Teague Cemetery
Wise County, Texas
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    Teague Cemetery is located in the woods and brush south of Aurora.
    A little over a mile west of Rhome on Hwy 114, turn south on Cemetery Rd. Go past Aurora Cemetery and head south untill the road dead ends. Take a right. This should be Brammer Dr. take it all the way until it dead ends into McGoodwin St. The deeded access is through the gate at the corner of Oates Creek and McGoodwin, and through the field immediately to the east to the cemetery. In
August of 2001 the cemetery was very grown up but there was a tall pipe arch at the gate that you could see. (Go to the bottom of this page to see several pictures of the cemetery clean-up that was done in 2004)



    On McGoodwin St. west of the cemetery there's a Historical Marker by the road. The text is as follows:

Teague Cemetery
(1/4 Mile E)

Named for John Teague, a veteran of the war with Mexico (1846-48) who came from Missouri with his family in 1858 and settled this land. Teague also served on the frontier during the Civil War. Teague’s mother, or a son, was possibly the first burial here. The earliest gravestone is that of the Rev. Jacob Moffett, who was killed by Indians on Sept 5, 1865. The cemetery contains about 30 graves, of which only 12 have inscribed tombstones. In 1885, Teague moved to Foard County, and the cemetery was no longer used, as other burial plots were opened in the area.

    In August 2001 we found 11 headstones scattered in the brush. In Dec 2000 Homer Hodges of Azle found the additional headstone of Elizabeth Smith #[16]. In 1991 Benny and Linda Huff found and photographed the headstones of Nathan, Rachel & James Huff and Jacob Craig (#s 12, 13, 14 & 15).
    In December 2004 Dale Ellison & Darrell Minter dug out and took a picture of the T.E. McCraw headstone, #17.
    The information about John Teague was sent by Pete and Mary Ross of Colorado. Check (http://www.frontier.net/~pmross) for more information.
    We have two good newspaper articles about this cemetery, and the Indian killings associated with it. They came from the Wise County Messenger and Fort Worth Star Telegram. The images below are thumbnails. Click on them to see them large enough to read.

Teague1.jpg (270610 bytes)   Teague2.jpg (264217 bytes)   Teague3.jpg (240592 bytes)   oldcemeteryrediscovered-1(1).jpg (342100 bytes)   oldcemeteryrediscovered-2(1).jpg (328984 bytes)

    In the Alphabetical Information Table below some headstones have several pictures. The pictures/jpg names with 2004 in them will be the newer pictures.

