985 hunn,bessielee-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Harlow 2006 hunn,harlow-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Harlow 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hunn, Mark William 2007 hunn,markwilliam-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunn, Mark William 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunn, Mary Pultz - 2015 hunn,marypultz-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunn, Reba Moses 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Hunn, Toney R. 'Bob' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunn, Toney R. 2010 hunn,toneyr.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunnicutt, James Scott - 2013 hunnicutt,jamesscott-2013.pdf
Hunphrey, Oma 1993 hunphrey,oma-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Ashley Joelynn - 2015 hunt,ashleyjoelynn-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Ashley Joelynn - 2015 hunt,ashleyjoelynn-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunt, BillyFloyd 2011 hunt,billyfloyd-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunt, Donald Lloyd 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunt, Hazel Lucille Jenkins 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Hunt, Imogene 2010 hunt,imogene-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Imogene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunt, Jackie Floyd 2005 hunt,jackiefloyd-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Jackie Floyd 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Hunt, Lowell Wayne 1977 hunt,lowellwayne-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Mae Bell 1997 hunt,maebell-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Margaret Henry 1988 hunt,margarethenry-1988.jpg
Hunt, Pearl Irene 1987 hunt,pearlirene-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Richard Douglas 2000 hunt,richarddouglas-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Richard Douglas 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunt, Ruby Ann 1995 hunt,rubyann-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Shaun Kennedy 1989 hunt,shaunkennedy-1989.jpg
Hunt, Tamara Jean 1978 hunt,tamarajean-1978.jpg
Hunt, Tamara Jean2 1978 hunt,tamarajean2-1978.jpg
Hunt, Virginia Maude 1980 hunt,virginiamaude-1980.jpg
Hunt, Warren Lee 2006 hunt,warrenlee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunt, Warren Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hunter, Alvis Leroy, I I I 2010 hunter,alvisleroy,iii-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Alvis Leroy, III 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunter, B.C. 'Sug' 1964-10-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Bert M. born June 17, 1896 1956-03-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Bertram Montgomery, Jr. 1988 hunter,bertrammontgomery,jr.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Billy Ray 2009 hunter,billyray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Billy Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Hunter, Clifton Truman 1983 hunter,cliftontruman-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Eugene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Gloria 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hunter, Harper 2002 hunter,harper-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Jacob 'Jake' Thomas - 2012 hunter,jacob'jake'thomas-2012.pdf
Hunter, James E., M. D. 1989 hunter,jamese.,m.d.-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, James T. 2003 hunter,jamest.-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, James T. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunter, Jo Beth 2000 hunter,jobeth-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Jo Beth 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Joe Henry 1988 hunter,joehenry-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Joe Henry2 1988 hunter,joehenry2-1988.jpg
Hunter, John Casper - 2015 hunter,johncasper-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, John Casper - 2015 hunter,johncasper-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunter, John Milton 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Hunter, Nora Donnie Mrs born apr 13, 1883 in Dallas County 1955-02-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Patsy 1995 hunter,patsy-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Pauline Beulah Judge 2007 hunter,paulinebeulahjudge-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Pauline Beulah Judge 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunter, Raymond Paul 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hunter, Roy Dean - 2015 hunter,roydean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Roy Dean - 2015 hunter,roydean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hunter, Samuel Ryan 2003 hunter,samuelryan-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hunter, Samuel Ryan 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hunter, Thurman Cleo 1957-08-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Huntington, Wilma Stella 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hurley, Joel Bennett 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Hurley, Mary Frances 1987 hurley,maryfrances-1987.jpg
Hurley, Thomas David, Sr. 1978 hurley,thomasdavid,sr.-1978.jpg
Hurtado, Rita hurtado,rita-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Husband, Caleb Paul 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Huse, Estelle 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Huse, Richard Lee 1982 huse,richardlee-1982.jpg
Huskey, JoyceLaura 2011 huskey,joycelaura-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hussey, Viola Tadge Bernhardt 1991 hussey,violatadgebernhardt-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Abraham 1945-03-16-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Don A. 1962-04-06-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Don A. 1962-04-13-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, Ethel Hines 1970-05-08-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutcheson, William Allen' Bill' 1994 hutcheson,williamallen'bill'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchins, Glen 2004 hutchins,glen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchins, Glen 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Hutchinson, Cornelia 1981 hutchinson,cornelia-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchinson, Mary Ava 1970-11-13-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchison, Bettie 1973-09-13-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutchison, Cornelia 1980 hutchison,cornelia-1980.jpg
Hutchison, DoraleeInez hutchison,doraleeinez-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hutchison, Holly Lindsey Marie 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Hutchison, Jane Aleen 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Hutchison, Jane Aleen Gravelle 2003 hutchison,janealeengravelle-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Elvin Reuben 2008 hutson,elvinreuben-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Evan Hearn 1978 hutson,evanhearn-1978.jpg
Hutson, Evan Hearn 1979 hutson,evanhearn-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutson, Norman Elvin 1989 hutson,normanelvin-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Amy Marie 2010 hutto,amymarie-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Amy Marie 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hutto, Billy Warren 1986 hutto,billywarren-1986.jpg
Hutto, Billy Warren 1987 hutto,billywarren-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Billy Warren2 1986 hutto,billywarren2-1986.jpg
Hutto, Chester Tandy' Jack' 1978 hutto,chestertandy'jack'-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Chester Tandy(Jack) 1978 hutto,chestertandy(jack)-1978.jpg
Hutto, Homer Lewis 1961-07-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Roy Cecil 2006 hutto,roycecil-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutto, Roy Cecil 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Hutto, Zadie Virginia 1992 hutto,zadievirginia-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hutton, Rick 2010 hutton,rick-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hutton, Rick 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hutton, Timothy Jack - 2013 hutton,timothyjack-2013.pdf
Huya, MelissaGay 2011 huya,melissagay-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Hvezdos, John 1963-02-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Johnnie A. 1958-01-17-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Lola P.' Nall' 2007 hvezdos,lolap.'nall'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Magsalene J. 1974-02-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hvezdos, Stephen Sylvester 1971-07-29-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Hyatt, Donald W. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Hyatt, William Blaine, Sr. 1983 hyatt,williamblaine,sr.-1983.jpg
Hyde, Avis Nadine 1985 hyde,avisnadine-1985.jpg
Hyde, Esther Jane 1983 hyde,estherjane-1983.jpg
Hyde, Lula Bell Wilson, born Feb 6, 1877 Bosque Co. TX 1954-04-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Idell, Clyde E. 2009 idell,clydee.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Idell, Clyde E. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Idell, DorothyLucille 2011 idell,dorothylucille-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Idell, Jaunita Faye 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Iglesia, Luis Albert Martinez 2006 iglesia,luisalbertmartinez-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iglesias, Luis Albert Martinez 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Iglesias, Luis Ray 2009 iglesias,luisray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iglesias, Luis Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Ille, Vincent John 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Inabnett, Lilia Maxine 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Inabnett, W. T., Dr. 1985 inabnett,w.t.,dr.-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, Buddy Wayne 2006 ince,buddywayne-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ince, Buddy Wayne 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ince, George W. 1993 ince,georgew.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, Kennedie Paige - 2015 ince,kennediepaige-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ince, Kennedie Paige - 2015 ince,kennediepaige-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ince, Norreca 'Joy' Parsons - 2012 ince,norreca'joy'parsons-2012.pdf
Ince, Robert Doyle 1988 ince,robertdoyle-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ince, StephenDoyle ince,stephendoyle-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Infante, LuisCarlos infante,luiscarlos-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ingram, Angela 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Ingram, John Jay 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Ingram, Marty 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Ingram, Marty, Bro. 2004 ingram,marty,bro.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ingram, NowlinD.BuzJr 2011 ingram,nowlind.buzjr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inguanzo, Alfredo inguanzo,alfredo-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Doyle _Pap_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Inman, Doyle' Pap' 2006 inman,doyle'pap'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Inman, JimmieDeward inman,jimmiedeward-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Phillip ( Izzy)Edward 2011 inman,phillip(izzy)edward-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, RalphN. 2011 inman,ralphn.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Roy Adron 2016 inman,royadron.pdf Wise County Messenger
Inman, Warner 1959-04-03-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Iracheta, Galdina 2016 iracheta,galdina.pdf Wise County Messenger
Irby, Tommy Clay 2008 irby,tommyclay-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irby, Tommy Clay 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Irish, Mildred Livengood - 2012 irish,mildredlivengood-2012.pdf
Irland, Donald B. - 2012 irland,donaldb.-2012.pdf
Irland, Meg 2010 irland,meg-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irland, Meg 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Ironmonger, Lee 2007 ironmonger,lee-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ironmonger, Lee 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Irvin, Hayden, Mrs. 1968-11-08-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Irvin, Mack Thomas 'Tommy', Jr. - 2015 irvin,mackthomas'tommy',jr.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Irvin, Mack Thomas, Jr. - 2015 irvin,mackthomas,jr.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Irvin, NicoleLee 2011 irvin,nicolelee-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Irving, Douglas Richard 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Irving, Eva Deloris (Dee) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Isaacs, Joe Henry, Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Isaksen, Harry Emil 2005 isaksen,harryemil-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Harry Emil 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isaksen, Robert Harry 2005 isaksen,robertharry-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Robert Harry 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isaksen, Sylvia Nancy 2005 isaksen,sylvianancy-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isaksen, Sylvia Nancy 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isbell, AmandaCrothers isbell,amandacrothers-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isbell, Jared David 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Isbell, JerryLynn 2011 isbell,jerrylynn-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isbell, MaryE. 2011 isbell,marye.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Isham, Hazel Marie 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Isham, Robert O. - 2012 isham,roberto.-2012.pdf
Isley, H. J. 1995 isley,h.j.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isom, Eleanor Patricia _Pat_ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Isom, Eleanor Patricia' Pat' 2004 isom,eleanorpatricia'pat'-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Isom, Kenneth Charles 1987 isom,kennethcharles-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Israel, Velma 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Issacs, Joe Henry, Jr. 2006 issacs,joehenry,jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Iverson, Morris' Sonny' Campbell 2006 iverson,morris'sonny'campbell-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivey, Hope Elaine 2001 ivey,hopeelaine-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivey, Jackie Joe (H.T.) 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivins, Mary Lorene Browning 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, DeloisAnn ivy,deloisann-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Ivy, Gregory Darnell, Jr. 2006 ivy,gregorydarnell,jr.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, Gregory Darnell, Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, Harry T. 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Ivy, Hope Elaine Massey 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Ivy, John Harold ivy,johnharold-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, June 2006 ivy,june-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Ivy, June 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Ivy, William Red, Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Al 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, Audra 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jackson, Audy Milton 1995 jackson,audymilton-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Bessie none jackson,bessie-none.jpg
Jackson, Bessie2 none jackson,bessie2-none.jpg
Jackson, Billy Don 2006 jackson,billydon-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Frank 2008 jackson,billyfrank-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Frank 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Billy Ray - 2015 jackson,billyray-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Billy Ray - 2015 jackson,billyray-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Bobbie J. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jackson, Bobby Don - 2015 jackson,bobbydon-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Brain Keith 1970-08-07-pg19.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Carl H. 1996 jackson,carlh.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Charlotta Lee Clara 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, Dave 2016 jackson,dave.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, David Thomas 1990 jackson,davidthomas-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Delbert Lewis 1981 jackson,delbertlewis-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Della,Mrs. 1943-10-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Dixie Lee Harclerode Death 1962-08-17-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Dollie Mae 1988 jackson,dolliemae-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Doris L. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jackson, Dorothy 1993 jackson,dorothy-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Elton Leslie 1971-11-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, EvaJo 2011 jackson,evajo-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Floyd 1971-01-01-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Gaylon Dale 1971-03-26-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, George Alvin, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Gladys Dilks 2002 jackson,gladysdilks-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Gladys Dilks 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, Gladys Dilks2 2002 jackson,gladysdilks2-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Glenda Ann - 2015 jackson,glendaann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Glenda Ann - 2015 jackson,glendaann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Glenda Ann (2) - 2015 jackson,glendaann(2)-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Harold Don _Hap_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jackson, Helen Connell 1990 jackson,helenconnell-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Helen R. 1999 jackson,helenr.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Sidney 2005 jackson,jamessidney-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Sidney 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jackson, James W. 1968-02-09-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, James Willard 2010 jackson,jameswillard-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Jerry Lou 1991 jackson,jerrylou-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Jerry Loyd - 2012 jackson,jerryloyd-2012.pdf
Jackson, Jessie William 1974-07-18-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Joan (Lewis) 2016 jackson,joan(lewis).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Joan 2009 jackson,joan-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Joe Sidney 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jackson, Joe Sydney 2006 jackson,joesydney-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, John 1946-10-04-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, John William 1946-10-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Johnnie Lester 1990 jackson,johnnielester-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Josie Marie 1997 jackson,josiemarie-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katelyn Ann 2003 jackson,katelynann-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katelyn Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jackson, Katelyn Ann2 2003 jackson,katelynann2-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Katherine (Katie( Elizabeth 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, Kenneth R. 2016 jackson,kennethr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Lela Banks 1977 jackson,lelabanks-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Lora Jane King 1986 jackson,lorajaneking-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Mable - 2013 jackson,mable-2013.pdf
Jackson, Margaret N. - 2015 jackson,margaretn.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Marjorie Ann Kimbrough 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jackson, Martha Sue - 2013 jackson,marthasue-2013.pdf
Jackson, Mary Lorena' Rena' Wood 2005 jackson,marylorena'rena'wood-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Minnie Belle 1990 jackson,minniebelle-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Myra Lee (Barnes) jackson,myrnalee(barnes).jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Jackson, Nancy 'Mickey' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Naomi Faye Hartsell 2010 jackson,naomifayehartsell-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Penny Foreman 2010 jackson,pennyforeman-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Penny Foreman 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jackson, Ricky D., Jr. 1979 jackson,rickyd.,jr.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Robert A.' Bobby' 1996 jackson,roberta.'bobby'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Robert D. 1968-09-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Ronnie W. - 2015 jackson,ronniew.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Ronnie W. - 2015 jackson,ronniew.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jackson, Susan Malinda - 2013 jackson,susanmalinda-2013.pdf
Jackson, Tedy Ray 1985 jackson,tedyray-1985.jpg
Jackson, Thomas Lee 2001 jackson,thomaslee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Thomas Lee 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jackson, William (Bill( Franklin 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jackson, William Allen 1945-08-31-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jackson, Windy Destiny Merry 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jacobs, Jarman J. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jacobs, Mary Lee 1989 jacobs,marylee-1989.jpg
Jadrych, Julie Ann (Mielke) 2016 jadrych,julieann(mielke).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jaggers, Stanley 2006 jaggers,stanley-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, A. E. 1958-03-14-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Billie Jean 2008 james,billiejean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, Billie Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
James, Billy Earl 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
James, Cindy Joy - 2013 james,cindyjoy-2013.pdf
James, E. W. 1958-09-12-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Elzie W. 1958-09-26-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Esteen Elizabeth - 2013 james,esteenelizabeth-2013.pdf
James, F. T. 1979 james,f.t.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Haevey Lee 2001 james,haeveylee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Harvey Lee 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
James, Helen L. Powell 2009 james,helenl.powell-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, J. W.' Bud' 1994 james,j.w.'bud'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Joseph Hubert' Joe' 1992 james,josephhubert'joe'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Marvin Edward 1983 james,marvinedward-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Michael Carl 2002 james,michaelcarl-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Michael Carl 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
James, Ruth 1982 james,ruth-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
James, Tim 2011 james,tim-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
James, Todd Anthony 2009 james,toddanthony-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
James, Todd Anthony 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jameson, B. Frank 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jamison, Nellie Middlebrooks 1996 jamison,nelliemiddlebrooks-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jamison, Valeta Ellen 2003 jamison,valetaellen-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Janecka, J. F.' Junior' 2006 janecka,j.f.'junior'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Janecka, Julius Frank _Junior_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Janiak, Stephen James Dom 2016 janiak,stephenjamesdom.pdf Wise County Messenger
January, Chester 1989 january,chester-1989.jpg
Jarnagin, Louisa A. 1981 jarnagin,louisaa.-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jarnagin, Russell H. 1982 jarnagin,russellh.-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jarrell, George A. none jarrell,georgea.-none.jpg
