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[Index by David Eugene Pitts ]

Last Name, Child's Name, Sex, DOB, Father's Name, Mother's First Name Mother's Maiden Name, Residence Cert. No. Other #s. Delayed

Raborn, blank, F, 7/6/15, O. O., Mattie, Griffin, blank, birthcert-6143.jpg
Raborn, Jane Benie Wayne, F, 6/23/15, Arthur Harold, Sr., Era, Pruett, Chico, birthcert-6129.jpg, birthcert-6129a.jpg
Ragland, Willa Mae, F, 9/25/24, Arthur Frank (OK), Lona Pearl (TX), Brock, Decatur, birthcert-8171.jpg, birthcert-8171a.jpg
Ragsdale, blank, M, 1/8/08, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3776.jpg
Ragsdale, blank, M, 12/1/16, Ben, Beatrice, Henderson, blank, birthcert-6519.jpg
Railey, blank, F, 10/29/07, G.E., A.B., (Adair), blank, birthcert-3637.jpg
Raines, blank, F, 4/4/25, C.J. (TX), Goldie (OK), Hearne, Decatur, birthcert-8287.jpg
Rainey, blank, F, 1/4/08, M., Maud, (Simmons), blank, birthcert-3769.jpg
Rains, blank, F, 12/5/03, Nickolas Jackson, Ola, (Gentry), blank, birthcert-0483.jpg
Rains, blank, M, 5/7/13, William, Wennie, Griffin, blank, birthcert-5693a.jpg
Rains, blank, F, 5/17/30, E. P., Edna L., King, blank, [No Image 9691 ]
Rains, Lela Mae, F, 8/20/14, William Marion, Minnie Bell, Griffin, Bridgeport, birthcert-5949.jpg, birthcert-5949a.jpg
Rainwater, Billy Joe, M, 3/28/27, Dave, Eula, Gallette, Decatur, birthcert-8780.jpg, birthcert-8780a.jpg
Rainwater, Oscar Lee, M, 11/1/23, Albert C. (AR), Eula (GA), Gallette, Decatur, birthcert-7934.jpg, birthcert-7934a.jpg
Rales, blank, F, 12/15/14, Harvey, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5997.jpg
Raley, blank, F, 8/21/06, (John) S., (Fannie) R., (Latham), blank, birthcert-2853.jpg
Raley, Donald Burch, M, 12/6/24, Thomas Vernon (AL), Emma Jane (TX), McDonnald, Alvord, birthcert-8225.jpg, birthcert-8225a.jpg
Raley, Leona Irene, F, 10/19/15, George Ernest, Liza Ozella, Collins, Alvord, birthcert-6276.jpg, birthcert-6276a.jpg
Raley, Marjory J., F, 10/19/30, Tom V., Emma J., McDonald, Alvord, [No Image 9846 ]
Raley, Myrtle Mae, F, 10/22/17, John S., Fannie, Latham, Alvord, birthcert-6741.jpg
Raley, Thomas Vernon, Jr., M, 5/13/22, T.V. Thomas Vernon (AL), Emma Jane (TX), McDonald, Alvord, birthcert-7592.jpg, birthcert-7592a.jpg
Ralls, Mary, F, 12/4/03, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0481.jpg
Ralston, Nannie Ophelia, F, 10/4/24, William C. (TX), May Alice (TX), Armstrong, Alvord, birthcert-8178.jpg, birthcert-8178a.jpg
Ralston, William Calvin, Jr., M, 2/25/23, William Calvin (TX), Mary A. (TX), Armstrong, Alvord, birthcert-7732.jpg, birthcert-7732a.jpg
Ramsdale, Billie F., F, 12/17/30, Billie F., Lena M., Coffee, Decatur, [No Image 9895 ]
Ramsdale, blank, M, 11/6/06, Sam, Callie, Walker, blank, birthcert-3001.jpg
Ramsdale, blank, F, 7/2/25, W.F. (TX), Lena (TX), Coffee, Paradise, birthcert-8350.jpg
Ramsdale, Ines, F, 10/29/23, Joe (TX), Lena (TX), Tackel, Paradise, birthcert-7933.jpg, birthcert-7933a.jpg
Ramsey, blank, F, 8/28/04, James Thomas, Lillie Mae, (Kellam), blank, birthcert-1145.jpg
Ramsey, blank, F, 10/11/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1266.jpg
Ramsey, blank, F, 2/18/05, Coy, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1607.jpg
Ramsey, blank, M, 7/20/07, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3438.jpg
Ramsey, blank, M, 2/3/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3823.jpg
Ramsey, blank, F, 5/29/11, Jas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5266.jpg
Randal, blank, F, 5/12/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0880.jpg
Randolph, Albert Lee, M, 11/3/17, Willie Blake, Annie, Brown, Newark, birthcert-6765.jpg, birthcert-6765a.jpg
Randolph, blank, M, 12/27/07, Huck, Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3747.jpg
Randolph, blank, M, 1/19/08, L.R. (Lonnie), Nancy, (Brown), blank, birthcert-3789.jpg
Raney, blank, M, 2/16/08, John, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3849.jpg
Rankin, blank, M, 10/15/03, I. T., Mollie Elza, (Park), blank, birthcert-0369.jpg
Rankin, blank, M, 1/18/06, T. D., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-2417.jpg
Rankin, blank, F, 7/1/06, S.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2801.jpg
Rankin, blank, M, 12/2/06, George (Robert), (Louise), (McKinney), blank, birthcert-3041.jpg
Rankin, Dorothy Ruth, F, 6/29/29, S.F. (TX), Georgia (TX), White, Decatur, birthcert-9388.jpg, birthcert-9388a.jpg
Rankin, John Homer, M, 4/28/10, Sam, Elizabeth, Williamson, Decatur, birthcert-4991.jpg, birthcert-4991a.jpg
Rankin, Velma Lois, F, 9/14/04, George Robert, Louise V., McKinney, Park Springs, birthcert-1191.jpg, birthcert-1191a.jpg
Rankins, blank, F, 10/14/25, B.L. (TX), Minie May (TX), White, Decatur, birthcert-8442.jpg
Ransom, blank, M, 1/22/06, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2432.jpg
Ransom, blank, F, 3/8/08, John, Mrs R., blank, blank, birthcert-3895.jpg
Ransom, Dora B., F, 2/8/04, John, Rosie, Butler, Decatur, birthcert-0645.jpg, birthcert-0645a.jpg
Ransom, Gradce Alice, F, 9/3/32, Thurmond R., Julia A., Covington, Decatur, [No Image 10546 ]
Ransome, blank, F, 9/20/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4776.jpg
Rasberry, Alma Jean, F, 1/20/30, Wm Avery, Annie Lee, Lynn, blank, [No Image 9566 ]
Rasberry, blank, blank, 4/10/10, Cleo, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4976.jpg
Rasberry, blank, F, 6/23/10, Aury, Annie, Lyon, blank, birthcert-5031.jpg
Rasberry, blank, F, 7/1/13, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5733.jpg
Rasberry, Dovie Louise, F, 1/9/15, Casie E. (AL), Manda (TX), Stokes, Boyd, birthcert-6012.jpg, birthcert-6012a.jpg
Rasberry, Evelyn Fances, F, 6/27/13, Raymon (AL), Jessie Lee (TX), Scroggins, Boyd, birthcert-5730.jpg, birthcert-5730a.jpg
Rasberry, Lee Weldon, M, 1/27/08, Cas (AL), Amanda (TX), Stokes, Boyd, birthcert-3807.jpg, birthcert-3807a.jpg
Rasberry, Minnie Lee, F, 11/4/27, William Avery, Annie Lee, Lynn, Decatur, birthcert-8866.jpg, birthcert-8866a.jpg birthcert-8866b.jpg
Rasbury, Gus, M, 1/9/20, Cas (AL), Amanda (TX), Stokes, Decatur, birthcert-7190.jpg, birthcert-7190a.jpg
Rasbury, Lester Clarence, M, 5/31/17, William Avery, Annie Lee, Lynn, Decatur, birthcert-6637.jpg, birthcert-6637a.jpg
Rasco, blank, F, 12/9/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1418.jpg
Rasom, blank, M, 3/25/18, John, Dora, Dill, Decatur, birthcert-6846.jpg
Ratliff, Alma June, F, 5/27/33, J. D., Lucille, Leslie, Alvord, [No Image 10780 ]
Ratliff, blank, M, 7/1/04, Wesley, Margrett, blank, blank, birthcert-0981.jpg
Ratliff, blank, M, 7/16/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4135.jpg
Ratliff, blank, F, 11/13/08, L.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4343.jpg
Ratliff, blank, F, 2/26/24, Tom (TX), Edna (MO), Reeves, Boyd, birthcert-8017.jpg
Ratliff, H.W., F, 11/11/04, H.W., Eva May, (Combs), blank, birthcert-1345.jpg
Ratliff, Mary Ruth, F, 9/23/18, Audy D. (TX), Jennie (TX), Zorns, Boyd, birthcert-6988.jpg
Ratliff, Myra Marjorie, F, 7/7/21, L.D. (TN), Myra Texas (TX), Pace, Decatur, birthcert-7419.jpg, birthcert-7419a.jpg
Ratliff, Willie Wariniece, F, 1/12/31, L. E., Edna M., Reeve, Boyd, [No Image 9928 ]
Ratliff, Winona Fay, F, 3/30/29, James D. (TX), Lillian Lucille (TX), Leslie, Alvord, birthcert-9307.jpg, birthcert-9307a.jpg
Ratliff, Zella Lee, F, 8/24/03, Wesley H., Margaret Eva, Kendrick, Wise Co., birthcert-0219.jpg birthcert-0219a.jpg
Raven, Kathrine, F, 6/6/33, Roy Ellis, Mable Clara, Hall, Bridgeport, [No Image 10792 ]
Raven, Nelda Kathleen, F, 6/6/33, Roy Ellis, Mable Clara, Hall, Bridgeport, [No Image 10791 ]
Raven, Ramona Reba, F, 8/16/19, Oscar (TX), Ruby (TX), Tackel, Bridgeport, birthcert-7122.jpg
Raven, Ravenna Ruth, F, 11/8/17, Oscar L., Ruby, Tackel, Bridgeport, birthcert-6750.jpg
Raven, Roland Royce, M, 3/24/30, Oscar L., Ruby, Tackel, Bridgeport, [No Image 9635 ]
Raven, Thelma Louise, F, 1/3/31, Roy Ellis, Mable Clara, Hall, Bridgeport, [No Image 9914 ]
Rawle, blank, M, 6/17/11, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5362.jpg, [Delayed 29823]
Rawle, Desda Bernice, F, 4/24/29, Charles F. (TX), Lottie (MO), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-9333.jpg, birthcert-9333a.jpg
Rawle, Hazle Maxine, F, 10/20/25, Charles Franklin (TX), Lottie Elizabeth (MO), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-8448.jpg, birthcert-8448a.jpg
Rawle, Randle Ray, M, 3/31/33, Charles Franklin, Lottie, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 10715 ]
Rawls, blank, M, 5/14/17, Harvey, Mattie , Davis , Boyd, birthcert-6624.jpg
Ray, Annie Lois, F, 6/19/26, Fred (TX), Francis (TX), Devers, Decatur, birthcert-8603.jpg
Ray, Audrey Arman, F, 8/1/16, Walter Loammer, Mary Henrietta, Crawford, Boyd, birthcert-6448.jpg, birthcert-6448a.jpg
Ray, Bertha Irene, F, 3/5/07, Benjamin Reed (TX), Mattie (MS), Donaldson, Flat Rock, birthcert-3205.jpg, birthcert-3205a.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 7/28/03, John Calvin, Georgia Ann, Miller, Decatur, birthcert-0146.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 10/6/03, B., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0343.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 9/2/04, Felbert A., Ophelia, (Cravey), blank, birthcert-1160.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 11/15/04, John Calvin, (Georgia Ann), (Miller), Decatur, birthcert-1365.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 1/24/05, William T., Josephine, (Gentry), blank, birthcert-1537.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 8/29/05, (Marion Blanton) Boon, Etna (Elizabeth), (Anderson), blank, birthcert-2102.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 4/23/06, Frank, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-2636.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 5/6/06, G.W., (Mary) Elizabeth, (Belshe), blank, birthcert-2655.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 8/15/06, (Felbert) A., Ophelia, (Cravey), blank, birthcert-2841.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 11/3/07, Bron (Marion Blanton), Etta(Etna Elizabeth), (Anderson), blank, birthcert-3651.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 5/21/09, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4634.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 9/1/09, James (Morris), (Edna), (Smith), blank, birthcert-4755.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 10/25/09, Jonnie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4823.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 2/23/26, Dave (TX), Nellie (TX), Moss, Alvord, birthcert-8549.jpg
Ray, blank, M, 9/11/26, Watt L. (TN), Etta (AR), Crawford, Boyd, birthcert-8663.jpg
Ray, blank, F, 3/5/31, Ruben W., Martha, Blair, Decatur, [No Image 9988 ]
Ray, blank, F, 3/5/31, Ruben W., Martha, Blair, Decatur, [No Image 9989 ]
Ray, Buna Agnes, F, 11/23/05, Oscar Elmer, Cora Agnes, Decker, Decatur, birthcert-2301.jpg, birthcert-2301a.jpg
Ray, Gene Hoyle, M, 5/6/29, Fred (TX), Frances (TX), Devers, Decatur, birthcert-9340.jpg, birthcert-9340a.jpg
Ray, Gordon, M, 3/19/07, John (Calvin), Lela (Georgia Ann), (Miller), Decatur, birthcert-3235.jpg
Ray, James Paul, M, 8/31/16, James Anderson, Bessie May, Rountree, Paradise, birthcert-6469.jpg, birthcert-6469a.jpg
Ray, Johnnie Belle, F, 10/17/23, John (AR), Flora Belle (TX), Carter, Alvord, birthcert-7922.jpg, birthcert-7922a.jpg
Ray, Johnnie Modena, F, 2/17/06, John Calvin, Georgia Ann, Reagan, Decatur, birthcert-2501.jpg, birthcert-2501a.jpg birthcert-2501b.jpg
Ray, Lee Anderson, M, 8/25/19, James A. (TX), Bessie Mae (TX), Rountree, Paradise, birthcert-7127.jpg
Ray, Lillian Aline, F, 2/19/33, B., Della, Claborn, Alvord, [No Image 10687 ]
Ray, Margrite Castle, F, 9/5/20, Montgomery Gogzam, Gertrude Mae (TX), Lance, Bridgeport, birthcert-7293.jpg
Ray, Marian Virginia, F, 7/6/22, Tran Lee (MS), Rachel Hanna "Katie" (TX), Wilson, Bridgeport, birthcert-7627.jpg
Ray, Oscar Elmer, M, 8/20/80, George Washington, Mattie A., Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-0003.jpg
Ray, Roger Tran, M, 8/1/11, Tran Lee, Rachel Hanna, Wilson, Bridgeport, birthcert-5313.jpg
Ray, Togo, F, 10/22/05, James, Edna, Smith, Greenwood, birthcert-2236.jpg, birthcert-2236a.jpg
Ray, Verna Fae, F, 9/3/20, W.L. (Walter Lowamer)(MS), Etta (Mary Henrietta)(TX), Crawford, Boyd, birthcert-7291.jpg
Ray, Walter, Jr., M, 10/19/03, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0380.jpg
Ray, Woodrow Wilson, M, 6/7/13, Tran Lee (MS), Rachel Hanna (Katie) (TX), Wilson, Bridgeport, birthcert-5720.jpg
Ray, Woodrow Wilson, M, 6/7/13, T.L. (MS), Kate (TX), Wilson, blank, birthcert-5722.jpg
Rayborn, blank, M, 6/8/04, Will, Cornelia, blank, blank, birthcert-0931.jpg
Rayborn, blank, M, 8/23/04, Francis Alexander, Nancy Jane, (Sloan), blank, birthcert-1128.jpg
Rayborn, blank, F, 11/8/09, D., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-4842.jpg
Rayles, blank, F, 2/21/04, John, Nancy, (Lemor), blank, birthcert-0676.jpg
Rayles, blank, M, 6/1/13, John, Nancy, Lemor, blank, birthcert-5716.jpg
Raysberry, blank, M, 5/4/16, Raymond, J. E., Scroggins, blank, birthcert-6406.jpg
Read, blank, M, 4/1/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0781.jpg
Read, blank, M, 1/7/05, J.H., Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-1497.jpg
Read, blank, F, 4/9/06, M. M., Mrs Carrie, Swinney, blank, birthcert-2481.jpg
Read, blank, F, 9/3/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3516.jpg
Read, blank, M, 9/14/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3539.jpg
Read, blank, F, 9/23/07, blank, blank, blank, Paradise, birthcert-3563.jpg
Read, blank, M, 2/18/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4497.jpg
Read, blank, , 10/27/21, Earl (TX), Audrey (TX), Crownover, Boyd, birthcert-7498.jpg
Read, blank, M, 4/11/24, Earl (TX), Audrey (TX), Crammons, Boyd, birthcert-8047.jpg, [delayed 9574]
Read, blank, F, 10/1/25, John D. (TX), Jennie (TX), Campbell, Boyd, birthcert-8435.jpg
Read, blank, F, 7/22/27, John, Lelia May, Worthey, Alvord, birthcert-8814.jpg
Read, Bobby Ray, M, 2/8/28, blank, Selma, blank, Boyd, birthcert-8940.jpg
Read, Ceco; Rpbert, M, 4/11/29, Clarence (TX), Nora Josephine (TX), Arnold, Paradise, birthcert-9318.jpg, birthcert-9318a.jpg
Read, Dortha Jo, F, 7/7/27, Earl, Audra, Crownover, Boyd, birthcert-8812.jpg
Read, Gene Ward, M, 1/24/29, Clifford Eugene (TX), Vera Jewell (TX), Walker, Decatur, birthcert-9249.jpg, birthcert-9249a.jpg
Read, Harold Dean, M, 8/9/28, John Dickson, Irene, Pike, Paradise, birthcert-9080.jpg, birthcert-9080a.jpg
Read, Jackie Lamlu, M, 11/13/32, Jack R., Maggie V., Tinny, Boyd, [No Image 10626 ]
Read, Oliver Earl, M, 7/19/04, Dick, Sarah, Adaie, Paradise, birthcert-1028.jpg, birthcert-1028a.jpg
Read, Robert Wesley, M, 5/14/29, Homer Nathaniel (TX), Nola Lee (TX), Wright, Paradise, birthcert-9348.jpg, birthcert-9348a.jpg
Read, Sarah Geneva, F, 5/7/23, J.D. (TX), Irene (TX), Pike, Boyd, birthcert-7795.jpg, birthcert-7795a.jpg
Ready, blank, M, 7/31/05, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2013.jpg
Reagan, blank, M, 12/11/09, T.G., Angie, blank, blank, birthcert-4873.jpg
Reagan, Clara, F, 2/15/08, Thomas G. (TN), Lillian A. (TX), Ford, Alvord, birthcert-3917.jpg, birthcert-3917a.jpg
Reagan, Katherine Luella, F, 3/5/14, Thomas Garfield (TN), Lillian Angie (TN), Ford, Bridgeport, birthcert-5848.jpg, birthcert-5848a.jpg
Reasoner, Mary Lois, F, 8/23/28, Homer Angelo, Gertie M., Stack, Chico, birthcert-9092.jpg
Reasor, Electra D., F, 3/2/07, John Worden (TX), Maud (TX), Brownfield, Greenwood, birthcert-3199.jpg, birthcert-3199a.jpg
Recer, Jesie Ray, M, 7/13/32, C. E., Mina Lucille, Yates, Chico, [No Image 10492 ]
Rector, Clifford Clinton, M, 6/2/15, Robert L., Medie, Norton, blank, birthcert-6111.jpg
Rector, Katherine J., F, 5/29/11, John, Annie, Wolfe, blank, birthcert-5267.jpg
Rector, Tom, M, 8/15/16, John, Annie, Wolfe, Decatur, birthcert-6454.jpg
Reddell, blank, M, 1/27/16, Frank, Tiny, West, blank, birthcert-6350.jpg
Reddell, blank, M, 8/20/20, Frank (TX), Tiney (TX), West, Bridgeport, birthcert-7285.jpg
Reddell, blank, F, 11/11/27, W. A., Pearl, Harms, Chico, birthcert-8873.jpg
Reddell, David Roy, M, 9/15/32, J. Frank, Tiny, West, Bridgeport, [No Image 10558 ]
Reddell, Howard Bruce, M, 10/8/21, James Frank (TX), Mary Hassetine (TX), West, Decatur, birthcert-7491.jpg, birthcert-7491a.jpg
Reddell, Lena Perle, F, 5/15/29, James Frank (TX), Mary Hassetine (TX), West, Bridgeport, birthcert-9349.jpg, birthcert-9349a.jpg
Reddell, Mary Ruth, F, 9/27/26, James Frank (TX), Mary Hassetine (TX), West, Bridgeport, birthcert-8682.jpg, birthcert-8682a.jpg
Redell, blank, F, 10/12/17, Ray, Maggie, Coleman, Bridgeport, birthcert-6735.jpg
Redford, blank, F, 8/15/04, William Edward, Emma Tela, (Dalton), blank, birthcert-1109.jpg
Redman, Ben Robert, M, 8/17/15, John Francis, Minnie Jane, Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-6201.jpg, birthcert-6201a.jpg
Redman, blank, F, 7/15/08, John (Francis), Nancy (Nannie Jane), (Ferguson), blank, birthcert-4133.jpg
Redman, blank, F, 8/5/09, T.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4723.jpg
Redman, blank, M, 1/27/13, Rufus, Liza, Shirley, blank, birthcert-5644.jpg
Redman, blank, M, 2/26/25, Terrell M. (TX), Clyde Fay (TX), Hines, Alvord, birthcert-8270.jpg
Redman, Fay, F, 1/29/30, Terrell M., Fay, Hines, Alvord, [No Image 9573 ]
Redman, Louie Doyle, M, 12/7/27, Terrell Monroe, Fay, Hines, Alvord, birthcert-8891.jpg
Redman, Louie Doyle, M, 12/7/27, Terrell Monroe, Fay, Hines, Alvord, birthcert-8892.jpg
Redwand, blank, M, 9/7/11, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5345.jpg
Redwine, blank, M, 12/31/07, James H., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-3754.jpg
Redwine, blank, F, 2/27/11, William Lafayette, Mary Davis, Foster, blank, birthcert-5183.jpg
Redwine, blank, M, 12/19/17, Jas. H., Dorothy M., Hodges, Alvord, birthcert-6773.jpg
Redwine, Effie Mae, F, 12/4/15, James Harrison, Dorothy Melinda, Hodges, Chico, birthcert-6312.jpg, birthcert-6312a.jpg
Redwine, Paul, M, 10/25/03, William Lafayette, Mary Davis, (Foster), blank, birthcert-0394.jpg
Redwine, Ruth M., F, 4/16/09, James Harison, Dortha M., Hodges, Alvord, birthcert-4597.jpg, birthcert-4597a.jpg birthcert-4597b.jpg
Reed, Alvaritta, F, 2/28/30, Charley, Bertie, Renfro, blank, [No Image 9614 ]
Reed, Bessie, F, 7/25/04, Charles Madison, Julia Marrah, Guthary, Decatur, birthcert-1053.jpg, birthcert-1053a.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 7/26/04, Robert, Hattie, (Lusk), blank, birthcert-1055.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 3/16/05, W. H., Mattie, (Kennedy), blank, birthcert-1672.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 7/18/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1972.jpg, [delayed 7/26/1950]
Reed, blank, M, 3/16/06, Ol, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2556.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 6/23/06, H.M., Olie, Blackwell, blank, birthcert-2725.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 2/10/07, Elvis, Bell, (Baugh), blank, birthcert-3167.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 1/31/08, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3819.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 11/25/08, Elvis, Belle, (Baugh), blank, birthcert-4360.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 8/29/10, Jno, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-5082.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 10/7/10, John A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5112.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 10/7/10, John A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5113.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 12/24/10, W. I., Margarate, blank, blank, birthcert-5151.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 1/11/16, Jessie, Elmia, blank, blank, birthcert-6333.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 8/14/16, H. M., Ollie, Blackwell, blank, birthcert-6453.jpg
Reed, blank, F, 9/9/18, Leon (GA), Ada (TX), Riddle, Paradise, birthcert-6973.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 10/31/20, John (TX), Emma (TX), Fulp, Boyd, birthcert-7313.jpg
Reed, blank, M, 10/29/07, John, Libbin, blank, blank, [No Image 3635]
Reed, blank, M, 11/25/29, W. W., Pauline, Possey, blank, [No Image 9517 ]
Reed, blank, M, 5/14/31, C. O., Pauline, Green, Alvord, [No Image 10071 ]
Reed, blank, M, 10/28/31, Nat, Nola, Wright, Paradise, [No Image 10274 ]
Reed, Charles Ocess Jr., M, 8/1/32, O. C., Pauline, Green, Alvord, [No Image 10515 ]
Reed, Charles Oslee Jr, , 8/1/82, Charles Oslee, Pauline, Green, blank, [No Image 10515 ]
Reed, Clifford Eugene, M, 6/4/05, Irvin B., Martha Elizabeth, Brown, Decatur, birthcert-1864.jpg, birthcert-1864a.jpg
Reed, Eldon, M, 6/20/23, Charley (TX), Bertie (TX), Renfro, Decatur, birthcert-7825.jpg, birthcert-7825a.jpg
Reed, Emma Louise, F, 2/16/09, I. B., Martha Elizabeth, Brown, Decatur, birthcert-4496.jpg, birthcert-4496a.jpg birthcert-4496b.jpg birthcert-4496c.jpg
Reed, Goldie, F, 7/23/23, Bert (TX), Alice (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-7859.jpg
Reed, Goldie Odena, F, 7/19/08, Henry Marion (GA), Mary Ollie (GA), Blackwell, Bridgeport, birthcert-4140.jpg, birthcert-4140a.jpg
Reed, Herma Loy, F, 7/12/30, H. E., Lucille, Carmock, Bridgeport, [No Image 9754 ]
Reed, Hulen Irvin, M, 1/13/19, A.F., Edna, Black, Decatur, birthcert-7031.jpg
Reed, Inez, F, 4/6/23, John Hampton (TX), Lela May (TX), Worthy, Alvord, birthcert-7757.jpg
Reed, J. N. Jr., M, 6/21/33, J. N., Trecia, McLeon, Boyd, [No Image 10798 ]
Reed, James, M, 3/9/31, Earl, Audry, Cranover, Boyd, [No Image 9994 ]
Reed, Jeraldean, F, 8/28/21, Bertie Lee (TX), Alice May (TX), Taylor, Boyd, birthcert-7453.jpg, birthcert-7453a.jpg
Reed, Jesse Parish, M, 10/26/22, David (TX), Beatrice (TX), Parrish, Decatur, birthcert-7679.jpg
Reed, John David, M, 7/31/15, Dave, Beatrice Emalina, Parish, blank, birthcert-6176.jpg, birthcert-6176a.jpg
Reed, John Lesley, M, 8/15/26, Charlie (TX), Bertie (TX), Renfro, Decatur, birthcert-8636.jpg, birthcert-8636a.jpg
Reed, Lorene Gwendolyn, F, 5/30/19, Bertie L. (TX), Alice May (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-7093.jpg, birthcert-7093a.jpg birthcert-7093b.jpg
Reed, Naomi Clementine, F, 9/17/04, H. M., Mary Olie, Blackwell, Chico, birthcert-1198.jpg, birthcert-1198a.jpg
Reed, Willard James, M, 7/7/25, Bertie Lee (TX), Alice (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8355.jpg, birthcert-8355a.jpg
Reed, William H., M, 3/25/27, Burt L., Alice, Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8778.jpg
Reed, William Oliver, M, 2/22/20, William Oliver (TX), Lillie M. (TX), Falkner, Paradise, birthcert-7217.jpg
Reedy, blank, F, 1/18/23, William Carson (TX), Agnes E. (TX), O'Neal, Petrolia, birthcert-7710.jpg
Reedy, Carl A., M, 5/15/18, George T., Minnie, Laird, blank, birthcert-6893.jpg
Reese, Edward, M, 4/23/05, Edward, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1768.jpg
Reeves, Allah Augusta, F, 5/12/09, L. Hiram (TX), Flora E. (TX), Jennings, Decatur, birthcert-4624.jpg
Reeves, Anna Mere, F, 4/8/30, Obie L., Annie Lee, Malcolm, Decatur, [No Image 9647 ]
Reeves, Audrey Mae, F, 2/7/07, Newel Vernon (TX), Eda Jane (TX), blank, Decatur, birthcert-3154.jpg, birthcert-3154a.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 9/12/03, L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0274.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 6/1/04, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0914.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 2/24/05, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1623.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 9/22/05, C., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2153.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 4/13/06, Alf (Alpheus), (Minervia T.), (Criswell), blank, birthcert-2613.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 10/16/06, A.D., Viola, blank, blank, birthcert-2965.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 4/19/07, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3297.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 10/21/07, J.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3625.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 2/21/08, R.L., E.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3856.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 5/23/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4046.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 10/6/09, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4803.jpg
Reeves, blank, F, 9/3/10, Arthur, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5086.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 6/26/11, Newell Anthony, Sarah Jane, Ferguson, blank, birthcert-5286.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 5/7/14, Archer, blank, Wilbrey, blank, birthcert-5885.jpg
Reeves, blank, M, 9/7/15, W. A., blank, Goodwin, blank, birthcert-6230.jpg
Reeves, F. J., M, 8/3/04, Franklin, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1075.jpg
Reeves, James Floyd, M, 6/10/05, James Robert, Ethel Jane, Perrin, Decatur, birthcert-1879.jpg, birthcert-1879a.jpg
Reeves, Nita Ruth, F, 1/29/25, Claude (TX), Beula (TX), Holt, Decatur, birthcert-8249.jpg, birthcert-8249a.jpg
Reeves, Ralph Lowell, M, 11/10/30, Raymond E., Reba Fay, Waddill, Decatur, [No Image 9861 ]
Reeves, Reba Estel, F, 2/7/05, Newel Vernon, Eda Jane, blank, Decatur, birthcert-1582.jpg, birthcert-1582a.jpg
Reeves, Romona Fay, F, 6/26/29, R.E. (Raymond)(OK), Reba Fay (TX), Waddill, Decatur, birthcert-9383.jpg
Reeves, Vistula Elizabeth, F, 1/27/06, Thomas Arthur (TX), Dollie Lucindy (KS), Walker, Decatur, birthcert-2447.jpg, birthcert-2447a.jpg
Reeves, Wm. Rudyard, M, 10/15/33, Raymond E., Reba Fay, Waddill, Trukey, [No Image 10910 ]
Regan, J.W., M, 5/8/24, J.S.H. (TN), Codia M. (TX), Johnson, Alvord, birthcert-8066.jpg
Reger, blank, M, 9/17/23, Roscoe (TX), Mary Margaret (TX), Atchley, Decatur, birthcert-7897.jpg
Reid, (Polly), F, 10/20/05, Bob, Hattie, blank, Boyd, birthcert-2229.jpg
Reid, blank, M, 11/30/03, Elvis, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-0474.jpg
Reid, blank, F, 3/30/04, J. D., Annie F., (Stephens), blank, birthcert-0770.jpg
Reid, blank, F, 8/3/04, Lee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1076.jpg
Reid, blank, M, 11/11/04, Luther, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1348.jpg
Reid, blank, F, 12/17/04, I. B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1444.jpg
Reid, blank, M, 7/20/07, Luther, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3437.jpg
Reid, Frank, M, 4/14/06, J. D., Annie (F.), (Stephens), blank, birthcert-2614.jpg
Reid, J.F., M, 6/25/22, Weaver N. (TX), Ollie C. (TX), Paschall, Boyd, birthcert-7621.jpg
Reid, Leila Bell, F, 1/28/31, John, Lila Mae, Wearthy, Alvord, [No Image 9948 ]
Reid, Melba, F, 10/25/24, Chester M. (TX), Ida May (IL), Pennington, Sunset, birthcert-8197.jpg
Reid, Ovid Burch, M, 12/11/04, James Elvis, Mary Belle, Baugh, Aurora, birthcert-1425.jpg, birthcert-1425a.jpg
Reid, Polly, F, 1/19/17, James Dewitt, N., Stephens, blank, birthcert-6547.jpg, birthcert-6547a.jpg
Reiger, blank, M, 10/25/09, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4824.jpg
Reiger, blank, M, 12/25/25, Roscoe (TX), Margurite (TX), Atchey, Decatur, birthcert-8490.jpg
Reign, blank, M, 4/15/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2618.jpg
Reimer, blank, F, 6/26/05, J. D., Rhoda, blank, blank, birthcert-1915.jpg
Reiz, Dabelo, M, 6/21/23, Pabblo (TX), Francisco (TX), Martinez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7830.jpg
Remmer, blank, M, 1/13/07, John, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-3105.jpg
Rennels, Clara I., F, 8/1/24, Tom (TX), Pearl (TX), Hollingsworth, Park Springs, birthcert-8126.jpg
Reno, blank, F, 8/25/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2083.jpg
Reno, blank, M, 6/23/16, Chas A., Minnie Lee, Cooper, blank, birthcert-6432.jpg
Reno, Clara Bell, F, 1/24/31, John Thomas, Mattie Mae, Williams, Alvord, [No Image 9942 ]
Reno, Ellen, F, 3/20/15, Sam, Josie, Reeves, blank, birthcert-6058.jpg
Reno, Loy Belle, F, 4/23/19, Tom John, Mattie Mae, Williams, Alvord, birthcert-6616.jpg, birthcert-6616a.jpg
Reno, Tommie Mabel, F, 4/9/11, Charles Amos, Minnie Lee, Cooper, Alvord, birthcert-5221.jpg, birthcert-5221a.jpg
Renolds, blank, M, 7/3/11, W.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5293.jpg
Renshaw, Anna Bess, F, 1/4/31, L. Wm., Virginia, Bob, Decatur, [No Image 9920 ]
Renshaw, Eula Mae, F, 11/29/03, Lafayette W., Jennie, Neel, Boyd, birthcert-0472.jpg, birthcert-0472a.jpg
Renshaw, L.Wayne, Jr., M, 9/6/27, L.Wayne, Marla Margaret, Van Meter, Rhome, birthcert-8839.jpg
Renshaw, Larry Alan, M, 8/6/32, L. Wayne, Merla, Van Meter, Rhome, [No Image 10520 ]
Renshaw, Lena Lavage, F, 2/16/32, Kenny W., Thelma, Petty, Decatur, [No Image 10363 ]
Renshaw, Martha Belle, F, 4/1/24, John James (TX), Elsie (TX), Drew, Decatur, birthcert-8041.jpg
Renshaw, Martha Elizabeth, F, 3/29/15, Holly (TX), Jessie Brown (TX), Vandiver, Decatur, birthcert-6064.jpg
Renshaw, Mildred, F, 8/14/04, William, Annie, McCaskey, Decatur, birthcert-1105.jpg, birthcert-1105a.jpg
Renshaw, Myrle , F, 9/13/09, William Samuel (TX), Luna Mae (TN), Kenny, Decatur, birthcert-4772.jpg, birthcert-4772a.jpg
Renshaw, Samuel Worthington, Jr., M, 5/20/23, Samuel Worthington, Sr. (TX), Jessie Pearl (TX), Elder, Decatur, birthcert-7807.jpg, birthcert-7807a.jpg
Renshaw, Virginia, F, 9/16/07, William Samuel (TX), Luna Mae (TN), Kenney, Decatur, birthcert-3545.jpg
Renshaw, Weldon Leroy, M, 1/25/06, Wm., Anna, McCaskey, blank, birthcert-2438.jpg, birthcert-2438a.jpg
Rexroat, Dorothy Myrle, F, 9/30/29, Benjamin Lawson (TX), Mattie Lucile (TX), Brown, Rhome, birthcert-9465.jpg, birthcert-9465a.jpg
Rexroot, Radel Pauline, F, 8/19/24, B.L. (TX), M. Lucille (TX), Brown, Rhome, birthcert-8148.jpg
Reynolds, blank, M, 11/14/04, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1361.jpg
Reynolds, blank, F, 5/2/06, F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2650.jpg
Reynolds, blank, F, 9/11/07, Perre, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3534.jpg
Reynolds, blank, F, 9/26/07, C.M., Emma, Hardin, blank, birthcert-3567.jpg
Reynolds, blank, M, 12/25/07, Martin, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3745.jpg
Reynolds, blank, M, 11/9/10, J. G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4598.jpg
Reynolds, blank, M, 1/9/10, J.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4898.jpg
Reynolds, Clarence, M, 1/5/07, Tom, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-3095.jpg
Reynolds, M. M.., F, 1/14/04, A. W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0590.jpg
Reynolds, Robert Dean, M, 4/15/28, Robert A/, Jewel Lorene, Medoris, Bridgeport, birthcert-8991.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 2/2/04, Bud, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0629.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 5/3/04, Lad, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0858.jpg
Rhine, blank, F, 12/4/04, Drew, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1409.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 5/14/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1817.jpg
Rhine, blank, F, 3/19/08, Lad, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3927.jpg
Rhine, blank, F, 8/22/17, Fred, blank, Chilton, Decatur, birthcert-6685.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 11/4/18, A.C. (TX), Lottie (TX), Phillips , Decatur, birthcert-7006.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 4/7/21, A.C. (TX), Lottie (TX), Phillips, Decatur, birthcert-7378.jpg
Rhine, blank, F, 8/1/23, Walter (TX), Maud Opal (TX), Walker, Decatur, birthcert-7865.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 4/11/25, Guinn (TX), Irma (AR), Shinn, Decatur, birthcert-8292.jpg
Rhine, blank, M, 7/27/27, Walter G., Maude Opal, Walker, Decatur, birthcert-8816.jpg
Rhine, Bobbie Jeanne, , 10/11/30, Eugene A., Marie, Parish, blank, [No Image 9841 ]
Rhine, Frances Kenneth Melton, M, 7/29/32, Orville, Clara, Moore, Decatur, [No Image 10512 ]
Rhine, Jack Glen, M, 11/10/33, Walter G., Maude Opal, Walker, Decatur, [No Image 10933 ]
Rhine, Mary Beth, F, 7/10/29, Albert (TX), Pauline (TX), Larson, Decatur, birthcert-9395.jpg, birthcert-9395a.jpg
Rhine, Vera Lois, F, 8/13/07, Walter Marshall (Bud), Grace Truman, Gentry, Decatur, birthcert-3481.jpg, birthcert-3481a.jpg
Rhoades, blank, M, 8/18/05, Ray, Mrs Minnie, Walker, blank, birthcert-2064.jpg
Rhoads, (Clyde Monroe), M, 11/10/03, H.S., Nettie, (Roberts), blank, birthcert-0437.jpg
Rhoads, Abner Everett, Jr., M, 11/22/21, Abner Everett (KY), Ada (GA), Neely, Decatur, birthcert-7510.jpg
Rhoads, blank, M, 11/1/05, I. L., (Fannie E.) M.E., (Woodruff), blank, birthcert-2252.jpg
Rhoads, Laura Marie, F, 7/9/04, Abner Everett, Ada Elmer, Nealey, Decatur, birthcert-1006.jpg, birthcert-1006a.jpg birthcert-1006b.jpg
Rhoads, Wanda Lee, F, 1/6/26, Joseph Clifford (TX), Tressia Belle (TX), New, Alvord, birthcert-8502.jpg, birthcert-8502a.jpg
Rhoads, Wayne, , 9/7/28, J.C. (TX), Tresey (TX), New, Alvord, birthcert-9145.jpg
Rhodes, (Betty), F, 8/29/07, Evert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3513.jpg,
Rhodes, Betty Louise, F, 9/28/30, Homer E., Elva M., Bradford, Decatur, [No Image 9832 ]
Rhodes, blank, F, 7/7/07, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3415.jpg
Rhodes, blank, F, 4/22/10, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4988.jpg
Rhodes, blank, F, 2/13/16, Clifford, Ruth, Crabb, blank, birthcert-6361.jpg
Rhome, blank, F, 12/12/05, Walter, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-2353.jpg
Rhome, blank, F, 2/22/10, Yates, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-4938.jpg
Rhome, blank, M, 7/1/12, Yates, Stella, Thompson, blank, birthcert-5545.jpg
Rhoten, blank, M, 1/19/07, John, Manua, blank, blank, birthcert-3121.jpg
Rhoten, Bobbie Frances, F, 1/28/32, R. J., E. M., Bedford, Paradise, [No Image 10348 ]
Rhoten, Erman Edward, , 3/3/33, J. R., D. L., Hampton, Paradise, [No Image 10701 ]
Rhoten, Jewell, F, 2/15/07, William Jackson, Alcie Ardelia, Hubbard, Rural Wise Co., birthcert-3178.jpg, birthcert-3178a.jpg
Rhoten, William Edward, M, 6/7/30, R. L., E. M., Bedford, blank, [No Image 9717 ]
Rhyne, blank, F, 10/10/05, James R., Emma, Riley, blank, birthcert-2207.jpg
Rhynes, blank, M, 11/12/32, J. M., Tilda, Burcher, Slidell, [No Image 10624 ]
Rice, blank, F, 9/10/06, Ira, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2901.jpg
Rice, blank, M, 4/17/07, H.D., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3292.jpg
Rice, blank, F, 2/29/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3878.jpg
Rice, blank, M, 8/18/16, Ben, blank, Scrogg, blank, birthcert-6460.jpg
Rice, Leta Joyce, F, 9/19/31, Joe B., Dora, Stockton, Decatur, [No Image 10224 ]
Rice, Martin, M, 8/28/27, William Jewel, Laura, Simpkins, Alvord, birthcert-8831.jpg, birthcert-8831a.jpg
Rice, Mary Emmett, F, 1/21/05, Emmett Edward, Cora, Atkins, Paradise, birthcert-1523.jpg, birthcert-1523a.jpg
Rice, Mary Lee, F, 8/2/24, Earl (TX), Kate (TX), Freeman, Alvord, birthcert-8127.jpg
Rice, Melvin, M, 4/20/29, Will (MO), Laura (AL), Simpkins, Alvord, birthcert-9328.jpg
Rich, blank, M, 7/1/04, Charles Harlens, Cora Lee, (Bloomer), blank, birthcert-0980.jpg
Rich, blank, M, 8/26/07, John, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-3508.jpg
Rich, blank, F, 11/8/07, Cap, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3659.jpg
Rich, blank, M, 9/25/11, John, Nancy, Eakin, blank, birthcert-5371.jpg
Rich, blank, M, 3/7/33, J. C., Vera, Perkins, Decatur, [No Image 10703 ]
Rich, Charles V., M, 11/14/31, J. C., Vera, Perkins, Alvord, [No Image 10283 ]
Rich, Claud, M, 1/6/07, W.R., Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-3096.jpg
Rich, Doris Fern, F, 9/29/28, Jewel C. (TX), Vera (TX), Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-9134.jpg
Rich, Gerald D., M, 2/13/33, Clifford, Inez, Hubbard, Decatur, [No Image 10683 ]
Rich, Helen Faye, F, 10/20/08, Charles Harlan (IL), Cora Lee(MS), Bloomer, Park Springs, birthcert-4304.jpg, birthcert-4304a.jpg birthcert-4304b.jpg
Rich, J. B., M, 10/19/30, C. W., Annie, Heffner, Alvord, [No Image 9879 ]
Rich, Jewel Clay, M, 11/14/08, Will R. (TX), Kate Alice (TX), Foster, Alvord, birthcert-4346.jpg, birthcert-4346a.jpg
Rich, Opal Jean, F, 9/13/11, Charles Harlan, Cora Lee, Bloomer, Park Springs, birthcert-5356.jpg, birthcert-5356a.jpg
Richards, blank, F, 8/20/06, (Thomas) C., S.R., blank, blank, birthcert-2852.jpg
Richards, blank, M, 8/17/07, Thomas, Lydia, blank, blank, birthcert-3490.jpg
Richards, blank, F, 8/5/10, Thomas C., Mrs S. R., blank, blank, birthcert-5065.jpg
Richardson, Audrey Izetta Mae, F, 10/20/19, Roy, Bertha (TX), Phillips, Boyd, birthcert-7150.jpg, birthcert-7150a.jpg
Richardson, Billie Wayne, M, 9/20/32, W. D., M. F., Taylor, Bridgeport, [No Image 10560 ]
Richardson, blank, M, 4/21/04, John Harvel, Mollie, (Ditmore), blank, birthcert-0830.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 5/31/04, J. T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0911.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 10/5/04, J. H., S. E., blank, blank, birthcert-1253.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 7/18/05, J.P., M., blank, blank, birthcert-1970.jpg
Richardson, blank, M, 9/16/06, J.H. (John Harvel), Mollie, (Ditmore), blank, birthcert-2911.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 2/27/08, J.H., D.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3873.jpg
Richardson, blank, , 11/12/09, Ed E., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-4845.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 4/14/10, J. H., L. E., blank, blank, birthcert-4980.jpg
Richardson, blank, M, 12/1/15, Roy, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6311.jpg
Richardson, blank, M, 11/4/16, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6506.jpg, [delayed 10162]
Richardson, blank, F, 4/10/17, J. T., Minnie, Gregory, blank, birthcert-6596.jpg
Richardson, blank, F, 9/21/21, Roy B. (TX), Bertha (TX), Phillips, Boyd, birthcert-7474.jpg
Richardson, Glen, M, 4/23/12, J.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5507.jpg
Richardson, J.L., F, 1/5/07, J.H. (John), L.E. (Ella Lue), (Fortner), blank, birthcert-3094.jpg
Richardson, Joseph Danell, M, 2/12/20, D.K. (TX), Janie (TX), Adcock, Boyd, birthcert-7212.jpg
Richardson, Leiger, M, 9/19/04, Ben Low, Oma, (Hill), blank, birthcert-1206.jpg
Richardson, Leon, M, 8/23/16, Lee R., Eva Lula, Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-6464.jpg, birthcert-6464a.jpg