# Name Born Date of Death Information Notes Link to Headstone Picture
Not Found Boyd, John G., Sr. no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
15 Craig, Jacob   Dec 10, 1871 TX PVT 1 Frontier District Confederate States Army (Husband of Miranda H. Huff, daughter of Nathan) Teague-15.jpg
15 Craig, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-15-2004.jpg
Not Found Dawson, Mother no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H.   July 12, 1870 Aged 32 yrs, 6 mos, 9 dys - Killed and scalped by Indians - Headstone repaired by Ray & Freeda Ford Harlow Dec 21, 1970 Teague-10.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10-2004.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10a.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10b.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10c.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10d.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10e.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10f.jpg
10 Dawson, Nicholas H. Additional Picture     Teague-10g.jpg
Not Found Dawson, Sr. no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Hays, Infant no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Hays, Martha Pachel   1875   Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Hays, Mary no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Hays, Samuel no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
7 Helm, Curtis no dates     Teague-07.jpg
7 Helm, Curtis Additional Picture     Teague-07-2004.jpg
2 Helm, Margaret E.   Mar 2, 1875 Aged 22 yrs. - Headstone with Cyntha J. Mullis and W.S., Mary A. & Lucy L. Oates Teague-02.jpg
2 Helm, Margaret E. Additional Picture     Teague-02-2004.jpg
2 Helm, Margaret E. Additional Picture     Teague-02a.jpg
2 Helm, Margaret E. Additional Picture     Teague-02b.jpg
Not Found Huff, Andrew no dates   Grandson of Nathan Teague-No Picture.jpg
14 Huff, James N. Dec 30, 1876 Sept 11, 1877 Son of N.H. & M.L. - (Info. Submitted by Benny Huff:) (Son of Nathan H. & Mary Lucetta Whitten Huff) ( Nathan H. Huff died Jan 26, 1918 in Boyd) (Grandson of Nathan P. & Rachel Radcliff Huff) Teague-14.jpg
14 Huff, James N. Additional Picture     Teague-14-2004.jpg
12 Huff, Nathan Apr 19, 1804 Jan 25, 1877 (Picture taken in 1991 and sent in by Benny & Linda Huff) (3 of his daughters were married to Civil War Veterans) (3 of his sons, Charles R., Joshua F. & Samuel M., were Civil War Veterans - Samuel was killed in the war) Teague-12.jpg
12 Huff, Nathan Additional Picture     Teague-12-2004.jpg
13 Huff, Rachel   Jan 24, 1874 Aged 67 yrs 15 dys - Wife of Nathan - (Picture taken in 1991 and sent in by Benny & Linda Huff) Teague-13.jpg
13 Huff, Rachel Additional Picture     Teague-13-2004.jpg
17 McCraw, T.E. Mar 1846 Aug 22, ? right side is broken - found in 2004 Teague-17-2004.jpg
9 Moffett, Infant Feb 25, 1876 Feb 25, 1876 Infant of J.C. & J. Teague-09.jpg
9 Moffett, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-09-2004.jpg
9 Moffett, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-09a.jpg
9 Moffett, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-09b.jpg
9 Moffett, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-09c.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob   Sept 4, 1865 Aged 44 yrs, 4 dys - Killed by Indians Teague-11.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-11-2004.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-11a.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-11b.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-11c.jpg
11 Moffett, Jacob Additional Picture     Teague-11d.jpg
3 Mullis, Cyntha J.   Apr 12, 1866 Aged 18 yrs. - Headstone with Margaret E. Helm and W.S., Mary A. & Lucy L. Oates Teague-03.jpg
3 Mullis, Cyntha J. Additional Picture     Teague-03-2004.jpg
3 Mullis, Cyntha J. Additional Picture     Teague-03a.jpg
3 Mullis, Cyntha J. Additional Picture     Teague-03a-2004.jpg
3 Mullis, Cyntha J. Additional Picture     Teague-03b-2004.jpg
8 Mullis, Infant no dates   Infant of J. & C.J. Teague-08.jpg
8 Mullis, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-08-2004.jpg
8 Mullis, Infant Additional Picture     Teague-08a.jpg
Not Found Nichols, Exay no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Nichols, Ira no dates     Teague-No Picture.jpg
6 Oates, Lucy L.   June 16, 1869 Aged 18 yrs. - Headstone with Margaret E. Helm, Cyntha J. Mullis and W.S. & Mary A. Oates Teague-06.jpg
6 Oates, Lucy L. Additional Picture     Teague-06-2004.jpg
6 Oates, Lucy L. Additional Picture     Teague-06a.jpg
5 Oates, Mary A.   May 16, 1873 Aged 46 yrs. - Wife of W.S. - Headstone with Margaret E. Helm, Cyntha J. Mullis and W.S. & Lucy L. Oates Teague-05.jpg
5 Oates, Mary A. Additional Picture     Teague-05a.jpg
1 Oates, Mary Maude   May 27, 1883 Aged 9 mos. - Infant of M.T. & M.E. Teague-01.jpg
1 Oates, Mary Maude Additional Picture     Teague-01a.jpg
1 Oates, Mary Maude Additional Picture     Teague-01b.jpg
4 Oates, W.S.   Mar 10, 1864 Aged 44 yrs. - Died at Buffalo Hospital I.T. - Headstone with Margaret E. Helm, Cyntha J. Mullis and Mary A. & Lucy L. Oates Teague-04.jpg
4 Oates, W.S. Additional Picture     Teague-04-2004.jpg
4 Oates, W.S. Additional Picture     Teague-04a.jpg
4 Oates, W.S. Additional Picture     Teague-04b.jpg
4 Oates, W.S. Additional Picture     Teague-04c.jpg
16 Smith, Elizabeth H. 1829 1871 (Found in Dec 2000 by Homer Hodges, but not seen in Aug 2001, found again in 2004) Teague-16-2004.jpg
Not Found Teague, Infant no dates   Son of Mary J. (Wife of John was Martha Anderson) Teague-No Picture.jpg
Not Found Teague, Sarah Killian no dates (1885) (Mother of John-who was born in NC in 1825-moved to Missouri in 1840, Wise Co. in 1858, and Foard Co. in 1885) (Wife of Michael (? – 1840)) (Mother of Delilah and Suzannah who both married Farr’s) Teague-No Picture.jpg
  Not Found -  information from an earlier listing at the Wise County Heritage Museum        
  Directions sent by Wayne Huff of Fort Worth   dhuff@ameritrade.com        
  Pictures of 12, 13, 14 & 15 taken in 1991 and sent in by Benny and Linda Huff of Henderson County  the2huffs@earthlink.net        
  John Teague info sent by Pete & Mary Ross of Colorado   http://www.frontier.net/~pmross        
  Cemetery was cleaned up in 2004 and pictures were sent in then by Dale Ellison and Darrell Minter and Tammy Wilson        
  Tammy Wilson, 2813 Rosecliff Terrace, Grapevine, TX  76051, 817-903-1044 Cell, descendant of Helm/Oates family buried in Teague Cemetery tammywilson2003@aol.com        

    Below are 2 communications from Tammy Wilson who, along with Dale Ellison thecaveman@tx.rr.com, David Wilson, Darrell Minter, Don Dye and others cleaned up Teague Cemetey in 2004. Some pictures of their work are below.