Jason, Jennifer 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jay, Gerald F. 1992 jay,geraldf.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffers, Dakota (D. J.) jeffers,dakota(d.j)-2011.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jefferson, Jeannie Wood 2004 jefferson,jeanniewood-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jefferson, Jeannie Wood 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jefferson, MarthaElizabethRenshaw jefferson,marthaelizabethrenshaw-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jeffrey, BillyJr 2011 jeffrey,billyjr-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jeffrey, John 2003 jeffrey,john-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffrey, John 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jeffrey, Reba Mae Wright 1977 jeffrey,rebamaewright-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Donna G. 1993 jeffries,donnag.-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Edward L. 2005 jeffries,edwardl.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeffries, Edward L. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jeffries, Jeff 1995 jeffries,jeff-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, A. S.' Jeep' 2002 jenkins,a.s.'jeep'-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, A.S. (Jeep) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jenkins, Bobbie Jo 1999 jenkins,bobbiejo-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Doris Jean 2008 jenkins,dorisjean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Doris Jean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jenkins, Doris Ruth 1987 jenkins,dorisruth-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, E.B. 'Bo' 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jenkins, H. M.' H' 2007 jenkins,h.m.'h'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, H.M. _H_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jenkins, Henry Eual, Jr. 2016 jenkins,henryeual,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Howard J. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, Joyce Faye 2016 jenkins,joycefaye.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Kendyll Lee - 2015 jenkins,kendylllee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Lola Elliott 1990 jenkins,lolaelliott-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Mary Allen 1996 jenkins,maryallen-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Nell Rita Schwark 2004 jenkins,nellritaschwark-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Nell Rita Schwark 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, Rena Mae 1947 1947-08-01-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Rosalene 2004 jenkins,rosalene-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Rosalene 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jenkins, S. O. 1958-09-12-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, S. O. Mr. 1958-09-26-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Sandy Brashear - 2012 jenkins,sandybrashear-2012.pdf
Jenkins, ShirleyAnn jenkins,shirleyann-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jenkins, Viola Mildred 1999 jenkins,violamildred-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Walter James for the infant born Dec 17, 1969 1969-12-26pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Walter King 1997 jenkins,walterking-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jenkins, Wesley 1961-06-23-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Addiele - 2013 jennings,addiele-2013.pdf
Jennings, Allene 2007 jennings,allene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Allene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jennings, Annetta Roberta 1985 jennings,annettaroberta-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Betty Lee - 2015 jennings,bettylee-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Betty Lee - 2015 jennings,bettylee-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Carol Ann Faith 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jennings, Eula Frances - 2013 jennings,eulafrances-2013.pdf
Jennings, George Martin, Jr. 2016 jennings,georgemartin,jr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Hester Rosetta (Smith) 2016 jennings,hesterrosetta(smith).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Ida Hartsfield 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Inez A. 1997 jennings,ineza.-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Jennifer Nicole 1998 jennings,jennifernicole-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Juanita 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jennings, Kenneth 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jennings, Larry 2008 jennings,larry-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Larry 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jennings, Marvin 2011 jennings,marvin-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Minnie Mae Shurbet - 2012 jennings,minniemaeshurbet-2012.pdf
Jennings, Oleta Cleo - 2015 jennings,oletacleo-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Oleta Cleo - 2015 jennings,oletacleo-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Opal 1957-02-22-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Orville L. _O.J._ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jennings, Patricia Ann 1976 jennings,patriciaann-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, RamonaR. jennings,ramonar.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jennings, Robert Lee 1967-12-22-pg29.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, T.O. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jennings, Thomas Napoleon, born March 11, 1874 1954-03-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Walter 2004 jennings,walter-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jennings, Walter 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jennings, Wesley Lee' Mike' 1991 jennings,wesleylee'mike'-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jensen, Gary Eugene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jensen, Verda Estelle 2005 jensen,verdaestelle-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jensen, Verda Estelle 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jereb, Mary Ann 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jernigan, Bobbie Hartsell 2000 jernigan,bobbiehartsell-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jernigan, Bobbie Hartsell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jesseph, Lonnie Ray 2010 jesseph,lonnieray-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jesseph, Lonnie Ray 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jessup, Tim 2010 jessup,tim-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jessup, Tim 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jeter, Clavin Thomas 1981 jeter,clavinthomas-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeter, Le Moyne Jones 1999 jeter,lemoynejones-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jeter, Sylvia B. Hudson 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jeter, W.P 1959-04-24-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jett, Alton Blackwell 2016 jett,altonblackwell.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jett, Maci Jada 2006 jett,macijada-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jett, Maci Jada 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jewell, David 2008 jewell,david-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jewell, David 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jinkens, Daisy Maxine - 2013 jinkens,daisymaxine-2013.pdf
Jobe, Reba 1997 jobe,reba-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jobes, Harry Duane - 2015 jobes,harryduane-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
John, Julia 1958-01-10-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Julia Cecil 1958-01-10-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Julia Cecil (formerly Julia Cecil) 1958-01-03-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Lisle Cecil Miss 1959-04-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
John, Lisle Dr. 1959-04-24-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnnene, Tammy Ann 2003 johnnene,tammyann-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnnene, Tammy Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johns, Blanche 1989 johns,blanche-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Deborah 1997 johns,deborah-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Edwin Burl, train collision 1965-02-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Everett Carel 1986 johns,everettcarel-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, J. C. 1996 johns,j.c.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, Ogle Murrell 1993 johns,oglemurrell-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johns, WillieFaye 2011 johns,williefaye-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, A. M., Jr 2006 johnson,a.m.,jr-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, A.M., Jr. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Johnson, Albert Simon - 2015 johnson,albertsimon-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Albert Simon - 2015 johnson,albertsimon-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Alton Walter 2016 johnson,altonwalter.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Arthur Durwood 1977 johnson,arthurdurwood-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Arthur Roland son of Mr & Mrs A. D. Johnson 1969-11-07pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Asa Wayne 2009 johnson,asawayne-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Asa Wayne, Sr. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Barbara 1995 johnson,barbara-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Bobby Dean 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Carl Otha 1981 johnson,carlotha-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Chance Arron - 2015 johnson,chancearron-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Charles Leroy 2008 johnson,charlesleroy-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Charles Leroy 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Charles Mrs. 1958-10-10-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Cortez 'Tez' - 2015 johnson,cortez'tez'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Daniel Lewis 2000 johnson,daniellewis-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Daniel Lewis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Danny Lee 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Johnson, DavidLee johnson,davidlee-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, De Alva Shelton 2002 johnson,dealvashelton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, DeAlva Shelton 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Donald A. 2008 johnson,donalda.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Donald A. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, E.O., Mrs 1965-09-10-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Earl C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Evelyn (Green) 2016 johnson,evelyn(green).pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Faye Vaughn 2003 johnson,fayevaughn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Faye Vaughn 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johnson, Glen E. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Johnson, Grace M. 1983 johnson,gracem.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Grover Thomas _Tommy_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Johnson, Harry Austin 2000 johnson,harryaustin-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Harry Austin 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Hattie Electra 1980 johnson,hattieelectra-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, I. N. Mrs 1965-10-29-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, J. R. died in Olney Texas 1954-02-12-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Jack E. 1996 johnson,jacke.-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Jason Douglas 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Johnson, Jesse Everette, Jr. - 2013 johnson,jesseeverette,jr.-2013.pdf
Johnson, Jimmie Neff 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Jimmy Neff 2008 johnson,jimmyneff-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Joanne Elizabeth 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Joe Manuel 1984 johnson,joemanuel-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Joel Sidney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, John Daniel 2003 johnson,johndaniel-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, John Daniel 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Johnson, Johnnie Dell _JJ_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Joyce Jay 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Johnson, Karen Rene 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Katie Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Kizzie R. Downs 1946-10-18-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, La Moyne Ruth 1999 johnson,lamoyneruth-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Lois 2005 johnson,lois-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Lois 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Johnson, Marjorie Jean 1982 johnson,marjoriejean-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Marshall F. 2008 johnson,marshallf.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Marshall F. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Martha Novell - 2013 johnson,marthanovell-2013.pdf
Johnson, Mary Frances Bellows 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Maxine 2011 johnson,maxine-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Melissa Ann 1978 johnson,melissaann-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Merton A., Jr. - 2013 johnson,mertona.,jr.-2013.pdf
Johnson, Myrtle 1979 johnson,myrtle-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Myrtle'Lavata' johnson,myrtle'lavata'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Naomi 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Johnson, Naomi Lee' Nanny' 2007 johnson,naomilee'nanny'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nedra Lee Beville 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nelda Jane Lester 2008 johnson,neldajanelester-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Nelda Jane Lester 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Orville Buck 'J.R.', Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Johnson, Orville Buck' J. R.' 2010 johnson,orvillebuck'j.r.'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Peggy Mrs killed in auto accident near Decatur Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Perry Adam - 2015 johnson,perryadam-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Perry Adam - 2015 johnson,perryadam-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Ronny johnson,ronny-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Ruby 1989 johnson,ruby-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Ruby J. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, SandraFayeMayo 2011 johnson,sandrafayemayo-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Stella Mae 1985 johnson,stellamae-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Sue 1984 johnson,sue-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, TeddyH. johnson,teddyh.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, TerriLynnTaylor johnson,terrilynntaylor-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Johnson, Terry Weldon 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnson, Tom 2004 johnson,tom-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Tom 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Johnson, Tom E. 1983 johnson,tome.-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Vada B. 2002 johnson,vadab.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Vada B. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Johnson, Velma Ree 1996 johnson,velmaree-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, Walter none johnson,walter-none.jpg
Johnson, Walter Oscar 1974-08-01-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, William Delmo 1996 johnson,williamdelmo-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnson, William Myatt 1968-11-01-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Betty Ann 1993 johnston,bettyann-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Buddy Charles 2008 johnston,buddycharles-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Buddy Charles 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Johnston, Clara M. 1994 johnston,claram.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Everett E. 2006 johnston,everette.-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Everett E. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Johnston, Gladys Opal Locke 1968-09-06-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Hugh 1970-06-12-pg16.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, John Martin 1973-10-11-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Oscar 1990 johnston,oscar-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Thomas F. 1962-04-06-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, Thomas F. 1962-04-13-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, V. A. none johnston,v.a.-none.jpg
Johnston, W. D.' Dub' 1992 johnston,w.d.'dub'-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Johnston, William David' Bill' 1982 johnston,williamdavid'bill'-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Esther 1986 joiner,esther-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Michael Leon 1988 joiner,michaelleon-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joiner, Nellie Lee Dycus - 2012 joiner,nellieleedycus-2012.pdf
Joiner, Rebekah 'Vicki' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Joiner, Rebekah' Vicki' Pryor 2010 joiner,rebekah'vicki'pryor-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jolley, Ellen Ann - 2015 jolley,ellenann-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jolley, Ellen Ann - 2015 jolley,ellenann-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jolley, LesterEdward'Ed' jolley,lesteredward'ed'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Adalynn Marie 2016 jones,adalynnmarie.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Alice Irene - 2015 jones,aliceirene-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Alice Irene - 2015 jones,aliceirene-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Armilda Jane 1988 jones,armildajane-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Beatrice Barker 2002 jones,beatricebarker-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Beatrice Barker 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Bert Fane 1990 jones,bertfane-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie Marie 1982 jones,billiemarie-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie, Jr. 2008 jones,billie,jr.-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Billie, Jr. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Billy Jack 1983 jones,billyjack-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Bobbie Jean - 2013 jones,bobbiejean-2013.pdf
Jones, Bobby 2010 jones,bobby-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Bobby 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Buddy 2006 jones,buddy-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Buddy 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Carl Ray - 2013 jones,carlray-2013.pdf
Jones, Carl Thomas 2009 jones,carlthomas-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Carl Thomas 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Carol Irene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jones, Cassie Belle born Nov 1, 1870 in Tarrant County TX 1955-08-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles B. 1980 jones,charlesb.-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles White 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Charles William 2000 jones,charleswilliam-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Charles William 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jones, Clara (Doerr) 2016 jones,clara(doerr).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Clifford 1964-12-18-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Clifford 1965-01-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, ConnieJeanSuter jones,conniejeansuter-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Coylene Miss (died in boating accident) 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Cynthia F. Chick Boaz - 2012 jones,cynthiaf.chickboaz-2012.pdf
Jones, D. E. 1994 jones,d.e.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, DavidRay jones,davidray-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Debra Ann - 2013 jones,debraann-2013.pdf
Jones, Donald L. 1979 jones,donaldl.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Doris Jeanne 'Sue Anne' (Setters) 2016 jones,dorisjeanne'sueanne'(setters).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Doyle Lavon 1980 jones,doylelavon-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Doyle Lavon2 1980 jones,doylelavon2-1980.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Edith Jane 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Edith Louise 1978 jones,edithlouise-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Edward Earl 2016 jones,edwardearl.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Ellen C. 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ernest 1971-09-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ernest 1971 jones,ernest-1971.jpg
Jones, Ernest G. _E. G._ 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Floyd funeral service in Paradise 1954-01-15-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gerald 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gerald Ray - 2013 jones,geraldray-2013.pdf
Jones, Gladys 1974-03-21-pg24.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Gladys 1974 jones,gladys-1974.jpg
Jones, Guy 1981 jones,guy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, HalCurtis jones,halcurtis-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Hettie 1984 jones,hettie-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, HollisW. 2011 jones,hollisw.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Homer S. 1998 jones,homers.-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ida May 1997 jones,idamay-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jackson Hunter 2010 jones,jacksonhunter-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jackson Hunter 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Jacob Allan - 2012 jones,jacoballan-2012.pdf
Jones, James _Jim_ Edward 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jones, James Darrell 1996 jones,jamesdarrell-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Doyle 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, James E. 'Jim' 1974-11-07-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Edward 2007 jones,jamesedward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Milford 1988 jones,jamesmilford-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Sidney 2010 jones,jamessidney-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, James Sidney 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, James' Jim' Edward 2007 jones,james'jim'edward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jaqualyn 1979 jones,jaqualyn-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jaqualyn2 1979 jones,jaqualyn2-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jasper Loyd 1963-11-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jenner - 2013 jones,jenner-2013.pdf
Jones, JerryA. jones,jerrya.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Jesse 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Jessie 2006 jones,jessie-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Jessie Earl 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Jim, Mrs. 1962-11-23-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, John S. (Alice Jane) Mrs funeral held in Decatur last week. 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, John S. (J.S.) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Johnny Allen 2004 jones,johnnyallen-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Johnny Allen 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Joy - 2013 jones,joy-2013.pdf
Jones, Juanita 2002 jones,juanita-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Juanita 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Julia 2002 jones,julia-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Julia 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Kathy (Byrd) 2016 jones,kathy(byrd).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Kathy_Byrd 2016 jones,kathy_byrd.pdf Hawkins Funeral Home
Jones, Lela 1958-01-24-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lena Newkirk 1995 jones,lenanewkirk-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Linda 1979 jones,linda-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lizzie Mae 2004 jones,lizziemae-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Lizzie Mae 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Lula L. 1964-02-21-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Luvada 2003 jones,luvada-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Luvada 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, M.E., Mrs. 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Margie New Lemme - 2012 jones,margienewlemme-2012.pdf
Jones, Marion Franklin 1985 jones,marionfranklin-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Marion Kert - 2013 jones,marionkert-2013.pdf
Jones, Martha 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Jones, Marvin J. 1968-04-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Matthew Bryan 2016 jones,matthewbryan.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Mayme Jo Heflin 2005 jones,maymejoheflin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Mayme Jo Heflin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Micah Shane 2003 jones,micahshane-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Micah Shane 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Naomi Faye 2003 jones,naomifaye-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Naomi Faye 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Norma Jean 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Oleta Mae Hawk 2003 jones,oletamaehawk-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Oleta Mae Hawk 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ollie Brisco 1975-06-12-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Opal K. Lovejoy 2004 jones,opalk.lovejoy-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Opal K. Lovejoy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Orion Calvin 1968-11-29-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Owen Russell 2003 jones,owenrussell-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Owen Russell 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Pat Norene 1999 jones,patnorene-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Patsy Ann Slauson 2005 jones,patsyannslauson-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Patsy Ann Slauson 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Peggy Jane Lindsey 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Pepper R. 2016 jones,pepperr..pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Phillip Hammond 2006 jones,philliphammond-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Phillip Hammond 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Ralph Edward 1986 jones,ralphedward-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Randall Wayne _Tommy_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jones, Randall Wayne' Tommy' 2005 jones,randallwayne'tommy'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Raymond Bill? - 2013 jones,raymondbill-2013.pdf
Jones, Raymond Ramsey 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Richard Horace, born 1887 in Dickson Missouri 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Robert Earl - 2012 jones,robertearl-2012.pdf
Jones, Robert Lowell, II (Bubba) 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Ruby Faye 1995 jones,rubyfaye-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, RussellAlan 2011 jones,russellalan-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Samuel Hueston 2002 jones,samuelhueston-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Samuel Hueston 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Sandra June 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jones, Sandra June Bowyer 2006 jones,sandrajunebowyer-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sandy 2004 jones,sandy-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sandy 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Jones, Shannon 2003 jones,shannon-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Shannon 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Jones, Sylvia - 2015 jones,sylvia-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, Sylvia 'Laverna' - 2015 jones,sylvia'laverna'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, T.E. 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Tom 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, Tommie June Wilson 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Jones, U. A. 1994 jones,u.a.-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Uell R. 1964-11-13-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Ulysses Ashby 1977 jones,ulyssesashby-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Vetta Marie (Page) 2016 jones,vettamarie(page).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jones, Wanda Lee 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jones, Wilbur Monroe 'Bill' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Jones, Wilbur Monroe' Bill' 2008 jones,wilburmonroe'bill'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Albert 1968-05-10-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William David 1985 jones,williamdavid-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Henry' Bill' 1976 jones,williamhenry'bill'-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, William Odes 1961-05-12-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Willie Lavot 1981 jones,willielavot-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones, Wilson W. Mr died Tuesday Oct 23 in Denton Hospital 1956-10-26-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones. Brinson A., Rev. 1966-11-11-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jones. Brinson A.,Mrs 1966-11-11-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Bonnie Lee Watson 2007 jordan,bonnieleewatson-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Bonnie Lee Watson 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jordan, Charles Kenneth 1974-10-24-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Charles Kenneth Jan. 2,1974 Jordan not Jordon 1974-01-10-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Clara Miss born Oct. 3, 1875 in Alabama 1955-07-08-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Dover Mae 1971 jordan,dovermae-1971.jpg
Jordan, Emma Miss, buried in Parkdale Cemetery 1954-03-19-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gerald Thomas - 2015 jordan,geraldthomas-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gerald Thomas - 2015 jordan,geraldthomas-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Jordan, Geraldine Jerrie? Brewer - 2013 jordan,geraldinejerriebrewer-2013.pdf
Jordan, Gladys Mae 2005 jordan,gladysmae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Gladys Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Jordan, Jim 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Jordan, Joe A. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Jordan, Lois Breedlove 1989 jordan,loisbreedlove-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Mary Elizabeth 1959-10-23-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jordan, Thomas Lee (T.J.) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Jordan, Vernie Lee (V.L.) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Jordan, Vernie Lee' V. L.' 2002 jordan,vernielee'v.l.'-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Jorgenson, Sarah (Davis) 2016 jorgenson,sarah(davis).pdf Wise County Messenger
Jorgenson, Wallace F. 1987 jorgenson,wallacef.-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joseph, Bonnie Jean 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Joseph, Bonnie Jean 2008 joseph,bonniejean-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Josserand, Bill 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Josserand, Hattie Smith - 2013 josserand,hattiesmith-2013.pdf
Josserand, Josh - 2013 josserand,josh-2013.pdf
Journey, Hannah Rose 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Joyce, Helen June - 2013 joyce,helenjune-2013.pdf
Joyce, J. Wayne 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Joyce, Joseph Richard 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Joyce, Joseph Richard, Sr. 2004 joyce,josephrichard,sr.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Joyce, Michelle 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Joyce, Michelle Lyenette 2007 joyce,michellelyenette-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Joyner, Thaya Faye 2006 joyner,thayafaye-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Joyner, Thaya Faye 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Jozwiak, Keith William - 2012 jozwiak,keithwilliam-2012.pdf
Juarez, Elisia Gonzales 2010 juarez,elisiagonzales-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Juarez, Elisia Gonzales 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Juarez, Wesley M. 1999 juarez,wesleym.-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Judge, BerthaDelores 2011 judge,berthadelores-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Judge, Curtis Allen 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Judge, Erva Lee 2006 judge,ervalee-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Judge, Erva Lee 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Justice, Darwin Roger - 2015 justice,darwinroger-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Justice, Darwin Roger - 2015 justice,darwinroger-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Justice, Margie F. 1979 justice,margief.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Justus, Juney E. 1971-02-12-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Charles (Chock( Franklin 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Kaker, Charles' Chock' Franklin 2003 kaker,charles'chock'franklin-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Edna 1994 kaker,edna-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Etta 1959-06-05-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Evilla 1999 kaker,evilla-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Garland S. 1979 kaker,garlands.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Garland Sneed 1979 kaker,garlandsneed-1979.jpg
Kaker, Gladys Vain 1988 kaker,gladysvain-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Gussie Faulkner born Aug 4, 1873 in Paris Texas 1956-07-27-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Harold 1992 kaker,harold-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Hattie Martha 1984 kaker,hattiemartha-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Henry Lawson 1959-03-27-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, John 1925-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Johnnie Lee 1962-07-13-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Lawson 1959-03-13-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Lemont Mrs, born in Mississippi in 1878 1953-08-14-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Leta Lemont 1985 kaker,letalemont-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Melvin Lewis(Buddy) 1980 kaker,melvinlewis(buddy)-1980.jpg
Kaker, Mervie Virginia 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, O.C. 1965-09-17-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Oscar H. 1973-05-10-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Robert Alonzo 1967-08-11-pg10.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Ruby M. 1979 kaker,rubym.-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, S. A. 1957-10-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Sam Frederick 1964-12-04-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Sidney Clarence 1987 kaker,sidneyclarence-1987.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Thomas 1974 kaker,thomas-1974.jpg
Kaker, Thomas Colon 1976 kaker,thomascolon-1976.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Weldon Frank 1961-07-28-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Weldon Frank - list attending 1961-07-28-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Wilma Catherine 1979 kaker,wilmacatherine-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kaker, Zelma 1993 kaker,zelma-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kalb, Louise 'JuJu' (Sprinkle) 2016 kalb,louise'juju'(sprinkle).pdf Wise County Messenger
Kalbfleisch, James 2008 kalbfleisch,james-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kalbfleisch, James 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kale, Alan William' Captain Al' 1997 kale,alanwilliam'captainal'-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kammeier, Lucille(Bettie) 1988 kammeier,lucille(bettie)-1988.jpg
Kantosky, Johnnie M. 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Karbiner, KevinKarl 2011 karbiner,kevinkarl-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Karetski, Jolinda Kay 1994 karetski,jolindakay-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Karm, Cal - 2013 karm,cal-2013.pdf
Kasner, Cara 1965-05-14-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Fred Simom 1981 kasner,fredsimom-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Fred Simon 1981 kasner,fredsimon-1981.jpg
Kasner, Hazel Lorene Stubblefield 2004 kasner,hazellorenestubblefield-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Margaret Elaine 2009 kasner,margaretelaine-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Margaret Elaine 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kasner, Mattie 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Mildred B. 2009 kasner,mildredb.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kasner, Mildred B. 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kathan, William Earl 1979 kathan,williamearl-1979.jpg
Kay, Tolliver Lacreta 2008 kay,tolliverlacreta-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kearby, Jerome P. 1984 kearby,jeromep.-1984.jpg
Kearnes, Betty Joan 2005 kearnes,bettyjoan-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kearnes, Betty Joan 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kearney, Belle Miss 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keasler, Ben 2003 keasler,ben-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keasler, Margie Evelyn 1995 keasler,margieevelyn-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keath, Adrin S. - 2015 keath,adrins.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keath, Adrin S. - 2015 keath,adrins.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keath, Grady 1984 keath,grady-1984.jpg
Keath, MarthaPauline keath,marthapauline-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kee, Ira 1987 kee,ira-1987.jpg
Kee, Peggy Jean - 2015 kee,peggyjean-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kee, Peggy Jean - 2015 kee,peggyjean-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kee, Rex D. 1971-04-09-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keegan-Wolf, Andre keegan-wolf,andre-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keeland, Vanessa none keeland,vanessa-none.jpg
Keen, Mildred Mae 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Keen, Willis Arvin 1945-06-08-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keenan, Richard D. 2010 keenan,richardd.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keenan, Richard D. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keene, Gladys 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Keene, Spencer - 2015 keene,spencer-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keener, Agnes E. 1990 keener,agnese.-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Allen J. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Keener, Billy Charles 1990 keener,billycharles-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Billy Charles2 1990 keener,billycharles2-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keener, Jack - 2012 keener,jack-2012.pdf
Keener, Marilyn 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Keener, Sandra 2009 keener,sandra-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keener, Sandra 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Keener, Steve - 2012 keener,steve-2012.pdf
Kees, Mary Virginia _Ginger_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Keesee, TrumanLaDoyte-Sr. keesee,trumanladoyte,sr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keeter, Margaret E. 1988 keeter,margarete.-1988.jpg
Keimsteadt, Mary Ophelia Cunningham 1988 keimsteadt,maryopheliacunningham-1988.jpg
Keister, Gary Lynn 1972 1972-04-27-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, C. C. 1988 keith,c.c.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Charles Dennis 'Denny' - 2015 keith,charlesdennis'denny'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Clarence L. Sonny? - 2013 keith,clarencel.sonny-2013.pdf
Keith, David 'Ed' - 2015 keith,david'ed'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Esther Idabel Hendrix 1985 keith,estheridabelhendrix-1985.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Ether Idabel Miller 1985 keith,etheridabelmiller-1985.jpg
Keith, Grady Clyde 1986 keith,gradyclyde-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, LaDarlaWalker keith,ladarlawalker-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keith, Lloyd C. 1987 keith,lloydc.-1987.jpg
Keith, Lloyd Clarence - 2012 keith,lloydclarence-2012.pdf
Keith, Marshel Clifton' M. C.' 1994 keith,marshelclifton'm.c.'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keith, Mildie Elizabeth 2010 keith,mildieelizabeth-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keith, Mildie Elizabeth 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keith, Ruth Estelle 1998 keith,ruthestelle-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kell, John J. 2004 kell,johnj.-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kell, John J. 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kell, Joseph W. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kellam, Elba 1980 kellam,elba-1980.jpg
Keller, David Alva 1959-10-09-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, Emory Elvin 'Jack' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Keller, Emory Elvin' Jack' 2010 keller,emoryelvin'jack'-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Keller, Gregory L. 2016 keller,gregoryl..pdf Wise County Messenger
Keller, Jeremy Richard 1981 keller,jeremyrichard-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, Loretta Mae (Thompson) 2016 keller,lorettamae(thompson).pdf Wise County Messenger
Keller, Rebecca Leigh 1998 keller,rebeccaleigh-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keller, Thomas Theodore 2016 keller,thomastheodore.pdf Wise County Messenger
Keller, WarrenDewayne 2011 keller,warrendewayne-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kelley, Ammer G. 1985 kelley,ammerg.-1985.jpg
Kelley, C.F. - 2012 kelley,c.f.-2012.pdf
Kelley, Comilla 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelley, Earl 1997 kelley,earl-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Ethel Corene 1994 kelley,ethelcorene-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Eva Jewell 2007 kelley,evajewell-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Eva Jewell 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kelley, Floyd 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kelley, Henry 2004 kelley,henry-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Henry 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kelley, J.O., Judge 1964-04-03-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, James Otis 1964-03-27-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jim 1996 kelley,jim-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jim Bill 1987 kelley,jimbill-1987.jpg
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne 1988 kelley,jimmydwayne-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne2 1988 kelley,jimmydwayne2-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Joe Lee 2008 kelley,joelee-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Joe Lee 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kelley, Linda K. Bower - 2012 kelley,lindak.bower-2012.pdf
Kelley, Luther Clarence 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kelley, Mary A. 1968-10-11-pg07.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mena, Mrs. 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mildred Moody 2006 kelley,mildredmoody-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Mildred Moody 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kelley, Oliver Peak 1978 kelley,oliverpeak-1978.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Oliver Peak2 1978 kelley,oliverpeak2-1978.jpg
Kelley, Ollie Geneva 2001 kelley,olliegeneva-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Ollie Geneva 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kelley, Ollie Lee 1990 kelley,ollielee-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Orrie B. (O.B.) 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelley, Orrie B.' O. B.' 2000 kelley,orrieb.'o.b.'-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Rex 1979 kelley,rex-1979.jpg
Kelley, Velma Cloe 2002 kelley,velmacloe-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, Velma Cloe 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kelley, Viva Jane 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kelley, Viva Jane Cox 2005 kelley,vivajanecox-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelley, William Hugh 1984 kelley,williamhugh-1984.jpg
Kelly, B. A. 2000 kelly,b.a.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, B.A. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelly, George (Machine Gun) photo of casket for Christian Funeral Home 1954-07-23-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Luther Clarence 2009 kelly,lutherclarence-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Marilyn M. - 2015 kelly,marilynm.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Marilyn M. - 2015 kelly,marilynm.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kelly, Rex 1979 kelly,rex-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelly, Wiley Naymon, Jr. kelly,wileynaymonjr.jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
Kelsay, William Ashley 1969 kelsay,williamashley-1969.jpg
Kelsey, Alice Imogene _Jean_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kelsey, Alice Imogene' Jean' Mc Clellan 2005 kelsey,aliceimogene'jean'mcclellan-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelsey, Bobby Gene 2000 kelsey,bobbygene-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelsey, Bobby Gene 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kelsey, Weldon Eugene 1988 kelsey,weldoneugene-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kelton, Brandon Vance 2009 kelton,brandonvance-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kelton, Brandon Vance 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kemp, Betty Sue 2010 kemp,bettysue-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Betty Sue 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kemp, James Phillip 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kemp, James Randale 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kemp, Joyce Ann Parsons - 2015 kemp,joyceannparsons-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Joyce Ann Parsons - 2015 kemp,joyceannparsons-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kemp, Kathy 2016 kemp,kathy.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kemp, Leo 1978 kemp,leo-1978.jpg
Kemp, Lorene Bailey 1994 kemp,lorenebailey-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Matthew Gaylord 2000 kemp,matthewgaylord-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemp, Matthew Gaylord 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kemp, Sibelle Jan 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kemp, Sibelle Jan Conrad 2005 kemp,sibellejanconrad-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kemper, LeRoyHarold-Jr. kemper,leroyharold,jr.-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kempf, Tony Curtis 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kemplin, Billy Raymond 1999 kemplin,billyraymond-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kendall, J.S., Judge 1944-02-11-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kendrick, Mack 1993 kendrick,mack-1993.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Bedford Arthur 1996 kennedy,bedfordarthur-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Billy Joe 1999 kennedy,billyjoe-1999.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Carlton Reid 1998 kennedy,carltonreid-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Charles Ray 2016 kennedy,charlesray.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kennedy, Clifton Eugene' Cub' 1986 kennedy,cliftoneugene'cub'-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Clifton Eugene(Cub) 1986 kennedy,cliftoneugene(cub)-1986.jpg
Kennedy, Cora Pearl 1983 kennedy,corapearl-1983.jpg
Kennedy, Eva Love Meader 1983 kennedy,evalovemeader-1983.jpg
Kennedy, Gary (Butch) 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kennedy, Jennifer Leann - 2012 kennedy,jenniferleann-2012.pdf
Kennedy, Lee 1978 kennedy,lee-1978.jpg
Kennedy, Linnie Leah 1988 kennedy,linnieleah-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Marie Slagle - 2013 kennedy,marieslagle-2013.pdf
Kennedy, Melba Cole 2008 kennedy,melbacole-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Melba Cole 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kennedy, Mollie 1988 kennedy,mollie-1988.jpg
Kennedy, Ruby Nell 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kennedy, W.T., Mrs. 1963-03-22-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennedy, Wanda L. none kennedy,wandal.-none.jpg
Kennedy, WeldonG. 2011 kennedy,weldong.-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kennedy, Wilma LaVerne Smith 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kennemer, David 1975-10-02-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennemer, Robert' Bob' 1996 kennemer,robert'bob'-1996.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennemer, Shirley Diane Phillips - 2012 kennemer,shirleydianephillips-2012.pdf
Kennemur, Pauline Estelle 2008 kennemur,paulineestelle-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kennemur, Pauline Estille 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kennon, Ronald Philip 2002 kennon,ronaldphilip-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kennon, Ronald Philip 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Kensey, Rhonda 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kenyon, Bob Lee 2001 kenyon,boblee-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Bob Lee, Jr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kenyon, Bob Lee2 2001 kenyon,boblee2-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Buster Lee 1983 kenyon,busterlee-1983.jpg
Kenyon, Buster Lee 1984 kenyon,busterlee-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Buster Lee2 1984 kenyon,busterlee2-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Peggy kenyon,peggy-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kenyon, Richard 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kenyon, Richard Allen 2009 kenyon,richardallen-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kenyon, Sterling Ray, Jr. - 2013 kenyon,sterlingray,jr.-2013.pdf
Kenyon, Trudie Belma 1988 kenyon,trudiebelma-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keown, Grady 1979 keown,grady-1979.jpg
Keown, Paul Francis 2004 keown,paulfrancis-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keown, Paul Francis 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kerlee, Dorothy Elizabeth Summers 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerlee, Enis Mitchell 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerley, Bonnie Beth Quam - 2012 kerley,bonniebethquam-2012.pdf
Kernan, Jack, Dr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kernan, Jack, Dr., M. D. 2007 kernan,jack,dr.,m.d.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kerns, Transie Marie - 2013 kerns,transiemarie-2013.pdf
Kerr, Alice F. (Shug) 1979 kerr,alicef.(shug)-1979.jpg
Kerr, Alice F. (Shug)2 1979 kerr,alicef.(shug)2-1979.jpg
Kerr, Alice Rose Rosenburg 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kerr, Audrey Mae 2005 kerr,audreymae-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Audrey Mae 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kerr, Dennis Stimpson 1974 kerr,dennisstimpson-1974.jpg
Kerr, Doyle Leroy 1982 kerr,doyleleroy-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Doyle Leroy2 1982 kerr,doyleleroy2-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Doyle Ray 1997 kerr,doyleray-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Eleanor Burdick - 2015 kerr,eleanorburdick-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kerr, Eleanor Burdick - 2015 kerr,eleanorburdick-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kerr, James Noel, Jr. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kerr, Larry 1969 (drowned in fishing accident) 1969-06-27pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersey, Clinton 1979 kersey,clinton-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersey, Eulalah Ruth Green 1998 kersey,eulalahruthgreen-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kersten, Lawrence E. - 2015 kersten,lawrencee.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kersten, Lawrence E. - 2015 kersten,lawrencee.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kesey, Ray 2009 kesey,ray-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kesey, Ray 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kessler, Mary _Kay_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kessler, Mary' Kay' 2007 kessler,mary'kay'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Key, Artie Lauderdale Reed Hunter 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Key, Cash Ledoux Matthew 2009 key,cashledouxmatthew-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Key, Cash Ledoux Matthew 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Key, Dennis 1981 key,dennis-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, James Westley 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Key, Ola Maude Mrs born in 1881 in Hood Co. Texas 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, Roy Alvin, Sr. 2001 key,royalvin,sr.-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Key, Roy Alvin, Sr. 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Keyworth, Charles Dayle 2004 keyworth,charlesdayle-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Keyworth, Edna Mae 1978 keyworth,ednamae-1978.jpg
Keyworth, Johnny 1978 keyworth,johnny-1978.jpg
Khorsandi, Keivan 2007 khorsandi,keivan-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Khorsandi, Keivan 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kidd, Bessie Louise 2005 kidd,bessielouise-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kidd, Bessie Louise 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kidd, Sammy Lee' S. L.' 1994 kidd,sammylee's.l.'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kidd, William Wayne 2016 kidd,williamwayne.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kiehl, John 1925-03-27-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, Belva 1981 kilgore,belva-1981.jpg
Kilgore, Bleva 1981 kilgore,bleva-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, Bobby K. 2016 kilgore,bobbyk..pdf Wise County Messenger
Kilgore, Frankie Hollis 1984 kilgore,frankiehollis-1984.jpg
Kilgore, J. L. 1958-03-21-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilgore, William La Neal 1983 kilgore,williamlaneal-1983.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killion, G.C. 1963-08-30-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killion, Maggie May 1964-07-03-pg05.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killough, Charles Moxley, Dr. 2000 killough,charlesmoxley,dr.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Killough, Charles Moxley, Dr. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Killough, Clifford Dean, Sr. 1989 killough,clifforddean,sr.-1989.jpg
Killough, Morris 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Killough, William Francis died in auto accident near Boyd Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kilpatrick, Mary Francis 2009 kilpatrick,maryfrancis-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kilpatrick, Mary Francis 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kimball, Charles W. _Chuck_ 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kimball, Charles W.' Chuck' 2007 kimball,charlesw.'chuck'-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kimbrell, Carolyn Kay (Martin) Bagley - 2015 kimbrell,carolynkay(martin)bagley-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kimbrell, Leland C. 2010 kimbrell,lelandc.-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kimbrell, Leland C. 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kimbro, Jo Ruth 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kime, J.C. - 2015 kime,j.c.-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kime, J.C. - 2015 kime,j.c.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kimmons, Zelda 1984 kimmons,zelda-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kincaid, Christine Lee 2004 kincaid,christinelee-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kincaid, Christine Lee 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kincaid, Maudie E. 1987 kincaid,maudiee.-1987.jpg
Kincaid, Trina Renee - 2012 kincaid,trinarenee-2012.pdf
Kindle, Mary 1968-11-08-pg14.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kindle, W.A. 'Bill' 1963-02-15-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Anita Hall - 2015 king,anitahall-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Anita Hall - 2015 king,anitahall-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Barbara J. Fowler 2007 king,barbaraj.fowler-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Barbara J. Fowler 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
King, Barbara J. Fowler2 2007 king,barbaraj.fowler2-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Barney Jake 1994 king,barneyjake-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Bessie 1986 king,bessie-1986.jpg
King, Betty Catherine 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
King, Billy Clinton 2002 king,billyclinton-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Cecil Edward 1987 king,ceciledward-1987.jpg
King, Charles Basil, Sr. 1986 king,charlesbasil,sr.-1986.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Charles Gordon - 2015 king,charlesgordon-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Charles Gordon 'Chock' - 2015 king,charlesgordon'chock'-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Dorothy M. 2002 king,dorothym.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Dorothy M. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
King, Eddie - 2012 king,eddie-2012.pdf
King, Effie 1961-03-10-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Emma - Emma Florence (Locke) Zuspann King 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Emma Lucy 1981 king,emmalucy-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Ernest Franklin born Feb 16, 1911 in Paradise Texas 1969-03-07-pg06.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Florence 2003 king,florence-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Florence 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
King, George W. 1988 king,georgew.-1988.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, George W. 2 1988 king,georgew.2-1988.jpg
King, George W. 3 1988 king,georgew.3-1988.jpg
King, Gregory Martin, Jr. 1995 king,gregorymartin,jr.-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Herman B. 1988 king,hermanb.-1988.jpg
King, Imogene Fay 1999 wise_county_messenger-1999.pdf
King, Irene 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
King, J. D., Jr. 1991 king,j.d.,jr.-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James Davis 1971-01-01-pg13.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James F. 'Jimmy' 1967-06-16-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James W. 2005 king,jamesw.-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, James W. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
King, JamesWayne king,jameswayne-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Jimmy 1967-06-09-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Jimmy, Sr. 2016 king,jimmy,sr..pdf Wise County Messenger
King, John Edward 2007 king,johnedward-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, John Edward 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
King, Johnnie 1995 king,johnnie-1995.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Johnnie Lou 2010 king,johnnielou-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Johnnie Lou 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
King, Johnny Arley 2002 king,johnnyarley-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Johnny Arley 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
King, Judy Elaine - 2013 king,judyelaine-2013.pdf
King, Julius Emory 1981 king,juliusemory-1981.jpg
King, KasiDawn king,kasidawn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Larry 'Skipper' Gregg - 2012 king,larry'skipper'gregg-2012.pdf
King, Leroy 2011 king,leroy-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Lindy - 2013 king,lindy-2013.pdf
King, Loretta May 2003 king,lorettamay-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Loretta May 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
King, Loria A. Erwin 1968-03-29-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Mada Lavina (Pope) 2016 king,madalavina(pope).pdf Wise County Messenger
King, Martha La Rue 1978 king,marthalarue-1978.jpg
King, Mary Ann 2009 king,maryann-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Mary M. 1978 king,marym.-1978.jpg
King, Michael E. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
King, Milton 1943-09-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Murray C. 1992 king,murrayc.-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Ora Opal 1987 king,oraopal-1987.jpg
King, Oreta J. 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
King, Paul Bradley 2006 king,paulbradley-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Paul Bradley 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
King, Roland Travis 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
King, Ruby 1997 king,ruby-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, SherryEllen(Martin) king,sherryellen(martin).jpg Bridgeport Index 2014
King, SherryEllen(Martin) king,sherryellen(martin).jpg Jones Funeral Home 2014
King, Vada Elizabeth 1991 king,vadaelizabeth-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, Virginia Olivia 2010 king,virginiaolivia-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
King, Virginia Olivia 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
King, Walter Francis 1998 king,walterfrancis-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
King, William Luther 1958-12-05-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kingsley, Mattie E. 1969 kingsley,mattiee.-1969.jpg
Kinnard, Kathryn kinnard,kathryn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kinney, Richard John 2003 kinney,richardjohn-2003.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinney, Richard John 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Kinsey, Gabe W. 1974-03-14-pg09.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, James M. _Mike_ 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kinsey, James M.' Mike' 2005 kinsey,jamesm.'mike'-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Mary Frances 1998 kinsey,maryfrances-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Rhonda 2009 kinsey,rhonda-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Robert Wesley 1968-06-07-pg18.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Ruby Opal 2000 kinsey,rubyopal-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kinsey, Ruby Opal 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kinsey, William Luther' Billy' 1994 kinsey,williamluther'billy'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Martin 2005 kirbie,martin-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Martin 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirbie, Matthew - 2012 kirbie,matthew-2012.pdf
Kirbie, Miles Cameron 2010 kirbie,milescameron-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirbie, Miles Cameron 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kirbie, Troy 1977 kirbie,troy-1977.jpg
Kirby, Benn Hill 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kirby, GerreMerre kirby,gerremerre-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirby, James Burl 1968 kirby,jamesburl-1968.jpg
Kirby, Martha Ann Shaw 2009 kirby,marthaannshaw-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirby, Martha Ann Shaw 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kirby, Ruth 1968 kirby,ruth-1968.jpg
Kirby, Sterling Gene 1969 1969-08-15pg15.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirk, Carl 1989 kirk,carl-1989.jpg
Kirk, La Verne Denton 2006 kirk,lavernedenton-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirk, LaVerne Denton 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kirkbride, MarthaFrances 2011 kirkbride,marthafrances-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirkbride, Robert Lee 2005 kirkbride,robertlee-2005.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkbride, Robert Lee 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirkeby, Marvin Phillip 1987 kirkeby,marvinphillip-1987.jpg
Kirkland, Billy Wayne (Killer) 2001 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2001.pdf
Kirkland, Billy Wayne' Killer' 2001 kirkland,billywayne'killer'-2001.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkland, Doris 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kirkland, Eligah' Joe' 1990 kirkland,eligah'joe'-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkland, Kenneth Boyd 'Bodie' - 2012 kirkland,kennethboyd'bodie'-2012.pdf
Kirkland, Opal Agnes 1981 kirkland,opalagnes-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkland, Wanda LaNelle (Lynch) 2016 kirkland,wandalanelle(lynch).pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirkpatrick, Gary Lee 1982 kirkpatrick,garylee-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkpatrick, Gary Lee2 1982 kirkpatrick,garylee2-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkpatrick, Lorene June (Westfall) 2016 kirkpatrick,lorenejune(westfall).pdf Wise County Messenger
Kirkpatrick, Mary E. 1966-08-05-pg04.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kirkwood, Carol _Elaine_ 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kirkwood, Carol' Elaine' 2006 kirkwood,carol'elaine'-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kirkwood, Jerry 1988 kirkwood,jerry-1988.jpg
Kiser, Jerry Richard 'J.R.' 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kissell, JohnFredrick 2011 kissell,johnfredrick-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kissner, Shirley Frances 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kitchens, Jimmie' Lott' Warren 2004 kitchens,jimmie'lott'warren-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kite, Kevin 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Klabough, Edwin 2010 klabough,edwin-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Klabough, Edwin 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Klatt, Waylon Harold 1977 klatt,waylonharold-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Klatt, Waylon Harold2 1977 klatt,waylonharold2-1977.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Helen 2000 kleam,helen-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Helen 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kleam, J. C. 2000 kleam,j.c.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kleam, J.C. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kleam, Kenneth Wayne 2007 kleam,kennethwayne-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kleam, Kenneth Wayne 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Klein, Ryan Whitmore - 2015 klein,ryanwhitmore-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Klement, Edna Haverkamp - 2015 klement,ednahaverkamp-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Klindera, Leslie Justin 2016 klindera,lesliejustin.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kline, Bradley David 2004 kline,bradleydavid-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kline, Bradley David 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kline, Virginia Lea - 2015 kline,virginialea-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kline, Virginia Lea - 2015 kline,virginialea-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knarr, Marty 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Knight, Cynthia Ann 2003 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2003.pdf
Knight, Letha Mae 1979 knight,lethamae-1979.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Minta 1966 knight,minta-1966.jpg
Knight, Samuel Lewis 1968-03-29-pg03.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Sonof R. C. 1977 knight,sonofr.c.-1977.jpg
Knight, Ulys Grafton 1973-11-15-pg27.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knight, Wayne I. 1984 knight,waynei.-1984.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knowles, PhilipDean knowles,philipdean-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, BillyJohn knox,billyjohn-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, Estaline Middlebrooks 1998 knox,estalinemiddlebrooks-1998.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Gay El Ree 2004 knox,gayelree-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, IrisNaomi 2011 knox,irisnaomi-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, James Noel' Jim' 1994 knox,jamesnoel'jim'-1994.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Joseph P. 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Joseph Paul 1981 knox,josephpaul-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knox, Kathryn Dee Roberson 2010 knox,kathryndeeroberson-2010.pdf Bridgeport Index
Knox, Kathryn Dee Roberson 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Knox, MaryF.'Myrt' knox,maryf.'myrt'-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knox, RobertBaker knox,robertbaker-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Knupp, Elanor Klienstiver 1991 knupp,elanorklienstiver-1991.jpg Bridgeport Index
Knupp, Leona Mildred 1989 knupp,leonamildred-1989.jpg
Knupp, Lyall Vernon 1985 knupp,lyallvernon-1985.jpg
Koch, EdnaMae koch,ednamae-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koehler, Charlene A. none koehler,charlenea.-none.jpg
Koeinger, Franz Joseph 1943-03-12-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koeninger, Anda May Galaz 1967-02-24-pg02.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koeninger, Delia Bridget Connor Mrs, born Nov 20, 1861 in Chicago 1954-05-07-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koerner, Curtis N. 2000 koerner,curtisn.-2000.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koerner, Curtis N. 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Koger, J. B. 1977 koger,j.b.-1977.jpg
Koger, Kylie - 2015 koger,kylie-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Koger, LeeOla - 2015 koger,leeola-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Koger, LeeOla B. - 2015 koger,leeolab.-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koger, Rylie - 2015 koger,rylie-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kolander, La Nita Kay 1981 kolander,lanitakay-1981.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kolbert, Byron Walter 1982 kolbert,byronwalter-1982.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kolbert, Byron Walton 1982 kolbert,byronwalton-1982.jpg
Konecny, Frances 1984 konecny,frances-1984.jpg
Kongable, BonnieUpshawLasater 2011 kongable,bonnieupshawlasater-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Koons, Marth Ann born June 7, 1860 in Spirngtown TX 1956-12-21-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Koontz family killed in auto accident home is in California, stationed in Enid OK 1955-04-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kostiw, Margaret G. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kott, Vernon E. 2007 kott,vernone.-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kott, Vernon, Sr. 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kouri, Edward 1997 kouri,edward-1997.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kozak, Shauna (Birdsall) 2016 kozak,shauna(birdsall).pdf Hawkins Funeral Home
Kramer, Myrna 2006 kramer,myrna-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kramer, Myrna 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kramp, Mary Rose 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kranklin, Howard Wade 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Krappel, Frank 2000 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2000.pdf
Kratz, HenryLeroy 2011 kratz,henryleroy-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Krebbs, Carolyn D. 2009 krebbs,carolynd.-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krell, Eunice Vivian 1984 krell,eunicevivian-1984.jpg
Kroeker, James George 1992 kroeker,jamesgeorge-1992.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kroeker, Jean Elizabeth 1990 kroeker,jeanelizabeth-1990.jpg Bridgeport Index
Krogstad, Russell William 1989 krogstad,russellwilliam-1989.jpg
Krogstad, Terry Grace 2006 krogstad,terrygrace-2006.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krogstad, Terry Grace 2006 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2006.pdf
Kroksh, George A. 2002 kroksh,georgea.-2002.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kroksh, George A. 2002 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2002.pdf
Krueger, Dorothy 'Dodie' 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Krueger, Dorothy' Dodie' 2008 krueger,dorothy'dodie'-2008.pdf Bridgeport Index
Krueger, Robert Arthur 2010 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2010.pdf
Kuehner, Grace Lucille 1985 kuehner,gracelucille-1985.jpg
Kuhlman, DonnaMarie kuhlman,donnamarie-2014.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kulhanek, FrancesSargentSelph 2011 kulhanek,francessargentselph-2011.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kulhanek, Joe E. 2005 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2005.pdf
Kurnes, Joyce Charlene 2007 kurnes,joycecharlene-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kurnes, Joyce Charlene 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kurtz, Robert _Bob_ 2009 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2009.pdf
Kurtz, Robert' Bob' 2009 kurtz,robert'bob'-2009.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Blanche 1975-07-10-pg08.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Dorothy Nelle 2004 kuykendall,dorothynelle-2004.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Dorothy Nelle 2004 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2004.pdf
Kuykendall, Gervias Bodge 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kuykendall, Jerry - 2015 kuykendall,jerry-2015.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, Jerry - 2015 kuykendall,jerry-2015m.pdf Wise County Messenger
Kuykendall, Leota 2008 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2008.pdf
Kuykendall, Oscar Edwin 1983 kuykendall,oscaredwin-1983.jpg
Kuykendall, William K. 1971-01-15-pg01.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kuykendall, William K. 1971-01-22-pg11.jpg Bridgeport Index
Kwiatkowski, Jesse Charles 2007 kwiatkowski,jessecharles-2007.pdf Bridgeport Index
Kwiatkowski, Jesse Charles 2007 wisecountymessenger_h-q_2007.pdf
Kyle, Leona Mae 1989 kyle,leonamae-1989.jpg Bridgeport Index

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