Richardson, Loyce, M, 4/21/05, C.E., Minnie B., blank, blank, birthcert-1761.jpg
Richardson, Lucile Douglas, F, 1/16/07, E.E. (TX), Aurora (TX), Hammack, Rhome, birthcert-3112.jpg, birthcert-3112a.jpg
Richardson, Patsy Ann, F, 12/28/30, T. A., Grace, Hutson, Bridgeport, [No Image 9907 ]
Richardson, Ruby Lucille, F, 8/31/18, Namon? (TX), Vivian (TX), Phillips, Paradise, birthcert-6964.jpg, birthcert-6964a.jpg
Richardson, Therman Howard, M, 4/17/19, James (TX), Clara (TX), Nunally, Boyd, birthcert-7072.jpg, birthcert-7072a.jpg
Richardson, twins, M/F, 8/22/17, Bennie LeRoy, Bertha, Phillips, Boyd, birthcert-6684.jpg
Richardson, Willie Jean, F, 8/2/33, James W., Sara L., Anderson, Greenwood, [No Image 10844 ]
Richee, blank, F, 2/10/12, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5460.jpg
Richman, Jo Ann, F, 2/22/33, W. E., Alice Maude, Buck, Boyd, [No Image 10691 ]
Richman, Nancy Lois, F, 3/3/27, William Edward, Alice Maude, Buck, Boyd, birthcert-8756.jpg, birthcert-8756a.jpg birthcert-8756b.jpg
Richmond, blank, F, 11/22/04, Tom, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-1384.jpg
Richmond, blank, F, 7/10/24, J.S. (Jim)(TX), E. (Eunice)(TX), Mitchum, Park Springs, birthcert-8096.jpg
Richmond, blank, M, 2/27/29, T.F. (Fred)(TX), Neoma (AR), Appling, Park Springs, birthcert-9275.jpg
Richmond, blank, M, 12/22/30, Jim S., Eunice, Mitchum, blank, [No Image 9899 ]
Richmond, Bobby Jo, M, 4/15/31, T. Fred, Neoma, Appling, Park Springs, [No Image 10036 ]
Richmond, Tina Fred, Jr., M, 3/14/20, Tina Fred, Sr. (TX), Naoma (TX), Appling, Park Springs, birthcert-7221.jpg, birthcert-7221a.jpg
Richter, Edna Mae, F, 1/6/11, William Otto, Lillie Belle, Walker, blank, birthcert-5157.jpg, birthcert-5157a.jpg
Richter, Marion Elmer, M, 3/24/09, Otto (TX), Lillie Belle (MO), Walker, blank, birthcert-4566.jpg, birthcert-4566a.jpg
Rick, Wiley C., M, 3/29/05, W. C., K. A., blank, blank, birthcert-1702.jpg
Ricker, Anna Marie, F, 9/17/33, Dorice H., Eugenia E., McEntire, Bridgeport, [No Image 10890 ]
Ricker, blank, F, 8/31/06, J.P. Warren, H.F., blank, blank, birthcert-2878.jpg
Ricker, J.O.C., M, 1/8/05, S.L., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-1498.jpg
Rickman, William Edwin, M, 12/19/23, W.E. (TX), Maude (TX), Buck, Boyd, birthcert-7951.jpg
Riddle, blank, F, 2/23/04, Martin, Jessie, (James), blank, birthcert-0678.jpg
Riddle, blank, M, 8/3/05, Ed, Mary, Mrs., blank, blank, birthcert-2022.jpg
Riddle, Kyle Loyd, M, 12/19/13, William L., Margie, Morris, Wise County, birthcert-5803.jpg
Riddle, Tommie Manis, M, 1/2/07, Edd, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3139.jpg
Rieger, blank, F, 12/31/28, Roscoe (TX), Marguerite, Atchley, Decatur, birthcert-9216.jpg
Rieger, Sylvia, F, 2/5/07, Jerry Jack (TX), Clayton (TX), Bennett, Decatur, birthcert-3159.jpg, birthcert-3159a.jpg
Rieves, blank, F, 3/15/07, T.N., I. M., blank, blank, birthcert-3222.jpg
Riggs, Dow Augustus, M, 8/13/09, Walter A. (AR), Lucinda Almida (AR), Williams, Alvord, birthcert-4731.jpg
Riggs, Ruby Loise, F, 10/18/33, Whit H., Maggie, Lockhart, Decatur, [No Image 10912 ]
Rihardt, blank, F, 4/16/07, Fred, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3291.jpg
Riley, blank, M, 7/16/03, Wilson , Florence, Hill, blank, birthcert-0121.jpg
Riley, blank, M, 12/18/05, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2362.jpg
Riley, blank, F, 9/24/06, Rufus, Aron, blank, blank, birthcert-2930.jpg
Riley, blank, M, 9/28/06, D.C., (Sella), (Lindley), blank, birthcert-2933.jpg
Riley, blank, F, 11/6/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3000.jpg
Riley, blank, F, 5/18/08, John, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-4029.jpg
Riley, blank, M, 3/26/11, Walter, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-5206.jpg
Riley, Frances Odell, F, 6/7/13, Robert Lee (TX), Mattie (TX), Forbes, Newark, birthcert-5721.jpg
Riley, Homer Charles, M, 8/1/18, Charles Henry (TX), Beauford Belle (AL), Stone, Greenwood, birthcert-6946.jpg, birthcert-6946a.jpg
Riley, M., M, 2/15/07, M., W., blank, blank, birthcert-3177.jpg
Riley, Patsy Ruth, F, 3/17/23, M.D. (KY), Roxy (TX), Stone, Bridgeport, birthcert-7740.jpg
Riley, Patsy Ruth, F, 3/7/28, M. D., Roxy, Stone, Bridgeport, birthcert-8972.jpg
Riley, Rufus Glenn, M, 6/17/117, Rufus Cleveland, Oran, Leslie, Alvord, birthcert-6647.jpg
Rimara, Juanita Beatrice, F, 5/6/33, J. M., Beatrice, Campbell, Paradise, [No Image 10759 ]
Rine, Erma, F, 1/6/06, Solomon, Jettie, blank, blank, birthcert-2389.jpg
Ring, Jasper Newton Jr., M, 8/28/31, Jasper Newton, Beva Beatrice, Turner, Decatur, [No Image 10196 ]
Riojas, Paulina, F, 4/23/11, Ciriaco, Felicitas, Gonzalez, Bridgeport, birthcert-5229.jpg
Rios, Aurelio, M, 3/21/07, Faustino (Mex), Julia (Mex), Peralto, Rock Creek, birthcert-3240.jpg
Rios, Faustina Caso, F, 8/6/29, Pablo (Mex), Francisca (Mex), Caso, Bridgeport, birthcert-9416.jpg, birthcert-9416a.jpg
Rios, Franstion, M, 11/12/32, Manuel, Conception, Erasaco, Bridgeport, [No Image 10625 ]
Rios, Guadalupe, F, 12/18/09, Faustino, Julia, Peralto, blank, birthcert-4877.jpg
Rios, Jesus C., M, 12/15/20, Pabilo (Mex), Francisca (Mex), Coso, Bridgeport, birthcert-7327.jpg
Rios, Manuel, M, 9/2/05, Faustino, Julia, Peralto, blank, birthcert-2114.jpg
Rios, Mariguita, F, 11/3/10, Faustino, Julia, Peralto, blank, birthcert-5124.jpg
Rios, Paulino, M, 6/22/23, Pablo (Mex), Francisca (Mex), Coso, Bridgeport, birthcert-7831.jpg
Rios, Refugia, F, 5/22/19, Faustino (Mex), Julia (Mex), Peralto, Thurber, birthcert-7091.jpg
Rios, Reynaldo, M, 1/12/13, Faustino (Mex), Julia (Mex), Peralto, Thurber, birthcert-5633.jpg
Rippy, Billy Jack, M, 1/11/32, Bill M., Fannie Pearl, Askey, Fort Worth, [No Image 10331 ]
Rippy, Nancy Jean, F, 8/26/30, Bill M., Fannie Pearl, Askey, Decatur, [No Image 9792 ]
Rish, Nannie Bell, M, 7/4/04, John Alexander, Nancy, Elkins, Bridgeport, birthcert-0992.jpg, birthcert-0992a.jpg
Ritchie, Florine Edith, F, 3/7/05, Isaac Dewitt, Flora Emma, Muncy, Slidell, birthcert-1655.jpg, birthcert-1655a.jpg
Ritchie, Mabel Claire, F, 10/30/07, Isaac Dewitt (TN), Flora Emma (TX), Muncy, Slidell, birthcert-3641.jpg, birthcert-3641a.jpg
Rives, Asbury Laurice, F, 11/17/05, Asbury Nicholas, Emma Alto, Leonard, Rhome, birthcert-2288.jpg, birthcert-2288a.jpg
Roach, blank, M, 12/13/04, J.R., Bettie, blank, blank, birthcert-1432.jpg
Roach, blank, M, 11/17/07, Brock, Hettie, (Hayter), blank, birthcert-3673.jpg
Roach, blank, F, 3/14/12, Tom, blank, Davis, blank, birthcert-5482.jpg
Roach, blank, M, 11/19/23, E.J. (TX), Laura (TX), Frezzell, Chico, birthcert-7941.jpg
Roach, James Bunyan, M, 10/21/10, George Turner, Carrie, Gilbert, Decatur, birthcert-5119.jpg
Roach, Joseph Wilson, M, 2/12/14, George Turner (TX), Carrie (AL), Gilbert, Decatur, birthcert-5840.jpg
Roach, Samuel Norman, M, 9/25/21, Elbert Jerome (TN), Laura Letuschia (AR), Frizzell, Chico, birthcert-7479.jpg, birthcert-7479a.jpg
Roach, Walter Carl, M, 1/27/05, Thomas James, Fannie Margaret, (Davis), blank, birthcert-1542.jpg
Robbins, blank, M, 1/8/30, W. W., Annie Lee, Beall, blank, [No Image 9550 ]
Roberson, blank, M, 7/17/04, Richard, Matty, blank, blank, birthcert-1025.jpg
Roberson, blank, F, 7/27/04, Joe, Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-1057.jpg
Roberson, blank, M, 2/20/06, Jas R., Glenn, Mrs., blank, blank, birthcert-2510.jpg
Roberts, (twin), F, 6/8/06, Neal, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2706.jpg
Roberts, (twin), F, 6/8/06, Neal, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2707.jpg
Roberts, Bessie Faye, F, 5/26/33, N. R., Katie Lee, Evans, Decatur, [No Image 10779 ]
Roberts, Billie Jean, F, 7/17/28, J. R., Martha Elman, Powell, Bridgeport, birthcert-9056.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 2/14/04, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0657.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 7/24/04, Tom, Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-1049.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 8/28/04, Wilburn Cornelius, Ida Nay, (Verner), blank, birthcert-1144.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 10/3/04, Curtis, Ivy, blank, blank, birthcert-1245.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 2/12/06, Nick, Mrs Jennie (Jerome), Willis, blank, birthcert-2485.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 4/14/06, Herbert, Myrtle, (McClain), blank, birthcert-2615.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 4/16/06, Thomas (J.), Zora, (Thacker), blank, birthcert-2620.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 5/26/06, Ira, Nettie, (Mason), blank, birthcert-2684.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 2/10/07, C.B., N., blank, blank, birthcert-3168.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 2/25/07, Allen, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-3188.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 8/4/07, Bert, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-3464.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 6/5/08, Herbert, (O.M.), (McClain), blank, birthcert-4073.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 9/13/08, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4246.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 10/4/08, Hershall, Sally, blank, blank, birthcert-4277.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 7/30/09, M.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4710.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 8/2/09, C.W., D.J., blank, blank, birthcert-4716.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 11/19/09, Charley Hison, Lizie Burnetta, Kennedy, blank, birthcert-4853.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 1/15/10, J. T., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-4910.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 7/22/15, Bert, blank, Boydston, blank, birthcert-6159.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 9/23/16, Frank W., Mrs Mattie H., Poteet, blank, birthcert-6476.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 6/14/18, F.W. (Frank)(NC), Mattie H. (TX), Poteet, Chico, birthcert-6914.jpg
Roberts, blank, M, 10/12/22, T.J. (TX), Zora T. (TX), Thacker, Decatur, birthcert-7671.jpg
Roberts, blank, F, 12/8/25, unknown, Minnie (TX), Roberts, Decatur, birthcert-8475.jpg
Roberts, Carl Edgar, M, 2/13/07, Charley (Hison)(AL), Lizzie (Burnetta)(MS), Kennedy, Willow Point, birthcert-3174.jpg, birthcert-3174a.jpg
Roberts, Cornelius, M, 4/21/05, Herbert, (O. M.), (McClain), blank, birthcert-1764.jpg
Roberts, E. Jewel, F, 10/30/05, Charles Evans, Gertrude, Boyd, blank, birthcert-2248.jpg
Roberts, Earnest Allen, M, 12/6/28, James O. (TX), Ella E. (TX), Wills, Boyd, birthcert-9190.jpg, birthcert-9190a.jpg
Roberts, Elewn, M, 11/13/31, J. D., Gracey Blanch, blank, Sunset, [No Image 10282 ]
Roberts, Elmer Lloyd, M, 12/15/12, Charley Hison (AL), Elizabeth Bernetta (MS), Kennedy, Willow Point, birthcert-5611.jpg, birthcert-5611a.jpg
Roberts, Elsie Corrinne, F, 2/19/20, N.R. (TX), Katie (TX), Evans, Decatur, birthcert-7214.jpg, birthcert-7214a.jpg
Roberts, Hattie Celest, F, 10/23/04, Frank W., Mattie H., (Poteet), blank, birthcert-1295.jpg
Roberts, Jo, M, 10/20/04, Allen, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1285.jpg
Roberts, M. L., M, 7/17/31, H. G., L. E., Shaw, Booneville, [No Image 10147 ]
Roberts, May, F, 3/13/04, R.N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0725.jpg
Roberts, Nemmie Esteline, F, 3/23/24, Nim Rod (TX), Katie Lee (TX), Evans, Decatur, birthcert-8037.jpg, birthcert-8037a.jpg
Roberts, Ollie Grace, F, 8/16/15, James Oran, Ella Earl, Wills, Boyd, birthcert-6198.jpg, birthcert-6198a.jpg
Roberts, Ray Collins, M, 5/28/28, N. R. , Katie Lee, Evans, Decatur, birthcert-9026.jpg
Roberts, Ray Herbert-twin, M, 1/17/29, J.H. (TX), Dona (TX), Adams, Chico, birthcert-9223.jpg, birthcert-9223a.jpg
Roberts, Roy Edward, M, 5/26/25, Allen Webb (MO), Rhoda (TX), Applin, Decatur, birthcert-8325.jpg, birthcert-8325a.jpg
Roberts, Ruby Lee, F, 10/25/27, Guinn Thompson, Effie Lue, Simpson, Bridgeport, birthcert-8860.jpg, birthcert-8860a.jpg
Roberts, Susan J., F, 7/3/30, Gordon, Jeniebelle, Renshaw, Decatur, [No Image 9748 ]
Roberts, Trinton A., M, 4/4/24, James Ora (TN), Ella Earl (TX), Willis, Boyd, birthcert-8043.jpg, birthcert-8043a.jpg
Roberts, Troy Harvey-twin, M, 1/17/29, J.H. (TX), Dona (TX), Adams, Chico, birthcert-9240.jpg, birthcert-9240a.jpg
Roberts, Willie Norma, F, 7/7/04, Ollie Perry, Edith Marie, Wilson, Bridgeport, birthcert-1000.jpg, birthcert-1000a.jpg
Robertson, blank, M, 12/15/06, Joe, Daisey, blank, blank, birthcert-3057.jpg
Robertson, blank, M, 10/10/07, T.J., Z.T., (Thacker), blank, birthcert-3602.jpg
Robertson, blank, M, 7/19/09, Joe, Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-4693.jpg
Robertson, blank, M, 3/2/16, Geo., Beulah, Wilkin, blank, birthcert-6378.jpg
Robertson, blank, M, 3/3/17, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6566.jpg
Robertson, Mabeth, F, 3/26/26, Roy H. (TX), Lottie Mae (TX), Potts, Decatur, birthcert-8567.jpg, birthcert-8567a.jpg
Robertson, Margaret, F, 2/10/18, Ben, Mrs. Susie, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6822.jpg
Robertson, Rebecca Margaret, F, 11/3/18, W.J. (TN), Minnie (TX), Humphreys, Boyd, birthcert-7005.jpg, birthcert-7005a.jpg
Robertson, Thomas Gordon, M, 12/16/06, Joseph Gordon (GA), Allie May (TX), Leonard, Rhome, birthcert-3061.jpg, birthcert-3061a.jpg
Robinson, (Doris), F, 6/24/25, Richard (MS), Lillian (MS), McKillough, Alvord, birthcert-8345.jpg
Robinson, (Nellie Lucille), F, 5/30/06, Jack, Bessie, (Jordan), blank, birthcert-2694.jpg
Robinson, (Susan Amy), F, 9/15/07, Sam, Sallie, (Pitts), blank, birthcert-3541.jpg
Robinson, (Winnie), F, 4/18/05, Sam, Sallie, (Pitts), blank, birthcert-1752.jpg
Robinson, Alton Royce, M, 9/15/28, R.Z. (TX), Maggie (TX), Hall, Chico, birthcert-9152.jpg, birthcert-9152a.jpg
Robinson, Anna, F, 2/22/28, Melvin, Bertha Odell, Dickenson, Chico, birthcert-8951.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 9/3/03, W. A., E. V., blank, blank, birthcert-0255.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 7/30/04, E. E., Laura, (Triplett), blank, birthcert-1067.jpg
Robinson, blank, F, 10/21/04, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1288.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 3/4/05, Dav, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1646.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 11/29/05, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2316.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 1/20/07, I.L. (Irwin Lamar), (Hizzie Maude), (Gulley), blank, birthcert-3123.jpg
Robinson, blank, M, 4/17/17, Cleve, Bula, Jones, Boyd, birthcert-6614.jpg
Robinson, Bobbie Jean, M, 5/8/28, Richard (Dick), Lillian, Killough, Alvord, birthcert-9013.jpg
Robinson, Emma Lou, F, 9/24/29, Luther Abe (TX), Cora Mae (TN), Brown, Chico, birthcert-9461.jpg
Robinson, Gerald Layne, M, 7/2/26, Melvin (TX), Ruth Adelle (TX), Dickinson, Chico, birthcert-8607.jpg, birthcert-8607a.jpg
Robinson, Jimmie L., M., 4/3/30, Melvin, Ruth Adelle, Dickenson, Chico, [No Image 9643 ]
Robinson, John Williford, M, 5/17/18, George D., Bulah, Williams, blank, birthcert-6895.jpg
Robinson, Mary Zelma, F, 2/28/13, Everett I., Edna E., McCrory, Boonsville, birthcert-5658.jpg, birthcert-5658a.jpg
Robinson, Mauriella J., F, 5/6/30, Clarence R., Berdie E., Walters, blank, [No Image 9680 ]
Robinson, Melvin Ray, M, 9/28/32, L. A., Mae, Brown, Park Springs, [No Image 10570 ]
Robinson, Ova Eula, F, 11/10/06, John Montivil (TX), Florence P. (TX), Armstrong, Willow Point, birthcert-3010.jpg, birthcert-3010a.jpg birthcert-3010b.jpg
Robinson, Roy Zacarah, M, 12/24/03, Jack, Ressie Estelle, Jordan, Chico, birthcert-0530.jpg, birthcert-0530a.jpg birthcert-0530b.jpg
Robinson, William Carlton, M, 10/8/16, Cleve Cleveland, Beulah Lawrence, Jones, Springtown, birthcert-6484.jpg, birthcert-6484a.jpg
Robinson, Zack Leslie, M, 9/26/30, Roy Z., Maggie L., Hall, blank, [No Image 9829 ]
Robison, Maudie Lee, F, 3/25/27, Robert Lee, Maud Mae, Stroud, Decatur, birthcert-8777.jpg
Rocha, Josefa, F, 11/15/06, Antonio (Mex), Vicenta (TX), Garcia, Bridgeport, birthcert-3023.jpg, birthcert-3023a.jpg
Rocha, Marie, F, 4/10/30, Domingo, Nora, Gomez, Bridgeport, [No Image 9655 ]
Rocha, Marie, F, 4/12/30, Domingo, Nora, Gomez, Bridgeport, [No Image 9656 ]
Roddy, Russell Samuel, Jr., M, 6/11/22, Russell Samuel (TX), Gladys Clair (KA), Schlup, Chico, birthcert-7609.jpg
Rodgers, blank, F, 9/7/03, A. D., Lila, blank, blank, birthcert-0265.jpg
Rodgers, blank, F, 9/21/03, H. A., H., blank, blank, birthcert-0302.jpg
Rodgers, blank, F, 3/9/05, Peyton R., Alla (Nancy Ora), (Truitt), blank, birthcert-1659.jpg
Rodgers, blank, F, 3/13/06, Thomas Albert, Georgia Anna, Jennings, blank, birthcert-2549.jpg
Rodgers, blank, M, 11/11/06, Joe, Mrs. S., blank, blank, birthcert-3012.jpg
Rodgers, blank, M, 2/23/07, Peyton (R.), (Nancy) Ora, (Truitt), blank, birthcert-3184.jpg
Rodgers, blank, M, 5/10/13, Charles R., (Maggie), Phillips, blank, birthcert-5696.jpg
Rodgers, blank, M, 11/26/15, Charles R., Maggie, Phillips, blank, birthcert-6307.jpg
Rodgers, blank, F, 12/9/15, J. R., Dora, Simpson, blank, birthcert-6319.jpg
Rodgers, Mary Jeanette, F, 1/25/04, Joseph Price, Mary Minerva, Graham, Paradise, birthcert-0615.jpg, birthcert-0615a.jpg
Rodgers, Pink Jr., M, 1/11/04, Pink, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0582.jpg
Rodgers, Ruby Mae, F, 8/1/05, John R. (KY), Dora Mae (TX), Simpson , blank, birthcert-2019.jpg, birthcert-2019a.jpg
Rodnzus, blank, M, 2/5/08, Ben, blank, Malez, blank, birthcert-3827.jpg
Rodrigues, blank, M, 3/25/10, Romelo, Victoria, blank, blank, birthcert-4964.jpg
Rodrigues, Robba, F, 7/19/05, Troas, M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-1977.jpg
Rodriguez, Espidia, F, 12/14/05, George, Aspicha, blank, blank, birthcert-2358.jpg
Roe, Benjamin Franklin Jr., M, 8/15/11, Benjamin Franklin, Eva, Stevens, Bridgeport, birthcert-5323.jpg, birthcert-5323a.jpg
Roe, blank, M, 4/6/04, N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0791.jpg
Roe, blank, F, 5/8/05, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1799.jpg
Roe, blank, F, 7/3/06, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2747.jpg
Roe, blank, F, 4/18/07, Benjamin Franklin, Eva, Stevens, blank, birthcert-3278.jpg
Roe, Cynthia Mozelle, F, 9/18/15, Benjamin Franklin, Eva Emmaline, Stephens, Bridgeport, birthcert-6250.jpg, birthcert-6250a.jpg
Roe, Eunice Lea, M, 6/1/13, Benjamin Franklin (TX), Eva Emaline (TX), Stevens, Decatur, birthcert-5719.jpg, birthcert-5719a.jpg
Roe, Pleasant Samuel, M, 10/4/08, Benjamin Franklin (TX), Eva (TX), Stevens, Decatur, birthcert-4276.jpg, birthcert-4276a.jpg
Roe, Reba Voleta, F, 11/12/09, Benjamin Franklin, Eva E., Stevens, Bridgeport, birthcert-4844.jpg, birthcert-4844a.jpg birthcert-4844b.jpg
Rogers, A. D. Jr., M, 10/22/05, A. D., Lela, blank, blank, birthcert-2235.jpg
Rogers, Bertha Hester, F, 6/3/05, Henry, Mollie, (Guinn), blank, birthcert-1862.jpg
Rogers, blank, F, 7/1/03, William A., Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-0084.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 2/15/04, Robert, Merian, blank, blank, birthcert-0660.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 11/7/04, T.J., Georgia, blank, blank, birthcert-1334.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 5/13/05, Robert, Miriam, blank, blank, birthcert-1815.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 2/25/06, Neal, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2526.jpg
Rogers, blank, F, 9/15/07, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3540.jpg
Rogers, blank, F, 4/5/08, Bob, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3955.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 5/1/08, Hal, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4003.jpg, [delayed 10769]
Rogers, blank, M, 11/12/13, Bob, May, Gentry, blank, birthcert-5790.jpg
Rogers, blank, F, 1/14/25, Charles H. (TX), Bertie (TX), Allison, Decatur, birthcert-8243.jpg
Rogers, blank, M, 3/3/31, blank, Bessie I., blank, Bridgeport, [No Image 9986 ]
Rogers, Byron David, M, 3/25/27, R. B., Mabel, Counts, Chico, birthcert-8776.jpg, birthcert-8776a.jpg
Rogers, Charles Lou, M, 3/6/24, Sid M. (TX), Rosanna (TX), Luinie, Paradise, birthcert-8028.jpg
Rogers, D.B., M, 4/16/24, Drinnon Burch (TX), Selva (TX), Huddleston, Rhome, birthcert-8050.jpg
Rogers, Jackie O., F, 12/2/30, Ordel T., A., McAlister, Decatur, [No Image 9886 ]
Rogers, Janet Elaine, F, 9/30/28, Thomas Gordon (TX), Myrtle (TX), Huddleston, Decatur, birthcert-9137.jpg
Rogers, Joseph Oliver, M, 9/20/26, Gideon Mancil (TX), Rosa Anna (TX), Lemme, Paradise, birthcert-8673.jpg, birthcert-8673a.jpg
Rogers, Loyd George, M, 3/6/32, Gideon M., Rosa, Lemme, blank, [No Image 10381 ]
Rogers, Lucy, F, 1/5/05, Mark Lecoy, Tennie, (Fletcher), blank, birthcert-1491.jpg
Rogers, M. Louise, F, 11/10/24, Lee A. (TX), Ethel (TX), Isbell, Boyd, birthcert-8211.jpg
Rogers, Naomi Ruth, F, 12/15/08, Alva Lee (KY), Mary Susie Elizabeth (TN), George, Rhome, birthcert-4394.jpg, birthcert-4394a.jpg birthcert-4394b.jpg
Rogers, Ruthie Ruby Lee, F, 8/20/29, J.C., Blanche (LA), blank, blank, birthcert-9423.jpg
Rogers, Thrace Gordon, F, 1/26/08, Almeter Dowden (MS), Lila (MS), Stone, Decatur, birthcert-3806.jpg, birthcert-3806a.jpg
Rogers, W.F., M, 5/10/08, Jud Thomas (TX), Annie Jane (TX), Anderson, Bridgeport, birthcert-4019.jpg, birthcert-4019a.jpg
Rogers, Warren Harding, M, 11/20/24, Homer Washington (TX), Elta Leona (TX), Allison, Boyd, birthcert-8216.jpg, birthcert-8216a.jpg
Rollins, blank, F, 9/24/08, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4263.jpg
Rollins, Ruth Elizabeth, F, 3/1/07, Charles Clinton (TX), Julia Ollie (TX), Badger, Decatur, birthcert-3263.jpg, birthcert-3263a.jpg
Rollins, Willard houston, M, 9/20/32, Delmer D., Minnie, Archer, Decatur, [No Image 10561 ]
Roman, blank, M, 11/3/04, C.F., Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-1323.jpg
Roman, Lila Ann, F, 3/3/08, John, Minnie, Wileman, Bridgeport, birthcert-3885.jpg, birthcert-3885a.jpg
Romas, blank, F, 1/14/22, Ecidro (Mex), Sabero (Mex), Fresino, Rhome, birthcert-7533.jpg
Romera, Max Servirina, F, 6/9/29, Deonecio (Mex), Maria (Mex), Lincon, Chico, birthcert-9369.jpg
Romero, blank, F, 4/13/29, B. (TX), F. (TX), Saldono, Bridgeport, birthcert-9320.jpg
Romero, Conchita, F, 12/8/04, Philip, Avelina, (Hernandez), blank, birthcert-1415.jpg
Romero, Pedro, M, 10/28/04, Pedro, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1305.jpg
Roop, Ermer Perman, M, 9/3/08, Clemie (VA), Barbara (TX), Coffey, Wise County, birthcert-4224.jpg, birthcert-4224a.jpg
Roosevelt, blank, F, 3/27/30, Johnson, Dora, Sampson, Decatur, [No Image 9636 ]
Roper, (Elmo Claude), M, 5/17/04, John Henry, Minnie, (May), blank, birthcert-0890.jpg
Roper, blank, F, 6/11/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0943.jpg
Roper, blank, M, 10/10/08, J.H. (John Henry), Minnie, (May), blank, birthcert-4290.jpg
Rosales, blank, F, 4/27/31, Mateo, Josephia, Rocha, blank, [No Image 10056 ]
Rosales, Carolina, F, 7/7/28, Mateo, Josefa, Rocha, Bridgeport, birthcert-9051.jpg, birthcert-9051a.jpg
Rosales, Felipe Neri, M, 5/26/29, Juan (Mex), Abegeal (TX), Nova, Bridgeport, birthcert-9361.jpg
Rose, blank, M, 5/8/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0871.jpg
Rose, blank, F, 6/19/08, C.A., Carrie, blank, blank, birthcert-4091.jpg
Rose, blank, M, 3/26/12, Thomas, Ella, Cornelisag, blank, birthcert-5488.jpg
Rose, blank, M, 6/6/15, William, Minta, Thomas, blank, birthcert-6116.jpg
Rose, blank, M, 8/17/16, John, blank, Eaton, blank, birthcert-6457.jpg
Rose, blank, F, 11/28/25, L.H. (TX), Gladys (TX), Gray, Decatur, birthcert-8463.jpg
Rose, Elizabeth, F, 1/5/31, Leonard A., Gladys, Gray, Decatur, [No Image 9921 ]
Rose, Roxie, M, 2/19/16, Jim Thomas, Ella, Cornilson, Boonsville, birthcert-6367.jpg, birthcert-6367a.jpg
Rose, Samuel Thomas, M, 4/23/28, Leonard A., Gladys, Gray, Decatur, birthcert-9002.jpg, birthcert-9002a.jpg
Rosenburg, blank, M, 1/5/06, Dave, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2387.jpg
Rosenburg, blank, F, 5/29/08, Dave, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4061.jpg
Rosenburg, blank, F, 6/25/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4676.jpg
Rosenburg, blank, F, 8/25/31, Frank W., Ruth, Rowe, Decatur, [No Image 10194 ]
Rosenburg, Charlene, F, 7/14/33, Chas., Lena Mae, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 10827 ]
Rosenburg, Cleo Beatrice, F, 11/25/10, Tom, Georgia, Dickenson, blank, birthcert-5134.jpg
Rosenburg, John Wallis, M, 8/7/04, John, Willie Mae, Wallace, blank, birthcert-1090.jpg
Rosenburg, Mae, F, 6/12/32, L. E., Ruby Dorris, Porter, Alvord, [No Image 10465 ]
Rosenburg, Walter Evens, M, 10/17/32, G. W., Ruth, Rowe, Decatur, [No Image 10597 ]
Rosenda, blank, F, 8/14/28, Elizando, Francesa, Merline, Bridgeport, birthcert-9086.jpg
Ross, (Robert Joseph), M, 11/17/12, William Pleasant, Elizabeth, Rountree, Bridgeport, birthcert-5594.jpg
Ross, blank, F, 10/14/03, C. A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0364.jpg
Ross, blank, M, 7/3/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1934.jpg
Ross, blank, F, 11/14/06, A.A. (Andrew Arthur), Lillie R., (Kirkham), blank, birthcert-3018.jpg
Ross, blank, F, 5/21/09, A.A. (Andrew Arthur), L.R. (Lillie R.), (Kirkham), blank, birthcert-4635.jpg
Ross, blank, M, 7/16/15, Estes, blank, blank, blank, BirthCert-6155 (image missing)
Ross, blank, M, 9/22/22, J.S. (James)(AR), Ola (AR), Grace, Alvord, birthcert-7661.jpg
Ross, blank, F, 4/22/28, Roy, Mary, Minor, blank, birthcert-9001.jpg
Ross, Catherine Estella, F, 8/4/15, E.H., Alta, Booth, Chico, birthcert-6183.jpg, birthcert-6183a.jpg
Ross, Elizabeth, F, 11/12/24, Roy (TX), Mary (TX), Minor, Decatur, birthcert-8212.jpg, birthcert-8212a.jpg
Ross, Ima Flogene, F, 10/12/16, Creed, Josie, Guffee, blank, birthcert-6491.jpg
Ross, J.S., M, 10/7/29, Green (TX), Jodie Mae (TX), French, Rhome, birthcert-9470.jpg
Ross, Joyce LaRue, F, 9/13/27, Randle D., Beulah Carrie, Green, Bridgeport, birthcert-8843.jpg, birthcert-8843a.jpg
Ross, Lou Ida, F, 5/10/26, Roy (TX), Mary (TX), Minor, Decatur, birthcert-8688.jpg, birthcert-8688a.jpg
Ross, O.W., F, 8/6/06, J.B., L. (Blanch), (McGaughey), blank, birthcert-2815.jpg
Ross, Roy Jr., M, 3/18/23, Roy (TX), Mary (TX), Minor, Decatur, birthcert-7741.jpg, birthcert-7741a.jpg
Rosseau, blank, M, 7/30/20, S.B. (TX), Mary L. (TX), Ingle, Poolville, birthcert-7276.jpg
Roth, Joseph G., M, 1/12/06, H. J., T. R., Cunningham, blank, birthcert-2397.jpg
Rothell, Clara Louise, F, 8/1/23, Garnet C. (GA), Mattie (GA), Martin, Chico, birthcert-7866.jpg, birthcert-7866a.jpg birthcert-7866b.jpg
Rowan, blank, M, 12/14/04, James Hamilton, Kate, (Thurmond), blank, birthcert-1424.jpg
Rowan, blank, F, 11/28/06, James (Hamilton), Kate, (Thurmond), blank, birthcert-3035.jpg
Rowden, blank, F, 2/14/18, A. D., M. A., Jones, Alvord, birthcert-6827.jpg
Rowden, Ruth Lee, F, 6/10/11, Alfred, Matilda Augusta, Jones, blank, birthcert-5275.jpg, birthcert-5275a.jpg
Rowden, Sula La Verne, F, 2/7/30, Earnest W., Leta, Welsh, Bridgeport, [No Image 9588 ]
Rowe, blank, F, 5/18/08, Richard, Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-4030.jpg
Rowland, Alverine Estelle, F, 10/27/29, James T. (TX), Gladys M. (TX), Wright, Greenwood, birthcert-9489.jpg
Rowlett, blank, F, 11/11/19, W.A. (TX), Fannie E. (TX), Prescott, Alvord, birthcert-7161.jpg
Rowlett, Ethel Waunata, F, 9/29/31, Wm. Albert, Fannie, Prescott, Alvord, [No Image 10237 ]
Rowlett, George Warren, M, 7/11/25, William Albert (TX), Fannie Etna (TX), Prescott, Alvord, birthcert-8359.jpg, birthcert-8359a.jpg
Rowlett, James Weldon, M, 7/21/29, W.A. (William Albert)(TX0, Fannie (TX), Prescott, Alvord, birthcert-9403.jpg
Rowlett, Nora Duck, F, 7/11/04, Eugene Marion, Parilee Caroline, (Davis), blank, birthcert-1008.jpg
Rowlett, Ola Lyn Nell, F, 4/25/18, William Albert, Fannie Etna, Prescott, Alvord, birthcert-6871.jpg, birthcert-6871a.jpg
Royal, Clyde Douglas, M, 4/8/31, Dillard, Delora O., Daughty, Newark, [No Image 10032 ]
Royal, Letcher Travis, M, 2/10/33, Dillard, Delora O., Daughty, Newark, [No Image 10681 ]
Royston, George Buel, M, 7/3/31, G. Albert, Cleavy Matilda, West, Bridgeport, [No Image 10133 ]
Royston, Olen Albert, M, 5/16/23, G.A. (TX), Cleavy (TX), West, Bridgeport, birthcert-7801.jpg, birthcert-7801a.jpg
Rozar, Jesie Ruth, M, 2/6/32, Chester D., Lucille, Harrington, Rhome, [No Image 10355 ]
Rucker, Neta, F, 12/30/22, R.B. (TX), Rita (TX), Wilkerson, Decatur, birthcert-7700.jpg, birthcert-7700a.jpg
Rudd, Bettie Lee, F, 12/6/28, B.L. (Brown Lee)(TX), Mary Elizabeth (AZ), Knox, Slidell, birthcert-9192.jpg
Rudd, blank, M, 7/4/06, James (Columbus), (Nannie Claudie), (Daily), blank, birthcert-2748.jpg
Rudd, blank, F, 9/14/18, Emery (TX), Ollie (TX), Pyeatt, Chico, birthcert-6980.jpg
Rudd, Cassie Margaret, F, 6/18/06, John Pleasant (AR), Fannie Pauline (TN), Nisbett, Greenwood, birthcert-2722.jpg, birthcert-2722a.jpg
Ruker, blank, M, 7/6/14, Hugh, Bessie, Baysinger, blank, birthcert-5927.jpg
Runels, Lillie, F, 2/23/28, Oscar, Lillie, McCillon, Sunset, birthcert-8954.jpg
Ruse, Joe Wesley, M, 1/5/32, Joe W., A. W., Mayfield, Rhome, [No Image 10322 ]
Rush, Billie Maxine, M, 2/28/27, Copeland N., M. E., Howard, Saginaw, birthcert-8753.jpg
Rush, Laura Sue, M, 11/24/07, W.L. (TX), Laura (MO), Conley, Decatur, birthcert-3628.jpg, birthcert-3628a.jpg
Rush, Lovell C., M, 6/20/18, Copeland (TX), M.E. (TX), Howard, Newark, birthcert-6919.jpg
Rush, T.B.Y. (Tom Yarbrough), M, 9/22/03, William L., (Laura W.), (Conley), blank, birthcert-0304.jpg
Rushing, blank, M, 12/19/05, Richard, Mary E., blank, blank, birthcert-2366.jpg
Rushing, blank, M, 8/10/15, T.J., Carrie, Hopson, blank, birthcert-6192.jpg
Russell, blank, M, 3/5/06, J.G., Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-2540.jpg
Russell, blank, M, 3/6/07, John (W.), Ola, (Ford), blank, birthcert-3207.jpg
Russell, blank, F, 6/24/21, Joe (TX), Lillian (TX), Hudson, Paradise, birthcert-7416.jpg
Russell, George Delany, M, 11/1/25, Burrell Edward (TX), Ruby D. (AR), Lancaster, Alvord, birthcert-8452.jpg
Russell, Harold Dewan, M, 10/27/28, Joe (TX), Ida Lillian (TX), Hudson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9163.jpg, birthcert-9163a.jpg
Russell, John, M, 1/21/04, J. J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0601.jpg
Russell, John Joel, M, 11/21/23, Joe (TX), Ida Lillian (TX), Hudson, Paradise, birthcert-7942.jpg, birthcert-7942a.jpg
Russell, Myrtle Imogne, F, 10/19/21, Virgil Ross (OK), Cora Lee (TX), Hale, Boyd, birthcert-7504.jpg, birthcert-7504a.jpg
Rust, Mabel Bell, F, 2/9/07, Edwin James, Bell (TX), Hartin, Dido, birthcert-3166.jpg, birthcert-3166a.jpg
Rustin, blank, F, 12/20/05, E. A., Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-2369.jpg
Ruston, blank, F, 11/28/07, Alex, Janie, blank, blank, birthcert-3693.jpg
Ruston, blank, F, 11/10/09, A., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-4843.jpg
Ruth, Billy Paul, M, 11/19/31, Paul G., Laverse N., Sims, Alvord, [No Image 10287 ]
Ruth, blank, F, 7/26/24, A.E., Anna (OK), Brunner, Chico, birthcert-8118.jpg
Rutherford, A. E., M, 3/31/04, Haynes O., Dannie (Daisy), (Mattingley), blank, birthcert-0775.jpg
Rutherford, blank, F, 8/15/05, Haynes O., Daisy V., Mattingley, blank, birthcert-2059.jpg
Rutherford, blank, F, 5/28/10, Haynes O., Daisy, Mattingley, blank, birthcert-5008.jpg
Rutherford, blank, M, 4/7/11, Haynes O., Daisy, Mattingley, blank, birthcert-5218.jpg
Rutherford, blank, F, 4/4/12, Haynes O., Daisey, Mattingley, blank, birthcert-5492.jpg
Rutherford, blank, F, 2/15/13, H.O. (Haynes) , Daisy, Mattingley, blank, birthcert-5654.jpg
Rutherford, Eldon, M, 2/8/07, Haynes O. (TX), Daisey (IL), Mattingley, Boonsville, birthcert-3162.jpg, birthcert-3162a.jpg
Rutherford, Florence, F, 5/7/16, Haynes Otto, Daisy, Mattingley, Boonsville, birthcert-6411.jpg, birthcert-6411a.jpg
Rutherford, James Wilbur, M, 12/1/28, Wilbur (IN), Mollie V. (AR), Maley, Decatur, birthcert-9188.jpg
Rutherford, Lizzie Belle, F, 6/9/08, Hayes Otto (TX), Daisey (IL), Mattingly, Boonsville, birthcert-4079.jpg, birthcert-4079a.jpg
Rutherford, Mary Kathrine, F, 4/7/21, W.S. (Ireland), Mollie (TX), Maley, Greenwood, birthcert-7377.jpg
Rutherford, Valeta Melba, F, 12/25/27, Harley R., Ethel Francis, Richardson, Greenwood, birthcert-8905.jpg, birthcert-8905a.jpg
Rutledge, Annie Gertrude, F, 8/10/03, William Edmond, Ida Alice, Wheelis, Alvord, birthcert-0180.jpg, birthcert-0180a.jpg birthcert-0180b.jpg
Rutledge, Jack, M, 3/27/05, Edmund, Ida, Wheelis, Decatur, birthcert-1699.jpg, birthcert-1699a.jpg
Ryan, Arthur Robert, M, 8/1/17, John William, Ethel Lona, White, Bridgeport, birthcert-6670.jpg, birthcert-6670a.jpg
Ryan, blank, M, 11/24/03, James A., Maud, (Wilson), blank, birthcert-0463.jpg
Ryan, blank, M, 5/31/05, Charlie E., Zella, (Drennan), blank, birthcert-1856.jpg
Ryan, blank, M, 2/29/09, Sol, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4529.jpg
Ryan, blank, F, 8/3/09, James A., Maud, (Wilson), blank, birthcert-4720.jpg
Ryan, J. B., M, 5/19/30, John William, Lonia, White, Bridgeport, [No Image 9694 ]
Ryne, Viola, F, 4/7/09, Sol, Lousia, White, blank, birthcert-4587.jpg
Sadon, blank, F, 9/14/15, Julian, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6240.jpg
Sadon, blank, F, 9/14/15, Julian, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6241.jpg
Saeance, blank, F, 2/9/08, Manuel, N., blank, blank, birthcert-3833.jpg
Salazar, Dorotes, M, 1/5/00, Chato, Bernic, Eztrado, Darwin, TX, birthcert-0061.jpg
Salazar, Raymond, M, 4/14/31, Rosalie, Felisitas, Sosa, Bridgeport, [No Image 10035 ]
Sale, blank, F, 1/3/06, S.M, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2383.jpg
Sale, blank, F, 11/6/08, S.M, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4332.jpg
Salens, Petro, M, 11/22/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1387.jpg
Sam, blank, ?, 3/29/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4577.jpg
Sample, Holly V., M, 1/7/24, Hugh B. (TX), Lora Golden (TX), Whitaker, Alvord, birthcert-7973.jpg, birthcert-7973a.jpg birthcert-7973b.jpg
Samples, Cleatus Moselle, M, 5/18/14, Ralph A., Tempie, Ezell, Alvord, birthcert-5895.jpg, birthcert-5895a.jpg
Samuel, Billie Edward, M, 10/4/29, Edward Hall (TX), Bertha C. (TX), Sharp, Rhome, birthcert-9467.jpg
Samuel, Bobbie L., M, 11/5/30, Edward H., Bertha C., Sharp, blank, [No Image 9857 ]
Samuel, Dale, M, 4/30/32, C.H., Bertha C., Sharp, Grapevine, [No Image 10422 ]
Samuel, Darrell Jarrett, M, 5/31/23, R.P. (TX), Sadie (TX), Southworth, Rhome, birthcert-7813.jpg
Samuel, Doyle, M, 4/30/32, Edward H., Bertha C., Sharp, Grapevine, [No Image 10421 ]
Sanchez, Maria Simona, F, 3/8/14, Aniceto, Hereregilda, Garcia, Del Rio, birthcert-5852.jpg
Sanderford, blank, M, 9/9/07, R.M., S.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3526.jpg
Sanders, Betty Laverne, F, 9/5/33, R.D., Lena T., Roach, Alvord, [No Image 10883 ]
Sanders, Billie Joe, M, 7/15/31, R.D., Lena T., Roach, Chico, [No Image 10144 ]
Sanders, blank, F, 2/27/04, J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0687.jpg
Sanders, blank, M, 12/23/05, S.O., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2375.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 11/6/07, Ovey, Emily, blank, blank, birthcert-3657.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 11/22/07, W.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3681.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 2/12/09, A.D., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-4490.jpg
Sanders, blank, M, 11/18/09, P.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4851.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 2/28/10, Reeves, P.H., Frances, blank, birthcert-4947.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 3/31/11, A.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5208.jpg
Sanders, blank, F, 1/18/18, Sharp, Anna, Largent, Chico, birthcert-6788.jpg
Sanders, blank, M, 8/2/21, John K. (TX), Minnie (TX), Marshall, Boonsville, birthcert-7433.jpg
Sanders, blank, M, 3/17/28, Joses, Carsamina, Cruz, Bridgeport, birthcert-8973.jpg
Sanders, blank, M, 7/30/33, Thomas William, Lizzie May, Butler, Bridgeport, [No Image 10841 ]
Sanders, Cora, F, 8/6/03, William E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0164.jpg
Sanders, Dennis Charles, M, 8/18/28, Dennis Chester, Hessie, Price, Chico, birthcert-9088.jpg, birthcert-9088a.jpg
Sanders, James Earl, M, 7/15/31, W.T., Lizzie May, Butler, Bridgeport, [No Image 10141 ]
Sanders, John Wesley, M, 1/24/10, Orrin Perry, L.Jenia, Spikes, blank, birthcert-4919.jpg, birthcert-4919a.jpg
Sanders, Marie Hortense, F, 7/28/18, John Rivers (TX), Hortense (TX), Thomas, Wise Co., birthcert-6943.jpg
Sanders, Nellie Roszell, F, 7/20/20, Dennis (OK), Hozzie (TX), Price, Decatur, birthcert-7277.jpg, birthcert-7277a.jpg
Sanders, Roma Lee, F, 12/30/22, Dennis C. (OK), Hozzy (TX), Price, Decatur, birthcert-7701.jpg, birthcert-7701a.jpg
Sanders, Sammy Lane, F, 1/17/06, John (Humphrey), Mamie Elizabeth, (Marshall), Boonsville, birthcert-2415.jpg
Sanders, Sammye Lane, F, 8/27/12, John Haughey (TX), Mamie Elizabeth (TX), Marshall, Boonsville, birthcert-5572.jpg, birthcert-5572a.jpg
Sanders, Virgie Neelly, F, 10/10/04, A.D., M.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1263.jpg
Sanders, William Homer, M, 8/19/23, Gladney E. (TX), Vassie Lula (MO), Strong, Alvord, birthcert-7878.jpg
Sanderson, Lottie Audra, F, 10/21/03, Tom A., Nannie, Kelley, Alvord, birthcert-0386.jpg, birthcert-0386a.jpg
Sanderson, Obenetta Lavine, F, 3/13/19, Daniel R. (TX), Pearl E. (AR), Mullins, Sunset, birthcert-7059.jpg
Sanderson, Thomas Martin, M, 1/7/18, Irl Hicks, Laverlia, Martin, Park Springs, birthcert-6787.jpg, birthcert-6787a.jpg
Sandez, blank, F, 4/19/28, Jose, Carsamina, Cruz, Bridgeport, birthcert-8994.jpg
Sandifer, Milner Knox, M, 1/3/08, Thomas Irving (TX), Annis Rose (TX), Haskler, Decatur, birthcert-3764.jpg, birthcert-3764a.jpg
Sands, blank, M, 8/6/04, B., Ola, blank, blank, birthcert-1088.jpg
Sands, blank, F, 11/13/05, W.F., Ala, blank, blank, birthcert-2275.jpg
Sands, Cathryn, F, 11/14/14, Hal N. (TX), Nell (TX), Dillingham, Alvord, birthcert-5983.jpg, birthcert-5983a.jpg
Sands, Hal M., Jr., M, 5/4/26, Hal M., Sr.(TX), Nellie, Dillingham, Alvord, birthcert-8581.jpg
Sands, Henryetta Elizabeth, F, 5/3/17, Hal M., Nellie, Dellingham, Alvord, birthcert-6620.jpg, birthcert-6620a.jpg
Sands, Loyd David, M, 1/30/28, Hal Mosley, Nell, Dillinghorn, Alvord, birthcert-8928.jpg
Sanford, Eula Opal, F, 4/5/14, J.N. (TN), Addie (AL), Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-5872.jpg