Latest Update on cemetery work- 2004

Here are a few photos from today where there was more work going on at Teague.  The stump grinder was rented and David Wilson used it for several hours today.  Stumps were ground along the fence rows today to prepare for digging holes for the fence posts.   Dale Ellison worked today probing for more possible headstones/markers.  You will notice the trees that have been cut by Dale in the background of some of these photos.  He has marked off areas and is probing to see if more buried stones can be found.  
Thanks for all the help!
Pictures below:
Picture of Dale Ellison with dead tree he cut down in the background.  You can see a great view of the very back (east side) of the cemetery near the dirt road/creek as it looks today - cleared out!!!  We found several buried rocks/markers that we think are graves since they are near the old live oaks that had previously been cut down.
Stump grinder in action!  David Wilson using the stump grinder today near the northwest corner of the cemetery.  It will look so much better and easier to maintain with those stumps gone!
Stumps that were ground near the Huff graves.  There were some real big trees in front of the Huff graves and this will be where the front of the new fence will go so these stumps needed to be ground!

 Clean-up December 2004

Our brush pile outside of Teague Cemetery is really GROWING!  Take a look at the pictures (at bottom of page) taken by Dale Ellison this past weekend.  Dale Ellison and Don Dye came out to the Teague Cemetery on Saturday and really worked hard!!   We cleared out more of the area back behind the cemetery between the back fence and the dirt road near the creek.  It was so thick with trees and what Dale calls green barb wire (the green stickery briar that grows thick in trees! yuk!)  Dale Ellison came out by himself on Sunday and cleared out more trees in this same area and it looks so nice now!   We left all the live oaks that were there and the old stumps of the big live oaks that were once there.  We left some of the Osage Orange Tree (Bois d' Arc Trees) that Mrs. Pegues says in her Newark book that the Indians were afraid of since they thought they have evil spirits.  This back area is now completely cleared out and it looks so nice now!  It is really beginning to take shape and you can see great potential.  I think a uniform fence will make all the difference in the world. 
An employee of Devon Energy met me at the cemetery on Friday and they will deliver for us or I can pick up the pipe for the fence.  I really appreciate this donation of pipe! I am excited about getting a good fence back up to protect the markers and headstones.  I am applying for a new historic plague for this cemetery with the Texas Historical Commission. I could use some help with this if anyone is interested.
We will be doing more work at the cemetery between Christmas (after Christmas) and New Year's Day.  I would like to get the fence up as soon as possible and then begin trying to restore what is left of any markers and some of the headstones that need repair and then paint the fence one uniform color. 
I would like to put in some benches and make the cemetery look nice!!  Eventually, I would like to put ONE NICE HEADSTONE with everyone's name on it that is buried in the cemetery with dates possibly.  I may ask for donations to try to get this done.  There are so many unmarked graves and graves that just have a rock (or crumbled rock) that I think it would be very nice to have one real nice marker in the cemetery with everyone's name on it. 
I really feel this is a worthwhile project for all of us and I would like to contact more families of those buried in Teague and let them know what we are doing.  I feel that these pioneers of Wise County now buried in Teague Cemetery deserve our efforts to preserve this beautiful setting that is now their place of rest. 
Let me know if you would like to help. 
Tammy Wilson 
2813 Rosecliff Terrace
Grapevine, TX  76051
817-903-1044 Cell
descendant of Helm/Oates family buried in Teague Cemetery

Etta Pegues' poem about Jacob Moffett :
       (Ballad of Parson Jacob Moffett)
The sky was blue that Sunday morning,
        As Newark skies are bright
When air hangs feather-light with promise
        With not a cloud in sight.
Parson Moffett rode alone,
        His Bible for a mate,
As step by step he traveled west
        To meet a dreadful fate.
The oriflame of ministry
        Was borne with joy and pride
As he spread glad tiding of good news
        Around the countryside.
He reached the Trinity Rivier
        And stopped to rest a spell,
While he reviewed his sermon theme,
        A test on grace and hell.
Comanches swooped down unaware
        With murder in their heart,
They poised the bow and took their aim,
        Let go to the poisoned dart.
His head was severed from his neck,
        His scalp became their own...
No friend was there to weep for him
        Or hear his dying groan.
The people on the hilltop heard
        And were paralyzed with fear,
As hour by hour the terror grew,
        So no one ventured near.
Until Sam Hyas, a friend indeed
        Who raised a lustrous dome,
Though not alone, God went with him,
        To haul the body home.
His wife placed a sapling at his grave
        To form a canopy
Like a parson bowing long in prayer
        In its lonely liturgy.
More than a century has passed
        Since all the Indian raids,
But the tree still stands steadfast and strong
        As the man whose grave it shades.
They searched the site where Jacob died
        And froze at what they found:
An arrow pierced the sacred Book
        And pinned it to the ground.
His congregation waits for him
        In the regions of the sky,
Where murders will never ride
        And arrows never fly.
                            By Etta Pegues

From Tammy Wilson:

It comes from the History of Wise County Volume II.....
I really think it fits this cemetery of very early pioneers of Wise County.
Etta Pegues may have put this in the History of Wise County.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: 
Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours,
and their works do follow them.
                                                Revelation 14:13

Below are some pictures of the cemetery clean-up, December 2004:

Below are some of the new pictures taken of headstones after the clean-up in Dec 2004: