Waggoner Cemetery
Wise County, Texas
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    Waggoner Cemetery is north of Decatur. Go north out of town on Fm Rd 730. Turn left on CR 2360. There’s a Historical Marker by the gate on the left side of the road. The gate is locked and the cemetery is down the oil field road about a half of a mile. It’s on the left side as the road dead ends in a circle around an oil well.




    The text on the Historical Marker at the gate is below.

Waggoner Cemetery
(One-quarter mile south)

Georgia natives the Rev. Henry Fullingim, his wife Martha, and their 17 children came to northeast Texas in 1849. Henry Fullingim served the area as a circuit-riding Methodist minister. Their son, Archibald, and their son-in-law, John Hale, came to Wise County in 1853 and were among the area’s first settlers. Hale became the first Wise County sheriff in 1856. This cemetery is named for John T. and Sarah Waggoner, on whose land it was established. Martha Fullingim’s burial in 1868 is the first recorded here. The Waggoners deeded the property to Wise County in 1885.

(Sesquicentennial of Texas statehood 1845 – 1995)

    Thank you to Wendy Dolphay for helping us get to this cemetery. When we were there in December 2001 the county was having the cemetery surveyed with plans to fence it off from the pasture.


    We found 12 headstones in December 2001, but there were several graves marked with rocks. The extra information in parenthesis was supplied by Wendy Dolphay. See the Fullingim family web page at http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/familycenter Also see the 2010 email from Mike Fullingim below the table of information.

# Name Born Date of Death Information Notes Link to Headstone Picture
12 Akins, F.P., Mrs. (Frances) Apr 15, 1826 Dec 15, 1878 (Daughter of Henry & Martha Fullingim - Married first to Lewis Ruckman and lived in Hunt Co.) Waggoner-12.jpg
9 Donald, Fannie A. Apr 3, 18? Sept 9, 1879 Headstone with Franklin B. - Infant of R.S. & M.D. Waggoner-09.jpg
9 Donald, Fannie A. Additional Picture     Waggoner-09a.jpg
9 Donald, Fannie A. Additional Picture     Waggoner-09b.jpg
8 Donald, Franklin B. May 8, 1877 Sept 18, 1877 Headstone with Fannie A. - Infant of R.S. & M.D. Waggoner-08.jpg
8 Donald, Franklin B. Additional Picture     Waggoner-08a.jpg
6 Fullingim, Charlie D.   July 8, 1875 Aged 4 yrs, 8 mos, 24 dys - Son of J.P. & Ann (Jesse & Margaret A. Donald Fullingim) Waggoner-06.jpg
6 Fullingim, Charlie D. Additional Picture     Waggoner-06a.jpg
6 Fullingim, Charlie D. Additional Picture     Waggoner-06b.jpg
7 Fullingim, D.W. (David Wade) Mar 6, 1881 Feb 15, 1885 Son of J.P. & M.A. (Jesse & Margaret A. Donald Fullingim) Waggoner-07.jpg
7 Fullingim, D.W. (David Wade) Additional Picture     Waggoner-07a.jpg
7 Fullingim, D.W. (David Wade) Additional Picture     Waggoner-07b.jpg
7 Fullingim, D.W. (David Wade) Additional Picture     Waggoner-07c.jpg
11 Fullingim, Fletcher (John Fletcher) Oct 24, 1822 Apr 29, 1905 Headstone with Talitha C. (Son of Henry & Martha T. - Born in GA - Was a Confederate Veteran - Remarried in 1883 to Mrs. Matilda Roberts) Waggoner-11.jpg
11 Fullingim, Fletcher (John Fletcher) Additional Picture     Waggoner-11a.jpg
5 Fullingim, Martha T. (Martha Turpin Wade) Additional Picture Jan 16, 1868 Aged 69 yrs, 9 mos, 27 dys - Wife of Rev. H. - (Born in Georgia - Daughter of Peyton & Martha Perkins Wade - Moved from GA to AL in 1836 and then to TX in 1849 - Had 17 children. See family web page at http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/familycenter/pafg01.htm) Waggoner-05.jpg
5 Fullingim, Martha T. (Martha Turpin Wade) Additional Picture     Waggoner-05a.jpg
5 Fullingim, Martha T. (Martha Turpin Wade) Additional Picture     Waggoner-05b.jpg
10 Fullingim, Talitha C. (Talitha Cumie Sykes) Feb 14, 1825 May 31, 1880 Wife of Fletcher - (Married 1846 in Marshall Co., Miss.) Waggoner-10.jpg
10 Fullingim, Talitha C. (Talitha Cumie Sykes) Additional Picture     Waggoner-10a.jpg
10 Fullingim, Talitha C. (Talitha Cumie Sykes) Additional Picture     Waggoner-10b.jpg
4 Pounds, K.W. Nov 1839 Jan 5, 1919 Wife of L.K. - (Pounds family was charter member at Oak Grove Church) Waggoner-04.jpg
3 Pounds, Lewis K. Mar 10, 1846 Oct 9, 1916 Husband of K.W. - PVT CO H 16 MO INF Confederate States Army Waggoner-03.jpg
3 Pounds, Lewis K. Additional Picture     Waggoner-03a.jpg
3 Pounds, Lewis K. Additional Picture     Waggoner-03b.jpg
2 Pounds, Mary C. Dec 3, 1875 Dec 10, 1875 Daughter of L.K. & Catharine Waggoner-02.jpg
2 Pounds, Mary C. Additional Picture     Waggoner-02a.jpg
2 Pounds, Mary C. Additional Picture     Waggoner-02b.jpg
1 Pounds, Othella May Mar 11, 1907 Dec 16, 1907 Daughter of R.K. & Elsy Waggoner-01.jpg
1 Pounds, Othella May Additional Picture     Waggoner-01a.jpg
1 Pounds, Othella May Additional Picture     Waggoner-01b.jpg
  Wendy Dolphay, 108 PR 1308, Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-2682        
  Tommy Edwards - surveyer        

Aug 2010 – Email from Mike Fullingim - mfullingim@okwu.edu

Just a note in regard to Waggoner Cemetery (north of Decatur), I have personally been trying to care for that cemetery since so many of my ancestors are interred there--namely my great great great grandmother (Martha T. Wade Fullingim) and may great great grandparents (John Fletcher and Talitha Cumi Fullingim).  I have cut grass, weeds, and brush on many occasions and have carefully noted each stone-including rough cut and/or raw stones that were placed in the cemetery.

My distant cousin, Wm. E. "Bill" Fullingim, and I worked diligently to acquire the Historical Marker for the cemetery and erected it with ceremony near the gate to the private property a number of years ago.  We even formed a Waggoner Cemetery Association, but because we all lived so far away and now many of those original members have since died, the Association has gone awry!  Bill met with the Wise County Commissioners Court on several occasions, and there are minutes to the effect that the County would conduct a proper survey of the Waggoner Cemetery to re-establish the proper boundary of the cemetery that John T. Waggoner had set aside and deeded to Wise County.  Sadly, Bill Fullingim died before seeing this survey completed and our Cemetery Association constructing a much needed chain-link fence and proper gate around this small cemetery.  I really want to see this project completed in the near future in honor of Bill Fullingim who is buried in the  Oaklawn Cemetery.  I am holding ca. $1,500 thus far for this project--given in memoriam to him--and will need to raise more I am sure, but my distance factor from Wise County continues to be a major barrier.  I am a professor at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and during my upcoming Fall break (21-24 October) I plan to make my way down to Wise County for work in the cemetery and making contact with Wise County authorities about this previous, officially-sanctioned survey.
My sincere thanks to you,
J. Michael  Fullingim, Ph.D. (FAG# 47255008)
Prof., School of Religion and  Philosophy
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Bartlesville, OK 74006