Sanford, Leola Fay, F, 1/4/24, Joseph Newton (TN), Addie Jane (AL), Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-7966.jpg, birthcert-7966a.jpg
Sanford, Leon, M, 2/6/16, Joe Newton, Addie Jane, Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-6358.jpg, birthcert-6358a.jpg
Sansa, Mary, F, 2/18/30, Lee, Serepia, Gonzales, Bridgeport, [No Image 9599 ]
Sansa, Mary, F, 2/18/30, Lee, Serepia, Gonzales, Bridgeport, [No Image 9599 ]
Santy, Mary Virginia, F, 3/23/27, Virgiee Martin, Alta Beth, Tarrant, Decatur, birthcert-8773.jpg
Sartain, blank, F, 1/7/29, W.H. (TX), Alvia (TN), blank, Boonsville, birthcert-9224.jpg
Satterfield, blank, M, 8/14/31, H.H., Othello, Bowie, Decatur, [No Image 10179 ]
Satterfield, blank, M, 8/14/31, H.H., Othello, Bowie, Decatur, [No Image 10179 ]
Saunders, blank, M, 3/15/16, blank, blank, Derryberry, blank, birthcert-6380.jpg
Saunders, blank, F, 11/24/26, J.H., Allie, Maddux, Bridgeport, birthcert-8719.jpg
Saunders, blank, F, 11/4/28, W.T. (TX), Lizzie Mae (TX), Butler, Bridgeport, birthcert-9167.jpg
Sawyer, blank, M, 9/12/09, Jim, Lizzie, (Elrod), blank, birthcert-4768.jpg
Sawyer, Lillie M., F, 7/20/14, James, Lizzie, Elrod, blank, birthcert-5931.jpg
Scaff, Bennie Luther, M, 12/12/31, Luther M., Flora, Calhoun, Decatur, [No Image 10308 ]
Scaff, Bennie Luther, M, 12/21/31, Luther M., Flora, Calhoun, Decatur, [No Image 10308 ]
Scaff, Mary Martha, F, 8/24/17, Lee, Minnie, Diaz, Bridgeport, birthcert-6688.jpg, birthcert-6688a.jpg
Scapades, blank, M, 11/30/14, Ernest, Georgia, Davis, blank, birthcert-5989.jpg
Scarlet, George Winters, M, 9/25/27, Albert Winters, Elizabeth H., Brownlee, Alvord, birthcert-8850.jpg
Scarlet, Vertie Lee, F, 6/19/22, Albert Winters (TN), Lizabeth Hester (TX), Brownlee, Alvord, birthcert-7615.jpg
Scarlet, Winters, M, 10/16/04, Albert W., Lola, Williams, blank, [No Image 10728 ]
Scarlett, John Henry, M, 8/26/25, Albert Winters (TN), Elizabeth Lizzie (TX), Brownlee, Alvord, birthcert-8397.jpg, birthcert-8397a.jpg
Schmidt, blank, F, 2/2/15, Stephen, Katie, blank, blank, birthcert-6025.jpg
Schulkey, blank, blank, 10/16/04, Louis, L., blank, blank, birthcert-1275.jpg
Schwark, Ethel Jean, F, 5/23/21, Christian John (OH), Ethel (TX), Stokes, Greenwood, birthcert-7402.jpg
Scott, (twins), F, 8/8/04, John M., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1092.jpg, [delayed 8133 birthcert-8134.jpg
Scott, blank, M, 2/21/05, A.C., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1614.jpg
Scott, blank, M, 7/4/06, J.W., M.G., blank, blank, birthcert-2750.jpg
Scott, blank, F, 3/26/08, Tom, May, blank, blank, birthcert-3938.jpg
Scott, blank, M, 2/28/09, John, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-4523.jpg
Scott, blank, M, 2/5/20, O.B. (TX), Annie (TN), Hamilton, Park Springs, birthcert-7205.jpg
Scott, Dolly Lois, F, 2/10/22, John H. (TX), Rosa Lee (TX), Pike, Alvord, birthcert-7545.jpg
Scott, Emma Frances, F, 5/31/05, Thomas Amos, Mary Lindsley, Sawyer, Rhome, birthcert-1853.jpg, birthcert-1853a.jpg
Scott, Oswald Virgil, M, 11/11/06, John Mike (VA), Mary Ann (TX), Van Meter, Rhome, birthcert-3011.jpg, birthcert-3011a.jpg
Scroggins, blank, F, 4/10/04, Lee, Ada, blank, blank, birthcert-0802.jpg
Scroggins, blank, F, 2/3/05, Jack, Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1569.jpg
Scroggins, blank, F, 12/5/06, W.A., J., blank, blank, birthcert-3045.jpg
Scroggins, blank, M, 2/7/07, B., Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-3160.jpg
Scroggins, blank, F, 4/13/09, Lon, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4594.jpg
Scroggins, blank, M, 5/17/11, R.L., Ada, blank, blank, birthcert-5252.jpg
Scroggins, blank, M, 11/15/33, R.C., Estelle, Sewell, Decatur, [No Image 10939 ]
Scroggins, Foy Lindle, F, 4/1/18, Andrew Jackson, Ora Dell, Cornstubble, Boyd, birthcert-6851.jpg, birthcert-6851a.jpg
Scroggins, twin, F, 11/19/11, Bert, Elizabeth, Owens, blank, birthcert-5407.jpg
Scroggins, twin, F, 11/19/11, Bert, Elizabeth, Owens, blank, birthcert-5408.jpg
Sealey, blank, M, 9/2/06, George, Virgie, blank, blank, birthcert-2881.jpg
Seals, blank, M, 11/5/04, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1330.jpg
Sealy, blank, M, 11/13/04, G.W., Virga, blank, blank, birthcert-1355.jpg
Sealy, blank, M, 4/11/08, George, Virgie, blank, blank, birthcert-3967.jpg
Sealy, Jacqueline, F, 3/27/29, A. (TX), Leota Mae (TX), Davis, Wichita Falls, birthcert-9304.jpg
Sears, Jack Vaughn, M, 2/28/33, George, Winnie, Alexander, Decatur, [No Image 10696 ]
Sedgwick, Wilbur Dale, III, M, 7/13/26, Wilbur Dale, Jr. (IL), Pauline (TX), Kerr, Decatur, birthcert-8617.jpg
Seely, (E.E. Dick), M, 7/18/03, J.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0125.jpg
Seely, Frank, M, 6/11/15, Frank, Ivy, Newton, blank, birthcert-5724.jpg
Seiver, blank, M, 9/16/07, Charles M., Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-3543.jpg
Selby, blank, M, 7/2/08, Bob, Leona, blank, blank, birthcert-4112.jpg
Selph, blank, M, 3/9/31, Jewell, Loyce, Bouling, Chico, [No Image 9996 ]
Sensibaugh, blank, M, 12/19/23, Robert (TX), Mittie (TX), Cartwright, Decatur, birthcert-7959.jpg, [delayed 8935]
Sensibaugh, Jack Sam, M, 10/28/21, Robert B. (TX), Mittie (TX), Cartwright, Decatur, birthcert-7500.jpg
Sensibaugh, Mittie Beth, F, 7/18/28, Robert Orvil, Iona Mae, Miller, Decatur, birthcert-9047.jpg, birthcert-9047a.jpg
Sensibaugh, Virginia Kathryne, M, 9/11/31, Fred, Minnie L., Hembree, Bridgeport, [No Image 10215 ]
Sermon, blank, F, 6/2/07, J.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3366.jpg
Sermons, Mack, F, 9/15/31, R.S., Lura May, Williams, Alvord, [No Image 10891 ]
Sery, blank, M, 2/24/09, Manuel, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4510.jpg
Sessions, blank, F, 10/14/04, Edward, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-1272.jpg
Sessions, Maey L., F, 9/18/33, blank, Alpya, blank, Balsora, [No Image 10219 ]
Setser, Cleta Dell, F, 8/20/16, Ernest Daniel, Nettie S., Hancock, Alvord, birthcert-6462.jpg, birthcert-6462a.jpg
Setser, Glenn Monroe, M, 12/28/03, Charles Monroe, Sarah Frances, Spear, Decatur, birthcert-0544.jpg, birthcert-0544a.jpg birthcert-0544b.jpg
Setser, Horace Lorenzo, M, 10/13/13, Ernest Daniel (TX), Nettie (TX), Hancock, Alvord, birthcert-5782.jpg, birthcert-5782a.jpg
Setser, Sam, M, 8/12/04, Sam, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1101.jpg
Sewell, blank, M, 4/25/18, Henry F., Lela L., Lowe, blank, birthcert-6869.jpg
Sewell, Nolen Leonard, M, 1/10/09, Leonard, Alma, Reeves, Alvord, birthcert-4430.jpg, birthcert-4430a.jpg
Shabay, Mary Elizabeth, F, 12/25/28, Pete (TX), blank, blank, Jacksboro, birthcert-9212.jpg
Shadle, blank, M, 7/9/05, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0104.jpg
Shadle, blank, M, 5/22/08, W.S., Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-4040.jpg
Shadle, blank, F, 4/26/15, William, Cera, Smith, blank, birthcert-6084.jpg
Shadle, blank, F, 5/25/15, Ed, Blanche, Shawles, blank, birthcert-6105.jpg
Shadle, blank, M, 8/17/16, Ed, Blanche, Sprawles, blank, birthcert-6455.jpg
Shadle, Bonnie Laniece, F, 3/21/17, Sam, Minnie, Gillispie, blank, birthcert-6586.jpg, birthcert-6586a.jpg
Shadle, Earl Arondell, M, 12/8/14, Sam, Minnie, Gillispie, blank, birthcert-5992.jpg
Shadle, James Bud, M, 12/11/12, William Ira, Hattie Cora, Smith, Boonsville, birthcert-5605.jpg, birthcert-5605a.jpg
Shaffer, blank, M, 3/28/06, Frank, Cornelius, blank, blank, birthcert-2573.jpg
Shaffer, blank, M, 8/26/07, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3505.jpg
Shaffer, D.A., Jr., M, 7/22/31, D.A., Della M., Price, Chico, [No Image 10157 ]
Shaffer, Rosie Modena, F, 3/18/23, Daniel Ambrose (TX), DellaMae (TX), Price, Decatur, birthcert-7742.jpg, birthcert-7742a.jpg
Shaffer, Ruth Mae, F, 3/10/29, Clarence (TX), Ruth (TX), Rowden, Bridgeport, birthcert-9287.jpg
Shaffer, Theodore Roosevelt, M, 5/21/05, Frank B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1836.jpg
Shan, blank, M, 12/23/07, Tip, May, blank, blank, birthcert-3743.jpg
Shankle, Fredrick Reeves, M, 11/26/04, Ewing, Flora, blank, blank, birthcert-1392.jpg
Shankles, blank, M, 8/8/06, E.E., F.F., blank, blank, birthcert-2816.jpg
Shanks, Fred Ovid, M, 10/23/03, Fred Ellsworth, Joan Eleanor, Reese, Rhome, birthcert-0389.jpg, birthcert-0389a.jpg
Shannon, blank, M, 2/3/05, Boss, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1568.jpg
Shannon, Bonnie Marie, F, 8/26/17, Hugh Smith, Eunice, Walker, Paradise, birthcert-6689.jpg, birthcert-6689a.jpg
Shannon, Curtis June, M, 6/19/28, Chester Hilton, Bertha Valeria, Perry , Bridgeport, birthcert-9041.jpg, birthcert-9041a.jpg
Shannon, Wylie Armon, M, 10/4/33, A.C., O.M., Brown, Paradiise, [No Image 10898 ]
Shark, blank, F, 11/17/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1373.jpg
Sharp, Alice L., F, 10/25/30, William B., Grace, Hutchinson, blank, [No Image 9819 ]
Sharp, Bertha Clifton-triplet, F, 6/1/10, Robert Clifton, Emma, Mathis, Decatur, birthcert-5012.jpg, birthcert-5012a.jpg
Sharp, blank, F, 3/16/04, W.F., Ona, Sharp, blank, birthcert-0737.jpg
Sharp, blank, M, 2/19/06, W.F., Oma, Sharp, blank, birthcert-2504.jpg
Sharp, blank, F, 5/4/08, C.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4008.jpg
Sharp, blank, M, 9/7/08, W.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4234.jpg
Sharp, blank, F, 9/28/09, Sanders, Anna, Larrgent, Chico, birthcert-4788.jpg
Sharp, blank, M, 3/28/13, C.A., blank, Kingsly, blank, birthcert-5674.jpg
Sharp, blank, M, 10/20/16, R.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6497.jpg
Sharp, blank, F, 7/15/18, C.L. (TX), Gladis (OK), Mency, Chico, birthcert-6935.jpg
Sharp, Jettie Mae, F, 1/14/06, George Curtis, Emma, Bruton, Paradise, birthcert-2406.jpg, birthcert-2406a.jpg
Sharp, Raymond Henry, M, 11/17/25, Luke (TX), Isabell (TX), Foster, Decatur, birthcert-8458.jpg
Sharp, triplet, M, 6/1/10, R.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5013.jpg
Sharp, triplet, F, 6/1/10, R.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5014.jpg
Shaunty, John Leslie, M, 9/11/14, Grover, Celia M., Leslie, blank, birthcert-5958.jpg
Shaunty, Mary Ann, F, 3/16/04, Grover C. (KY), Alda Mae (TX), Leslie, Alvord, birthcert-8034.jpg
Shaw, blank, M, 3/11/07, Cliff, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3216.jpg
Shaw, blank, M, 8/19/08, Edd, Bertha, blank, Decatur, birthcert-4191.jpg
Shaw, blank, F, 9/8/15, Park, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6231.jpg
Shaw, blank, M, 2/22/20, C.O. (TX), Venia (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-7218.jpg
Shaw, Curtis Onen, Jr., M, 4/11/23, Curtis Onen (TX), Venia Empra (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-7758.jpg, birthcert-7758a.jpg
Shaw, Frankie Ruth, F, 7/24/24, Curtis Onen (TX), Venia Empra (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-8115.jpg, birthcert-8115a.jpg
Shaw, James Earl, M, 8/2/28, C.O., Vera, Brown, Decatur, birthcert-9073.jpg
Shaw, Lou Ganes, M, 9/11/25, Curtis Onen (TX), Venia Empra (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-8413.jpg, birthcert-8413a.jpg
Shaw, Owen Thomas, M, 10/28/18, Auzy M. (MS), Annie (TX), Tumelty , Decatur, birthcert-7002.jpg
Shaw, Robert W., Jr., M, 5/25/25, Robert W., Sr.(TX), Christine (TX), Crocker, Alvord, birthcert-8323.jpg
Shawn, Alma Lee, F, 1/19/32, Arron, Jaunita, Jackson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10338 ]
Shawn, Audie Pauline, F, 6/26/14, Arthur (TX), Fannie (TX), Minor, Boonsville, birthcert-5920.jpg, birthcert-5920a.jpg
Shawn, Belva Emma, F, 4/13/09, Sanford Arthur, Mary Frances, Minor, Balsora, birthcert-4554.jpg, birthcert-4554a.jpg
Shawn, blank, F, 2/13/04, J.W., Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-0652.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 5/13/04, Jess, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0882.jpg
Shawn, blank, F, 3/7/07, J.W., J.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3208.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 7/5/07, D.A., S.A., blank, Boonsville, birthcert-3411.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 3/30/08, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3944.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 10/21/08, Ben, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4306.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 1/13/09, Stewart, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4436.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 5/17/10, C.A.B., R.M., blank, blank, birthcert-5002.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 5/19/10, W.C., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-5003.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 8/1/10, B.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5058.jpg
Shawn, blank, F, 1/13/11, Stewart, Elizabeth, blank, blank, birthcert-5163.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 1/30/12, D.A., Josephine, blank, blank, birthcert-5450.jpg
Shawn, blank, F, 5/18/12, B.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5526.jpg
Shawn, blank, F, 9/6/17, Charles, Arnie, Hunt, Paradise, birthcert-6698.jpg
Shawn, blank, M, 6/20/31, H.W., C.C., Slover, blank, [No Image 10120 ]
Shawn, Goldie Marie, F, 2/16/10, George, Liddie, Nall, Paradise, birthcert-4935.jpg, birthcert-4935a.jpg
Shawn, Harold William, M, 8/3/09, D.A. (TX), Sudie (TX), Dunn, Bridgeport, birthcert-4721.jpg, birthcert-4721a.jpg
Shawn, James A., M, 8/25/22, J.A. (TN), Grace (TX), Dennis, Balsora, birthcert-7646.jpg
Shawn, James Elden, M, 2/26/12, Doc Andrew, Suda Alice, Dunn, Balsora, birthcert-5475.jpg, [Delayed 21000]
Shawn, James Loyd, Jr., M, 10/9/15, James Loyd, Sr., Zora Roslene, Miner, Boonsville, birthcert-6269.jpg, birthcert-6269a.jpg
Shawn, Jaretta Wanell, F, 8/30/31, E.W., Fannie, Pugh, Bridgeport, [No Image 10199 ]
Shawn, Joseph Weldon, M, 10/2/15, George, Lydia Camelia, Nall, Paradise, birthcert-6264.jpg, birthcert-6264a.jpg
Shawn, Madeline Alice, F, 1/8/15, Dock Andrew (TX), Sudie Alice (TX), Dunn, Bridgeport, birthcert-6010.jpg, birthcert-6010a.jpg
Shawver, blank, F, 8/8/05, Lon D., Rosalee, blank, blank, birthcert-2034.jpg
Sheltman, blank, F, 9/30/23, James M. (TX), Lena Mae (TX), Meador, Justin, birthcert-7908.jpg
Sheltman, blank, M, 7/18/25, Dennie (TX), Lena (TX), Meadow, Decatur, birthcert-8367.jpg
Sheltman, Imogene, F, 12/26/32, John Samuel (TX), Berdie Louise (TX), White, Decatur, birthcert-7697.jpg
Shelton, Albert Edwin, M, 6/4/14, Frank (TX), Bethel Emmily (TX), Winn, Bridgeport, birthcert-5906.jpg, birthcert-5906a.jpg
Shelton, blank, F, 3/4/04, Perry, M., blank, blank, birthcert-0699.jpg
Shelton, blank, M, 7/11/05, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1949.jpg
Shelton, blank, F, 12/12/06, George, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-3052.jpg
Shelton, blank, M, 9/22/11, Perry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5367.jpg
Shelton, blank, F, 5/11/18, George W., Martha, Hudson, Decatur, birthcert-6887.jpg
Shelton, blank, M, 3/21/23, George (TN), Martha (TX), Hudson, Bridgeport, birthcert-7744.jpg
Shelton, blank, F, 8/7/28, Carson, May, Cearley, Decatur, birthcert-9077.jpg
Shelton, blank, M, 3/3/32, Kenneth O., E. Lucille, Kennedy, Decatur, [No Image 10378 ]
Shelton, Darrell Forrest, M, 7/15/23, Meardy Carson (TX), Mary Elizabeth (TX), Winn, Bridgeport, birthcert-7850.jpg, birthcert-7850a.jpg
Shelton, DeAlva Maurice, F, 11/6/25, Merida Carson (TX), Lizzie (TX), Winn, Bridgeport, birthcert-8454.jpg, birthcert-8454a.jpg
Shelton, Edna Oleta, M, 8/1/12, Albert Frank (TX), Bethel Emily (TX), Winn, Decatur, birthcert-5556.jpg, birthcert-5556a.jpg
Shelton, George Wiley, Jr., M, 6/30/21, George Wiley, Sr. (TN), Martha (TX), Hudson, Decatur, birthcert-7417.jpg
Shelton, Helen Mildred, F, 5/25/14, Harry Wesley (OK), Jessie Helen (TX), Magness, Alvord, birthcert-5900.jpg, birthcert-5900a.jpg
Shelton, Margaret Anna, M, 11/1/07, Charlie Monroe (AR), Martha Elizabeth (AR), Morehead, Cottondale, birthcert-3646.jpg, birthcert-3646a.jpg
Shelton, Mary Cathern, F, 9/11/25, Carson (TX), May (TX), Cearley, Decatur, birthcert-8417.jpg, birthcert-8417a.jpg
Shelton, Mildred Othella, F, 3/2/16, Albert Frank, Bethel Emily, Winn, blank, birthcert-6377.jpg, birthcert-6377a.jpg
Shelton, Nettie Mary Lynn, F, 6/8/08, John (TN), Mary Isabel (IL), Parker, Bridgeport, birthcert-4077.jpg, birthcert-4077a.jpg
Shelton, Wanda F., F, 1/28/33, Aubrey J., Martha C., Myers, Decatur, [No Image 10667 ]
Sheok, Claborn Carter, M, 10/1/20, L.N. (VA), Betty Lou (VA), Carter, Chico, birthcert-7306.jpg
Shepard, Ima Lee, F, 8/26/33, A.D., R.L., Nall, Paradiise, [No Image 10878 ]
Sheppard, blank, M, 2/19/04, G.W., S.M., blank, blank, birthcert-0672.jpg
Sheppard, blank, M, 2/10/06, George W., Elmira, blank, blank, birthcert-2483.jpg
Sheppard, blank, M, 12/2/07, G.W., E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3706.jpg
Sheppard, blank, M, 1/13/10, George, Myra, blank, Vineyard, birthcert-4906.jpg
Sheppard, blank, M, 9/12/11, Ozro, Daisey R., Allen, blank, birthcert-5353.jpg
Sheppard, Charles Culberson, M, 10/3/09, Ozro, Daisey, Allen, blank, birthcert-4797.jpg, [delayed 20820]
Sheppard, Cletabell, F, 4/3/32, C.C., C.B., Sims, Vineyard, [No Image 10402 ]
Sheppard, Homer Mayon, M, 3/31/29, E.L. (TX), A.B. (TX), Fitzgerald, Vineyard, birthcert-9310.jpg, birthcert-9310a.jpg
Sheppard, Joe Bailey - Twins, M, 10/3/09, Ozro, Daisey, Allen, blank, birthcert-4796.jpg
Sheppard, John Oliver, M, 9/27/28, Lawrence D. (TX), Ona Mae (TX), Freeman, Vineyard, birthcert-9131.jpg, birthcert-9131a.jpg
Sheppard, Leska Ida, M, 12/16/07, Ozro (TN), Daisy Retta (TX), Allen, Willow Point, birthcert-3742.jpg, birthcert-3742a.jpg
Sheppard, Lois Chester, F, 12/9/05, Ozro, Daisy , Allen, Willow Point, birthcert-2340.jpg, birthcert-2340a.jpg
Sheppard, Rottolla Lee, F, 12/13/04, Ozro, Daisey R, (Allen), blank, birthcert-1433.jpg
Sherbert, Bernard A. , M, 3/14/25, Morgan (OK), Gracey Mae (TX), Smyrl, Crafton, birthcert-8279.jpg
Sherley, blank, F, 10/27/11, G.W., Eliza, blank, blank, birthcert-5392.jpg
Sherman, Anna May, F, 11/7/04, Tobe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1336.jpg
Sherman, blank, F, 1/1/32, J.F., Alice, Jobe, Decatur, [No Image 10480 ]
Sherman, Roy, M, 5/17/25, Jefferson Robert (TX), Pearl Elizabeth (TX), Legg, Decatur, birthcert-8317.jpg, birthcert-8317a.jpg
Sherwood, blank, M, 4/24/07, J.G., B.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3310.jpg
Sherwood, blank, M, 5/19/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4031.jpg
Sherwood, blank, F, 7/29/09, J.O., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4709.jpg
Sherwood, Josie Adaline, F, 9/24/07, Harve Richard (TX), Mary Bell (TX), Gilliland, Willow Point, birthcert-3568.jpg, birthcert-3568a.jpg birthcert-3568b.jpg
Sherwood, Nettie Lee, F, 11/1/03, H.R., M.B., blank, blank, birthcert-0410.jpg
Sherwood, R.L., M, 5/21/05, J.G., B.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1835.jpg
Shevron, blank, F, 7/12/08, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4130.jpg
Shipley, blank, M, 12/29/04, C.N., Bessie, (Davidson), blank, birthcert-1473.jpg
Shipley, blank, M, 12/20/08, A.W., M.J., blank, blank, birthcert-4407.jpg
Shipley, Elmer Alton, M, 9/20/18, Otis (TX), Bettie (TX), Bauer, Chico, birthcert-6986.jpg
Shipley, Ethel May, F, 11/23/06, Charles Newton, Mary Elizabeth Bessie, Davidson, Alvord, birthcert-3034.jpg, birthcert-3034a.jpg birthcert-3034b.jpg
Shipley, Melvin Claud, M, 7/3/17, Claud Houston, Pearl A., Davidson, Chico, birthcert-6662.jpg, birthcert-6662a.jpg
Shipman, Jake, M, 7/3/05, Nute, Clotis, blank, blank, birthcert-1933.jpg
Shipp, James Franklin, M, 7/28/25, W.F. (TX), Lena Mae (TX), Teague, Decatur, birthcert-8370.jpg
Shira, blank, M, 12/23/11, Blank, Della, blank, blank, birthcert-5429.jpg
Shira, James Jasper, M, 2/5/09, James Napoleon (TX), Sarah Alice (TN), Roman, Bridgeport, birthcert-4474.jpg, birthcert-4474a.jpg
Shires, Jacob Ira, Jr., M, 12/18/25, Jacob Ira, Sr.(TN), Olive C. (TX), Archer, Justin, birthcert-8483.jpg
Shires, Robert N., M, 11/16/24, Robert P. (TN), Dolly V. (TX), Archer, Rhome, birthcert-8214.jpg
Shirley, George Tilma, F, 6/2/10, George W., Eliza, Evans, Park Springs, birthcert-5015.jpg, birthcert-5015a.jpg
Shoemaker, Alfreda, F, 3/18/05, Jerome, Eva Lena, White, Decatur, birthcert-1688.jpg, birthcert-1688a.jpg birthcert-1688b.jpg
Shook, blank, M, 5/19/05, Charles, Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-1829.jpg
Shook, blank, M, 6/7/05, A.D., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1872.jpg
Shook, blank, F, 5/3/08, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4006.jpg
Shook, Hermit B., M, 7/23/10, Charles A., Fannie Pearl, Kingsley, blank, birthcert-5050.jpg, birthcert-5050a.jpg
Shook, Jesse Loyd, M, 10/3/06, Jesse Lee, Edith Ross, Tate, Paradise, birthcert-2946.jpg, birthcert-2946a.jpg birthcert-2946b.jpg
Short, blank, F, 8/13/05, Ben, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2049.jpg
Shortes, Lowie Owell, M, 10/2/03, Albert Franklin, Eva May, Walker, Alvord, birthcert-0331.jpg, birthcert-0331a.jpg
Shortes, Othel Rosa, F, 2/5/05, Albert Franklin, Eva May, Walker, Decatur, birthcert-1574.jpg, birthcert-1574a.jpg birthcert-1574b.jpg birthcert-1574c.jpg
Shortis, John Marion, M, 8/4/04, Charlie, Polly, blank, blank, birthcert-1080.jpg
Shortis, Walter M., M, 7/12/04, W.E., Rhoda, blank, blank, birthcert-1013.jpg
Shubert, blank, F, 11/21/05, Will, Carrie, blank, blank, birthcert-2255.jpg
Shubert, Lucy Mildred, F, 3/12/08, John Franklin (TX), Barbara Allen (TX), Meeks, Crafton, birthcert-3905.jpg, birthcert-3905a.jpg
Shubet, O.B., M, 7/30/12, Morgan Wesley (Indian Ter), Gracie May (TX), Smirl, Crafton, birthcert-5555.jpg, birthcert-5555a.jpg
Shulkey, Nannie Louise, F, 2/15/24, Bruce Clarence (TX), Johnnie Mae (TX), Rice, Alvord, birthcert-8005.jpg
Shults, Edith Nanell, F, 2/24/31, Lawton, Ila, Wainwright, Chico, [No Image 9976 ]
Shults, John Leslie, M, 7/19/18, Loss (TX), Lillie (TX), Henry, Chico, birthcert-6939.jpg, birthcert-6939a.jpg
Shults, Lula Faye, F, 3/17/06, Loss, Lilly Mae, Henry, Chico, birthcert-2559.jpg, birthcert-2559a.jpg
Shults, Mildred Louise, F, 3/23/25, L. (TX), Hila May (GA), Wright, Chico, birthcert-8284.jpg
Shults, Willie, M, 12/25/23, L. (TX), Hila Mae (TX), Wright, Chico, birthcert-8489.jpg
Shultz, Hasel, M, 5/13/09, Less (TX), Lilly Mae (TX), Henry, Chico, birthcert-4625.jpg, birthcert-4625a.jpg
Shurbet, Austin Cleburn, M, 2/17/23, Morgan W. (TX), Gracie May (TX), Scrail, Crafton, birthcert-7728.jpg
Siddons, Ruth, F, 8/8/05, Louis (TN), Pathine (I.T.), Martin, blank, birthcert-2036.jpg, birthcert-2036a.jpg
Sikel, blank, F, 3/12/04, F.M., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0723.jpg
Sikel, blank, F, 1/31/06, F.M., Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-2463.jpg
Sikes, blank, M, 10/3/13, Newton R., Mamie, Parsons, blank, birthcert-5775.jpg
Silby, blank, F, 12/25/04, P.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1459.jpg
Silton, blank, F, 12/20/08, W.S., M.A., Silton, blank, birthcert-4402.jpg
Simmons, Anne Frances, F, 12/21/04, William Thomas, Annie Elizabeth, Halsell, Decatur, birthcert-1450.jpg, birthcert-1450a.jpg
Simmons, blank, M, 5/24/04, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0899.jpg
Simmons, blank, F, 2/5/06, Cage, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2471.jpg
Simmons, blank, M, 9/11/06, Ed, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-2903.jpg
Simmons, blank, F, 6/30/15, Alford, (Ruth), Taylor, blank, birthcert-6136.jpg
Simmons, Cora Emma, F, 9/9/25, Arthur J. (TX), Meta Lucile (TX), Browning, Rhome, birthcert-8412.jpg
Simmons, Imogene, ?, 1/11/30, Martin E., Emma Jean, Brown, blank, [No Image 9555 ]
Simmons, Jennie Belle, F, 10/16/05, Ezra (IL), Addie Marshall (AL), Griffin, Rhome, birthcert-2221.jpg, birthcert-2221a.jpg
Simmons, Martin Ezra, M, 1/17/04, Ezra, Addie, Griffin, Rhome, birthcert-0595.jpg, birthcert-0595a.jpg
Simmons, Mildred Isabell, F, 9/1/09, A.A. (IL), Ruth, Taylor, Rhome, birthcert-4753.jpg, birthcert-4753a.jpg birthcert-4753b.jpg
Simmons, Patsie Marie, F, 8/23/29, Eutis T. (TX), Leota M. (TX), Read, Rhome, birthcert-9427.jpg
Simmons, Raymond Lloyd, M, 3/28/06, A.A., Ruth, Taylor, Rhome, birthcert-2572.jpg, birthcert-2572a.jpg
Simmons, Ruth Shelly, F, 10/18/29, Arthur T. (TX), Mada Lucille (TX), Browning, Rhome, birthcert-9478.jpg
Simmons, Tom, M, 4/30/09, Earl, Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-4615.jpg
Simmons, W.T., F, 12/20/04, W.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1449.jpg
Simmons, Wilton Woody, M, 2/27/23, Arthur (TX), Meta Lualle (TX), Browning, Rhome, birthcert-7733.jpg
Simms, blank, M, 12/20/08, Sam, Nettie, blank, blank, birthcert-4401.jpg
Simpler, blank, M, 1/2/05, Lee, Anne, blank, blank, birthcert-1481.jpg
Simpson, (twin), F, 8/10/06, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2830.jpg
Simpson, (twin), M, 8/10/06, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2831.jpg
Simpson, Bailey, F, 11/21/33, Archey, Cenney, Lang, Prec #7, [No Image 10944 ]
Simpson, blank, F, 3/5/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1647.jpg
Simpson, blank, F, 3/15/10, Charles, Rhoda Elizabeth, Appling, blank, birthcert-4960.jpg
Simpson, blank, M, 12/13/10, Quinn, Blanche, blank, blank, birthcert-5144.jpg
Simpson, blank, M, 7/5/11, Ed, Sally, blank, blank, birthcert-5295.jpg
Simpson, blank, F, 9/11/11, William, Ida, Tennell, blank, birthcert-5347.jpg
Simpson, blank, M, 1/24/19, Charles (TX), Elizabeth (TX), Appling, Decatur, birthcert-7040.jpg, [delayed 3984]
Simpson, blank, M, 12/14/21, Charles (TX), Rhoda (TX), Applin, Decatur, birthcert-7521.jpg
Simpson, Gordon, M, 6/25/29, C.F., Minnie Lee (TX), Roberts, Decatur, birthcert-9382.jpg
Simpson, James Wesley, M, 4/8/23, Walter A. (TX), Gertie (TX), Ford, Decatur, birthcert-7764.jpg, birthcert-7764a.jpg
Simpson, LeRoy Labon, M, 5/16/05, William Wallace, Effie May, Fields, Decatur, birthcert-1823.jpg, birthcert-1823a.jpg
Simpson, Lois, F, 9/19/05, Dave James, Nannie Jane, Mann, Wise Co., birthcert-2150.jpg, birthcert-2150a.jpg
Simpson, Mary Ann, F, 4/15/31, J.D., Eunice L., Brown, Alvord, [No Image 10039 ]
Simpson, Patsy Ruth, F, 9/27/28, F.A. (TX), Connie (AL), Long, Chico, birthcert-9130.jpg, birthcert-9130a.jpg
Simpson, Robert, M, 1/22/16, Marvin, Mildred, Hefley, Boonsville, birthcert-6347.jpg
Simpson, York Auchester, M, 4/4/05, blank, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1712.jpg
Sims, (Anglin), M, 7/31/03, J.B., Nannie D., blank, blank, birthcert-0148.jpg
Sims, Alice Maude, F, 4/24/27, Willie F., Willie M., Anderson, Rhome, birthcert-8787.jpg
Sims, Almer, F, 3/11/07, A.L. (TX), Mary Malinda (TX), Kelley, Rural Wise Co., birthcert-3217.jpg, birthcert-3217a.jpg
Sims, blank, M, 8/27/06, Will, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-2867.jpg
Sims, blank, M, 12/3/08, D.S., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4372.jpg
Sims, blank, F, 7/15/18, W.H., Elizabeth, Vann, Alvord, birthcert-6936.jpg
Sims, Dorothy Ruth, F, 4/19/28, W.A., Beahue, Lasley, Alvord, birthcert-8995.jpg
Sims, Willis Franklin, Jr., M, 8/14/28, Willie Franklin, Willie Margaret, Anderson, Rhome, birthcert-8989.jpg
Sine, Pauline, F, 9/16/13, B., Mary, Hernbicick, blank, birthcert-5765.jpg
Singleton, (twin), F, 7/9/06, Charles (MS), Eva (TX), Wileman, Bridgeport, birthcert-2759.jpg
Singleton, blank, M, 11/26/04, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1393.jpg
Singleton, blank, M, 12/13/11, Charles, Abbie, Wildeman, blank, birthcert-5424.jpg
Singleton, blank, F, 3/13/30, Henry, Mary, Minor, Decatur, [No Image 9624 ]
Singleton, Euna Mae, F, 11/8/03, Charles, Eva, Wileman, Boonsville, birthcert-0429.jpg, birthcert-0429a.jpg
Singleton, M.C., F, 5/6/07, J.R., M.I., blank, blank, birthcert-3329.jpg
Singleton, Tommie Viola, F, 7/9/06, Charles (MS), Eva (TX), Wileman, Bridgeport, birthcert-2758.jpg
Sipes, blank, F, 12/2/08, W.R., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4369.jpg
Sipes, blank, F, 2/27/16, Newt, Mamie, Parsons, blank, birthcert-6374.jpg
Sipes, blank, F, 1/22/24, Newton W. (TN), Mamie (TX), Parsons, Alvord, birthcert-7984.jpg
Sipes, Burtis Leola, F, 11/30/21, Newton R. (TN), Mammie (TX), Parsons, Alvord, birthcert-7515.jpg
Sipes, Helen Louise, F, 3/9/26, Newton W. (TN), Mary C. (TX), Parsons, Alvord, birthcert-8657.jpg, birthcert-8657a.jpg
Sipes, Ita (twin), F, 3/2/06, James Logan, Jane, Plumlee, Cottondale, birthcert-2533.jpg, birthcert-2533a.jpg
Sipes, Rease Walker, M, 4/10/15, Newton R. (TN), Mamie (TX), Parsons, Alvord, birthcert-6071.jpg, birthcert-6071a.jpg
Sipes, twins, F, 3/2/06, James Logan, Jane, Plumlee, Alvord, birthcert-2532.jpg
Sipes, Z.Z., F, 11/30/03, Logan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0475.jpg
Sisk, Mary Etta, F, 6/23/33, Roscoe , Delia, Hardee, Decatur, [No Image 10802 ]
Sitz, Edna Mae, F, 10/31/33, Alvin J., Jewell L., Malone, Slidell, [No Image 10921 ]
Sitz, Edna Mae, F, 10/31/33, Alvin J., Jewell L., Malone, Slidell, [No Image 10922 ]
Sitz, James L., M, 3/9/26, Alvin J. (TX), Jewell L. (TX), Malone, Slidell, birthcert-8559.jpg
Skaff, blank, F, 1/8/11, S.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5160.jpg
Skaggs, (Kittie Lou), F, 6/1/08, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4065.jpg
Skaggs, Louisa Ellon, F, 2/14/05, James Carrol, Anna Isabell, Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-1598.jpg, birthcert-1598a.jpg
Skaggs, Ollie Joe, F, 9/16/30, Joe, Mildred, Franklin, Sunset, [No Image 9817 ]
Skelton, blank, M, 7/18/06, R.L., Susie, blank, blank, birthcert-2774.jpg
Skinner, Anna Katherine, F, 1/6/11, William Alonso, Lucille Ethel, Price, blank, birthcert-5268.jpg, birthcert-5268a.jpg
Skinner, Mary Pearl, F, 7/26/15, S.W., Pearl, Gauntt, blank, birthcert-6170.jpg
Slagle, Grady Moreland, Jr., M, 11/18/24, Grady Moreland, SR. (TX), Nellie Louise (MO), Barnes, Decatur, birthcert-8215.jpg
Slagle, Margaret Whitten, F, 6/10/26, Grady M. (TX), Nellie L (MO), Barnes, Decatur, birthcert-8600.jpg
Slagle, Meryle Wayne, M, 6/27/23, George Robert (TX), Florence May (TX), Gwin, Alvord, birthcert-7833.jpg
Slate, blank, M, 8/21/09, John, Bertie, blank, Decatur, birthcert-4745.jpg
Slate, blank, F, 4/30/24, Joe W. (MO), Lula, Jordan, Decatur, birthcert-8060.jpg
Slaton, Wilbur R., M, 1/25/05, W.R., Carrie B., Silliman, Chico, birthcert-1539.jpg, birthcert-1539a.jpg birthcert-1539b.jpg
Slay, Anna Johanna, F, 7/8/15, Frank Joseph (Germany), Barbara (Czech), Holub, blank, birthcert-6147.jpg, birthcert-6147a.jpg
Slay, Mary Eveline, F, 4/15/18, Frank J., Clara Belle, Parsons, Decatur, birthcert-6863.jpg, birthcert-6863a.jpg
Slay, Mary Lou, F, 9/13/25, Carl (TX), Ruth (TX), Bennett, Rhome, birthcert-8419.jpg, birthcert-8419a.jpg
Slayton, Kentha Ray, M, 9/20/32, C.D., Eva J., Hudson, Greenwood, [No Image 10563 ]
Sledge, John Denewood, M, 1/30/29, J.P. (TX), Ruth (TX), King, Forestburg, birthcert-9258.jpg
Sledge, Vacker, M, 10/5/16, G.W., Carrie, Vacker, blank, birthcert-6481.jpg
Sliger, Alva Lebron, M, 12/12/16, Eric Lenora, Louise, Ellis, Boyd, birthcert-6524.jpg, birthcert-6524a.jpg
Slimp, (Baby Fay), F, 9/25/03, L.C. (L.F.) (De'cd), L. (Mattie), blank, blank, birthcert-0313.jpg
Slimp, (twin), F, 8/31/06, Jacob L. (TN), Mollie (TN), Moreland, Rhome, birthcert-2877.jpg
Slimp, Belle Morris, F, 3/21/05, Jacob L., Mollie, Moreland, Rhome, birthcert-1685.jpg, birthcert-1685a.jpg
Slimp, blank, M, 6/17/08, Fate, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4090.jpg, [delayed 18588]
Slimp, blank, M, 6/2/32, Shadle, Dovie, Lambert, Rhome, [No Image 10450 ]
Slimp, Bobbie E., M, 9/5/30, Kemp L., Crodelia, Teal, Rhome, [No Image 9802 ]
Slimp, Caslene L., F, 1/12/32, Taft L., Castine E., Brown, Rhome, [No Image 10333 ]
Slimp, Kemp Lowe, Jr., M, 8/25/27, Kemp Lowe, Cordelia, Teal, Rhome, birthcert-8826.jpg
Slimp, Landon Clyde, Jr., M, 2/9/21, Landon C. (TX), Ruth Young (TX), Bryant, Rhome, birthcert-7343.jpg
Slimp, Lillian B., F, 2/2/28, Shadle Shelton, Donie Lee, Lambert, Rhome, birthcert-8931.jpg
Slimp, Mary, F, 6/2/32, Shadle, Dovie, Lambert, Rhome, [No Image 10451 ]
Slimp, Minnie Frances, F, 1/3/26, L.C. (TX), Ruth Bryant (TX), Young, Rhome, birthcert-8498.jpg
Slimp, Minnie Leola, F, 8/31/06, Jacob L. (TN), Mollie (TN), Moreland, Rhome, birthcert-2876.jpg, birthcert-2876a.jpg
Slimp, Ollie Marie, F, 12/10/28, Kemp L. (TN), Cordelia (TX), Teal, Rhome, birthcert-9197.jpg
Slimp, Pauline, F, 5/13/18, Loyd, Pearl B., Payne, blank, birthcert-6892.jpg
Slimp, Ruth Bryant, F, 1/24/23, Landon Clyde (TX), Ruth Bryant (TX), Long, Rhome, birthcert-7715.jpg
Slimp, twins, F, 12/5/25, Shade (TN), Dossie (LA), Lambert, Rhome, birthcert-8470.jpg
Slimp, twins, M, 12/5/25, Shade (TN), Dorie (LA), Lambert, Rhome, birthcert-8471.jpg
Slimp, Wayne L., M, 4/10/30, Shadle, Dovie L., Lambert, blank, [No Image 9654 ]
Sloan, blank, M, 1/7/05, J.R., Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1496.jpg
Sloan, Eleanor Elizabeth, F, 3/16/17, G.C., Gertrude, Tenney, Chico, birthcert-6579.jpg, birthcert-6579a.jpg birthcert-6579b.jpg
Sloan, John Ray, M, 1/28/11, James A., Maud Rose, Dukes, Alvord, birthcert-5169.jpg, birthcert-5169a.jpg
Slover, blank, M, 3/1/05, Scott, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1638.jpg
Slover, blank, M, 2/12/09, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4491.jpg
Slover, blank, F, 7/21/16, Henry, Sadie, Leech, blank, birthcert-6439.jpg
Slover, blank, M, 6/2/23, Thomas J. (TX), Meda (TX), Hobbs, Paradiise, birthcert-7815.jpg, [delayed 4599]
Slover, Joseph Leach, M, 2/1/22, Henry L. (TX), Saddie (TX), Leach, Paradise, birthcert-7542.jpg
Slover, Mary Louise, F, 4/24/17, Thomas Jefferson, Meda, Hobbs, Crafton, birthcert-6617.jpg, birthcert-6617a.jpg
Sluder, Ruby Venus, F, 9/29/06, William Thomas (MO), Maggie Lula (AR), Mercer, Rhome, birthcert-2935.jpg, birthcert-2935a.jpg
Smart, blank, M, 7/15/04, A., Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-1018.jpg
Smart, blank, M, 5/12/06, Adolphus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2665.jpg, [delayed 7556]
Smiley, blank, M, 9/19/11, M., Carrie, Crosby, blank, birthcert-5363.jpg
Smith, (James S.), M, 12/9/03, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0492.jpg
Smith, A.C.-twin, M, 11/29/10, Nathaniel, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-5136.jpg
Smith, A.L., Jr., M, 3/7/29, A.L. (TX), Ivy (TX), Jennings, Vineyard, birthcert-9283.jpg
Smith, Alice Pearl, F, 1/12/33, W.E., Geayon B., blank, Boyd, [No Image 10655 ]
Smith, Allie Ruth, F, 8/31/28, Fred O. (TX), Sarah Emma (TX), Rhine, Decatur, birthcert-9105.jpg, birthcert-9105a.jpg
Smith, Aloise, F, 1/7/21, James Franklin (MS), Nettie Ida, Finger, Boyd, birthcert-7334.jpg, [delayed 9/7/46]
Smith, Annie Elizabeth, F, 9/26/04, E.H., P.F., blank, blank, birthcert-1229.jpg
Smith, Audrey Cleo, F, 9/2/25, James E. (TX), Minnie (TX), Slimp, Rhome, birthcert-8403.jpg
Smith, Audrey Laura, F, 9/9/21, J.L. (TX), Morelle (TX), Vickers, Park Springs, birthcert-7464.jpg, birthcert-7464a.jpg
Smith, Bertha Eunis, F, 4/8/04, Casey, Alice, Lee, Alvord, birthcert-0798.jpg, birthcert-0798a.jpg
Smith, Billie Gene, M, 3/11/32, Jessie Barton, Zelma, Keeninger, Paradiise, [No Image 10386 ]
Smith, blank, F, 7/23/03, John T., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-0137.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 8/25/03, B., Margaret, blank, blank, birthcert-0221.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 9/11/03, D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0271.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/1/03, Claud, Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-0411.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 1/17/04, L.R., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0596.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 2/15/04, J.W., Zora, blank, blank, birthcert-0659.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 5/17/04, Joe, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-0892.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 6/8/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0930.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 8/31/04, R.L., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-1153.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/4/04, F.N., N.L., blank, blank, birthcert-1326.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/20/04, N.M., Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-1381.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 2/19/05, Will, Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-1609.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 3/11/05, S.R., Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-1663.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 3/18/05, Bun, Margaret, blank, blank, birthcert-1677.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 5/23/05, Ellis, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1839.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 6/26/05, H.E., Bessie, blank, blank, birthcert-1916.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 8/15/05, M., Beulah, blank, blank, birthcert-2058.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/20/05, J.N., Rosa, blank, blank, birthcert-2296.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 11/22/05, J.R., Parlie, blank, blank, birthcert-2299.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 2/3/06, blank, Volina, blank, blank, birthcert-2468.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 3/14/06, Walter, Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-2553.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 4/20/06, R.B., W.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2632.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 6/8/06, Hiram, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2708.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 9/10/06, Ellis, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-2900.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 12/27/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3074.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 1/30/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3147.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 9/6/07, J.W., H.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3523.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/2/07, Warren (Robert), Sarah (Lucindy), (Bearden), blank, birthcert-3649.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 11/16/07, Will, Georgia, blank, blank, birthcert-3670.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 12/19/07, H.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3736.jpg, [delayed 3355]
Smith, blank, F, 2/17/08, L.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3850.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 3/11/08, Joe, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3902.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 3/15/08, J.W., Zora, blank, blank, birthcert-3913.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 3/15/08, James, Nora D., Gentry, blank, birthcert-3916.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 4/10/08, James , Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3964.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 5/30/09, O.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4651.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 8/29/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4752.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 10/22/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4820.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 10/25/09, Howard, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4825.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 1/31/10, Ellis, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-4926.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 7/27/10, O.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5053.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 9/16/10, O.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5096.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 8/11/11, Ellis, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-5319.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 10/19/11, Walter J.., Laura, Wood, blank, birthcert-5385.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 1/5/12, Sim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5434.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 10/4/12, Sim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5581.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 1/10/13, Charles, Rosa, McDonald, blank, birthcert-5631.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 9/6/13, H.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5764.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 1/29/14, Shelby, Sallie, Walker, blank, birthcert-5833.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 4/8/14, Sim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5874.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 7/4/14, Ed, Rose, Taylor, blank, birthcert-5925.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 4/6/15, Sim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6066.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 7/18/15, Sam, May, blank, blank, birthcert-6157.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 10/12/16, O.P., Mary, McClay, blank, birthcert-6490.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 2/21/17, Dillard, Mary, Richardson, blank, birthcert-6557.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 3/15/17, George, blank, blank, Aurora, birthcert-6578.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 9/6/17, Clarence, Maggie, Porter, Bridgeport, birthcert-6699.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 11/6/19, Dillard D. (TX), Mary (TX), Richardson, Boyd, birthcert-7156.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 4/11/21, W.W. (TN), Ella (TN), Davenport, blank, birthcert-7379.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 4/9/23, Luther D. (TX), Lena (AL), Lowery, Cundiff, birthcert-7767.jpg
Smith, blank, F, 11/9/26, W.A., Gladys, Surler, Chico, birthcert-8707.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 11/8/27, C.W., Bertie B., Wines, Bridgeport, birthcert-8871.jpg
Smith, blank, M, 6/24/30, E.W., Vernon, Cox, blank, [No Image 9739 ]
Smith, blank, M, 6/10/32, Lee, Ruby, Alexander, Chico, [No Image 10463 ]
Smith, blank, M, 10/18/32, Sam, Izal, Elliot, Decatur, [No Image 10598 ]
Smith, blank, M, 11/8/32, Otho, Mary, Reed, Paradise, [No Image 10622 ]
Smith, Charles P., Jr., M, 2/19/32, C.P., Rosa Lee, McDonald, Alvord, [No Image 10365 ]
Smith, Charles William, M, 5/12/32, Charles William, M.A., Blevens, Bridgeport, [No Image 10436 ]
Smith, Christine, F, 10/14/23, J. Mack (TX), Euna (TX), Ford, Bridgeport, birthcert-7919.jpg
Smith, Clara Cleo, F, 5/14/07, Lewis L. (IL), Agnes E. (AR), Whitlock, Boyd, birthcert-3341.jpg, birthcert-3341a.jpg
Smith, Claud, M, 4/20/29, A.W. (TX), Murtee (TX), Dalteman, Alvord, birthcert-9327.jpg
Smith, Clyde McDonald, M, 12/7/15, Charles Phillip, Rosa Lee, McDonald, Alvord, birthcert-6314.jpg, birthcert-6314a.jpg
Smith, Darybele, F, 10/31/33, J.R., blank, blank, Chico, [No Image 10920 ]
Smith, David Lafayette, M, 11/18/26, James Edward, Minnie Leola, Slimp, Rhome, birthcert-8714.jpg
Smith, David Ray, M, 9/19/29, S.J. (TX), May (TN), Hunter, Chico, birthcert-9454.jpg
Smith, Derrell Burton, M, 12/9/33, J.B., Zelma, Koeninger, Paradise, [No Image 10955 ]
Smith, Dorothy Bernice, F, 7/27/31, W.E., Geayon, blank, Boyd, [No Image 10160 ]
Smith, Dovie Esther, F, 11/7/06, Thomas Allen (TX), May Flower (TX), Springstead, Alvord, birthcert-3002.jpg, birthcert-3002a.jpg
Smith, Edna, F, 2/5/33, L.J., Lizzie, Forsythe, Park Springs, [No Image 10676 ]
Smith, Edward Louis, M, 1/2/08, James Nute, Rosa, Johnston, Decatur, birthcert-3761.jpg, birthcert-3761a.jpg
Smith, Elbert, M, 11/13/04, W., S., blank, blank, birthcert-1354.jpg
Smith, Elgin Lee., Jr., M, 7/27/30, Elgin L., May, Swinney, blank, [No Image 9772 ]
Smith, Emery, M, 11/20/04, Thomas Allen, May, Springstead, Chico, birthcert-1379.jpg, birthcert-1379a.jpg
Smith, Evanglene, F, 9/14/13, J.M. (TX), Effie (AR), Elrod, Alvord, birthcert-5768.jpg, birthcert-5768a.jpg
Smith, George Whitlow, M, 6/22/95, George Timothy, Ida, Williams, Decatur, birthcert-0044.jpg
Smith, Harold Winston, M, 12/28/23, John Henderson (TN), Katie Ethel (TX), Scaggs, Lakeview, birthcert-7963.jpg, birthcert-7963a.jpg
Smith, Hattie Melba, F, 11/22/04, Homer Seymour, Mary Caroline, Payne, Rhome, birthcert-1385.jpg, birthcert-1385a.jpg
Smith, Hazel Marie, F, 5/3/07, Walter Jefferson (TX), Laura Mable (TX), Wood, Chico, birthcert-3324.jpg, birthcert-3324a.jpg
Smith, Hollis Everett, M, 12/28/21, Robert Lee (TX), Vera (OK), Edwards, Bridgeport, birthcert-7527.jpg
Smith, Imogene, F, 11/5/27, Clifton, Annie Mae, Mitchell, Rhome, birthcert-8869.jpg
Smith, Ita Lynelle, F, 11/22/08, Marvin Brown (OK), Dosia, Parr, Decatur, birthcert-4355.jpg, birthcert-4355a.jpg birthcert-4355b.jpg
Smith, J.C., M, 2/27/07, John, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3194.jpg
Smith, J.C., Jr., M, 9/18/27, J.C., Willie, Stewart, Alvord, birthcert-8846.jpg
Smith, Jackie Leola, F, 10/6/31, James E., Minnie L., Slimp, blank, [No Image 10244 ]
Smith, James William, M, 8/11/29, Walter (TX), Ruby (TX), Lambert, Decatur, birthcert-9417.jpg, birthcert-9417a.jpg
Smith, Jaunell, F, 11/29/32, Elgin L., May, Swinney, Boyd, [No Image 10635 ]
Smith, Ji, Bob, M, 1/21/32, Bert B., Bessie M., Whitehead, Rhome, [No Image 10342 ]
Smith, Jimmy Wayne, M, 3/11/32, Ernest, Virginia, Terrell, Chico, [No Image 10388 ]
Smith, Joe Bill, M, 8/8/31, Robert, Irene, Rogers, Bridgeport, [No Image 10174 ]
Smith, John, M, 7/2/15, J.R., Alta, McClure, Alvord, birthcert-6138.jpg, birthcert-6138a.jpg
Smith, Laura Elizabeth, F, 9/30/06, Henry Edmond (MS), Helen Elizabeth (TX), Wheeler , Chico, birthcert-2937.jpg, birthcert-2937a.jpg birthcert-2937b.jpg birthcert-2937c.jpg
Smith, Laveda, F, 9/30/13, J.R., Alta, McClure, Alvord, birthcert-5773.jpg, birthcert-5773a.jpg
Smith, Lela Bell, F, 1/1/23, G.A.H. (TN), Ozella (TX), King, Alvord, birthcert-7702.jpg
Smith, Lela Nellie, F, 1/19/07, Claude (TN), Belle (TN), Neeley, Sunset, birthcert-3118.jpg, birthcert-3118a.jpg
Smith, Lena F., F, 7/1/26, C.E. (TN), Laura B. (TN), Griffin, Newark, birthcert-8605.jpg
Smith, Leonard Olen, M, 5/5/16, Ernest, Beedie Jewel, Jones, Poolville, birthcert-6409.jpg, birthcert-6409a.jpg
Smith, Margarett Larue, F, 10/21/29, E.B. (TX), Josephine (TX), Collins, Bridgeport, birthcert-9481.jpg
Smith, Marian Kathryn, F, 3/15/08, James W. (MS), Nora D. (TX), Gentry, Decatur, birthcert-3915.jpg, birthcert-3915a.jpg
Smith, Mary Catherine, F, 10/29/07, James William (MO), Mary Frances (MO), Burton, Bridgeport, birthcert-3634.jpg, birthcert-3634a.jpg
Smith, Mary Elizabeth, F, 6/7/25, Charles P. (TX), Rosa Lee (TX), McDonald, Alvord, birthcert-8336.jpg, birthcert-8336a.jpg
Smith, Mary Ruth, F, 2/19/30, Tom, Clara, Oats, Decatur, [No Image 9601 ]
Smith, Mattie Lorene, F, 7/11/03, Robert Alexander, Rosa Alpha, King, Bridgeport, birthcert-0110.jpg
Smith, Maudie Loraine, F, 11/3/08, John (NC), Etta Loraine (TX), Battle, Slidell, birthcert-4327.jpg, birthcert-4327a.jpg birthcert-4327b.jpg
Smith, McClain G., M, 7/6/18, Sam J. (TX), Lillie Mae (TX), Hunter, Chico, birthcert-6931.jpg, birthcert-6931a.jpg
Smith, Mildred, F, 11/17/07, Thomas H. (AR), Emma (MS), Robinson, Chico, birthcert-3672.jpg, birthcert-3672a.jpg
Smith, Minnie May, F, 7/1/06, Edwin Henry (TX), Rosie Valentine (TX), Taylor, Alvord, birthcert-2740.jpg, birthcert-2740a.jpg birthcert-2740b.jpg
Smith, Norma Guylene, F, 7/22/30, N.G., Rosie Estelle, Rich, blank, [No Image 9765 ]
Smith, Norma Guylene, F, 7/22/30, W.G., Estelle, Rich, blank, [No Image 9765 ]
Smith, Ora Jane, F, 8/6/31, Clifton, Annie Mae, Mitchell, Rhome, [No Image 10182 ]
Smith, Ora Mercella, F, 10/3/29, Robert (AL), Ophelia (TX), Hudson, Rhome, birthcert-9466.jpg
Smith, Orbie Earl, M, 12/5/06, Jasper Newton (MS), Sophronia Jane (TN), Wright, Audobon, birthcert-3046.jpg, birthcert-3046a.jpg
Smith, P., F, 5/5/20, W. Hermon (TX), Bonnie A. (TX), blank, Park Springs, birthcert-7242.jpg
Smith, Price Temilton, M, 1/18/29, George Bun (TX), Elizabeth (TX), Beatty, Alvord, birthcert-9241.jpg
Smith, Robert, Jr., M, 3/28/23, Robert (TX), Irene (TX), Johnston, Bridgeport, birthcert-7749.jpg
Smith, Ruby Faye, F, 5/7/26, David M. (TX), Letha Margaret (TX), Read, Boyd, birthcert-8583.jpg, birthcert-8583a.jpg
Smith, Ruby Offie, F, 9/12/11, Robert Warren, Sarah Lucindy, Bearden, Sunset, birthcert-5352.jpg, birthcert-5352a.jpg
Smith, T. (William Edward), M, 9/30/03, T.W., Esther, blank, blank, birthcert-0327.jpg
Smith, Texas, M, 2/20/21, Everett J. (IA), Susie May (TX), Young, Bridgeport, birthcert-7349.jpg
Smith, Twins, F, 10/7/05, Claude, Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-2193.jpg
Smith, twins, M, 11/29/10, Nathaniel, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-5137.jpg
Smith, Vera Katherine, F, 2/3/25, Walter (TX), Mary (TX), Odell, Decatur, birthcert-8257.jpg, birthcert-8257a.jpg
Smith, Vermer P., F, 7/23/22, L.A. (MS), Ethel (AL), Moody, Boyd, birthcert-7634.jpg
Smith, Vernon Rolan, M, 3/8/27, Walter Franklin, Ophelia Maude, Odell, Boyd, birthcert-8761.jpg, birthcert-8761a.jpg
Smith, Virginia N., F, 2/8/26, R.R. (TX), E.L. (TX), Baker, Rhome, birthcert-8535.jpg
Smith, Vivian Estellen, F, 4/10/07, Forrest S. (TX), Carrie M. (TX), Roberts, Bridgeport, birthcert-3284.jpg, birthcert-3284a.jpg
Smith, Walter Odell, M, 4/18/21, Walter Franklin (TX), Ophelia Maude (TX), Odell, Rhome, birthcert-7382.jpg, birthcert-7382a.jpg
Smith, Willie Ermane, M, 6/1/04, Murph, Beulah, blank, blank, birthcert-0915.jpg
Smith, Woody Howard, M, 11/3/03, Robert (S.R.), Beulah (Buler), blank, blank, birthcert-0418.jpg
Smitherman, blank, F, 7/4/03, Phillip, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0089.jpg
Smitherman, blank, M, 10/10/06, Phil, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-2956.jpg
Snaple, F., M, 11/9/03, Henry, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0432.jpg
Snaples, blank, M, 10/4/05, Henry, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2183.jpg
Snapp, Charlie, M, 10/9/06, Charles, Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-2954.jpg
Snider, blank, F, 11/1/05, R.J., M., blank, blank, birthcert-2253.jpg
Snider, blank, M, 11/28/07, P.J., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3691.jpg, birthcert-3691a.jpg
Snider, blank, M, 10/12/08, H.J., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-4294.jpg
Snipes, blank, M, 12/30/31, A.B., Edith N., Taggart, Decatur, [No Image 10317 ]
Snipes, Thomas Gordon, M, 7/1/25, Alton Baxter (OK), Edith Nell (TX), Taggart, Decatur, birthcert-8348.jpg
Snow, Ira, F, 2/26/32, Bowers, Bessie, Wood, Decatur, [No Image 10369 ]
Snow, Joe Riley, M, 6/27/27, Everett Learner, Hope Beatrice, Murrell, Decatur, birthcert-8810.jpg, birthcert-8810a.jpg
Snow, Myrtle Lee, F, 7/26/26, William T. (KY), Myrtle E. (TN), Pope, Decatur, birthcert-8625.jpg
Snow, Peggy Joyce, F, 10/6/33, Wilson, Ruby Helen, Rankin, Prec #1, [No Image 10900 ]
Snow, William Rogers, M, 7/26/26, William T. (KY), Myrtle E. (TN), Pope, Decatur, birthcert-8624.jpg
Snow, Willie Ray, M, 12/8/24, Learner Everett (KY), Hope Beatrice (TX), Murrell, Decatur, birthcert-8228.jpg, birthcert-8228a.jpg
Solis, Niconer, M, 10/30/29, Miquel (TX), Lonisa (TX), Gonzales, Bridgeport, birthcert-9494.jpg
Soloman, blank, F, 10/3/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2945.jpg
Soloman, twin, F, 1/16/05, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1514.jpg
Soloman, twin, M, 1/16/05, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1516.jpg
Sorrells, Curtis Loverne, F, 4/22/28, W.C., Una , Fox, Alvord, birthcert-9000.jpg
SorRells, Laura Earle, F, 5/24/08, James Edgar (TX), Giula Edna (TX), Sellars, Decatur, birthcert-4048.jpg
Soulter, Elmer J., M, 5/1/32, William W., Lizzie, Towers, Boyd, [No Image 10423 ]
Souther, Alvin Dorsey, M, 5/14/98, William Bale, Laura Gertrude, Lawrence, Bridgeport, birthcert-0053.jpg
Souther, blank, M, 9/9/04, Bird, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1188.jpg
Souther, Della Ann, F, 11/8/06, Pink (MO), Ruth (TX), Roberts, Bridgeport, birthcert-3005.jpg, birthcert-3005a.jpg
Souther, Lois Graezell, F, 9/25/23, Ray G. (TX), Audry Fay (TX), Elder, Bridgeport, birthcert-7900.jpg, birthcert-7900a.jpg
Souther, Orom Bernard, M, 2/15/01, Louis Pink, Eula Ruth, Roberts, Bridgeport, birthcert-0070.jpg
Southerland, blank, M, 7/9/10, D.T., Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-5040.jpg
Southers, blank, M, 12/23/03, Pink, Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-0531.jpg
Southers, blank, F, 8/1/05, Rich, Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-2018.jpg
Southers, blank, M, 9/26/05, Pink, Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-2160.jpg
Southers, blank, M, 10/22/09, W.B., Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-4821.jpg
Southers, blank, M, 7/7/14, Richard, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5929.jpg
Southers, Emery Eugene, M, 8/22/17, Berd, Ada Mae, Shawn, Boonsville, birthcert-6686.jpg, [delayed 11122]
Sovia, blank, F, 4/5/29, Max (TX), Flovencia (TX), DeLeon, Bridgeport, birthcert-9315.jpg
Sowell, Lennie Ozell, F, 8/18/23, Oscar Horace (TX), Ester Cloyd (TX), Stallcup, Alvord, birthcert-7877.jpg
Spain, blank, M, 2/23/24, Lowery H. (TX), Velma (TX), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-8016.jpg
Spain, blank, M, 4/21/28, Van, Jessie Lee, Parrish, Decatur, birthcert-8999.jpg
Spain, Ernest Don, M, 5/12/30, Clyde, Christine, Rawles, Decatur, [No Image 9685 ]
Spain, Eula Mae, F, 11/20/28, Charles (TX), Lucille (TX), Clark, Decatur, birthcert-9178.jpg
Spain, Grady Ray, M, 8/3/33, Grady, Venia, Baker, Decatur, [No Image 10846 ]
Spain, Idnel, F, 6/29/29, Clyde (TX), Nellie Christine (TX), Rawle, Decatur, birthcert-9387.jpg, birthcert-9387a.jpg
Spain, Warren Douglas, M, 5/23/33, Clide, Christine, Rawles, Decatur, [No Image 10774 ]
Spann, blank, F, 1/13/06, C.H., S.C., blank, blank, birthcert-2399.jpg
Spann, blank, F, 9/17/07, O.H., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3548.jpg
Spann, Bobby Wayne, M, 5/6/29, Emory Hershal (TX), Sammie Etta (KY), Coleman, Chico, birthcert-9339.jpg, birthcert-9339a.jpg
Spann, Josephine E., F, 11/24/33, Wilborn F., M.E., Carpenter, Decatur, [No Image 10947 ]
Sparkman, Julius J., M, 2/5/12, Jewel, Myrtle, Hatchett, blank, birthcert-5457.jpg
Sparks, Billie Joe, F, 7/24/28, Nathan B., Alice Littie, Hornburger, Chico, birthcert-9060.jpg
Sparks, blank, M, 5/12/05, Will, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-1811.jpg
Sparks, blank, M, 10/21/07, Cordon, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-3624.jpg
Sparks, Jesse Lee, Jr., M, 1/21/26, Jesse Lee, Sr.(GA), Edith V. (TX), Taylor, Rhome, birthcert-8519.jpg
Sparks, Jessie Adam-twin, M, 2/5/18, Nathan Benton, Alice, Hornburger, Chico, birthcert-6819.jpg, birthcert-6819a.jpg
Sparks, twins, F, 2/5/18, Nathan Benton, Alice, Hornburger, Chico, birthcert-6818.jpg
Spear, blank, M, 11/21/04, W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1382.jpg
Spear, blank, F, 1/19/06, Wiley, Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-2422.jpg
Spear, blank, M, 12/20/06, Wiley, Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-3068.jpg
Spear, blank, F, 2/20/09, Wiley, Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-4504.jpg
Spear, Sarah Bell, F, 2/20/09, Wiley (KY), Jannie Bell (TX), Blodgett, blank, birthcert-4505.jpg, birthcert-4505a.jpg birthcert-4505b.jpg
Spearman, Carolyn E., F, 2/3/30, Carrol, Alice May, Hill, blank, [No Image 9579 ]
Speers, blank, M, 10/17/03, Wiley, Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-0373.jpg
Speigh, blank, F, 9/17/06, O.D., Orn, blank, blank, birthcert-2914.jpg
Spencer, blank, F, 11/27/04, Tom, Ola, (Kent), blank, birthcert-1395.jpg
Spencer, blank, M, 9/23/06, Albert, Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-2929.jpg
Spencer, blank, M, 11/9/06, E.O., Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-3007.jpg
Spencer, blank, F, 8/22/07, Horace, Rosa, (Thomas), blank, birthcert-3500.jpg
Spencer, blank, M, 6/1/13, Tom, (Ola), (Kent), blank, birthcert-5715.jpg
Spencer, blank, M, 7/29/15, Tom, Ola, Kent, blank, birthcert-6175.jpg
Spencer, blank, F, 1/5/18, Tom, Ora, Kent, Boyd, birthcert-6783.jpg
Spencer, David Lee, M, 8/4/28, H.E., Rosa Lee, Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-9085.jpg
Spencer, Donald Richard, M, 2/7/32, Horace, Rosa Lee, Thomas, Decatur, [No Image 10356 ]
Spencer, Frances Marie, F, 7/28/11, Horace, Rosa Lee, Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-5311.jpg, birthcert-5311a.jpg
Spencer, Lillie Faye, F, 4/16/24, C. Arthur (TX), Thelma (TX), Matney, Decatur, birthcert-8051.jpg
Spencer, Loval D., M, 4/3/23, Tom (MS), Ora (AL), Kent, Boyd, birthcert-7755.jpg
Spencer, Paul Belue, M, 7/31/32, O.A., Thelma, Matney, Boyd, [No Image 10514 ]
Spencer, Paul Belue, M, 8/2/32, O.A., Thelma, Matney, Boyd, [No Image 10518 ]
Spencer, Pauline Elizabeth, F, 10/30/22, J.W. (TX), Annie (TX), McDonald, Alvord, birthcert-7681.jpg
Spencer, Thomas Roger, M, 1/12/30, Horace E., Rosa Lee, Thomas, Decatur, [No Image 9558 ]
Spencer, William Jay, M, 9/20/22, Horace Edward (TX), Rosa Lee (AR), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-7660.jpg, birthcert-7660a.jpg
Spikes, Mary Etta, F, 8/3/31, J.H., Rubey, Whatley, Chico, [No Image 10170 ]
Splawn, Ben, Jr., M, 11/28/18, Ben (TX), Luda (AR), Warren, Boyd, birthcert-7012.jpg
Splawn, blank, M, 3/26/13, Elzie, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-5673.jpg
Splawn, blank, M, 2/25/14, Elzie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5844.jpg
Splawn, blank, F, 6/9/17, Ben, Nora, Warren , Garvin, birthcert-6643.jpg
Splawn, blank, M, 11/17/29, S.E., Ammolin, Long, blank, [No Image 9510 ]
Splawn, blank, M, 6/27/30, Ben A., Linda, Warren, blank, [No Image 9741 ]
Splawn, Bobbie Lee, F, 8/28/28, Ben A. (TX), Ludie (AR), Warren, Boyd, birthcert-9103.jpg, birthcert-9103a.jpg
Splawn, Curtis E., M, 7/14/32, D.W., Willie Fae, Early, Boyd, [No Image 10494 ]
Splawn, Elvie Jewell, F, 8/2/15, Bill, Bertha, Stevens, Decatur, birthcert-6181.jpg, birthcert-6181a.jpg
Splawn, G.C., M, 5/3/27, Grover E., Hattie Beatrice, Flowers, Boyd, birthcert-8795.jpg
Splawn, Lola Foye, F, 1/11/12, Hance, Dora, Anderson, Boyd, birthcert-5440.jpg, birthcert-5440a.jpg
Splawn, Velma, F, 3/31/06, Hance, Dora, Anderson, Boyd, birthcert-2580.jpg, birthcert-2580a.jpg
Splawn, Walter Frank, M, 3/27/28, John Homer, Nellie Faye, Wood, Greenwood, birthcert-8980.jpg
Splawn, Wanda Jean, F, 5/9/32, Grover C., Hattie Beatrice, Flowers, Boyd, [No Image 10431 ]
Spradley, blank, M, 9/6/04, John, Amanda, (Pope), blank, birthcert-1178.jpg
Spradley, blank, M, 4/19/11, John, Amanda, Pope, blank, birthcert-5226.jpg
Spradley, Johnny W., M, 9/15/18, John W. (TX), Amanda (TX), Pope, Newark, birthcert-6982.jpg
Sprawles, blank, F, 9/26/03, Ed, Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0317.jpg
Springfield, blank, F, 2/3/13, J.L., S.E., King, blank, birthcert-5649.jpg
Sproles, Lucy Mae, F, 3/27/21, Edgar Franklin (TX), Myrtle Alice (TX), Hogue, Bridgeport, birthcert-7373.jpg, birthcert-7373a.jpg
Spurger, Luke Melton, M, 3/26/18, R.C., Clara L., Smith, Newark, birthcert-6847.jpg
Squire, Nattie Maly, F, 9/19/30, Natt, Willie, blank, Decatur, [No Image 9825 ]
St Clair, blank, F, 6/2/08, F.T., Florence, blank, blank, birthcert-4068.jpg
St. Clair, Ema, F, 10/31/04, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1270.jpg
Stack, blank, M, 1/24/04, T.B., Ina, blank, blank, birthcert-0612.jpg
Stack, blank, M, 3/11/04, J.K., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0721.jpg
Stack, blank, F, 1/22/07, J.B., I.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3130.jpg
Stack, blank, F, 1/2/23, Thomas B. (TX), Martha Mae (TX), Warden, Crafton, birthcert-7704.jpg
Stack, blank, M, 11/2/32, Herbert, Estell, Greeson, Chico, [No Image 10619 ]
Stack, Geneva May, F, 3/29/04, Edd E., Fannie, Etheridge, Chico, birthcert-0768.jpg, birthcert-0768a.jpg
Stack, Hugo Warden, M, 9/27/16, Tom B., Mattie, Warden, Chico, birthcert-6479.jpg, birthcert-6479a.jpg birthcert-6479b.jpg
Stack, Tommie B., Jr., M, 7/12/28, Thomas B., Mattie Mae, Warden, Crafton, birthcert-9053.jpg, birthcert-9053a.jpg
Stafford, blank, M, 3/11/04, J.M., E.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0722.jpg
Stafford, Lena Mae, F, 5/9/06, James Thomas (TX), Lucy Bell (TX), Rogers, blank, birthcert-2658.jpg, birthcert-2658a.jpg
Stafford, Perry Jo, F, 9/7/25, Arthur T. (OK), Lois Odessa (TX), Peyton, Alvord, birthcert-8409.jpg, birthcert-8409a.jpg
Stagg, Lowell E., M, 10/6/32, E.P., Ruth, Hines, Alvord, [No Image 10579 ]
Stallcup, Thomas Emmett, Jr., M, 8/31/25, Thomas Emmett, Sr.(TX), Mabel Everett (TX), Stubberfield, Alvord, birthcert-8401.jpg, birthcert-8401a.jpg
Stallings, Lou Eleanor, F, 10/19/16, Homer, Lois, Ransom, blank, birthcert-6495.jpg, birthcert-6495a.jpg
Stalmaker, blank, M, 4/4/06, Dave, Collie, blank, blank, birthcert-2590.jpg
Stambaugh, Sina Cue, F, 9/17/06, R., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-2913.jpg
Stamps, (Nellie Maree), F, 12/10/03, C.D., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-0494.jpg
Stamps, blank, M, 6/25/06, Charles, Lela, blank, blank, birthcert-2729.jpg
Standage, Samuel Ray, M, 8/24/33, Samuel William, Lois Fay, Telvis, Slidell, [No Image 10877 ]
Standley, Fred Mack, M, 4/2/23, F.M. (TX), Belfa (TX), Redfold, OK, birthcert-7753.jpg
Stanfield, blank, M, 6/18/07, Pass, E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3392.jpg
Stanfield, Charlie Edward, M, 1/12/01, James Paschall, Eddie M., Ladd, Bridgeport, birthcert-0068.jpg
Stanfield, Dorothy Mae, F, 11/7/21, W.C. (OK), Ollie (TX), Norwood, Alvord, birthcert-7505.jpg, birthcert-7505a.jpg
Stanfield, Patrick Dexter, M, 2/11/03, James Paschall, Eddie, Ladd, Bridgeport, birthcert-0080.jpg
Stanley, Alma , F, 1/20/05, William, Ebbie Belle, Ingle, Decatur, birthcert-1522.jpg, birthcert-1522a.jpg
Stanley, blank, M, 4/9/05, Charles, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1729.jpg
Stanley, blank, M, 11/9/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3662.jpg
Stanley, Cora Ethel, F, 6/19/04, John, Mary Margaret, Wilson, Boyd, birthcert-0970.jpg, birthcert-0970a.jpg
Stanley, Maud, M, 8/19/15, William, Effie Bell, Rhodes, Decatur, birthcert-6202.jpg, birthcert-6202a.jpg
Stansell, Esther Carlene, F, 2/3/20, Carl (TX), Opal (TX), Miller, Decatur, birthcert-9261.jpg, birthcert-9261a.jpg
Stansell, twins, M, 5/13/25, Carl (TX), Opal (TX), Miller, Decatur, birthcert-8311.jpg
Stansell, twins, M, 5/13/25, Carl (TX), Opal (TX), Miller, Decatur, birthcert-8312.jpg
Stark, blank, M, 9/17/04, Walter B., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1200.jpg
Stark, blank, M, 4/10/07, Garrett, Lottie, blank, blank, birthcert-3282.jpg
Stark, blank, F, 10/30/08, Garrett, Lottie, blank, blank, birthcert-4322.jpg
Stark, blank, F, 3/4/13, T.S., Lottie J., Worley, blank, birthcert-5661.jpg
Stark, Dessie May-twin, F, 9/14/25, Monroe R. (TX), Nancy Ellen (TX), Ellington, Justin, birthcert-8421.jpg
Stark, Essie Fay-twin, F, 9/14/25, Monroe R. (TX), Nancy Ellen (TX), Ellington, Justin, birthcert-8420.jpg
Stark, Sammie Oleta, F, 1/29/22, Garrett Samuel (TX), Lottie J. (TN), Worley, Boonsville, birthcert-7540.jpg, birthcert-7540a.jpg
Starnes, Billie Gene, M, 6/4/32, Cecil, Veda, Pugh, Decatur, [No Image 10456 ]
Starnes, Bobby Gene, M, 5/6/31, J.B., Jr., Maude, Stanley, Decatur, [No Image 10062 ]
Starnes, Clovis Jay, M, 11/30/22, Edgar William (TX), Millie (TX), Stanley, Fort Worth, birthcert-7693.jpg, birthcert-7693a.jpg birthcert-7693b.jpg
Starnes, Wilburn Cecil, M, 7/22/23, Cecil Guy (AR), Mary Veda (TX), Pugh, Decatur, birthcert-7858.jpg, birthcert-7858a.jpg
StarnKing, blank, M, 9/5/07, D., Gertrude, blank, blank, birthcert-3521.jpg
Starns, blank, M, 8/14/05, Lee, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2055.jpg
Stedham, blank, M, 1/19/21, H.H. (TX), Drucy (TX), Brown, Boyd, birthcert-7340.jpg
Steel, blank, F, 8/12/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0184.jpg
Steel, blank, M, 9/5/03, John, Leona, blank, blank, birthcert-0257.jpg
Steel, blank, M, 10/6/06, Clark, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-2952.jpg
Steel, blank, M, 6/16/07, D.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3390.jpg
Steel, Grover Cleveland, M, 6/19/20, Arthur Grover (TX), Leona Pearl (TX), Harrison, Paradise, birthcert-7263.jpg
Stegall, Doris Wayne , M, 3/25/24, Thomas V. (AL), Evaline (TX), Hodiger, Rhome, birthcert-8039.jpg
Stegall, Eloyce, M, 6/15/22, T.V. (TX), Evaline (TX), Hedeger, Rhome, birthcert-7612.jpg
Stegall, Foy Denver, M, 8/6/26, Charley K. (TN), Myrtle R.M. (TX), Headley, Rhome, birthcert-8629.jpg
Stegall, Oleta Jaunice, F, 8/18/27, Thomas Victor, Eve, Hediger, Rhome, birthcert-8823.jpg, birthcert-8823a.jpg
Stegall, Sylvia Huron, F, 2/9/25, Thomas V. (TX), Evelina (TX), Hedeger, Rhome, birthcert-8261.jpg
Stegall, Wanez, F, 8/25/27, Thomas Victor, Eva, Hedger, Rhome, birthcert-8827.jpg
Stem, Barbara Ann, F, 11/19/29, P.M., Bessie, Harris, blank, [No Image 9512 ]
Stem, blank, M, 12/18/07, Lee, Janey, blank, blank, birthcert-3732.jpg, [delayed 7804]
Stem, blank, F, 5/21/11, D.E., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-5259.jpg
Stem, blank, F, 6/8/16, R.L., Janie, Fortenberry, blank, birthcert-6424.jpg
Stem, Janie Ruth, F, 7/26/13, Lee (TN), Janie (AR), Fortenberry, Slidell, birthcert-5742.jpg, birthcert-5742a.jpg
Stem, Mattie Lee, F, 5/23/19, Frank (TX), Virgie (TX), Raney, Slidell, birthcert-7077.jpg, birthcert-7077a.jpg birthcert-7077b.jpg
Stem, Mildred, F, 9/16/03, R.L., J., blank, blank, birthcert-0291.jpg
Stenkel, blank, M, 4/25/14, Tom, Emma, Zorne, blank, birthcert-5879.jpg
Stephens, Alvis Piner, M, 12/10/28, J. Piner (TX), Ruth (MO), Hornback, Decatur, birthcert-9198.jpg
Stephens, blank, F, 6/21/04, George B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0966.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 6/24/04, W.J., E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-0971.jpg
Stephens, blank, F, 10/24/04, C.C., Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-1298.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 4/15/05, Thomas B., Mildred, blank, blank, birthcert-1743.jpg
Stephens, blank, F, 3/29/07, Sam, Tillie, blank, blank, birthcert-3255.jpg
Stephens, blank, F, 5/22/09, Sam, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4638.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 6//09, C.W., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-4658.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 2/11/10, Will, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-4931.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 3/8/10, Joe A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4955.jpg
Stephens, blank, F, 9/10/10, Robert, Lela, blank, blank, birthcert-5091.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 1/22/11, John, blank, Flowers, blank, birthcert-5166.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 4/7/12, George B., Etta, Horton, blank, birthcert-5501.jpg
Stephens, blank, M, 4/2/17, J.L., H., Flowers, blank, birthcert-6597.jpg
Stephens, Cecil Claud, M, 6/25/06, William Francis (AR), Minnie Lee (TX), Bouvet, Bridgeport, birthcert-2732.jpg, birthcert-2732a.jpg
Stephens, Coy Norman, M, 10/20/24, Coy (TX), Myrtle (MO), Hays, Decatur, birthcert-8192.jpg, birthcert-8192a.jpg
Stephens, J.E., M, 1/14/26, R. Watson (TX), Nell Bly (TX), Cook, Dallas, birthcert-8510.jpg
Stephens, James Monroe, M, 7/31/06, Thomas Benton (TX), Mildred E. (MO), Smith, Rhome, birthcert-2803.jpg, birthcert-2803a.jpg
Stephens, Letha Anne, F, 3/16/29, L.B. (TX), Julia (AR), Nixon, Decatur, birthcert-9295.jpg, birthcert-9295a.jpg
Stephens, Revel Watson, Jr., M, 1/14/26, Revel Watson, Sr. (TX), Nell Bly (TX), Cook, Dallas, birthcert-8511.jpg
Stephens, William Oran, M, 2/3/07, Alford D. (TN), Alsie (TX), Carter, Bridgeport, birthcert-3153.jpg, birthcert-3153a.jpg
Stephenson, Alice Ness, F, 9/25/32, Numannly, Gladys, Stanford, Decatur, [No Image 10569 ]
Stephenson, blank, F, 11/17/13, Jessie, blank, McCracken, blank, birthcert-5793.jpg
Stepp, Albert, M, 4/13/04, Homer H., Eva B., blank, blank, birthcert-0810.jpg
Stepp, blank, M, 1/3/04, J., Jr., T., blank, blank, birthcert-0562.jpg
Stepp, blank, F, 5/23/07, J., Texas, blank, blank, birthcert-3348.jpg
Stepp, blank, M, 11/3/07, Homer, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3655.jpg
Stepp, blank, M, 5/23/08, Charles, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4042.jpg
Stepp, blank, M, 4/26/11, Alonzo, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5230.jpg
Stepp, blank, F, 9/5/15, Josh, Texana, Hodge, blank, birthcert-6226.jpg
Stepp, blank, M, 9/17/30, W.J., Florence, Hinsdall, blank, [No Image 9822 ]
Stepp, blank, F, 6/1/31, O.J., Opal, Stone, Sunset, [No Image 10088 ]
Stepp, Cleddy Lewis, M, 10/12/11, Joshua, Texie, Hodges, Park Springs, birthcert-5380.jpg, birthcert-5380a.jpg
Stepp, Harold Lloyd, M, 10/14/28, W.J. (TX), Florence (MO), Hinsdell, Alvord, birthcert-9151.jpg, birthcert-9151a.jpg
Stepp, James, M, 2/6/05, Joshua, Taxana, blank, blank, birthcert-1581.jpg
Stepp, Laura LaVerne, F, 5/17/23, Joshua (TX), Mattie (TX), Moore, Alvord, birthcert-7802.jpg, birthcert-7802a.jpg
Stepp, N. Lillian, F, 12/19/22, C.M. (TX), Ruth (TX), Shepard, Alvord, birthcert-7696.jpg
Stepp, Travilla Mae, F, 9/16/14, William Paris, Mattie, Wilkinson, Alvord, birthcert-5962.jpg, birthcert-5962a.jpg
Stepp, William Allan, M, 11/8/26, William Joshua, Florence Beulah, Hinsdell, Alvord, birthcert-8706.jpg, birthcert-8706a.jpg
Sterling, Mary L.R., F, 9/22/15, A.C., P.E., blank, blank, birthcert-6253.jpg
Stevens, Annie Mae, F, 2/20/12, John Louis, Susan Texana, Tabner, Boyd, birthcert-5471.jpg
Stevens, Bennie Merle, F, 1/12/31, Newt, Myrtle, Gordon, Decatur, [No Image 9929 ]
Stevens, Bettie Sue, F, 9/28/32, W.D., Blanche, Ingle, Poolville, [No Image 10571 ]
Stevens, blank, M, 1/11/05, W.B., Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-1503.jpg
Stevens, blank, F, 4/6/05, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1717.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 7/10/05, Lewis, F., blank, blank, birthcert-1944.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 7/23/05, Rufus, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1991.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 8/31/05, W.O., Lillian, blank, blank, birthcert-2105.jpg
Stevens, blank, F, 7/31/06, C.C., Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-2804.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 8/9/06, G.B., J.B., blank, blank, birthcert-2827.jpg
Stevens, blank, F, 8/27/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3509.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 12/1/07, Louis, May, blank, blank, birthcert-3699.jpg
Stevens, blank, F, 4/7/08, Rufus, Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-3959.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 12/19/09, G.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4879.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 7/2/11, W.B., Sallie, Tabiner, blank, birthcert-5291.jpg
Stevens, blank, F, 10/14/14, Louis, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5972.jpg
Stevens, blank, M, 4/6/26, Frank (TX), Annie May (TX), Ashton, Decatur, birthcert-8573.jpg
Stevens, Coy Wayne, M, 7/19/23, Frank (TX), Annie Mae (TX), Ashton, Decatur, birthcert-7856.jpg, birthcert-7856a.jpg
Stevens, Floyd Wilson, M, 12/10/27, Frank, Annie Mae, Ashton, Decatur, birthcert-8895.jpg, birthcert-8895a.jpg
Stevens, Marsh, F, 3/1/05, W.I., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1639.jpg
Stevens, Nora Ellen, F, 11/25/31, W.O., L.L., Stinnett, Paradise, [No Image 10290 ]
Stevens, Patsy Ruth, F, 5/25/30, Frank, Winnie M., Ashton, Decatur, [No Image 9699 ]
Stevenson, blank, F, 6/3/15, G.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6112.jpg
Stevenson, Glenn, M, 1/26/31, James A., Laura C., Hellain, Bridgeport, [No Image 9944 ]
Stevenson, John William, M, 3/8/24, Forrest T. (KY), Euna (TX), Wright, Rhome, birthcert-8029.jpg, birthcert-8029a.jpg
Steward, blank, F, 7/20/04, R., Ona, blank, blank, birthcert-1035.jpg
Steward, blank, M, 11/2/15, Henry, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-6291.jpg
Stewart, Albert Wesley, M, 1/25/14, James Henry, Mary Jane, Hannon, blank, birthcert-5829.jpg, birthcert-5829a.jpg
Stewart, Anna Lois, F, 7/27/30, R.B., Lois, Thompson, Bridgeport, [No Image 9771 ]
Stewart, Aubrey J., M, 4/16/19, S.H. (TX), Veta (TX), Thompson, Poolville, birthcert-7071.jpg, birthcert-7071a.jpg
Stewart, blank, F, 7/9/04, W.A., S.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1004.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 5/5/06, Pres, Ruby, blank, blank, birthcert-2654.jpg
Stewart, blank, F, 3/3/07, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3200.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 4/1/07, W.A., L.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3261.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 11/22/07, Ralph, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3682.jpg
Stewart, blank, F, 3/9/09, Richard, Ona, blank, blank, birthcert-4544.jpg
Stewart, blank, F, 8/9/10, W.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5067.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 5/30/12, P.B., Ruby, Strickland, blank, birthcert-5533.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 6/25/16, S.H., Verda, Thompson, blank, birthcert-6433.jpg
Stewart, blank, F, 5/17/18, Walter J., Josephine, Ralevio, Newark, birthcert-6894.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 10/19/19, R.A. (TX), Roxy Lee (TX), Cox, Boonsville, birthcert-7149.jpg
Stewart, blank, M, 1/11/30, Boyce B., Myrtle, Simmons, Decatur, [No Image 9556 ]
Stewart, George Arthur, M, 9/22/10, George Alva, Mary Francis, Welch, Boonsville, birthcert-5102.jpg, birthcert-5102a.jpg
Stewart, J.B., M, 9/25/10, Grover Cleveland, Martha Carolyn, Shadle, blank, birthcert-5106.jpg, birthcert-5106a.jpg
Stewart, Kenneth Jefferson, M, 9/9/20, Silas Hair (TX), Vida Estelle (TX), Thompson, Poolville, birthcert-7296.jpg, birthcert-7296a.jpg
Stewart, Lee, Jr., M, 12/10/03, Lee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0495.jpg
Stewart, Lewis Earl, M, 6/7/25, John (AL), Ruby May (IL), Pile, Rhome, birthcert-8335.jpg
Stewart, Louise, F, 6/8/04, James, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-0933.jpg
Stewart, Marion Edward, M, 8/4/04, W.N., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1081.jpg
Stewart, Mary Anna, F, 11/6/24, George W. (TX), Zora P. (TX), Sandifer, Rhome, birthcert-8209.jpg, birthcert-8209a.jpg
Stewart, Richard Lafayette, Jr., M, 8/18/06, Richard Lafayette (TN), Onie Virginia (MS), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-2849.jpg, birthcert-2849a.jpg
Stewart, Sarah Frances, F, 9/12/05, George Alvie, Mary Frances, Welch, Boonsville, birthcert-2137.jpg, birthcert-2137a.jpg
Stewart, William Benton, M, 2/10/14, Preston Burns (AL), Ruby Vienna (AL), Strickland, blank, birthcert-5838.jpg, birthcert-5838a.jpg
Stewart, William Orville, M, 6/8/15, George Alva, Mary Frances, Welch, Boonsville, birthcert-6117.jpg, birthcert-6117a.jpg
Stice, blank, F, 12/29/33, George, Myrtle, Gober, Decatur, [No Image 10976 ]
Stice, blank, F, 12/30/33, W.R., Fanny L., Blackwell, Decatur, [No Image 10977 ]
Still, Edna Pearl, F, 5/29/06, Leborn William (IN), Myrtle Vera (TX), Moser, Greenwood, birthcert-2688.jpg, birthcert-2688a.jpg
Still, Frank T., Jr., M, 3/30/30, Frank T., Grace, Wilemon, blank, [No Image 9639 ]
Stockard, blank, F, 4/24/05, I.C., Nelle, blank, blank, birthcert-1770.jpg
Stockard, blank, M, 6/28/09, I.C., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-4677.jpg
Stockard, blank, M, 3/1/27, T.V., Ophelia, Gordon, Chico, birthcert-8755.jpg
Stockard, blank, F, 5/8/31, Claud P., Mable, James, Crafton, [No Image 10064 ]
Stockard, Edna Joyce, F, 3/15/17, Claud Isom, Mabel Cordelia, Jones, Crafton, birthcert-6387.jpg, birthcert-6387a.jpg
Stockard, Hollis Merill, M, 7/24/24, T.V. (TX), Ophelia (TX), Gordon, Crafton, birthcert-8113.jpg, birthcert-8113a.jpg
Stockton, Alga Wayne, M, 9/30/32, Ernest, Verme, Perkins, Alvord, [No Image 10572 ]
Stockton, Bettie Morris, F, 7/20/17, Forrest A., Margaret Crella, Bennett, Chico, birthcert-6658.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 2/27/04, Ernest, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0686.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 3/20/04, blank, Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-0748.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 4/11/04, Bill, P., blank, blank, birthcert-0805.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 9/14/04, W.D., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-1192.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 11/25/05, Ed, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-2307.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 3/30/06, Walter D., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-2577.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 11/19/06, W.L., R.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3027.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 3/16/08, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3919.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 2/22/09, O.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4507.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 3/12/11, Fred, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-4564.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 8/14/09, Luther, Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-4735.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 1/12/11, Fred, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-5162.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 7/12/12, Leo S., Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-5549.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 12/18/13, Ernest, Emma, Lacey, blank, birthcert-5802.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 9/28/15, R.L., Cora, Denney, blank, birthcert-6263.jpg
Stockton, blank, M, 10/21/15, O.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6281.jpg, [delayed 17845]
Stockton, blank, F, 3/7/21, W.F. (TX), Julia (TX), Webb, Decatur, birthcert-7364.jpg
Stockton, blank, F, 7/1/23, Luther (AL), Katie (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-7838.jpg
Stockton, David, M, 7/28/04, Davis, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1063.jpg
Stockton, Helen Lanell, F, 10/25/06, Robert Louis (AL), Cora Bell (TX), Denney, Chico, birthcert-2977.jpg, birthcert-2977a.jpg
Stockton, James Richard, M, 9/9/30, Ernest, Dessie, Perkins, blank, [No Image 9812 ]
Stockton, John R., M, 7/10/25, Wallace (TX), Julia (TX), Webb, Decatur, birthcert-8357.jpg
Stockton, Mildred Delois, F, 5/17/19, Luther (TX), Kate (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-7086.jpg
Stockton, Ruth Odell, F, 7/23/16, William Ernest, Emma Adeline, Lacey, Alvord, birthcert-6441.jpg, birthcert-6441a.jpg
Stockton, Virginia, F, 8/14/31, Jake, Irene, Gardner, Alvord, [No Image 10178 ]
Stokes, blank, F, 2/24/05, Taylor, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1622.jpg
Stokes, blank, M, 4/8/05, Walter, Carrie, blank, blank, birthcert-1725.jpg
Stokes, blank, F, 8/10/07, Bob, Hester, blank, blank, birthcert-3475.jpg
Stokes, blank, M, 4/3/10, Taylor, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4972.jpg
Stokes, James, Jr., M, 1/30/27, James, Mary Elizabeth, Castleberry, Rhome, birthcert-8742.jpg
Stokes, Kenneth, blank, 8/24/31, James R., Mary E., Castleberry, Rhome, [No Image 10193 ]
Stokes, Marion Lee, M, 1/27/29, James R. (TX), Mary E. (TX), Castleberry, Rhome, birthcert-9253.jpg
Stokes, Marvin T., M, 4/4/32, M.B., Angie, Gober, Bridgeport, [No Image 10403 ]
Stone, Allicemay, F, 1/16/15, J.C., Babe, blank, blank, birthcert-6017.jpg
Stone, blank, M, 8/26/05, Rufus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2092.jpg
Stone, blank, M, 7/15/15, Frank M., Barbara, McQuinn, blank, birthcert-6154.jpg
Stone, blank, M, 12/26/21, David O. (TX), Ada (TX), Leonard, Decatur, birthcert-7525.jpg
Stone, blank, F, 11/16/25, Bryan (OK), Gayle (TX), Fortenberry, Greenwood, birthcert-8457.jpg
Stone, Daniel Albert, M, 11/29/04, George, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1398.jpg
Stone, Don Wesley, M, 5/19/33, Raymond, blank, blank, Decatur, [No Image 10770 ]
Stone, Ella Marie, F, 12/16/26, R.O., Beulah, Wiley, Alvord, birthcert-8727.jpg, birthcert-8727a.jpg
Stone, L.B.A., M, 7/11/04, Stone, blank, Frank, Earl W., birthcert-1007.jpg
Stone, Marion Byron, M, 8/27/05, Walter (TN), Emma (MS), Sullins, blank, birthcert-2097.jpg, birthcert-2097a.jpg
Stone, Marnella J., F, 5/3/32, T.E., Lucille, Mason, Alvord, [No Image 10427 ]
Stone, Roy Blanton, M, 8/11/18, Frank (TX), Barbara (AR), Thucath, Chico, birthcert-6951.jpg, birthcert-6951a.jpg
Stonefield, John, M, 5/30/05, P., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1852.jpg
Stoneking, Nora Leona, F, 1/28/05, Dallas, Della, blank, blank, birthcert-1548.jpg
Stoner, blank, F, 1/23/08, T.L., Bettie F., blank, blank, birthcert-3797.jpg
Story, blank, F, 3/25/07, C.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3248.jpg
Story, blank, M, 9/16/03, John Q., Milline, Johnston, Bridgeport, [No Image 9818 ]
Story, Cecil Dowdon, M, 10/21/23, John (TX), Milena (TX), Johnston, Bridgeport, birthcert-7925.jpg
Story, Ina Jean, F, 11/18/32, John V., Mirlena, Johnston, Bridgeport, [No Image 10629 ]
Story, Nellie Grace, F, 5/22/28, J.V., Millena Beatrice, Johnston, Bridgeport, birthcert-9020.jpg, birthcert-9020a.jpg
Stout, Jess Clinton, F, 11/15/18, J.H. (TX), Addie (TX), Proctor, Chico, birthcert-7009.jpg
Stovall, Bessie Fay, F, 3/12/08, Gus, Minnie Sue, Poteet, Chico, birthcert-3904.jpg, birthcert-3904a.jpg
Stovall, blank, F, 8/12/03, G.O., Mollet, blank, blank, birthcert-0183.jpg
Stovall, blank, F, 2/15/05, G.O., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1600.jpg, [delayed 11739]
Stovall, blank, F, 2/6/06, G., M.S., blank, blank, birthcert-2476.jpg
Stovall, blank, M, 3/6/08, Gus, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-3891.jpg
Stovall, Frankie, F, 5/11/06, C.J., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2660.jpg
Stovall, Monroe Walter, M, 6/24/06, Benjamin Franklin (TN), Lela May (GA), Gann, Balsora, birthcert-2728.jpg, birthcert-2728a.jpg
Stradley, blank, M, 5/19/29, W.D. (TX), Minnie (AR), Wright, Decatur, birthcert-9357.jpg
Strain, blank, M, 9/18/04, G.W., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1204.jpg
Strain, Mary Louisa, F, 12/29/32, J.T., Ada, Russell, Chico, [No Image 10645 ]
Strain, Nelda Pearl, F, 2/25/30, J.T., Ada, Russell, Chico, [No Image 9699 ]
Strange, blank, F, 1/26/05, Owen, Sletta, blank, blank, birthcert-1541.jpg
Strange, blank, M, 7/19/05, Claud, Nellie, blank, blank, birthcert-1973.jpg
Strange, blank, M, 7/7/06, M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2755.jpg
Strange, blank, M, 9/18/06, O., Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-2916.jpg, [delay. 5212]
Strange, blank, M, 2/25/07, W.C., Nolie, blank, blank, birthcert-3190.jpg
Strange, Gerald Morris, M, 2/19/32, L.F., Bernetta, Pickett, Alvord, [No Image 10366 ]
Strange, Minnie Ola, F, 12/9/05, William C. (VA), Sarah Elizabeth (ARK), Collie, Alvord, birthcert-2342.jpg, birthcert-2342a.jpg
Strange, Sara Elizabeth, F, 3/4/19, E.D. (TX), Susie F. (TX), Cook, Decatur, birthcert-7055.jpg
Strasner, Alton B., M, 4/1/10, W.R., Mary E., blank, blank, birthcert-4970.jpg
Strather, blank, M, 1/3/07, A.F., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-3090.jpg
Streater, blank, F, 1/28/05, E.E., Erna, blank, blank, birthcert-1550.jpg
Street, blank, F, 12/17/03, W.H., R.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0513.jpg
Street, blank, F, 12/30/07, Charles, Dana, blank, blank, birthcert-3751.jpg
Strickland, blank, M, 4/8/04, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0797.jpg
Strickland, blank, M, 12/14/06, M., Frances, blank, blank, birthcert-3056.jpg
Strickland, blank, F, 1/4/08, J.H., I.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3766.jpg
Strickland, blank, F, 8/2/14, Cecil, Myrtle, Fitzgerald, blank, birthcert-5937.jpg
Strickland, Patsy, F, 10/6/33, H.W., H.O., Tackett, Boonsville, [No Image 10901 ]
Stroud, (Charles A.), M, 8/21/03, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0207.jpg
Stroud, Billie Bob, M, 2/8/33, W.D., Agnes, Bell, Decatur, [No Image 10679 ]
Stroud, Birdie Mozelle, F, 2/11/21, Dayton (TX), Eliza (TX), Rich, Decatur, birthcert-7344.jpg, birthcert-7344a.jpg
Stroud, blank, M, 8/21/03, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0212.jpg
Stroud, blank, F, 9/13/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0278.jpg
Stroud, blank, M, 3/6/04, L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0710.jpg
Stroud, blank, M, 5/10/07, Rufus, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-3335.jpg
Stroud, blank, M, 9/10/09, R.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4764.jpg
Stroud, Edith May, F, 10/25/08, James Garland (TN), Mary Senora (NC), Oates, Rhome, birthcert-4314.jpg, birthcert-4314a.jpg birthcert-4314b.jpg
Stroud, Jammie Clifford, M, 2/12/30, Clifford, Gladys L., Baley, blank, [No Image 9593 ]
Stroud, Juanita Bernice, F, 12/18/18, W.D. (TX), Eliza (TX), Rich, Decatur, birthcert-7019.jpg, birthcert-7019a.jpg
Stroud, Leonard R., M, 7/7/26, C.E. (TN), Lena G. (TX), Bailey, Rhome, birthcert-8612.jpg
Stroud, Lura Madge, F, 7/29/18, John Peny (TX), Lena Mae (TX), Fitzgerald, Paradise, birthcert-6944.jpg, birthcert-6944a.jpg
Stroud, Vera E., F, 8/12/18, Garland (TN), Mary (NC), Oates, Rhome, birthcert-6954.jpg
Strucking, blank, M, 11/26/09, Dallas, Girtie, blank, blank, birthcert-4858.jpg
Stuart, John Miller, M, 8/11/25, John W. (TX), Hariett May (TX), Hoffman, Rhome, birthcert-8380.jpg
Stubberfield, Grace Annie, F, 3/18/05, Will, Mattie Ella, Cage, Alvord, birthcert-1676.jpg, birthcert-1676a.jpg birthcert-1676b.jpg
Stubblefield, blank, F, 1/3/07, Elet, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3091.jpg
Stubblefield, blank, M, 8/10/23, unknown (IL), Maybel Everett (TX), Stubblefield, Alvord, birthcert-7873.jpg
Stubblefield, Henry Franklin, M, 11/14/20, O.S. (TX), Minnie (MO), Durham, Slidell, birthcert-7314.jpg
Stubblefield, Howard Braselton, M, 3/2/05, Elliott, Mattie, Sipes, Chico, birthcert-1641.jpg, birthcert-1641a.jpg
Stubblefield, T.E., M, 7/2/24, J.T. (OK), M.R. (TX), O'Brien, Alvord, birthcert-8087.jpg
Stubblefield, Wayne Velton, M, 2/20/08, Elliott (MO), Mattie (TX), Sipes, Alvord, birthcert-3854.jpg, birthcert-3854a.jpg
Studer, blank, M, 1/11/04, J.H., G., blank, blank, birthcert-0583.jpg
Stut, blank, F, 9/23/27, Buford, E.I., Ward, Paradise, birthcert-8849.jpg
Stutt, blank, M, 8/28/29, Joe (deceased), Lizzie (TX), Ramsdale, Paradise, birthcert-9431.jpg, [delayed 13069]
Stutt, Earl, M, 10/12/95, Robert T., Willie, Jay, Paradise, birthcert-0045.jpg
Stutt, Earl Douglas, M, 3/23/25, Earl (TX), Ruth B. (TX), Arnett, Decatur, birthcert-8283.jpg
Stutt, Kit Jay, M, 10/19/04, Robert Thomas, Willie Frissila, Jay, Paradise, birthcert-1281.jpg, birthcert-1281a.jpg
Stutt, Mary Lou, F, 3/30/30, Earl, Ruth B., Arnett, blank, [No Image 9640 ]
Styles, Robert S., M, 6/9/05, N., F.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1876.jpg
Sulivan, blank, M, 8/17/06, George, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-2847.jpg
Sullins, Anna Mayree, F, 12/5/19, Edward Newton (TX), Vera Essica (TX), Walker, Bridgeport, birthcert-7168.jpg, birthcert-7168a.jpg
Sullins, blank, M, 7/28/21, Ed N. (TX), Vera E. (TX), Walker, Bridgeport, birthcert-7430.jpg
Sullins, Charles W., M, 3/6/21, Charles (TX), Mary (TX), Turner, Bridgeport, birthcert-7362.jpg
Sullins, Ellena Louise, F, 10/26/18, Ed (TX), Vera (TX), Walker, Bridgeport, birthcert-7001.jpg, birthcert-7001a.jpg
Sullivan, blank, M, 4/19/04, G., S., blank, blank, birthcert-0823.jpg
Sullivan, blank, M, 6/4/04, Bird, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-0922.jpg
Sullivan, blank, M, 3/24/08, O.A., Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-3935.jpg
Sullivan, blank, M, 8/30/10, Owen, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-5083.jpg
Sullivan, blank, F, 1/17/14, Owmer, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5823.jpg
Sullivan, blank, M, 3/6/17, O.A., Lucy, Plunk, blank, birthcert-6569.jpg
Sullivan, Charlie Coatsworth, M, 2/4/05, John Thomas, Mattie Bell, Ward, Chico, birthcert-1570.jpg, birthcert-1570a.jpg
Sullivan, Isaac Clarence, M, 7/29/07, John Thomas (MS), Mattie Bell (MS), Ward, Chico, birthcert-3449.jpg, birthcert-3449a.jpg
Summers, blank, M, 1/13/14, A.G., Zoe, Harvey, blank, birthcert-5820.jpg
Summerville, Curtis Eugene, blank, 5/14/31, A.F., Ira Pearl, Lewis, Decatur, [No Image 10069 ]
Suson, Mary A., F, 7/28/04, William C., Annie Belle, Dennis, Alvord, birthcert-1062.jpg, birthcert-1062a.jpg birthcert-1062b.jpg
Sutton, blank, F, 10/28/05, C.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2246.jpg
Sutton, Lillian Pearl, F, 10/16/06, Melvin Emerson (TX), Mary Elizabeth (TX), Elliott, Park Springs, birthcert-2964.jpg, birthcert-2964a.jpg
Swafford, blank, M, 1/26/06, German, E., blank, blank, birthcert-2443.jpg
Swafford, blank, M, 6/23/18, Berdie (TX), Mary (TX), Rogers, Boyd, birthcert-6921.jpg
Swaim, Thelma Lea, F, 8/5/08, Elmer (AR), Maggie (TX), McDowell, Alvord, birthcert-4169.jpg, birthcert-4169a.jpg
Swain, blank, M, 8/23/06, Jim, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-2861.jpg
Swain, blank, F, 7/13/07, Isaac, Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-3420.jpg
Swain, Edna Fay, F, 10/6/03, Charles Albert, Hattie, Murdock, Chico, birthcert-0342.jpg, birthcert-0342a.jpg
Swain, Ernestine, F, 11/26/30, Buford, Florence A., Giles, Bridgeport, [No Image 9879 ]
Swam, blank, M, 9/5/04, A.A., Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-1172.jpg
Swan, blank, M, 9/6/05, W.I., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2124.jpg
Swift, blank, M, 12/18/09, O.C., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-4875.jpg
Swift, blank, M, 5/13/12, Will, Pearl, Bryan, blank, birthcert-5521.jpg
Swift, blank, F, 2/9/15, Will, Pearl, Brown, blank, birthcert-6028.jpg
Swiney, blank, M, 4/11/11, W.S., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5222.jpg, [Delayed 12660]
Swinford, Benjamin Levi, M, 8/31/03, John E., Maud, Splawn, Boyd, birthcert-0244.jpg, birthcert-0244a.jpg
Swinford, blank, F, 6/1/04, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0912.jpg
Swinford, blank, M, 6/18/07, John, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-3393.jpg
Swinford, Charles , M, 9/29/06, James A., Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-2936.jpg
Swinford, Oscar, M, 6/24/97, John, Maud, Splawn, Boyd, birthcert-0050.jpg
Swinney, blank, F, 2/24/05, D.H., Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-1627.jpg
Swinney, blank, F, 9/7/30, W.Y., Gladys, Johnson, Decatur, [No Image 9808 ]
Swinney, blank, F, 1/9/32, George, Cleo, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 10328 ]
Swinney, Hulet Andrew, M, 9/1/15, William Stenson, Mary E., Jackson, Bridgeport, birthcert-6220.jpg, birthcert-6220a.jpg
Tabner, blank, M, 9/13/03, John, C., blank, blank, birthcert-0280.jpg
Tabner, blank, F, 6/31/14, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5922.jpg
Tabor, blank, F, 5/15/04, E.L.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0885.jpg
Tabor, blank, M, 8/9/04, I.N., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-1096.jpg
Tabor, blank, M, 5/2/18, Bonita, Annie, Valentine, Boyd, birthcert-6875.jpg
Tackel, Albert, M, 8/16/04, Christ (Christopher), Minnie (Lee), (Blackburn), blank, birthcert-1116.jpg
Tackel, Albert Lewis, M, 1/12/05, Charles Lewis, Janie Fredie, Harder, Decatur, birthcert-1506.jpg, birthcert-1506a.jpg
Tackel, Aubrey D., M, 11/5/06, Charley (OH), Nora (GA), Thomas, Bridgeport, birthcert-2997.jpg, birthcert-2997a.jpg
Tackel, blank, M, 8/3/04, Frank, Emma, (Tyre), blank, birthcert-1077.jpg
Tackel, blank, F, 11/29/04, Henry, Emma, (Harmon), blank, birthcert-1401.jpg
Tackel, blank, M, 1/11/07, Henry, Emma, (Harmon), blank, birthcert-3102.jpg
Tackel, blank, F, 6/11/07, Frank, Emma, (Tyre), blank, birthcert-3383.jpg
Tackel, blank, M, 7/28/07, Fred, Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-3446.jpg
Tackel, blank, F, 5/10/10, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4997.jpg
Tackel, blank, M, 8/2/10, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5059.jpg
Tackel, blank, M, 8/17/31, D.D., O.G., Johnston, Bridgeport, [No Image 10184 ]
Tackel, C.L., M, 9/18/23, Oscar F. (TX), Alice LaVera (TX), Neel, Bridgeport, birthcert-7898.jpg
Tackel, Eugenia, M, 10/11/09, Cris, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-4807.jpg
Tackel, John Vincent, M, 1/22/29, Jesse Adolph (TX), Mary Frances (TX), Butler, Bridgeport, birthcert-9247.jpg, birthcert-9247a.jpg
Tadlock, blank, M, 3/31/04, M.M., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0773.jpg
Tadlock, blank, M, 10/15/04, A.G., Delia, blank, blank, birthcert-1273.jpg
Tafner, blank, M, 12/23/04, John, Elanda, blank, blank, birthcert-1457.jpg
Taggaret, blank, M, 2/23/06, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2521.jpg
Talseman, blank, F, 10/14/08, Ben, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4300.jpg
Tankersley, blank, M, 9/4/06, Clint, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-2887.jpg
Tankersley, Helen, F, 3/15/21, John R. (AL), Dollie (TN), Wilkerson, Leo, birthcert-7369.jpg, birthcert-7369a.jpg
Tankersley, Hubert, M, 12/9/25, John (TN), Dollie (TN), Wilkerson, Leo, birthcert-8476.jpg, birthcert-8476a.jpg
Tankersley, James, M, 9/12/03, Clint, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0277.jpg
Tannihill, LeRoy I., M, 1/20/05, Hesian, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1521.jpg
Tarvey, blank, M, 9/7/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2127.jpg
Tate, A.B. & D.M. (twins), F, 10/21/08, W.B., D.M., blank, blank, birthcert-4305.jpg
Tate, blank, M, 10/5/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2947.jpg, [delay. 4932]
Tate, blank, F, 10/27/08, W.H., M.I., blank, blank, birthcert-4318.jpg
Tate, Enos R.D., M, 2/2/24, J.A. (TX), Goldie (TX), Locke, Decatur, birthcert-7992.jpg, birthcert-7992a.jpg
Tate, Ida Mae, F, 7/17/09, E.A. (TX), Sallie (TX), Stephens, Paradise, birthcert-4692.jpg, birthcert-4692a.jpg
Tate, John C., M, 5/23/07, A.B., D.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3347.jpg
Tate, Lillian Ross, F, 7/8/04, Enos Asbury, Sarah Ella, Stevens, Paradise, birthcert-1001.jpg, birthcert-1001a.jpg
Tatum, blank, F, 2/19/04, George, M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-0673.jpg
Tatum, blank, M, 11/17/04, James, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-1371.jpg
Tatum, Lula Mazell, F, 9/7/11, William Anson, Emma Matilda, Nance, Bridgeport, birthcert-5344.jpg, birthcert-5344a.jpg
Tatum, Theda, F, 7/5/19, Raford (TX), Ella (TX), Bradford, Boyd, birthcert-7103.jpg
Tatum, V.T., M, 7/16/19, Ernest (TX), Lessie (TX), blank, Decatur, birthcert-7109.jpg
Tauber, blank, F, 5/3/09, John, Claude, blank, blank, birthcert-4616.jpg
Taylor, Alma, F, 8/12/20, Andrew J. N, Anna Bell (TN), Potter, Boyd, birthcert-7282.jpg, birthcert-7282a.jpg
Taylor, Anna Jewell, F, 5/30/19, James Edward (AL), Agnes Tranquilla (AL), Holliday, Decatur, birthcert-7094.jpg, birthcert-7094a.jpg
Taylor, Annah Lou, F, 3/4/31, Newton F., Agnes, Price, Decatur, [No Image 9987 ]
Taylor, Avil Viola, F, 10/9/16, Emmit Wiley, Amanda Elizabeth, Robinson, Boyd, birthcert-6486.jpg, birthcert-6486a.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 11/2/03, H.L., D.F., blank, blank, birthcert-0414.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 2/7/04, W.R., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0640.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 8/13/04, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1102.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 10/28/04, H.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1304.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 11/17/04, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1372.jpg
Taylor, blank, blank, 3/15/05, A.N., Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1671.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 3/30/05, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1704.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 7/25/05, John, Arizona, blank, blank, birthcert-2000.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 8/10/05, M.R., Nanie Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2042.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 9/1/05, J.D., Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-2110.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 9/7/05, H.L., Dollie, blank, blank, birthcert-2125.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 11/11/05, E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2271.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 12/18/06, R.W., Rene, blank, blank, birthcert-3063.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 4/6/07, Burney, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3275.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 5/6/08, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4015.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 9/27/08, Will, Isbell, blank, blank, birthcert-4269.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 11/1/08, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4324.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 7/29/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4708.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 3/4/10, B.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4951.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 5/15/11, W.C., M.B., blank, blank, birthcert-5247.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 3/18/15, A.A., Minnie, Yarbrough, blank, birthcert-6056.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 7/1/15, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6137.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 1/7/16, Ed, Agnes, Rasberry, blank, birthcert-6337.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 8/15/17, W.F., Ivy, Utley, Chico, birthcert-6676.jpg, [delayed 10276]
Taylor, blank, F, 12/8/17, Ernest Alvin, Pearl, Tatum, Alvord, birthcert-6768.jpg
Taylor, blank, blank, 1/2/18, Edd, Agnes, Rasberry, Decatur, birthcert-6781.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 2/1/18, John W., Cora, Duncan, Decatur, birthcert-6812.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 9/28/19, Sydney (TX), Gertrude (TX), Foster, Allison, birthcert-7140.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 5/13/21, Abe A. (TX), Minnie (TX), Yarbrough, Boyd, birthcert-7392.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 2/4/22, Herbert E. (TX), Mary Ruth (TN), Collins, Alvord, birthcert-7544.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 3/12/23, Speed P. (KY), Carnie (VA), Tate, Decatur, birthcert-7737.jpg
Taylor, blank, F, 12/15/23, W.T. (TX), Ivy (TX), Utly, Chico, birthcert-7954.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 1/10/24, Luke (TN), Anna (AL), Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-7976.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 2/29/24, Alex A. (TX), M.J. (TX), Yarbrough, Boonsville, birthcert-8024.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 8/4/24, H. Edward (TX), Mary Ruth (TX), blank, Alvord, birthcert-8132.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 12/14/12, Charles (TX), Mary (TX), Adams, Decatur, birthcert-8231.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 9/8/25, Silvesta (TN), Prudy (TX), Dunlarp, Boyd, birthcert-8410.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 12/18/27, T. Silvester, Prudy, Dunlap, Boyd, birthcert-8901.jpg
Taylor, blank, M, 3/11/29, Leo (TN), Ruth (TX), Crownover, Boyd, birthcert-9290.jpg
Taylor, blank, blank, 7/2/31, Charles E., Grace, Samuell, blank, [No Image 10132 ]
Taylor, blank, M, 4/14/32, Hugh C., Essie, Chook, Chico, [No Image 10409 ]
Taylor, Bobbie Jewel, F, 11/24/26, T. Silvester, Prudy, Dunlap, Boyd, birthcert-8718.jpg, birthcert-8718a.jpg
Taylor, Bonnie Marie, F, 10/9/32, Vernie, Lula, Henry, Alvord, [No Image 10586 ]
Taylor, Claud Winford, M, 5/23/31, Grover E., Ida Mae, Jones, Decatur, [No Image 10079 ]
Taylor, Clavin Wright, M, 5/28/08, William Bernard (KY), Ella D. (KY), Hargett, Decatur, birthcert-4058.jpg, [delayed 20821]
Taylor, Clifford, M, 3/11/08, Henry Lee (TN), Dollie Florence (TX), Crabb, Chico, birthcert-3901.jpg, birthcert-3901a.jpg
Taylor, Dora, F, 8/30/03, J.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0234.jpg
Taylor, Elvis Rex, M, 8/28/26, Vernie W. (TX), Lula Isabell (TX), Henry, Alvord, birthcert-8653.jpg, birthcert-8653a.jpg
Taylor, Floyd Bee, M, 3/9/05, Jeff, Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1661.jpg
Taylor, Floyd Bee, M, 11/4/23, J. Edward (AL), Alice (AL), Holliday, Decatur, birthcert-7935.jpg, birthcert-7935a.jpg birthcert-7935b.jpg
Taylor, Frankie Lee, F, 1/24/24, George K. (TX), Velma Mae (TX), Mooney, Decatur, birthcert-7985.jpg
Taylor, Gladys May, F, 6/1/08, Frank Leslie (TX), Mary Adaline (TX), Hudgeons, Park Springs, birthcert-4064.jpg
Taylor, James O'Neal, M, 10/20/22, Jack (TX), Alva (TX), O'Neal, Alvord, birthcert-7675.jpg
Taylor, James Richard, M, 7/18/29, Frank P. (TN), Jennie Sue (TN), Earp, Rhome, birthcert-9401.jpg
Taylor, Jimmie Oscar, M, 12/17/33, J.R., Grace, Laster, Decatur, [No Image 10964 ]
Taylor, John Wesley, M, 2/1/30, Verne, Luila, Henry, Alvord, [No Image 9578 ]
Taylor, Joseph Cicero, M, 11/19/17, Ashley, Sylvia, Penick, Allison, birthcert-6760.jpg, birthcert-6760a.jpg
Taylor, Juanita Fay, F, 8/24/21, George K. (TX), Velma Mae (TX), Mooney, Decatur, birthcert-7449.jpg
Taylor, June, F, 6/15/25, Jack Dameron (TX), Alva (TX), O'Neal, Alvord, birthcert-8341.jpg, birthcert-8341a.jpg
Taylor, Lawrence Edward Jo Bailey, M, 10/27/26, Jessie Richard (TX), Grace (TX), Lasiter, Jo Bailey, birthcert-8698.jpg
Taylor, Lee Cliff, M, 2/17/11, Robert L., Daisy, Carden, Alvord, birthcert-5176.jpg, birthcert-5176a.jpg
Taylor, Leota, F, 8/9/19, James Burley (TX), Verda Olive (TX), Warren, Crafton, birthcert-7117.jpg, birthcert-7117a.jpg
Taylor, Lida, F, 1/31/04, W.R., A., blank, blank, birthcert-0627.jpg
Taylor, Lillian Carrlee, F, 6/3/16, E.J., Renda Tiletha, Sides, Alvord, birthcert-6423.jpg, birthcert-6423a.jpg
Taylor, Lotella, F, 12/6/04, W.W., Ainer May, Whitlow, Alvord, birthcert-1421.jpg, birthcert-1421a.jpg
Taylor, Loyd W., Jr., M, 7/1/22, Loyd W. (TX), Alma (TX), Hughes, Decatur, birthcert-7624.jpg
Taylor, Lucille Maxine, F, 7/10/33, Isac, Maudie, Eakman, Chico, [No Image 10819 ]
Taylor, Mablean, F, 12/11/20, David Luke (TN), Anna Bell (AL), Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-7324.jpg, birthcert-7324a.jpg
Taylor, Madah Bell, F, 9/12/10, Frank Leslie, Mary Adaline, Hudson, blank, birthcert-5093.jpg
Taylor, Mary Joe, F, 5/20/18, Joe, Gertrude, Watson, Slidell, birthcert-6898.jpg
Taylor, Melvin Douglas, M, 4/22/25, Pink Alexander (TX), Sydney Ethel (IL), Hayes, Decatur, birthcert-8299.jpg, birthcert-8299a.jpg
Taylor, Melvin Duncan, M, 12/23/20, John Daniel (KY), Cora Lizabeth (TX), Duncan, Decatur, birthcert-7328.jpg, birthcert-7328a.jpg
Taylor, Millie Vester, F, 10/20/03, William Thomas, Nancy Maggie, Hollis, Decatur, birthcert-0383.jpg, birthcert-0383a.jpg
Taylor, Mixy Marie, F, 1/23/33, Newton, Agnes, Price, Decatur, [No Image 10662 ]
Taylor, Newton Price, M, 12/8/27, Newton P., Agnes Gertrude, Price, Decatur, birthcert-8893.jpg
Taylor, O.C., M, 4/26/26, Leo (TN), Ruth (TX), Crownover, Boyd, birthcert-8577.jpg
Taylor, Olin Lee, Jr., M, 8/2/33, Olin Lee, Effie May, Smith, Rhome, [No Image 10843 ]
Taylor, Opal Inez, F, 7/19/22, Luke (TX), Ann Bell (TX), Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-7632.jpg, birthcert-7632a.jpg birthcert-7632b.jpg
Taylor, Opal Joyce, F, 3/10/31, George K., Velma M., Mooney, Decatur, [No Image 10002 ]
Taylor, Peggy, F, 9/27/30, Pat M., Gertie, Petty, Decatur, [No Image 9831 ]
Taylor, Peggy Fay, F, 8/30/21, Robert (TX), Sally (TX), Simmons, Decatur, birthcert-7457.jpg, birthcert-7457a.jpg
Taylor, Ralph Man, M, 9/27/15, John Daniel, Cora Lizabeth, Duncan, Decatur, birthcert-6258.jpg, birthcert-6258a.jpg
Taylor, Roy Donald, M, 1/16/22, William Isaac (AL), Jewell (TX), Isom, Alvord, birthcert-7535.jpg
Taylor, Royce Arnold, M, 11/13/06, S.R. (KY), Mary Cornelia (VA), Tate, Decatur, birthcert-3017.jpg, birthcert-3017a.jpg
Taylor, Ruby Jewel, F, 5/23/11, A.A., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-5261.jpg, birthcert-5261a.jpg
Taylor, Seymour, Jr., M, 7/26/16, Seymour, Ellen, Moore, blank, birthcert-6442.jpg
Taylor, Simmons Durwood, M, 5/21/20, Robert (TX), Sally (TX), Simmons, Decatur, birthcert-7250.jpg
Taylor, Tressie Oleta, F, 2/28/13, Ernest Alvin (TX), Pearl (TX), Tatum, Alvord, birthcert-5659.jpg, birthcert-5659a.jpg
Taylor, Vera Lucille, F, 7/4/17, Luke, Annie, Fulps, Rhome, birthcert-6652.jpg
Taylor, Verda Elizabeth, F, 4/30/20, George E. (TX), Susanah Annah (TX), Stevens, Paradise, birthcert-7238.jpg
Taylor, Vernie Junior, M, 3/1/24, Vernie Winthrop (TX), Lula Isabell (TX), Henry, Alvord, birthcert-8025.jpg, birthcert-8025a.jpg
Taylor, Victor Clarence, M, 10/2/21, Vernie W. (TX), Lula Isabell (TX), Henry, Alvord, birthcert-7483.jpg
Taylor, W., M, 9/14/03, C., H., blank, blank, birthcert-0286.jpg
Taylor, Wade William, M, 1/10/20, Ashley (TX), Sylvia (TX), Penix, Decatur, birthcert-7192.jpg, birthcert-7192a.jpg
Taylor, Willie Lorene, F, 1/30/28, Emmett J., Renda, Sides, Decatur, birthcert-8929.jpg, birthcert-8929a.jpg
Teague, Arthur Lee, M, 6/6/28, Earl Rodney, Lillian Margaret, Kaker, Bridgeport, birthcert-9027.jpg, birthcert-9027a.jpg
Teague, Bell Irene, F, 5/28/13, Walter (MO), Erla Jane (TN), Shoate, Decatur, birthcert-5709.jpg, birthcert-5709a.jpg birthcert-5714a.jpg
Teague, blank, M, 10/8/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2203.jpg
Teague, blank, M, 9/9/08, Walter, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-4241.jpg
Teague, blank, M, 3/1/11, J.O., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5185.jpg
Teague, blank, F, 8/8/12, J.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5560.jpg
Teague, blank, F, 5/28/13, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5710.jpg
Teague, blank, M, 8/31/17, Arthur, Hattie, Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-6693.jpg
Teague, blank, F, 12/4/18, M.F. (MO), Cordia (NC), Profitt, Decatur, birthcert-7014.jpg
Teague, Calvin Cleo, M, 3/8/28, James Monroe, Lillie Adaline, Hodges, Decatur, birthcert-8967.jpg, birthcert-8967a.jpg
Teague, Charles Earl, M, 5/10/32, Earl Rodney, Lillian Margaret, Kaker, Bridgeport, [No Image 10432 ]
Teague, Earl Rodney, M, 8/24/07, William Arthur, Hattie, Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-3502.jpg, birthcert-3502a.jpg
Teague, Helen Ruth, F, 6/1/30, Rodney E., Lillian, Kaker, Bridgeport, [No Image 9710 ]
Teague, James Arthur, M, 4/8/23, William Arthur (TX), Hattie (TX), Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-7766.jpg, birthcert-7766a.jpg
Teague, Maudie Marie, F, 11/21/15, George H., Lillie May, O'Neal, Decatur, birthcert-6304.jpg, birthcert-6304a.jpg
Teague, Myrtle Stella, F, 8/15/12, William Arthur (TX), Hattie (TX), Jones, Decatur, birthcert-5564.jpg, birthcert-5564a.jpg
Teague, Ted, M, 1/16/15, William Arthur (TX), Hattie (TX), Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-6018.jpg, birthcert-6018a.jpg
Teal, June Ruth, F, 6/1/33, J.L., Pearle, Drain, Rhome, [No Image 10786 ]
Teal, Margaret, F, 4/26/23, Charles Sim (TX), Alta B. (TX), Loyd, Rhome, birthcert-7784.jpg
Teal, Rose Mary, F, 9/21/31, Jessie L., Pearl Opal, Drain, Rhome, [No Image 10231 ]
Tedrow, Warren Vaughn, M, 3/17/27, William Henry, Sarah Alma, Logan, Rhome, birthcert-8768.jpg
Tepfer, Elton Wayne, M, 10/19/24, Lee Roy (TX), Sarah V. (TN), Roberts, Rhome, birthcert-8190.jpg
Tepfer, Marion, M, 1/8/21, Roy (TX), Sarah (TN), Roberts, Rhome, birthcert-7335.jpg
Tepfer, Mary Joe, F, 12/28/25, Leroy (TX), Sarah V. (TN), Roberts, Rhome, birthcert-8492.jpg
Tepfer, Mildred Ruth, F, 3/23/23, Le Roy (TX), Sarah V. (TN), Roberts, Rhome, birthcert-7746.jpg
Terrell, blank, M, 11/15/04, L.L., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1366.jpg
Terrell, blank, M, 11/6/11, L.N., E.L., blank, blank, birthcert-5398.jpg
Terrell, blank, F, 4/10/24, B.C. (TX), Eunice (TX), Fletcher, Chico, birthcert-8046.jpg
Terrell, blank, M, 7/11/33, L.J., Frankie, Ogle, Chico, [No Image 10821 ]
Terrell, blank, M, 7/11/33, L.J., Frankie, Ogle, Chico, [No Image 10822 ]
Terrell, Finis Weldon, M, 6/17/10, Lindsey Lemuel, Nora Elizabeth, Glass, Chico, birthcert-5026.jpg, birthcert-5026a.jpg
Terrell, J.D., Jr., M, 11/25/27, J.D., Buena, Traister, Alvord, birthcert-8880.jpg
Terrell, Lindsey Lee, Jr., M, 10/31/03, Lindsey Lee, Nora Elizabeth, Mann, Chico, birthcert-0406.jpg, birthcert-0406a.jpg
Terrell, Mary Frances, F, 11/23/28, Luther Jerry (TX), Francis Refecia (TX), Ogle, Chico, birthcert-9183.jpg, birthcert-9183a.jpg
Terrell, Meredith Waymon, M, 8/9/06, Lewis Taylor (TX), Lenora Estie (TX), Saunders, Chico, birthcert-2828.jpg, birthcert-2828a.jpg
Terrell, Robert , M, 11/19/31, Brady S., Eunice, Fletcher, Chico, [No Image 10288 ]
Terrell, Royce Odom, M, 6/1/23, L.J. (TX), Frankie (TX), Ogle, Chico, birthcert-7814.jpg, birthcert-7814a.jpg birthcert-7814b.jpg
Terrell, Vera Maurine, F, 7/24/25, J.D. (TX), Beuna V. (TX), Traister, Chico, birthcert-8369.jpg, birthcert-8369a.jpg
Terres, blank, F, 10/12/07, Isaac, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-3606.jpg
Terry, blank, F, 9/29/03, J.L., U., blank, blank, birthcert-0325.jpg
Terry, blank, M, 9/4/07, W.O., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3518.jpg
Terry, blank, F, 3/3/11, Owen, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5187.jpg
Terry, blank, M, 7/29/11, A.C., Nettie, Goodwin, blank, birthcert-5312.jpg
Terry, blank, F, 2/22/15, Owen, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6039.jpg
Terry, Dewey Archie, M, 1/22/14, Henry Clay (TN), Nettie Jane (TX), Goodwin, Alvord, birthcert-5824.jpg, birthcert-5824a.jpg
Terry, J.T., M, 11/28/16, James Jefferson, Mamie Jane, Cook, Bridgeport, birthcert-6517.jpg, birthcert-6517a.jpg
Terry, Juanita Celeste, M, 2/25/15, Owen (TN), Maggie Mae (TX), Goodwin, Alvord, birthcert-6043.jpg, birthcert-6043a.jpg
Terry, Marie Ethel, F, 6/24/19, James Jefferson (TX), Mamie Jane (TX), Cook, Decatur, birthcert-7102.jpg, birthcert-7102a.jpg
Terry, Minnie Elizabeth, F, 7/22/21, Luther (TN), Lila (TX), McCain, Rhome, birthcert-7425.jpg
Terry, Neoma Ozella, F, 2/24/05, James Levi, Victoria Elizabeth, Monk, Bridgeport, birthcert-1628.jpg, birthcert-1628a.jpg
Terry, Walter Edwin, M, 12/30/15, Beverly Edwin, Mary Elizabeth, Graves, Decatur, birthcert-6331.jpg, birthcert-6331a.jpg
Teter, Peggy Ruth, F, 8/14/32, John H., N.M., Waddell, Decatur, [No Image 10526 ]
Thatcher, blank, F, 5/11/05, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1808.jpg
Thatcher, blank, M, 9/22/15, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6254.jpg
Theirmond, R.C., M, 4/24/30, Raymond, Vera, Collin, Alvord, [No Image 9670 ]
Therston, Nellie Grace, F, 8/12/25, W.C. (GA), Nellye Grace (MS), Harrison, Decatur, birthcert-8381.jpg
Thomas, Annie Elvina, F, 12/5/17, George, Roxie, Smith, Boyd, birthcert-6767.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 8/8/03, O.F., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-0177.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 2/5/05, Holland, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1573.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 2/24/05, Will L., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1624.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 2/21/06, W.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2514.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 4/4/06, Halland, Elen, blank, blank, birthcert-2589.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 5/18/06, Will, Ivy, blank, blank, birthcert-2675.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 5/14/07, Al S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3340.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 12/15/07, W.J., Ivy, blank, blank, birthcert-3726.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 2/7/08, J., F., blank, blank, birthcert-3830.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 5/6/08, O.A., O.L., blank, blank, birthcert-4014.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 1/10/09, J.H., A.D., blank, blank, birthcert-4429.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 6/24/09, (F.W.), Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-4673.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 3/11/10, M., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4958.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 3/7/12, Ike, Cora, McMillen, blank, birthcert-5480.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 3/17/19, Wallace (TX), Dee (VA), Roop, Slidell, birthcert-7062.jpg
Thomas, blank, M, 5/30/22, J.E. (MS), Myrtle (TX), Newton, Decatur, birthcert-7597.jpg, [delayed 7245]
Thomas, blank, F, 1/29/27, C.N., Laura Ella, Panter, Bridgeport, birthcert-8741.jpg
Thomas, blank, F, 9/24/29, S.J. (GA), Birdie, Thompson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9459.jpg
Thomas, Doris June, F, 6/6/27, Sam Joseph, Bertie Eldora, Thompson, Bridgeport, birthcert-8805.jpg, birthcert-8805a.jpg
Thomas, Earl Ray, M, 1/3/31, C.E., Myrtle, Williams, Decatur, [No Image 9916 ]
Thomas, Evelyn Sue, F, 4/9/26, Leo Lester (TX), Susie Hunter (TX), Smith, Alvord, birthcert-8574.jpg
Thomas, Hazel Ardella, F, 11/7/18, John M. (MS), Dela (TN), McEntire, Bridgeport, birthcert-7007.jpg, birthcert-7007a.jpg
Thomas, Helen Vaudean, F, 10/4/11, Samuel Joseph, Bertie L., Thompson, blank, birthcert-5378.jpg, birthcert-5378a.jpg
Thomas, I.M., F, 7/18/31, J.W., R.M., Nall, Paradise, [No Image 10152 ]
Thomas, Jewel Dean H., F, 4/26/32, R. Ham, Odie, Waiks, Decatur, [No Image 10417 ]
Thomas, Ruby May, F, 6/6/22, William Franklin (MS), Mary Alice (AR), Lislie, Decatur, birthcert-7606.jpg, birthcert-7606a.jpg
Thomas, Stella, F, 10/21/06, Thom, May, blank, blank, birthcert-2970.jpg
Thomas, twin, F, 1/22/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1530.jpg
Thomas, twin, M, 1/22/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1532.jpg
Thomas, Vernon Wright, M, 7/4/14, Jim B. (TN), Sue (KY), Wright, Alvord, birthcert-5924.jpg, birthcert-5924a.jpg birthcert-5924b.jpg
Thomason, blank, F, 11/6/06, Gordon, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2998.jpg
Thomason, Gordon Randolph, M, 9/26/05, William Gordon, Emma, Wages, Decatur, birthcert-0344.jpg, birthcert-0344a.jpg
Thompson, (Clyde G.), M, 12/12/03, John, B., blank, blank, birthcert-0503.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 7/16/04, Dee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1021.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 1/22/05, Willie, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1529.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 1/22/05, Willie, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1538.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 4/22/05, W.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1765.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 7/26/05, Ed, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-2002.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 9/1/05, J.C., Violet, blank, blank, birthcert-2108.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 11/17/05, George M., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-2287.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 1/21/07, Ed, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-3127.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 4/6/07, John, B., blank, blank, birthcert-3274.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 2/12/08, H.P., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-3841.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 9/8/08, W.N., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4238.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 1/4/09, P., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-4424.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 12/19/09, Sam, blank, Bryan, blank, birthcert-4878.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 1/30/10, H.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4924.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 12/1/11, H.I., Ella, Renfro, blank, birthcert-5416.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 6/12/12, A.L., O., blank, blank, birthcert-5539.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 10/23/14, Darzier W., Anna V., Gregg, blank, birthcert-5979.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 8/20/15, P., Maggie, Shaw, blank, birthcert-6203.jpg
Thompson, blank, M, 10/9/16, J.E., Willie, Cash, blank, birthcert-6487.jpg
Thompson, blank, F, 11/15/30, Clyde G., D.M., Whatley, blank, [No Image 9867 ]
Thompson, Bobbie Ruth, F, 1/12/26, Claude L. (TX), Lottie (TX), Albritton, Decatur, birthcert-8506.jpg
Thompson, Burns, M, 12/6/18, Willis (TX), Mary (AL), Cash, Boyd, birthcert-7015.jpg
Thompson, Cash, M, 11/14/04, Eus, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-1359.jpg
Thompson, Cledith Jewell, F, 4/3/11, Willis, Mary Alice, Cash, Boyd, birthcert-5212.jpg, birthcert-5212a.jpg
Thompson, E.D., F, 6/23/12, H.F., L.B., blank, blank, birthcert-5543.jpg
Thompson, Emma Ione, F, 2/13/05, John Eldridge, Willie Idella, Harrison, Bridgeport, birthcert-1597.jpg, birthcert-1597a.jpg
Thompson, Emma Jean, F, 9/20/29, Clyde Charles (TX), Tillie Anna (TX), Rudloff, Decatur, birthcert-9455.jpg, birthcert-9455a.jpg
Thompson, Everett Woodrow, M, 6/23/18, James E. (TX), Willie (AL), Cash, Boyd, birthcert-6922.jpg, birthcert-6922a.jpg
Thompson, Evertt, Jr., M, 5/10/33, Evertt, Bertie, Roach, Alvord, [No Image 10767 ]
Thompson, Geveneth Lee, F, 7/24/32, John G., Evelyn Leona, Cates, Decatur, [No Image 10508 ]
Thompson, Hellen, F, 11/20/28, Jess (TX), Christine (TX), Boner, Bridgeport, birthcert-9179.jpg
Thompson, Henry Logan, M, 1/2/05, C.E., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-1484.jpg
Thompson, Homer Virgil, M, 1/20/19, Homer V. (TX), Jewel Mae (TX), Wilborn, Alvord, birthcert-7038.jpg
Thompson, Inez Ruby, F, 12/14/04, H.T., T.B., blank, blank, birthcert-1438.jpg
Thompson, Jerry LaVerne, F, 12/4/09, Robert Gaston, Mattie Pearl, Clegg, Decatur, birthcert-4864.jpg, birthcert-4864a.jpg
Thompson, Lee Obe, M, 7/10/03, John G., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0107.jpg, [delayed 7894]
Thompson, Loretta May, blank, 6/13/28, Clyde Coldstone, Dertha M., Whatley, Dallas, birthcert-9044.jpg, birthcert-9044a.jpg
Thompson, Marthy Virginia, F, 8/1/33, J.N., R.M., Nall, Paradise, [No Image 10842 ]
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth, F, 5/26/17, William H., Bertha, Sanders, Alvord, birthcert-6632.jpg, birthcert-6632a.jpg
Thompson, Ourelia Ann, M, 1/7/28, Willie, Alice, Cash, Boyd, birthcert-8909.jpg, birthcert-8909a.jpg
Thompson, Owila, F, 12/7/28, W.O. (TX), Ilene (TX), Reynolds, Boyd, birthcert-9195.jpg
Thompson, Peggy Sue, F, 8/22/33, Ira, Bettie, Baker, Decatur, [No Image 10874 ]
Thompson, Sammie Jack, M, 6/24/33, B.B., Virginia, Cantrell, Alvord, [No Image 10806 ]
Thompson, Tennie, F, 3/23/07, John Caruthers (AL), Violet (AL), Harkins, Newark, birthcert-3244.jpg, birthcert-3244a.jpg
Thompson, Truman Lewis, M, 10/28/29, R.M. (MS), Lydia (TX), Lewis, Sunset, birthcert-9492.jpg
Thompson, Verna Celestie, M, 8/16/11, Purkle Henery, Maggie Lavern, Shaw, Alvord, birthcert-5324.jpg, birthcert-5324a.jpg
Thompson, Virgie Enza, F, 4/10/07, Arthur Logan (TX), Ova Lee (TX), Gulley, Willow Point, birthcert-3281.jpg, birthcert-3281a.jpg
Thompson, Willis, Jr., M, 1/6/19, Willis (TX), Mary A. (AL), Cash, Boyd, birthcert-7026.jpg
Thorell, Bulah Maxine, F, 11/9/27, O.Z., Dollie, Brammer, Rhome, birthcert-8872.jpg
Thorell, Carl August, M, 9/3/18, O.Z. (TX), Dollie S. (VA), Brammer, Rhome, birthcert-6966.jpg
Thorell, Geneva, F, 11/9/27, O.Z. (TX), Dollie S. (VA), Brammer, Rhome, birthcert-7162.jpg
Thorn, blank, M, 11/28/03, Sam, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-0469.jpg
Thorn, blank, M, 7/16/08, Marvin, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4134.jpg
Thorn, blank, M, 5/27/09, Marvin, B., blank, blank, birthcert-4643.jpg
Thorn, blank, F, 8/30/11, Marvin, Berneice, Stockton, blank, birthcert-5332.jpg
Thorn, blank, F, 2/3/12, W.L., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-5455.jpg
Thorn, blank, F, 8/30/18, W.M. (MS), Bernice (TX), Stockard, Crafton, birthcert-6961.jpg
Thorn, Verma Estelene , F, 12/9/15, James Emmett, Velvie Equilla, Motley, Crafton, birthcert-6317.jpg, birthcert-6317a.jpg birthcert-6317b.jpg
Thornbill, blank, F, 3/3/13, William, Florida, Franklin, blank, birthcert-5660.jpg
Thorne, Albert, M, 2/20/15, Quincy, Ruby, Ross, blank, birthcert-6038.jpg, [delayed 5814]
Thorne, blank, M, 2/24/05, Sam M., Mattie A., blank, blank, birthcert-1626.jpg
Thorne, blank, M, 8/4/07, S.M., Mattie, blank, Greenwood, birthcert-3463.jpg
Thorneberry, blank, F, 3/25/06, E.F., F.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2568.jpg
Thornhill, Delma Lessie, F, 1/20/04, Charles Newton, Susie, blank, blank, birthcert-0614.jpg
Thornhill, Doris Parnell, F, 4/5/12, C.N., Susie, Tilland, blank, birthcert-5494.jpg, birthcert-5494a.jpg
Thornhill, Truett Eperson, M, 9/1/06, Charles Newton (AR), Susie (AR), Gilliland, Boonsville, birthcert-2879.jpg, birthcert-2879a.jpg
Thorp, blank, F, 8/11/09, Claud, Georgia, (Perkins), blank, birthcert-4730.jpg
Thorp, Goldie Glenn, M, 8/2/07, Claud, Effie Elizabeth, Peyt?, Alvord, birthcert-3460.jpg, birthcert-3460a.jpg
Thorpe, blank, F, 8/13/19, J.H. (TX), B.D. (TX), Clayton, Alvord, birthcert-7120.jpg
Thresher, Patsy June, F, 6/12/30, E.W., Annie May, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 9725 ]
Thrift, blank, F, 6/8/26, Austin (TX), Mammie Bell (TX), Ward, CA, birthcert-8595.jpg
Thurman, Laura Velma, F, 12/6/04, J.L., Minnie Louella, Walser, Alvord, birthcert-1411.jpg, birthcert-1411a.jpg
Thurman, Ola Ruth, F, 12/25/03, M.D., Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-0534.jpg
Thurmond, blank, F, 9/5/06, J.L., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-2889.jpg
Tibbets, Ernest Weldon, M, 6/2/15, Willie S. (TX), Audie (TX), Beatty, Audubon, birthcert-6110.jpg, birthcert-6110a.jpg birthcert-6110b.jpg birthcert-6110c.jpg
Tibbetts, blank, M, 8/6/05, Eli, Octavey, blank, blank, birthcert-2029.jpg
Tidwell, blank, M, 10/10/03, G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0353.jpg
Tidwell, Jeraldine, F, 8/4/33, J.J., Ruby, Burlson, Alvord, [No Image 10847 ]
Tilghman, Dana Louise, F, 9/29/13, Robert Calvin (TX), May (AR), Toland, Decatur, birthcert-5772.jpg, birthcert-5772a.jpg
Tilghmon, blank, M, 12/20/11, Robert, May, Starnes, blank, birthcert-5427.jpg
Tillman, blank, F, 9/22/08, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4259.jpg
Timberg, John, M, 7/20/03, Fred G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0131.jpg
Timmons, M. Lois, F, 7/18/26, C.R. (OK), Mammie E. (TX), Pell, Alvord, birthcert-8620.jpg
Tims, blank, F, 10/18/03, F.H., Jo, blank, blank, birthcert-0378.jpg
Tinney, Mildred Elizabeth, F, 10/12/09, Joseph Lloyd, Ada May, Campbell, Bridgeport, birthcert-4809.jpg, birthcert-4809a.jpg birthcert-4809b.jpg
Tipton, blank, F, 7/6/03, E.E., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-0094.jpg
Tipton, blank, M, 10/19/31, J.R., Leta, Warren, Chico, [No Image 10261 ]
Tipton, Delores Jane, F, 1/10/30, J.E., Fay, Gill, Chico, [No Image 9554 ]
Tipton, Glen Chester, M, 12/19/06, Elbert Ernest (GA), Nora (MO), blank, Park Springs, birthcert-3065.jpg, birthcert-3065a.jpg
Tocquard, Violet Mae, F, 1/16/19, George J. (TX), Ruy Ida (TX), Clark, Paradise, birthcert-7033.jpg
Todd, A.B., F, 9/2/03, J., E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-0250.jpg
Todd, blank, F, 12/28/13, Louis, Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-3375.jpg
Todd, blank, F, 8/3/08, J.E., J.M., blank, blank, birthcert-4164.jpg
Todd, blank, M, 11/30/09, J.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4861.jpg
Todd, blank, M, 5/27/12, J.J., Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-5531.jpg
Todd, blank, M, 9/15/23, J.E. (TX), Mary E. (TX), Bass, Bridgeport, birthcert-7894.jpg
Todd, Cletus, M, 7/23/03, J.F., R.M., blank, blank, birthcert-0136.jpg
Todd, Jewel Agnes, F, 12/18/03, James J., Lena, Gunn, Willow Point, birthcert-0519.jpg, birthcert-0519a.jpg
Todd, Lena Leona, F, 11/19/05, J.E., E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-2293.jpg
Todd, W.L., M, 9/2/05, J.J., Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-2111.jpg
Toland, blank, M, 12/28/13, Cleford, blank, Moore, blank, birthcert-5807.jpg
Tomez, Carlos Lopez, M, 5/23/15, Rejino H. (Mex), Paula (TX), Lopez, Bridgeport, birthcert-6102.jpg
Tomlinson, Benny Joe, M, 5/5/30, Royce Budye, Bessie, Cantrell, blank, [No Image 9679 ]
Tomlinson, Billy Jean, M, 8/24/25, Brazell (TX), Viola V. (TX), Cantrell, Alvord, birthcert-8393.jpg
Tompson, C.V., M, 4/27/07, H.F., L.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3317.jpg
Torres, Benito, M, 3/21/21, Apolonio Samorana (Mex), Felisitas (Mex), Rosalez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7372.jpg
Torres, Francisco, M, 6/4/23, Apalonio Samosana (Mex), Teliatas (Mex), Rosalez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7816.jpg
Torrez, Maria, F, 4/27/24, Apolonio (Mex), Felicitas (Mex), Pasaloz, Bridgeport, birthcert-8056.jpg
Torton, blank, M, 4/4/18, Cleo K., Clara E., Cruese, Newark, birthcert-6853.jpg
Towery, blank, F, 2/7/05, J.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1584.jpg
Towles, Betty Sue, F, 8/8/25, Wilbur B. (TX), Laura Elizabeth (TX), blank, Alvord, birthcert-8375.jpg, birthcert-8375a.jpg
Townsend, Margie, F, 7/17/07, William, Maggie Leona, Strasner, Decatur, birthcert-3430.jpg, birthcert-3430a.jpg
Towsend, blank, M, 5/27/17, H.W., R., Strasner, blank, birthcert-6634.jpg
Trafenstadt, blank, M, 11/2/05, J.A., C., blank, blank, birthcert-2256.jpg
Traffanstedt, blank, M, 3/17/07, J.P., Chassie, blank, blank, birthcert-3228.jpg
Trague, blank, M, 3/25/22, Arthur (TX), Hollie (TX), Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-7564.jpg
Traister, blank, F, 8/30/06, C.E. (Charles), S.A. (Sarah), blank, (Chico), birthcert-2875.jpg
Traister, blank, M, 4/28/08, C.E., Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-3992.jpg
Traister, Hazel, F, 3/17/19, Alonzo M. (TX), Willie F. (TX), Neathery, Chico, birthcert-7061.jpg
Traister, Williard Weldon, M, 4/12/23, Charles Alva (TX), Letha (TX), Wainer, Cundiff, birthcert-7770.jpg
Trammell, blank, F, 4/6/04, Ben, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-0793.jpg
Trammell, blank, F, 8/17/14, Ben, Pearl, Allen, blank, birthcert-5947.jpg
Trammell, blank, M, 2/22/21, B.W. (TX), Pearl M. (TX), Allen, Boonsville, birthcert-7351.jpg, [delayed 4496]
Trammell, blank, F, 10/8/28, T.B. (AR), V.J. (TX), Sisk, Boonsville, birthcert-9147.jpg
Trammell, R.A., M, 6/26/32, B.W., P.M., Allen, Boonsville, [No Image 10477 ]
Trammell, Ruby E., F, 3/7/26, T.R. (TX), Vena I. (TX), Sisk, Poolville, birthcert-8557.jpg
Trammell, Winfred, M, 1/31/28, B.W., P.M., Allen, Boonsville, birthcert-8930.jpg
Trant, blank, blank, 11/27/33, Vernon, blank, blank, Crafron, [No Image 10950 ]
Trent, blank, F, 11/13/08, C., Ima, blank, blank, birthcert-4342.jpg
Tribble, Lillie Fay, F, 5/7/33, C.F., Lillie May, Vess, Rhome, [No Image 10761 ]
Triplett, blank, F, 10/23/05, William, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2239.jpg
Triplett, blank, M, 12/3/07, W.R., Mary M., blank, blank, birthcert-3710.jpg
Trout, blank, M, 9/15/06, J.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2908.jpg
Trout, Christine, F, 8/14/25, Vernon Terrell (TX), Willie Lydia (TX), Boyett, Crafron, birthcert-8385.jpg, birthcert-8385a.jpg
Trout, Lita May, F, 9/17/30, W.D., Willie, Boyett, blank, [No Image 9821 ]
Trout, Vermn, F, 5/15/28, V.D., Willie Lydia, Boyett, Crafron, birthcert-9016.jpg
Troxell, blank, M, 5/14/13, James, blank, Harris, blank, birthcert-5698.jpg
Troxell, William H., M, 3/13/32, Ellis C., K., Taylor, Rhome, [No Image 10389 ]
Truitt, blank, F, 4/7/05, Charley, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1724.jpg
Truitt, Raymond, M, 2/27/26, C. Bryan (TX), Letha (TX), Bentley, Decatur, birthcert-8547.jpg, birthcert-8547a.jpg birthcert-8547b.jpg
Trujilla, Clara, F, 5/4/30, George, Carmine, blank, Bridgeport, [No Image 9678 ]
Trumble, Warner, M, 10/29/08, James E. (TX), Mattie Lou (MS), Orr, Bridgeport, birthcert-2984.jpg
Trussell, Betty Janette, F, 2/5/33, Ralph T., Ruth O., Stockton, Decatur, [No Image 10675 ]
Trussell, blank, F, 11/10/04, William, M., blank, blank, birthcert-1343.jpg
Trussell, blank, M, 12/19/04, John, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-1447.jpg
Trussell, blank, M, 1/4/05, W.T., Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1488.jpg
Trussell, blank, M, 8/28/06, M.F.T., Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-2869.jpg
Trussell, blank, F, 3/11/11, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5191.jpg
Trussell, Gladys Wynelle, F, 9/5/23, George Washington (MS), Lizzie Omega (TX), Solomon, Boyd, birthcert-7886.jpg, birthcert-7886a.jpg
Trussell, triplet, M, 9/11/11, M.F., Lula, Pruit, blank, birthcert-5349.jpg
Trussell, triplet, M, 9/11/11, M.F., Lula, Pruit, blank, birthcert-5350.jpg
Trussell, triplet, M, 9/11/11, M.F., Lula, Pruit, blank, birthcert-5351.jpg
Tucker, blank, M, 10/3/10, Claud, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-5109.jpg
Tucker, blank, F, 9/17/11, Jerry, blank, Cecil, blank, birthcert-5361.jpg
Tucker, blank, M, 8/29/27, L.C., Ruby, Jones, Boonsville, birthcert-8834.jpg
Tucker, Conley Carl, M, 12/9/95, John Major, Sarah Amanda, Clayton, Bridgeport, birthcert-0046.jpg
Tucker, George Washington, M, 2/26/93, John Major, Sarah Amanda, Clayton, Bridgeport, birthcert-0032.jpg
Tucker, Jessie James, M, 8/28/88, John Major, Sarah Amanda, Clayton, Bridgeport, birthcert-0018.jpg
Tucker, Lela Pearl, F, 4/12/86, John Major, Sarah Amanda, Clayton, Bridgeport, birthcert-0011.jpg
Tucker, Lena Wilton, F, 2/17/06, Claud, Annie Emmie, Donald, blank, birthcert-2498.jpg, birthcert-2498a.jpg
Tucker, Mary Luvenia, F, 8/8/11, James Coleman, Virgil Mae, Woods, Decatur, birthcert-5318.jpg, birthcert-5318a.jpg
Tucker, Walter William, M, 6/15/83, John Major, Sarah Amanda, Clayton, Springtown, birthcert-0005.jpg
Tunnell, Edison Orvil, F, 1/23/04, M., L., blank, blank, birthcert-0607.jpg
Tunnell, Edison Orvil, M, 11/25/05, Marvin G., Lilly, Hamilton, blank, birthcert-2309.jpg
Tunnell, Pauline Hamilton, F, 8/24/07, Marvin Gravis, Lillie West, Hamilton, Bridgeport, birthcert-3501.jpg, birthcert-3501a.jpg
Turmon, Nettie May, F, 10/8/32, Willie C., Addie, Alexander, Boyd, [No Image 10584 ]
Turnbow, Clifford Lee, M, 2/9/05, David Leon, Laura Lou, Holt, Bridgeport, birthcert-1587.jpg, birthcert-1587a.jpg
Turner, Anita, F, 12/10/29, C.A., Annie, Thorn, blank, [No Image 9527 ]
Turner, blank, M, 3/21/04, Dave, May, blank, blank, birthcert-0749.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 11/2/04, Woodward, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1318.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 11/2/04, M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1321.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 12/23/04, William M., C.D., blank, blank, birthcert-1456.jpg
Turner, blank, M, 6/12/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1884.jpg
Turner, blank, M, 7/7/06, Frank, Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-2753.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 10/2/06, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2942.jpg
Turner, blank, M, 1/1/08, Dan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3755.jpg
Turner, blank, M, 11/8/08, J.D., Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-4336.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 9/19/18, Ernest (TX), Mae (TX), Robinson, Decatur, birthcert-6984.jpg
Turner, blank, F, 5/5/25, Leo T. (TX), Mary, Phillips, Crafton, birthcert-8306.jpg
Turner, blank, M, 9/12/30, J.R., Lucille, Gunter, Chico, [No Image 9815 ]
Turner, Clinton Durwood, M, 8/29/27, Clint A., Annie, Thorn, Crafton, birthcert-8833.jpg, birthcert-8833a.jpg
Turner, Elsie M., F, 5/4/04, Robert L., Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-0863.jpg
Turner, G.W., M, 2/22/04, J.M., Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-0677.jpg
Turner, H.L., M, 10/1/09, Frank, Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-4794.jpg
Turner, Herman Edward, M, 6/5/05, Hode, Kate, Carlisle, Crafton, birthcert-1870.jpg
Turner, Lora, F, 6/10/12, Frank (TX), Anna Bell (TX), Hines, Bridgeport, birthcert-5538.jpg, birthcert-5538a.jpg
Turner, Margie Lorece, F, 5/23/25, Leo T. (TX), Mary J. (TX), Phillips, Crafton, birthcert-8321.jpg, birthcert-8321a.jpg
Turner, Opal, F, 11/16/07, Frank (TX), Anna Belle (TX), Hines, Bridgeport, birthcert-3671.jpg
Turner, Rayman Lesley, M, 12/12/05, Jiles Monroe (IL), Allie (TX), Cowan, Crafton, birthcert-2350.jpg, birthcert-2350a.jpg
Turner, William Hines, M, 6/5/14, Frank (TX), Anna Belle (TX, Hines, Bridgeport, birthcert-5908.jpg
Turpin, Arnold Edgar, M, 1/29/31, A.E., Ola, Williams, blank, [No Image 9949 ]
Turpin, blank, M, 2/17/05, blank, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1605.jpg
Turpin, Jessie Burrell, M, 3/31/32, Jesse, M., Hudson, Decatur, [No Image 10399 ]
Tutt, blank, F, 9/5/04, John, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-1175.jpg
Twitty, D.F., F, 10/5/03, H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0339.jpg
Tyler, John Thomas, M, 12/22/33, J.T., Katherine, Ramsey, Decatur, [No Image 10969 ]
Tyra, blank, F, 11/3/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4836.jpg
Tyre, blank, M, 11/5/05, Steve, Alma, blank, blank, birthcert-2262.jpg
Tyre, blank, F, 2/16/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3847.jpg
Tyre, Joseph Dewey, M, 7/3/06, John (TX), Minnie (TX), Tackel, Decatur, birthcert-2746.jpg, birthcert-2746a.jpg
Tyre, Viola, F, 3/28/05, Charles Edward, Callie Jane, Adams, Decatur, birthcert-1701.jpg, birthcert-1701a.jpg
Tyson, blank, M, 4/16/04, Sam, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-0817.jpg
Tyson, blank, F, 3/5/09, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4539.jpg
Ullman, blank, F, 2/29/04, J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0691.jpg
Ullums, L.M., F, 12/15/03, T., K., blank, blank, birthcert-0509.jpg
Umphrey, blank, blank, 7/2/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2744.jpg
Underwood, blank, M, 10/6/03, William, M., blank, blank, birthcert-0345.jpg
Underwood, blank, F, 12/2/08, A.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4368.jpg
Underwood, Jarrell Lee, M, 12/30/32, Hugh, blank, blank, Poolville, [No Image 10647 ]
Underwood, Roy Alvis, M, 7/28/06, A.W., Fannie, blank, Park Springs, birthcert-2796.jpg, [delay. 10860]
Utley, James L., M, 5/28/33, James L., Audrey V., Slimp, Boyd, [No Image 10782 ]
Utley, Lorene Grace, F, 5/14/31, Dewey H., Jennie B., Simmons, Alvord, [No Image 10072 ]
Utley, Margaret Ethel, F, 8/11/05, James Monroe, Elizabeth Alabama, Morrow, blank, birthcert-2043.jpg, birthcert-2043a.jpg
Utley, Mary Elizabeth, F, 5/21/31, James W., Audrey Vola, Slimp, Boyd, [No Image 10076 ]
Utley, Verna Jewel, F, 7/25/29, Dewey (TX), Jennie Bell (TX), Simmons, Rhome, birthcert-9405.jpg
Valadez, blank, F, 1/25/08, Geron, Amie, blank, blank, birthcert-3802.jpg
Valadez, Carmen, F, 1/3/20, Jaun (Mex), Agnes (TX), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-7185.jpg
Valadez, Isabel, F, 10/3/15, Juan, Agnes, Lopez, blank, birthcert-6265.jpg, birthcert-6265a.jpg birthcert-6265b.jpg
Valazques, Guadalupe, F, 12/2/16, Manuel, Lusita, Najera, Bridgeport, birthcert-6520.jpg
Valazques, Refugia, F, 7/4/26, Manuel (Mex), Luseta (Mex), Nojera, Bridgeport, birthcert-8608.jpg
Valentine, Addie Durell, M, 7/9/09, James Lafayette, Austalia Pearl, Tennie, Decatur, birthcert-4687.jpg
Van Meter, Harold Belmont, M, 12/16/06, Archie Belmont (TX), Stella Blanche (TX), Shaw, Rhome, birthcert-3059.jpg, birthcert-3059a.jpg
Van Meter, Raymond Eugene, M, 1/1/22, Ray V. (MO), Essie (OK), McKinney, Decatur, birthcert-7529.jpg, birthcert-7529a.jpg
Vana, blank, M, 10/1/05, Edd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2176.jpg
Vance, blank, F, 6/20/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4666.jpg
Vance, blank, M, 1/11/10, Edd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4901.jpg
Vance, Earl Lynne, M, 9/2/03, Edward Foy, Mary, Gunn, Boyd, birthcert-0252.jpg, birthcert-0252a.jpg birthcert-0252b.jpg
Vandiver, Wanda, F, 11/22/18, Carl (TX), blank (TX), Birdwell, Boyd, birthcert-7011.jpg
VanHoose, blank, M, 8/31/03, Tom, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-0239.jpg
VanHoose, blank, F, 2/15/06, Tom, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-2492.jpg
VanHoose, Minnie, M, 4/22/23, Joe (TX), Minnie (TX), Morton, Bridgeport, birthcert-7776.jpg
Vanhuse, blank, F, 7/12/04, Tom, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-1009.jpg
VanHuss, blank, F, 8/31/03, Tom, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-0238.jpg
Vanlandingham, Elinor Alice, F, 8/12/04, John, Sallie Beulah, McEntire, Decatur, birthcert-1100.jpg, birthcert-1100a.jpg
Vanlandingham, Geraldine, M, 2/4/07, A.G., A., blank, blank, birthcert-3156.jpg
Vanlandingham, Lydia Jewel, F, 10/25/09, Addison Garland, Anna, Whitaker, Boonsville, birthcert-4822.jpg, birthcert-4822a.jpg birthcert-4822b.jpg birthcert-4822c.jpg
Vanlandingham, Ruby Nell, F, 5/21/06, John Wesley (TX), Sallie Beulah (TX), McEntire, Decatur, birthcert-2678.jpg, birthcert-2678a.jpg
VanMeter, Archie Winston, M, 7/24/32, A.B., Alice B., Charmbers, Decatur, [No Image 10507 ]
VanMeter, Merle Marguerite, F, 3/28/04, Archie Belmont, Stella Blanche, Shaw, Rhome, birthcert-0764.jpg, birthcert-0764a.jpg
VanMeter, Ruth Bryan, F, 12/12/05, Abisha Archbald, Mary Ellen, Bryant, blank, birthcert-2354.jpg, birthcert-2354a.jpg
VanMeter, Sue Ella, F, 2/6/09, Archie Belmont, Stella Blanche, Shaw, Rhome, birthcert-4479.jpg, birthcert-4479a.jpg
Vanzant, L.B., M, 5/22/06, O.W., Ida B., blank, blank, birthcert-2681.jpg
Vaquez, Marcela, F, 1/16/02, Vincente, Crecencia, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-0071.jpg
Vardell, blank, blank, 6/2/05, J.J., Nellie, blank, blank, birthcert-1858.jpg
Vargas, Anita, F, 5/25/13, Vidal (Mex)(died), Avila (Mex), Pomfela, Bridgeport, birthcert-5706.jpg
Vargas, Thomas Vargas, F, 3/17/11, Vidae, Pamfila, Avila, Bridgeport, birthcert-5197.jpg
Vasques, blank, F, 9/9/04, Frezis, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1186.jpg
Vasquez, blank, M, 12/19/07, Grigaris, Isabell, blank, blank, birthcert-3734.jpg
Vasquez, blank, M, 7/11/09, Andres, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4688.jpg
Vasquez, blank, M, 3/18/11, Andres, Juna, blank, blank, birthcert-5198.jpg
Vasquez, blank, F, 4/5/11, Sam, Malta, blank, blank, birthcert-5215.jpg
Vasquez, blank, F, 2/22/28, Severa, Julia M., Hudo, Bridgeport, birthcert-8953.jpg
Vasquez, Louis, M, 8/19/07, Andrus, Juana, Avila, Bridgeport, birthcert-3497.jpg
Vasquez, Luella, F, 11/25/05, E., M., blank, blank, birthcert-2304.jpg
Vasquez, Severa, M, 7/28/30, Severa, Julia, Martinez, Bridgeport, [No Image 9773 ]
Vastine, Tom May, F, 4/22/07, Walter Clifton (TX), Annie (TX), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-3303.jpg, birthcert-3303a.jpg
Vaughan, Herman W., M, 3/12/25, Wille Edd (TX), Mary A. (TX), Jameson, Slidell, birthcert-8276.jpg, birthcert-8276a.jpg
Vaughn, blank, F, 8/6/03, J.L., Mede, blank, blank, birthcert-0162.jpg
Vaughn, blank, M, 9/26/03, G.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0316.jpg
Vaughn, Bobby Gene, M, 2/23/31, William S., Floye, Caraway, Decatur, [No Image 9973 ]
Vaughn, Edward Ray, M, 9/8/26, Clarence M. (AR), Opal (TX), Landers, Slidell, birthcert-8659.jpg
Vaughn, Fannie Margaret, F, 11/5/33, Charlie R., Martha W., Short, Decatur, [No Image 10925 ]
Vaughn, Jessie Carlyle, M, 1/29/33, W.D., Floye, Caraway, Alvord, [No Image 10668 ]
Vaughn, Sam Farris, M, 3/24/06, Albert Hawkins, Sallie, Cook, Greenwood, birthcert-2567.jpg, birthcert-2567a.jpg
Vaught, blank, F, 10/30/04, C.M., R.L., blank, blank, birthcert-1312.jpg
Vazquez, Aureliano, M, 3/4/19, Pepe (Mex), Petra (Mex), Carrizales, Thurber, birthcert-7054.jpg
Veach, blank, F, 8/2/09, Lewis, Louisa, (Scroggins), blank, birthcert-4715.jpg
Veach, blank, M, 4/28/13, Louis, Louisa, Scroggins, blank, birthcert-5686.jpg
Veach, blank, F, 9/6/15, Lewis, Louisa, Scroggins, blank, birthcert-6229.jpg
Veach, Ellie , F, 10/18/11, Lewis, Louisa, Scroggins, Alvord, birthcert-5384.jpg, birthcert-5384a.jpg
Veach, Harold Allen, M, 10/6/17, Lewis, Elizabeth, Scroggins, Alvord, birthcert-6727.jpg
Veach, Lorena May, F, 6/27/25, Lewis Grover (TX), Maudie Lee (MS), Brasher, Alvord, birthcert-8346.jpg, birthcert-8346a.jpg
Veal, Billie Don, M, 11/23/32, G.C., Julia, McClary, Greenwood, Image sent by Lee Veal 
Veal, Billy Jim, M, 11/18/26, Lee (Lee Veal here is the same as the one with Pearl Bell Boydston.  Josie was his 2nd wife.), Josie, Abernathy, Decatur, birthcert-8713.jpg, birthcert-8713a.jpg
Veal, blank, F, 6/9/04, John T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0935.jpg
Veal, blank (Willie Thelma), F, 9/27/04, W.A., Daisy, (Locke), blank, birthcert-1230.jpg
Veal, blank (Walter Grady), M, 5/30/06, Will, Daisy, (Locke), blank, birthcert-2693.jpg
Veal, blank (Faye Lavell), F, 5/3/07, Ed (Acy Edwin), Beulah (Florence, Zuspann), blank, birthcert-3325.jpg
Veal, blank, M, 7/20/07, John, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-3435.jpg
Veal, blank (Viola L.), F, 1/15/09, Lee, P. (Pearl Bell Boydston)((Joseph) Lee Veal and Pearl Bell Boydston were married in Aug. 25, 1907 in Wise County), blank, blank, birthcert-4443.jpg
Veal, blank, M, 5/30/10, John, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-5010.jpg
Veal, blank (Greely Earl), F, 3/15/13, Will, (Daisy), Locke, blank, birthcert-5667.jpg
Veal, blank (Anna Mae), F, 3/17/17, G.C. (George Cleveland), Julia, McClary, Chico, birthcert-6580.jpg
Veal, Houston Lee Lewis, M, 3/2/18, Acy Edwin, Beulah Florence, Zuspann, Bridgeport, birthcert-6839.jpg, birthcert-6839a.jpg
Veal, Mary Elsie, F, 5/21/08, William Alexander (TX), Daisy Dean (TX), Locke, Paradise, birthcert-4035.jpg, birthcert-4035a.jpg
Velazques, Carmel, F, 11/26/20, Manuel (Mex), Lusita (Mex), Najera, Bridgeport, birthcert-7317.jpg
Velazques, Jovita, F, 2/15/23, Manuel (Mex), Lusita (Mex), Najera, Bridgeport, birthcert-7724.jpg
Velazques, Juana, F, 6/24/24, Manuel (Mex), Lusita (Mex), Najera, Bridgeport, birthcert-8084.jpg
Verner, Donald Beryl, M, 8/3/30, C.F., Jessie, Wright, Chico, [No Image 9779 ]
Verner, Joseph Charles, M, 2/8/26, Arthur F. (TX), Essie May (TX), Arrington, Decatur, birthcert-8536.jpg
Vess, Betty Fern, F, 8/21/32, R.L., Frances, Bailey, Rhome, [No Image 10550 ]
Vess, blank, M, 9/24/05, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2157.jpg
Vess, blank, F, 6/29/08, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4107.jpg
Vess, blank, M, 4/29/20, R.D. (AL), Belle (AL), Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-7236.jpg
Vess, blank, F, 1/7/21, Floyd (TX), Ima (TN), Gaston, Boyd, birthcert-7333.jpg
Vess, blank, M, 10/21/22, Floyd (TX), Ima (TX), Gaxtom, Boyd, birthcert-7677.jpg
Vess, Claude, Jr., M, 10/16/19, Claude (AL), Minnie (AR), Seals, Boyd, birthcert-7147.jpg
Vess, Dorothy Dale, F, 10/9/28, Floyd Redford (TX), Ima (TX), Gaston, Boyd, birthcert-9148.jpg, birthcert-9148a.jpg
Vess, Herman Loys, M, 8/31/25, Richard Loys (TX), Frances (TX), Bailey, Rhome, birthcert-8400.jpg, birthcert-8400a.jpg
Vess, J.Harlan, M, 4/18/20, William E. (AL), Pearl (TX), Marr, Boyd, birthcert-7233.jpg
Vess, James Lester, M, 9/22/21, Richard V. (AL), Esmer May (AL), Fulps, Boyd, birthcert-7475.jpg, birthcert-7475a.jpg
Vess, Johnnie Ruth, F, 1/27/28, Soys, Frances, Bailey, Decatur, birthcert-8925.jpg
Vess, Lucy Jane, M, 10/24/06, J.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2975.jpg
Vessells, blank, M, 12/21/15, Claud, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6324.jpg
Vidal, Isidra, F, 5/15/10, Manuel, Concepcion, Perez, blank, birthcert-5001.jpg
Vidal, Marcos, M, 4/25/15, Manuel (Mex), Consancion (Mex), Perez, Bridgeport, birthcert-6081.jpg
Vidal, Timotio, M, 1/24/14, Manuel (Mex), Consancion (Mex), Perez , Bridgeport, birthcert-5827.jpg
Vidal, Ynis, M, 4/20/22, Manuel (Mex), Consancion (Mex), Perez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7578.jpg
Vidue, Jose, M, 3/3/29, Jesus (Mex), Refrigia (TX), Perez, Bridgeport, birthcert-9278.jpg
Villare, blank, M, 5/1/31, Geranima, Angelia, DeLeon, Bridgeport, [No Image 10058 ]
Villereand, blank, M, 8/3/09, E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4719.jpg
Vines, Claudine Minnie, F, 7/25/18, B.D. (TX), T.B. (TX), blank, Arlington, birthcert-6941.jpg
Vinner, blank, F, 6/21/10, George O., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5029.jpg
Volkerson, blank, M, 10/23/24, George F. (TX), Vera May (TX), Gilley, Forrestburg, birthcert-8194.jpg
Volkman, Francis Wayne, M, 2/14/23, F.W. (TX), Laura V. (TX), blank, Park Springs, birthcert-7723.jpg
Waddell, blank, F, 9/30/05, Jim, Sirphronia, Donaldson, blank, birthcert-2170.jpg
Waddill, James Burton, M, 8/2/10, James Park, Sirphronia, Donaldson, Bridgeport, birthcert-5078.jpg, birthcert-5078a.jpg
Waddle, blank, M, 3/23/07, E., E., blank, blank, birthcert-3243.jpg
Wade, Ardina Katheine, F, 6/24/15, Mack, Eula, blank, blank, birthcert-6132.jpg
Wade, blank, F, 2/24/07, G.W., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3185.jpg
Wade, J.P., M, 3/15/04, Pete, M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-0733.jpg
Wadell, blank, F, 4/9/04, blank, Ione, blank, blank, birthcert-0801.jpg
Wadkins, blank, M, 7/12/05, Homer, Susie, blank, blank, birthcert-1952.jpg
Wadkins, blank, F, 5/14/07, Ed, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-3339.jpg
Wafford, blank, F, 3/11/07, J.E., D.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3215.jpg
Wakeley, blank, M, 8/13/05, George, Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-2051.jpg
Wakely, blank, M, 12/6/09, George, Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-4868.jpg
Wakeman, blank, F, 12/2/03, S.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0479.jpg
Wakeman, blank, M, 10/26/05, Charles, Eula, blank, blank, birthcert-2241.jpg
Wakeman, Fred Allen, M, 3/19/24, Robert Ross (TX), Emma Oma (TX), Shults, Decatur, birthcert-8036.jpg, birthcert-8036a.jpg
Wakeman, Scott Rauls, M, 6/20/26, William Scott (TX), Cella Jeanette (TX), Hamm, Decatur, birthcert-8604.jpg, birthcert-8604a.jpg
Walch, blank, M, 3/23/08, E.J., C.M, blank, blank, birthcert-3933.jpg
Walcott, blank, F, 8/21/03, D.E., Theressa, blank, blank, birthcert-0204.jpg
Walcott, Virginia Harriott, F, 12/13/06, Dexter Elliott (TX), Theressa (TX), Thompson, Boyd, birthcert-3055.jpg
Waldon, blank, M, 9/19/31, Bray, Margaret, Oliver, Bridgeport, [No Image 10223 ]
Waldon, Richard Royce, M, 11/27/25, Brady (TX), Neva Dean (OK), Ruth, Chico, birthcert-8462.jpg, birthcert-8462a.jpg
Waldrip, blank, F, 3/15/06, T.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2554.jpg
Waldrip, blank, M, 4/16/17, D.J., Lillie V., Hamer, blank, birthcert-6611.jpg
Waldrip, blank, M, 5/19/17, T.G., Emma Virginia, McKnight, blank, birthcert-6629.jpg
Waldrip, blank, F, 2/20/25, Emmett (TX), Clevis Aline (TX), Ham, Grandview, birthcert-8267.jpg
Waldrip, blank, M, 5/5/33, D.J., Lillie V., Hanner, Decatur, [No Image 10758 ]
Waldrip, Emmett Lynn, M, 9/27/27, Emmett Roy, Clemice Alene, Hamm, Alvord, birthcert-8847.jpg, birthcert-8847a.jpg birthcert-8847b.jpg
Waldrip, Harmon Edgar, M, 9/15/29, Leo (TX), Elsie (TX), Venable, Boyd, birthcert-9451.jpg
Waldrip, Ira Virginia, F, 2/20/25, Emmett Roy Rufus, Clemice Aline (TX), Hamm, Grandview, birthcert-8255.jpg, birthcert-8255a.jpg
Waldrip, Reasor, M, 7/19/04, I.W., E.I., blank, blank, birthcert-1031.jpg
Waldrip, Vessie Ayleen, F, 5/26/28, Dee J., Lillie Viola, Hanner, Decatur, birthcert-9025.jpg, birthcert-9025a.jpg
Waldrip, Willie Arthur, M, 4/19/30, D.J., Lillie V., Hanner, blank, [No Image 9653 ]
Waldrop, blank, M, 2/11/05, C.A., A., blank, blank, birthcert-1592.jpg
Waldrop, Jewel William, M, 8/19/05, Clark, Jessie, Reese, blank, birthcert-2066.jpg, birthcert-2066a.jpg
Waldrop, Olena Wedia, F, 4/27/33, Lee, Opal, Cook, Decatur, [No Image 10747 ]
Walker, (Pluma), F, 8/21/12, G.(George W.), A.B.(Allie Bell), (Calhoun), (Boonsville), birthcert-5568.jpg
Walker, (Robert Samuel), M, 1/2/10, George Washington, Alice (Allie Bell), (Calhoun), Boonsville, birthcert-4894.jpg
Walker, Anna Belle, F, 1/19/19, John Euoc (TX), Mae E. (TX), Scoggins, Alvord, birthcert-7035.jpg, birthcert-7035a.jpg
Walker, Audrey Jo, F, 7/5/18, John C. (TX), Katie Lee (TX), Green, Bridgeport, birthcert-6930.jpg, birthcert-6930a.jpg
Walker, Billie Lucille, F, 8/20/15, William Richard, Minnie, Gregg, Boonsville, birthcert-6204.jpg, birthcert-6204a.jpg
Walker, Billy Joe, M, 6/26/24, William L. (TX), Ava (TX), Coffey, Rhome, birthcert-8085.jpg
Walker, Billy Landers, M, 1/1/26, Landers Clarence (TX), Jessie Mildred (OK), McCracken, Dallas, birthcert-8495.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 7/18/03, John M., Bety, blank, blank, birthcert-0126.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 7/21/03, James, Florence, blank, blank, birthcert-0133.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 1/1/04, Albert, B., Waggoner, blank, birthcert-0552.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 2/11/04, J.B., Elma V., Clark, blank, birthcert-0650.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 8/23/04, R.L., Maggie, (Castle), blank, birthcert-1127.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 1/29/05, M.L., Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-1555.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 2/20/06, Henry, Marie, blank, blank, birthcert-2508.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 5/29/06, J.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2689.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 9/21/06, Claude, Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-2923.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 12/19/06, J.D., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-3066.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 8/15/07, H.O., Earley, blank, blank, birthcert-3485.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 1/22/08, Henry, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-3796.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 2/14/08, Claud, Ann, blank, blank, birthcert-3843.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 2/14/08, John, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-3844.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 12/5/09, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4865.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 1/18/10, Harold, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4912.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 8/27/10, Jesse, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5081.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 5/3/12, James W., Emma, Gilley, blank, birthcert-5516.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 7/24/13, William, Minnie, Gregg, blank, birthcert-5741.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 8/18/13, Horace, blank, Boyd, blank, birthcert-5752.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 10/19/13, Harris, Hattie, Gile, blank, birthcert-5786.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 2/8/14, John W., Esia, Brewer, blank, birthcert-5836.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 6/15/14, John W., Jessie, Pitts, blank, birthcert-5913.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 12/11/14, Jessie, Willie, Rose, blank, birthcert-5995.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 12/12/14, J.N., Rena, Reddell, blank, birthcert-5996.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 12/16/04, William, Ethel, Bandy, blank, birthcert-6000.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 5/12/15, Harris, Hattie, Giles, blank, birthcert-6095.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 9/21/15, Claud, blank, Moses, blank, birthcert-6252.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 12/7/15, John W., Elsey, Brewer, blank, birthcert-6313.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 1/15/16, James, Sallye, Rogers, blank, birthcert-6341.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 4/8/17, Garland, Elva, Russell, Boyd, birthcert-6602.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 5/28/17, E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6635.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 10/5/17, John, Nettie, blank, Boyd, birthcert-6726.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 2/23/20, Charles A., Una L. (MS), Martin, Paradise, birthcert-7219.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 1/18/26, O.C. (TX), Ruby (OK), blank, Alvord, birthcert-8515.jpg
Walker, blank, F, 1/29/28, Orville, Vera, Rhine, Decatur, birthcert-8927.jpg
Walker, blank, M, 2/27/30, O.J., Etta, McKinney, blank, [No Image 9612 ]
Walker, blank, F, 7/2/32, A.J., Etta, McKinney, Bowie, [No Image 10481 ]
Walker, Bonnie Lorene, F, 11/16/17, Harrison, Hattie, Giles, Bridgeport, birthcert-6756.jpg, birthcert-6756a.jpg
Walker, Burel, F, 2/4/12, S.H.(Samuel Harvey), Bobbie (Cora), Glass, (Boonsville), birthcert-5456.jpg
Walker, Callie Ozell, F, 8/15/31, C.E., B., Hollinsworth, Park Springs, [No Image 10181 ]
Walker, Clara Nell, F, 6/11/11, Horace Aldine, Leva Lena, Boyd, blank, birthcert-5277.jpg, birthcert-5277a.jpg
Walker, Dee Thomas, M, 6/4/04, John C., Katie Lee, Green, Greenwood, birthcert-0919.jpg, birthcert-0919a.jpg
Walker, Dennis Ray, F, 11/30/20, John Wesley (TX), Jessie Lillian (AL), Pitts, Boyd, birthcert-7319.jpg, birthcert-7319a.jpg
Walker, Dewey E., M, 1/2/26, John H. (TX), Hattie (TX), Giles, Alvord, birthcert-8497.jpg
Walker, Dollie, F, 4/29/04, George Washington, (Allie Bell), (Calhoun), Boonsville, birthcert-0846.jpg
Walker, Donald Felton, M, 4/8/23, Dewey Otis (TX), Edna C. (VA), Reed, Poolville, birthcert-7763.jpg
Walker, E.B., M, 7/28/28, Edward B., Ethel Mae, Simpson, Decatur, birthcert-9067.jpg, birthcert-9067a.jpg
Walker, Elton Dewey, M, 2/1/26, John Harris (TX), Hattie (TX), Giles, Alvord, birthcert-8527.jpg
Walker, Emmy Alice, F, 11/15/33, D.O., Edna Clyde, Reed, Bridgeport, [No Image 10940 ]
Walker, Eugene Louis, M, 12/7/30, O.F., Daisy, Blackman, blank, [No Image 9892 ]
Walker, Eunice, F, 7/3/07, George Washington, Jr., Allie Bell, Calhoun, Boonsville, birthcert-3410.jpg, birthcert-3410a.jpg
Walker, Eunice Eva, F, 10/8/03, James W., Emily Robecca, Gilley, Boonsville, birthcert-0350.jpg, birthcert-0350a.jpg
Walker, Garland Eugene, M, 12/7/20, Garland (TX), Ela Leona (OK), Russell, Boyd, birthcert-7321.jpg
Walker, Geneva Emmerva, F, 1/20/06, Lee, Lilly, blank, Boyd, birthcert-2428.jpg
Walker, George Washington, III, M, 12/1/14, George Washington, Jr., Allie Bell, Calhoun, (Boonsville), birthcert-5990.jpg
Walker, Harold Eugene, Jr., M, 4/20/24, Harold Eugene (TX), Velma (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-8052.jpg, birthcert-8052a.jpg
Walker, Harold Eugene, Jr., M, 4/27/24, Harold Eugene (TX), Mary Velma (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-8057.jpg
Walker, Homer T., M, 4/18/08, Sam (TX), Sophia (TN), Renfro, Park Springs, birthcert-3977.jpg
Walker, James Neal, M, 12/26/14, George N. (AR), Adalee (TX), Harvey, Alvord, birthcert-6003.jpg, birthcert-6003a.jpg
Walker, James Rose, M, 7/16/17, Jessie, Willie, Rose, Bridgeport, birthcert-6656.jpg, birthcert-6656a.jpg
Walker, Jimmy Joe, M, 12/15/33, George Washington, M.E.(Mary Emmeline), Fitzgerald, Boonsville, [No Image 10963 ]
Walker, Julia Anna, F, 3/7/29, A.A. (TX), Georgia (TX), Clement, Decatur, birthcert-9284.jpg, birthcert-9284a.jpg
Walker, Junior Lee, M, 12/13/28, Carl E. (TX), Bessie (TX), Hollinsworth, Park Springs, birthcert-9201.jpg, birthcert-9201a.jpg
Walker, Lavella C., F, 4/27/32, O.J., Daisy, Blackburn, Sunset, [No Image 10418 ]
Walker, Lillian Arella, F, 7/26/08, James Usher (TX), Evalyn Gertrude (TX), Evans, Alvord, birthcert-4151.jpg
Walker, Lois Berniece, F, 2/12/20, John Harris (TX), Hattie (TX), Giles, Bridgeport, birthcert-7211.jpg, birthcert-7211a.jpg
Walker, Marvin Henry, M, 11/19/05, Guss, Willie, Hellan, Rhome, birthcert-2292.jpg, birthcert-2292a.jpg
Walker, Mary Ella, F, 1/9/31, Orville, Vera, Rhine, Decatur, [No Image 9926 ]
Walker, Mary Jean, F, 4/27/29, Harold E. (TX), Velma (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-9336.jpg, birthcert-9336a.jpg
Walker, Minnie, F, 6/3/19, Garland (TX), Elvia (OK), Russell, Boyd, birthcert-7097.jpg
Walker, Onie , M, 1/13/05, Claud E., Annie, Moses, Decatur, birthcert-1507.jpg, birthcert-1507a.jpg
Walker, Pete & Jack, twins, M, 8/28/16, R.L., Maggie, Castle, blank, birthcert-6466.jpg, [Clyde-delayed 5088]
Walker, Robert Vernon, M, 3/13/15, R.L. (TX), Maggie (TX), Castle, Decatur, birthcert-6054.jpg, birthcert-6054a.jpg
Walker, Ronald Wayne, M, 2/5/08, Sam, (Bobby Cora), (Glass), (Boonsville), birthcert-3825.jpg
Walker, Sherry Nell, F, 5/16/32, J.B., Elma V., Clark, Decatur, [No Image 10439 ]
Walker, Thelma, F, 1/11/04, Jesse, L., blank, blank, birthcert-0585.jpg
Walker, twin, M, 9/28/25, Alph, blank, Clement, blank, birthcert-6259.jpg
Walker, twin, F, 9/28/25, Alph, blank, Clement, blank, birthcert-6260.jpg
Walker, twins, blank, 7/6/03, Claud, Ann, blank, blank, birthcert-0093.jpg
Walker, Vera Jewel, F, 8/2/04, James Asa, Ida Bell, Young, Decatur, birthcert-1073.jpg, birthcert-1073a.jpg
Walker, Willema Margaret, F, 1/11/03, Robert McClellan, Emma, Miller, blank, birthcert-0079.jpg
Walker, William Edward, M, 10/6/13, John Hale (AR), Judith Gabriella (MO), Hale, Alvord, birthcert-5778.jpg, birthcert-5778a.jpg
Walker, William Gregory, M, 4/21/10, Claude (TN), Ann, Moses, Decatur, birthcert-4987.jpg, birthcert-4987a.jpg
Walker, Willie B., F, 9/3/24, James William (TX), Rebecca Jane (TX), North, Boyd, birthcert-8159.jpg, birthcert-8159a.jpg
Walker, Winfred Weldon, M, 7/4/30, Dewey Otis, Edna Clyde, Reed, blank, [No Image 9749 ]
Walker, Zoe Evelyn, F, 2/7/25, John Wesley (TX), Jessie Lillian Mae (AL), Pitts, Decatur, birthcert-8260.jpg, birthcert-8260a.jpg
Wall, blank, M, 8/14/04, A.J., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-1107.jpg
Wall, blank, F, 5/30/05, Arthur, Dell, blank, blank, birthcert-1851.jpg
Wall, blank, M, 2/9/06, Robert, Rosa, Chessier, blank, birthcert-2482.jpg
Wall, blank, F, 5/23/08, Henry, Callie, blank, blank, birthcert-4043.jpg
Wall, blank, M, 7/19/11, R.J., Rosa L., blank, blank, birthcert-5297.jpg, birthcert-5297a.jpg
Wall, Dorothy Fay, F, 3/17/29, Harley E. (TX), Clayton M. (TX), Hobson, Decatur, birthcert-9297.jpg, birthcert-9297a.jpg
Wall, Ida, F, 3/7/23, Estelle (TX), Inez (TX), Ewing, Decatur, birthcert-7736.jpg
Wall, Jo Irmalene, F, 2/8/28, Woody Sterman, Ruby Irma, Crain, Decatur, birthcert-8939.jpg, birthcert-8939a.jpg
Wall, Margaret Louise, F, 3/14/17, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6576.jpg
Wall, Ollie, F, 7/4/03, Robert, Rosa, Chessier, Decatur, birthcert-0092.jpg, birthcert-0092a.jpg
Wall, Robert Keith, M, 8/21/17, Woody , Ruby E., Craine, Decatur, birthcert-6681.jpg
Wall, Sam Sidney, F, 1/19/07, Andrew Jackson, Annie Estelle, Cotton, Rural Wise Co., birthcert-3119.jpg, birthcert-3119a.jpg
Wall, Woodie Steman, Jr., M, 12/20/25, Woodie Steman, Sr.(KY), Ruby Erma (TX), Crain, Decatur, birthcert-8484.jpg
Wallace, blank, M, 3/1/04, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0695.jpg
Wallace, blank, F, 5/20/05, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1832.jpg
Wallace, blank, M, 8/18/05, John, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-2065.jpg
Wallace, blank, M, 12/24/06, J.S., Maggie, (Harris), blank, birthcert-3071.jpg
Wallace, blank, F, 6/15/07, W.V., Minnie, (Denny), Decatur, birthcert-3387.jpg
Wallace, blank, F, 10/19/07, James, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3618.jpg
Wallace, blank, M, 8/6/08, J.S., Mary, (Harris), blank, birthcert-4171.jpg
Wallace, blank, F, 4/29/16, C.W., Ethel, Adair, blank, birthcert-6403.jpg
Wallace, blank, F, 5/1/19, Virgle (TX), Minnie (TX), Denny, Bridgeport, birthcert-7075.jpg
Wallace, E.L., F, 4/18/04, A.L., M.I., blank, blank, birthcert-0820.jpg
Wallace, Erma Lucile, F, 8/21/06, John Thomas (TN), Nancy E. (AL), Ford, Boyd, birthcert-2856.jpg
Wallace, Jewel Lavada, F, 9/29/03, James S., Maggie, Harris, Decatur, birthcert-0321.jpg, birthcert-0321a.jpg
Wallace, Maggie May, F, 5/7/10, John Thomas, Nancy Eula, Ford, Decatur, birthcert-4995.jpg, birthcert-4995a.jpg
Wallace, Paul Francis, M, 2/12/28, Charles Verner, Eunice, Madden, Greenwood, birthcert-8944.jpg, birthcert-8944a.jpg
Wallace, Robert Vancleave, M, 4/9/07, Robert Marion (TX), Bessie Francis (TX), Penn, Decatur, birthcert-3279.jpg, birthcert-3279a.jpg
Wallace, Rose Marie, F, 1/12/28, Clifford H., Velma Pearl, Leonard, blank, birthcert-8912.jpg, birthcert-8912a.jpg
Wallace, Vera Helen, F, 1/8/29, John (TX), Flora (AL), Lumsden, Decatur, birthcert-9227.jpg, birthcert-9227a.jpg
Wallace, Willard Olin, M, 10/23/03, John Thomas, Nancy Eula, Ford, Boyd, birthcert-0395.jpg, birthcert-0395a.jpg
Wallen, Frank, M, 2/28/09, Frank, Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-4525.jpg
Wallis, blank, M, 9/3/15, Boss, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-6221.jpg
Wallis, Cleotus George, M, 11/9/26, Clifford, Lura, Bond, Boyd, birthcert-8708.jpg, birthcert-8708a.jpg
Wallis, Florence Waunell, F, 11/26/05, M.L., Mary Frances, Williams, Decatur, birthcert-2312.jpg, birthcert-2312a.jpg
Wallis, James E., M, 4/9/30, Clifford, Alice L., Banks, blank, [No Image 9652 ]
Wallis, Myrtle Mae, F, 10/5/06, Robert E. (TX), Cora E. (TN), West, Alvord, birthcert-2950.jpg, birthcert-2950a.jpg
Wallis, Robert Edgar, Jr., M, 3/6/04, Robert Edgar, Cora Ellen, West, Alvord, birthcert-0713.jpg, birthcert-0713a.jpg
Walls, blank, F, 12/8/12, J.V., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-5603.jpg
Walls, Hazel Melissa, F, 9/20/15, Arthur S., Della B., Loudermilk, Alvord, birthcert-6251.jpg, birthcert-6251a.jpg
Walter, blank, F, 3/3/17, blank, Martha, Pennington, Boyd, birthcert-6564.jpg
Walters, blank, F, 7/28/09, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4702.jpg
Waltz, Jimmie Doyle, M, 8/30/26, E.W. (LA), Lucille (TX), Beaumont, Crafton, birthcert-8654.jpg
Wampler, (Elsie Mae), M, 2/25/15, W.H., Minnie, Whitley, blank, birthcert-6042.jpg
Wampler, blank, F, 6/16/08, W.H., M. (Minnie D.), (Whitley), blank, birthcert-4088.jpg
Wampler, blank, F, 6/16/08, W.H., M. (Minnie D.), (Whitley), blank, birthcert-4089.jpg
Wampler, blank, M, 7/4/09, W.H., M.B. (Minnie D.), (Whitley), blank, birthcert-4682.jpg
Wampler, blank, M, 1/1/13, O.E., Ruth, Dickey, blank, birthcert-5624.jpg
Wane, I.R., M, 11/25/23, George H. (TN), Allie A. (TN), Summers, Rhome, birthcert-7944.jpg
Ward, Albert Donald, M, 11/27/04, Albert G., Emma Lee, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-1396.jpg, birthcert-1396a.jpg
Ward, Beatrice Sue, F, 10/6/09, George Hershal, Annie, Summars, Rhome, birthcert-4801.jpg
Ward, blank, F, 4/29/04, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0850.jpg
Ward, blank, F, 12/12/04, E.W., M.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1429.jpg
Ward, blank, F, 12/6/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2338.jpg
Ward, blank, M, 3/11/06, W.J., Agnes, blank, blank, birthcert-2544.jpg
Ward, blank, M, 1/22/07, Henry, Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-3131.jpg
Ward, blank, M, 1/22/08, W.J., Agnes, blank, blank, birthcert-3795.jpg
Ward, blank, M, 12/22/09, H.L., May, Trewhitt, blank, birthcert-4882.jpg
Ward, blank, F, 5/8/14, L.O., Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-5886.jpg
Ward, blank, F, 1/5/24, Samuel G., Bertha (OK), Stark, Bowie, birthcert-7970.jpg
Ward, Clarence Osborn, M, 10/31/07, Will, Hallie, Rose, Bridgeport, birthcert-3642.jpg, birthcert-3642a.jpg
Ward, Evelyn Audene, F, 10/9/30, Thomas B., Alta Mae, Munn, blank, [No Image 9839 ]
Ward, Guy Eula, F, 8/4/06, James W. (MS), Mary Arvilla (MS), Johnston, Boonsville, birthcert-2812.jpg, birthcert-2812a.jpg
Ward, Henry Grady, M, 1/14/89, H.L., May, Trewhitt, Decatur, birthcert-0020.jpg
Ward, James, M, 9/13/03, E., L., blank, blank, birthcert-0281.jpg
Ward, Mollie Arline, F, 9/24/10, Willie, Hallie , Rose, Bridgeport, birthcert-5104.jpg, birthcert-5104a.jpg
Ward, Quanah Darwin, M, 12/18/08, James W. (MS), Mary Arvilla (MS), Johnston, Boonsville, birthcert-4399.jpg, birthcert-4399a.jpg birthcert-4399b.jpg
Ward, Verna Juanice, F, 5/28/27, Thomas Bryan, Alta Mae, Munn, Boyd, birthcert-8803.jpg, birthcert-8803a.jpg
Warden, blank, M, 1/30/18, L.A., Lutie, Herron, Chico, birthcert-6810.jpg
Warden, Mattie Estell, F, 9/13/11, Robert Lee, Mary Adline, Lawyer, Park Springs, birthcert-5354.jpg, birthcert-5354a.jpg
Warden, Opal Lee, F, 4/25/17, John Samuel, Kithel, Jones, Crafton, birthcert-6618.jpg, birthcert-6618a.jpg
Ware, Billie, ?, 8/1/28, William D., Bernice, Wilson, Decatur, birthcert-9068.jpg, birthcert-9068a.jpg
Ware, blank, M, 9/22/03, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0305.jpg
Ware, Thomas Jefferson, M, 4/3/20, Thomas Emmet (TX), Minnie Lois (TX), Turner, Park Springs, birthcert-7231.jpg, birthcert-7231a.jpg
Warlick, blank, F, 11/4/04, Owen, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1324.jpg
Warner, B.M., M, 4/30/12, George, Mattie, Downing, blank, birthcert-5511.jpg, [delayed 6738]
Warner, blank, M, 3/29/04, George, Mattie, (Downing), blank, birthcert-0769.jpg
Warner, blank, F, 2/22/08, George, Martha, (Downing), blank, birthcert-3857.jpg
Warner, Gilbert Erwin, M, 1/9/29, Richard Ervin (TX), Melvina Alziabee (TX), McDaniel, Chico, birthcert-9229.jpg
Warner, Vodis Lotella, F, 4/27/27, Richard Edwin, Melvina Alziske, McDaniel, Chico, birthcert-8788.jpg
Warren, blank, M, 6/1/04, A.P., Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-0916.jpg
Warren, blank, M, 4/13/05, Sam, Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-1736.jpg
Warren, blank, M, 4/30/08, E.L., Danny, blank, blank, birthcert-3999.jpg
Warren, Katherine Elizabeth, F, 10/20/05, Ernest Lynwood (AL), Mary Donnie (TX), Brown, Greenwood, birthcert-2227.jpg, birthcert-2227a.jpg
Warren, Leota B., F, 12/15/08, W.J. (TN), Virgie (TX), Largent, Chico, birthcert-4392.jpg, birthcert-4392a.jpg birthcert-4392b.jpg
Warren, Preston Largent, M, 6/14/18, William Joseph (TN), Virgie (TX), Largent, Crafton, birthcert-6916.jpg, birthcert-6916a.jpg
Warren, Raymond Leon, M, 6/11/28, W.W., Maggie Mae, blank, Paradise, birthcert-8911.jpg
Warren, twin, M, 8/31/11, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5333.jpg
Warren, twin, M, 8/31/11, Virgil, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5334.jpg
Warriner, blank, F, 4/24/05, S.C., Armilia, blank, blank, birthcert-1771.jpg
Wartman, Mildred Lotella, F, 2/23/28, Frank, Vera Alice, Parker, Chico, birthcert-8955.jpg
Washburn, Alice Jewell, F, 5/4/14, George Tribble (MS), Estell (MS), Stricklin, Decatur, birthcert-5882.jpg, birthcert-5882a.jpg
Washburn, blank, M, 3/28/04, Tom, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-0765.jpg
Washburn, blank, M, 12/18/06, C.B., Nellie, blank, blank, birthcert-3064.jpg
Washburn, blank, F, 2/15/12, G.T., blank, Kingsley, blank, birthcert-5464.jpg
Washburn, blank, F, 5/18/21, Luther C. (MS), Lula (TX), Hendrix, Greenwood, birthcert-7397.jpg
Washburn, Bobbie Wayne, M, 6/6/32, Audie A., Stella J., Foster, Greenwood, [No Image 10458 ]
Washburn, Essie Fae, F, 12/12/07, Robert W. Lee (MS), Cornelia Elizabeth (MS), Price, Greenwood, birthcert-3724.jpg, birthcert-3724a.jpg
Washburn, Estelle, F, 9/16/16, George T., Carrie E., Stricklin, Decatur, birthcert-6473.jpg, birthcert-6473a.jpg
Washburn, Grady Daniel, M, 2/11/10, George Tribble, Carrie Estell, Stricklin, blank, birthcert-4930.jpg, birthcert-4930a.jpg
Washburn, Harold Lee, M, 6/8/32, O.L., Nora, Nikirk, Alvord, [No Image 10462 ]
Washburn, Peggy June, F, 6/18/28, Claud, Virginia, Dye, Greenwood, birthcert-9039.jpg
Washburn, Ruth L., F, 9/20/31, L.A., Mary K., Gilmore , Newark, [No Image 10228 ]
Washburn, Wanda Faye, F, 10/25/33, L.A., Mary Kate, Gilmore , Newark, [No Image 10918 ]
Washford, blank, M, 7/23/15, G.W., blank, Phillips, blank, birthcert-6161.jpg
Waters, Bobby Joe, M, 9/18/31, Oscar V., Anita Mae, Allen, Decatur, [No Image 10221 ]
Waters, Lotella, F, 3/2/31, Cecil, Alice Mae, Short, Bridgeport, [No Image 9844 ]
Watkins, Anthony Martin, M, 9/7/03, William Calvin, Daisy, Camora, Boyd, birthcert-0262.jpg, birthcert-0262a.jpg birthcert-0262b.jpg
Watkins, Armstead Terrill, M, 3/9/05, William Clavin, Daisey Camorah, Burks, Boyd, birthcert-1662.jpg, birthcert-1662a.jpg
Watkins, blank, M, 8/4/03, James, Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-0157.jpg
Watkins, blank, M, 9/4/05, James S., Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-2119.jpg
Watkins, blank, F, 12/8/14, Ed, Nora, McConnell, blank, birthcert-5994.jpg
Watkins, Marshall L., M, 4/25/18, W. Ben, Vina Bell, Worley, Decatur, birthcert-6868.jpg
Watkins, Mary Jo, F, 2/5/23, W.B. (TX), Vina Bell (TX), Worley, Decatur, birthcert-7721.jpg
Watson, Allie Mae, F, 8/12/08, Thomas Terrell (AL), Julie Francis (TX), Freeman, Alvord, birthcert-4181.jpg
Watson, Alma, F, 11/28/05, Thomas Terrell, Julia Frances "Fannie", Freeman, blank, birthcert-2315.jpg, birthcert-2315a.jpg
Watson, blank, F, 1/6/04, Lum, M., blank, blank, birthcert-0568.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 12/11/04, J.F., Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-1426.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 1/30/05, Walter, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1556.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 2/22/05, Jeff, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-1618.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 2/23/05, J.C., Rosa, blank, Chico, birthcert-1621.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 4/1/05, Louis, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-1706.jpg
Watson, blank, F, 10/3/05, Lon, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2180.jpg
Watson, blank, F, 10/26/06, Louis, M., blank, blank, birthcert-2978.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 10/2/07, C., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3582.jpg
Watson, blank, F, 9/30/09, Steve, Cora Susie, McDonald, blank, birthcert-4792.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 3/12/11, Tom, Fannie, Freeman, blank, birthcert-5192.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 3/15/12, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5483.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 11/7/13, N.R., Lou, Roberts, blank, birthcert-5788.jpg
Watson, blank, F, 3/23/17, T.T., Fannie, Freeman, blank, birthcert-6589.jpg, birthcert-6589a.jpg
Watson, blank, M, 7/22/26, G.F. (TX), Nora (TX), Adams, Decatur, birthcert-8623.jpg
Watson, Bonnie Joyce, F, 2/21/30, O.R., Gladys, McGuire, blank, [No Image 9604 ]
Watson, Charley, M, 11/9/03, Tom, Fannie, Freeman, blank, birthcert-0433.jpg
Watson, Dessie Edna, F, 3/8/07, John Henry (MS), Cynthia Cornnine (MS), Roberts, Willow Point, birthcert-3211.jpg, birthcert-3211a.jpg
Watson, Doris Delane, F, 5/26/31, William H., B.A., Pleasant, Chico, [No Image 10083 ]
Watson, Dorothy Elane, F, 5/26/31, William H., B.A., Pleasant, Chico, [No Image 10082 ]
Watson, Era Cue, F, 11/3/28, Wyatt Stant (OK), Letha (TX), Lyda, Chico, birthcert-9166.jpg, birthcert-9166a.jpg birthcert-9166b.jpg
Watson, Gertrude, F, 1/19/24, Steve (TX), Cora (TX), McDaniel, Slidell, birthcert-7981.jpg
Watson, Houston Richard, M, 6/1/07, Steve (TX), Susie (TX), McDaniel, Bridgeport, birthcert-3362.jpg, birthcert-3362a.jpg
Watson, James Earl, M, 5/13/05, Joe Cortus, Mattie Ann, Martin, Chico, birthcert-1816.jpg, birthcert-1816a.jpg
Watson, Jaquita Dawn, F, 6/27/33, Houston Richard, Mary Cue, Ogle, Chico, [No Image 10807 ]
Watson, Jennie Mosell, F, 5/6/31, W.S., Lyda Letha, blank, Chico, [No Image 10063 ]
Watson, Jimmie Gar, M, 3/7/33, Clifford H., Bonnie Lee, Hix, Decatur, [No Image 10704 ]
Watson, Joanne Laverne, F, 3/11/31, C.H., Edna, Dickenson, Chico, [No Image 10004 ]
Watson, Lillie Faye, F, 1/30/27, Wyatt Stant, Lydia Letha, blank, Chico, birthcert-8743.jpg, birthcert-8743a.jpg
Watson, Oscar Raymond, M, 3/16/04, Joe Cortas, Martha Ann, Martin, Chico, birthcert-0739.jpg, birthcert-0739a.jpg
Watson, Paul Lewis, F, 12/26/08, Lewis Edward, Minnie Ethel, Williams, blank, birthcert-4411.jpg, birthcert-4411a.jpg
Watson, Prudence L., F, 9/20/25, C.O. (TX), Rittie (TX), Hayes, Decatur, birthcert-8424.jpg
Watson, Seth S., M, 4/2/19, Steve (TX), Cora (TX), McDaniel, Slidell, birthcert-7066.jpg
Watson, Susie, F, 3/20/23, Steve (TX), Susie (TX), McDonald, Bridgeport, birthcert-7743.jpg
Watson, T.J., M, 7/10/03, Jeff, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-0108.jpg
Watson, Verna Ruth, F, 8/19/16, W.Walton, Verna Clifton, Laughter, Boyd, birthcert-6461.jpg, birthcert-6461a.jpg
Watts, blank, M, 3/29/04, H., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-0767.jpg
Watts, blank, M, 3/18/05, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1675.jpg
Watts, blank, M, 4/13/07, W.J., May, blank, blank, birthcert-3286.jpg
Watts, blank, M, 7/29/12, Oscar, Mabel, Parks, blank, birthcert-5554.jpg
Watts, Claudie Maxine, F, 2/5/28, Carlos Houston, Ila Cecil, Nikirk, Alvord, birthcert-8933.jpg, birthcert-8933a.jpg
Watts, Edward, M, 4/1/26, Oscar Riley (TX), Maybell (TX), Parks, Decatur, birthcert-8570.jpg
Watts, Faye Dean, F, 1/8/30, C.H., Ila Cecil, Nikirk, Alvord, [No Image 9549 ]
Watts, Harlie Lee, M, 1/22/31, Harley A., Mattie, Scott, Decatur, [No Image 9940 ]
Watts, Jewel Leora, F, 1/29/07, George Washington (TN), Maggie Mae (TN), Dodd, Rural Wise Co., birthcert-3144.jpg, birthcert-3144a.jpg
Weatherby, blank, F, 10/15/05, W.M, Beulah, blank, blank, birthcert-2218.jpg
Weatherly, blank, M, 6/6/17, G.W., Ethel, Galmer, Chico, birthcert-6640.jpg, [delayed 15404]
Weatherly, blank, M, 3/10/31, G.W., Ethel, Galnear, Chico, [No Image 10001 ]
Weatherly, Truitt Elmo, M, 5/28/08, William Minor (TX), Beulah (TX), Hoffman, Decatur, birthcert-4057.jpg, birthcert-4057a.jpg
Weatherly, twin, M, 8/2/03, W.M. (William), Beulah, Hoffman, blank, birthcert-0154.jpg
Weatherly, twin, M, 8/2/03, W.M. (William), Beulah, Hoffman, blank, birthcert-0155.jpg
Weatherly, Vetris Donetia, F, 10/7/19, G.C. (TN), Amiee (TX), Anderson, Slidell, birthcert-7143.jpg
Weaver, blank, F, 12/28/04, Allen, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-1468.jpg
Weaver, Evelyn Ann, F, 8/31/31, W.L., Daisy M., Irwin, Decatur, [No Image 10202 ]
Weaver, Will Blanton, M, 6/22/05, J.C., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1906.jpg, birthcert-1906a.jpg
Weaver, Will Blanton, M, 6/2/05, John C., Nora, Hossell, Crafton, birthcert-1906.jpg, birthcert-1906a.jpg
Weaver, Willie Ocela, F, 4/2/05, William J., Dora, Thompson, Crafton, birthcert-1711.jpg, birthcert-1711a.jpg
Webb, Annie Mae, F, 3/20/33, B.Y., Ruby, Hale, Decatur, [No Image 10711 ]
Webb, blank, M, 10/29/04, T.R., Hannah, blank, blank, birthcert-1309.jpg
Webb, blank, F, 7/9/08, James W., Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-4124.jpg
Webb, blank, F, 7/30/13, J.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5745.jpg
Webb, blank, M, 6/23/30, Dee, Mabel, Roberts, Chico, [No Image 9736 ]
Webb, Charline Joy, F, 10/18/29, C.O. (TX), Eva (TX), Baker, Decatur, birthcert-9479.jpg, birthcert-9479a.jpg
Webb, David York, Jr., M, 6/14/29, David York,Sr. (TX), Ruby (TX), Hale, Decatur, birthcert-9375.jpg, birthcert-9375a.jpg
Webb, Frankie Bobby Jane, F, 8/18/32, D.E.., Flossie, Hilton, Decatur, [No Image 10533 ]
Webb, William, M, 4/1/31, Dempsey, Ruby, Hale, Decatur, [No Image 10022 ]
Weever, blank, M, 2/3/06, Joe, Rev., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2467.jpg
Weger, blank, M, 6/28/30, Edgar, Ella, Green, blank, [No Image 9742 ]
Welch, blank, F, 5/4/04, T.W., Alla, blank, blank, birthcert-0862.jpg
Welch, blank, M, 7/3/04, A.P., Nancy Lee, Williams, blank, birthcert-0988.jpg
Welch, blank, , 1/4/06, A.P., N.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2325.jpg
Welch, blank, M, 1/4/06, A.P., Nancy Lee, Williams, blank, birthcert-2385.jpg
Welch, blank, M, 4/12/06, Thomas, Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-2612.jpg
Welch, blank, M, 4/26/07, Will, Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3314.jpg
Welch, blank, F, 3/10/08, A.P., N.L. (Nancy Lee), (Williams), blank, birthcert-3899.jpg
Welch, blank, F, 2/24/10, W.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4941.jpg, [Delayed 8/7/50]
Welch, blank, F, 3/29/13, Arch, Nancy Lee, Williams, blank, birthcert-5675.jpg
Welch, Loyce Varnell, F, 8/18/28, Ora Alvin, Ida Leona, Sanders, Bridgeport, birthcert-9089.jpg, birthcert-9089a.jpg birthcert-9089b.jpg
Welch, Robert Franklin, M, 9/15/18, Will (LA), Hattie Lee (TX), Gray, Bridgeport, birthcert-6981.jpg, birthcert-6981a.jpg
Wells, Arthur, M, 2/24/05, H.D., Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-1625.jpg
Wells, blank, M, 5/16/04, Ben, Loula, blank, blank, birthcert-0888.jpg
Wells, blank, F, 9/24/04, H.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1224.jpg
Wells, Emma Lorene, F, 6/4/06, Wiliam Jerome (AR), Tithia Ann (AR), Williamson, Decatur, birthcert-2697.jpg, birthcert-2697a.jpg
Wells, Opal Mae, F, 1/18/07, J.B., Lula, Harris, Crafton, birthcert-3116.jpg, birthcert-3116a.jpg
West, blank, M, 5/5/05, C.W., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-1789.jpg
West, blank, F, 8/11/07, Charles, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-3477.jpg
West, Ire & Otis (twins), M, 4/29/04, Charley, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0851.jpg
West, Justin W., M, 10/2/04, John W., Mollie, Moreland, Chico, birthcert-1242.jpg, birthcert-1242a.jpg
West, Mary, F, 5/25/05, Tom C., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1845.jpg
West, Mary Charles, F, 6/14/31, Robert S., Eva May, Evans, Rhome, [No Image 10111 ]
West, Ollie Lucille, F, 3/5/30, Herman L., Ella Estel, Myers, Chico, [No Image 9617 ]
West, Robert M., M, 9/30/24, Robert S. (TN), Eva May (AR), Evans, Rhome, birthcert-8174.jpg
West, Vera Willie, M, 5/27/05, Thomas, Mattie B., Conner, Bridgeport, birthcert-1847.jpg, birthcert-1847a.jpg
West, Winnie Ruth, F, 1/15/26, Thomas C. (TN), Bennie H. (AL), Sims, Rhome, birthcert-8513.jpg
Westbrook, Mary B., F, 7/25/03, Oliver B., Minnie May, Watkins, Decatur, birthcert-0140.jpg, birthcert-0140a.jpg
Western, blank, M, 6/29/05, Thomas, E.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1926.jpg
Western, blank, M, 4/22/23, L.A. (TX), Lockie, Henry, Bridgeport, birthcert-7778.jpg, [delayed 6733]
Western, Lou Melinda, F, 9/28/33, L.A., Laphy, Henry, Alvord, [No Image 10895 ]
Weston, Pearl, F, 10/18/04, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1282.jpg
Wharton, blank, F, 3/16/15, Ed, Ida, Leonard , blank, birthcert-6055.jpg
Wharton, Jewel Ople, F, 7/15/04, Ed, Ida, Leonard , blank, birthcert-1019.jpg
Wharton, Thomas Waggoner, M, 11/3/03, Albert B., Electra W., blank, blank, birthcert-0420.jpg
Whatley, blank, M, 9/15/06, William, M., blank, blank, birthcert-2907.jpg
Whatley, blank, M, 9/9/15, John, Eliza, Langley, blank, birthcert-6232.jpg
Whatley, Dorothy May, F, 2/24/08, John P. (AL), Eliza Jane (TX), Langley, Bridgeport, birthcert-3861.jpg
Whatley, Earl Eugene, M, 8/31/31, W.J., Gertie Melanie, Roach, Chico, [No Image 10201 ]
Whatley, Mary Anita, F, 12/27/29, Walker Lee, Gertie Melanie, Roach, blank, [No Image 9541 ]
Whatley, Wanell, F, 8/19/31, W.L., Gertie Melanie, Roach, Chico, [No Image 10187 ]
Wheeler, blank, M, 9/29/19, William T. McKinney (TX), Pearl (TX), Grubbs, Greenwood, birthcert-7142.jpg
Wheeler, blank, M, 1/31/25, J.F. (TX), Thelma (TX), Pitts, Decatur, birthcert-8250.jpg
Wheeler, blank, F, 1/31/25, Foster (TX), Thelma (TX), Pitts, Decatur, birthcert-8251.jpg
Wheelis, James Martin, Jr., M, 7/16/32, J.M., Sr., Golda, Head, blank, [No Image 10496 ]
Wheelis, Jewell Theodre, M, 2/6/30, Theodore, Stella Mae, West, Decatur, [No Image 9585 ]
Wheelis, Jimmie Mae, F, 7/1/29, Jim (AR), Golda?, Head, Alvord, birthcert-9391.jpg
Wheelis, Lewis C., M, 9/4/23, James (AR), Golda (TX), Head, Alvord, birthcert-7885.jpg
Wheelock, blank, F, 9/26/26, Carroll Emmett (TX), Ruth Jane (TX), Wilder, Greenwood, birthcert-8681.jpg
Wheelock, blank, M, 2/16/31, Carroll E., Ruth Jane, Wilder, Decatur, [No Image 9962 ]
Wheels, blank, M, 11/20/07, Wash, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3677.jpg
Whellis, James Martin, M, 7/16/32, Jim, Rive, Head, Alvord, [No Image 10496 ]
Whetsell, blank, M, 10/2/03, Jess, Lee, blank, blank, birthcert-0333.jpg
Whetsell, blank, F, 8/15/04, Will, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1110.jpg
Whetsell, blank, F, 1/3/07, Ed, Edy, blank, blank, birthcert-3089.jpg
Whetsell, Opal Ardell, F, 10/27/23, W.E. (TX), Myrtle Ester (TX), Erwin, Park Springs, birthcert-7931.jpg, birthcert-7931a.jpg
Whetsell, Wanona Joyce, F, 7/23/30, Homer, Hazel, Stafford, blank, [No Image 9766 ]
Whetsell, Weldon O'Ferrel, M, 6/26/22, Jesse Lemual (TX), Lee (TX), Gass, Boyd, birthcert-7622.jpg, birthcert-7622a.jpg
Whilmire, blank, M, 12/21/10, R.L., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-5149.jpg
Whinshunt, blank, F, 11/2/12, R.L., R.G., Lyda, blank, birthcert-5591.jpg
Whisenhunt, blank, F, 11/25/04, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1391.jpg
Whisenhunt, Etta LaDelia, F, 3/31/11, Robert Lee, Rittie Gertrude, Lyda, blank, birthcert-5209.jpg, birthcert-5209a.jpg
Whisenhunt, Gladys Berle, F, 8/18/09, Robert Lee (AR), Rittie Gertrude (TN), Lyda, Willow Point, birthcert-4740.jpg, birthcert-4740a.jpg
Whitaker, blank, F, 8/6/21, William M. (TX), Myrtle Mae (TX), Magers, Alvord, birthcert-7436.jpg
Whitaker, blank, M, 7/22/24, W.M. (TX), Myrtle M.(TX), Magers, Alvord, birthcert-8108.jpg
Whitaker, blank, F, 2/10/27, J.T., Effie, Sanders, Sunset, birthcert-8746.jpg
Whitaker, Daisy Ann, F, 12/12/25, Joshua N. (TX), Ione (TX), Raney, Alvord, birthcert-8479.jpg, birthcert-8479a.jpg
Whitaker, James Richard, M, 9/2/29, James Arthur (TX), Hazel Bernice (TX), Largent, Alvord, birthcert-9442.jpg, birthcert-9442a.jpg
Whitaker, Ruth Earnestine, F, 12/16/26, Ernest B., Ruthie D., Smith, Crafton, birthcert-8726.jpg, birthcert-8726a.jpg
Whitaker, Wayne Kenneth, M, 2/9/19, James Frank (TX), Effie (TX), Sanders, Park Springs, birthcert-7210.jpg, birthcert-7210a.jpg
Whitcotton, blank, M, 9/30/14, A.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5967.jpg
White, (twin), M, 3/13/09, J.F., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4551.jpg
White, (twin), F, 3/13/09, J.F., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4552.jpg
White, Alice Amanda, F, 6/24/09, Joseph Monroe (TX), Minnie Bell (AR), Graham, Balsora, birthcert-4674.jpg, birthcert-4674a.jpg
White, Annie Pearl, F, 9/12/24, John Irvin (TX), Ivy Pearl (TX), Baker, Decatur, birthcert-8166.jpg, birthcert-8166a.jpg
White, Audry Ruth, F, 1/14/05, William Denny, Ozearam, Kincaid, Bridgeport, birthcert-1510.jpg, birthcert-1510a.jpg
White, Barney Edward, M, 8/16/22, John (TX), Ivy (TX), Baker, Decatur, birthcert-7642.jpg, birthcert-7642a.jpg
White, Bertha Cedela, F, 10/28/08, Albertie Edward (TX), Minnie (TX), Martin, Decatur, birthcert-4321.jpg, birthcert-4321a.jpg birthcert-4321b.jpg
White, Birdie Lucille, F, 12/2/23, Oscar William (TX), Eula Elizabeth (TX), Watts, Bowie, birthcert-7946.jpg, birthcert-7946a.jpg
White, blank, M, 8/16/03, Ben, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-0192.jpg
White, blank, F, 11/14/04, Ben, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1362.jpg
White, blank, M, 2/13/07, J.W., Lottie, blank, blank, birthcert-3172.jpg
White, blank, F, 6/12/07, Joe, Maud, (Huff), blank, birthcert-3384.jpg
White, blank, M, 9/16/07, Arthur, Katie, blank, blank, birthcert-3542.jpg
White, blank, F, 1/6/08, G., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-3772.jpg
White, blank, M, 1/25/08, A.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3803.jpg
White, blank, F, 12/18/11, J.M., Minnie B., Graham, blank, birthcert-5426.jpg
White, blank, F, 8/24/12, Arthur, Kate, Locke, blank, birthcert-5571.jpg
White, blank, M, 1/15/14, J.A., blank, Parks, blank, birthcert-5821.jpg
White, blank, F, 8/1/15, Earl , Ina, Gilbert, Decatur, birthcert-6180.jpg
White, blank, F, 1/22/19, Albert E. (TX), Minnie E. (TX), Martin, Paradise, birthcert-7039.jpg
White, blank, F, 1/23/31, J.J., Mittie, Arterberry, Bridgeport, [No Image 9941 ]
White, Boyd, F, 1/21/04, William McKeever, Mary Catherene, Roman, Bridgeport, birthcert-0605.jpg, birthcert-0605a.jpg
White, Charles O., M, 6/10/33, Charles Angleton, Opal Inez, Jones, blank, [No Image 10796 ]
White, Chester Mae, F, 8/10/09, John Allen (TX), Willie Connie May (TX), Parks, Decatur, birthcert-4728.jpg, birthcert-4728a.jpg birthcert-4728b.jpg
White, Edna Jo, F, 6/14/26, John Henry (TX), Martha Rossanna (LA), Bailey, Decatur, birthcert-8599.jpg, birthcert-8599a.jpg
White, Elmer Ray, M, 11/25/31, Marvin Troy, Minnie Lee, Simpson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10291 ]
White, Evie Marie, F, 9/22/06, William D. (TX), Ozrah Alice (TN), Kincaid?, blank, birthcert-2925.jpg
White, Fay Marie, F, 7/14/29, Marvin Troy (TX), Minnie Lee (TX), Simpson, Paradise, birthcert-9398.jpg, birthcert-9398a.jpg
White, Gracie Juanita, F, 12/24/08, Joe Reece, Maud, Huff, Decatur, birthcert-4409.jpg, birthcert-4409a.jpg birthcert-4409b.jpg birthcert-4409c.jpg birthcert-4409d.jpg
White, Harrell Weldon, M, 5/11/27, D., Laura Lee, Wilson, Greenwood, birthcert-8797.jpg, birthcert-8797a.jpg
White, Hurbert Wallace, M, 9/2/24, D. (TX), Laura Lee (NM), Wilson, Greenwood, birthcert-8158.jpg, birthcert-8158a.jpg
White, J.W., M, 5/16/24, T.G. (TX), Clara (TX), Wilson, Slidell, birthcert-8070.jpg
White, James William, M, 5/26/33, J.C., Elbert W., Brooks, Sunset, [No Image 10778 ]
White, Lillie Pearl, F, 5/23/22, Fred (OK), Ella (AR), Watson, Alvord, birthcert-7601.jpg, birthcert-7601a.jpg
White, Lonnie D., M, 5/10/18, Earl Vann, Ina Wade, Gilbert, Alvord, birthcert-6885.jpg, birthcert-6885a.jpg
White, Margie Ruth, F, 3/11/30, D., Laura Lee, Wilson, blank, [No Image 9622 ]
White, Neva Nell, F, 9/27/24, Marvin Troy (TX), Minnie Lee (TX), Simpson, Bridgeport, birthcert-8172.jpg, birthcert-8172a.jpg
White, Richard Claborn, M, 9/19/04, Woodman, Fanny, blank, blank, birthcert-1207.jpg
White, W.F., M, 8/6/26, William N. (TX), Fannie A. (TX), Cook, Chico, birthcert-8630.jpg
White, Wallace Elbert, M, 11/28/07, Joseph Monroe (MO), Minnie Bell (MO), Graham, Boonsville, birthcert-3690.jpg
White, White, F, 4/15/06, James, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-2616.jpg
Whitehead, Ada Mae, F, 7/13/22, John R. (TX), Myrtle (TX), Moore, Rhome, birthcert-7629.jpg
Whitehead, Billy Joe, M, 5/16/28, John Russell, Myrtle, Moore, Rhome, birthcert-9018.jpg, birthcert-9018a.jpg
Whitehead, blank, F, 9/21/03, A.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0300.jpg
Whitehead, blank, F, 3/3/08, John, Myrtle, (Moore), blank, birthcert-3884.jpg
Whitehead, blank, M, 8/30/32, J.W., A., Thompson, Decatur, [No Image 10543 ]
Whitehead, blank, F, 8/30/32, J.N., A., Thompson, Decatur, [No Image 10544 ]
Whitehead, James Calvin, M, 10/3/24, John R. (TX), Myrtle (TX), Moore, Rhome, birthcert-8224.jpg
Whiteside, Sylvia, F, 5/3/18, Amos J., Mary E., McNull, Newark, birthcert-6878.jpg
Whitlock, blank, F, 10/21/04, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1286.jpg
Whitlock, blank, M, 10/27/06, R.L., Manda, blank, blank, birthcert-2980.jpg
Whitlock, blank, M, 10/29/06, Frank, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-2983.jpg
Whitlock, R.A., M, 8/9/04, George R., C.I., blank, blank, birthcert-1097.jpg
Whitlow, Joseph Orus, M, 11/10/08, Walter Lee (TX), Grace (TX), Kessler, Alvord, birthcert-4338.jpg, birthcert-4338a.jpg birthcert-4338b.jpg
Whitlow, Walter Denail, M, 2/24/11, Walter Lee, Grace, Kessler, Alvord, birthcert-5181.jpg, birthcert-5181a.jpg
Whitsell, blank, M, 3/9/33, H.W., Hazel, Stafford, Park Springs, [No Image 10707 ]
Whitsenhurst, blank, F, 8/26/07, R.L., R.G., blank, blank, birthcert-3504.jpg
Whitt, blank, M, 1/29/05, D.W., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1554.jpg
Whitten, H.N., F, 8/31/03, Thomas M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0237.jpg
Whittenberg, Laura Ethel, F, 8/26/27, H.C., Kate, Hankins, Decatur, birthcert-8828.jpg
Whittington, Claudia Gene, F, 4/22/32, Claude K., Annie B., Spencer, Rhome, [No Image 10416 ]
Whittley, L.B., Jr, M, 1/31/31, L.B., Ola Mae, Smith, Alvord, [No Image 9952 ]
Whooten, blank, M, 11/13/29, N.O., Ola, Alexander, blank, [No Image 9507 ]
Wicker, blank, F, 6/4/08, A., Etta, blank, blank, birthcert-4072.jpg
Wicker, blank, F, 9/13/11, Charles, blank, Cox, blank, birthcert-5355.jpg
Wiggins, Rual Clyde, M, 9/16/03, S.S., Rebecca, Morton, Decatur, birthcert-0289.jpg, birthcert-0289a.jpg
Wigington, Floyd Melvin, M, 12/4/27, William Floyd, Mae, Shields, Bridgeport, birthcert-8889.jpg, birthcert-8889a.jpg
Wigley, blank, M, 9/4/06, D.L., C.C., blank, blank, birthcert-2888.jpg
Wilbanks, blank, M, 12/5/22, T.C. (TX), Loueta May (TX), Limberg, Alvord, birthcert-7694.jpg
Wilborn, blank, M, 9/23/19, I.B. (TX), Lillie P.(TX), Leath, Alvord, birthcert-7137.jpg
Wilborn, blank, M, 10/13/19, William E. (TX), Elnora S. (TX), Gossett, Alvord, birthcert-7145.jpg
Wilborn, blank, M, 8/24/24, William Irvin (TX), Nora G. (Savannah)(TX), Gosset, Alvord, birthcert-8152.jpg
Wilborn, Linnie Elizabeth, F, 2/7/05, John Bunion, Lillie Pearl, Leeth, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1585.jpg, birthcert-1585a.jpg
Wilborn, Nina Inez, F, 10/3/07, Arthur W., Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-3585.jpg
Wilborn, William Truett, M, 6/19/18, William E. (TX), Nora Savanah (TX), Gossett, Alvord, birthcert-6918.jpg, birthcert-6918a.jpg
Wilcox, A.L., M, 7/23/05, J.C., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-1994.jpg
Wilcox, blank, M, 8/3/09, T.A., blank, Russell, blank, birthcert-4718.jpg
Wilcox, Tennie Jewel, F, 6/29/07, Jesse Clayborn (TN), Nora (TX), Russell, Willow Point, birthcert-3407.jpg, birthcert-3407a.jpg
Wiley, Alfred Lee, M, 2/19/28, Forest Samuel, Essie, Washburn, Alvord, birthcert-8948.jpg, birthcert-8948a.jpg
Wiley, Bernice, F, 5/16/05, R.O., Una, blank, blank, birthcert-1822.jpg
Wiley, Billy Jo, M, 4/2/31, H.J., Auda, Sanders, Alvord, [No Image 10023 ]
Wiley, Billy Ray, M, 12/7/26, Marvin F., Lela, Stevens, blank, birthcert-8890.jpg, birthcert-8890a.jpg
Wiley, blank, M, 8/4/03, F.M., Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-0158.jpg
Wiley, blank, M, 8/4/09, F.M., Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-0158.jpg
Wiley, blank, F, 11/18/07, R.O., Una, blank, blank, birthcert-3674.jpg
Wiley, Claudia Marvine, F, 8/13/18, James Loyd (TX), Tonie Mae (TX), Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-6913.jpg, birthcert-6913a.jpg
Wiley, Eula Fay, F, 8/22/26, Harvey Joe (TX), Audie (TX), Sanders, Alvord, birthcert-8644.jpg
Wiley, John Hinkle, M, 9/30/08, Reuben Oscar (TX), Una Mae (TX), Travis, Springtown, birthcert-4272.jpg
Wiley, Lydall Wayne, M, 2/7/32, R.C., Carrie, Washburn, Alvord, [No Image 10357 ]
Wilhite, Bruton, M, 9/19/29, Dale George (TX), Ona Lee (TX), Bruton, Decatur, birthcert-9453.jpg
Wilhite, Dale, M, 1/28/05, Joe, Lula, Patton, Greenwood, birthcert-1545.jpg, birthcert-1545a.jpg
Wilhite, Joe Hoody, M, 7/24/03, Joe, Frances, Harper, blank, birthcert-0138.jpg
Wilkens, Charles Smith, M, 3/20/05, Emory S., Brice, blank, blank, birthcert-1681.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, M, 6/12/04, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0944.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, F, 9/18/04, Will, Estelle, blank, blank, birthcert-1202.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, F, 11/29/04, Jim, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1400.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, M, 11/23/05, Curtis, Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-2300.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, M, 1/30/07, J.R., L.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3148.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, F, 1/18/13, A.D., Stacie, Hooper, blank, birthcert-5636.jpg
Wilkerson, blank, F, 9/13/18, Rice (TX), Edna (TX), Petty, Boyd, birthcert-6977.jpg
Wilkerson, Ina Bell, F, 7/12/11, Silous Marion, Phebia Milison, Clark, Garvin, birthcert-5305.jpg, birthcert-5305a.jpg
Wilkins, Billy Fritz, M, 5/15/32, blank, Una Lee, blank, Poolville, [No Image 10438 ]
Wilkins, blank, blank, 12/12/03, Tom, E., blank, blank, birthcert-0524.jpg
Wilkins, blank, M, 12/21/03, Tom, E., blank, blank, birthcert-0524.jpg
Wilkins, blank, M, 3/14/04, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0727.jpg
Wilkins, blank, F, 2/25/06, Thomas, E.J., blank, blank, birthcert-2524.jpg
Wilkins, blank, F, 5/8/11, Wilkins, Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-5243.jpg
Wilkins, blank, F, 8/15/25, J.Q. (AL), Lucy (TX), Sells, Poolville, birthcert-8388.jpg
Wilkins, blank, M, 7/10/31, Will H., Alice, Townson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10139 ]
Wilkins, G.L., M, 7/22/24, J.F. (TX), Martha (TX), Sells, Poolville, birthcert-8107.jpg
Wilkins, Margaret Virginia, F, 7/7/19, R.R. (TX), Bessie (TX), Sugle, Poolville, birthcert-7104.jpg
Wilkins, Melvin Von, M, 5/24/11, J.T., Elsie Jane, Dunlap, Decatur, birthcert-5262.jpg, birthcert-5262a.jpg
Wilkins, Wilford Mayne, M, 10/28/26, J.I. (TX), Martha (TX), Salls, Poolville, birthcert-8700.jpg
Wilkinson, blank, F, 3/7/14, Amos, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5850.jpg
Wilkinson, blank, F, 7/28/16, Rice, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6444.jpg
Wilkinson, Dora Bell, F, 10/17/07, James Marion (MS), Pearl (AR), Vandiver, Bridgeport, birthcert-3614.jpg
Willenburg, blank, M, 3/2/19, H.O., blank, blank, Decatur, birthcert-7053.jpg
Willett, blank, F, 10/30/22, C.J. (TX), Jessie (TX), Richardson, Burkburnett, birthcert-7680.jpg
William, Willie Pearl, F, 11/18/07, William I., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3675.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 8/22/03, Ben F., Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-0214.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 1/26/04, T., J., blank, blank, birthcert-0618.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 3/15/04, L., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0735.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 5/18/04, blank, Elizabeth, blank, blank, birthcert-0894.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 3/31/05, Chris, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1705.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 7/4/06, Ben, Elsie, blank, blank, birthcert-2749.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 7/8/06, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2756.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 3/14/08, Taylor, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3910.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 8/12/08, Polk, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4182.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 1/14/09, Wilmer, Jossie, Allen, blank, birthcert-4440.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 6/14/09, Baby, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-4662.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 1/20/13, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5638.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 4/9/15, J.N., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-6069.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 4/9/15, J.W., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-6070.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 6/11/17, Ollie, Mertie, Young, Annaville, birthcert-6644.jpg
Williams, blank, F, 3/25/18, L.W., Abby, Allen, Poolville, birthcert-6845.jpg
Williams, blank, M, 5/15/21, Sam E. (TX), Elva (TX), Hutch, Decatur, birthcert-7395.jpg
Williams, Carrie , F, 12/8/04, John, Bettie, Cherry, Keeter, birthcert-1414.jpg, birthcert-1414a.jpg
Williams, Clent Cecil, M, 2/26/12, J.S., Bettie Ann, Cherry, Boyd, birthcert-5474.jpg, birthcert-5474a.jpg
Williams, Gladys Calvin, M, 9/22/03, Charles Wesley, Mattie Adelia, Lett, Chico, birthcert-0307.jpg, birthcert-0307a.jpg
Williams, Goldie Ola, F, 5/17/11, Thomas Benton, Mattie Ella, Cage, Alvord, birthcert-5251.jpg, birthcert-5251a.jpg
Williams, Grace, F, 12/2/04, Bob, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1406.jpg
Williams, Herbert Lavon, M, 4/4/29, Wilmer Linley (TX), Josie Ellen (TX), Allison, Paradise, birthcert-9313.jpg, birthcert-9313a.jpg
Williams, J.B., M, 12/5/18, Ollie (TX), Fern (MO), Young, Boyd, birthcert-7018.jpg
Williams, James H., M, 6/1/32, J.H., Unna, Cash, Boyd, [No Image 10449 ]
Williams, Jerry Tom, M, 12/7/23, Homer (TX), Sarah Ruth (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-7949.jpg
Williams, Joe - twin, M, 9/12/21, William Taylor (KY), Lizzie (TX), Baker, Rhome, birthcert-7466.jpg, birthcert-7466a.jpg
Williams, Johnie M., M, 8/7/33, J.A., Lela B., Adams, Harlingen, [No Image 10853 ]
Williams, Katherine, F, 2/16/28, Bud, Cleo, Barksdale, Alvord, birthcert-8947.jpg
Williams, L.V., M, 10/21/18, John (TX), Myrtle (TX), Shown, Boyd, birthcert-6999.jpg
Williams, Lefeda, F, 4/27/30, A.F., Ola, Mowery, Alvord, [No Image 9671 ]
Williams, Lillie Mae, F, 1/3/30, J.H., Havana, Cash, blank, [No Image 9545 ]
Williams, Mary Opal, F, 4/25/08, James Thomas (TN), Mary Evelyn (AR), Billingsley, Rhome, birthcert-3989.jpg, birthcert-3989a.jpg birthcert-3989b.jpg
Williams, N.E., F, 2/17/04, A.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0668.jpg
Williams, Ralph Goode, M, 1/13/29, C.B. (TX), Erma Alycen (TX), Goode, Bridgeport, birthcert-9232.jpg
Williams, twin, F, 9/12/21, William T. (KY), Lizzie (TX), Baker, blank, birthcert-7467.jpg
Williams, Yvonne, F, 4/13/29, M.G. (TX), V.B. (OK), Cook, Paradise, birthcert-9319.jpg, birthcert-9319a.jpg
Williamson, Admin Brison, M, 12/20/33, M.B., Jr., M.O., Huggins, Greenwood, [No Image 10966 ]
Williamson, Betty Jean, F, 6/20/29, Marion Bryson (AL), Gertrude Irene (TX), Moser, Greenwood, birthcert-9378.jpg, birthcert-9378a.jpg
Williamson, Betty Mozelle, F, 11/17/29, Eldon, Glee, Elliott, blank, [No Image 9509 ]
Williamson, blank, M, 7/1/04, H., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-0979.jpg
Williamson, blank, M, 5/13/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2667.jpg
Williamson, blank, M, 11/10/06, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3009.jpg
Williamson, blank, F, 9/21/07, Jerry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3558.jpg
Williamson, blank, F, 8/30/27, Eldon, Effie Glee, Elliott, Decatur, birthcert-8835.jpg
Williamson, Bobby Lyn-twin, M, 7/6/23, Claud, Irene, Fugate, Decatur, birthcert-7845.jpg, birthcert-7845a.jpg
Williamson, Dorothy Byn-twin, F, 7/6/23, Claude L. (TX), Irene Mae (TX), Fugate, Decatur, birthcert-7844.jpg, birthcert-7844a.jpg
Williamson, Irving Dale, M, 9/20/04, Jerry, Lou, Gentry, Greenwood, birthcert-1209.jpg, birthcert-1209a.jpg birthcert-1209b.jpg
Williamson, James Taylor, M, 5/30/20, James Homer (TX), Sarah Ruth (TX), Taylor, Greenwood, birthcert-7255.jpg, birthcert-7255a.jpg
Williamson, Lou Ann, F, 3/18/26, Homer (TX), Ruth (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8565.jpg
Williamson, Marguerite Ione, F, 7/3/04, Marion Bryson, Lizzie, Montgomery, Slidell, birthcert-0989.jpg, birthcert-0989a.jpg birthcert-0989b.jpg
Williamson, Maud, F, 7/3/06, Bryan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0989.jpg
Williford, Alton, M, 1/23/20, J.E. (TX), Lois (TX), Liner, Poolville, birthcert-7197.jpg
Williford, blank, M, 9/5/04, J.M., Lucinda, blank, blank, birthcert-1174.jpg
Williford, blank, F, 3/20/29, J.E. (TX), B.L. (TX), Liner, Poolville, birthcert-9300.jpg
Williford, Melvin Ocie, M, 12/25/30, J.E., B.L., Linner, blank, [No Image 9903 ]
Willingham, blank, F, 5/14/12, R.P., Lou, blank, blank, birthcert-5524.jpg
Willis, blank, M, 11/2/06, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2989.jpg
Willis, Brady Warner, M, 5/27/07, W.A.(LA), Mae (TX), Belew, Chico, birthcert-3355.jpg, birthcert-3355a.jpg
Willis, Dan Alden, M, 9/21/20, William F. (TN), Ethel (TX), Wylie, Rhome, birthcert-7302.jpg, birthcert-7302a.jpg
Willis, Frances Mae, F, 4/3/10, Andrew Woodson, Maggie Mae, Gibbons, Bridgeport, birthcert-4971.jpg, birthcert-4971a.jpg
Willis, J.H., M, 8/2/03, Will, Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-0151.jpg
Willis, Jennie Lee, F, 2/16/27, Robert W., Cora Lee, Oats, Fort Worth, birthcert-8749.jpg
Willis, Melba Lois, F, 3/19/29, Grady (TX), Ola Mae (TX), Wilburn, Alvord, birthcert-9298.jpg
Willis, Opal Pearl, F, 8/13/08, Alonzo Eugene (TX), Mary Lynn (AR), Key, Decatur, birthcert-4183.jpg, birthcert-4183a.jpg
Willis, Weldum, M, 6/16/15, Will F., Ethel, Wilie, blank, birthcert-6122.jpg
Willmott, twins, M, 2/2/25, Bailey (TX), Retha (TX), Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-8254.jpg
Wills, Mary Magoline, F, 5/26/27, Jesse, Jennie Lee, Vance, Boyd, birthcert-8802.jpg
Wills, Rosa Lee, F, 9/20/25, Jessie W. (TX), Jennie Lee (TX), Night, Boyd, birthcert-8425.jpg
Wilmont, Ruth Margurette, F, 2/2/25, Joe Bailey (TX), Retha Beatrice (TX), Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-8252.jpg, birthcert-8252a.jpg
Wilmott, Trula Fay, F, 2/25/27, Joe Bailey, Ruthie Bernice, Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-8751.jpg, birthcert-8751a.jpg
Wilson, (Tommie June), F, 6/5/23, T.J. (Tollie)(TX), Rhoda (TX), LeFors, Boyd, birthcert-7818.jpg
Wilson, (twins), F, 10/6/04, Tom, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-1255.jpg
Wilson, Belva Minnietta, F, 6/10/11, Tom Andrew, Icie, Hollis, Boyd, birthcert-5276.jpg, birthcert-5276a.jpg
Wilson, Billie George , M, 10/5/28, J.D. (TX), Lula Bell (TX), Wright, Paradise, birthcert-9140.jpg
Wilson, Billie Jack, M, 4/15/31, H.E., Mattie, Fallowell, Newark, [No Image 10038 ]
Wilson, blank, M, 7/16/04, John C., Flora, blank, blank, birthcert-1024.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 12/28/04, W., O., blank, blank, birthcert-1469.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 10/8/05, John, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-2198.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 8/17/06, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2848.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 3/21/07, J.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3239.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 5/7/07, J.N., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-3330.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 9/5/07, Marvin, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3520.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 7/28/08, John, blank, Galey, blank, birthcert-4154.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 1/19/10, Marion, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4914.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 4/6/12, Jesse, Etta, Hogue, blank, birthcert-5500.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 1/28/14, Al, Bell, Price, blank, birthcert-5832.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 1/10/16, Tally J. (Tollie), Roda (Rhoda), Lefors, (Boyd), birthcert-6339.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 4/16/17, Tom, I., Hollis , blank, birthcert-6610.jpg
Wilson, blank, F, 5/3/19, Orbe (TX), Mattie (TX), Denny, Chico, birthcert-7078.jpg
Wilson, blank, M, 4/17/29, J.W. (TX), Mattie (TX), Pearson, Boyd, birthcert-9326.jpg
Wilson, Daisy Ruth, F, 6/23/15, Robert Abner (TX), Ida Ruth (AL), Cagle, Rhome, birthcert-6130.jpg, birthcert-6130a.jpg birthcert-6130b.jpg
Wilson, Dorris E., F, 8/8/30, Sam H., Julia Mae, Jones, Decatur, [No Image 9782 ]
Wilson, Doss Randall, M, 5/29/29, Claud Luther (AR), Ola Lee (TX), Ogle, Chico, birthcert-9362.jpg
Wilson, Essie Lavelle, F, 3/5/21, Tom A. (TX), Icy (TX), Hollis , Boyd, birthcert-7361.jpg, birthcert-7361a.jpg
Wilson, Ethel Virginia, M, 5/1/32, Dewey, G.M., Wallace, Boyd, [No Image 10425 ]
Wilson, Eula Bernice, F, 5/17/32, G.E., Mary, Malcolm, Greenwood, [No Image 10440 ]
Wilson, Freda Mae, F, 1/13/30, D.A., blank, Wallace, blank, [No Image 9559 ]
Wilson, George Fred, M, 2/24/21, Vester Francis (TX), Lillie Lou (TX), Evans, Decatur, birthcert-7353.jpg, birthcert-7353a.jpg
Wilson, Gilbert Wayne, M, 12/6/03, William Samuel, Ida Mae, Troxell, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0485.jpg, birthcert-0485a.jpg
Wilson, Harold Bobby, M, 10/8/17, George Perry, Lydia Pearl, Rich, Chico, birthcert-6730.jpg, birthcert-6730a.jpg
Wilson, J.T. (James), M, 7/15/17, Tully (Tollie J.), Rhoda, Lefors (LaFora), Boyd, birthcert-6655.jpg
Wilson, James Ewell, M, 12/11/20, James William (TX), Mattie Pearl (TX), Pearson, Boyd, birthcert-7325.jpg, birthcert-7325a.jpg
Wilson, James Rodney, M, 3/11/30, James J., Elsie, Hays, Decatur, [No Image 9621 ]
Wilson, Joe Verlyn, M, 11/20/21, Charley Goode (TX), Goldie (TX), Cheystal, Boyd, birthcert-7508.jpg, birthcert-7508a.jpg
Wilson, John James, M, 8/19/07, Robert Marion (AR), George Ann (TX), Weatherby, Greenwood, birthcert-3496.jpg, birthcert-3496a.jpg
Wilson, Joyce Marie, F, 10/6/28, James J. (TX), Elsie (MO), Hays, Greenwood, birthcert-9141.jpg, birthcert-9141a.jpg
Wilson, Louis Maselle, F, 4/27/18, James W., Mattie P., Pearson, blank, birthcert-6872.jpg
Wilson, Loyd Waldon, M, 11/8/22, G.A.R. (AR), Elizabeth (TN), Birdsong, Rhome, birthcert-7686.jpg
Wilson, Macel Dee, F, 1/24/09, Joe Bole (MO), Mallie Elmerine (KY), Barnard, Aurora, birthcert-4454.jpg, birthcert-4454a.jpg
Wilson, Ruby Mae, F, 10/9/07, William Allen (MS), Myrtle Pearl (AR), Jones, Bridgeport, birthcert-3598.jpg, birthcert-3598a.jpg
Wilson, Sally Ruth, F, 1/27/05, Robert Marion, George Ann, Weatherby, Greenwood, birthcert-1543.jpg, birthcert-1543a.jpg
Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, M, 12/28/15, Dan Joe, Lula Dell, Wright, Boyd, birthcert-6322.jpg, birthcert-6322a.jpg
Wilson, Violet Marie, F, 6/20/18, H.E. (TX), Mittie M. (TX), Fallswill, Newark, birthcert-6920.jpg
Wilson, William Osborn, M, 8/23/26, Sam Henry (TX), Julia May (TX), Jones, Decatur, birthcert-8647.jpg
Wilson, William Thomas, M, 6/13/26, Tom A. (TX), Icie (TX), Hollis , Boyd, birthcert-8598.jpg
Wimberly, Doty Roster, F, 5/7/05, John Martin, Lena Alexsine, Jeter, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1794.jpg, birthcert-1794a.jpg
Wimbly, blank, F, 8/31/03, John, Tinnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0236.jpg
Wimbly, Reba Jane (twin), F, 2/22/06, William Edgar., Margaret Dale, Montford, Bridgeport, birthcert-2515.jpg, birthcert-2515a.jpg birthcert-2515b.jpg birthcert-2515c.jpg
Wimbly, Ruba Joe (twin), F, 2/22/06, William Edgar., Margaret Dale, Montford, Bridgeport, birthcert-2516.jpg
Wims, blank, M, 10/6/08, L.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4279.jpg
Win, blank, M, 11/6/33, Riley, blank, R., Bridgeport, [No Image 10929 ]
Winegar, Christine, F, 11/5/29, Bill (TX), Christine, Portwood, Sunset, birthcert-9500.jpg
Wines, blank, F, 4/18/06, S.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2624.jpg
Winn, Billie Jack, M, 8/3/30, C.W., Nannie O., Medley, Bridgeport, [No Image 9780 ]
Winn, blank, F, 8/11/14, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5943.jpg
Winn, blank, M, 2/18/18, Charlie, Ossie, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6831.jpg
Wisdom, Helen Beatrice, F, 5/13/08, Grover C. (OK), Grace E. (IA), Bartholomew, Alvord, birthcert-4022.jpg, birthcert-4022a.jpg
Wisdom, Nora Ruth, F, 12/2/30, Michael J., Tessie F., Rish, Bridgeport, [No Image 9905 ]
Wise, blank, M, 2/11/15, J.L., Olie, Morgan, blank, birthcert-6029.jpg
Wise, blank, M, 5/18/17, Lee, Alzert, Pugh, Bridgeport, birthcert-6627.jpg
Wise, blank, F, 10/4/17, Qunnie, Pattie, Morgan, Bridgeport, birthcert-6725.jpg
Wise, Golda Re, F, 4/17/30, Barney S., Ruth G., Reid, blank, [No Image 9772 ]
Wise, James Elmore, M, 7/22/22, B.S. (TX), Glenis Ruth (TX), Reed, Boyd, birthcert-7633.jpg
Wise, Neldia Evelyn, F, 7/17/32, R.L., Alzert, Pugh, Chico, [No Image 10497 ]
Wiseman, blank, F, 9/15/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0287.jpg
Withers, Betty Jane Reeves, F, 4/12/25, blank, Carrie Mae (TX), blank, Decatur, birthcert-8293.jpg
Withers, blank, blank, 2/18/26, J.L. (TX), Dona (TX), Lewis, Decatur, birthcert-8543.jpg
Witt, blank, M, 10/10/07, Bert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3599.jpg
Witt, blank, F, 7/4/10, V.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5035.jpg
Wittenberg, blank, M, 7/22/31, Mark, Gundolyn, Moody, Paradise, [No Image 10156 ]
Wolf, blank, F, 11/16/06, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3024.jpg
Wolf, Frances Louise, F, 5/3/28, Homer, Dela, Gaston, Boyd, birthcert-9010.jpg
Wolf, James Herman, M, 1/31/30, Herman, Della, Gaston, blank, [No Image 9575 ]
Wolf, Jodie, M, 4/9/18, Joe, Melvina, King, blank, birthcert-6857.jpg
Wolf, Paul John, Jr., M, 10/24/29, Paul John, Sr.(Germany), Allie (TX), Ramsey, Bridgeport, birthcert-9486.jpg, birthcert-9486a.jpg
Wolf, Richard Lloyd, M, 4/9/33, Richard V., Mattie L., Parks, Boyd, [No Image 10407 ]
Wolf, William Fred, M, 1/2/31, Martin B., Cleo B., Eudaly, blank, [No Image 9913 ]
Wolfe, Charles , M, 4/12/33, C.F., Ida, Vest, Boyd, [No Image 10729 ]
Wolff, Annie Marie, F, 5/28/33, Martin B., Cleo C., Eudaly, Bridgeport, [No Image 10783 ]
Wolff, Dora Louise, F, 1/5/14, Frank (Germany), Maria Anna (TX), Huebner, Bridgeport, birthcert-5812.jpg, birthcert-5812a.jpg
Wolff, James Robert, M, 7/23/27, Paul John, Allie, Ramsey, Bridgeport, birthcert-8815.jpg
Wolff, Oliver Stephen, M, 2/2/28, M.B., Cleo, Udaly, Bridgeport, birthcert-8932.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 8/8/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1094.jpg
Womack, blank, M, 9/27/05, Ab, Margaret, blank, blank, birthcert-2164.jpg
Womack, blank, M, 12/2/06, C.W., A.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3040.jpg
Womack, blank, M, 12/28/06, John, Bessie, blank, blank, birthcert-3077.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 9/5/08, W.A., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-4231.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 12/10/08, J.A., L.R., blank, blank, birthcert-4387.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 12/26/11, J.C., Bertha, Glass, blank, birthcert-5431.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 1/2/14, James, Della, Miller, blank, birthcert-5809.jpg
Womack, blank, F, 9/28/18, J.G. (TX), Cell (TX), Lancaster, Chico, birthcert-6989.jpg
Womack, Carland Coree, M, 4/17/15, James Laverne (TN), Della Leta (TX), Miller, Boonsville, birthcert-6077.jpg, birthcert-6077a.jpg
Womack, Esther Theresa, F, 8/8/05, Joseph A., Lizzie Mauldin, Meeks, blank, birthcert-2038.jpg, birthcert-2038a.jpg
Womack, Evelene, F, 12/25/09, J.C., Cina Elizabeth, Glass, Boonsville, birthcert-4886.jpg, birthcert-4886a.jpg birthcert-4886b.jpg
Womack, Glenn Russell, M, 7/18/30, Clarence, Bessie, Cline, blank, [No Image 9761 ]
Womack, Headley, F, 5/17/22, W.W. (TX), Ora Mary (TX), Morris, Boonsville, birthcert-7594.jpg
Womack, John Earnest, M, 6/7/08, John F. (MS), Sarah (MS), Anderson, Decatur, birthcert-4076.jpg, birthcert-4076a.jpg
Womack, Leona, F, 12/17/15, Will, Ora May, Morris, Boonsville, birthcert-6323.jpg, birthcert-6323a.jpg birthcert-6323b.jpg
Womack, Opal Marie, F, 6/7/32, C.E., Bessie, Cline, Rhome, [No Image 10459 ]
Womack, Pearlie Mae, F, 3/26/09, John Henry (AL), Bessie (AL), Weatherly, Chico, birthcert-4571.jpg
Womack, William Henry, M, 5/12/04, John, Bessie, blank, blank, birthcert-0881.jpg
Womack, Willie Wilson, M, 8/17/03, Charlie Wilson, Annie May, Newton, Chico, birthcert-0193.jpg, birthcert-0193a.jpg
Wood, (Isaac J.), M, 7/15/03, John (J.W.), (Bell), blank, blank, birthcert-0118.jpg
Wood, Beatrice Capitola, F, 6/16/10, Robert Edward, Alma Eli, Low, Boyd, birthcert-5025.jpg, birthcert-5025a.jpg
Wood, blank, F, 2/13/04, Henry, Ola, blank, blank, birthcert-0655.jpg
Wood, blank, F, 5/23/04, J.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0898.jpg
Wood, blank, M, 7/15/05, Frank, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-1959.jpg
Wood, blank, F, 5/26/07, H.L., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-3352.jpg
Wood, blank, M, 8/6/10, P., Maude, blank, blank, birthcert-5066.jpg
Wood, blank, M, 3/1/14, H.T., Josie, McBride, blank, birthcert-5847.jpg
Wood, blank, M, 11/14/17, Willie G., Mary A., McDavid, Chico, birthcert-6754.jpg
Wood, Calven Eugene & Calva Christine, M & F, 7/29/21, James Austin (TX), Myrtle Josephine (TX), Wheeler, Decatur, birthcert-7356.jpg, birthcert-7356a.jpg birthcert-7356b.jpg birthcert-7356c.jpg
Wood, Cassie Lanell, F, 10/10/06, Guy (TX), Grace (TX), Ferguson, Paradise, birthcert-2959.jpg, birthcert-2959a.jpg birthcert-2959b.jpg
Wood, Cleota Opal, F, 7/5/10, W.G., Mary A., blank, blank, birthcert-5036.jpg
Wood, Dalene, F, 7/17/25, Dale (TX), Irene (TX), Jenson, Decatur, birthcert-8364.jpg, birthcert-8364a.jpg
Wood, James Bennie, M, 4/22/31, J.M., Bettie L., Gentry, Greenwood, [No Image 10050 ]
Wood, M.A., F, 5/11/06, J.M., H.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2664.jpg
Wood, Neal Hartsell, M, 12/30/33, J. Austin, Myrtle, Wheeler, Decatur, [No Image 10978 ]
Woodall, blank, M, 8/13/24, Dave (AL), Hattie (AL), blank, Paradise, birthcert-8141.jpg
Woodard, blank, F, 9/10/18, James (TX), Sallie (TN), Lewis, Decatur, birthcert-6974.jpg
Woodard, Ivan Clayton, M, 9/29/17, Sam W., Iva, Bruno, OK, birthcert-6722.jpg, birthcert-6722a.jpg
Wooddell, Virgie Mae, F, 2/15/23, Dave Anderson (AL), Hattie Janettie (TX), Mozeley, Boyd, birthcert-7726.jpg
Woodell, blank, F, 7/17/22, J. Henry (TX), Hollie (TX), Yingling, Boyd, birthcert-7631.jpg
Woodruff, blank, F, 9/29/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0320.jpg
Woods, blank, F, 10/17/03, W.W., Katie, blank, blank, birthcert-0377.jpg
Woods, blank, M, 1/3/04, T.J., N.C., blank, blank, birthcert-0561.jpg
Woods, blank, F, 5/19/04, Jepe, Rosa, blank, blank, birthcert-0896.jpg
Woods, blank, M, 2/12/05, U.N., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1594.jpg
Woods, blank, M, 2/4/07, J.L., R.L., blank, blank, birthcert-3155.jpg
Woods, blank, M, 2/1/08, Walter, Lou, blank, blank, birthcert-3821.jpg
Woods, blank, F, 6/23/09, J.H., M., blank, blank, birthcert-4670.jpg
Woods, blank, M, 6/16/15, H.L., Josie, McBride, blank, birthcert-6121.jpg, [delayed 9786]
Woods, blank, M, 12/18/27, W.G., Annie, McDaniel, Chico, birthcert-8900.jpg
Woods, blank, F, 12/11/31, A.C., B.V., Higgins, Paradise, [No Image 10302 ]
Woods, Fred Lanham, M, 9/10/29, W.F. (TX), Pearl (TX), Whatley, Chico, birthcert-9447.jpg, birthcert-9447a.jpg
Woods, James Virgil, M, 4/25/18, Thomas E., Malisie D., Steen, Decatur, birthcert-6870.jpg, birthcert-6870a.jpg
Woods, John Thomas, Jr., M, 8/7/30, J.T., Mary A., Lain, blank, [No Image 9781 ]
Woods, Willard Weldon, M, 7/15/03, Fulton, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0120.jpg
Woods, Wilson Roe, M, 5/29/18, Charles P. (TX), Maude E. (TX), Largent, Chico, birthcert-6906.jpg
Woody, blank, M, 8/21/03, Charles, Mary A., blank, blank, birthcert-0209.jpg
Woody, blank, F, 3/9/04, A., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0719.jpg
Woody, blank, M, 1/2/07, Jess, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-3087.jpg
Woody, blank, F, 9/20/09, W.J., Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-4775.jpg
Woody, Elizabeth, F, 8/26/05, J.J., Willie (Anna), blank, blank, birthcert-2088.jpg
Woody, Madge Foster, F, 9/23/10, Hugh, Maggie, Foster, Cottondale, birthcert-5103.jpg, birthcert-5103a.jpg
Woody, V. Helen, F, 5/4/24, C. Robert (MO), Jaunita E. (TX), Farmer, AR, birthcert-8063.jpg
Woolaver, blank, M, 3/9/27, Charles, Pauline, Gill, Decatur, birthcert-8762.jpg
Woolaver, Gladney Ray, M, 1/7/29, Charles Lanham (TX), Nonnie Pauline (TX), Gill, Decatur, birthcert-9225.jpg, birthcert-9225a.jpg
Woolaver, Lillie Maye, F, 3/22/23, Charles Lanham (TX), Nonnie Pauline (TX), Gill, Decatur, birthcert-7745.jpg, birthcert-7745a.jpg
Woolery, blank, M, 9/2/04, George, Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-1159.jpg
Wooley, Theda Van, F, 11/8/15, Maslone (Babe), Mary Annie, Long, Bridgeport, birthcert-6297.jpg, birthcert-6297a.jpg
Woolsey, Marjorie Ella, F, 10/21/31, J.A., Maverva, Beach, New Port, [No Image 10266 ]
Woolsey, Minnie, F, 1/18/18, Eriel C., Rosa, Jones, Boyd, birthcert-6799.jpg
Woolver, blank, M, 10/8/24, Charles (TX), Pauline (TX), Gill, Decatur, birthcert-8180.jpg
Wooten, blank, F, 6/8/05, Ed, Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-1874.jpg
Wooten, blank, F, 1/29/32, C.F., Mildred, Pigg, blank, [No Image 10349 ]
Workman, Blake L., M, 8/12/08, Wills M. (SC), Alice (MS), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-4180.jpg
Workman, blank, M, 4/10/09, A.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4589.jpg
Workman, blank, M, 8/17/11, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5325.jpg
Workman, Gerald Wayne, M, 1/16/29, Roy (TX), Ruth (TX), Reeves, Decatur, birthcert-9238.jpg, birthcert-9238a.jpg
Works, (Charles B.), M, 6/22/07, L.R. (Lucian), (Leola), blank, blank, birthcert-3396.jpg
Works, Johnnie V., F, 3/19/27, None, Velma, Works, Alvord, birthcert-8772.jpg, birthcert-8772a.jpg
Works, Odie, F, 11/13/04, Lucian Robert, Annie Leeola, Sanders, Rhome, birthcert-1358.jpg, birthcert-1358a.jpg
Works, Velma, F, 9/13/09, L.R. (TX), Lela (TX), Sanders, Decatur, birthcert-4769.jpg, birthcert-4769a.jpg
Worldly, blank, F, 4/2/06, E.E., E., blank, blank, birthcert-2582.jpg, birthcert-2582a.jpg
Worley, blank, F, 9/9/03, J.N., L., blank, blank, birthcert-0267.jpg
Worley, blank, M, 10/17/04, W.M., Lydia, blank, blank, birthcert-1278.jpg
Worley, blank, F, 5/16/09, J.M., T.M., blank, blank, birthcert-4627.jpg
Worley, Doswell Margaret, F, 4/9/04, Edward Everett, Mittie Cordelia, Thompson, Boonsville, birthcert-0799.jpg, birthcert-0799a.jpg
Worley, Geneva Wilda, F, 9/29/25, Nolen S. (OK), Wilda E. (TX), blank, Rhome, birthcert-8432.jpg
Worley, Peggy Joyce, F, 4/17/30, N.S., Wilda E., Naler, blank, [No Image 9661 ]
Wortham, blank, M, 6/28/04, A.J., Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-0974.jpg
Worthington, Alma M., F, 10/22/24, S.S. (TX), Mary A. (TX), Barfield, Boyd, birthcert-8193.jpg
Worthington, Carlton Neel, M, 12/7/19, Sam (TX), Agnes (TX), Barefield, Boyd, birthcert-7046.jpg, birthcert-7046a.jpg
Worthy, blank, M, 5/15/04, Will, Susan, (Vick), blank, birthcert-0884.jpg
Worthy, blank, M, 12/25/15, J.W., Susan, Vick, blank, birthcert-6326.jpg, [delayed 9124]
Wortman, Doris La Verne, F, 2/27/30, Frank, Vera A., Parker, blank, [No Image 9611 ]
Wortman, Raymond, M, 4/4/26, Robert Frank (TX), Vera Adia (OK), Parker, Chico, birthcert-8572.jpg, birthcert-8572a.jpg
Wren, Beverly Gay, F, 10/14/30, Joe Gibson, Opal, Trussell, Decatur, [No Image 9843 ]
Wren, Beverly Gay, F, 10/14/30, Joe Gibson, Opal, Trussell, Decatur, [No Image 9844 ]
Wren, blank, M, 1/24/04, J.A., Emily, blank, blank, birthcert-0610.jpg
Wren, Buford Cecil, M, 12/26/17, Ernest J., Veda, Henderson, Boyd, birthcert-6777.jpg, birthcert-6777a.jpg
Wren, Ralph George, M, 8/25/24, Joe G. (TX), Opal (TX), Trussell, Rhome, birthcert-8153.jpg, birthcert-8153a.jpg
Wright, Billie Joe, M, 6/30/28, Hollis, Oretha, Pritchard, Rhome, birthcert-9048.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 10/12/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0363.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 11/24/03, C.C., M.S., blank, blank, birthcert-0462.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 4/1/04, K., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0777.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 6/29/04, Leonard, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-0977.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 5/8/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1800.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 9/8/05, Walter, Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-2128.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 9/16/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2147.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 9/26/05, W.O., D.M., blank, blank, birthcert-2162.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 12/10/05, Carl, Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-2345.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 7/16/07, Arvil, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3428.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 5/5/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4013.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 5/21/08, W.C., Dessa, blank, blank, birthcert-4036.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 6/25/08, W.H., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-4103.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 11/9/08, R.E., Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-4337.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 4/10/09, C.C., Mary, blank, Decatur, birthcert-4590.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 5/22/11, E.J., T.A., blank, blank, birthcert-5260.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 6/17/11, M.L., Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-5282.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 10/20/14, John, Orrie, George, blank, birthcert-5977.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 9/13/17, Elihe, Mattie, Harwell, Sunset, birthcert-6708.jpg
Wright, blank, M, 8/16/19, charles, Myrtle, Terry, Decatur, birthcert-7121.jpg
Wright, blank, F, 3/15/32, William H., Flora E., Davis, blank, [No Image 10393 ]
Wright, blank, M, 10/9/32, Joseph H., Willie Mae, Davidson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10585 ]
Wright, Bobby Wayne, M, 4/15/33, Otis, Lura, Kennedy, Chico, [No Image 10738 ]
Wright, Buna Vastine, F, 10/2/31, Hollis, Oretha, Pritchard, Boyd, [No Image 10241 ]
Wright, E.C., F, 5/11/10, E.C., W.M., Beene, blank, birthcert-4999.jpg
Wright, Emma Lee, F, 2/21/32, Jesse E., Bertha L., Hayes, blank, [No Image 10368 ]
Wright, Ethelda Laverne, F, 3/9/21, Wesley (TX), Lois (TX), Meek, Bridgeport, birthcert-7367.jpg, birthcert-7367a.jpg
Wright, Gretchen, F, 1/18/07, John Oscar (IL), Prrie (TX), George, Bridgeport, birthcert-3115.jpg, birthcert-3115a.jpg birthcert-3115b.jpg
Wright, Jewett C., M, 1/10/05, James G., Dora lee, Nichols, Decatur, birthcert-1502.jpg, birthcert-1502a.jpg
Wright, John O., M, 10/19/31, J.O., L.P., McNeely, Boyd, [No Image 10260 ]
Wright, Laura Imogene, F, 10/23/32, Paul M., J., Buckingham, Decatur, [No Image 10606 ]
Wright, Manton Eldon, M, 8/21/23, Jesse E. (TX), Bertha Lee (TX), Hays, Boyd, birthcert-7880.jpg
Wright, Ola Ione, F, 4/1/08, Charlie (AR), Myrtle Mae (TX), Terry, Decatur, birthcert-3948.jpg, birthcert-3948a.jpg
Wright, Raymond Scott, M, 8/19/23, S.B. (TX), Grace (TX), Stubblefield, Chico, birthcert-7879.jpg, birthcert-7879a.jpg
Wright, Tommie Melvin, M, 4/4/31, Paul M., J., Buckingham, Decatur, [No Image 10027 ]
Wright, Vera Ovida, F, 11/12/05, W.R., Luddie, blank, blank, birthcert-2274.jpg
Wright, William Parker, M, 11/21/05, William M., Vala Eudora, Hanna, Alvord, birthcert-2297.jpg, birthcert-2297a.jpg
Wylie, blank, F, 8/21/08, Thomas, Ira, blank, blank, birthcert-4196.jpg
Wylie, blank, F, 7/27/15, Chester, Gertie, Wilson, blank, birthcert-6172.jpg
Wylie, blank, M, 1/1/22, Chester H. (TN), Gertie (TX), Wilson, Boyd, birthcert-7530.jpg
Wylie, Druecilla Maye, F, 10/2/23, Chester Herbert (TN), Gertie Agnes (TX), Wilson, Boyd, birthcert-7909.jpg, birthcert-7909a.jpg
Wylie, Wilson, M, 10/18/19, Chester H. (TX), Bertie (TX), Wilson, Boyd, birthcert-7148.jpg
Wynn, blank, F, 3/14/04, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0729.jpg
Wynn, blank, F, 9/2/09, Thomas, Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-4756.jpg
Yale, Bennie Arthur, M, 8/26/05, William Richard, Lettie Dora, Dodd, Alvord, birthcert-2089.jpg, birthcert-2089a.jpg
Yale, blank, M, 4/28/07, Dick, blank, blank, blank, [No Image 3318]
Yale, J.K., M, 3/25/16, J.K., Emma, Monk, blank, birthcert-6391.jpg
Yale, Wallace Steve, M, 10/10/17, Jesse Kelsey, Alta, Monk, Alvord, birthcert-6732.jpg, birthcert-6732a.jpg
Yamara, Theodore, M, 11/9/13, Urbano (Mex), Christine (Mex), Moreno, blank, birthcert-5789.jpg
Yancey, Royce Weldon, M, 4/4/18, John H., Georgia M., Coleman, Newark, birthcert-6854.jpg, birthcert-6854a.jpg
Yancy, blank, M, 8/9/04, W.S., Lock, blank, blank, birthcert-1098.jpg
Yancy, blank, M, 12/16/06, W.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3060.jpg
Yancy, Frances May?, F, 5/24/08, Robert D.?, Roxie Anna?, Wagtay?, Decatur, birthcert-4047.jpg
Yant, Dorothy Lou, F, 9/16/23, Letcher T. (TX), Minnie (TX), Royal, Newark, birthcert-7895.jpg
Yarbor, blank, M, 1/13/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4435.jpg
Yarborough, blank, F, 1/14/06, T.B., Glen, Mrs., blank, blank, birthcert-2405.jpg, birthcert-2405a.jpg
Yarborough, Charles Arnette, M, 4/7/31, C.D., Bertha L., Arnette, Boyd, [No Image 10031 ]
Yarbrough, blank, M, 11/3/22, J.T. (TX), Ivy (TX), Huff, Boyd, birthcert-7684.jpg
Yate, Billie Joe, M, 12/4/26, Willie L., Hazel, Choat, Decatur, birthcert-8722.jpg
Yeakley, James Allen, M, 12/7/07, E.W., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3714.jpg
Yearley, Leslie L., M, 8/5/04, L.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1082.jpg
Yeary, Ethel, F, 11/25/05, A.S., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-2308.jpg
Yenny, blank, F, 3/15/08, J.E., Cherry, blank, blank, birthcert-3912.jpg
Yoakum, Hazel DeEtta, F, 9/3/11, L.M., Emma MayBell, Lanning, Boyd, birthcert-5341.jpg, birthcert-5341a.jpg
York, blank, M, 12/17/05, M.H., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2359.jpg
York, blank, M, 5/15/11, B.L., Minnie , Pugh, blank, birthcert-5248.jpg
York, blank, F, 7/13/14, B.L., Minnie Myrtle, Pugh, blank, birthcert-5930.jpg
York, Otis Valentine, M, 2/14/08, William Henry, Laura Ethel, Ratliff, blank, birthcert-3842.jpg, birthcert-3842a.jpg
York, Wanda Faye, F, 5/25/33, G.F., Esther, Cobb, Paradise, [No Image 10775 ]
Young, Alice Faye, F, 7/19/23, Jessie Monroe (TX), Annie Belle (TX), Owens, Decatur, birthcert-7855.jpg, birthcert-7855a.jpg
Young, Alice Gale, F, 10/31/09, George E., Minnie J., McDaniel, blank, birthcert-4832.jpg
Young, Bessie, F, 9/9/23, Wyatt (TX), Rebecca (TX), Runnels, Rhome, birthcert-7889.jpg
Young, blank, F, 10/24/03, M., D., blank, blank, birthcert-0392.jpg
Young, blank, M, 10/31/04, Charlie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1313.jpg
Young, blank, F, 1/23/05, Guss, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1534.jpg
Young, blank, F, 4/26/07, Guss, Eola, blank, blank, birthcert-3315.jpg
Young, blank, M, 2/22/09, W.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4506.jpg
Young, blank, M, 10/14/09, Dewey, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4812.jpg
Young, blank, M, 1/24/10, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4917.jpg
Young, blank, M, 8/3/10, O.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5060.jpg, birthcert-5060a.jpg
Young, blank, F, 5/20/11, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5258.jpg
Young, blank, M, 2/28/15, Charles, Dora, McConnell, blank, birthcert-6045.jpg, [delayed 8996]
Young, blank, M, 8/10/15, E.C., Letha, Martin, blank, birthcert-6191.jpg
Young, blank, M, 5/7/16, Azilin, Ivy, Bogy, blank, birthcert-6410.jpg
Young, blank, M, 7/9/16, W.E., blank, Gregg, blank, birthcert-6436.jpg
Young, blank, F, 9/29/17, Jesse, Annie, Owens, Decatur, birthcert-6721.jpg
Young, blank, M, 1/28/18, Charles E., Dora, McConnell, Decatur, birthcert-6809.jpg
Young, blank, F, 6/9/20, Jesse (TX), Anna (TX), Owens, Alvord, birthcert-7258.jpg
Young, blank, F, 1/20/32, Elmer, Eliza, Martin, Decatur, [No Image 10339 ]
Young, Bobby Gene, M, 7/29/29, Edd (TX), Margie (TX), Lowance, Ponder, birthcert-9409.jpg, birthcert-9409a.jpg
Young, Charles Oscar, M, 3/9/04, William Oscar, Tinnie, Stout, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0718.jpg, birthcert-0718a.jpg
Young, Edwin Barton, M, 4/13/11, Charles Etter, Dora Jane, McConnell, Decatur, birthcert-5223.jpg, birthcert-5223a.jpg
Young, Ella Jewell, F, 4/29/02, Henry Marvin, Dink M., Boyd, Boyd, birthcert-0073.jpg
Young, Frances Emilie, F, 7/20/21, Charles E. (TX), Dora (TX), McConnell, Boyd, birthcert-7422.jpg
Young, George Collin, M, 12/12/19, George E. (TX), Minnie J. (TX), McDaniel, Decatur, birthcert-7175.jpg
Young, Helen L., F, 1/27/32, Otis A., Anna M., Tutten, Bridgeport, [No Image 10347 ]
Young, James Perk, M, 10/22/19, Johnie Farley (TX), Effie Dulsa (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-7151.jpg, birthcert-7151a.jpg
Young, Jim Tom, M, 9/12/25, Edd (TX), Margie (TX), Lowance, Decatur, birthcert-8418.jpg, birthcert-8418a.jpg
Young, Joan, F, 3/10/31, Grady, Mary A., McKinney, Boyd, [No Image 9997 ]
Young, John, M, 1/8/24, Charles E. (TX), Dora (TX), McConnell, Decatur, birthcert-7975.jpg
Young, John Ballard, M, 11/27/27, John Ernest, Nellie Ruth, Griffith, Decatur, birthcert-8882.jpg
Young, L.C., M, 5/24/25, Wyatt (TX), Rebecca (TX), Runnels, Rhome, birthcert-8322.jpg
Young, Lona Margaret, F, 10/19/23, John (TX), Effie (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-7923.jpg, birthcert-7923a.jpg
Young, Mander Joe, F, 9/4/31, Perry E, Canney, Logsden, blank, [No Image 10211 ]
Young, Marion Paul, M, 1/21/26, Jessie Monroe (TX), Annie Bell (TX), Owens, Decatur, birthcert-8520.jpg, birthcert-8520a.jpg
Young, Mary, F, 8/17/29, Jonnie Benten (TX), Amma M. (TX), Davis, Alvord, birthcert-9421.jpg
Young, Maxine Adelle, F, 10/14/14, George E. (TX), Minnie J. (TX), McDaniel, Decatur, birthcert-5970.jpg
Young, Roxanna Franklin, F, 6/4/30, G.F., Ellen Rebecca, Hall, Decatur, [No Image 9715 ]
Youngblood, Ellen Cordelia, F, 6/11/22, James Newton (TX), Georgia Ella (TX), White, Chico, birthcert-7608.jpg, birthcert-7608a.jpg
Youngblood, Lee C., F, 5/11/06, Jack C. (TX), Florence Mae (MS), Lewis, Rhome, birthcert-2662.jpg, birthcert-2662a.jpg
Younger, blank, M, 9/23/04, Pierce, May, blank, blank, birthcert-1217.jpg
Younger, blank, F, 2/11/07, P.C., May, blank, blank, birthcert-3169.jpg
Zamora, blank, M, 6/2/30, Taburcia, Margarita, Valdez, Decatur, [No Image 9713 ]
Zelles, Carrie Vivian, F, 10/24/18, Arthur R. (AL), John (TX), Allred, Boyd, birthcert-7000.jpg
Zills, Arthur Coyle, M, 9/26/16, Arthur Robinson, Johnnie Bruce, Allred, Boyd, birthcert-6478.jpg, birthcert-6478a.jpg
Zomora, Allfandra, F, 6/2/30, Tiaburcis, Margarita, Valdez, Decatur, [No Image 9712 ]
Zones, Margaret E., F, 6/16/32, George A., Ora Mae, Martin, Boyd, [No Image 10470 ]
Zonny, blank, F, 4/29/27, Ed, Margie, Lowance, Decatur, birthcert-8789.jpg
Zorns, blank, M, 10/27/04, R.E., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1303.jpg